Ask Joe - April 15th

Saturday, April 15th


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Welcome to ask Joseph where Jo Stanley of Stanley law offices answers your questions and gives you real world legal advice Arrojo our question for today is Jason has been working for a new roofing company for only a couple of months or caring a bundle to the roof it's slipped out of his hands and broke a bird bath but the homeowners had in the backyard. Now the owner of the company is asking. That he pay for a new one. But this bird bath was hand made and it's truly wanted to kind so the cost of replacement. It's in the thousands isn't something that should be covered by the company's insurance policy he's afraid if he fights back he may lose his job what should he do when your opinion. Well I would hope that every roofing company that is good. Reputation as liability insurance for justice. Title situation. And that's what allows you should always check out if you hire somebody and making sure payable workers' compensation insurance further employees and have a liability insurance coverage if things go wrong what they're doing the work. And then yes the answer is this is a lot of good things at the end. So I wouldn't do it it because probably could get fired for it but that's a different question. And doubt he has to have funds anyways to pay for itself. If you have an employer that's gonna do that I would start looking for another job anyway it's. The point now of a follow up question this one's from meek is that I've been in this scenario hiring a roof for how does one go about finding out if they have that insurance. You ask and you verify and it's actually very important you make him bring a certificate of workers copper and general liability insurance. And then you terrified. To win. The entities that is that those certificates to make sure it's actually accurate because I have run into many contractors over the years that have fraudulent certificates to provide it to people but they're not even legitimate. Thanks look out for thank you very much Joseph talked didn't send. Parity.