Ask Joe 10-11-17 Home Contracts

Wednesday, October 11th


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Welcome to ask Joseph where Jo Stanley of Stanley law offices answers your questions and gives you real world legal advice welcome back Joseph our first question for you today maps from Greece has a question about a home he'd just purchased. The contract has been approved by both of his lawyers and has passed inspection. A couple of days before closing however the seller decided that they no longer wanted to sell the home. This is put Matt in an uncomfortable situation his home is under contract and he feels bad doing the same thing to the famine it's buying his home. But what should he do he has no place to go. Well that's something you really need to start over ordered lawyers are above returns there are some circumstances where you couldn't compel what's called specific performance that compels somebody who's all the property. At a minimum you can show for damages. And that's something that. Did you doctor ordered about right away and document. What's going out now and make the decision he this star Howard lots pursued it. But yeah I need you when you breach of contract or got there are consequences. I'm always the term used again. Former wooten thank you. Becky is a personal trainer for fitness club during a training session they were tossing a medical ball back and forth. Her client missed the ball and it ended up hitting her client in the head. For client last and continue to work out she even showed up later in the week to work out. Then all of a sudden she's stopped showing up a couple weeks went by and Becky was told that she was being sued. She has a lawyer and a company does as well below her client sewer she feels she didn't do anything wrong. Well Irish trumka and their situation where people bring Milosevic. You know I am I got a dream you might agree but we operate if you shop. I presume you. Can't say that she got a concussion or head injury because she ordered qualified to handle what matters all. Situation. Off my analogy of those got a kitchen that's a very very difficult case petty. You are grounds for personally I'm Mara who are not that easy shelf. I think she should talk it over worker lawyers and find out exactly what's going absorption you know and they look cheaper and forms that he. Yeah help perpetuate the system works and that's what insurance is more. Maria would like to know why the Internet companies can say that they're providing a certain level of Internet speed. But then not deliver when Maria calls to complain that the Internet speed she's receiving is far less than she signed up for. The company only tells of the opposite and then tries to up seller if this isn't against the law it should be as there and standing here. Well yeah there's been an investigation about finish. You know attorney general has brought actually protect. Internet providers that I know they're feeling I have absorbed situation. And have the same complaint spin award I would your rulers are the you know. Think they are you reading your stick or screen shot because there are device error Internet devices that can Jerry York there's speeders you're actually getting. Documented and that I'm to the attorney general and sent it to the company and I'll tell you why. Reduced you know your picture at a minimum Internet speed not wherever they're charging for. I have the same frustration as well Neal has a neighbor who does nothing to keep their dogs from running freely in the neighborhood the dog freely comes over to their yard does his business in their yard. It's also knocked over his two year old daughter wants by jumping on her. It doesn't wanna be a bad neighbor called police but he's tried talking to them and they told him that Oscar likes to run free and it's too hyper to keep confined is there any advice you have for them. I would look uranium fatally shot and I'll be poured record pretty you're worried at first call and I and the it's a bad don't get a response immediately I call animal control what tiger at a stage. That there's been an emotional vitriolic time and now that's terrible controls job as the strict animal crushed these we just. So what are you all heard of the dark. They're they're violated and I'm sure there are leash laws or gore or talk about urged players that are and and go from there. And sometimes fences make the best neighbor's yeah well I guess how good are fortunate that sort of respect Richard your work output. Ought to try to do this about. Thank you very much Joseph we'll talk do you exempt already have a good week.