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Sunday, April 30th


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Welcome to ask Joseph where Jo Stanley of Stanley law offices answers your questions and gives you real world legal advice welcome back Joseph are you ready for your question today. Our our right Vanessa has a question about a home she just purchased she's already moved and and she's been living there for only a month and has noticed that there was mold in between the walls. There's a lot of it now the cost to have them all removed is quite expensive. And she had a home inspection done and nothing was mentioned from the home inspection shouldn't the home inspector had said something during the inspection. Well I that's a ball players phase question because it's one of those things that there's usually under disclosure forms. Older and a whole myriad of other questions that gave it to sellers know anything about it. That's one issue and I would presume they answer to that was no. At the home inspections come with all sorts of restrictions. What they can and can't find out. Need more information it and it actually dependent on the how bad the boulder is and how long it was where how obvious it was rare and that's one of those deals that have picked up big expansion really should consult a lawyer to Dover de Vito C did she has any claims against anybody. Jo Stanley of Stanley law offices will talk again soon not ask Joseph.