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Friday, July 14th

The Break Room really enjoyed their time with Friday's cohost, Roc Native and Tampa Bay Lightning star Ryan Callahan.

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I can't plan for the tabulated coasting with us 2226000. Dollars a wide open we begin emails and face the wedges and tweets questions for Ryan all morning long feel free to did you 6000 ask Ryan Kelly and you said will shoot and see what happened that. All right so far we'll start with how much it up on Twitter this morning I like this one Cerro with. Who is the greatest NHL player to ever come out of Rochester New York you that you got two Brothers Rory Fitzpatrick Jason bonds in your sheet prince played in New York right now yourself. Go with Brian Gionta probably cactus cop. It'll look just as it is quality zone. And just the guy you're gonna see next is what you have to say is depressed played ever c'mon ranches. IDs is got to hear this all mean. Who don't nobody has his numbers or is this category leader like who's won a cup TV humble them no equity to Bryan which. This brother. We asked us. Elegantly which the brother last WZLX I mean Brian is it different popular he's very nice and you're competitive to brightest quite competitive but I did seabright say I'm the greatest I completely out of Rochester in Atlantic about it but XP media yet so you're chasing Brian switchers. The tournament with content. DDD 6000 phone calls to come and ask right Kayla and Davis in the break and they gave a light rather. I'm doing great how are you my friend. I question pariah and Erica this course. You've what you might wreck I just wonder they're big golfer I was wondered hired golf games go in this summer. If you have any big events coming up for golf. So ugly this caller is my good buddy Dave okay. And our. So much money he's got this thing we do. So we have this thing called the hat to the Appleton alumni to her every Saturday we go play golf at different courses there's four of us we've done for ten years bank. So we have a trophy at the end of the where a big thing we keep standings throughout the year. It so all three of well thought out just coming on the shelf. In they have been all over me about you better talk about the house yeah. Other radio song get to a jog us nobody really dropped the pats are on the oh yeah and. They've edited by David technical. Take care I guess this question and giving yet because Tommy will make fun of Timmy and I. For taking our beer league hockey to Syria stats and everything has to do is it sad that professional hockey player Ryan Callahan. Keep stats of his offseason golf league with a but it's. I don't just because he's here. George should or go to ten are now at a buffet makes it worse that it might make it a little worse that your professional athlete. Taking so much pride in year year how actually. Does is it worse that I get more nervous over part that I do offer a shootout yet or else you can that'll be. You're like relaxing. Time and that's the though as goes back to being competitive that's yeah that's what I enjoy it competitive nature. Would literally 120000 people in the game is on television in this your crap you feed your kids that way like your kids geek because of shootout goals by twenty other people. And you get more nervous about some stupid golf Federer to bodies harbors a. Because they. Patent Timmy like they need these leagues because they don't have it in any other part of their life rightly be competitive vessel you don't say it's hard. Yeah you make a living off of their competitiveness yet yet you still can't get enough. That of industry and I can't I have ST did you 6000 phone lines wide open. Asked why can't go back to Twitter what sport would you be eight Raleigh and if it was hockey. Early baseball. But our play. Never played baseball played B spot for the softball these Kabul time but you have that opportunity that much faith. Everything you're gay bar percent OK you know you're that guy you were just making. He says I could have made the NHL and at one play soccer growing up OK I was a record it was legal. The facility will shortly go into a little bit because I wasn't good at the. Chris baseball's a sport in Georgia. Tech. Lost so Tim Tebow he's an eleven game hit streak right now stunned he sent it to walk off homer last night. Is it triple it up he's he's in high single right he yeah he just promoted to high day with will be up to double it helped prop matches here. And it's all coming on it yeah I mean I don't I I thought they were great the TB was great and it's literally a button. He's right as he's played halfway decent you gonna make a ton of money the faster you promote Tim Tebow. Are they still playoff. Early taste at all server database and ice age of Bogota that little error there in the race but there Ackerman a turbulent air and back. Facilitate an adequate opportunity to Tebow did where we're gonna bring in a extended spring training he think he could succeed in that situation. But being honest and that's because again I don't want you to be will have my baseball coach do it. Let. I guess I have I see guys on all we'll get to that is second interest to question. What's it like telling friends no friends and family know when they ask you for money as that happened he. Let's actually never happened. Now investment Ernie thank god ever gotten that crazy and fast I bet people ask me for money just help about huge. I've never said don't do against us. Some pretty logical things are asking for ages grade yourself. OK. But no nobody's ever ask you a decrease in vast dead or anything like that are crazy amount of money were it to the point right now. You know it's weird because like you were going to be at bills can't live two weeks from now the Perry's ice cream party Perry's ice cream the site scope. Live next Thursday to go straight given every guy. We talked to football player what background I come from they can name five crazy investments at someone's asked them yeah I wonder why there's the difference between sports. I don't know I've never. Friend or I'd have been Astra investments before but never from a friend or family member. Have you invested in something that didn't go so no. With the two very very conservative you know let it ride right Kelly and I had to did you 6000 ask Ryan markets in the break room mate mark my brother. I don't pat. I got question right. Let's summarize it I don't get I don't gets closer I got to play band you're here. You're one of the best. In the NHL. It just yet they're from so you can't Iowa you get the ball you are unbelievable or are unbelievable. Thank you. Yeah it'll person. Muscles right now I don't believe it's either delusional or radio and I like it got. I'm licking your RRE. 29300. Elected she'd there's no way. Straight to 93 under an Astro. Estella are inherently I lined fairways your plane hit out the other guys. I think Oakland man again or watch you play you're here are some thank you I appreciate a lot aren't going. Thank you Mike have a good rest today more questions coming and why you come back to Rochester we can live when you can live wherever you want. Told my family's here I love it here Russian integrates that it. Family friends. Blaylock points and we've prince too late. You know Tampa Bay some pretty sweet on the summer's hot day you are all people where to land. Planes how hot it disappeared during the summer you would hate it Hayward. Yes I'm fat I hate to New York City right your average for years I don't think that once you get accustomed to that New York lifestyles are coming back to plays like office. I don't think so I was happy to get out there that the craziness now I have family and everything biggest grossing Golar fish just me in my wife yeah. I can live that way about stuff to that pace. Constantly misses home I arriving at love Rochester. Like most of the guys that and not a year state. But most of the professional athletes and making Rochester new York and back in Rochester New York even the ones that come here stay here yeah its luster a lot of guys play at Rochester in Laettner. The eight page is 1 of them odd o'clock cart officials place here that he actually married. Girl from that's that's. What's up with what's going on. I mean look you are hands down can we delete success and ever graduate our legal guys are bad. I'm gonna ask rank yell and call 22226000. US on Twitter. The person that you at least liked playing with ever figure it took where you don't have to answer that. Once did I really the wrong way so that treated you wrong when you're kid we ended up making towards the end. When I first got a lead shot neighbors that when someone address it I mean like court. You're on the young guys she'd. The all or read about everything we're aware in what you do and but then as I got older in my career obviously got more established that is great so. It's low hanging out in this room. Should earn your keep. And I'll do what more important Bob Ryan Callahan tabulating and about the time really this morning Ryan when you hang it up what's the plan for your post retirement career. Your question. Now that I actually am getting older and certain about that more and more you're 32. And open older in the hockey world today in holidays especially super region said that. I don't know I mean. That's still sort of think about wells. It's a Brian Gionta obviously I think he wants to move into the television Morley you've seen him if you watch. Hockey games. You've seen this sit at a rate yet he does the TV. And we always make fun of him because you know he's on TV again is that something you're do you wanna try do. I tried to do that last summer when on the actual network and a similar to what he did and I enjoyed it like that I'm. It's just tough to do one a little Rochester. Area that's relevant reluctantly and these so it's tough to find. TV gig like that here that travel which I've done enough of Felix. You want these guys can just do nothing like TV no I didn't know I don't know I got to do something we've got a hat thing that she. That is that is very very good picture of you begun to post career we get that big enough it's and sponsored. Covered up that's that's my one little boy about people who wait on hold Christie the last word brother house gallant. And I got. Error on an adequate but I know now what transpired but let me employed sabres. Governor offered. I got drafted by the Rangers are gonna get traded at Tampa and then a reset with Tampa so I never actually. I've been offered anything for the sabres order right now. I don't know hopefully something happened. Probably a dirty goal fleet. When people are caused not nerdy. That's the probably have a good rest I don't know what he brings an interest in point like you don't. Brian and goes out of his way to sign with the sabres to have be in the backyard and be home. Is that something you welcome like it's pressure playing in your hometown. Had no I think it's something you welcome I mean I would I drop the sabres fan I'd of the sabres grown up com. And that action when I resent attempt by Kenneth had a period error occurred when Alan and talk to other teams for a sent Tampa but. I like to they're so much recite their but if I didn't sign arming to buffalo was was a real option I think in the family were thinking about it but I am not like content and so genuinely. That about everybody animal now has like done things for you so we're gonna move only if it's got the Bill Russell right of the restore.