Are you a Millenial?

Monday, March 5th

Can you really keep complaining?


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Ideal has become a bad word especially on this show. You see grapple Moline and you actually know what millennial Liz it's a punk ass fat. Diabetic lard as would a man by and okay in a craft beer epic tee here's the thing. And thirty issued but guys thirties called Q oblivious to high school kids Hubble deals in America. I'm not only are you wrong it turns out but it big shock to attic. I would think they would let meals. You pay the breaker box classic rock and six but did you see about ten miniature shot. Thousand dollar humility of it every hour on the hour right at 8 o'clock and again be aware to get text that word to 7881. You wish that thousand dollars in a little bit all day long all week long here in our group. NCN. Apps. They've officially defined what Libby is so when you were bore and yes. Anyone born. Twenty odd years 1981. And 1996. Isn't letting. That means anybody listening to the show. Under the age of 37. Over the age of 22. These millennial so all the huge huge bags in your thirties but it caught up to show to bitch about ideals cats. Excuse for durable ideal. So. I thought millennial is like you bore like after league 992000. All different generate uneven of them and they named that they're actually sucked so bad that I can become open and hitting I think they have to be generation seat right Xanana because I think I watch. I think. No why do you exist why did we have you look why why did he looks like oil prices you. What or even bother with you yes you want to original water but art to otherwise they are too drastic thing you know guys who were a millennial yet actually I guess now I know you ought to technically you are a millennial according would you guess that problem in generations see it after the money's high school kids out generations he's asleep if you're under. Do you listen to radio show think. Could not only if you're under 3070. All of these high school kids scraping on similar deals the world ideals that material. I've but it keeps getting worse control by just lack gases. So guests and zero slack ass and you assess mountain and slack chance and that's what you do every day. Seth snuff and slapcast. Hardly ever think for sporting shorts were. A but this article and I left out walk particularly you're all in it your all that available at like this idea. I don't yet. How nobody. In the history of mankind has realized. That eventually you're gonna disagree with the younger generation for the same exact date that you did when you were when it's part of the passage of time and and grade re going to mean you get there is certain station like you can sit down and relax and make fun of the other people that's what do it too but that's if you. Tongue planted firmly in cheek cute that it did you did pretty standard. I hate of this. Younger generation like I easier rage that the. Should don't leave you still at house. You don't get married you don't pay anything you don't own any day you can take your wife's hole yes she worked hard for that house and I appreciate her for the laughs forget you raced to those kids right so if they're still at home lit it up your money that mean that's you letting you know they're right because. Our generation was so great we had produced so much and well and and we heard we were too good to. We are we made it too easy and yeah you're right it is our fault but you know what if you it was because. My generation was so kind ha good we had it's so hard as we knew about the depression and world war two and the comedies and we'd be all we felt like OK it was party time. Promise we accused it learned that that link about partly leader gears a bit about your generation it's a steak and bread like your father's generation. Of World War II in my generation noted. Your Brothers who were much older than you work that's being drafted to Vietnam guys it's 5555. And forty hat hat. Historically. The most she period of time to live in America ever you didn't have the threat of Vietnam there were real major wars that gonna bring you will oversee poll are. President told a whole lot president economic growth in the eighties at to a cult blow drink it at any of the nineties say thank the all of the information age of the Internet. The easiest time in American history to wit we. Invaded Grenada. We had problems down in El Salvador. We drafted. Was he threatened to drafty and I think you know a lot of people had a change of vacation plans. Look if he'd tell you have lived ate cake American life. Everybody meets a great country if we had our ups and down that illicitly you know my other great thing is my generation uses silent majority we don't feel it necessary to take about all the problems on the struggles we had. We suffered in silence and we just took care of business yet you don't know what happened because we don't talk about it it's only about problems and I'm actually problems. About except punks clog up the coffee shop on which to Richard sugary guy dim ice cream soda drinks. Go to Baskin Robbins yes on a street go needed to coffee shop. Don't be wrong Bjorkman who volunteer to serve and I can. Do you want one of them and it was never throwing it economies we had though what do you guys think that Berlin Wall came down Friday I didn't see you over there. We are all over there in spirit. Talk about the official definition of millennial they showed. Anyone between the ages of twenty to 37 right now is it's like yes. Millennial and so if you are 37 years old COLT showed a bit about meals you Richard about yourself the hole and I do also come back to that they were kids in high school hours long globally deals. Really know who you're mad. Yet they're not even old enough to have like a huge influence on anything yet. Beat that dead images CME see how they do I behave was Emmy or a little animals with sticky hands of now miles. But the novel deals. What are in Japan relations media all right disease Sox. Only sucks. What Tommy is a record as C sucking. Brent did mean most them aren't even allowed to vote yet good. Generation X. Do you think. The at. But pitched two generations ago get those guys are now forty what did you Google can really get a chance what technically generation and has to be 45 I wouldn't be older than that it's I mean if I Generation Y. I'm 31. Unless some like in the very beginning of generation one you like a Generation X. ago. Sure poured in fifteen behind me and he's close period of Generation X. was 61 to 81 I just missed your two years away from Generation X. in it what's that on the go the Generation X. to change the main issue that's I told you. I was part of that baby boom greatest generational you need to close the post warriors have a very difficult which war. All the important. The killer what Eisenhower you're literally fifty years after the end of World War II guests the boys were still coming home. And don't get Korea. He's gone on to Kennedy was even an office SharePoint Eisenhower is my president went on or after the yellow. So stone American yellow Jeep to the breaker but CNN at eight. Yet not be done about. It. If your buddy Eric. The out right then what happened in 1978 that we add up like reflector. As yet. Yeah. You're done all of divvied up. I ever got there and took it as a Miami bureau. You you head to. Or dram. Like the Serb decent. I don't miss that I'm here I didn't have to do that I missed that Jimmie what does everybody into special services I did. It gulp it. If they play it anymore since it started the year younger and not so I'd miss it by year. I'll tell Gillette decided that sweet spot where I can still drink at eighteen and didn't have to register for anything and then the following year at all flipped but I got grandfathered in. With a drink in and inactive. I of register at all. I took it. Guess I am I'd taken I well let's that was my generation the luckiest generation of this history is the world I wish it would just because it's true. It's absolutely true you know we made Arlen Specter and he did was an intimate room what does it mean yeah we did. I believe stick when you turn eighteen everybody asks us to services or else he low. Kick it like student loans to get like government treaty jobs they can get the freebies you won no freebies that in my area here earned everything yeah public how much did you of the tuition at for the private schools from the center to how outlet. Most gut don't. Me personally and you could even get the grades for the money couldn't get the words and how. And that's typical of. I just I wanna see how things are gonna change. But how guys are gonna complain now that millennial Mosul. Always good epic because I you know the next generation is so we got the young guy here Jon Sharon her chances a year yet generally judge so you would be mocking him eventually get any old. Come up NN will be some other huge bag they'll make fun. The every other general and Natalie easy fed Tuesday no it's every other generation agony as LE course is me I mean I. I just let it. Two generations bank easier generation museum you generally in my fighter W complained about the hippies and yep and now these hippies corrupt and now or are conservative that mock you aren't you. Your remark Josh Young Josh over here. But that's the weird part two is like hippies now Ole miss you're not happy you're here you're too old appeared to be happy that my Brothers were that. That's pretty tightly that the free love generation. There is criticizing kids today there's which makes no satin. No sense at all. You drop forget is that what he's just forget EU is skulls selective memory it has both of my brother did you decide to let us have. Iain guest dog the subway here to welcome my brother's very conservative content gun toting. Rich guys like aren't but when they were young guys savor balls. Because of Vietnam War hippies. You know avoid the draft go to Canada kind of guys. And now they are or Fox News conservative gun guys might they bought homes got you hot tubs got responsibility and flipped. Don't let that actually happens is like I think I think when you get responsible when you have kids and you have daughters and cars and payments and wives and responsibilities and here's the thing I have that like I have a mortgage and kids and responsibilities and I. I'm steely enough I think to understand. What high school kids are saying. The six I don't know much but he vendors yet again I don't hate to yeah tea but I know eventually I will. Will grow up to that description I don't know what to talking about it they're just doing what they think they should do intimates that they're doing in a depression. Of something you get mad kids you think they haven't lived yet they haven't lived in I don't know talking about. And so when this happened and what age might start heating people younger. 35. Started getting good dose of hate rent 'cause that's what he really settled in right. Get kids in mortgages. I guess I think about it the future more like. Again a young guy like Josh over here intern I was here but the future retirement are at greater. Taxes right right guys a seven bodies out you know have in hopefully phone with the girls and booze in a real see you do and you don't care. You are just a regular team leaders face the east and you. Cherries I tell he's doing illegal activities at that kind of kid salty is the other prayers facts. It's what you do. Like I gave yep back.