Friday, May 25th

Duffy is not happy with the new Roc City Rib Fest mascot!

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It was the second thing over with Collison or shut up line and I W pig mascot the company got rid of the drug in there they want the listeners to name and age you have submitted Dow. Thousands of people yet these ABC NASDAQ comp thank you very much can make yeah home all of those thousands of names over the last seven days knowing that she's narrowed it down to five of the FCC clean guy. I don't know we cannot say O Alan not her best right to Kenny give me 85 that you have come up with as the best. We got. Pork and pet mom's. Port comes in the Steffi. Pat's mom works done. And hammy like that one I don't I really can't hear only bridge among men. The final Nathan meter man I love decent Biederman and get bills back up quarterback sneak Peter mid week that. So you and me about how terrible and I think once. I thought and creativity their baby it's great. We get easy Peter minicamp. Hey I am curious on. Funny neat guy testified that may lead of exactly out of four there and I know what you want but I don't think you want is to involve my mom being sodomized at some wakes you horrible weather delicious pork products like you means and it can't eat secretly dirty simple and it doesn't hurt my mother anyway. People think it's hilarious and I hammy plus the last mascot was named in bagging my mom and it meant. What was important notice of it or burqa to humiliate your for them no this is shouldn't. He thought that was my motivation was that humiliate you and your mother if I did the three humiliated my mother needs that are left and port and Pat's mom to stop laughing. And miss stuff. And Pat's mom works at times I dropped one of the. Well one of the dirty ones yet you could take a moment. Drop once he got to get one of the where a who's who's in who's gonna files delicate people determine you know what you want. I guess I'll take a pick out this YouTube need to make I got the Russian OK okay all right so pork and pet month skis out. Still went through with who have been so the other two are port dismissed Duffy. And Pat's mom parked on which one do you like best and those two pets bomb portraits and okay. As my it would be my personal friend so we have left hapless and Sammy undecided Pat's mom works a top McCain even. And and hammy. Right you do need to make decision it is true mr. where. While Casey like I like Shanahan and I want you like in Miami so much like the simplicity like creativity it some thought went into this one not just like. Bang in Vietnam that. Hugh give me a time. Like we can take pictures with his pay right so it can't depict name is meat it's eight and a. I can't say yet or what it was and has short four and out and it notes and hammy. And a dynamic articulate not a I don't not that kind of antibody dynamic here the older we get Texas who left out what. And hammy. And Pat's mom parked at a time. 2226000. To be fair 'cause I know you want to pet my sports time but it looked at. Did you do 6000 we'll take three calls. The first one to win out of three calls that's what will go with it you suburb of Pittsburgh which did when it. Was encouraged people. To vote for James or submit names that is I get my mom. Well that was my AI personal angle that I liked the high. It's funny you wanna hurt my warm up there who brought up her return on her report festival. Hey Scott after my mom and licked. Yes maybe The Hague after my mom is bad in the. If they. But to involve her being sex. And sexual to do it it's pork is. Pat's mom ports to a you. Can't because you can't say that does phonetic and do it. Or sexual act. He's great at selling derby molest a time. Or maybe change amid the big enjoys being important recent sheet which is a sheet. And that's why that that's what you do with the biggest and paper. Because people legally if we take all for calling me his vote. It's happened a hundred people. All their client you know what motivated to call it got vote for Bobby bell or you'd be surprised. You know we have good listeners get. You two to 6000 is QBs putting these people on hold it is come down you the last two names we're gonna let you decide in the vote here first three take the votes. I can't hammy. He's one. Pat's mom works at time when is the second and 2226000. Over how many. Obviously 31 one to take it wins OK so for what it's who votes wins aren't I'd Brian is that C Matt bright are you happy are you wearing a hat smile that quickly on stage he's question weights about. I a bad thing you're not need to break for once or ability in hands. That's what I takes the call was called no I don't listen to the country show won an. 2226000. Of Vick is on CMF Vick he did hear about what's going on. It's a big bet we're not yet they're not happen. They convict yankees pitcher and address it right. We'll take one more loses it this is the decided that it hasn't vs predator a little you could see this screen what doesn't say what's in here and let's be fair. Pick up it picked up. One more call don't tell me what it is a sad all right she's gonna get it right obtuse to make a fair. I'm excited I'm so excited and it's exciting. Seeing this right now while she solicited she was and enjoy G early and product verse on why age and terrible show for him. All right 2226000. He is the deciding die it all comes out of this one vote frantic hammy one vote for Pat's mom works at time. Tom what's the mascots negativity. Bob Clark. And we have a lot of but he had done it by. That great. So cute. You've got your way. Oh is doomed. So tonight proxy read fast and all weekend long got to see that they would decay is it that to bridge the pick you can come take a picture is Pat's mom barks at Todd works on the new page but has done. For the rocks so is to assume like to have the basket we will be Orton and yeah that's going to be welcome rental queue again gambling to soldiers and Todd LEB it's just that he will be wary yea Iraq's ruthless teacher okay jeans sneakers exit looks just like Cano but as a pig it's really -- but he's got a baseball team lost its appeal schools speakers at a chef's hat but does it take cute and his name's Pat's mom works. Hurry this up but I don't think we do shut up rich you'll do it again though we're not because he's the big beast mascot forever for. Who has loses this there are drive forever until proxy McChrystal this could want for fifty years and the pigs made going to be packed moms taught him. Which a mother lived. A long actually she's gone I'm in memorial room. We'll have that my good leg when your mom passes god forbid many years from now we can have a little ceremony. And though little moment of silence and Brad says they could take a second here rib fest. Testing of that's mom. Mona silence can't stop chewing seat at night proxy at best and weakened to be by her fight Mansfield increase hate you so a lot of people of all avenues. Isn't it let's get sick pets always do you do Presley dig up my monitor Greivis you not care about your mother you try. She's on the floor this O'Neill a little jolt could connect.