All Those Things I Taught You - I Take Them Back (part 2)

Wednesday, April 25th

Does Duffy give in to his daughter, or possibly become a hypocrite by making her keep the trading card?


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The odds of basic message forgetting to make me feel better about parenting McIntyre at the breaker righteous classic rock many 65 to BC match it's catching up almost 70 my we collect hockey and are due to an a for a year to think we really unique autographed Jersey card memory plays for the penguins. Customer man she's got a friend who she's been trading OxyContin. You can school communities penguins fan my daughter like that instilling in every city was a kid take care of people give what you can make your criminalized take care clean at my house she wants breeze card that can't I keep telling you know which were too much money. She's giving me my lessons back my face to the point the other day trip to seek. How's your book bag and I had to tell her you can't do this and she's like why he wants the idea you don't investigate and as far as where would this Oprah become a penguins. Because I already found out yet Ben Cardin to a daughter I lands a good thing that I notice can't get Disco Batman or apple or its guard was how it starts. But it turns out according to FaceBook and a bunch of parents who were talking about their kids giving stuff away. Susan writes my daughter. Gave her bicycle away to a kid who police globe broke. Walked on the street and the gigabytes but we didn't know for three days I don't walk back down at awkwardly ask the parents know what winning back it was fine the end but Duffy kids will do the stuff all the talk you said kitty is that what you're dad my mom oil it's paste would you like she. Once I did it was gone I give me a larger than a minute ago. I gave it to sell a dead end street allegedly using it. I gave away like. All of my barbies and accessories. To make it feel operatives it's little girls on the street. And she was just because maybe like they're like less than a year before our neighbor had a garage sale and sold like I guess solve her Barbie collection delegate ton of money. And my darn cheap brand odd depends on the Barbie you know next Internet sorry Brent newsprint expense and she's done at fifty bucks to a lot of money for a little slice. And she got a had a couple collectible ones that I just like handed off to this little girl that well gone now. But I and I got to just do that like she doesn't have any Celek she can have a half my collection. And it's really kind thing to do with something that you want to see your kids do until actually do. You and I got to replace it but. I mean further now I don't know how to parent my child moving forward because offered guidance she was a hypocrite she wished I could see look at her face it she's arguing back. She knows now the full of crap at seven years old so hot lights to anything in this kid which she should look at eagle he said this before and you did this do is I say not as I do it's hard to its told ya right and it worked didn't did it. Shut me up I'll put you act like good news widget turned out great new Ager dead. You hate him because it was a giant hypocrite that's that was later. Got smoked back. Does that strict drug couch every night told tale artwork while sitting in a chair watching Jackie Gleason right. The quality programs and Eliot out of its elites and shuts them up for a little while now but it's not about shutting up it's only a little bit as good human beings. We're wrong I don't know where it was so good about giving everything awaiting you have nothing and then. You gotta replace it I guess but I guess of it doesn't bother your kid that had gone why should it bother you. So yeah shall money. Watered honor box kiddo you didn't pay a hundred dollars for that card rate I mean you like you got it out of the packet cards by luck and in her mind she's not. Genetic given away a hundred bucks she's just given away cart a friend who appreciate it hastily even coverage at 100 whatever he is seven. A hundred bucks a million write that black car home without but that's also Shockey at least you still could. And has been idle for ten minutes he's antsy about I think 80 boy it. Good morning guys. Good lord track you realize what you're doing. Well like I tell me about it now included. We all wonder how women and our lives JBoss lark. QQ net right now. I don't mean American brokered force you give Hewitt or whatever and that area. You're gonna get back into a corner and convicted lord and that happened. A serious note. Have you given no proper moral values and your daughter. All. Unfortunately. The the monetary value comes into it now salt is now on your back pedaling ordered double talking. The and other last bit Lauren that you have an appreciation value here at its. And if you've expressed that they heard explained it to her and she still want to give the art of war today. Like Kenny said you've got to I want. You are at soccer content probably letter given to our web. Oh wait no no no no you don't because who says it's her card to give away. Although you do to get. I misunderstood I thought it was her. Well I I don't know NBA we are together but I guess you got the packet cards to give to our rights she could enjoy the. You do drink together around I don't wanna be 31 year old man collects hockey cards it's ridiculous that would be where to draw the line I. It makes the call other regional but my point that just because we're doing this again or does he give you the right to disk. Get things right now we can have a debate we could talk about it is they were in this together rate and that's how life works not all yours all by negotiation is true and you just icing now you I have veto power but you've letters usage she trades cards at the skin already says she's already given away some cards right yet got salmon returned again and ship the binder that there insist Ellis hockey cards on it and discard lives on after you that the rest of the Allen's mind did sorry plus hours until you're old enough he not responsible enough to handle that kind of expense right now ray you don't understand a hundred dollars right now. Okay you just don't go handing away money like America's money harder or. Okay. And actually see your not old enough to handle the response to a and that's and that's a legitimate argument now go upstairs and do as they say that as they do. They'll turn a much Jackie Gleason persona. That lets. A lately. Any game again. Though. It uses. Art. Hey you know important rate at. One. As buying locally I think what you're goat though not addressed at all. Bill standing. Order raised. You know about a good Jack I like. I give me the garbage CPU plus indicated to Matt. I can't get obvious selfish prick I tell my daughter don't be a selfish correct I mean it's it's how what I could tell many dates to call but I really appreciate the idea young ladies are really about unions. If you keep the current. And in his guide us and absolutely horrible what's horse he's already hurt like no like he did something terrible outside of the rink. Thank you didn't communities under the spotlight and let your daughter say room. Quickest guy goes badly OJ. Do so hope for OJ met Marie where it's always already got a blatant sticks you have waiter and gloves hagel or is that all goalies are crazy today. Yeah I mean you think Redick and help that'll. There's chizik FaceBook message I want to read the second and it seems like this guy picks that he daughter can handle this but he. Some include bootable apart at all explain it's a little army register a seven year old before we get there a piece that holds a 58 PD polite but. Hey good morning at eight at one point your like you used to be sabres. Oh OK in earnest papers there are ordered daughter or or extra. OK get rid of the car by. Because it's the penguins it's. Been able if you haven't olds what he Tom Brady sure that keep them out. You know what you should pay a hundred dollars to it was different to give the kid you don't want to advocate this course and any public from a household broke it and all kind of messed. A B Edwards and stuff like. It's eight takes up. Expedia or does it. Psychic but FaceBook message are they sent committee and they out here saints on your daughter you keep teaching you gotta bite issue and taking incident deadbeat which he's grown up it's she's not a boy it as the difference between charity and hand out she's and bringing home the one element because you taught her to give it all the way take care of people who don't deserve it. That's the dumbest thing I've ever hurt. Yeah kids. It's guys never fall for women for Hillary that. Out of media is just every on Sri cats and she sees a dog issue late in the neighborhood I mean again. And it does snowball you can do you think it bite my daughter give this hockey got to wait seven that at. Thirty years old should subdue the wrong guy without house snap was house before we empty rooms and Agassi and go like that loser is the promoted as well got Al out of there that's still argument royals start somewhere -- and he said that teachable times and again her little mind right now is a sponge. She's a soak it in all this information. It your eyes you were job. To filter out the crap. Mrs. crap okay filtered out so he tells her no she can't give that card that kid can you explain why let it. When has a girl ever listen to her dad about bringing on the guy earlier you know I mean like. Taken her dad's advice about those kind of things she won't but the vikings set the tone now maybe Yankee cut in but the Paris now ups just be sneaky about it. Which is try to be speaking on Kristi you were slide around you were speaking. Sneaky Ralph please can be sneaky she's ninety total. War eagle club opera us to handle the situation better. I don't know. I mean I think. Boys are easily manipulated. Actions girl we ought Tommy T channel but cannot secure tele that men are more manipulate manipulating people that women are a couple of that it had a buddy at school that won this I think it be easier to explain or where. I it'd be right team loyalty you know lawyers and him. I think that the I think there is something year to the fact that shall crush images. Right I get that be your turn a buys friendship which is not a good thing the teacher rate. Mitchell does sixty. Thanks and remember drinking. And I don't remember buying mr. from a self. You're jobless or is hereditary. Consider appropriate. I'll call rhetoric B chip. Think what blackout that she showed that the comedy club they would lower. Before remove I didn't do 6000 my daughter I like hockey cards it's very valuable cards for the hundred bucks autographed Jersey card that you let's give it to a kid in our class and after all the years of a teacher about charity taking care of people she's now using these arguments. Giuliani trying to get this car away Paul has got the last word on CM FI Paula Allard. Pretty strict about elephant make it cannot and I love her dearly but don't count on me shout out Ella. Because I like army buddy Matt and I yeah. This means. And maybe it was I've followed so horrible woman. And then you know I am sure things set out under currently is. I hit it in Belgrade are quite chilling thing let them come. And teacher day he got there because she last (%expletive) like somebody should give them she liked him something. They're that they argued that they all well liked you know I really like the old school way really is at at. The job done no rattle around this world today the old school the way bill and the portrayal that every country to get knocked in and. You know you don't mean you have another. Under our Archie that in years old. Let her know that Eric are impatient here in Italy and other big sheet here. And make their target it and say well you'll understand your experience and youth at heart in your all of law. Did you. You can make some friends and I let what's your point oh you know or how hard yet to go to work in sock than a hundred dollars ya sister. And an all corporate sneaking out the door at not the way to do it or not. Can politic you for the call I really appreciated him demonstrative of the I love you let her talk because of death Pelé like Tommy and ladies here's a tip you like it alerted that they show compliment Tommy right up front the call that he will let you speak for his luggage. A new poll she's been you know listen solid point. Alice Israelis amount. Is right now please nobody ever thought Alice nobody's ever it's at Alex's ride ever and it this year Alex's.