All Those Things I Taught You - I Take Them Back (part 1)

Wednesday, April 25th

Does Duffy give in to his daughter, or possibly become a hypocrite by making her keep the trading card?


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Odd moments like it is apparently realized you have maybe it's a kid the wrong message and that's that he personally it was it was doing the right thing. You do too much think it and how you do mister Marshal their little heads thinking about your child I have enough. When your kid realizes you might be hypocrite and how the how you parent of the to paint yourself into this corner big Shia hanging out the breaker rats to classic rock it is it's five to BC match so much. Plays hockey team and we've been bonding over the last year. By collecting hockey cards cute cat is an educational thing Tim Belcher Reid did not feel these things right so it's become our Satan. She is now entered into the sacred tradition of going to school and trading cards with her class cute I'd tell us. What do kids in classes and Stanton and we've spent pretty decent amount of money on hockey cards over the last twelve months of we got lucky grand and we pulled hey I need Matt Curry's go for the penguins it's a game used Jersey autographed card. Program electorate that is their current peace is Jersey the car weights attached storage in the card a bit critical and that he autographed it. It yet it is worth like a hundred dollars out of a pack of bubble gum and sports or whatever. So I was all excited the big stage like he did Gregory to get a put up what are shelf brand that's what I did. We ought to do it display case it's up on yourself so you know it's nice yes so her little friend at school is a Pittsburgh. Him and she goes daddy tells me two weeks ago I wanna bring. The autographed Jersey card inference is eleven. We did give its own yet little Jewish doesn't need designated appreciated itself. Told her no well I did but I good raising my kids with this idea are we got to be at Sharma of charity. You gave your crap awaited charity don't give your good stuff illegally send ugly guys days take a bus this country we helped. Percent of all part of palladium and gone down there and block details now. We give you rice corners of beans or shut up can't excuse it he can't give the stoppages this way now you don't give away value. You give wake a crap and you make it look like you're doing a nice thing to ask her how charity succeed. The saying I've been trying to instill in my seven year old is the only reason look at your neighbors bull is to make sure they have enough drew mud it's coming closer to order anyway. So I text later no this is worth a lot of money we need to keep NGOs and my argument back against beat daddy he would love this we don't need this yeah. Mission in her mind to you're not Pittsburgh Penguins fan now so why why would we keep that so yeah I caught horror earlier this week. Trying to sneak where backpack to give the kid and we I didn't yell at Connie and cheat he's he's pretty daddy wants to keep that firms so. Certainly there yet so but she's giving you got a teacher value okay. Enacted via. She'll rate you know to be played first soccer either do you think she's right I mean we know she's not I would appreciate it more than. I guess everybody would appreciate your job -- hundred dollars up with the Dorian -- what I'm real if you hit the lottery team went 101000 dollars average voter and every game everybody thousand dollars a big brute like me yes of course they wanted to. I guess what my daughter is realizing for the first time and like I could see her face. Is that daddy's hypocrite no daddy's not. If it's pain that no because it's because you would get always something nice if you were invested in greatly to bail is like. It's that you're didn't stuff together to give to get well what had nice her smoked honey can get rid of that you know use it even though it's worth something but you bind because you're invested in the card. You don't wanna give it away you don't wanna give away something nice to you don't. Positioning it that way that's a wrong what to position it man but he's trying to do by decades friendship and decades your friend he should have to give me any thing to put a smile on his face ray. I assume you're right stretch your good fortune not gays and you're just buying his friendship and in what he gonna do for next week. The arrogance of that out of value. You're not wrong on debt on I agree with what you're saying dead all but I don't know how to explain it said yeah it 'cause friendship. After everything I go about make sure that people you care about people you might have what is needed if you can help them with that too that for don't get used by the way this is like some star Irvin kid. It's a privilege. Penguin fan. Most kids get a quarter Rupert repaid and I. A year just say that because you making yourself feel better when this kid did what I need to work but everything this kid like you know he just. He didn't have been runs that your daughters have been this is this would be something that would make his entire year rednecks this car that's arguments economists arias kid is that you don't need to be hang out that story is kid but that's the argument media assets and when she major was daddy we have money to go by more hockey cards or maybe does though he might I was I I don't family released this week it. It I get it I'm sure he's not he's also playing your daughter he didn't ask for my team is being given to below 100 jobs and hence what I'm saying is. Everything she's saying is right and it's it feels good she's absorb this lesson I've taught her. But I give up that coal fired and maybe just maybe I've been too fast and loose with his whole take care of everybody else. You not to be so kind and nice to everybody everybody's that your friends especially friends I'll give everybody site. BO she's going to be more people in manage our she's got a million friends and school rate. You don't want to be can't help everybody and if you went around the classroom everybody's got to said tell. To tolerate everybody's got some to go on as well bully either you can't waste time doing that night my daughter to be you. I want about a little less me. Lawless very little. I think almost all honesty I'm thinking I should really you're sweet you're right to the target to get there's no argument I can make for my daughter based on what Whitewater to argue what she's saying put that I have in my head it's really cool to go the extra three colors of the Jersey or you're letting her win. But no but she's right these are taught her she's right up to 31 year old Matt getting my wisdom. Back to leave the set year old I cannot argue with her. All right the winner go does go ahead and you'll want to have anything nice Ellis albeit that due she'd kids' families is L is that Jim Ellis avoid it. Hi cat I wanted to call you and congratulate on lies. I'm what I'm being out Harry Tommy but you wouldn't know anything about. What is it I don't know why don't want that coming up permit. Us. Miami she. Trapped. When you hear election especially. Eight good Christian lesson that you taught your child coming back catching you on your job. And she's now teaching I'm sure you wanna keep that bank. Because you're port. Our daily our guys. I don't know you don't wanna give but I but it might forced to give up her and you but I thought I got. When you were telling that story is actually a little crush on the art. I'd get digital questioned. Salt. Honestly I think you need to let her do her thing. I'm you taught her. To care about those around her she's doing. I just don't needy kids like you bring in Boca Jesus Christ. Diseases some starving kid is a kid of privilege he's trying Alex he does it was a local laws forcing yeah Chris. They re energizes him my sense she'll like am okay argued that. But my rationale is much to her know she's not buying it's friendship. I just and I think. She's doing and I think for someone that she'd like shall we don't need another what you like at heart more than she'd. Marat I am a bad and she. She liked him. Now you know why Ed don't taught me a share so I don't share. Ellis thank you for the call I really appreciate it uses a mile. Christian sounds good but I'm David Craig said don't be is sucked as I don't. As I just thinking was that crowd a little in actually he. Now suck terrorists Osaka I just think you can't come up with vague enough reason at this point to tell you to give it to caddie says that as a mouse how about that. Okay I'll ask why why to why can't we give it to me you know well why don't need assistance as why is that changing now for this specific thing I gave you why can't go to your room to do your homework argued yelled I'm gonna handle. Why. David Buchanan does mean it always were and I'll hide this and I want ticker Greg is a whole other part of this that we haven't gotten into an eye sees a pace that matches Pete and Al IC guys will give you a 182 set because. IE if I stick with this keeping the carton and I pick up probably going to just because it's such a neat thing edits but clearly what of these issues she's gonna wish you had that Dan card troop. Aum by. My daughter from this point on no lose I'm a hypocrite and she knows I'm full of crap at seven years old. So how the hell am I supposed to teach my daughter ready to now when she knows that there is a very shallow pool which I am playing with these lessons are rules. And to be 182 sit tight hold him back it would X the breaker but you have.