All in on 'MERICA!...Unless You're Tommy Mule

Monday, February 12th

If you're tuning in to cheer on your country this week, you're not alone!

Tommy is upset with Kimmy's boyfriend for getting "too" into Olympic sports


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I am ashamed to view as an American Tommy do and so didn't give me your sucked in. It sucked in yet huge Tommy don't seem to care about America. Serious as some downtime. On the tube because I gonna catch some Olympics for thought can't find it anywhere and it's hockey over here it's MBA at their gourds the Olympics it is critical I had different channels no wasn't the medical delicate channel 300 as some MS. NBC. Some didn't watch. TV shares with me on Friday something about a boycott of the Olympics I laughed out loud when she told me this I just a little bit. And then to be honest with you over the weekend I got sucked the exact see if sport he did and there is no rivalries and put everybody. In America should love the Olympics and you are piece of garbage it's boring it's slow I don't know the people. What do I care somebody from Denmark does on ice skate yet another break rats to classical record and six by the BC certainly what are your share. With me on Friday after the ship. So turned out a way foreigners really excited for the Olympics scissors like a couple of the event said he enjoys watching one of them is via crystal ball flirted. That would be Republican but I don't let. And it's like the downhill like freestyle skiing where like they do the jumps and grabbed the and and let you watch so actor like to jump them pour out of my mind so fault. So a lot of its lesson liquidate replay in primetime like bill do stuff in between. So one of the things that you had to watch leading up today at freestyle skiing was your skating couples figure skating. And so he's got crap we got to watch figure skating before we get your but there's nothing else Johnson is cut plan on the TV in the background. Wiley leave the room for a little wild comeback and he starts explaining to me. Who's up next and why this person didn't do well that they said was gonna do well because well he had been training to do the triple Axel that he felt he needed to double and then they took points off of that so global law. And why. He starts getting angry at the judges glory and keep things like these people deserve a higher score and Mike Cutler and all of listen like ten minutes. I wanna make funny your boyfriend and for the public figures it. And I said elected this weekend Marmol who's also in my wallet about this game I love it as data. Really got growth there there is a steady Eddie Jacobs a barricade you hit a triple axle which it yeah. Ask Ed Ed but I did a city of hit that guy who would be the vice president what's his name. I carry embers named super eight plays like super famous religious figure skater he said after he lost it he wanted the judges to give him a drink it as annex to vote for that matter but he David sexy shoot tough at first I was yelling at the team. Being elected I mean there's a resident I got there cross country gong. Speeds I gave you you get some did in our own the ways they. We showed on TV you really know ideally coups in what position do you find yourself like cheered for these people don't tell well I didn't know what it cheered for but it cheering. What does have cousins is a white guy. I see. He's gonna win this race and he's one electorate does for its speed skater raising it just have elicited jemaah credit yet and they're getting government coming up to the end of voters and Olympics. Three time it does today got to give hillside they make is it's there was watch the sky go to circle of so they go. You know in the Netherlands he is the Michael Jordan the Tiger Woods of his country. I don't kidding man that's I tell yeah what a Jumbo the Netherlands are there but don't run are more rises that. This is this is your Tiger Woods. Slow skate and speedskating gun deck is gonna be like Dick king when he gets home dead outlines in a lesson that he protein country we give mother probably what the problem all the better. I watched an hour and a half white Canada. Vs Norway Carolina last night that is the dumbest I've never watched before it closes shuffle board really is still predicted that they start to exit was oh my god it's gonna get like. Brush so they show that one there's a one couple and their brother and sister team or torturing Americans aren't you. And you look at this couple ago he had this is when they took up chronic loser couple of social misfits are you want to come. And I you and at the Olympic level of the sport. Now but it it's because people missed a personal liberties currently do not only because I've actually play jump aboard to get a pretty good. Now it's almost like watching my hitters don't out. God who is deep well let's if it used to be an Alpine skier at the Olympic level and does garlic is that it has that effect. You wasted your high airlines doing is stupid sport like you don't know where with the ensure quit trying to do a curling. Normal jobs most people like yourself like I did you enjoy playing it and you're good at it what's the ivy what's that. Nobody enjoys pushing rock. On its. People do it I don't think of it and I I think actually laughs it's huge speakers series and it's after the last Winter Olympics that curling public triple numbers like gut yet ten people now. We to go to a dealer street enjoyed that BC and operate with Tommy bats in the Olympics it begs the question what does he do for fun other than drink Scotch and grow grass dostum a major do you not cheer for your countryman. Against a Communist oppressors. So AMA and there's only bank comedies anymore and everybody's nice to. All right more regular business salad this country. Wooten in trump for bloods. Did you do 6000 have. Ever it's the rigorous MacKey makes great point they hammer away but it. I'm all out of in the west side are okay army and you know how old he means an early break in on you know. Him and if you break now Pittsburgh against the rest of the world how many people live it's reported in the Olympics this week call here. I know he makes a great point if you give you'll be important for you to what you're evil. So yeah yeah that reed and because in the west side so yeah I think it turned out they hammer who's kept the tacky team. Some guy at thirty years old. Bridge hasn't thrown by the Stanley Cup yeah yeah I had when he went Seneca present when he went Seneca. Do you Jersey side. These Edwin. Okay who won now still in grade everywhere you think there's a olympians from all over in the past try these guys physically superior to let's no we had a westside not having her team. Oh how many visits Brazil and a new wheels could review rock. At the. It's very what you soccer rob would you Brock rock me rock the best text America does that day that's a broad. The huge. But he is right there are what's at Morgan what's her name I don't know has their last name she was yes she was the last year how we had a bridge yeah your wife wasn't additional high school. You lands nervousness. By Seoul some of these girls like it went to schools of my wife does that but she's generous. And dying. I I don't know is what you want to you were two. To Selig have eyes ain't Kenny was an Olympic straight to oh my god give me a worker broiler ago with a hooker. I'd kind of super we're talking about Olympics Tommy is a 100% out the rest of its authority in ways hockey style wife's sake for five minutes of Brian start it's funny we can't figure out because a white guy we now we don't know when he started column this case it's really dumb and it's they have phones. Some of the schedules are Korean times to discuss guess America that's I don't know. The first pieces to be honest I can't figure out and get a used were ordered to keep our I don't know like. By the schedule for the gonna be every player that's life. You are making a mistake. You are now using weird sport guy with a guy who likes the Olympics as a patriotic explained that sex but Patrick is member of the curling club he is upset with Utah on the light Patrick. Iconic first bought a little bit. Oh yeah. I. Currently appeared super fun but it's also important meeting you can sock attic and the winner at the bike you'll. I think here and we've got to orientation on March. They're come on how I like Herbert here. Not push it's like deadliest for wreaking have a beer and play the sport about two guys like Janet I get a sorry. On the right panel. Can I have a guy here is it me or Patrick how many people are in the curling club. While the model out over 300 members that play out differently throughout the week he knows knows. He's got twenties and one of them is still. We look at their await with every girl every don't push it out of the main Osce is desperate actually they were I'm not canal yesterday. It. I'm here and I got but it should I just Dietrich is basically. Saying expelled expelled probably on the he. Is right is fun to colleagues get to hear you yells at the guy with a with a broom he's got to go all the way on the ice in. Yes. But they're just such a Smart kids I can see in the park with a skateboard to the summertime they now that's a sport jerk around on a skateboard. Is now snowboarding. Olympus said Friday we're excited to watch the exact sport you political battle okay. I try to combine two different things that don't exist. I thought they were gonna go down to ski slope on the snowboard and go flies in the year created due to I guess that was that they got what I would what does that people can be able. Hemmer said that the oh well I ton empty seats meant you watch so sports there's nobody at these that. Yet South Korea and there's a bunch stuff gone missing time. Arizona it is is it do and other places and they told them today when a guy who doesn't watch it watch Olympics the tell me. Don't try to do Olympics with a shot was given free tickets sold at a say nobody wants to go to the games. I hammer called earlier into the beside his dominating wasn't as olympians Steve says that's not the case tasty meat. There they went on dot you've got to forget about one of the biggest outsider barber is a JK downhill skier from where gang hello. And Steve you do you know who really did I did another and these guys. I think the guys and that I was brought in 94 he won the downhill man's odd scheme was getting from Elton great. Yeah. And John I get out about a permanent. And me. Steve takes the other viewers the point but it's okay. Skidded to a man like life. Because I I feel like I would watch a hockey is a bureau association Brian and would watch them by associate you're defeated blog item you're tied with an idea why should he met him once. A big deal. But I am at a dice sports anyway I. 68. Can be completely honest with. Don't how he could cheer for American flight no matter where you see here's the thing if you watched any of these sports or somebody that actually does this sport they think they're an expert. That's another problem view. Watch if you watch somebody. Scheme. You can you have somebody that. Has that even ski that much it would tell you how they're doing right wrong how they don't like. She main man and the Olympic level as schemes that this will be watched this or not watching we all do you do with it it's too big daddy got Karros what he called stock car racing. Now it's drag racing only Ellis had a tragic accident this week at one young ladies either my daughter or Rel you ever written striker Abby. And to. Just for ten minutes to tell me all right race in and mortars were in an engine get upset with us if we don't appreciate it yeah. You watch it I can't wait to get us I mean. And there's nothing else on twos have nothing out these Tarantino investment side but there was nothing else odds are if you hated. There's nothing at all he quietly gaining that cup myself from the outside world color. The first six yesterday literally nothing else Ghana and or gun from.