All He Wanted Was a Selfie

Monday, August 27th

If a guy asked your wife for one of these, would you have to step in and say something?

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Men are very possessive of the women we're William and whether or not that's right you look at Joe White as you worse and north is that another man can do. With your wife that leak you fly often handle amount time abandon prior to a subtle you know things that. May not seem like a big deal. What are these things that doesn't seem like a big deal got a man assaulted in Greece's and that I go all out this west side. What Erica. You would be very upset if amended this with the way I read I'm sure about it. I did we have to figure out as technology moves forward what is okay well I technology. You've got the break rutz is classic rock music but WCM Mattson here's the story Andrea problems DNC back. August 13 Greece police were called to be Greenleaf meadows apartment complex by the way I believe it's an apartment complex that we need a nice bad idea that it sounds familiar Eddie who. Others much information about the stories will give you what we happen according to the victim. He was punched several times the face after trying to take a stealthy with a coworker. The husband of his coworker apparently was not a fan of this move and decided it was time to get four. Cell beaten bureaucratic cozy rate. Derek our school we used in their okay he should be screw you and universities should beat tech blast and somebody else's old lady. There aren't any details about an arrest just that the police were called the guy who was allegedly assaulted wanted to on record which yeah weird. I I am getting bad. Over a cell feet. With his wife and they sell feet. With so much that she knows that she works with that you don't much Ortiz himself excellent okay for God's sake associate yourself with our team television how your wife knows a lot of people you know for years at work right if your wife if you want to take a -- few of the guys who works with that was ordered to reduce disrespect but how's he did she would have a next the over and I take them but he's he's doing way to. It. I guess I need. Different to what I mean A that's a very vague state and we don't know. What they were doing a lead up to it up where his hands the world around her I mean usually can't tell from itself seek the right but if he walks in on it and sees a team you know walks into somewhat under the cover yourself OK I can't get over. So he's do you take. I don't himself. It angle on the our communities that soapy stick if they gamblers that sell B stick where's the other end of it. As Dick felt it was forward there are a bunch new digs we have to look out for when it comes to our spouses earn thirty years ago catching you wipe on the phone with the next that was suspicious right here now. A FaceBook message from her ex is suspicious what lookout for is always changing and there are. And you get too uptight about this stuff there are also met who paid too little attention to this stuff. Like I try to imagine a situation where a guy sees his wife and a coworker taking yourself because you would assume it's like a picnic or party of some soldier. I mean dealing with your spouse is coworkers most of the time it's not fun. Brent your force interact with the parties you hear all day about these people from your wife and you don't care ideal cares I don't I don't know. Carols being a bitch I don't know in deep and FitzGerald and certain. Let's just get a little too personal you get to spend going to. Is anywhere they call my work wife. I got my wife and dominant she's at work but that's always a weird and it does say in Atlanta that it doesn't yield to cozy at least we've seen it sure yes. We did see it on television. In the news. I we watch some. And we watch a lot of news just like he's Mauritius was such as we go that relationship applicable we we don't you make up. They did actually happen. If you thought the people of the usual buried top fifty like that now but I can tell who's got a knife through what I watched in them. There are technological things you do need to look out for when it comes to your wife. And her co workers or your husband his coworkers tax after work no matter what and then work extra an erection on social media these things wouldn't think that like. So dear wives get nervous when you that protect each other afterward. The issues India but how about a thing like some tonight Ellis would you say they go with you reckon for the yes definitely tell your possessed media something as simple as that. There's you should be suspicious of this study seven in ten married folks either sexually attracted to someone that they work with. Us unfortunately now. Don't buy that. With the average person spends almost twice their time during the work week with their co workers that their family and you yourself legitimate trodden the question becomes. Where is the line 2226000. And what to do when a line gates' crime is sure publish earn your keep an open what you see short leash what do you do so let's say you're in the situation and he walked. It was situations where your wife is being groped not bite her choosing. By a coworker taking itself be what did you tell me tell you. You get an Ackerman you're not knocking him out though I know you can survive that's going to go and you're not shooting or not flash of what are you living growth and it is when you're about to get us. We the people here grouped this sort of led woody that you. And order guy if you're gonna flip out OK so you yell. Like here's the thing like. This guy. She stewed allegedly multiple times taking so he has a right to also meet his wife's life a living hell and her job could she's gonna she's got it were omitted the bad about this situation is but it usually get like handled by somebody. You gotta do something wished assuming that he groped certainly I don't know I don't mean maybe the guys has done about it but I am guessing. So he breeze I think doesn't that mean this stock. And this might have been the last probably don't know if you're right you are he can it solar before I don't see that guy even if it is the last straw she's got back to work at some of the she works with you got punched in the face multiple times by her husband and that's always gonna get all worked so you'll just wait your life's work like that probably good for your relationship I. So I had this happen to me kinda so my age you grouped the result we now. My sister. Her fifth husband beat KC one of my comedy shows when throwing out the characters on my buddy Bobby. Always had a flirtatious relationship with my sister. One. Then. Anyway. He went up in pinch my sister's passing that the ball. And her then husband. Flipped out. And push my body to the floor yeah OK it probably sell grabs my sister and leave something rather. Obvious my best friend. I also. It's again a remote my sister's house or renting. Them on the road so that one move like I got kicked out of her house would you know do you ignorant it. Now we're I'm here I would assume Google hates my sisters and yes you must stick d.s states about adding him and my sister whose management. Is my sister was hot item Therese. Now I would never act how weight of how what I had trouble. Again I just to see in the way you liar you you would have had a hand in how that all played out. Any idea but still I have looked at the one pitching my sister's like six. Yeah I got thrown out of the house. And then and an end to go down I don't anybody I'd replaces state Purdue and item one on the road to Margaret. You leave he wanted to come stable and your ass was ice assists out of my other street. I don't sleeping in my carded driving to Jacksonville to do a show the next few are the company you keep and I see what's. Plus we have a right to be upset me at least give me a cot. Urban night and your brother at all yet. We are he spoke after a dead it's your body to his sisters as Seattle more I think about it you are in the wrong how am I wrong of me was my best friend. Let's be do you look. Did you do you think. You probably like a laugh about it after we always did because I got a Dick about it not like defending. Sister. Nobody would very much is disastrous event like they had this like flirtatious relationship. Going back before she got married and he was drunk. And price you know and you brought him around and how we were just showing it because you know there was also comedians Sony we were their donor show. So. That happened. And then I was out. It also going down to what technology is okay and inappropriately and I can't detect plastic. No demands it's let's say same situation. They're guy at a Barton Kenny he is what today Reynolds even a friend request on FaceBook is that inappropriate. And yes yes I mean it is and I can see how they wouldn't think that that's a weird thing to do you get a start on to your photos. OK but don't you do that you yes and it's disgusting she's. So you problem with a man Facebook's ready your life personality to Amanda thirty minute conversation or what why where you be friends because I am I join our conversation is retriever. I so it's a great people that. Tight connected people might ask for phone number or sometimes just as you need to know their name. And you can find them anywhere they get much like the drink would that be a problem hip looks like I'm sitting here. What's worse the drink the FaceBook friend. Ball. To now. Eighty they're all terrible luck perjury could guzzlers like and it's it's great there. What's where's the drink at a FaceBook friend anchor during a there's immediately as I drink and says I wanna has section view. That's why you said a woman a drink it's the international sign up I want among a bang your what you just told me that so does FaceBook friend actually actually be all it's only used to bang it's isolated drink she's obviously say no and that's the end of that action like whatever if he FaceBook friends wife piquant follower for he wants journals which one's worse off you put aligned Dan anchors the FaceBook that's why you can't get it now what your opinion and he's the cadence which are important just to make us all of this is very confusing right because I. I'm supposed to be upset about certain people white working with miss very easy. Don't trust men okay I had all your man don't trust I don't trustee I don't trust any so she just doesn't run my life course that. Supposedly moral to my sources say we have quarterly I guess. You know me but we're talking like go potato guy random people walking around disparate champion suck us this particular story that we're discussing the DC it's a coworker. Deborah Cohen ordered that that's a family that's my close friends his coworkers. Our initial loyalties that are. Just because you worked at the same places that make him a good guy. Users are assessing is a good guy again did you not Edward is the guy said to be a hundred guys that made no I mean if you're back here. French towards each other that's one thing but strange men. Creep in around the bar at the office in the park. To no good. Face it lets his company and he always get a said the BC a map for the break group FaceBook page Steve writes -- he works with you two guys all day you guys make fun ever a time you guys take pictures whether to put up on FaceBook to dig videos that go up on Twitter how does Khamese boyfriend feel about the interaction you to have with his beyoncé. QB. Considering most the time it's making fun of me and semi adult picky really nine. There's never been a discussion about you two men well. Kinda amend it a man and a half men. And and you wonder why you get made fun and I'd she I don't think it's ever bothered and. If I honest question era is Tommy and I would good looking. Would that bother. May be the mayor diet that's a little different ugly that this. Or I believe people yeah I don't think of them were not a threat. Does right here that's funny you're accurate read triple threat. What are on die and that's where our day these threats you speak of. We met you guys he knows you make maybe if you never met you he might feel a little bit uneasy about it it just fear the unknown kind of thing to that point before you move on. Funny the false sense of security will give ourselves when we meet a guy like we know his intentions and just. You beat a guy Jake and doesn't need is not try to and you white's tour of justice he's feisty when you have something comments doesn't mean he's not trying to do something with year old Lleyton. Lingering that is the smartest thing you said in five years. But we are also stupid and there you do IST he's good guy you can't expect I would put a playwright upgrade from a.