Afraid of My Own Technology

Thursday, March 8th

Has your personal device ever creeped you out to the point you've considered getting rid of it?


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It's official mankind is golden stuff that. We did it out there machines will be taking over or you you're generation have embraced all this crap all right guys we didn't Clinton did you invent it again trio we invented paper and after recreational purposes was an explorer. It was a tool you can pencil if you see terminator you know Disco isn't just sit back it enjoys a robot overlord state. What is left divorces program because that you Amazon's Alexa. You've noticed something I know what that thing does it does everything for Utah are supposed to started to age you ask you to do it doesn't seem like your phone you just can say. The break its class act and it's expired BC that's easiest or eighty Amazon's Alexa that is done is that it was of them. A days people recording there Amazon relaxes. Creep illegal laughing at him. Out of no where you didn't say nothing to Judas. The sudden it does this. Skidded crap to me that I'm home alone that thing goes off populated bet all the sudden. It's not just laugh when people also reported that Amazon Alexis started reading. What is it would would be dies one laboratory test oh it's reading random obituaries to the multiple reports this other buildings cracked welds and everybody thought. And that's what it was trying to figure out for the last 48 hours Amazon's got to the bottom. So Alexis got a minor own it turns out this according to Amazon is rare circumstances. Alexa can mistakenly hear the phrase elects a laugh. Even though that's now what was said. Or nothing it's no. They said even though that's not says program that interprets the phrase as a command and lapsed use problem with that lake said. There are people more confident no noise was made and they still heard. So if somebody did say elects a left and the LAPD didn't sound like she giggles yet. So is somebody watching you since it it's always listening to think is always listening to so who's listening. Back at headquarters of Amazon dads will we have to figure out it's always listening to things that thing in my outlook because like this and other people this right now have Amazon now and so I would say elects. Look up prices for boat Roca everybody at the Lex on that is near us right now the sixers went to. It started it off week but yeah exactly so it's listening. I like that but who's listening and it sounds like either one. Please hacked into his program of mass of people and it's the Russians to admit that our. Alexis started for the mind of its no. It can also report on you by Sega sits at the terrible house is joke around Jerry. Or you'd like exempting the refusal shady DF pitching you know the cops or Eudora because. This does hockey puck talk and paying called the cops happen yet it has the truck. Only that if they can't. It's like your personal information like that they can't access or something camp that they couldn't use it against you there's a couple of stories where women have been being attacked the Alexa heard it and she called 911. So I don't know if you're taught you to talk about drug use. Any day any any deviant that you wanted doing now I can be against you but there have been stories of people being saved because there's an emergency happening Alexa heard Angela Rodriguez joke around but it took you seriously rate I don't know I don't know if it asks you is this an emergency if it does get a response and it just goes right and I don't know. At that there is one story that there's like a murder or something and the election had everything I've Moreira somebody does think noted part of me lunch up in somebody Ali law and order you don't know. Why some. The machine here you murder somebody if I'm mad I'm trying to murders somebody I'm doing and obviously in the house in the bathroom to clean up I don't need this in turn mean. Our team bleached everything down yet so I didn't think that it turned the person in but they knew that had been recorded through net by they couldn't get to it probably I didn't thank the story just a picture sort of the story couple weeks ago but a lot of people are laughing at this I ain't you. Probably shouldn't. Because here's the people that don't have a Lexus grow up you don't actually. The C a third of Americans have a right now with the next four years have to Americans have either Alexa or similar machine apple has won his over the phone solicit and you're able that's just hit. Just because you have a Alexa doesn't mean you don't have something to house listening to you have a what do from sheet a mile away my of this or you're just a cheater apron yeah indeed doing something on aside. The signal as the all I guess it's apparent today things are but it can also tell mile lady that I'm cheating. I don't think if you ask Alex is my husband no Italian should never buy this thing. Your laptop I can't microphone it's listening to everything at all times right he via the tablets take your iPhone your Smart police along we all unplug and everywhere you don't so that's the problem all outside that's the scariest part rampant and all the garage we've already gone too far to go it's too early to. Let's take Tommy we get rid of all the Amazon elections might throw a big fires to kick listeners again. Apart and can't do such a phony guy at that too reliant on a bike you don't land mine no he can't pull silent can't do banking on. Go to McKittrick your benefits re work on. We as a society. Are already. We can't live without the technology that look like an adult male it's sure I am new rumor weaker so what I'm saying is these are my weakened over in Rwanda would have saying it is just lay back and let your robot overlord stick over the world. So I guess to get raped. Oh yeah no it's likely these are days I think it's a cure yet you've been tortured by this god damn thing we're talking about don't have to Hamlin. Noble like he's sane. You had to have some kind of electronic form thing in your house to do business straight everything like I I don't get paid with a check anymore and arrogant everything's electronic don't have cash on me anymore look at these pastors I you know I warned you but you aside at every time I do but this government the man you routed to recruit them to influence that Republicans up tomorrow and what about the government man will be commercially get on FaceBook instantly lose important stuff on six. You're just ahead that broke belly dance in the day as it is expected but you're just is that 600 you're just as bad I don't wanna miss that or worse that be because you're watching the app is open it's it's a deal it's what you watch it's what you say it's a quarter all of these things to say it's our fault. Tell us this happened I told due to. You really like anybody it's that hockey puck look into it we talk like yes I'm just to clarify before this break started what was. I don't know how a new had to do and either it's. Amazing the technology is amazing my brother has one. And complete music from the other rules to keep up recipes read to you given it's also a narc and I. But if you've got nothing going wrong Tommy we but everybody gets something they don't want anybody else know about us for the call privacy when it don't we don't and radium chopping up a body and put in the sink it's gonna use in business as possible because there's nobody small enough you can take them. Ours creeped us out one time actually to an hour yet done it twice. And it we were like sit there watch TV and it also knew it it glows when it starts to talk. These gloat it does. It's something along lines of all hail the queen. I've been like it just went off oh and that it didn't get an idea and that it didn't get a couple days. It probably kill itself from boredom it's important. Thing in your conversations by the British invading through Amazon. Remarkable thing scary part this accident people report. That it's just creep laughing for no reason as it sounds like. Also reported its reading random obituaries to tumble to. Me out Amazon says just to state its mis hearing single axle lap but that doesn't make any sense. And affordable as well. Some of the glitz they catcher that's it there's a medical problem between 5100 dollars it's all odds beat plan for you to just be able to stick. Rain is all in view. Amazon has the grocery and if milk packets Lex ordered the guy to do yet there's people. It would not yet but like you could say that man. Shall Richard that's weird. On the drone. Now now now it because they get us an editing right where right doesn't fit that. And it's going to your phone gets in around I would violate a lot of it is obvious a lot of these pay phones people talk about two. You heard about the state it's called. Hall are an attraction you. Yes contractual all day toes yet I just how many steps you took you where you went yeah which have been to go in which in not doing anything yells you pay. You it's a you say you said it to take a 101000 set today. Tennessee took 8000 it'll start late. We did a dozen steps that as very get up musicals people are stupid for using well August saying they're watching your take immediate your phones to concede that. If noticing Elin man I yell at the phone just be eligible to track where you're going it knows how many stature to a slightly director has a no or I'm going to guess. Believe they'll get another very very good to get dumped ready to go smoke some weed upstairs and no not that. OK I mean maybe being careless and burn one later that is definitely. At least he left the artists well okay the skewed the third took a bow out. Foot in my pocket go hopes those periods to put your corporate lesions it is but. We can't live without it now. So the group they did all have a robot or don't like Nazis it's a dead Nazi showed up like to don't think it usually Nazi like it did well on cities that Hitler as a starting. I'm also kind of upset that there are no link robot. Skeletons like we have the terminator but I thought that's common ground nobody thought the end would start with robots skeletons. I don't think god at least would be show public flames a robot skeletons and it's. No we're just gonna die from speaker and our house room that's maybe this is the start very anti climactic Riviera this sex but. That's the way I know it's there at the very hard at it and I eat did you tell the way for basket some quality unit Mike's of the break Muncie and I think Mikey white but it. Why are you on board over bro. I do you actually get through them during the ability to pay it that I like oh. And a way to bring a mile wide one I mean. In view and or an added weight you do it at all I would have worked. But it would like chief orthopedic everybody got the ball he put Purdue up real loud and you work all. But you would doubt they're became a certain item appeared aren't you I mean bags the only extra. I'll pretty much so credit they're cute by that I began correctly like I think about Chinese pop music. At a couple more days of life and she thought LE like like bill would. Like beer Whitman is sort of belly bumping it really funny but I don't break out at that color it ultimately. Yeah I'd be. To lose my dad's. Dick thanks to go election. Epic and rest of the day but you have of those things that floated them toilets. Now I need the phone but it I don't need to I it's like you're going to see note American I. I can lead the phone or it's a secret get a vote on its state to adopt picked up on health and production are stupid off your sister. He selects off. On everybody's Alexis by the way I did did you favor.