8-10: MINvsBUF, Post game show (part 2)

Thursday, August 10th


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The Buffalo Bills fall to the Minnesota vikings' seventeen to ten in their pre season opener at new air field. The bill starters had some bright spots especially. On defense the bills first team. 44 yards and no points and three dries and Yarborough. Got the search for interject loss and Yarborough sack ended the vikings' first drive. It is 37 Minnesota at their own forty yard line. He'll defense trying to put an end this Minnesota opening drive was more than three minutes into this net Redford at the second presidents. He has. He has brought down by Eddie got roll back the 35. It could make it a good person rented any ya bro Rick sit down in the back field. Yarborough finished with three tackles and that sack for the first team offense Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins hooked up right away the first three plays. On offense were Watkins receptions. What is finishes with four catches for 39 yards and five tock targets Tyrod Taylor. Compiles stat line five completions on eight throws for 48 yards just a little scare one point Taylor took a second stayed down. For just the second but he didn't miss a snap until coming out after the following drive the run game look very good early Jonathan Williams averages just under trying to carry with 39 yards on four rushes he started. In place of the Shawn McCoy. Later on the vikings scored two touchdowns in the third. Think a seventeen to three lead to eight Peter may entered in the second half peering completed thirteen point five per 112 yards in this touchdown pass to does Lewis. First and goal that won the snap Biederman loft went into the end zone but it would get votes needed to pitch down in the corner nowhere yet. Nick and bitter and that debt woods putts that buffalo. The bills and Peter rent had a chance to tie the game in the final minutes however an errant snap on fourth down with just under two ago what overpayments had been sealed the victory for Minnesota. John McDermott met with the media a little while ago to injuries for the bills Jonathan Williams injured his hamstring rookie linebacker terribly how he left the game in the second quarter. With a shoulder injury McDermott didn't offer timetable on either player. Six other pre season games tonight in the NFL dolphins comeback to beat the falcons 23 to ten jet or stop the patriots 31 point four ravens over the Redskins 23 to three. Three games currently action seats we the browns 1413 Broncos and payers are tied at seventeen also the Packers. Have a lead on the Eagles seventeen to nine some of the best performances of the night across the league mixture risky ghost town for eleven. 83 yards and a touchdown. Jimmy droplet shines albeit from a lot against second stringers eagles' 22 for 28 with 235 yards. And two touchdowns also Carson once finishes with a perfect passer rating for a four. 56 yards and touchdown. This update brought you by north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Judy B Osce. Aren't ready for cell phone call. He has ever done. 35 yard. He's so post game show our Buffalo Bills football on the Buffalo Bills radio network is brought to you by northwest. Made the switch to northwest and get back to. Buffalo Bills post game show we are tropical on here. We're going to about 1130 here on the networks notify you want to call it eagle 30551888550. To 515 those are the numbers call into let me let me Geary WGR. But they'll go to the phones where we've got Jeff and Orchard Park he's been waiting patiently. Actually before we go to Jeff let's pause ten seconds for station identification this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Our goal every step 965 WC MF WC MF HD one WR Rosie Rochester. Now we can go to Jeff who's been waiting patiently in our two park Jeff. You're on the postage. Think serve Ole. Record your lives think. You mean children not during her in it more hurt. Wrapped. You know on the second orbit and I'll are now and listen. Hey Jeff appreciate the call just IIQ and a big name. Made truthfully not be because of Peter and performance night. But more or less having maybe TJ Yates pour performance tonight I I think before this though may be that. The writing was on the wall for eventually Peterman to start taking reps with the second team unit I think I'm excited to see what Peter me to do with the ones. Or at least part of the ones against ones. I'd like to see him with elevated tail around him and against him to maybe get a really better picture of what they have. In the young quarterback let's go back to the phones Jake. I your the post game show Jake welcome. Hey anybody I don't do well they call. And EO Lloyd. I'm really drove up here now in the how much do I really like to superior and has this. Can do it the first team officer offense maybe. Let him start the next couple and an increase isn't your Russia. Yet Jake thanks for the call but he appreciated and I think I agree it. I think you know it exactly it's priest maybe not next week but I think you know calm week for. When there's going to be a majority of the starters maybe not out there will be some in each team playing. If given an opportunity like a set out I'd like to see at least tonight with Peter and showed me is he's got an ability. To move around the pocket which you know it's that it's not that he necessarily didn't show that in college. But I think what he did shown college is sort of an innate ability to get the ball out quickly and in a row with anticipation which. Has been the big knock against Tyrod Taylor at least early in his career as a starter near buffalo is that the over the field stuff which I think Liederman looked comfortable with doing tonight. And also throwing the ball quickly and on timing in the ball up four receivers are making their breaks the one that that comes to mind immediately it was on the left sidelines here. I'm going toward the scoreboard to kill shorts during a two minute drill on shorts was thrown the ball before. Before even made his putt I would say about two steps before me is Connie turned around the ball with their shorts made a nice adjustment to a and and maybe catch in the sidelines those of the sort of plays those of the sort of plays. That quarterbacks of week arms need to be able to make in and throw that all feel confident often and I think to. Earlier in the week when Rick Dennison talked about being able to develop with a quarterback who could throw that is that the anticipation would be anticipatory thrower. That's sort of tree being able to be developed and I'm sort of skeptical of that but. I think a lot of that comes with first ball trusting your in your own game. On the trusting your receiver and trust that Dak is going to be in the right position and it trust that he read his keys correctly. Because you know in the NFL it's not so much is a guy runs a route and that's that and you know what route he's running. Most of these routes are predicated on the defense that you're seeing this that this is a different level of sort of I guess game planning when when you're talking about. The wide receiver position in this league a lot of the routes that are being run are predicated on whether or not there at the corners pressing them or playing off them. A lot of times those receivers go up there on a given play and are expected one of two things three their stopping and cutting up short there's a cover three look at the with a quarters playing off. Or a lot of times there were told that to running vertical even if the play calls for them to stop in and maybe caught up at ten yards or come across the middle if you get man coverage. You know a lot of times those guys are taught to just go for the nine route go go vertical if you're being pressed because a lot of times you know it's one of those things where. You know you try to beat a guy one on one and a lot of times a lot of times the wide receivers are running plays and running routes based on what the defense showing themselves. For a quarterback you have to have trust that he knows what's going on you have to trust that you are understand what you're seeing and have trust that your gonna get the bald so there's a lot that goes into. Throwing with anticipation and you know I've talked about it before it's one of those things that maybe it's talked about a lot of people don't really understand what it is. It's very difficult. For quarterback who's been throwing. You know this same type of way his whole career to be asked to throw the ball quicker and it released the ball quicker because tyra at this point is shown. He has a difficult time trusting what he sees and I think that's really where you see a lot of him holding the ball comes from let's go to John in Rochester. Who's been waiting patiently John your the post game show welcome different. They alienate. An outsider there are Earl it's pretty cool tonight and I got to turn it says that it Lewis. Was in trucks loaded the shorts. Then there are older trust with them regularly and make plays outside at the first he looked really good and of course Peter German charity. Made this season is going to the playoffs there's no doubt about it they look organized. In Kabul he sort of and and they eat such looked like Jim Schwartz again. Yeah I I that I can agree with John I think they're defense looked much more at home in this defense and that early. I'm an early stages in you know I I agree got to kill shorts I'd like to kill shorts a lot I liked him. As as we won into the offseason he was picked up and as an undrafted free agent I really liked what he brought. I thought he had some nice size got some nice BD sort of assortment undervalued player. Coming out of college only one year that West Virginia sister I likeable lot. I don't think he's he's there really struggle to make this roster I just think the wide receiver position although people say it's not deep there are a lot of guys sort of vying for that last spot. And I don't necessarily see him overtaking acrylic rods streaker at this point who's proven to be more consistent commodity he's a veteran presence. I do see short potentially sticking out as any in a capacity of maybe in the practice squad. Getting an opportunity to get comparable to system and maybe he has a better shot making this team next year. But shorts is a god keep you Ryan as a guy may be that development about moving forward and as you mentioned their does Lewis yeah I mean you know I think. I just wrote written off as Lewis and a tweet right before that touchdown saying he had a tough drop out of great throw by Peter and over the middle of feel to drop the top one. That's sort of been his ammo I I don't see a spot on the team for does Lewis and fortunately. I do think he ends up getting cut. Is there an opportunity for him and another team potentially with his size I think there's a coach out there that would potentially take a shot at him just based off his raw ability his size is blank. Black duck tonight was a good night for him he he needed to have a show out night because he just did is point over the course of his career hasn't really shown an ability to put together on the game field. When it actually matters Brian in buffalo. Let's head over to you thanks for holding your the post game. Hey guys on our own and it touched at but it but it I mean at the bat market like you said they base that. I cannot repeat cannot look at a conclusions and reach them but as you Morgan thought about it eat that look at me. First drink eat that they look more and all of it back at the pap couple. Yet Bryant thanks for the call I had. I think I decided I I really agree with with your point here because. What it looked like tonight is and obviously there were some penalties and I think McDermott said that after the game in his post game press conference. He certainly wasn't happy with those penalties on the fence at the ball I certainly those are things are gonna have to clean up. As they move into the seas near but yet no I did defense looked comfortable guys looked comfortable in their positions there wasn't. People with their hands up in the air wondered where to be that goes from the first stringers all the way to the third stringers everybody seemed to be on the same page and I think. If your bills fan that's got to be a breath of fresh air seeing these guys in the right position to make plays alt though there were certain times and that's second and third unit that did seem like. There was some guys playing out of position to simply. You know won't be on the roster but I Barbara was a guy that was really impressive to me. As I mentioned off the top of the show I just bought his ability to get off the ball quickie next ballas had a couple of really nice rush is on the outside. Since Pete Russia's I'm impressed with the depth at the pass rushing to the president position. For this team I think the personal clearly fits that 43 defense that 43 scheme much better. That last year's four 34 directs riled it will work well before we go to break Robert in Albany. You're on the post game show Robert welcome. Hey what's going on opt opt them brought up and I I really appreciate what McDermott and we're not putting it player out that. Urban superstars and meaningless and yankees beat Miami and that males injury. And while my according not even taken a snap the night. If he can take a nap all pre season. I would really appreciate acres operatives some never app right mama. What Robert how did you feel about sandy getting in their for the first drive I think it was I think although. I think your your point is spot on about what trauma quite ethical trouble quite any more time practicing up there is off the team knows what he's doing. I think he's a perfect fit for this office and you lock in however I thought needed. Some reps with the first team unit eighty looked good doing it so I'd you what you think he think there was marble and Sammy in their early and often. Odd bird now. Maybe for another game that he got a didn't indicate you know he's net after air clash here. You'd obviously want a protector good players you know the program players. The risk vs reward him anything. Business wise sports seek out our rescue workers were hurt you know you know evaluate I think I really appreciate that from McDermott. Other thing I appreciate the McDermott is that he looked very very organize not what it is like. I'm super Smart genius Rex Ryan Deepak where got on the line up and got on the field out and out thing I noticed that my. And my third point is. A popular mentioned apple with the the number two quarterback. Not carry three young teen we need that pot. And last dollar kid TJ Yates yeah I'll quote him out of the water clearly Dan Kearney. Yes I'm. That that they go to my big point I don't want injury you know Miami's already has a right. Decimated he had that Miami's at Miami's looking had a really tough season Robert thanks for the call. Rake on McMillan their rose stud rookie linebacker. Likely their most talented linebacker went down that what they appeared feared to be. A torn ACL likely out for the season out or break when we come back it's you'll final calls here on the final call here on the first post game show of the year. I'll also get your player of the game so we come back we'll get all of that done you're listening to Buffalo Bills post game show and they Kyrie this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. At northwest were passionate about helping you make business easier and better whether you're a small local business or fortune 500 will learn to value your operation and your vision then are loan officers insurance experts advisors and benefits managers who work with you one on one to pinpoint opportunities and customized solutions to take you where you want to go so no matter what your business needs we can help bring peace of mind by working as an extension of your team and guiding you in the right direction north West Bank is a member FDIC equal housing lender wholly owned subsidiaries may provide additional services. 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We'll defense trying to put an end this Minnesota opening drive was more than three minutes into this net Bradford got the shot. Richard and it's the F. He has brought down by a little back at the 35. We're making it that Britain granted that you will bring him down in the back field. Eddie Yarborough your player of the game. Having a sack there that first drive getting an opportunity to play with the first team defense with Jack Lawson out tonight so Eddie Yarborough your player of the game I think you can be used to seeing his name. Sounds like he's going to be a big part of the defense looking for this year let's go to the phones now so we can finish off this out first post game show of the season let's go to Mike in buffalo. Mike you're on the post game show they can join us. Let's tell you don't do well. Now as calling an enormous. I'm happy at all bad news. Sort of hook KP you guys he's. Worried that somebody is deep and say okay. Under review won't be. So and I liked or a lot in those. Wanna know what Oakland was big catches. On who I date. What is currently at in the I was wanna. And if you guys have created on eBay you're gonna do it and it in there I mean we are well when he. I'll say this Michael first of all they are calling and does secondly I think McDermott after the game was pretty adamant. About one to clean up that stuff they just you know tallies are gonna were a big part of this team I shared a big part of the reason why they didn't make the playoffs I think they know I think the coaching staff knows it I think it's something they're really gonna be harping moving forward let's go to add the buffalo. At a mere on the post game show thank you for offered joint. I do you know I also you know enjoyed watching inspired it. Now Perot great poster on the whole time I'm always looked at some players. During that time because the people there were contracts. What are the things that I wouldn't are I would life. On the fact that they're loud it would just come straight down the middle and go after our core pack. Arm up that something that they plan fixing inner India put a couple up. Leak in the game and don't speak but I looked and out of pocket. About Iraq are awful those who look like it but he can't go far. You know thanks for the call Adam I I think I agree you specially pass blocking they didn't look. Very confident. Pass blocking tonight. And you know to be honest when Oakland caught Austin Howard last week. I fully thought the bills might make a make make a run on him as potentially a starting guys the right tackle I don't know of Dion docket is quite ready yet. To be a starter in this league I do like him I think he's got nice size of it he's got nice potential might think he's ready to step in his rookie sees near I'm not sure. And I I don't know you have quite yet shop try Henderson after basically a full season off last year so it is gonna missed five games this year. So you know a lot of moving parts of the opera the wind at least at the right tackle position let's hope corps declines in a 100%. Otherwise unfortunately Adam this is sort apart of the pre season is. Like quarterback you have the top tier of quarterbacks. Once you sort of get away from your starting offensive lineman there's a big drop off in sonnets and let's get one or call four yen for the night Charlie in Rochester they keep her whole internally on the post game show. I Gloria I'd like beer and the build traffic Alley cartilage on young guy probably has it that yeah you never know. They traded him and that and the signing a one PGA has really done much just kind of bounced around here now know what your thoughts on the. Well I'll say this Charlie IE I did like Hartnell Jones I still like cart out Jones. How ever. Is much his may be a lot of people are doubting that decision at least after the first game. I think it was the right one I don't think that part of Jones was going to get an opportunity to be anything. I don't think the operates it would he did well I thought he needed to move into more vertical passing game which he did what she did do you when he left for Los Angeles. In as much as I don't really love TG eight he's sort of the veteran calming presence they they did need to pick a veteran back up in here but at the same time it looks like right now. That they Peter man's gonna really overtake him for that second string job and do I think Arnold Jones could've done that as well I think so you know I do do I think that they're better off with Darnell Jones over TJ Yates may be. But at the end of the day I think it was the best Super Bowl teams I think cartilage is gonna have a better opportunity. In the future in the offense that he's playing in with a quarterback who sort of on the tail end of his career. A for coach that knows him and in conversely for the bills. I just don't think they can really get him the reps they wanted to get and so I think for both teams that make sense. Although when you look back kind six point one you'd love to have a diet tail like that quarterback room but I think at the end of the day. The bills card helped the decision for both guys and for the team and for him I think with a right oneself. That's gonna do for me here tonight the post game show we will be back next week when the I think the bills are about it analytically next week. Philadelphia there Upton now up in Philadelphia so I will be from the studio. The post game show from the studio I will not be in Philadelphia. So a lot for me they Kyrie back at the studio ranked gates who. Got to leave early I don't know where he's must not be giving you must be over Peterson then an up and four my guide Derek. And my guy Jody BIC back in the studio appreciate to work tonight. Their night is just really begun so appreciate you guys for out for stick around me. Thanks to all the called and appreciate your. Appreciate your thoughts your opinions until next week snake you're you're setting off for the bill's post game show week one and the Buffalo Bills radio network. Every. Every tackle every step 965 WCI MF WC MF HD one WR rose in Rochester.