8-10: MINvsBUF, Post game show (part 1)

Thursday, August 10th


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Ready for so. Is Stanford now. 35 yard. He's a post game show my Buffalo Bills football on the Buffalo Bills radio network is brought you by northwest. Made the switch to northwest and get back to. Hardball good and ten. Built post game show baked theory here let's pause ten seconds for station identification it was an awful those radio network. What you see MS. Greatest music ever recorded. 965 WC MX all right welcome back to the post game showed a theory here live from new air field. As the crowd starts to file their way out of the parking lot. After a seventeen. To ten loss. In the first pre season game of the season to the Minnesota Vikings got a story lines to the game will get discussing here over the next hour and a half. We're waiting on Sean McDermott's part prop post game podium. Comments so we'll get to that as soon as we get word that he's ready otherwise you can hit the phones 8030551888550. To 550 the numbers. To call for your post game reaction following the first pre season game of the year. Starting off things will also get to the express Mark Spitz to gain that will be immediately following Sean McDermott's press GAAP press conference here. As we wait for word that he's ready at the podium. As I mentioned I'll get to those expressed Smart steps of the game will also get to your thoughts as I mentioned the numbers to call it a real fight 51. 88550. 2550. So some interesting. Story lines to tonight's game obviously Shaq loss in doesn't play any yar borrow. Gets the start at defensive end. As a sack has a few pressures so very good game at least for the F first year bills player second year pro last season. Started the season at least in training camp with the Denver Broncos was cut. Spent most of last year as a street free agent was brought in this offseason for the bills sort of as an afterthought hasn't really. Pressed at least in my opinion Max ballots to be that second. On defensive end behind Jerry Hughes Ryan Davis is really going to be a lockdown and other site he also didn't play deceiving she got to see a lot of mr. Yarborough. And I was pretty impressed with his game really all evening. And other than those pressures though that this act he looked really good on that against the first team offense which is really which you wanted to see. And yes so I was pleasantly surprised by the second year pro Latin. Certainly. Had been a lot of hype going into training camp. That he was really standing out amongst the defensive line at least the youth. And the young guys on the off on the defensive line so it's nice to see him sort of put together that hype and and really put together a nice game for himself. And put some stuff on film because of the that's going to be the most important thing and it always really is for these young players is. It is you know does this stuff on tape during practice match the stuff on tape during games during full go in I think for Yarborough. Those two things really matched up well and I think that's important for young guy moving forward he's gonna be fighting. I'm in my opinion for some playing time and his team I don't know that he has a roster spot locked as of yet. But he certainly. Look the part as as an NFL player this evening has been in as I mentioned EE get a majority of his work against the first and second team. Salad he was out here against the thirteen carried out by I thought he gave. On the starting right tackle. I mean you're looking at got Mike Roberts as their starting right tackle as a mention I mean he really gave them out grief relief from the start of the game until. That second unit offense came in and did the same thing. To their second straight Ryder are right tackle Willie beavers so a really nice game for Yarborough altogether are really nice game for the starting defense in general I really liked everything that I soft from the starting unit on defense. I'm Preston brown and that interior defensive line Kyle Williams Marcel Darius all put together really nice games or at least for the three or four now to say about three drives the starting defense saw out there. I was really impressed that looked like a cohesive unit there really was no confusion on the field which is a pleasant surprise. After last year's just it just seemed like on a week to week basis from pre season regular season. It took a lot for this team to get on the same page defensively and really up to week seventeen. It appeared they just couldn't get it figured out early. No signs of that here anyways anywhere field for the first pre season game and first game under shot victory. 8030551888522550. Still waiting on Sean McDermott's first press conference here post game press conferences have built. Let's go let's go to the phones because deaf Franken Cheektowaga waiting on hold frank young the post ago. Aren't you. Had a groin it's going well. Hit a lot of you know once and Napier and work out there today you know. Well one thing I take away permitted they got a real weak arm you know I definitely think you might have a better armed than him. Well I appreciate that frank ID I don't think I have better than him maybe maybe at one point I I might but no I doubt it. You know what though frank I'll tell you this I think I tweeted it out earlier it's really sort of known that. He doesn't have the best arm strength and he certainly not the most talented in terms of arm strength. However tonight it that really wasn't on display for me I thought he made a couple of really nice plays there was a couple of timing plays. I really like from Peter remain wary you don't you can sort of disguises sort hide. Some of the deficiencies and arm strength by throwing the ball on time and thought Peter Main a lot this evening. I'm displayed the ability to get the ball quickly. And get it out on timing and accurately and I think those are going to be important traits for quarterback who isn't known to have a really big arm especially in buffalo we're gonna get some swirling winds especially come wintertime and come October November but. In terms of is our strength I don't take away. Spoke on leave the stadium tonight thinking that oh boy I've got to worry about any humans are stressed that the justice in the case tonight. I I liked what he was able to do in his in his brief stint in the second half. I thought that at least. In my opinion. There was no play where he. At least appear to not have this the arm strength to get to his receiver so that your frank I teacher point. Certainly. Guide it's not gonna be known for his arm strength and maybe spin in the ball but. I really at no point today left thinking man I think that they've got issues at the quarterback position because neat Peterman simply can't throw the ball like NFL quarterback. 803055188550. To fight it still wait for coach dubbed arts or Doug McDermott. Sean McDermott as he heads to the podium here so we'll get you word from that as soon as we as soon as we hear. 803055188550. To 550. The numbers to call Sony Peter Mann which is brought up from frank in Cheektowaga and he was one of my bright spots in my in my notes tonight. And doubt one of the things that really liked was that are bad drive that he put together. In that touchdown drive when he first came in and there was a couple things are really liked about the drive specifically his ability to maybe tuck and run. Definitely to me anyways not known for his speed or his ability to kind of move without the ball but. I really liked what Peter Meehan did outside of the pocket as well as inside the pocket tonight so. I'm certainly not concerned. By any means. Where this team is at the quarterback position I thought Tyrod looked good TJ Yates obviously. He struggled tonight I think that whole second team offense struggled tonight against I think a pretty good now that's another thing to that if it means to be mentioned as. I'm the depth of the Minnesota Vikings defense it's a good defense that the Eagles played in butt up against one of the better units from last season. So it's for the offense to. To put up what they did I was I was pleasantly surprised but let's go to Chris in buffalo who's waiting on hold Chris you're on the post game show. Figured out that the game on this heads overnight coach Mike fox for right definitely think like he targets and we talked earlier electric chemistry definitely. Improve I'll run blocking straight beat Jacqueline debt should be fine village or kill it. The back a brand at all. Are a lot I thought it. Churlish pretty much. Starting towns are like running around all all paid but it I would guess that. Yet Chris thanks for the call. I lecture points too about the at least the starting offense and in especially the pass blocking your right. Put this in which you're gonna get I mean when you when you're in the pre season and you get those second and third team offensive lineman that's where they're gonna struggle as the pass for but I agree shot from Henderson on the left side looked overwhelmed by Iverson Griffin tonight but. He's not the first and he certainly not going to be the last that's a class he world class defense event pass rusher in this league. I'm so certainly nothing to really get up in arms about this early but I certainly think Sartre Henderson on the left side may not be something I look forward to do. Moving into the season that I think maybe if he's going to be playing. On his natural position really is that right tackle and I think in the NFL lease where he looked. Dion docket got some birth left tackle as well I really didn't have anybody at left tackle positions they stand outs according Glenn. That injury certainly going to be key moving forward let's get to another call here Jeff in buffalo. If we can get him up on the board guys. Jeff in buffalo you're on the postage. Okay thank you very much mom. A whole lot of numbers hadn't got adult because Phillips who plays that if people don't know. When you know you're away from. You. Yes thank you Andy Oracle's own and then later in the game he misses and obvious. I'm not obvious well first down. Like I. Abdicating the. Yet all I appreciate the call Jeff 21 Jones is as we you're referring to there yeah I mean. Unfortunately specialties is probably where if he's gonna make this roster special teams is likely theory he's going to make it because of so certainly not a a great game for him in terms of his debut for the bills but you got to remember too Jones is a late arrival to camp. That is the guys are store still sort of getting used to getting acclimated to the team in the system. However both of those plays you can't really I blame skips the medics. Those are just too mental errors out that one out of my pass on interference penalty but the kick returner. I don't think many people saw him throw a sanity was very late. I'm so give him a pass on that one in advance for the play that your referring to down in the red zone on fourth down tough one and he hits his face mask at Vicki may be looked up field before he secured the ball. So yeah unfortunate but you know I'm not rate that of anybody quite yet after one pre season game let's put it down in Cheektowaga Don you're on the post game show. Hey Gloria well the well. Good good all traffic great and other data and that's without the relief consulting used to it sees that same night. I know it's not on guys let's talk about the positives Syrian. I'm a rate cut anybody I know that was you know that was the fact that he had on the couch put. How are part of the first seen on the first the ball. The rush defense looks phenomenal card that was that was really that was off site like arm. Tyrod. Looked very poised I thought this year it looked a little bigger ball stronger. I like how quick release you could call that the coaches. We're really big I try to get him toward the middle of fielding it seem the ball well why. Are the way. While he yeah it's nice he has some rights holder know that one dollar hole by contract you don't let overall I think you look real impressive and now. He's pretty much got that number two job pretty much locked up and we'd have to say that. Overall. I don't think it was that it really don't I think there were prepared ready to go. Could team offense really didn't look very well at all at all Peter Lurie came and by. Hard charger to get a chance to really look at the game you know that was airport. On overall I'm not really dissatisfied at all I I have to say in the history even by. We got some positives though all lining up lip and. Appreciate the called on banks for. All the words there. I I like which talked about with Sammy locking them getting them the ball early getting involved in the offense and listen you know sandy Lockett is known for his deep credibility. But let's go right now we're gonna go to the podium shot McDermott speaks to media now. Jonathan Williams. Missed some time answering their and then about ten Valero with the shoulder some religious just two right there. We currently have the questions. Yeah I'd you know I'd been around a son and you guys have heard me say for a long time and and I like where he is at this point in training camp in terms of getting himself ready to play for the season wanted to get a good look at the good look at the other backs and I was impressed with the way console those running backs performed. Yeah. Is it all. Were he backed me. The ball went off. Yeah rose I thought we got off to a good start offense that whim really is just the offense was in a rhythm how I was going through his progression and and outstanding was open receivers so it's good to see. They're just. You know that you are loose they were just checking a little bit and I was concerned any time a player goes down. Particular quarterback in this case so. You know he's a tough tough young man and love the fact they've bounced back in and showed. Led the team a little bit and I showed some mental toughness. I would just looking at is me. Well better easy to run pretty well for how happy were you with his performance with the starters and given more time frame on his injuries he suffered. I don't at this point with respect to the injury. I was impressed he he ran hard secure the ball. And there will we have to evaluate the whole game though what happens in pass protection. And get a better chance to do it tomorrow that's an authority but he didn't some good things within with abolish them. What. He did not move the offense. Had a couple chances to win the game at the end. Was so I would have liked to see is convert in those situations. That said sure for name his first experience first chance to get out there an NFL game I thought he handled himself well. Was poised showed great composure. You're facing pressure. Which was expected to needed nice job. You're just general impression. I'll be your first outing as a head coach you know the way the whole operation working its penalties on special teams were just so your overall. Well number it was good to see the fans come out and support. The football team and so it's always good to play at home. We look forward to making this. A tough place to play and embracing that. After that air conditioned that. I thought there's a lot of good things. On the football field a lot of good moments that said. Good teams don't beat themselves and we beat ourselves in numerous times tonight and we've got to get that corrected in order to go where we wanna go. He's so you were doing all the communicating. Good news or use you know. Flag would. Experience life. I guess that project. Going forward. We've got a long list of things to improve on that starts with me. And in our football team and humor and get together tomorrow look at the tape. There's a lot there's a lot to learn from there's a lot of good moments there were a lot of good moments this evening. And and so. That's which duty good coaches make. The jump between game one in game two good teams make a jump between between game when he came to. And and so we've got a lot of work ahead of us this week. And now we'll start tomorrow. Was unusual. She does it work it is and decision making process and these guys snap decisions. We're used to go to Milan runs a big picture. Obviously with a different situations. We spent a lot of time I spent a lot of time with my step going through. Those types of situations. Every situation a little bit different next week's gain may come up with different situations. Got a good staff the communication flowed. Rather well I thought throughout the game. And you know I was the substitution sometimes in the first pre season game can be challenging right warmer trying to play all the players. And so I thought that for the most part went well. Valuation of guys from spring. Training camp out next step back instead keeping them and we are. Young player that that is worked extremely hard and this was this wasn't the first time that he is he has flashed. You know he earns. He really doesn't net that's gonna personify our typify our our football team. He's one of the first ones in the team meeting every morning. And he's got flash cards he's drilling himself mentally so his success on the field tonight. Was not a surprise. To those that Nolan and I'm really happy for. Perfectly. First for vikings offense did you specifically game plan for Minnesota. Yeah has. Could kill these these days. Well we always respect we really respect every opponent. That said we are focus truly on ourselves right now we have to develop fundamentals. And you know really big on game planning a whole lot for first pre season game if you will in this case and we've got such a long way to go as a football team that we need to keep our focus on ourselves. That says that led off with we still have a lot of respect for Minnesota Vikings. Or hair is that just a matter of playing it safe at first. Pre season game. Well it you know that they had the injuries going on in and we just wanted to be Smart with with. You know the plates on this evening. And I just don't want injuries like that to linger as they tend to. With a with a growing their cheques. Is it. There's some good things. You know we got us in and out of some plays at the line of scrimmage. Certainly would have liked to see is can do better rhythm offensively at times. Your teachers had a great camp to this point time and and and so as an offense overall we can do some things better. But I thought he had good command at times. What factors led to Gerald Hodges get a second. You reps over red threat not only tonight but in practice. Well you know killed stills and good things. He's shown an ability to handle more than one position on the defense and and are based packages that also are sub packages third down packages and when not. I love his I love this toughness he communicates well as a veteran player. Register young player that's coming off of an injury and it's only gonna continue to get better he's working extremely hard funny to some good things in the game tonight. You play downhill play physical so. The undoubtedly going to be a fun position and what's moving forward. You trying him. One of the outside spot because I think Republican and middle linebacker support him as soon. Sure we were were multiple that way where we are versatile defense and we're gonna put players. Reggie in this case the really all the players in position is if they have skills that they can play other positions. We will look at that number right now. It's it's in readies best interest in our best interest and continues to work things I position. Ross Jones that drop off key situations and and they continue to go well what what you have to say when they walk. Well you know this what the players to play. Not afraid to make a mistake and there's a wave. I believe in that mindset to go out there in your aggressive and I can I can deal with that times. Aggressive penalties. That's said. The pre snap in the post whistle penalties. I can't handle and in those those are not. A part of or one of a winning formula for true football team. And and so all the penalties. You know obviously limited us offense and sometimes the fancy. Special teams wise to what we're trying to get done when you look at. We just get off the field on third down and we in media that the quarterback. Can't do that so. You know seven point game at the end and this and have been different detention football game. Pre season games bad. Players. Just days. I figured out he's. I use the way what is it you know one. I guess. What is. Well we have the means there is a process. And I when we talk a lot about process there's a process. Of developing a football team of evaluating our football players. And and then our schemes and that said. Penalties. Are not a part of the process in terms of winning football and our players and our team and we we. Continue to stress and will will stress. All throughout the season there's a way to win football games and there's. You impeach sells its you take care of the football offense you've taken by only on defense and then and then you don't shoot yourself in the foot with penalties. Oh. Thought they did a good job I really did we went out and you know put them on this on the field first and we were looking to us to flip the field and thought they did pretty good job of that. And then throughout the game they were in some situations that may not be ideal. And that's gonna happen throughout the season so I was proud of the way they played overall. Still a lot of work to do and and reworked to communicate better. Thanks guys appreciate it. And coach Sean McDermott speaking after his first game as a buffalo bills' head coach let's teach you an update when we come back chorus of the out of town scores. Will do that and then we'll get your express mark stats the game we got some breaks the catcher but we will get it done. Nick fury here for the post game show your listening to the Buffalo Bills radio network. The Buffalo Bills fall to the Minnesota Vikings in their pre season opener seventeen to ten. At new airfield the bills' starters had some bright spots especially on defense the bills first team 44 yards and no points on three drives Eddie Yarborough got the start. For injured check in Boston Yarborough sack and the vikings for strife. It is 37 Minnesota at their own forty yard line. We'll defense trying to put it into this Minnesota opening drive was more than three minutes into this now read her about the fact that Richard and it's he would. He had cracked down by Eddie got roll back at the 35. It could make it a good person rented any ya bro let it sit down in the back field. As for the first team offense Tyrod Taylor Sammy Watkins hooked up early. The first three plays on offense will walk in receptions including this sixteen yard catch. First down bills at their own 22 I formation play action today. Taylor sets up yet ready to quickly get Sammy again at the 38 and it struck out of the ground there another first down sixteen yards on that play Terence Newman made the stop. I thought the city connection is not fire to start this game. Tyrod Taylor finished with a stat line of five completions on eight throws for eighty for 48 yards Taylor did stay down for an extra second bit of a scare after taking a sack but he did he was fine got right back up played an extra Sammy Watkins had four catches for 39 yards. On five targets the run game also looked good early Jonathan Williams averages just under ten carry with 39 yards on four rushes. When the second team came in the vikings scored two touchdowns both in the third quarter to take a seventeen to three lead neat Peter rent entered. In the second half Peter and completed thirteen of 25 per 112 yards in this touchdown pass to does Lewis. First and goal that won the snap Biederman loft went into the end zone but you forget votes he needs to pitch down in the corner no ruling yet but. That's down nick and bitter and at that woods putts that buffalo. The bills and Peter it would have a chance to tie the game in the final minutes however an errant snap on fourth down was recovered by the vikings in sealed the victory. For Minnesota Sean McDermott was just at the podium to injuries. For the bills Jonathan Williams injured hamstring rookie linebacker terribly held left the game in the second quarter with a shoulder injury Shawmut Thurman didn't offer timetable. On either. Around the NFL six other pre season games tonight dolphins come back on the falcons point 38 when he. Know Jay Cutler met Moore got the start but threw just one pass for five yards jaguars. We'll beat the patriots 31 point four Jeannie grapple with shines going 22 for twenty with 235 yards. And two touchdowns. Saints lead the browns twelve to seven not gonna quarterback for Cleveland. Cody Kessler Brock counselor to Sean Tyson they combined for just fourteen completions and 85 yards. Bears currently have a fourteen to ten be on the Broncos mr. BST ten for 1183. Yards. And a touchdown also the Packers lead the Eagles seventeen night Carson Wentz just one dry finishes with a perfect passer rating for four. 56 yards and a touchdown and finally ravens are about to beat the Redskins. By a score of 23 to three. This bill's game wrap up is brought to you by independent help from your every teacher unexpected independent health Richards are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce. First and goal that won the snap. Human yeah wanting to the end zone. Next down in the car it's. Actually touched. All right welcome back to. The Buffalo Bills post game show may Kyrie hear it live at new air field as the stadium is empty the lights are still lot. And I'm still here. And will be for the next to at least ourself as we continue forth with the buffalo bulls post game children hang out on hold. Stick there if you wanna call an 8030551885225. You'll take your thoughts your opinions you're taxed your tweets as we are. Talking about a seventeen to ten. Lost the Minnesota Vikings a 11 as the buffalo bulls start their 2017. Pre season. And Dow let's get into the doesn't express Marx that's the game check it out expressed are not your average convenience store. Since that Celek to go through with Saudi Peterman passing a nice state for Peter made at least for his does that Apollo debut thirteen 25. 112 yards in that touchdown to does Lewis TJ Yates. He finished the afternoon six of eleven. 48 yards Tyrod Taylor came up for those first three series five of 846. Yards rushing leading the way. Jonathan blades safari went out that hamstring injury four carries 39 yards at nine point eight yards. A carries on nice out for Jonathan was let's hope that hamstring injury is just a mild one Mike Tolbert. Four carries 27 yards six point eight yards per carry Andy Pearman. Four carries in 26. Yard. Indeed buffalo native Jordan Johnson gets two carries and has won five yards for Johnson receiving leading the way. Sammy Watkins four receptions 39 yards really seemed like all came on those four consecutive plays. Right in the first quarter starting offense to heal shorts. Second in receiving this evening for receptions. In 37. Yards Corey brown three catches 23 yards and as I mentioned does Lewis four catches twenty yards and that one touchdown from neat Peter that's your express arts gets the game check out expressed mark. Not your average convene start let's get to a call now before we go to break let's go to Chris in San Jose. Thanks for waiting patiently on hold from answer your around the post game show. They made first of all most importantly camp or hurried as most important news of yankees there I appreciate the love what you gonna. Yeah I want a hotline. And that. And ordered. Him pretty well. What. Did your. Argument. And out. Yeah I know Chris for Salt Lake to the call on the the well wishes there I really do appreciate it and no I didn't personally see and the of the screen passes or the tunnel screens at the bubble screens however. I expected to be a big part of their offense this year at least from what I've seen it training camp I expect to be big part and I don't necessarily is. See the benefit of running a pre season game. Not only are you going to be running a pretty and all of version of your offense but at the same time those are the sort of place. We are getting a defender whose face that you run full speed at their ride receiver who's stopping to catch the ball. I'm so not exactly are they ideal scenario to start running in a pre season game especially with Sammy Watkins are. Her one of these guys that you know you're gonna need to be running the stuff during the regular season however. Christie answer question I did see them run it a whole bunch during pre season and during this out training camp session the first 23 weeks here. I expected to be a big part of the offense obviously not a big part at least a significant one. I'm in my opinion let's now go to what David Amherst he's been waiting patiently Dave you're on the post game show thanks for waiting. They may conduct India. I don't feel like you're the first in defense of love and magnate Peter van. Was story of the game Cadillac el but the police in the pocket he just looks like a quarterback hurt somebody call. The citizen of the strong arm and said the same thing of Chipper. Jones strap of the streak he wouldn't let him straight touchdown drive. What. Police department quarterback killer still little skittish back there. I feel like. You know nobody thinks the builders have a great year after the bye this week. October 22 that by leaks over I think you Peter and can be the starting quarterback of the slope paltry. Thought they. Objects date I appreciate the call arm I disagree I I I think this is a really pivotal year for Tyrod Taylor and and just because of that I don't think that he's gonna be answered because of that. I ultimately think. This is his team this is as year. It's contract year form really moving forward it seems like our regular sort of an eight year to year thing. Where it's going to be a year and play in will evaluate the end the season and right now I think as of at least as of right now I wouldn't. I would hold any of the Peterman starting quarterback takes I would hold it until this team starts on six or Tyrod Taylor goes down early with an injury. I think if he goes now with a knee injury he's out for more than two or three weeks and it's a long term injury. I think they Pearman is certainly a guy right now at least in my opinion to be a long term starter. In relief of Tyrod Taylor TV eight has really shown me anything to be more than just a spot stupid. Three games starter at this rate. If it continues on the way continue to night I could see Nate tournament overtaking TJ I can see them cutting PG it's if if Peerman shows that. He's the clear cut number two they can bring it up the street have him be the third quarterback it's not dress at an assignment with a clipboard. I feel comfortable that they the only tournament that got it tonight he looked like that but again. I think give the temper your expectations a little bit get went against the second in thirteen. He stuck in the pocket stare down the barrel and made some throws in in the heat of it and it'll guys going. And Dow saw given that I was impressed with his poise in the pocket as willingness to stick in there and make some throws at. I think what you're gonna see with Peterman and this is gonna take time. For him to sort of develop this with his wide receivers and who he's playing with. But I think with his lack of arm strength. His ability to get the ball out quickly was on display tonight he got the ball on a few times before receivers were even making their breaks and it's something I think he might do at this point better. That Tyrod Taylor how ever I am not exactly comfortable. Starting any sort of controversy at the quarterback position I'm not comfortable. Talking about Peterman being anything other than number two quarterback this point. The battle we should be talking about is the number two in the number three cornerback Pete moment. First gates that's the battle which talk about Tyrod Taylor a you know barring some sort of crazy circumstance crazy injuries crazy something. Expect him to be the quarterback for all sixteen regular season games moving forward. Let's hope we can stay healthy to bet that hit early on the first play a couple people tweet at me talking about as fragile as he was hurt well listen. He got was that up on and he came back the very next drive came out look the same he's fine no injuries he's fine. It's going to be great to be good season for tire out of the feeling that it's coming from me classic Tyrod haters people call. 803 0551888550. To fight if you will get to the AT&T text question when we come back we'll also catch up with sail from the locker room. So we'll get that here coming up will also get you another update at the top of the hour. So stick with us appear on Holtz they witness if you wanna call and it's a boxer out questions your opinions 80305 if you want 88552. But at the at. Nikki Reed WG RQ one to get me out it's your tweets to hear at some point tonight. To stick around with me I've got a lot coming up here in the next bout da 45 minutes or so on the post game show you're listening to Buffalo Bills football.