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Friday, September 14th


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Economist at 6000 text 999404. In the breaker Muncie a math yesterday in your witty. Last Friday congratulations put a lot of shoes us smoke Malone told. I'm. It we are taking a ton of pictures. Were negative and he. I don't I'm not Richard Dieter we its second always picturesque and winds there and everybody's there and friends and special occasion. You got the pictures back there and you tell me. My ordered Perot a bunch and there's some of like you who you are alive and all of us together and stuff so. In the thank you card debt you're gonna get. They'll be these photos in there and spent OK this like three thorough tests and NIC I gotta put two cameras awake is till about me today. Light gray thank you and you for a second. And you told me he says. After year. Wife will be display news and viewers this year. There was no joke to agree there was no I got hot you'll legitimately say to us oh I know that you are gonna be hanging. On the wall of my book is they'll be somewhere out where you can see why do you think that. Because you wife is in and she's all dressed up okay tonight's occasion and we all had fun women when a display that stuff. I think it. Depends on what you party have in your house will be. Tolerable. That it has to go out I got like almost angry with you and the driving home thinking about it and thinking that you are so important. I'm and it and it would be nice for your daughters to see a successful white man though I got pictures of wheezing and my that's a it may have set up. Did you think like you are so. Yes even my home you must be display yes and I realized what a guy you'll. What person you love life. You are I got you a photo of us for your birthday guy. A couple again. Look at this picture a plus for Christmas guy. Yeah yeah. Is the worst time I. That was like a woman thing I'd do it two to one dollar and really what it is doing it to another woman it's my wife sending it to his lawyer yet it never seen a guy get another guy. Take a picture. Oh. Well like phthalates are we going golf putter so to my data when and afraid of as a big golf buddy leave Fisher we got a big fish together we went to a game right we got to pitching you would have been the guiding you might put that up is a great memory when we went you know in the bills beat the jets finally. Just like the Billie Jo white for girlfriend that did it go like oh no I don't picture of you guys. Guys have pictures of other guys doing things like that what I just described an activity women just to have themselves that are women because you stopped by for a couple caught. Yeah yeah leg women don't go out and have they Disco and have a drink all the girls at the lineup at some point and level pot noticed. NN had that photo taken now I guess that's that a guide thing now know you're on Italian guys love doing what time is don't count gives Italians used to all this talent in Rochester you will see if you want antitank MySpace page you know there's like five restaurants all blog to those restaurants have like those. Actor actress I was at the logo and they don't want to 'cause that's all the causes got to get together. No shoulder Yankee bowling had their picture taken and what those guys will frayed picture give it all right Anderson Tony little Toney Dominick is in this Joseph Joseph junior you're that guy. I know why why shouldn't I and beautiful prince it's on what. Sending us pictures his final that's great wife when sending it was digging herself she's gonna trade this hanging on the wall but you all you. Fool the earliest it all that the Obama people those pictures thought on our face is going up by what you think you're better look at me and him pitchers. You look like a Billy goat with sunglasses. They'll be I actually got so paranoid about this that I could not shake this idea that your face would be in my home because it bothers me. I walked around my entire house and looking and all the pictures might like Los pictures and valuable and there are no friends. In our outside just spent so you would be the first friend and now it sure is how he GAAP. It on your best friend. Out of my best that the fact that her broad river 'cause invite you to be hanging in my house anyway that we year. On us outward notable under. I have thrown that way he can get in your head without even being present in the room. The picture your friends hang on you'll be able W boyfriend and. I mostly just family the pictures that we have from. Does your boyfriend have pictures of his friends so well hatred on the. He had a aerial shows that we don't would drones. Is baseball pictures none of that counts okay. But it's with him and his buddies and let these products and so it's a fun thing guys that get tea you know we had no fun at your wedding when it went ahead and you have all the way. You get sucked Italy made many things are gonna have to do in the future you don't want to do go blue zones of did you do six here's the question I have for my Tommy he is now here's a photo of us for president Jeremy Fareed which is the most is doing and the Clinton. If you're a man because most men have gotten these gifts from the amendment argue forced then to display that picture somewhere in your home. Then you can answer. It really device manager piece of our workers. Forget your frame pitchers at the at does that hanging out on the list first of all I did that with a reduction in and second of all did you just compare your face to attend some are torture yeah. We always. Automatically you can't it's it's a pitcher of three couples. Around news or. A CAPTCHA to put the photo was sent me the bigger its legacy 08 bite the head of me when you said I will be thank you your house you can't let the other people that he's a checkered law. She's tied for an altitude rescue Brett I feel hope it will bother you to see my face in your house every day judge and you. I don't think you're lists getting up only because I don't I've never hung up a picture of somebody else's wedding to return to class or who have been the case this is a hype will be you don't you see you at your. Q how. Oster who walked around just because you're sweaters again you're cool you're at your house have pictures of. Of friends' weddings. I have we have had photos of. Things who don't want people yes not a lot but a few. No dolphins yeah yeah. Jesus isn't your first one this jury here introduction into. Civil society of Texaco and you know a sec is now at 404 when my best friends does that for every birthday we just thought he was chief for awhile turns out he's into himself. Every birthday you know I love me I don't let. Crazy about America get enough for me it's every birth date opening up another picture Buick guy aka mr. Do we exhibited to liquidate the pictures BB exist in my make disciplined. That would mean you accepted hang out more in new pictures ironing out the prisoner. Every pictures studio there it. That picture like my brother in my house. Not even get a pills gain I don't think I hanging up on your brother hanging here. It's just as he's drunken stupor she's got a great shot. Walls like controls all Waltz and every house I don't idea controlled it is if you ever put anything into the frame. By yourself on what we know like to get back in the picture with that showed holes couldn't put the pizza is supposed to villages. Of visual memory of my dad and I had it. I pictured Ian deals hall of Famer release shall autographs for we got to Billy Shawn your house and senate to the early show bonds really cool you China's if a tribute and then no name. Regionals to potentials in my house I don't believe so it's like we sit at all black guy and now he's linked. Griese said all he can't tell anymore and he's going to be cooler so you can tell what race they are they QB you know Kelly so girls when they find out that they're ex boyfriend is TDs in Anaheim began to search actually Sarah so far. He's a good to fix it metaphor is zero for my wife has a guy a friend that does that he'll give my life pictures of them two together expect you to be on the house I'd never say anything about it really about. Yeah. Dad that would be weird. This is these a group shot of people have a good time you night so. I'm thinking it will probably get into Gmail. I think they went out our OK but they'll be going out so he'll get it some day and actually it's a you're thinking by the end of the week next week all be out. We'll be open run and your house. Oh I'm Rick that they don't the law I was smashed afraid of Euro should have done and to seduce would have forced her hand a little bit too cool for the yet. I wish we should refrain did an incentive to. I've got a break that here is now let's say you have to do any effort but just place it up. Two other this elegantly is only I train with no need to buy frames. Oh yeah. Is that what Indonesia eventually get up with having a league which actually picture frames last week okay for what we'll have pictures of death with a pretty got kids and you know regardless stages and I think that's why they do that people it's not like and aids where I actually. Still when we in my name like that we get together wetter and in our houses and injuring around. She was clean out the basement she had. Boxes and boxes. Of old frames just empty frank to edit friends that you know you had photos they should to deny that it but the images and the and her boxes them. You saw my house it was frivolous yes but there is nothing religious shameless Solis made the late though a bit but. I'd tell Alex and on its uncle Tucker we don't have any say so it'll be up to your Olympic.