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Monday, June 18th

Duffy says Father's everywhere should feel disrespected by the new trend that showed up over the weekend!

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Published dad's a wonderful fun Tuesday didn't get to sit and had a blast near Ericsson listen amicus about that guilty it was nice nice thing. And vessels muscles immediate that threw me into a blind raid sharper because that's his Father's Day in the diesel don't deserve bomb Thursday as he can make something up. On Father's Day for the whole wings made on five did you get up to. And. Hey I'm the breaker box classic rock music not the BC and that op. Happy Father's Day. Halter Father's Day on Twitter yesterday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon when when it shares by the beach and I places that it was nice we got ice cream and Abbott's down there will be a day fund guys great gifts from my kids they meaty stuff was quite spot these good space account just relax and he tweaked. In. Happy. Father's Day to my wonderful boyfriend. And it's picture of him holding eight Golden Retriever. So what's a popular it's a father for a dog well not at all day Paula the error I like a paw paw completely outlaw yeah. Paul other. I've got no kids aren't. He's sitting next to you. A whole bunch of bottles boost this debate this coming from the guy didn't want fathers they're okay. But I'll but as a guy who's been a par there you're not Paul there yes I don't know if you're out and get from having you got a gift from your dog yes. Break. It looked yesterday got your card from the don't know see here's a dig your wife got to a Gartner. Dogging each card I know don't let if you diet house and we fudge it don't featured the dog appreciates or do for no we doesn't. Oops food or won't affect did you put as a the end of who makes beset which he collects a man. Picked up these popes what do you call my kids say the alleged LA open. You put us at the end of it if you picked up it would Cody does that they're too multiples. I'll say you're not no that's I think. Just let the army have a day because it's. Okay makes him happy it's all made up anyway I don't you it's all day what Thursday or Friday last week about how you want others say it should be paying him to be alone you're with us like typical woman was listening I don't. Of a pet items that and one Father's Day didn't I said it isn't in Italy that if you're not gonna do what I can get rid of it. This is another example father state not being done right because nothing. Infuriates me more or too cute little thing people do then people 'cause it's more than that note more than usual thank. These people I saw yesterday uncertainty out all of our all over the place. A couple of heat. It raise your dog is the same day as recently kicked him I would strike I trusted the beginning so help me god no no. What this guy do. A quick stories match up he walks the dog. He puts the companionship it's a bond you you get winter look at this is how to bake them and each with a dog. Did you do with your children's children as much I love my children eat stress it's always stress always worried about what I'm going to affect my children I have to put clothes on the backs it foods they're Tommy's right a night to make sure that they are growing as human beings. Adult alone in your house for a week if there's there are critical to say probably. Are you get in trouble and it's cruel but you're also be just happens you. When you got home particularly well over a week as it gets some gonna take care of my daughter that's much. But I mean that's so that's their world that's not you read your try to force your beliefs on them the united they're just trying to go about their visits in pol there it's not a belief it's a fact. To believe her image to believe that INS dogs. It's all relative that it. Yeah it's not public know little. I'm more that you okay. But they can make the argument that their fathers being celebrated don't do half as much as you do as as fathers of children I agree with you move a dead they'd still get Gibson president and everything it does. Everybody's got a different level of two Lucas also weighed halt. Apparently a parent 00. Version to two. Passed out. Out jerky right McDonald I think depend on you and I love you and what they eat them do you Google when national dog understates that incident yeah of course is there's at nationals something running hitting stupid statement they yell or disaster list. Jubilant that red at the populist. A dog does not crusher dreams like children to. Right or just not to tell me what does not Alter your life. Like other great not Izod sex is you got it all for companionship and you. These eight shot at to compare resent it dog to raise the child. These asinine and your immediate but you know people get very attached to their pets I was I'm one of those people I didn't have children. Guess what Joseph why should I be the united day because you're not doing anything immediate sick students that phase and I'm doing it here's what it is. Yeah his pen stock is you're doing your thing and you think it's infringing on and whatever you say yes. It be little's whatever you do it is it does or does what does. It desire design and all you can still do all your father to whatever you want. You're just jealous is somebody else's they do you think it's infringing York. Mocking the day that you Brad said is somebody who can go would do your day anyway you now it's the idea that somebody thinks they're doing the same thing that I do is that's the I think they just like being what they do that thing like jeered and they're doing more than yields says all who calls herself all mama social media all the time it. So you feel it this is mocking your day. A great guy I've got to make sure OK so this is the same arguing see you remember one and gay marriage came up just okay and there amount legalizing gay married okay and the people that were against disable it mocks my marriage okay they'd. Aid be little's my marriage. What does that. They give could still be married to your wiping goalie that though to do but these these these other peoples are also wanna get married at its gay marriage right. ASE got you lesbian marriage every but the argument was. Yet to protect my marriage because my marriage wouldn't mean anything now because now gay people and get married. I and it didn't matter. You you're still married to cadets celebrate your marriage decider anniversaries to gamers to defect to at all simply. Fatherhood. Is the new gay marriage to sentence is a pretty soon they're gonna legalize hopefully soon. Par others so I've movie legally. Father of my dog. Two things one gay marriage by march the American lesbian marriage the same thing when you don't I mean now it's just too little. Tell us into the same thing because the way you view are adding all right all right you're denying. Gay people. And pet owners of civil. Liberties if I do bowlers in it as a straight person and a person want to divorce and it's the same thing re right. If I get rid of my children or get rid of Mike Bassett hound it's not the same thing I did you say you target children into the country. I'll when it becomes too much to deal with like you and your manager though it's a place over and over at the kids I make a decision to kill each tickets really release McCain's not even close to saint pig but it's like. Brutal life doing it doesn't affect our I don't particular dog Goetschl but it does it affect you. Is Utah eaten when it's international boat and take. Sunday August 26 so Erika and yet national dog day so I'll just 26 Michigan State dinner because I have children because it's pretty much the same thing. Forgot her daughter real notable crap is that I did you lose. But Buffett I don't what is would you relate. God forbid somebody comes around New York. Tell me now are saying now are open to statement arm open everything just like pick I'd want to listen Miles Davis right. Screw the guy does in his case there's got to keep. It looking to listen again. His expertise and Tommy gave him bad information wise like maybe the worst jigsaw puzzles too so we would like to ask is that that was cool to like jazz but I've model line here. Let's temperament and jazz is different it's sacred. Yeah and music is sacred in our children. Visit many kids out there's dogs out there aren't columns. Capital Murray and pound green color with your. He has his dad wants to adopt another criminal. Allele a dot. A brown dog. And a black Darko but then what does that open mindedness that I enjoy all the colors of the of the animal kingdom and a racist. On sort of race and recent years. You have. In your mind that people. I think this is what's may use upset is that people who are posting their father picture of the things that's it and thinking that they do is much as you do and the case. I ever get I have a dog got a big exams having children. I did beginning it is. Isn't you know hit a man like god I see in the beginning douglas' cane and a helping them are not armed and how do you say they it's actually a bit more typical because in the beginning like vacated just later. That's a big dogs picked her up and move an already there crap and didn't get an assembly get the babies a site that babies who will immediately came to standing do you think that there could. Stand up yet David Kendall got a let's go three months old right you get its console. It's old but it's all it's W would like that. Eight he's the every father would love to not have to see that kid to like eight. Greeks is disappoint them now but of late it's way more hands on loaded dogged the big get beat you get a dog you raise it done let's say let's say your dog had you don't. Chains dogs diapers phenomenally good pitching you you've got to it's worse. It all over the place yet but you saw it it would be great if you could leave the house that morning head up you dear YouTube infant. In the kitchen and just put some papers down ago that you can't. 2226000 we're talking about partners day yesterday I used to only dogs know children. Gifts and for being. Holders. Now too adorable like the axiom that Mikey. I want it this group that eagle Mikey he's a task. I have its. Attitude dog. Did. Outlook. Just saw your dog you don't like it. You hit you you don't court. Had immense debate be cute what I don't know yet. You dog you do you have to pay to go to that goes bill. It's not a huge commit myself my quick question I regret that I finished. In my life a pileup quite dog. It would almost healed I'd ever expect it'd. At dog it for years like obviously Golden Retriever. This dog is by my side all day off. More loyal than a white fur kid OK so Mike you tell me if you lost your dog you would be devastated if you luster give what you look for an hour call it quits. That was developed by. It's like I bet I beat it irritated but all I. It just aren't just an art. I dogged just put our current market. Okay all right so did you get it gets for Paul did you get from the dog yesterday Mike. Well no why not you don't look at the dog lives is much to kids there. He got a Michael sort by. About Garrett they have it in a way it is our budget. That kids are forced to give you again Alina thank. Mommy has to do it push you to doing played. That dog if he could it Mike you know the dog thinks have you you know fixing his dog when he looks at US. I have no clue but I know he loves you. Salute. You Doug loves to eye with him. A coach kids like who love. You cannot give him money I hear back. Mike it's the golf but I appreciate it. You're just a cash tone peace at hand. It's all you are if you give your kids money you're just well look why don't go look anybody has a pocket full the Turkey. All the gonna get the pot afloat targeted dogs and Namibia moms.