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Monday, March 19th


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How sensitive guys get about this particular thing Erika and other guys expletive guys this particular day because. Target has happened to you this and it's going to happen to ease some way. It's as usual nasty trick I saw something that I hadn't seen in years that. To your generous funky. If I get out the break of 965 to BC I've seen it yet you don't get mad whose forehead and as it's called natural old deforestation but it is like you take shots and guys who might have a two day but it looks like rare and this doesn't look good Solomon like winds late last win and this guy he's got to be in his seventies would you men used to pay has shift. Right so we're beyond that David entering good click it's talked to the right you could see that you hate hate. He does say that in us that yes so it's Gillick and adhesive and had to put it yet it. He get like glue it on you think like that technology is like. Come along way another U staples. Relief senator. Did make it look more and the real that's what I realized over the weekend is maybe even seen what I thought was to pay you know twenty years like you to receive an anymore unless. You pay technology has gotten so good. You can't tell I don't think so based on what. Were the hapless human element of the arts. Or give them what you don't see is to pay ads they thus regulate. Grow your hair patter ball is under receipt they come on down Boggs added to Peja that's necessary teacher apparently I found this out. So equal aerosystems UC are actually two guys Merrick. Really I. I looked like Google some of them you. Really good to pay apparently liked to box which is no you can that's what it's the guys I know there have pop and rugs do you spend thousands not all about how we can't order a jealous. Yeah hi and really get to pay I've let you run you about Ford G. Kenya two to 26000 are still wearing two pays not to judge and I'm intimately you're not fooling anybody you know at 65. And still have bangs. It's elders. Let me you fully me only because I'd. I haven't seen one release I guess I wouldn't be able to tell I'll point out that sort of give you pointed out that I had did you see me hairline I know he was the natural hair is. And then what are. The fake starts but it doesn't admit I notice I guess. Music dilate my age yet would a full head. A black hair more than likely that's a two but you dye your hair. Yes I'd that was left a minor let's say it's likely. To hate that you will go. It was a lot full of women which he admitted you do Ireland great really. What trailer for Alex Stone gray case it might just rocket who cares man. It was 48 and on the self consciously now year old a four you can Politico when you tell. Vitamin and good thing remembered him either so descriptive Jesus delivered a movie star now on an aging and silent movies though. The best way to horrible car. Maybe that maybe mangled his death and it cocker I don't know if I've ever seen it to painters and eat our you have. Your own personal rich funky. There are veterans and an emperors and that. But do you see on television day yeah and don't notice until had a two pace since I moved here I didn't realize until you pointed out on it's really like I had when I. Two candidates like old school boy it was a bad one to should scrap the whole thing but it hit him feel good about himself her so what's the problem. In OK I mean a second it do any foreigner could you just ugly old man like as a seven point eight he just old and ugly and just enjoy it. I get men have a good because older we get nobody really cares like women like fray at the age thing. If we freak out. It was they have forty they think they're they're just done doses don't give a debt limits is God's gift to be enjoyed affecting your old critically and nobody cares. I think hair though is different for guys like I know guys that. Are going bald and they won't shave their heads are still you know letting go because I think it's just they're still holding on to with a little they have left I understood that either like you'll wait better with a bald head that you do with a that everybody looks good ball or prior top book because I got bad I get a bad dome. I and it I don't know it'll end. Are highly baton perhaps another really bad vote ball you also looked at shirts pants in hauler. Assuming negatives to it would computers which you make us happier color Zoellick typically happens at all. I think I mean guy that's don't care about their clothes they don't care about. Others that features that would aid stand that there hair for some reason it's like the last thing that they hold on aid is why he's the head this the edges. You rate and do it it's officially at eight degree dyeing your hair's stuff racing thing I gotcha the guy out the other girls and talk Duma the bardo any. It said hair restoration right stuff and then that mentioning all the pretty ladies talk to him at the bars tribe and his Corvette now going to lose speed boat. It is yes but you're eight and I think so you want to stimulate if you if you grow hair you're gonna get laid are living with guys you're gonna delay. Those guys I know a couple of guys have done a hair replacement surgery and they look good when it's all said Dudley keep your great goody you've ignored a soda heron red tea. Your boyfriend yes he's the guy yes he shaves his head eighty is completely ball yet think once he has hairline surrogate and a little but he just said spirit and just a national thing now because it's at some point he's gonna have to shape the whole thing it's gonna and. Gone right to did you 6000 I know garlic seven women listen. Is important is hill really that important iris is due until say no way. Yes he made those guys block around would babes like QB is different as can be you know you rate president saying it has to settle for Tammy as a noted there are. There are some guy ways to kind of look creepy bald but I like the way you meet him and and I'd better than. Anybody like it looked like Hillary as of moments. Either got to adopt children. But it does sometimes like god bald guys look a little creepy broken nose I don't fat and Paul is not a great look up. I this I thank you prevent similar to sink it's like sheep and all he's not a terrible. Right Clinton. I think it's fun but I don't leisure getting older maybe don't have any zip on the ball again trying to hold on you you'd like that's what it means what it. People you're probably ugly with hairs did you pare back right now get really ugly. Yet an army young ugly as an old ugly okay I'm ugly but they said still I'm still with the guys have got it. What's your balls than people play and by the way that's the way you will be described by people all packed yet. Only in my husband's ball all the bald guy which guys that good to govern on air bike you'll be you'll be back. Guy and I'd I guess what I'm saying is that even the weekend on Saturday we Roddy just pulled all guys bald bearded guys was like the. Guys to grow the beard kind of make them feel like they have hairstyle. Now he's we have bartender in town Mo and a student and it's cigar just downtown. Here it took a great idea they're totally agree with if you do get a toupee. Before you get it grow a beard like yours I'll buy and hold up to date you put on the toupee. Shaved the beard. Lol. Since you distraction yeah I see different I shape my beard that there yup it works to calm them to release call. I didn't do it does Izod to pay in wegmans I'd seen when it once a year and either to pays back. To peak technologies so good we're not noticing Notre Dame has come full Ortiz a brave man aren't you ready to tape right. Yeah I had a super. Great currency and didn't give me your rights she. And burger or history is a two. I. And that's terrible that's what's we're just it was if we asked ready focal here. Phone lines light button but no one wants to call us out there and Obama to pay or even just being bald period I. My game I don't get to shame I know there's the old days that there were so many bald men Mike is going your hair's going everyone's hair is gonna do now aren't they I don't buy that jive he's uncertain when women go. Oh I think a bald man as sexy give me a break. I mean all these icy day becoming more except to give you see a lot of young guys not afraid to shave their heads when they start losing their hair in the whole Oleg. Forty line kinda get they'd they'd hold onto it for Israeli. And our generation which Jackie long haired sideburns is the there was a big thing because that was the biggest issue most guys had with their fathers are my age you shape. McCutcheon hey you look like a girl right so is Elvis like a defiant saying. Against the establishment back when I was ago it was have a longer trying to make a bomb so it's generational thing only makes thirty years now he's gonna care about it but he beat we were long haired mentally you Sissy ball boy is now. To resolve. What girl's long flowing locks sized version movement. We'll look like how we gorilla it's uplink of event. How is that CN FL yeah moral he got Ali's fall I'm. I work with somebody who attitude I think it's. And that was recently. Had. What happened to score that he retired and apple wearing it. Guess kind of given up after your Denmark round. I think you went median monthly. And they read it on an Ellicott and other hair and. But did you know he was wary at Wally Woodley did you were you aware of the to pay while he was wearing. I had suspension and then when you talk to other people and that's when he found out that there. And on windy days ago courtesy of slab in the English but did he look better with. So I mean if you looked at with him when there is added nobody ever put on it to pay an arrogant wow nailing it now too little hair and how do you -- you to my holiday into the college of my buddy you placements. Yes okay so but my one buddy you got and I'm Tony he spent like thousands of dollars this is like 25 years ago recycling goal is money inducing. It's just you just knew like it didn't look right on and I mean Q how much it's good to take cost are gonna survive batch of their close to four autographs for a top notch to pay. All the ones I saw yesterday and there was some gates to Asia yes which indicates to carelessly at different from the golf course she's. It says. Today's can range from a hundred to 2000 dollars. I'm looking at a couple right now for like the 400 range crap they don't look bad. You know it's funny to be brought up the whole older generation younger generation is there going back after so lets you shake your head Bolton that you decide you know what I wanna go get harassed recent surgery I think after you've been ball for X amount of time there's no going back can you look weirder with hair that you do without ever gotten used to your outlook yet but there are guys I know I met him after the world and they lost other parent keep their heads and when they try to grow hair back. I can't look at the look at the looks patchy and we're told the Harris fallen well. There's a guy I know who shake his head bald decided he wanted to do wanted to hair restoration programs out of Eddie looks great I don't know him with hair and it bothers me give. Richard Noam does like everybody to see some industry yeah. You can Alter so long because you see in the you've seen the dark side. Of the well except to make that your usual yeah but I think it. If you wanna see how bad toothpaste can look look at older pitcher oh when they were old. Frank Sinatra and John Wayne both Jose aces actors and singers and they went the to pay route and they look ridiculous but again that was forty years yet but I mean they look stupid because everybody watch them agents are the losers and all mud no your teenagers in the. Sixteen impress the right doors. The port my duty to 6000 bold change should not exist as were all go through at some point topped Kerry's got the last where it marry a millionaire. Erica what it came army that same person from Jupiter Florida Albert Reynolds is to open. Your picture like the music near death. In his head looks great huh and he'd always had a key aide when he would affect them to play and I don't know he was all students. Second. On jeopardize. Global yeah. I got to begin. I've already got a Iranian I. Everyday everyday we would Alter your perception of Burt Reynolds if he was two page Eric smokey yeah because you have because he was mr. charisma I usually don't see essence that he was the symbol of cool. It doesn't change what kind of guy he has this kind of there's a device found down that Clooney's would back the dirty Harry days it was a bald guy I can get a big had a pair eight you know yeah that would bottoming. Because he's got dirty Harry no he's bald detective dude aren't noise so angry with dig tunnels under. Again like if I put your team I concede atop your scalp their heritage to be addict like not a not a towel you're gonna judge these guys and he's a winner are trying to be did you. Like a dead body that's been dead for lake said two days but your hairs aren't just be it didn't biologists said like not a fresh dead body that one where like the skid started to trickle out you know I'm saying. It tells from the crypt on HBO sports the new look like that. Problem making fun of another guy in his or did you just to have that kind of talent I can see past my own cosmic on viewers you're totally. No apology never will be cool Moeller high quality at united as men who all is an affair with her. This moment or two to an Olympics and this one you're and that one more before it move on is it Marianne. Hi I'm it would never won the most notable to pay out there. Liberace. Really at that I didn't know I. Why would you very thick Khatami we don't know. That. No I'll these are the barrage I don't you don't ever but where is that supposed to mean that you have details variety. I don't know I'm aware of his work week because piano players of all I believe what I influence Billy Joel and Elton John it's true very true more little more than. Well please do drop the ball bald heads of each.