Your Kid's Social Life vs Their Health pt 1

Friday, February 2nd

Duffy vs His Wife


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This is he terrible idea and I give my life is trying to do god bless her right foot I'd love to get just looking up to the seat deeper children and sometimes it that's why you go to Lou no I'm not losing my footage down. I would rather have units of workers in the history of putting the C town you see California. It'll certainly David touched upon weight chairs to budget looks like what are you making the flu is rampant. But they scare you every night on T every night they leave with. Another kid dropped dead somewhere or some physically fit mom. Collapse that is dead if you have it like if you like there's probably flipping out about children how to get sick and just like in everything down the speed of the link to my wife is push this too I had. I hit them. He'd which you when bullets kids with you know it's happened and and and I'm seeing out all over town not a lot but they stick out in an image you see three when your route you go. God damn that's a lot to my secular and on the break much to class cracked and six IDC a Methodist Friday Tommy payout but this Super Bowl. Thomas has a lot of awful terrible that it Dayton's some of those things make them into a microphone. And Whitney to get it collects all of them. It's together. Because the great capped an happens now and see about. Him. How tall man and then. And and its owner contemporary. Load of movies or bounce a bit down a trend. And in the future of old age thing you'll know one of these issues. You're bound to right now. Parole eligibility rules just. History books in just his doctor that I'd like ass crack and it's it's a very as the it's fast forward. Any goes with editor asses and make me corrected me. In my mouth but it is still to come as a total outrage here. It's delusional today. Yeah man to do this now if they defectors or recovers from a place like as members of the screamed. And you can just Kennedy taken them out commission he's Tipton she's active. Problem and did I got. His feet as she can go on as your mood gods I get to move catcher eggs out at this with a new moon back on the years removed. Please be kind of went down. If you lose sales to Nixon made. One this new technology to. Internet which was. A manager I might have been rampant and that means yes and and she compared got a recipe may and I got a Super Bowl extravaganza blowout sales of joke yes. Yes we're mighty mini. Tommie Hill gave parties then maybe ten minutes supposed to normal comic value. We arrests of having you around some meat. So it could be pretty sodomy. Battle that ain't gonna talk this week and see a map all right so we definitely. Round and my only be concerned for my chill she's a doctor says she doesn't stuff straight out I Fieger just got over being said yeah. My wife's brilliant idea to keep the kids from getting sick anymore and she wants to send my daughters to school. In surgical mask so there'll there'll like Chinese women don't know. Kona and go to work in a morning tiny Asian children but brown how do you say no. When is all this crap going on because you're not gonna set my kids' school surgical masks did you imagine the kid. Can you got on the bus and there's kids sitting there with a surgical mask and deeply rooted in the real light Beckett. Right but nowadays for so you can't let anybody up ray because of the than a mile yeah. And I guess tonight she's there's probably a little kids in her class now that had these little nobody massive blow as it is in her school last week to read so bro bro it's there every week there's sand lake. Reason that is double the number of people that are right. Wiped out with the flu go to the hospital I don't drink at that it was that Amy flew yea I've seen it obviously seen all the statistics people for the flu epidemic hit. On both my daughters got strep throat. And the schools letter saying there have been several cases of strep throat to be careful right. It sees it the only way to keep them healthy to put them tasks but you're said he beat kids up for it embarrassment for my kids sake it might be better get sick. The employer surgical mask so she's dead. Listen I don't thing our no one thing about the one thing I learned about what time once they're locked in forget it. Right so this is that thing like of if my wife says I liked this thing that we have to do this thing she's not gonna get office I'd that you got to surrender deal because here's what's gonna happen let's say you get sure way. No mask you. Becky gets the flu you got he she got the flu because of York. Or decision and she's never gonna let it come home and just let the kid what are the mass because nowadays to camp. Bullying sold nobody gets bully windows me and meant they stoplight town and so lost the true. It is a desolate his case can't bully no more listen I listen back in my day and we Atlantic it up I'd be willing to sacrifice my well being with my I. For the sake of my children socialites because this. If she gets a flu Darche got a social athletic high yeah. Here's the thing nag your kids think that's the norm so like. They could carry that out the rest of their lives of it like there's a flu or something like surgical mask. To work with surgical now I finally some famous people in their history. How worn these mass and so is their children who. Michael Jackson yeah I argued Michael Jackson had a yes I'd like you might be also produced and created thriller two greatest vulnerable time we'll remember. It. We'll remember those weird his audiences to write something as common as classes could make you the blood and jokes. I went to first or. Liberals everyday at his house. This kid's name to this day and what do saying years when you make your kids stick out. Something that is not totally necessary you are doing them and he'll do service on talent I think uterus are Seymour mourn this just out about I'm saying you. You can't be I have not seen people wearing these men I've seen old people only radio personalities where these assets to a seat. I don't put that mask on those evenly reviewer did what are you serious you show at all. Oh that's right I think I was taken a flight you war one Catholic two weeks ago. You have the with a little and I guess it is a little and throw these. Figured grimy hand to touch everything they united we've got to wait what do you washed their hands enough odd that masked deep and stays on yes the first candidate and an aggregate and that thing ought to be prepared that they didn't think it. Is probably get sick anyway what's the difference I think with the temperatures peace. Why in the Dell's no not at the sake of my children social. Things that kids are going to do when that will get them picked that's a fact of life and we all went to repeat it. Why would you keep anything on top of that and make it worse other days on them at this thing keeps getting his that is there's sand and all the schools close and and therefore that's communities that are shipped on the school's two or week. It's going to be mandatory. Yes I'm fine with idolize him icon down that he's doing it quarters C are sticking out I do not want my two girls being the only ones ahead of the curve wearing surgical masks man. And he's like because you're afraid of course which you know if we like if I told you this you be left arrests. It's at its funny about it. Your argument is so weak because basically. She's saying I wanna protect the help of my children bureau all they may get picked on idol winner. It Q yes what is almost more important and as I say that social aspect of it is more let's add say it gives way to Richard also look at that in the grim reaper and get a senator Mike these kids are are. The little ones are also dying my kid will get the folks you're doing it I don't do it when you view that it would be it might be beaten into the fear is just. Ask people. Well and got the flu shot now resolved mr. now and deputy took the flu shot I got it. Yeah I'll have an 80% chance inaccurate flow now. I'm telling Amanda Wi-Fi eight City Hall you're gonna lose because it's for the sake of my children socialites because and also it's not about the sick you to. The audience it's about the sake of your. Socialite. And how people view you as a parent it's more about you always parenting image and about your children just that kid is five. Your daughters listen. The they deal with racism every day they JR from a mix spam lane they have. All the black issues that a child has to go to school with that's on them that they learn to navigate and tolerate. So a mask has nothing to your mixed race child because they. They see the stairs they hear the whispers of things that are said about them and they still do well. It's all about. You in the mass movement pushed the only real what is a Max that it the only braces and they deal with is out of the mouth of their father co host of the racism that they could here have talked to him about mission to dialer movement but only to listen if you get the fluidity of the flu for a couple days you're done if you Wear a surgical masks surgical mask kid you graduate high school back. You are also surgical mask parent is when your kids up to the bust up and they're the only kids weren. The masks and all other parents like. Let's look at those were all higher you'll start but those weirdo parent. I think most I think it sorts it'll set up a panic in Paris and everybody will be mask and 2226000. To keep my kids from getting from auto industries as this is a good things written. I actually think it's better than the day and shot my wife dance pleases him and onto the math. Ho don't their. When I go there yeah. We wanted to listen you stupid grappled with my wife wants to send my girls school protect surgical mask their children and then getting sick. It's not as bad is being masked kids at school everybody knicks in the break Muncie in that body. It for the first time in your life I think you're right on the floor. But also like. Are like all black man Ehrlich probably Lewis Carroll however I would think. It's. Filter some then like. You know it's only protecting cricket like cropping directly into their now. That could be happening at school. To get how far cough goes too far doctor Julian point four mile. Yet that's the radius of a competent counseling gets all of its gun baby tyranny. Drips into of that jetstream racing you know you get jet stream cough. Yeah. Which was the radius would know what he's agreed to migrate its way out there. Grand jury it's as far as it goes that you rated states the only item in prison entries here as the only person that takes the mask is a good idea. You only person I mean to me it's a no brainer. I got picked MS is better than Russia. Russia and shuts 120% chance to help minarets at this mask is a guaranteed 1% you're not always. Did you leave the mask on any read the directions you'll be fine liberal on Chinese. That is why we drop but that isn't a billion a moment it wears a mask what went to school at that messed with that affected lab when the school require all kids to that question. Because they want to get the flu. And get the show we drink detain me flu shot that you it's all about big pharma trees in the breaker queasy ask is that you can't have. By big pharma when trail lately. Well you know it's. There have been asked and I wouldn't send my kids who the man via. At the same time you mean you could still make it easier way by sending them with the entire box and just not only can regulate I'm inducted today. Because I'm gonna let everything just felt not know that means to become apparent that help other parents how their kids. Yeah they ought to be that. Then told they pulled from mommy see the doctor great. He takes the call I hear the boxes and she brought home she bought them due to EU I can't hide anything in a house from a woman night. That my wife knows every inch of that house like this parts of that house I don't even know exist they. She told me say how much does that within that house for how many years. Three years branch she's I think there's a mouse up in the crawl space grant cycle upstairs and opened to crawl space and open a mousetrap finish custodial or crawl space ago. What other crawl space I. She goes it is fact closet removes this panel and is another cycled cross I didn't up like. I you couldn't hide anything in that house from my wife of flight trying to she's like. She's like the CI a surely everything every square inch every dotted does to you and she knows it really make an early basis saying oh I see it come home with a mower. But you can't hide anything from black. People and they they'll find him. I find it you'll widest don't know. Talking about melanoma and your stupid there was a crawl space how do you know about them I got it. Panelists for naughty all terror. Are you I don't. Another panel moved in that one of those secret things river like you to see those those those movies or the guy pulls the book out Ellis of the wall Spitzer out of that what do those most. You like the road and your house without it you would discovered all those tiny an immigrant advocates for the very competent to want to a couple of college opened the front door produced good. The now. Should not hide any thing. From a sister sister is no men especially Europe RTS has got that hockey stink all over that she knows and two to 6000 maybe at I don't you rat. To keep up S paint my children safe my wife once you say it is to school. In surgical mask at my foot down that doesn't happen like that you put your foot down put a few hits of my foot because I put accepting bell. Think that's being a little bit because they. But it and this is the most about would run okay. Take a break is that requires more than what I have left broker here's to tease Tommy says. And is to be participatory. Sort 'cause the other participants are welcome and score one on trend that gave be a pain put it this generation of fathers has become really good speed carried him that's in your gig yeah. That's when it comes to decision and nice to have much choice adults might be 180 seconds will get next to break 965 BC.