1/7/2018: AFC Wildcard - Buffalo Bills Postgame - Hour 1

Sunday, January 7th

Schopp & Bulldog with the postgame show from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network

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The post game show with a show for the bulldogs brought to you by northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. The bills' season ends in Jacksonville playoff loss. By the score of ten to three. Today seventeen months thirteen points. Little things. They were and eaten half point underdog they end up covering that. And there were lots of little things from this game that I I I'm curious. How old but I think right now you answer this is yes. Rom but overtime a conspiracy Bulldog home. Heavily scrutinized some of these little things will be you know even Jacksonville touchdown like it's the bills and often it's mostly units in the hall here in there. But even Jack's most customers will play. It down could've been interpreted may be in similar if not exact. Leave the same way that the Kelvin Benjamin played three weeks ago was interpreted at the end of the first half. When that was ruled to be you know. There was you know a not not clear possession while your feet in bounds and all that but they I'm not gonna quibble about it I mean the bills you know I don't losing that game by double digits in New England. Oh look enough of a catch to me same thing with the interception at the end. But I'm probably guilty of not being just dialed in to. Critiquing things that didn't go the bill's way because due this day to mean. It was very much about the people who went to the game I mean it included some players and it's coaches and people want to move forward with certainly. That you know we get beyond the polls the drought and being. I think will be scrutinized and talked about a wash our hands we feel your organization is in moving forward but. I'm still inclined to just be blown away by the what I think maybe look like tens of thousands of people. Who showed up at that stadium. To support this team at the end of a seventeen season playoff drought that that I'm blown away by this morning more than what I watched. You know when I watched was maybe pretty predictable. Have a tough time against this defense. I the got more out of court than I was even hoping to get going into the game because the ball only five times was effective and I'll. But. You know your shortcomings or your shortcomings and the were in talk against that defense. And you know it cost of male escorts reports that this game it a shot at a touchdown but only got three points I think that. Will be the most discussed part of this game would be where may they got the offside penalty of the game is scoreless. You have less than three minutes ago when the first half. And the bill story Kelvin Benjamin on what first and goal from the two when he gets an offensive pass interference penalty. And see you end up with three points there are the only three points. The bills do score McCoy got his touches in the scheme but not fair now when there were. Golden goal. Toward halftime much over the Bulldog here we'll get to Sean McDermott shortly dvd express mark stats of the game check it out express mark. Not your average convenience store. Tyrod Taylor in this game seventeen for 38134. End. This has been for two interceptions 101. European unity government and right. McCoy nineteen for 75 and six for 44 receiver that's very respectable this is the best. Defense in the NFL. And McCoy you know do the job today Taylor struggled Jacksonville portals out rushed his own passing stats. And that is the story of the stats is a bit curious portal stand for 88 rushing. Mean passing he was bad too. Twelve of 4387. The touchdown to. Ben Korea. He gets the only touchdown of the day. That's a real gun fourth down. Right I mean Maroney mr. appointed mr. field goal vote for a fourth and all of that well passes were rightly bills fans are gonna say. Why did we throw they were stranded on Twitter what we throw. Jacksonville with what report that from the one yard line broke it up. So that's the touchdown and the jags go on to win it and advanced to meet the Steelers next week. 8030550. Is our number one Sean McDermott's life comments for rough from Jacksonville for you. Shortly Mike show in the Bulldog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio and. Work West Bank his member FDIC equal housing lender wholly owned subsidiaries may provide additional services. Only AT&T gives you HBO included for no extra charge when AT&T unlimited plan so we ask people what they thought about it. Did you hear. Easy to use it. 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They're do we played around with the prop bets. Who would scored the first touchdown in this game. What's even I think he was probably the field via repeats. But I don't know if you was listed a B Logan Thomas was listed so we may have been listed damage he was it would have been like 151. Any caught it I guess yeah should juror. They're seventeen months. Nine by Jacksonville and eight by the bills when we're still waiting on saw McDermott animal talk until he's ready media. Pleased to be expected and it's a little leader because service the end of the season at election time with your team locker room before coming out to meet the media Moines gas oh. Right on time periods. Okay we'll open up to questions. Yes I know our guys played extremely hard and we don't get anything for the effortless game it's. So when while also a school where obviously the score more points. Appreciate the fans. Making the trip like it did down here. To supporters this heck of a year. Appreciate how hard the guys played how hard they worked all seasons and this was the steps we learn a lot of Bible lessons today. Ones that will carry forward as we move forward as an organization. And a themselves. You know proud of the way bush on. Rose to the occasion he battled in there and that was an easy form. But he put a good week in terms of like separate bills so. What happened tyra she's definitely that's definitely I mean did you handle everything that's going to now. And how it's just. I was fizzling out. He's physically concussion protocol. But in themselves. And dislike the rest of our football team with class class and a lot of crime and could say that about every every single one of those men in the locker room. Still some uncertainties which had a house. On fire. Words what you're doing what. Well to step in assume that come along way in a short amount of time. That said we're not we're gonna get beat it's obvious we still won't be playing we're not playing next week. And and so we learn we learn lessons from today we learned lessons from. All season long that must use to help us to continue to improve. And over and I'll sit down and talk about things as we move forward. Making sure this we continue to grow. Panda and build on what we did this year is never easy but we'll stay stay on it and continue to pursue our goals for the organization. It's. Do you got their first goal while it is great. It feels like wet weather definitely call financial won't help them you know pretty well we'll. You know excellent song has some calls as well pack. That's the problem. Situation. So let's say you learn this particular. You know you look at playoff football it's usually tight margins and and so you can't beat yourself at some situations today where we had. You know opportunities to move the ball and we hurt ourselves rehearsals at times field position. Special teams penalties. So in a league in the red zone we got to score touchdowns. Overall. The thought they played well most of the day. You know they shut down their running game for the most part I know portals was earlier Russia believe. So usually usually that it doesn't beat you. That would acreage now 27. Gay horses aren't you know our offense chances got off the field third down. Try to biggest thing we can do is take the ball away so give credit where Kristi to either to their to their office. The reserves and. Yeah. Edit we're. And that's really been storing or what destroys our season religion. Is all guys you know are ready to play stepped in the east about them. And I'm extremely proud notes it's not it burns right now. Yeah and it hurts and but I'm extremely proud of every single one every single one of those men lock. Words. So it's. Just steps that. I hate it don't film. You know a note. What I expected overall when you watch the film he's done it throughout the year. While what was broken play. You know we need to have a bit better lane discipline more than anything. And that's not what one game. Scored. Don't usually utilized. It's. I. Just. Where they practice. And immunities execute apparently do it right there. It's about it. Take pride in the fact that. You look at it this past season and to look at it. Coaching staff. You know what first of all there's no moral victories. I don't believe in those and then. When I do believe it is continuing to build. And build. We're not we're not done yet. We came in here we citizens so division. And and put forward a plan to accomplish that vision and we're not we're not there yet. Said that before the game and we continue to say it would got a lot of work to do but there are things that we can learn from that that'll help us as we move forward a playoff experience. It is important. Home games at home playoff games are important. And so there's a lot we can build on it and and we'll do that move forward. What's next. So. Yeah we got a plan. We've got a plan account that'll that'll whale tale season for us and for the coaches one you know the days and my dues. Is it is you know give it Reynolds and things and you know make sure we've got a good sound evaluation of who we are. What we've got to do to improve move forward. Greg thank you guessed Christian. Thanks. Our string that to me that McDermott somebody said about the pass to Benjamin in the end zone. He is so often. Not blogs you know about his own guys but he did say. This is strong for him I mean you know moon that's some calls we want back we would we would've wanted Barack detail including that it sounds like McDermott. He's on board with. Fans who thought that that was the wrong time for that. Yeah there was there were some some debate I mean I saw something from Boomer Esiason watching the game saying use true Panetta reporter. Under the name. That if you watch them play it looks like the wind is run blocking and that it's it's it's of run pass option where. Taylor has the choice there that they're set up two runs but if he likes the matchup outside it's one on one it's a big guy. Against their best corner. Then maybe one take that in and and that's Taylor's call. But the way McDermott answered that question. Good answer that the same way if it was Taylor's decision or not or McDermott our. Reconnaissance. But that we got that was that was blocked and if it is the coordinator. Bet that ultimately made that call to to pass that ball to Benjamin and whenever somebody from precise it is misleading. And but some pretty. That's pretty strong indictment I think from that coached in the. And I would sooner expect like he's more to my ears he's more like that about Taylor and his vote. Maybe anyone else on the team so media fighting gas and thinking that he's criticizing Taylor. But it's only a guess it's really meaningless a couple of things more about that play for me one is you traded for Kelvin Benjamin foreplay is like that. Why was that a good idea. I asked that question why was this a good that was necessary it'll throw the ball or much anyway. I'm kinda rebuilding like why do want wanna I wanna trade draft pick. For this player. And one reason why you would is post up in the hands in Qatar a big and red red zone target. Going to get arguably the best quarterback in the league certainly one of them. Unemployed and other is. You you really can't I think this is important you can't blame the bills. Strategically. For their being pass interference against Benjamin on that play if they run the ball there is some chance of holding penalty. I'm a running play to that sets them back ten yards the problem is the ten yards. Your did your debt much. Less likely to score a touchdown there some things probably can't score a touchdown for single from the twelve. So like you're at your own drought. Now ball earlier in that sequence they had. That tried Benjamin on updated and Taylor just just written. Badly way out of his way way way too far it was one of those plays where if Taylor in Ryan may have to have a hard time together. With Benjamin's injuries and even Taylor was out for a bit while bedrooms here. But that's a row with a guy that sides with Benjamin skill set you need to throw that. Short so he can just turnaround not not even like have to go all important and in high point it now moss just turn your back and box out. And Benjamin makes a catch all they want to Taylor throws it and is it back shoulder was that the breach in the use to describe that broke just. Do that but to order what are the what are the corner of the post. Give a pylon and just like Benjamin get it right there and I think that's that's easy pitching catching instead he loaded it like you know. Wait wait audience. So you have this battle earlier but that was from farther out that wasn't even at the two that was may be more what you're saying personal the twelve guys should be able to handle the water from the two could have been more like that also the other tour and it's maybe it's still pass interference by. The the penalty really hurts there and that can happen on a running play to any time. The team throws in tight doesn't work to fans. Who lost the team for that would appear on the wolves on those plays ask Pete Carroll you know leave Chad what what the worst goal lying. Scoring percentage in the league or something's got your but they try to passive in the Super Bowl or governor supplement but that's the worst cold so many fans. Will look for your calls after a break eagle 30550. Is the number of the season ends bill's fault of the jaguars ten to three. Mike show and the bulldogs this is Buffalo Bills football. Piling on the wind lake Thurmond. 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And I don't know how will what the fans sort of steer this to a point where are we talking about this team are we talking about this season are talking about next season. The bills. I think this is right at 99%. Between a 100%. That you'll draft 21 and 22. The four wild card round losers. Get fixed 4124. It's not about your regular season record anymore that's what I read. And then it comes down to plead the easiest schedules of persons out your record the bills were. Nine and seven and they might be the only loser this round nine and seven Kansas City was on his six they have their peck. So we think it's 4122. And it'll be existing to have two in a row. I don't know if that's good or bad a tipoff I don't know I don't know but they'll have it looks like a lift 4122. In the first it. Do we we did talk about this on our on our low show Obama on the flight should appear in buffalo and then briefly just became public. Would that be appealing to a team like animal meat we eat and maybe not a mile. I don't know make maybe it's that little widget that there's you know they're it's two picks. Via the value of the picks is what the value of the 21 and 22 picks would be regardless of whether there next one and I would just like if they were. Thirteen in 24. What's the value the thirteenth pick what's the though the report card when I I'm I'm guessing maybe that's how it ends up shaking out. You'll see if they can get busy and if they want to they feel they need to if there's someone they like enough to try to make those picks the centerpiece of a you know the big package to try to get up high in draft someone a quarterback probably. That'll be something will be talking about for months your picture and they also have two picks in the second round bears and the rams and the rams lost this weekend so that one could have been. Leader to you know they went out in the first round last night here's met with us IMAP. Are you a good thanks. A but let we have been so enjoyable for all of addicting old real farm that yes I definitely feel. There. And I think it. A lot of weight halt all all of boat Oman multiple travel from one down there all my appreciation review on who. What element Jacksonville and then that'll work seen. And watch on TV will. Great and it. It seemed to go all the victims and struggled and chew well so when people meet. The state. I guess that makes sense that the that they would be fans were in the thousands of fans that went were able to. You know collaborate on public could sit together. So I guess. That I know that there was a huge presence down their because of Twitter and like our guys. That's all I know that not from watching the game on CBS I mean there was a reference to it. They are you could spot builds jerseys get it was a rare case. Shot of the crowd where you didn't see someone in the bulls Jersey but it wasn't like that. They showed at any point. Middle sections of them or anything. And I think you know all the way to tickets probably were available Mora made it hard to make that happen but. It it really looked we want there was one account that I saw intruder bit that said 1010s of thousands and I don't. Call how I doubt but it as far as you can see it in this iPhone camera shot. It was just bill stance in this one parking lot. And I mean I was moved by that I mean are released this morning it really. I echo or ecologists and it's been a great week. And I think what what we had to enjoy. Is not something I'd I'd I'd I'd expect nor would I want to soon forgot. Mean we will get down to business and figuring out what's next for this team as they move forward but it but today was. Today was beautiful weekend was just was really fabulous for the fans and and I think. My sense is that it was enjoyed eat it in the in the correct spirit even though they lost the game and it was a appeal what game it was their freedom to something and he only gave up ten points in from each you should have a chance to win it didn't need to be said when you we give up time. But you also only scored three to the point about like how old many fans were there and hold to what extent you could tell on TV. It is sort touchdown Zoellick you'd ever had anything New Orleans was here. And I consider that New Orleans game thinking while there are a lot of New Orleans fans here the game ended 47 to three or something and the last time it's always always nor loans grants totaled around their bench if the bills at what this game 47 to three a bet big what are all and no matter. Amid what are you would've noticed that. Plainly in a way that because of how the game was a game when you really didn't. And here's John an excellent job. Yeah I didn't god that Chicago like that thank you guys are greatly that the that bill's backers aren't here Chicago that. Aunt dot. Up from my perspective they've got a great framework I think it got the right coach. I do believe that yet I ride I get burst Andy he gamer. But I think that I like cornerback Beckett Beckett is the job at. Very optimistic about the future it ever excited about that would help at a. Thank you John. I think they will look. For. Their next quarterback where they find him or not. Easier said than done I think the biggest reason why the biggest reason why would predict that after all this talking in three years is this. The biggest point one time I feel like it's strong. You get the opportunity McDermott got. To coach this team your head coach in the NFL for the first time you have a relatively. High a degree of personal power. That he got draft there draft this year like people think that about McDermott. Which you'd. Not. Meek one effort. To. Go get a quarterback that suits. Your preferences. Ever that might be and your coordinators to it you you would. Never why you're one shot to common goal. With how your your full. Conviction behind who your quarterback is and I think at best what this is done this year is McDermott can live with Taylor. At best he can look with a meat well with a winning record of playoff spot it to come out so at best. And so I just think this is what. A coach would do almost any coach would do you you. Made that trade with Kansas City to avail yourself to give you your yourself better rods. At that. And now we're at that point and eighty Taylor goes because his contract is on we'll be for a back up in the player would be for to be a backup but who starts resisting. I mean there are all kinds of possibilities I guess and free agents and rookies and I don't know even Peter who knows mean are there are lots of possibilities and that's what the next few months will be about. Around here you know like I just think it'll be somebody else. And boot the the commentaries. On the analysis of what Taylor does well look what he doesn't do well you know today was another game where you played a top defense on the road and you didn't get are much. And it shouldn't be any surprise I like oh I'm not surprised. I mean I thought a 150 passing yards would be about where they were Ahmed is about where he was and he threw the ball 38 times. You know you went to the playoffs you lost. You wanna fix what your problems are the you do that so I think come. It's likely. That they go looking for somebody and probably because of money and perhaps other factors that would mean that Taylor is out. So I see at 8030554. Your thoughts 103. Jacksonville is the final next. Saturday it'll be Tennessee at new England and and Sunday Jacksonville Pittsburgh in the AFC playoffs certain. Not attrition. Like Jacksonville pounded Pittsburgh earlier this year so maybe it shouldn't just get over but I mean. Quarterback threw for 87 arts today against the bills. I don't know. That doesn't. Set up well I'm not real dislike about that in Tennessee new englanders. I mean oh my gosh I think Tennessee New England is if you're watching all the playoffs and your wife feels neglected you go out to dinner. On Saturday night you are skip that it's a fourteen point spread already. For titans and patron same thing with taxes last year I don't need I don't need this one like him I can pass what I do I knew I was casual Auburn games I don't argue over here I've answered all the data that's what you that's an easy call right. It usually kind of kept that came close and I felt maybe that was the wrong peck but no was in the wrong. Much over the Bulldog here the bills fall the jaguars in the playoffs ten to three this is Buffalo Bills football. 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He managed to find the end zone in the third quarter with this when your touchdown pass to Ben Quayle. Fourth and goal but the one. Coordinate the tailback Tony that the pullback portal weather center snapped he's gonna throw by. Touchdown Jacksonville look. That was all the Jenks needed as the bills offense got their only points on the day and a 31 yard field goal from Stephen house and second quarter. But from their Jacksonville's defense went to work. And didn't give an inch to the bills' offense. Fleet the fourth quarter Tyrod Taylor slammed his head hard on the turf. And was forced to leave the game and is now in the concussion protocol. At foresee computer and into the game trying to legally come back the tosses this late interception Jalen Ramsey to seal the deal for the jags. It's 34 seconds left no timeouts down by seven here we go beat. The throat looks right here. And it's kept it picked up like David Ramsey. Picked up and the jaguars we'll get this victory. The bills will now return home to buffalo is they look ahead to the offseason while the jaguars Phil had to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers next Sunday the other AFC if they do divisional match up will feature the titans taking on the patriots Foxborough. On Saturday night. Let's take a look at the express arts that's the game check it out express mark not your average convenience store. Tyrod Taylor goes seventeen of 37 per 134 yards and an interception before leaving game between Peter and in his limited action goes one of three for fourteen yards and of course it's one picked. Blake portals goes 1223 year for 87 yards and a touchdown that goes for team high 88 yards on the ground to Shawn McCoy led the way with the bills. With 75 yards on nineteen carries the royals led the bills and here with 44 yards receiving on six receptions. Just one more game in the NFL right now as the Panthers in the scenes they're currently scoreless with. Less than four minutes of play in the fourth quarter there NFC wildcard matchup in New Orleans one quick note from hockey is the sabres for an action this afternoon in Philadelphia falling to the flyers 41. Ryder Riley with Buffalo's only goal in the loss the sabres will now return home to face Winnipeg jets on Tuesday night. This bill's game rap has brought you by independent health premiere every date your unexpected independents health's Red Shirts are here to help. Ivory Wilson for the Buffalo Bills for you network.