13WHAM's Toby Motyka Talks Bills in Week 3

Monday, September 26th

Is this a Bills team we can expect to see next weekend against the Patriots? 13WHAM's Toby Motyka joined the Break Room for some insight.


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If they escaped but today we're giving you the bills inside scoop provided exclusively by Perry's I spent the night visible apparently a man on the line do we have to get into what team misses and Caribbean with a team that. The who was what escort actually was like not welcome to the show from thirteen wham our good buddy tubby would take up AW has dealt but. It's going great this morning right. I'm feeling good and brought her. It is amazing the difference and everybody in this building and maybe you're doing the same thing work how much happier you'll are the day after bills went. Oh absolutely I mean on Mondays I I come in the morning after working really relate on Sunday. And dropped the chip up to daycare and basically make it a maximum four hours so we. On Sunday night into Monday when the bill Nguyen I can walk into Buick you know what. I'm good I'm good also I'll sleep when I'm dead and to lose I just wanna take a nap on all. Moore told Beasley if his heart to yours leader. Of black. It was a settlement it. Is this I don't know ourselves that favors like you are which records as you walk but right. We have a team. The bills gave up 37 points of the New York Jets and then we have a team in the bills yesterday who I mean score 3318 it was even that close with the cardinals what he now happier Toby. I think we've got to. Under other teams have we have a Rex Ryan. We have a team that this is what this guy notoriously can't go to it hiked up her game like no other guy. And get you prepared and focused hurricane like nobody else the issue regret have been a week to meet the calmed down after the big win it's been a problem. But in. Rex is always on probably the shorter guys that wouldn't you know. He's got football itself as a result packed the cars. It cradle. And the lap band and but ER I think what we have heard that somewhere. Between what we saw in New York but not as bad and somewhere between you and what we saw yesterday an air I like big. That they are closer to hear it on the side of it because they showed that at times but he last year and they got back to their bread and butter that epic to run in the ball. All over the field against a really good Arizona defense that not necessarily Luke. And they're gonna have to throw more eventually hopefully Emmys were doesn't get on this week watts where you're going. Press squad beat and Tibet. But. I think we're leaning toward B Arizona team but they're not going to be. Every single which is get that out there right now. You talk about you know run available to critique of thirteen land and an atlas in his post game Monday. You kind of the ball because he did it not able to throw for three weeks the past it was awful again and dealer although he gets the 190 yards eight. Awful day to tie or are you at panic mode yet when it comes to quarterback for next season does meet its end. Great games is he now have to have to make you feel comfortable he's the quarterback of the future. Hill certainly make it a lot more comfortable extra for the great game this coming week. Fights he's gonna have to string together viewed here and the problem I have right now Tyrod Taylor is like you did that two of the pregame numbers already and it. And in the second game the jets in the numbers are heart rate. But only because you know 150 yards on to play so basically you're looking at about a third yardage repeat buyers and right now. Has come on to Europe he hasn't really been able to put together. Aimed at big drive at all and built but at the plate the ink dry heat yet again on the ground by wanna eat Tyrod be able. You know ghosts exit seven on a drive for seventy yards that not an elite didn't play. You know get to the blocking the screen pass pick up all the clay and it is at all the touchdown bad as much as anything entered the whole game. Thought she put together a riot like that. They're gonna have to against the New England not Italy to win like one yesterday. So we're gonna get a good test as we. I don't celebrate I don't mean to be Dick at the focus is on the negative but I mean tell me when you look at Tyrod abbey which called regression from last year. Is it the fact that he's been exposed is the pressure too high for him I mean is he dumb huge he's not dumb we talked about there's a. He's he's really start. I think what you're looking at it again I don't bet stretched the issue isn't. Good quarterbacks limit these bad stress to everybody slumped that we are popping or your at it than just that last year at like the pinkie at the rest. There's much initially. But a quarterback to be able to bounce back from that can be beat to a minimum easily have a tech team. So you're looking at two out of three weeks to plan out they tyrant in all once not. That's got to stop now and NFL week to week league wanna be done lately at that rate. Don't let that starts soon that you can target in panic mode. Look this is why the bill gate on the contrary he gave Ira and I feel like on route yet. Wrong and built an OK go at then. Let's be real everyone in the awful front office wants to give Tyrod Taylor on. But yet to show that he worked at first not to give it to land like the. I don't need to give them thirteen lamb and Ellis and post it Monday tubby the bills play great that's at wheelock and yesterday. Sandy Lockett is not gonna be week to week thing every week it apart obliquely not play. I mean if they win without him. How soon. Until we start hearing over rated from the fancier in Western New York because if for whatever reason even though we went up his degree in tirade last year and said he still a fan favorite kind of guy when does that start and Toby. I think I think were were unfortunately probably closer to that then you'd. Then you may even thanked. But I out here to tell you that concepts they did not for all yet 88 if we did not do it and it's any locked into the on the field. The defense have to pay attend to the game plan may have been exactly the same commodity or. Look at it and he locked it builder when it was and he walked in did not because they block it out there because. The team isn't good enough to get him the football right now. Any talk about this guy and it certainly being overrated in the builder better off without him. It is not a good idea they're not gonna go to the playoffs and he walked in actively seek help you know what he utilized. Because yesterday was great it is not a recipe in today's NFL we're going eleven inside and getting on the. I so let's move on to next week. Doing the moon we have no idea of the quarterback's going to be Tommy don't you could be played quarterback breeder might be Bobby York and do you said that it was a rumor used and see you have to call Weaver sat. Third round pick in the draft this year nobody's heard of him he's like. You have Jimmy grapple backup quarterback Brady for the last three years he's won two games. You're Julia Natalie why Chris Burke for the patriots who played quarterback at Kent State anyone those three guys Toby could be starting for New England. On Sunday. Which one scares you the most. You wanna know what scares me the most it's probably settlement because demand and if you go and lose to Julian. Because some of the bomb tests. But you know like like. Bill Belichick has been known. You cracked keep things right looked at the guy in Belichick it does matter to court game plan. Around the people he has thickly that it could regain to beepers that. On third greatest athlete that they played a drop below the first week you'd think they'd been practicing that plan for a year. So whoever it is Belichick and I have a week ago and that read in Julien adamant absolutely terrified. Because here's eight and is done though if you got a likes Borough and you just lost 21 of the best wide receiver in Italy who decided to typical rolling the ball. That that would be humiliating and so for that reason only I could care fight even though let's be really heat up we do. Tried to haven't don't this last couple days. Position players that have had to play quarterback because of injuries hasn't happened with Brian Mitchell in the body bag game in the early nineties the ball. Think so I think they'll be you know giddy yesterday. Terrelle Pryor a little bit in Cleveland he grew about the axis. They're down they're third string quarterback. And I'm pretty sure he's all like. A hundred yards where the ball yesterday I think you epic three person irked at the art didn't wait the old game but. But even plate to seek speak to. And that it was all healed though I'm not ruling it out the enemy the eagle start on that perk and snapped quarterback. And out of a bomb at that police blocked out four. To tap the body big brown was it giants Eagles Toby sorry guy I don't think so there were so many injuries. Who's but it tubby I mean you remembered that and finally. Maybe now I can take. It was just every so they had these are all three quarterbacks got knocked out of the game Brian Mitchell running back at quarterback for the last quarter of this Opel. In time data. L you know what Arizona's hunters or was that they'd come up with a sort of similar strategy and yet. It was so important it was so much so he was injured Tony what was the official injury the end of the game. Honestly I I can't remember off the top. Lapping at the video like I eat in debt. But then after Aaron Williams so well that relate it looked like put up the liquor hamstring or anything like that but. But of course they're with the one onto the ball. But yet I should have been out they're doing any running let alone chasing down but it o'clock I'd snap and oh and after air. The body hurt on the witness that goes over the guys had the we couldn't catch it easier to hamstring so he's tried to tell he's trying to run down what you watch these game yesterday at the tickets the golden. The putter is literally dragging his leg out to holes you as she. I don't know key issue one. I don't think so yeah I mean it was an ankle and courier and having them. Up. Snapper for our back you know I always expect an electrical one. Must have been able to better and he took it and again that the the stupid long snapper like a lot to you you know you guys hurt keep doubt. It felt like that is all at the end of the paper audit or you gotta find somebody yelled dispute that because it you can make your kicker on. But he can make your that are long nappy makes somebody else all it back order back. I tell him until we dig up from thirty went Toby from zero. A 100% chance the bills had to go into England and get a win on Sunday. 40%. To that and it could have a citizen on other than winning in new England and on that yet it. Or the New England. I I think that could help the bills but I'm not account out here on either pick at a train he just in a stick it down and interest. Arraignment in over tree and trade businesses but it just got trained. And you bet absolutely I've but he take care.