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Friday, December 29th


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Each piece you were freshening up and up powder room. Room during the last men's room performance. Here is what you'd miss. So I guess Larry King was diagnosed with a lung cancer recently prepare always argued the in an interview with Mario Lopez and capture. Larry talked about being a heavy smoker for more than thirty years he said he was so mean. Three back the dead came home while even send you really until the mission our. Wow wow man I mean he I don't care. I'm going to launch would know you take it up possibly get back yeah I look at Jesus Christ man that is the president's. Like I don't don't do that well he smoked all the time during sex you gotta rallies eating. Well you still think of those guys used to smoke on TV it's highly not to think awful. I don't know. Good I mean maybe they didn't we just enough room I feel like the act of smoking a cigarette even if your regular smoker yes if you're gonna call to be more. After coffee break then I don't call I was down I was timing on that I think a lot of the smoker I think you may have just thought anything about that seagate has you know I don't I don't stop doing that significant there if if if if if I know. Got to see the list of the new toys that are potentially going to be inducted into the toy elephant and not before Google some. Look the people at the the toy hall with oil getting people who would you have to understand I really want to show this to my kids who always ask me about the stuff. The thing that they really wanna put. Hey there's a magic eight ball on the air out of the game clue I want to say my little pony is included on this but. The one that I love saying there. They wanna put saying and did you know why because we are kids who played with Satan. Like this the ability to vacate sand castle with a bucket to go to the beach sand is a toy that they're gonna put in the twelve it that's how bad things used to be easily apparent bid to back rapidly growing up. We played the thin man we have a screen and promised we had saying hey wait a minute why go play let's say it. Not like they used to give kids over there a sand box at the beach it's just losing popularity and think good things in here and recess when kids can't possibly leave our homes now about CBS show. Intermediate is a guy get the effort out of my house no wherever you go do something apparently meant bad parenting map and we had one of the auto guys have been playing with them and you had a bad at the dealer doll we can play with the snow in the wind. Barn yesterday after that story we have groping incident here Mittal I don't know and well we don't know what we mean not hate when I want this morning. The security guard works downstairs was hey man let me ask you something in the way you approach him like oh no you don't meet him we got a bad he says. You got through talking about chick who's who opened yesterday. And yet and he goes with the kiwis who came up a sudden I don't know look mentioned brought that's her she thought it. Apparently there are improvements is in the lobby of the building all the way right around the time downwards our by the says these waves meet. Don't know who are looking good so far in the lobby. I and let sofa area so that area and then there was the trail of liquid to the bathroom. All you have all the old he's the Tylenol. I don't know if somebody Buddha are okay when a man who did it. Honey brown Tampa lobby man just. Noticed yesterday them like steam cleans deeply and then all men that seems odd. I used to Vijay your ninth closing with a nighttime junior if you look at the quality around Mississippi. I went out and realize that if Browning Finland could offend no no matter. The best thing about the whole deal was as when there's those disasters and are in. You did stations still gonna be on the air and it was there so basically what to do is we'll find a hotel for you that's close he and you can undo the rotating shifts to. But the great news is is that there's a bar there. There's a restaurant. Half the staff is there and you just just get plowed and then you take a nap then you come back you go back on the air near repeat this cycle for about three or four bit and you know once ma'am I was like wait what Norman though. Maverick but given the hotel be shirts in the house and I believe ms. America. Finally go out. Dan rather out okay and and that was the thing mail slow game so when the ball to film I gotta do to someone what made you don't need the home of the for the severe storm and almost like look. We need someone here. We'll put him there there's very little extra cash for my dad's film a film it is like in your tab everything in the hotel man was put into the room we got it covered. So you know mobile here and I should add at gold bar and I got smashed out we used burger my god it was tremendous. Funny ironically enough my brother when he was going to school house and him and his friends who have that same exact far Arnold combined one the year with a happy hour had a bunch food off. Okay. I think all we do today. Are in the order like a beer can sit there from four to sixty yo snap it's it's it was a decent format but a deal I have from. On the website 24/7 Wall Street looked at things like crime rates unemployment and housing and posted a list of each State's worst city to live and oh all right CNN. He had less. Says right here I'm now working no. Quite a while I don't stay defends idea fact. It's a little I think he now I thought I had really a lot of those but I did have a room at fanning out there loved her. Chick filet the standard jays and it is that all I despise and you're right in this one win this one of my personal taste I'm sorry it's been nothing. About other way and a tiny little nuggets look like little time. They're the best night at the beginning bump on the other my lieutenant I anytime and tiny little lower at planet like ours their lifestyle like Mel McDonald on the nuggets that are out another I don't know that I visited Israel chicken strips sorely smaller than a moment if you could chip still may not talk about knocked down to their loyalty Tenet than a minute small little talent I'm midnight showing your feelings about him is is it the sort of boxes. I know I'm on the night. Is that they're not going to be an effective defense I don't know if I'm here I didn't think there are no good way to say thank. Guided my sister's birthday Morgan K she is turning Ford team he can you guys do some German stuff for. Filmmaker feel uncomfortable. Love the show that from Christopher. Now I don't know attend woods but I'm willing to wait for you know. It's not the man. I'm more again and thank god get more yeah. Fourteen point oh my god I love where tomorrow sorry. I don't die you dragonheart Martin Luther we need to make that hole and authority repeatedly. Actual events that I am no hey. We don't know him really we have we WM. All I have a time machine environmentalists is that I apologize if you every wine than ever happens just go back. The new trail color will be named. Beautiful blue blue blue blue blue and beautiful blue. Who think that if it has a little later this sort of benefit blue the blue oval mayor Booker is the book would hand while trying to get paid actions that the yeah. Hey I want a blue. Girls you the most beautiful thing I've ever been laid out what we're sunscreens there would be three you can if that's only a boy. The newly crowned Delaware could Bluetooth. The people who put the fuel all over who hold the red white and blue the this Murphy something take you right dead so the government from the cigarette. You are available today avatar and the baby beautiful beautiful proven methods. She's removed. I retirement treaty to a. Oh just wonderful it's great this can be delayed while you're tired. No I and so if you like foreign after the useful format and computer. World consider girlfriend. You guys do a Floridian I mean actual social intercourse you know I mean yeah about that police are calling someone your girlfriend. Yeah well you know we've we've you know apology she won't give me championing open on the. This is the I don't want an owner of Bay Area and everybody go out for a while only glory years ago Miguel thought. Eight issue and I should focus on my very few stories about me lesson on the bench if you were dreaming then all of your wife put out you know like. Who could if it. This is the numbers and boy a dinner party these woods with a good now done men's room legacy can continue. You what you're about to hear is real. And this radio program are simply. Trying to. Invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. You know they say. Radio more than three times. And Jordan. And then they go I'm gonna solar 2680. Well enough. Along with Steve the throne who else. Do dread Smith and car. My car. I don't know man oh. Dad today here come the bad jokes bridges the return of dead vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile list plus and I demands are shot of the day fumble as their emails. And everyone's favorite TV time with tape click clack I did I John arterial Florida where man refuses sex with a woman so she beats his answer instead it sounds about right. LSU suspend spying delta faeda after drunk hazing incidents leaves 818 year old dead faded it. Giant dinosaur eating crocodile found in Texas was over twenty feet long the South Park causes Google homes and Amazon that goes to discuss apartments cartoon doll anything. They noted year old boy and he gets to fulfill a dream of a mole in the White House lawn and risk deportation. That is all going on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All that bad kids good day to you and yours I think we can all agree on this when your return for doesn't matter your ethnicity. That the matter what's that the political spectrum you're on I think we all agree that people. People do dumb things as this part of the human condition. Doing stupid things is so prevalent that we face that they issued warnings about things that really you should already know for example. In Aspen Colorado authorities have issued the following statement please do not think so pleased with the bears now. I assume that I don't need groups when the self evident concept can do but obviously those jobs about idiots out there that need to be told hey. Taking cell visa bears not really cool man bears don't always like and bears do bad things were no match. Meanwhile federal authorities and Alaska but looking for a bit just tears that were harassing humpback whales. Essentially you're not sure if they were jumping over them riding on top of them either way the authorities. They'd like to talk to a good. Kinda like taking self reform bears this doesn't seem like something you should have to explain but obviously I'm wrong try not to ride the jet ski and golf bag. People do dumb things in Canada I got into an argument with the wife whether he was too drunk to drive. He responded by sending a house on fire then he you know burning home to hop in the car and drove away until he was arrested for drunk driving through about a wife drug. And Wisconsin some ignoring Yahoo! wants to live in the face on the streets because they had the audacity. The speaks in Spanish. Right here and mark. That's right. Well appointed thing is certain that they were actually speaking Hebrew. Which have nothing white man's liver jurors got rid of the way this guy assaulting them anyway than he was arrested. So we're not saying that he's not an anti semite but that was not his goal at the time. Nevertheless people do dumb things and you have seen many people do many dumb things and that is what today's question is it's a men's room blank question. The dumbest thing I've seen someone do with my own two eyes was buoyed. They borrow they joke gone a four point 999 only you can like the men's or month FaceBook falls onto are meant to live into your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. That is true when my. Told a news all of that now Mario Armstrong never 2000. A Saturday 81 on a big showing got Korea today here come the bad jokes the return of Ted vs the FCC another exciting addition a profile this and today we once again without the men's room blank question dumbest thing I've seen someone do with my own two eyes was black and there are no shortage of stories on the subject today. Let's start in Aspen Colorado lay very affluent area. The country so to speak I don't know what the average price Oklahoma is there but. You have to assume it's some of the richest property. In the United States we know the type of celebrities who go there to vacation whether it's. Mariah Carey or of vodka trump or whoever the hell was there years ago seven refusal relive Denver about two years and that we have some friends in from out of town they are being skiers we were not two but we drove Aspin. And I won't want to skiers go on ski thing the women go on all the due to a woman thing and it's me and my father he said and I was remember this about as from. We sit down and rose from one service. Are you kidding me I'm marketing you know wow there's Aspen Colorado that's my thought about Aspen all right you know okay. Well here we go seems about right it yet it's that. I'm sure maybe things have changed in the last forty years but I do remember that very clearly. Very common that's one and he never forget you don't ma'am you wrote don't forget a lot of I didn't serve I just can't imagine her nothing usual about mostly urban able to figure out after all these years know because we were easy to spot. From your mail I get the credit restaurant there's no way you didn't notice this and yet they just didn't come over you remember the situation her. We several law they did their front await us out of first and finally someone came over some words were exchanged about Arnold the words war and more particularly hostile as best I can tell. Credit to my father protecting as a hero kid he did not. Going big tirade about her own thing he put his arm around isn't aiming Moscoso royals I don't remember were we when we got served but I do remember. More amenable to everyone else my father residing different conversation I many of us. Oh yeah I made as I even say a lot to me you about it but yeah I do remember but I knew what was up Michael Mann. So I had an Aspen video is now coming forward of a mother bear and her two cubs went oh what's the one thing that we know about to be aired in a situation where you run into a bear he hope to god that they don't have any kids or it could read everything asks it's it's going to be ugly right so. There's video of the mother bear and her two cubs in her climbing down a tree in the middle class been. Now prompting police to issue a warning about trying to photograph wild animals so when the bears came down from the tree on. Highland avenue mall while. Ellis from the Hyman family I'm sure that got that don't know when yet to think diamond thank you Lyman family or something entirely liberal maybe they had a big water main break there one day and so they're on the Hyman avenue mall police are those a large fairly large crowd a photo takers. And those that insisted on track it's not to take self social contract. Please answer one of the women walked up to the bear while carrying her child. She used to get a self. Carrying her child to get itself. Police said when the bear or cubs try to make a run for they were followed by a group of people again. Trying to get more video so guess what happens then this led to the cubs getting separated from the mother. Our goal. Now you might be shocked to learn the mother bear return to the mall very agitated and making loud crying sounds and alive because she was looking for cubs. People are still walking right up to or even when it was clear. That the bear was agitated and growling. As people are close on to think about it. I am thinking about it and I really and I stand by my position on the do not legislate this stuff does reviewer domino to walk up to a bear that is clearly agitated that has been separated broad scope. Everything happens it's immediately that Bayer has done as a service threaten you cannot be contributing anything positive to society if you're also bad stupid at the same time now fortunately nothing happened. Nothing happened. The police did not issued a statement. Because the bear can be easily turned and attacked any of the onlookers in that would be the case that they would have to euthanize the bear leaving the cubs about a mother we we you know wrestle double cover only app so what may seem like an opportunity to have to savor a good so they could cause to bear its life. Mother bear and her cubs fortunately found each other again after being separated. Police in had to issue a reminder that it's illegal to harass wildlife in the area. Harassed means to unlawfully in danger worry impede annoy pursued disturb molest rally constant. Concentrates. Harry. To Herring I yeah AJ our life to marry an animal that went by Harry and M I says come out of you've begun an extreme agitation I don't you know love and his grill chase drive heard or torment while that's the law all the sort of saying is little lonely mile is on the allowances specifically in danger worry impede annoy pursue disturb molest rally concentrating Jerry chase driver or torment wildlife. So police and took a lighter tone on FaceBook. And they said likely the Aspen bears have. Felt much like Mariah Carey and Aspen on New Year's Eve from the paparazzi have been following their every move around town trying to get close and snap Celtics. As they're managing agents we would request that if you bump into one of our furry celebrities you politely take a peek and keep on moving. That was their way of trying do actually relate to people online so they wouldn't go and kill themselves taking self is with bears. Again I didn't look if you have to tell people that they don't bother to tell them meanwhile posting photos by the way guys of the Aspen bears your social media count only draws larger crowds which can agitate bears. And create a more dangerous situation. Police in the bears have gone on a cell be strike. And they support so they have to be tongue in cheek you see on FaceBook to get the message across. There the darn thing it is not a good day art. The other dog Jimmy the that are stupid you have to phrase it that way there's no chance for understand a logical explanation if you were domino to chase of bear around looking for a cup I saw my body get attacked I don't. Left to its aspect medics are if that's is it anywhere along the nation might you have enough money that you'll generally have to play by. The normal rules now that would take. So it almost that should dumber like we don't have a picture with the band my money at a at Bruins who have my body. And I had a chipmunk just take up office leg as a runner is ran up tilted on his leg got in his hair bidders had. Sort of messed around to tell law for no I mean like out of nowhere somebody don't was just standing there man and has Tim on his backyard Manning came of it just attacked his past. Contributed to tell exactly I mean any animal out that was in his backyard yes you sound like that just months vacuum has been pissed off about the about the size difference but run onto an elephant has big slap. And I'll move on the story I asked do we got to euthanize the pair though if you're taking myself he would it image is Paul's just that's what we do I I don't know virtually all the all the better antidote all the time in on duty in oil and auto station human bluntly no it was defending itself because it's give and and molds dummies did that month look messed with the human woman taker and separate server market watch which she does to you. You know it's no different vision are gonna kill the woman to not used it for Newman blah plate now with yet offend people on that tip. And I'll never forget this and you're absolutely right one summer I worked in the department human services I was a file clerk it was a great summer job for basically for. Three months all I did was get government money which was great and as far as an hourly wage now and take case studies and I would just file them and then no one of the social workers would come they would say we have a point with a Stanley today could you pull all the files warmer so I everything ready go sooners like you know attend caseworkers are going every morning. Polar files but files back and all that stuff that there wasn't a week they went by in my entire time being employed there. Where we didn't have to take a full day off from work because someone took children away from someone's family. And they were gonna come get them back and they were gonna come through our office to do it one way or another yeah smells like that gas so you know the threats of look I would come in there and there will be a personalized listening to my kids back at things happened and we were all good to get excused. It was still get pay this you know people mean that adds there do regarding my kids tell your kid away and he's got a lot of hollow threats has got to get your. I don't go to when I hit one cable soccer ball towards some face and his father looked at me like I won't kill you always to think his. This guy's literally going to come out yet that's a problem right because it's like whether or not I. Out of the size of the guy if you could are normal they take them but they greatly you bet somebody's kid it doesn't matter they get like that crazy. And I was built like Iraq and were I'm a normal day M normal day we would never an issue with each other if we did have an issue with the each other. Who knows what would happen but they is in off points are or my kid I kicked the ball sailed over my kid's head hits his kid in the face I. Honest mistake smoker brown about twenty minutes later though. The kid is now his father's arms and I kicked the ball sailed over and I was just like a soccer sales over my kids at. And smash is the same in the face police say dad told them. The look he gave me man I mean it was clearly he could have been five foot one in weighed 87 pounds on that day and that moment he would whip my past. Moving the story you'll go to woman a woman in Italy. She bombs fall and Liam had escaped from losers on the 2030 years and the lion escaped from the zoo and everyone knew that but. You must still think a line's gonna show opened your York. That's where she was wrong to her three year old kid who live human being 30 kids playing in a backyard. She was on the phone with a neighbor something like that but she was on the phone she sees line. The phone call ends no one is entirely sure what happened but by the time the authorities are better she was in the house with her kid. NB line and had three broken ribs and was in shock in her back York. So again if you threaten someone's kids late things change. But the kid who got lost to the part in the one guy who's brought a month ago came up to try to helpless little girl. So they're trying to walk around founder Perry and then he gets rolled by people thing that you know he's didn't ask kidnapping the kid Syria. Was go to Canada. 49 year old guy named Gordon Spicer from east Wallace Nova Scotia Canada gondola fire was wife girlfriend whatever and report to from the malaise didn't specify. There or arguing about whether Gordon was too drunk to drive and apparently. He decided to make his points that he was fine. By setting their house on fire that always proves that you were clearer mind that he drove away fire department game put out fire but there was serious damage the based on the main floor and Gordon was arrested for arson and impaired driving. Because he was in fact too drunk to drive. Our question the dumbest thing I've seen someone do what my own two eyes was blank 844999. Cola but by the way this is not a guarantee but. If you have to argue about whether or not too drunk to drive chances are you're too drunk to correct. And I and the primaries I'm that I brought Arafat to act hello Tim welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. It you know. A whole lot of nothing threats and in the how to do you. The sun and air is warm and yeah I'm so glad that they are opposes freezing cold the studio is always god damn hot there's no happy imminent and a war paints. What are we appreciate how well you can go full ban DNN normally just goes on a beautiful it is I'm hoping that today our home state Tim was the dumbest thing you've seen someone do. So our co worker post into space and our office why he wanted to coworker Monty in the things. It didn't talk about all day and it did today. She talks more for Outback Bowl all sucker up a bunch in Paris. All you did with some F off the Mets were provoked him to punch you in effect. Much. And I'm so there was some drawing all day on both sides right. All outlook and let it elevated. And these coupons are back. I always strange did you sort it out. There are good ideas belliard dropped. Air oh you know just just say okay and would he say about that like yeah yeah how you can eat I didn't say. I want you pretty much where we know how he got fired and it it's guilt or assault. Oh wow all right okay how long was he in jail for. I don't know. I got to that stage earlier. Okay. Well let's say look at least it into an all time and go to over nothing you know. Where you gonna happy that he got to put it to use outside of the octagon right. Said like I'm innocent or whatever you know. Like might have stayed there right now right and they always say it. Its defense of an all our might deep down. He wants to get to fight and really you know brand do you see every week you know me I heard that. And did. Pretty cool actually speed it up I don't a. But I don't know were you more impressed that it worked house opposed to put our our view performed it correctly I mean did it happen instinct surely. Was this something you thought about like if he comes at me this way what to do this or like our religious. I happen usual. And my boy overlooked. He would but there are six or they let that arm away order down. Jesus are right and you need a goddamn self defense class and I got a demo review. I don't like they are at 670. Utterly out. Why did he pick on you. Yeah we're not trying to what was his real beef with the. Dish to people who are. It won't admit that I was pretty hot it veteran Ernie about it they are they are out there. Well. This guy this guy had this guy had become so basically was waiting all day senator. Jack is waiting all day to get their ass whipped that's an on data management. Immediately. OK Elizabeth just take the entire budget just two out of it or whatever the hell you know and I was just just a joke or is just tell you more muscle power 400 pounds like. They just seems like a bad idea without data at your information in my mind it's like this or go to a bar right at the bouncer might be 64 for the browns I don't know if he's training and digits or not but everything in me all my through rubble listing says. He might not ever use of his right arm I'm not gonna do anything to find out if he's five foot five and place a 130 pounds he's watching the door there's a reason he's watching the door at five foot five and 130 pounds because it's a matter how big you are this year's Olympics you're rats you know ruled that. The tiny amount are Internet. You know that it nonsense and you know that for a fact the big guy it's like I'm just not gonna tell us mama but the little guy like how do he would he would not be there without a job but he's not an ass kicked it low they laughed and Tony how are the guys aren't you like to do what dad to balance my mouse John. And isn't and intimidate anybody in a bar hopefully the god though you never hit on his girlfriend am. I like it wants young wife whatever I mean hopefully you get like a look at maybe there's a cauliflower ear warning somewhere along the way of other words anatomy pound for pound you're messing with you know. The greatest fighter in the USA but that's not unheard of now it's not clearly that the there's guys in the you have seen it go out all the time and drug dudes take a run at just because they're in the UFC and they think they've announced they don't oh well they are and they're just drunk dude it's. Junior affliction shirt all those bodies of the my body tells the story about being outside a nightclub late ten years ago at this point Anderson Silva is these was pound for pound best fighter in the world. And he's like yeah this guy bumped into him to start talking trash Truman Anderson kind of smiled and laughed. And everything you better relax do music at this guy blah blah blah. Home in California didn't in Portland. Course I he's the best fighter in the world he was surrounded by ten other serious fighters they just got to push the panel pay. And hello favored no one of his buddies pulled a rule later that night and says he does it I was older I got like yeah that's the guided through dark as I'd plead guilty of it. And I think a lot of people have you don't wanna what did you argue that liquid courage and for no reason to doubt him stare down chuck decides he's got we even told what man don't don't cause a problem. Goes over misguided. And would he stared at bat above all the stupid crap and the guy was real cool and resembles body in recent ma'am I wasn't front starts and I did stare you. It was for no reason all my apologies what chuck kept go abroad in the guy who's been really really cool we seem very since it. And chuck kept going and put his hand on the guy's shoulder in the past and look man. I'm being cool aren't I number tranda army again just does the hole or one dropped its hand on the again of my money Hollywood explained it. Judge forehead met his toes on the other side of this guy's elbow third he was an amateur boxer and an amateur boxer is much better to those of us don't box at all. I've been dropped as as a one ponson chest. Bad jokes coming out Gibbs goes after the email there at the men's room Edmonds or live dot com or men's are blank question dumbest thing I've seen someone do what my own two eyes. Was blank 844999. Olaf although I'm Mario golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. True measure of likewise has done a thing I'm seeing someone doing my own July's it was blanket 44999. Hole we take you to Alaska man this is bizarre. Federal authorities federal authorities looking for two jet skiers after receiving tips they were. Pursuing and riding over the top of humpback whales and resurrection bay back in July. Photos posted on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration FaceBook page alongside a plea for tip show the jet skiers. Very close to the servicing whales nearing a rocky outcrop. The marine mammal protection act requires people at least be a hundred yards away from any humpback whales it appears these jet skis were jumping over the backs of them. Officers are hoping to speak with a jet skiers in order to learn why they were so close to the whales in the photos. It's possible the whales might have emerged unexpectedly underwater craft to know laws violated but that's not what they believe that other people saw then I memos witnesses as saying that's not what part of process is understanding exactly what happened here the agency received several tips the jet skiers were pursuing a writing over the top of the whales. Considered a form of harassment under federal law. Rogers said it's unknown if they're actually touching the Wales with a body other watercraft but it turned look like they are jump over some good. Pose as people tips can take them via there FaceBook. A jury of their website yeah that would not be what I was thinking when. But then again you know like I mean I don't know what did you guys know anyone personally don't just he's. Yes how many people. Two to stand a decent people. One of them one of all right the one who went to jail OK okay can I currently learned. They're out now okay aren't. But I went to jail for what you think they went to jail or white collar crimes are sort of the one my body was more a person is a very very nice individual. I love their jets he's a lovely lake death well I mean we're talking ought to put that out there is. To protect that yeah. And that man I'm. I don't go to your that the guys thought about how the guys that they got that I knew he lived on a lake and against which you would find every single time that you opened up his refrigerator this'll tell you who this guy hit. What kind of beer does he have a there or what all of the watermelon what kind of beer coming up at all eat he would just dehydrated and sotomayor's life he lives on a lake in West Virginia what kind of keystone. No it's it's more what you think it should be for this. I'll take its course like its corona. Oh good I need only drinks corona you go to I mean you're like it's I even in the wintertime he's he's back each man you know I mean like his beach is like his whole life you know and say all right he's nowhere near a beach but he lives of these life. You know my uncle is not that guy but he's I don't drink a lot but when I do. Getting a grown does that around. Well duly went to Ireland now I think he likes get and so while it's pretty straight. Yeah girl or probably they know I think he probably less calories and against so basically he likes beer. Yeah can find out what you are grown that you probably like everything every dream right if you could grow and get it if you're good with pretty much anything. Dumbest thing I've seen some on doing my own two eyes those blanket for Ford 9990. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. On top it's. I still live Sharia patent election thirteen fourteen years you know the person I have ever worked I would meet Arnold awhile blatant. I wonder. I think the waters off of McDonnell's lead was the special thing you made for you. A little special thing I certainly don't count I don't remember. You were gonna rush all right did. Yeah I think the special night it was. I remember yeah they had that when they don't agree it's Erlich and they do there's nothing out of cash grab the cream cheese. Dark thought does our man yeah man I'm so jammed solid chicken big Mac. Is that with hubby Eddie is well now just I just check in a substitute chicken big Mac what do Brodeur allowed one chicken that he won before I could do that. I tried watching a big Matt first and I can move on. Do shredded lettuce it just seems like it would would about a police official match you're the one person a buys fillet of fish are. Oh yeah one yeah China yeah okay yeah that sounds really really really good no it doesn't does that does not sound real and now that sounds big. I think fish is the one kind of approach you they never got you one extra fish. Don't thing I've seen some on doing my own July's it was a blank gave 449990. Lamar golf coming up. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.