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This is the men's room. Listening to. Had just gone I'm dead trade journals the best item on every fast food menu at chip on the way after emails manager amendments in my dugout in the meantime the game is big W have a contest in red blade again we do first few comments this first of all I don't brand does not own subway they do not they do not want to all right Quaker oats used to be owned by mormons they followed that up with that's something. Are quicker code does not located in Pennsylvania it's located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Evan violated. Ben Franklin smoke weed. Elsewhere today filed his opponents and always Dole's guys hopefully I'll tell you when he was beaten and Trent how do you think there's a Smart. Algebra that I know what's that Ben Franklin wrote it was into pulls into. All right and he gave his big dummy 844999. Cola and load seven welcome to the men's room. Order are not. I don't diminish overnight over. Silver. Hopefully they'll look at people go to sleep for all of moment hypothetically about the that's not okay oh yeah are you that's right yeah yeah. We don't know construe. Devin you FaceBook Twitter is your Emerson had check guys. Song he nonetheless not there are closely none. Care yeah no accounts and any of those platforms well you know full well that's just almost a little slow it and I felt the other thing about the air of death from LaGuardia and FaceBook Twitter is to Graham I mean you always hit it. It just don't. Let them. It's like saying give a girlfriend you go wow I mean have a don't know if he loses me we have zags have been together for six years now tiger is not okay. Shouldn't have faceless who don't play finally got it means a delicious and let me know until he had held it. Like let we might be the youngest big new Niederauer at a Toledo Milo and dry in the apple news and strawberry Newton is sudden. Any any might it'll still don't do Alan hallucination I'm here. Listen to me do it you life thank you know and it happened 25 you voluntarily these things for some reason other tab bowel movements I'm talent yet. We're gonna change a life have an apple moved. Welcome you're welcome an event. Are you as your question true or false according to an interview with Walt Disney himself back in 1933. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are married. All. John for DeVon good job man and a married young and all of Husseini. Many married Mickey for a month and I Mozart's kids plug geared to do don't want an analyst and the foul on him I'd say him. The many married Mickey for money he's been that right. He got a runs a whole show and I thought about like that he has his girl and obviously she likes crotchety people look and they know looking to do for a title sounds more. After this question comes on miles an hour debate you're looking goofy at that there's nothing he's a loyal guy but he's a pain and asked to do what things go wrong okay. But there's still this woman isn't and a mellow some crap. Is and to goofy. Like this should really really lays Kofi and all we could think is he must have a huge car like their overly aggressive as a girl who bit me but I've got to think goofy based on how he is and he's billion asked but I think got to take a more mormons as a step. From he's got a one biggest peeve of all the Disney characters I'm saying he's pack the most what what would. Fictional character do you believe has the biggest gain in the cartoon pentium. Could be that man. Good beer cart to could be guilty with fictional character in your mind has obviously there's going to be some little hole the hope now. Ali you know those guys who juice up like dad and your enemy and and I'm sorry the Hulk is definitely on. Some type of anabolic steroids and therefore his testicles of trunk in his penis probably as well deserved the possibility of that has happened with him right like he blows up and running not a big is your city's body builder and his penis probably lose like the most sexual those superhero. Sexual none of them really are probably gonna have the biggest crank he has to look at his feet and he's told duties like say. He knows nothing redeeming about him due to tolerate all the travelers is woman Malloy. He's packing heat ma'am there's no question about it Superman I don't think so battled our way Superman parts his hair on the side you can comb your hair on the side of the Eugene gets you a kid called Superman in the hammer. This does not apply notes because he can fly. It's because he can fly and that's what you tell it what slighted Michael Holmes those who commend them article ma'am I do well right. I don't know business hello I would do but sometimes it goes to the cold areas of the world there would he give him lip then it erodes us he course he read the giant C course some saying probably not now we get around to see yours and have a giant he's like the water brown. Game has begun a 44999. All of those are next contestant rated play two days shaggy from Scooby Doo that you may be done I don't know why they biz but I bet do very well how about Fred Flintstones got a thick ones get on an area. Now Britain often fickle. Barney. Yeah I think about authority is ma'am you don't win you got a hot wife. There aren't that bad news man well I hope they're making Apple Newton and more wet I just went to the new site they still got strawberry parent. Whole grain triple Berry thank god you're bad at factories fade and a whole grain fill a bad thing we've created a good source of my fat free today and if it is that you would. Hello Peter welcome to the men's room. All of its its its. I hear you so we're not sober. Let's go nuts over Peter welcome to show. And what do you we use social and more FaceBook Twitter is programs that kept. Live FaceBook they look at live. Hi Peter Peter pumpkin eater here if you're quite the mental. Who is the mayor of New York City during the September 11 attacks in 2001. He mayor Giuliani. It's always very good tonight. I made par par 9990. Let's get another contestant this play a more big over here hello Corey welcome to the men's room. I. I glorious overnight over. And don't FaceBook Twitter and grandstand jeopardy go. All of a lot of trouble earlier so Billy Graham. I do I enjoy his program just the pictures. Symptoms of the simple yet. And I core Aaron is the question. Would patriot leader who organized the Boston Tea Party in 1773. Tom Green and all year. Felt nothing ever. Everyone involved with the workers are. Donna. Told hungry and it might need to pitch total random fans and I don't have very good. Rooms bared you don't need the roles of Celine through Sam Adams has their medals at Aston. Mental disorder known now. It's all right man go to big bad dude that Tim Cook would punch you in the face with. Hard to question do military installation known as area 51. Is located in what state. May as hell hole worlds are. Need Vegas Nevada. Now it is accurate to you Gaza I was just saying officially the biggest hell hole has to be. Was it screen Trent yeah NBA but the vice president calls and somehow he's I don't know how all of primate like. I think you officially become the hell hole all of that we've had a lot of fun and that's. Sure but I want to legal brothel right that is imminently figure like oh well and burning man doesn't think you put a boy bands I play a little bit of a few of your favorite things their man their own kind of within. What you write him a lot about that for a Tulsa yet but I think biggest might be my least favorite of all three the joys of at a time yeah Vegas is the blasts the debate of Bernie manner. A legal or Ralph yeah I hate this who had. But it's Joseph all our. Inner circle over that time so I. Yeah yeah I go to that club breeze you wanna see Russian gender slighted to the music. My game's big IH 844999. All of those are next contestant read or play the game coach Chris welcome to the men's room. 000. Wow. Contribution over Minnesota. I am not so work and get their. It got to overcome a lot of all falls off oh right he cracked open the flood life. They're. Chris puts FaceBook Twitter is to grammar snatch him. I let it take you to okay. Barely saw as everyone else. Know about and I'm that good because I had heard that about FaceBook deal postal lottery has gone. As they may want to play always a lot of qualifying times are. Hard if you questioned in the late 1890s. Bayer. They murdered and called gold and pay remedy they contained what now illegal drugs. Oh off. When you're 1890s. Some points in the late 1890s. Don't all of those Arianna. No we all asked Bruce drugs there was a cough cold and pain remedy. But one of the ingredients was an illegal. That's I guess my general I wanna open. I don't want people in Cincinnati Ohio load it. I don't know this new rural. Never recovered and have been. Felt over the health. The guy undoubtedly don't know today and I have to go to the pharmacist in the back to your bread they got Adam I gotta go the back of the store. Harder question how many soccer players should be on the field at the same time. I suck a feel player it and feel the same time all moved. It and fifteen. What do we I would I don't okay. The sooner you're going to the deepest. Call. Does a lot of fifteen I think it really and making it on this day one if you're fifty on each side got really clog things up at slowed him down I. I think there. I've got another number question for how many castaways were there on Gilligan's Island told him we think. 8 o'clock. League world. Three girls August including who's as I was is now known as it is always a debate out. Understood. Him. Yeah yeah well there's the famous actress Terry here Terry and frank. They felt rich couple. Howls. Professor I again thank you again bright areas outdoors slim them. You know until I all the really that Islam. And under that you. You're a show about seven white people stranded on nine I was hitting it could ultimately I'm JoAnne. Got a little wanted to but it but it. She's a three hour tour it's all there from the other one ends all the way who's on the guy hell ride in Hawaii. Mean getting the distances and in demand and let him. I was sitting next show make you think if your run a potent because we're losing roughly three hours like why would have slowed move. I'm even tied hand and reviewed the newborn Julia I went man committed no offense when the truth if it. Their shell a scanning. Chris cell line there more big data coming up you'd like to make it doesn't play the game eight for far deny that 990. Luck. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Sure it was. Still have had seven now says maybe tells the vast item on every fast food menu that's coming up right after emails from men's room Edmonds or live dot com we have a few comments here. We do we had a side discussion we are talking my Disney characters I was just saying that I believe feet as meatpacking series heat because there's nothing redeeming about his quality and yet there's a woman that loves it so at the US what what fictional character do you think it's back him most he. So these are some by comments about an an explanation react and a lot of people said Roger Rabbit they said look. He's a rabbit if he landed Jessica rab yeah I'll do it okay that's strong a lot of people putting Captain America are also and this makes sense political mister fantastic from the fantastic four he's the strategy do. I'd like stretch all the biggest threat right a good stretch when it's needed. As indeed it my only miss of the obvious one but the guy that miles to know at Disney. Oh. Eurozone and throw zone in parallel. People got a matte black panther that okay yeah I wanted to ask you to go all the flack this sort of things pretty strong and I think we'd all agree sums of Dracula. Drag do he's day about Frankenstein though man he is a big budget and now I don't know I think as a dozen okay why because Franken Stein did not put himself together so as a guy and our egos are firmly attached or penis. I am a doctor and constructing this person okay. What I'm not going to do to give my penis that the bigger the market there's no. Chance that this doctor gave Frankenstein he boardroom penis that he and there's got to gather whatever I sliding gods are also angered his his big blizzard Brothers remembers very dreary town wants any stands levity should be or is it. Might you know it was a Damon's. Gamers may dominate for 49990. I believe we still have a Chris on the line and Chris are playing for a team not sober and working on question number three. Congress here is your question who's the prime minister of Italy during World War II. He. All while. The prime minister Palin wore it it'll it'll walk. You can prime minister and he. Illinois and there is Raleigh watching soap operas. All my politics and all whooped. Boy at school really wasn't my thing and cool. Well you don't have this way and embargoes we got bad. Which hit a World War II it. He's the prime minister of Italy during World War II you have heard of a stack right folks show you have heard of us access powers. I. They are on health generality and I think Glenn local Leno is much up. Oh and all of my. That Vladimir. Word on how they behave like doing or. Really didn't. Bonds bonds left. I grew fifty guys question the highest temperature ever recorded in the United States occurred in what state. They oh I think now they're gone couldn't. With a fake value formula down here. On ballot bowl oh yeah. I don't know I looked on the chilly for a totally dollar and 31 points. No 13434. Degrees Fahrenheit on July 10 1913. All oh yeah. Other. I'm sure arbor real Mike hawk knows he answered this question. What was the name of the gorilla got a shot and killed the Cincinnati June 2016. After three year old boy fell into the enclosure. All of those you know and I don't not no idea what is and what I don't know what tomorrow may employ here things out. He's generally right here but. You don't remember. How Oakland certainly. You know a little. Oil won't mind. Yeah you do you really got shot and crazy you group consuming around if it. Mike is not funny and I got him you give him real loser girl about my game. The bands my old. All I. And I expressed. According to Greek mythology. Which monster had snakes for hair and concern onlookers into stronger. Oh boy. Told you. Seldom took. A tale only 37 in this challenging words. Should be able to get his. Jail tonight for hair and she looked to junior turned to stone. I don't have a clue. Deuce plunge in seven. Euros drink there expert plus. All love and get them laughed at all okay. I'm glad you don't have a math question but I do this question about beer. We're bound out of beer bottle what is the acronym IP and stands for. Yeah yeah. Well you drink beer at. One all yeah the course looks at why would your poison. Boy IB ABA. In the well why don't walk oil oil. You wanna date when he talked about with a girly who have nothing but learn if you're worried north like where a good line of we don't talk about it. What other phone on talk like yes yeah. You start drinking more. I hear your question which he Orion car company was founded by sir William Lyons in 1922. Skilling did a longtime must feel like our company looks on the nineteenth. When you gotta threat to its feet and car company was founded by sir William Lyons and 1942. And I a couple of feel sorry left. Car accomplice establishment of feline is. Large cap that well you can't get large cast. Our long. It's a car always named after care. First you called play last week. A little did you get behind a monster could you configure the Titanic. Yeah so are you seriously this you can't beat I don't as the presenters Erica is up. Are you really this dumb or are you playing this dumb to be the biggest done. Because if not why would you call and tortures of every single and so. This is either a complete put on rent or there's no way in hell you can be walking around with this little of intelligence so this is not just eight questions from today we go back and fifteenth the last time you played. What is that amp is going on in your head. Yeah oh yeah we need honesty we need I was nor in the jury are you really this dumb are you playing this dumb on TV just try to be entertaining. I don't buy it seemed like only hurting anybody can tell all those but my blinders on not all. That's not the answer the answer is are you putting us on bail or are you really this done. I'm not at all okay. And I've I've got about 616 questions in two weeks improve over you know the Titanic was. You see why I'm asking this question is perfectly reasonable question isn't. Well look at what they thought well and losing public. What the what why car company named after a cat. It's the only get our company's luxury car yes it's easy it's not a barricade. It is the law. God is now rod makes me think he was put their fighters are called a valve on up like eight among a good. He took a breath before everything like. He would like fight is natural instinct to answer questions. Great man Chris from the game for a few weeks until we get to scrap straightened out and it runs on by the way what I do as soon as we started into Mike is this the same guy because we I mean he pissed people off last week like you have no and I'm like you can't be this dump you it's impossible. It's impossible to lock this planet for 36 years and not notice I'm ending 37 it's impossible. I mean my god man my cat knows more than that if it that act is a far far 9990 logos are next contestant re litigate. Hello Andy welcome to the men's room. All rock hard. Fans city area over knocked over. Rather than welcome Michelle there at that too much to go to in my frustration hurt to let go overboard was inappropriate stuff. I don't do it broke it. But I look at Veronica I'm looking going aground the best stupid it's frustrated it it it. Back kid's a man image and as much smack about talking my kids the single most important thing the government health happiness by Kraft. Is. Like don't believe in it can mean you might be an able you might be a huge thank you might be a bitch I don't know I cannot control that bought from me man. You put some analysts for to me that was fundamentally the most important guy named things you can have a freaking conversation. About almost anything anybody did don't know what talk some onslaught of about. As you listen to them you can absorb enough to lure them back they'll put vodka and a Coke bottle any FaceBook to. Her answer grandstand Jim what are ago. I put her first book or even other crew. Great into the point. Exactly a lot of weight seem to your biggest teen yeah I did good. Things are. He doesn't let you play Monroe. He's got a swagger about a job but if you're bragging about it all the time and I don't believe. That's Israel and he blew into your old now. I don't know man I'm. They can now he's got a point man with that. You Brent I never seen the movie but everything I've seen about what he runs his mouth all the time he's the bad fast. I mean do you think you're asking is Hollywood's out of but he's a relatively tall and a four Iron Man we're sitting like David Spade you look at him I can't got a huge crane you know it so I mean it can't. What do you can't. I ran past those who hope to find what does it go small he's built his suit right even has spent his money right I don't become a superhero you don't have it and natural ability. Tuesday and makeup. There's a small business it's a goal in the Southern California regular teenage house hot yet it. And the bad are what are human looks like concludes at right back apparent that if I noticed guard got a small belarus'. These are counting I think that god GAAP product. I didn't question. Okaloosa. Handmade thick stuff corn tortillas. The word traditional disk from what central American country and I think Mexico and from Mexico. It. The savior act to follow. Moved. Savings. Also touted without a salad of greens the savior goes very together Rica and myself like any reason I got a lot of theater is similar care they need it it. So my argument you looking up with him dead disappoint you look at only somebody older she did you might at some point you gotta gotta be disappointed and just accept that all I. Yeah. Florida. I here's a question. What is the highest number of Michelin stars go to restaurant can recede. Yeah or. There were no reports are five. And that's exactly that and they only have restaurant owner in here and if you had six to. Maybe if you look at the threat. You can do that Gordon Ramsay between his restaurant sent just seven stars yet but how do you. How do you break that I can say that old guy like three a fifteen restaurants and I seven stars and invite. Three of them by astronauts on seven about Sonia. My 43 side but I think there's only what one guy had a comment has more. Growth we need to go through a three Michelin star restaurant. I've never remotely do you have to go loose I don't know I crashed the net. Yes so yeah I know about the present and the company dime endlessly on the good like New York Chicago right there exists no I mean I know the cities to fire an a but I don't know the names who shouts it's it is who would never that it is well I never knew anything about it. Then for a while people like I live in Seattle do Cowell wasn't happening and I found out that yet they don't have an office here and they don't great town so they don't have an office. OK okay. What benefit that special and as a tire company no food volume on the tires are here's a question according to the Guinness world records. Which offer. Has the most published works even created a fake religion that still exist today. Can James. Oh. They need me. And you're known I known I. Let's let your own pulpit. Don't you look when you're sort of on the right track to the beginning of that. They knew my autonomy and right play else's accessing the wrong man. Oh am. Well don't. Question number five it. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in what year. I. And she needs to send at least seven always. Sauls. Military doesn't look life. Will we enjoy today and they generally are declared that come that's stupid man it's rare milligrams. I am mentally yet Peter I know you're not thought I believe we hear your pain in the sense. You're actually attempting to answer the question yeah the deference that. Sentence. News cameras say don't say to take. Who usually guardianship rank I can even name the admin if you Gerald. The Lusitania. Could call it emotional right surely die down the concordia. Are at concordia ship wrecked what over the together so we're by like wartime casualties and bigger shipwreck and in this area low white blood diamond great if you're more going on and I know there's an act of maybe like you got our membership are good Haiti maybe you should default that would Titanic it's like Lama. No worries just a couple border whose great great crews got broken down in an apple sells probably the worst. Yeah. Shortly the lesson learned here it was not a Jamaican man he should be worried this release is nowhere X. I think that's yeah. All right. Hey Ricky young militia still buy beach are you suggesting that of the Titanic if they can't imagine any timid maybe. No worries about Hillary's everywhere else is gonna hold my beer yeah the thing were to say it could I think jamaicans a little unduly limited right they were like no words president and I'll stick. You'll be fine jump on maiden voyage probably didn't see things and bad the first time we got her right. Friday questioned six maybe you're paying attention earlier on today show but I hear your question. Yeah he's applied toe can be found in what country. Yeah. And he says it with the authority and he's now he's brag it is hitting Giza. It is well yeah with the well I doubt if I did not realize that the IDs it was a national city until today. When I found out about. Why our man people road going on about the super hero on the big screen I would Aaliyah pilots see all of super Harold believes crank is on Donnelly mister fantastic president fantastic 40 throw the Frankenstein was a doctor Victor Frankenstein he created the monster which is a simply known as the monster or Frankenstein's monster com mistake that day everyone thinks the name of the monster is infect Frankenstein. But it's not that from our buddy Edgar who listens on the fox in the San Jose anger. Look I'm not Toms split hairs I knew that but I don't feel it's obvious pretentious as you just did look. Bank column Frankenstein right all I was saying at that the good doctor Victor Frankenstein there's no way that any man on earth. Given the ability to give another man a penis were picked it penis bigger than his. A fictional character with the biggest member has to be pop I look at this huge ass for harness that from tie up Wolverine feels. Girth of a tree stump Jesus I'm a doctor though it's happy it's dangerous for Wolverine have little self time we're about done about it and I believe I can't with tablets with the is it with the character and those guys guardians of the Dallas in the route there oh yeah I don't grew brood about groups got a huge route. If you know you're at the group route and I'm Barbara D'Amico another 844999. All if you would like gay contestant you are listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. Hey Jeff contents NHL says the best item on every fast food menu in the meantime the game is big dummy 844999. Alone was our next contestant read play the gate miles informative they're just few more comments about super European toga we just as well and that's everybody consumer urges fictional murder Gerri any fictional care and to start it would do you know someone had a strong point about goofy doesn't also speak to the size of his penis but it's speech to a sexual problems I wrote. I realized this actually set a but it makes a good point he says look Mickey Mouse has Matthews. Donald dark has Matthews goofy has a son he's the only guy that is produced is also won a Basset Hound on his hind legs. Are something like that others point out how about King Kong obviously would have huge penis and the people keep bringing up a halt this and how welcome given broke a hole we did earlier tomorrow and had a good point like look. In a few of these guys Roy ended up in these massive body building guys and one thing that's known about them a generally speaking. They got tiny cracks at it and it's just Vera doesn't terror right now and there's no way he does that naturally you know and you gotta consider that they keep this in mind. Every time a whole explodes what Bruce Banner David Mamet whatever. His pants never come off which I think it's an indication that there's not a lot of growth downstairs good idea right good idea that everything his shoes rip off his sacked Soledad there are no bloggers and say here's the thing. He says don't make me angry. You would like me when I'm angry well a lot of guys as small penises or anger that's sure analyzing and he's always the angered. He still angered. That's the point just say. No big guy got they had a big cranked he don't walk around like I'm depressed. I made by live view like. Good job got a big penis to see a lot of shortcomings but he's always done a good mood he's always smiled Donald Duck on the other hand always bumpy it's whatever the short thing though is that yeah. We wouldn't tall people are just able steely but doesn't make you angry shorten it but make no that this is gonna talk about all the shorter taunt and a big producers multi yeah. You know that's Olivetti everything is trying to look I know that it could Shaquille O'Neal you know I mean I'd big guy who. The big guy but I mean I don't know big penis urges proportionally bit. Either way under the proportional rewards and our yearly big book is out there is but still good god man yeah. Hello I am now welcome to the men's room. All our guy. I am. Are you so we're not silver. Sober and a local with the show and can only do loved Tora FaceBook Twitter into Gramercy netcast. Already had gotten off eight point four I don't think they quote apparent. They are now what do you what do you do we're gonna business through all. I'm in direct form and I well why thorough. I would give businesses moment. It did yesterday I'll send you to go on to drum with your clients. And it's. Who are you to go to one prominent. Oh they don't make a comment on that Michelin starred Molinaro. He won't mean. For the first chef and the US severed the initial and Starwood. It's mr. Thomas Keller asked does the French laundry and Napa. Well not OK and home. I've spoken like a thorough why would come as soon. Someone senate takes that the closest. Michelin rated restaurant the summer and tell quite young to build California always have allowed us. There might be I made a killer restaurant once did it yeah I was also what you get. Can you pronounce it. Well I think isn't Bouchard and isn't that Thomas countless. You don't feel you all right that was all right that's all I know you would do it delusional. Vegas is Al has run like I'll Perez who has won in Vegas now and LA. Okay what was it the most expensive million every noticeably go to junior there was at the same place now. That was Carney Venus Coca. But I will say that restaurant was phenomenal comes the first coming had a French rack room which was really good but then one night when they might differ launched may have the best fried chicken Cairo tomorrow. Yeah good no doubt whether the usual. The next the next and then. I don't go an apple aren't actually valid that you bet and she's I have ever you all think it's. She I need a good damage she's sort of I go it's an event was brutal analysis Keller these famous French restaurants and I'll get a fried chicken tonight and achieves everything graduate PB and. I care. I can't remember I almost called you a Democrat you'd be able to add yet they want to talk to them and tried that they went so did. It's back the bread truck and I had it and I think that the conference. And I mostly Jews but where does someone have to take you on a date for you to be impressed related to a red lobsters tonight and into reports. Just says yeah well. I don't think even met yet bread that's that's not going on little ignited by the Australian amateur in the catalog or Atlanta tournament there's. Shenanigans continue on the men's room. The radio network.