12-13-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Takes it On The Head

Wednesday, December 13th

Mens Room Question: What is your most unique or unexpected experience?


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This is the men's room. Hi Lauren now our listeners and ID Iraq Californians rock station in Sacramento and WC IMF Rochester is classic rock thanks for joining the program who sucks let's coming up. Return deposit dragging story steer you clear of drinks civil destroy your night. And the reason for our question today what was your most unique or unexpected experience turns out to be Ted story below them all we have a bit and and we all know that Doug George Clooney if your guy he seems like the kind of guy that will be fun guy to hang out with. You know more good looking. He is he's been with a ton of lovely ladies throughout he's made great movies it's hard not to like this guy or seems DC seems like a decent human yet. So Randy Gerber who is one of his best friends and also happens to be. Cindy Crawford's husband. And also Clooney's longtime business partner. They are the two behind oh god is that Casimir those gasoline castle yeah cause we got good use of case indoors but it's cast amigos when he had to to give it's Trenton has good. Are getting out as yet another thing where you get a nice check for Clooney words like look many put on tequila with people Don what you drink it in its speed is as good as he seems to be as he would be wrong era really everything if it better than Mac. Act basically it's like this. They get drunk in Mexico at some point time and really eating kimono and they were there what their respected others or whatever and they and they flew back and ice tonight look memory that drunken conversation about coming up with our own tequila. Let's go do it. So Randy and George went to Mexico for three months for three months. Without their lives spouse is nothing. And basically went from a guy they plan farms to different regions. Now and they just drank tequila. And basically they're gonna down their find the tequila they lie can say like look. Let's do this this recipe with must go big arm says they did. There and and then they basically drank everything they could possibly fight in Mexico to the found the one they liked but it's still it's still a business trip turn notably the best kind. So a lot of I have part of the story was they drink so much and it they're like they're like we used by the tequila exactly yes that's that's that's what was. So all Randy Gerber is on MSNBC's. Headliners. Any shares a story. About George Clooney. And sister were Roger Ebert. As curry called there's a group of guys that we call quote the boys Georgie call mean and the boy's knees today. Mark September 27 2013 under calendar everyone's gonna come over in my house for dinner. So when George's dinner guests arrived they all found black suitcases ate each of their spots around the table. Andy director. Shared a special mass a message. To the man who helped him in the career so George rays who stands up and he's gonna. Basically talked to everybody there Ernie says Randy. Explain it George begins by saying listen. I want you guys to know how much you meant to me and how much you mean to be in my life I came to LA I slipped on your couch. I'm so fortunate in my life to have all of you and I couldn't be where I am today without all of you. So Randy said Clooney then shared it was really important to me that while we're still all here together that I give back so once you know open up your suitcases. Inside to. For each person one million dollars. Dollar bills. As an armor on peace I don't know man has Gerber remembered at every one of us fourteen of us got a million dollars every single one of us. Were in shock like what the hell zest he goes I know we've all been through some hard times some of you in here are still going through it you don't have to worry about you kids anymore. You don't have to worry about you know school. And you don't have to worry about paying your mortgage I don't know. One was working at a bar in Texas in an airport trying to support his family. He added that he rides a bicycle to work every day I mean these are guys that took care of George and now he's giving it all back. And George says not all that's I have paid everyone's taxes. So this million dollars is yours Scot free amazing right but here's the kicker. So Garber. Married again. To Cindy Crawford obviously does not need the money now so he tells George he is not going to accept the money. Then Clooney immediately told the group I'm just gonna make one announcement. If Randy doesn't take the million dollars. Nobody gets letters. If that is the power move my whole hell yeah my husband well he probably knew it was gonna do it too. I Gerber later donated the money to charity and that's not the only while Georgia Clooney's story there there there there's more apparently. He and his wife a mall or flying with her two young twins. And raised up in first class so George Clooney he's up there. And he gives everybody sitting around and in first class those Bose noise canceling headphones are it's like look I'm sorry man Lima family these kids African this. Here you dissidents silence this is on Lloyd have moved myself yet George Clooney and if you're in it anyway. Could you imagine being I mean like I would think like if you are friends with Johnny man's cell. He probably got a couple free. Weekends in Vegas short Nadal probably had some hotel rooms probably partied in VIP section is probably never base my career on below of lifestyle yeah I mean they you know if you if you. I just I don't know anybody who has those type of friends who grew up in that type of environment what are you laughing at just the common became man and here's George Clooney he's open arms for an for a million dollars so common says or how many people were hoping for a kid Coke. Yeah I. What was your most are unique or unexpected experience with a million dollars again do it every line 8449990. That's totally different story of George Malone disappointment. Don't be cocaine for sure I'll. Hello Todd welcome to the men's room. I only go on I'll. All are on top of our our picture in my desk. Yes so Curtis. Soaring score yours are or commit all lawmakers are back open communities. How sorghum starting gate and thus I happened there. Amnesty kick in at what point he reported. What is notoriously. Ski and make in a geek be action that would muddy outside. And not. One or two by two stalled arms are getting ready to go to the beach and she bumped and bumped to Geeknews mayor slipped so quick. Currency slid out from underneath there and I are wrapped up their turn and don't plan on her on her belly spread eagle. And old and there are horse lob ball side to me I'm Bruce Garland was yeah. Be exactly and I think in the end and I go I'll tell us how do you not just won her head going on a mob and our sites. Every time I moved she distract trash are excited hunger night in eight alternate is still a big old Joseph. Grabbed me by my hair. And literally lifted me up I don't know opera opera turned out the back of the day I'm my own man and shoot any. You come down after after we are out of that out of the gate he's like a sigh about her Mike did. I think you're like you grabbed you can grab anything at that point all I wondered what does. Out of there and I was in colonel how long are you being thrashed round of the horses you lay spread eagle on her belt. Man you know if it seemed like this. Ever recourse but if prob coast probably aren't sure about a minute may be minute Max before he yardage and that's a long and no doubt that the ruling and a long time you read a female horse the odds. Can't. You know now I am I going to me I had thought I enjoy having the total orders. It is I don't know I don't know horse peel on. How because those my buddies are just a brothel. Now they just turn nativist often do they VP she just raised his phrase about like you asses like just like hour an anger Ariel arm all they know exactly what they held it are you kidding me so the mark territory like I don't know the horses did that to me all my guy looks like a guard knows you never see I mean you think you gonna present stream on for like four bud lights or whatever man I mean god dammit and I still horse. I mean not what what you have it. I'm always or most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. Alone hello let's all welcome to the men's room. Allowed on top. So my hand is unique experience I'm more than a couple of and it's. I'm my tablet or an aim Metallica tribute band and I I guarantee me. Yeah I do well with remembered what he'd like. Well and who was he in the bank and organizers lark who are older and William van that was the name of the band like ride the lightning are well what they called self. How they called. Ate it all okay I. Always like pass or Muppets but whatever I was all living color sort of invade like but what that. Am and I expect. I. Not every I created downtown yelled allotment act there's a they they when I look like a lab and until. I eventually joined the band because they could not find any teeth out they cleared for Andre and. Kind of like a real Lambda. Yeah I mean I'm wondering if I remember an lead changes most often seems to be the base and. EI LE aperture. And Barrett gold in Iowa that got a little. They were like you know or eight new gone into every single one of art it is beauty let alone obviously all of the song why don't you just learn and play. I'll lean eight by Garrett on the paint I learned how to play L I started acting when learn it. I'm a one point got to the age of sixteen I started playing Cho went out. And it went very very difficult I believe we're able and love got a couple of gig that barred L. Yang and sixteen years old walking into a bar that got eight completely at a Metallica tribute band are already here would. That's terrible man Arabs or go and he's not Ted cool would spell out a pretty cool today at Disney give beer every once a while. Cool oh no no no no. You know they have that other band members are all older actor party because I already I let it go back now. OK I. Dad is Leander and blue on almost a year. And tell employee barrier to hear that they saw how many years did you play base in the metallic contribute than him. Well I believe me you went and there. A budget equates to injury here and then I got my dad killed that day and can't even actually end their Iron Maiden. I was that there are other column I'd like three years. And then I also joined in this original band thank you have been called echo Latin. And I did that are a couple of your dad and he like entered when he learned how. A quiet I added. Or a leg and let my entire trial under any public. That is so I don't know I got a judge is one out I was sacked him and I learn how to blow on me are loosely to Metallica and iron free can maiden some assuming you're pretty good already. And OK and easy. I mean I mean why why I even brushed white flag I mean at an all black eyed girl outlive. And then seven all Iron Maiden blacked out at lunch all of. You can believe how many times Bruce Dickinson change disclosed less to muscle that you is not only that it was like a fresh air as a Liberty's ownership written. I think every song you come back in costume to the shirt is changing everything or is it at all costs them all as we advantages comes out that he disappears behind the stage. Bruce comes back I'll wave the flag and now. Oh yeah. What was your most unique aura unexpected experience I soliciting or somewhere in time last night and Canada is an album afternoon I was in the foreigner. More calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. I ever turn up those Sox last start bless him always rose unique or unexpected experience we go do a lovely honeymoon. Where a new bride proved me quite against during our honeymoon even the sharks range rat. Did Evan Carol filming his wife Sarah as they were snorkeling in the crystal clear blue waters what a five foot nurse shark John down on her arm. At first she thought her husband was playing a joke out of its and realized it was an actual shark when the pain said and I realize what else does she think it might be as she reached out to it and a better right now armed. And look pass from my goggles were blocking my side vision to see the show are bigger than myself then latched onto my arm. The South Carolina woman said she managed to pull herself free and swim off when the shark released its grip. Nurse sharks which they say feed on smaller creatures that live in the sand usually are not aggressive animals and typically do not attack unless they are provoked. There was no tail pulling or feeding during my circle with them. She was up with a big bloody bite mark just above arrest and later posted footage ever attack of course to our FaceBook and it's a grand counts. In his honeymoon with a bang and abide she wrote. Check out the surprise and very rare nurse shark bite in the bite in the video and don't forget to two year deal volume to hear the crotch. Good sets me gain crashed on a lot of people who have been attacked by marine animal I do not now mean that. Closure caused a unique or unexpected experience a 44999. Lola says it's good call yeah I don't know anyone and certainly not a short. A full mile wife away from wall more heels of a boy done that you think they were smiling she did she took facial masks and I want to others he's huge teeth and I'm like oh my god do what is wrong with you and I just yanked her by the arm and an author of our. Hogan who are independent and. Think that if there were smiling at our caller colder few names like what are what are what are you doing balloon then I don't know what actually looked like when you're looking at it face off on a wall and holding and with an affront how would you like huh. All my god it was like that's Weyrich draft that is correct it Jesus it. The closure most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. Cola hello nick welcome to the men's room. All it's. Dollars down about sixty dollars 29. And I got circumcised at 29. Yeah why was it. Why why did you make this decision it's a we have into the blanket. Yeah yeah well. Well we all know out we're old now when you don't. Need. Well mine. You tied at the top end so would eat and soul. When I would have said it will dead. And literally just hair and lead in our. And at all man you can have enough skin for the size of that hug you go yeah yeah. They'll play it literally ordering a scar tissue around the top the hard to get out there Anderson. Yeah I did I would force it down occasionally and then. The that head would get red it would literally cut the circulation now. He probably couldn't clean and because of that as well you're forced him lift yeah strangling your own. Yeah pretty much died it was it was a rare once how much smaller due to look after the operation. I'm kind of wondering like if I was not circumcised and I am like how much bigger what it looked. It if it did it give out bigger because I didn't have the old sleeve govern us. I'm proud parent I'm OK yes Suzanne the figure when she got the yen the blanket gone. Yeah after. CJ a share is when you and I and generally joke when you look at natural pagan a blanket the appetizer. Is that what you're really into having an Atlanta brewing for everyone's holiday party but I saw his foot down to launch no cocktail winners and A Akron the role for you get a cocktail weenie does look tide here inside the blanket. We're receiving physical play on its own and looks a little bigger there a thing about dividend that the mustard okay now so all right. So is it are always present all the list since I sensitivity wise is it a different experience already is far if you've always heard that it is that I you know sure. And I guess the leaderboard Jerusalem and I don't so Obama I'm blissfully ignorant I guess as far as I goes but just the fact. Then that could happen and that they did happen I'm OK with okay all right so let what is it so sensitive that you can't. Did the your time is thrown off. Mean if you have forced him. Yet consider race as it makes it more sensitive yeah yeah he would finish things quicker. Many of them are with every race already and uncertain 'cause I'm sort of a lot of guys we're going to say and don't. So I'm it's our list let's let's say that I am I'm cooking I'm coconut distilled brightened among circumcised. Donna how cooking I got a cast iron skillet you cooking native. Now an NNN open now is to Greece is too much flatter and but also and get light headed and I just faced by it like boom like right into the pan hot oil heightened in my whole forehead. This is completely burned a hell off okay. But. I have. For skin on my penis because I have not been for your forehead right now our good doctor I think does it look we have to do skin graft the giant. Could they theoretically take the skin. But for skin and then put it on my forehead stable and under for a right. Yeah I mean don't they are literally just solve the statistic they said now and I'm Arnold and like every I don't feel like when they circumcised. Babies now. Sometimes a force convinced that the Vladimir and get over an acre of skin in the under your little crispy bit now sometimes that if you buy a really is also nice article of clothing they will give you a small swath a patch of the cloth just in case. This guy like what you've always got to do this if you haven't been like you can be burned to you know get it would you would you still it's like. It's like a car with a spare tire full size spare time you know I am like you can add a little tiny donut but I'm saying like you know like this is going to work you know have to worry about too much or force him in general you shoot your ass like you have a bit but I mean being circumcised is like not having that's fair titled burn your forehead right yeah I think you bought a used car we don't have despair again exactly double we've gotten. But that's only got right from Kent. Closure most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. All I never thought about how Haiti that is really easy the uncertainty as news becomes the Swiss army knife river hill Lisa monies to sins and give you some scans if I reliability and literally I've got some skin so that they want a low fat you had to remove Bob Roland yeah it was him backed local and welcome to the men's room. All yeah. So I got to historically yes the idea if you could pick. Got hit by car. Or. Day shot Michael what would you not being able to. I wanna hear the male male got the shore but it under estimated the black cock sure didn't have a car data we deal who cares. Yeah okay well out of I'd say. 1819 years old although some tables when dog. And there is entirely enclosed building and I had my hand down on the board pulled out. Approach shot that doesn't look at all they had to win the board popped. It looked around global impact and you don't. It didn't didn't go to food table I can't sort out what bigger looked out my hand. And eight. It about a two and a quarter inch nail. In about a quarter and so that was sticking out in my. Paul right about where my thumb. In a hole. And did yeah and I saw. Jim do you guys sitting there what they actually grow in the took happily relocate go to off the plane had walked. About. Record while you are there. And my brother wasn't me they're Brothers the whole time he has until we do men just don't I just don't think I wanna have to carry them about the place called my brother. And good walking off that. I we opened the door by a mall to insulate liquor bill what draw. Would it went what can the medical clinic. Look like hitting it out of the right players poured pulled out they lost my dad when he showed up. Dick Cologne and Hamlin ran his dad's brother bad bad boy out of there. Met my daddy get suppliers seek them back yet with six different partner and channel locks. You can go to take a clip. Is that how you got lost his dad isn't that drew the damn thing out. Now I took good nurse Jane knows who and the doctor to hold my arm down. Because attendance started to tighten up. The local anesthetic and gasoline up yeah did they suck up okay but they held it held it down it took. Three of them hold it down and the doctors all the well you still have functioning some use in the south. No blood no doubt send with a man backed them up full function and no meat no glad I got straight week. And how did you get have my car curious just out of curiosity would be walking in the carnage across the street to a all I hope people look at target and I totally out like 80 my bicycle. I'll Mike are all talking about here all our death race 2000 kid Arnold and I don't know I didn't in my own how bad do you feel when you hear that did it. On a bike and I that I Greig could. Yeah I mean like there is no worse scenario like you're having money sad damn reaches. An eight year old and a bike arena ice cream cone I am by political. My aunt was watching a book launch. But and we went and raided by debt gold belt aren't yet whether they go out like to put whole milk dark. I let politics. So we went and robbed it wouldn't got canceled got a couple little historical story. We just did this news street now too slow look but I got hit a role on the I rolled up on the windshield there rolled back down off. Landed on the ground. Syria ironically it was still in doubt I like the fact if you log in on pot store the first thing you do is ask your idea your eight years old and Mike and walk into liquor store to buy an ice cream cone they'll say god damn thing. They knew they know we'll look I don't same thing on thing like tonight and I got to nearby and rom but as soon I like if I told my kid get on the street by the impact of cigarettes and no fly. A little bit you know if we don't go into the liquor stores to buy food. He's been by just that he left and right right right is in my state it was an ABC store so strictly liquors there was no way you can walking in my anything if you wanted to HI. So without yellow agro cosmic stuff things I thought that was again I think your liquor store you chips. Next thing if you're right. About the way dead economic and when happy with the pagan blankets a that you brutal month for quite a few people. And today like it for lunch and our regular brawl I Barneys I notice OK that's it too little weenie and an incredible role makes them on Christmas no worries. And owns and he them. No I don't want to even think about this for a guy that's forced and ripped off mean what I mean look there's a lot of things they're phallic shape that you still enjoy eating. Short. Like frozen chocolate but that's okay very does that account closure most and I unique are unexpected experience a 44999. A lot. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Liquor there our current cars. I would going public. They're scared though are my story is. When I was in junior high. What my buddy my when Donna DO local interest all the play basketball or. And there is high school girl down merit she was really pretty and we are not in Turin. Somehow it led told. I'm asking you to see her breath. And shoot like you know being that if you go home and get all of your candy from. And I always. And you're right now we'll do that and we want electric remote back to my house got all of our Candice came back to the school gave dirty and she left. Hi this is her car. And got awesome suit asks that you really candidates and walked away. You know what we gave it can be and then you're like all right I'm gonna go around the corner and you come back you can come and a couple of minutes that you've gone our oh yeah. Go jet slid up shell and my buddy don't quit. Just a little while later without like. Condit I'm going home and went home called Maria. I'm and I like seven period. Okay that's amazing what kids do and it says that adults did his thing Iran if this doesn't matter of Tennessee moves everybody's got a different currency. So as an adult you spend money you're strip club and send things for the straight guy can do handyman to about a way or another common game or Jolly Ranchers in the Milky Way. Let's see here I still love is a guy as the person. I still have my simple patch that's a reference to his forced him and it's always been enjoyed our goal my bubble gum. Grainy I'm gonna stop there really care redress that agreement. Lou. All guys wrong god it's it's just. I would love to share that as I do agree and I can enemy and it's us. Closure most unique or unexpected experience 844999. Old there are some weird people move on and they listen to the shows hello Don welcome to the bedroom. All on Iraq. Tortured you and Paul Laurie. Or one relevant than they've. My dad doesn't look over there and some of those I and we had that maybe we'll watch is it yet but I'm. And we got in trouble are so we have got a lot that I've been lodged in the output evidence virtually done we were. Jumping up all on the trampoline. And we categorically denied it and like I hadn't told me I don't wanna put it so I jumped up live on the trampoline. And a loved one on the court. Did that at the other horse that also run with the audit and but not so much fell down. In my head a little on the back. Well in the English is in running now and she was wearing nothing but there's only been a dark and he would be at a time for develop out of them that I am lies. Obama ahead bleeding. All guided. Bombs. A little thing altogether stardom and I don't all my house under his family and I don't know horrors but they don't want to join our running but can Enron ran out and then about the seventh grade to do cellular Indian mascots live unmarried candy. I will do like you know Hollywood. Tied stunts. It is just a slacker guys. Are right but when I was in high school the neighbors across the street moved in right and they were like a younger couple I guess and probably. Late twenties early thirties or whatever but the woman was very attractive. And again I think late ninety's so late. Everybody worked out as much as these two they were being worked out people in Jimmy's I don't know Hawaiian or something she was beautiful. So when Damien my body or sit now there retreated big gulps in my driveway. If she comes out the door to get the mail almost in a movie where am at a sports problem like little short strength as you say hey guys I need to go and somebody dropped so big this is considered sympathetic I think it it it it it features that we as the candidate you just dropped at the if she started lack OK oh. Ethic. If you close your most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. Old again the doctor now of course he has. I'm tired of looking camera I've rats if it's hello Jake welcome to the Madrid. All luck on the job. I got to do a good Jake are you man got good. I'm always league experience. On gauntlet a unique experience. In much beyond they have or slim and in late. And we found that dog so like half submerged under water. And we had decided to go and try get it done that you thought so. We're hang in there were bolting their fire arms kind of deal might pull out trying to get it on it was trying to power play it successful long successful. Experience. Under water zags everything. Half submerged underwater passing it from adult yet. I'm a program and says I'm ranked. I think everyone says thanks underwater once it's just it's loud as this is great if you think it's gonna now it's just that our and it's only just days. Mean look at he had the opportunity always go for it but it does not the map well sure I mean at the opportunity presents itself from any time. Don't advice I'd give each is not hot tubs but accuse Egypt out why what do. What's the reason no chemicals aha oh we can very important what was your most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. No luck. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room. It. So my experience slow smile. I was so overseas is being stage when a quorum. And they got the strip club over there where the strippers beach you on stage dictate you look. And they spank you would your belt. OK. I am and I can't just quality brands Portland. Was employed and I never been known loud and her. That's the normally and normally I got a bachelor party your guys dollars and I don't know if this is normal I normally don't do. I the morning I saw you were there Nader's speech and sort of on that early even rip earlier underwear in the mutual Ted do what. Let's restore normal list oh. Okay that's that's the lukewarm yeah I didn't sort it out because it was my first time. And now all the guys knew that my first time there like they are. But the money onstage and I beat him and out like oh god I looked I'm gonna get beat on stage so I went along with. The goaltender around she put them all and start having trouble Obama danced. I hope their little bit with their and then I gave remote and she just started whale and I'm you know look oh my goodness this church. So I just kept all along with that and then eventually towards the end of the cheapest apologized by the K you're doing it for the show in front of everybody self. But the coast so discreet against banks with mr. on the gulf. The law in all partly this is what she doesn't she meet his astle Matt she's still fall Matta Juan come for the beaches stay for the beat beat. Larger most unique or unexpected experience a 449990. We've got more your calls on the way you're listening to the men's or radio network. I cannot return of the plaza very story. And all still here steering clear of drinks civil destroy your night that's coming up right before we bring it tells with a shot of the day. Our question today what was your most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. Solo hello Mickey welcome to the men's room. Oh allow. Yeah. You have got. I had a pretty. Unexpectedly. They are really excited that it erect it and that Beijing is in jail. Why why did you get arrested. It made it but it does it'll dry. As well I have three OJ and I got it Eli. How come I and you are never two days. It is yet and I've never. I didn't hit my card so they are better at the port eighty tickets doubts. Yeah our number. These people feel aren't sure if I thought I was there and I would lead I thought I woke up a poker I'm I have to I'll make lists. Shooting her way. Don. We're both good and a bug or what form but back but. I actually yeah I found out that way they go out. Think they're gonna be arrested David Walker I live here are illegal. Act on got up and try. I hope so because they're already anticipating that they're going to get arrested. So yeah as a whole lot. Yeah yeah so I think it's OK I wanna Wear Fanny pack now it's the truth and let you know pornography and it magnolia give me any crap that's all I'm saying. You know you're straight up. I don't have a pouch to me now have a pouch and I don't have a panel that are functional out these items two weeks ago is when you have to go back to court to find out all the shake cents. I go back act like BJ Larry but it I'm sorry I'm hopeful and I don't want to go back so. I about it. Yeah I wonder how much money it's gonna cost you in any idea. Not yet I think I don't get quite that way I caller I luckily I don't have to go back gallon. These data the gun apparently illegal. Yeah. I'm sure that's vagina heroin needles how what the hell all stars I love this stuff there for that not amendment we. EU UUUUU. Vagina heroin needle what was your most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. Nolan. Yeah I guess anytime you get arrested you probably weren't Xperia you were expecting it unless of course you're heroin addict in the U and then you just anticipate you're going to get residential agencies that part of it too is people just. They stash stuff in those spots all the time. And I'd like I saw guide poll heroin I was I think he's back in our yeah I got bagged teased hair hung out the back pocket. As some drama and I don't know if he was just walk around prepared or like cops rolled up moves ago thrown in the pocket and the sort of blow hole. Lol animal read welcome to the men's room. Now don't stop laughs. Now my panic stricken experience around the turn out my had been to have any OK I could hear. Yeah I'm the 19 he told me their brother's tragic comedy about 6 PM our time they are home from mark. And radical. Angered them all then any and all of them. Probably April that sidekicks Gary Blair around like alien and that time horse. Yes I'm sure I was on my home from larnaca on the worse. OK. And I decided right around town. It he's found a horse to horse around town. Yeah I knew that there a bottom of the bar and it's at a relatively Toronto. That you used all of course. I hear why don't drop from the bar and a guy that would create an idea yeah it was great to. If he ever get news and I like him already this video trouble or the. Now I'm hitting it telling myself don't rip would've backed a good hard and I thank you believe that this is all true. I am a little bit about senate. You got to leave them like who's gonna tell your wife and the reason I'm in college I got pissed drunk stole portion rode around town. They absorb what goes through that chances are there telling you the truth in that moment that would be my belief. Does he often do stuff like this I. All the content and she's a very British thing to deal. But still a horse and rider on time or just happened on the way home from the club Aurelio final visual welcome by feel there's doors like Helen. I mean it was a story about the British dude selling in some other country for a soccer match they stole Lama. And they like walked around to pictures went and won both the story. So to a soccer fans or go somewhere to see again pretty sure they're played there's somewhere else. Anyhow somehow they see a Lama they decide to steal it and then like they just pictures of them walking around town bloc may mean the British and then move on television. Our question what was your most unique or unexpected experience or your calls coming up along with the return of a positive during story and we'll steer you clear of drained several destroyer night that's all coming up. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.