12-11-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Is Up For The Hunt!

Monday, December 11th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Websites and Hunting, Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Are your best as as good as minor categories web sites and hunting we'll do your guess is good as mine after email cement through amendments or live dot com we have a few comments as well we had a couple of payments as I walked into my 350 pound mother along brining her 350 pound husband. That is seven under Brown's sweat. Loses dude Myles is right upper got below where birds of the same thing when I was taking a bloop here goes my grandpa but his defense yeah I mean you could be I could be in the bathtub my grandfather would commend the drop off. And you have a normal conversation and get out does business a mock up I wasn't about things in the fall governments like the final now you'll learn better through ride the poop smell didn't I'll man my grandfather relay and and the worst thing you've ever so on in your life my grandmother would commit a Russian team. It is like what is going I'm just used to it. I know they're used to it man and a I know different generations do different things but the thing the bug me most about my grandparents are and the guy and the comment reminded me of the man each time they pull other dentures and they put them not nuclear blast follows only Tupperware and whatever. I wasn't ever do that I don't know what are pretty used to clean your interest rates so you're neutron peace in past can take your eyes off of the 72 right. Sitting in this class and he's weird bubbles in food particles in common and it was just. And I sales rose and Taylor okay well one of my favorite things in life is an option short of absolutely and I. Tupperware back in the seventies and the eighties they. Had this little thing and it was a shake able milk shake made the idea goes like a plastic little circular star that would in the middle kind of like a drink. Where they have those little balls now of the event sheiks to the six figure title plastic in things did you put inside in the as a cap on top and handled other cap and you shook it up as well. Well my grandfather used to clean his dentures and it indeed shake it up with a solution that had to make some bubble. So it kind of like that was my favorite thing to make because at home I may milk shakes out it's SN home and my grandparents' house like a look in there and as I teeth down and I. Okay. Kind of killed my building there for a few years they are god it I don't know what that is the million. Friends. They're not often turn news. Hello Craig welcome to the men's room. Our. Hi Greg loving the show the random question question mode you say Greg is the worst thing about any neighbor you've ever had little ones you have right now. Solo. Let's see here well look bad double what I was living in San Diego. Or just flat road sects. Every night. Every night. You knew you were you Indians or were you annoys. Mostly you know like mostly you know it's like hey and why can't help but wake up at like or in the morning why are they going until mid. And is it who was at both of them contributing to the sounds. Just aren't images screamer do you alerts you say I rather be dug that. You add. In accuse you rather hear if you commute you got to care or the other if you're on your legs longer Sally and me who you wanna hear. Marcel okay yeah well. And DeWitt what you did it make you think to yourself like OK am I not doing a good enough job or is this guy just just just knocking it out apart. Our Tim yeah are Oca. He wanted to read. Pocono that maybe is the bags you their bill with anybody who's that vocal or maybe zero U with that the other end who may be on the urban good enough to make someone that's. You say you might highlight its cloud number company will not vocal that you see or go that's my store for them. Did you tell people aren't you glad you read it right there. You go to got a Lucy did you see the couple. I'll never solve urgent as ever sacks. Well man I tell you what I those one night and there was in Jacksonville Florida at the omni hotel I'll never forget this night the last time we're staying there. And the people beside us they are going at it goes like this headboard was bang it against that that the beds must have been pushed together on eye wall is a mean it was just like. He's here and right she is Golan not. I'm 1920 years old and I'm sitting there something like. And I'm probably not doing this for a fact you don't like it I think I'm doing a good job and apparently I'm not like an almost Obama like I cannot. This is unbelievable of course we ought to check out eleven when I get out man or get out and I look over Mike. Oh my god that's just it's just not what I pictured by guy I've I was well what did you see I was thinking more penthouse is more this. This look like more bowling Alley I mean you know it was it was I mean obviously. This man was assortment I mean I don't know Jordan I mean lose impact how impressed. Ariza metal the worst thing about your neighbor I'll try to get through this the best I Kansas is written in England to be an artery. But day cell would clan they called them has been locked up for Christmas and the people of the area are incredibly happy. Neighbors are said to be celebrating this week after all but one of Britain's quote the worst family were locked up for Christmas. Darren cell would he was the last own 34 years old. He was sent to jail after being handed a fifteen month sentence for stabbing a friend who asked to share a state dinner. I don't. Both his younger brother Lee who's 31 and his mom Leslie were both sent to prison after a fight three weeks ago. Darren older brother Jason who is 33. Is already serving a six year sentence for blowing up the cash machine achieved with gas canisters in a bid to steal about 191000 pounds. I it is understood misses so what do 54 year old grandmother is serving her time. While her three sons are ads another jail. Neighbors said they had to endure years of violence binge drinking and anti social behavior and like in the cell woods to the lawless Gallagher family. Well and I'm your dads visit they're just like the Gallagher is feeling no. I work at a famous party I don't Aaron or her last month the Daryn refused to share stake so he stabbed his body reasonable yes in 2014. He was jailed for three years after knocking on a teenage girl while at a club. Only misses so woods' daughter Kelly remains free for the festive season although she has a conviction for assault after escorting toilet cleaner honor neighbor. During a fight about lad loud music. Mother of three told the paper family was beating treated unfairly she says it's very hard what they are even allowed presence. They need to be cut some slack it's Christmas time. But yes every single one of this family who all lived in the same residence now behind bars except for one dollar billion treated unfairly and intrigue that's crazy that is crazy I mean is one thing to you have annoying neighbors it's another thing to have it all justified others are terrible round. Gail runs than the entire neighborhood group departed because they're imprisoned. Hello Nicholas welcome to the men drew and I thought wow. I hate us so well man about a do pretty good pretty good. If all goes goes this clinic with them would you say the strangest reason that you broke up with somebody or someone broke up what you are. Strangers raising use Canada maybe they'll save and wanna be is somewhat anymore. Us has to be slowly. Lay out my ex girlfriends. You with us through the little crazier and it's. Send us. She's cute picture could never get over the fact that I had exit myself. Get on board. Yeah exactly you know. Thirty year old man you don't have you don't have ex girlfriend. Yeah you can handle it anyway before you meet the person that you with all the time and exactly and she always rubbed it in my face and and just let it go Psycho on me and surge yelling and throwing. It may well what was the problem. I know everybody brings their history with my soul men was thirty encourage going around someone. Aren't necessary thing there's you get a thirty she obviously tactics is yourself. Just like I had exit myself but I did what I told her placate. It's OK I didn't panic is before I don't care but you could never get over the fact that I had exit myself it was a really weird treaties saying. David armour told her that the older she gets the tougher this is going to be for her. Correct it. But it got deployed why I just I broke up with her and I think actually a schedule would be important dropped off curbside and I could have and I play. I'm really. Wow OK so that that's let's Agassi was the jealous type that you go through your stuff looking deceive your cheating all the time. Well she she would have always try to grab my phone I go to my own. I plan sounds we like having your sons either cheering yeah yeah sure it always you know golden red folder you know keep on calling won't take. And I never you know an average you know there's somebody who took illustrating how long were you. You're gonna have to look. True okay you're apple any contact since then birdied she seriously get on the plane and and never been such a via. Great week we talked like one or two times after that and dead so no more complex work. You don't have enough thirteen years later so no more contact and jazz man magazine doing a lot better now. Oh yes sir I'm actually sitting next to my wonderful wife. Right now Loveland Lanka Asian amateur x.s and Jeff did you notice you know you do or don't shoot. Again we don't have led the points. I have nobody nobody is baggage free audio something it's like. Reason whereas the strangest reason your broke up with someone as a woman in Bristol England named and the this realm and affairs and the rest. And I'm guessing that's not a real name considering she works as a spiritual guidance counselor that's not a real he's gonna put stones on your forehead and everything will be cleaner. She recently made a big life change or stop dating men and she started dating goats. And though as a start a few years back when she sends a ghost in our house so she put on lingerie to seduce the ghost and then she had sex with a quotes you can feel it there was a wait and weightlessness the physical breath a stroke and the energy as well. She was married at the time but after three years her house her husband is like luck. Actors who weird I can do is anymore I don't know what else gone mama that's why they split up. And since then she says she's gotten Don wit. Twenty different ghosts and now she says she likes to have sex with goes better than men. She says her next goal is to figure out how to get impregnated by one of Senegal's. Boy Kim and dose practice very safe sex. Rumor goes continent. Absolutely. Barely tell it's on that would be a really weird it. Theme to tell someone. About your Rex you know like anything else like yeah go through a divorce you know they can that is never proud moment for anybody. You're sitting at the public you're having a beer they say hey would have been with you and end of this and you sit well. She had sex what's when he goes in she left me with a friend and you don't like what made in you say yes. My wife let me because she prefer having sex with a ghost. These are own words. She says it's right on how many different positions can you get in when you have the sexual ago yeah I don't style. I am not a go stop this thing is as a dude up like I maybe if you're if you're the woman and you can feel the dude goes a bit of a guy like. How an army of I wanna be behind by you my sure she's learned do you guys Villaraigosa sex web cast from actress. It maybe that's what it is. No job and our guys and a good mind again our guys will be web sites that I think also there return investments are becoming ever would get your emails on the way from the newsroom amendments are my dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio networks. Levels during adulthood shall then around a profile that's coming up as well a first down for a few emails here for the men's room and then survived our job. Only Jose had a birthday to my friend Tim he's the coolest Tim that I've ever met I do not know it sounds he would want to but how about some German thrill. And some Ozzie Ted thanks guys and from Eric. They are for your bullpen did they don't want to go figure might hide and go seek my. Dan. That if amendment had a birthday Tim what do you think it's the best of ground. The best did the best and I don't wanna be those who get did Tim James Dan Dennett outback power to a gruesome Tim bits. Cool cool cool cool cool. It is my daughter Audrey is having her golden birthday she loves the show doesn't ask too many questions nothing would make her daylight somebody if you can now hitting the window and a big old LeRoy. Ditch oh. The. I missed mine before I realized that was the thing with that ought to know it. The golden birthday. When Maryland's. Like right if you turn might for me would have been like turning 24 on the 24 rights are golden birthday is whatever date your birthday is ridiculously year. Right maybe if you're 32 were older its pastor back. Yet that's what happened in the outing here about Tulsa 25 I'm nobody till our yeah okay. United annoyed at Mattel is closing the show daily my first burn sub born son Christian. It is turning seventeen today please with a wish him happy birthday and let them know that his dad step mom and little brother miles. Yes the same miles we named after you miles are proud to be the man he has become the LeRoy Jenkins. In original they sand wedge and some dirty Germans all that for Mike just in miles thanks guys and. Yeah. Now what. Are we need deserves a new book the one to read this the key to continue to teach a yeah not happened but they miles. Next not to use them as Christian Christian so I didn't blow his seventy as little brother named as it's gonna give you pleased with my wonderful daughter ran. We have a birthday today is her twentieth timer on the sun. Police have thrill and Ted isn't dirty Germans are pleased that from the lovely Chandra to a make it about the England she'd appreciate that. Yeah our. England the ones I know insurance pays down diving into the ocean. Yeah everybody who is pregnant. And oh penguins six shore up with a boot time. My cousin I've been losing your men's remember our show for a decade or longer we've always have some inside jokes we showed joke about what does have a true. We had a bit of a falling out in May and have had very sparse communications cents. Today's his birthday I know be listening of the gets into the message blow once in a mob to the barber shop they Sam would you be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys heavy birthday she midst face. I hope you're having a great day when your family fan for life and thank you that from Joseph. Fears it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. Z.'s daughter on the side. The television I wish he still really a zero in the morning and afternoon at noon and then not. It's guys they advertise shop my boyfriend Jake who turns 29 today he's pretty cool how about it and drove penis into morning duke thanks guys. And pro tennis. Desks after Jess and definitive out of the people who sit and nobody ever their request for eject. They're very digit I guys always you which Edinburgh did my husband Matt thank you for being so patient with me. Love you so much every bird they can give a fish sandwich and some dirty Germans please and thank you from your loving wife Sonja. Fish sandwich and job when you look in the mud will be much to drink to have a mouthful of sunny. And if you think you can and I would also pay attention to who's so red flags since waiting a couple of hundred birthday hopefully we enjoy some more incisive. Some good. All of noise my husband Carl happy birthday ha Carl we love the show. Gonna get a barbershop faced sandwich with cheese and charter on the side thank you guys in cheers that from Carl's wife Nicky. Use it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. G.'s daughter on the side. Smell it is Stanley is he's still really can't see in the morning and afternoon. News and I know. It started sores and a lovely while many may be an alien in my twenties I'm 29 I'll be a word during your show and beloved here's a knotty German talked. And maybe some Ozzie Ted as well but everyone has Merry Christmas and rock on that from Chris. And our Christian and we both of them went to where you'll bulletin with a desk this. That did it smelled it once simple question you stretch editing down. Guys I admire a man his birthday he is one last year into his thirties and he always makes me feel young could you please give a second I've got gate. And the vagina. Have you heard they Andy with regards bad from Colby well. I know outages today is my love deems 34 trooper on the sun and I wanna Saddam's a radio love. He's the coolest candid sedentary is dead and I'm glad to be part of another year with them. It may get a big old rob I got a big old bomb ripped. And thrills dirty is German and a bit of Ozzie Ted that would complete his day thanks love the show that from Denise. I'll remember on the cute about sudden looking like a leaky heart. There Ted if Melvin and I have to me settle this month gain something runs you name it's being it's not forget about it. Does is mow a rather bills forty Jerry Brown is a great brother and elements are Lesnar he's at Owens flooring. Installation company so Kenny did the dirty Germans talking about spending the day on their knees like the hardwood in tearing out the carpet. That from his shift let's brother Jim. You are absolutely I'd like to multitask. You are doing to. Mean the competence and live hardwood all the good guys talking about playing hard to have. Almost forget the fact release back to normal in this room. I'm I'm I'm I'm Gina miles. And goes back to stuff the mama Carroll announced twisted and turned 49 today and as I was hoping for the birthday shout out to be accommodated by an original face salads and hopefully a second up cupcake. Thanks and even metal that from Austin. Fish sandwich oh. Hi guys you're Yule. Happy happy happy I got I had this idea that you are okay I'll be happy yeah I. I pray you debuted they do. Mitch. Thirteen German Bronson. All available through these world saying so men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Who I am sure I fly to. Lou is getting contestant on line for your guess is as good as mine we'll take color and I'm right now 8449990. That's coming up the minutes got lectures. Eyes larger animal story guys have hilarious one now my friends pit bull decided one day to eat my friends adult toy. And she called me when she got home and found what was left of it. The suction cup team shouldn't only for the next three days straight he was passing that toy I cannot stop laughing my butt off. Subject John Denver one guys merger question about John Denver on big dummy. Throw used include that he wasn't very good pilot that is false he was an excellent pilots so much so the plane he crashed in that was an experimental aircraft. He was teams do enough to be a prototype pilot. So the sun Hollywood true story by OPEC doesn't matter how good you are though the equipment is flawed est Thursday that from chuck. Mike and Greg I could land area good made invited head. Ma'am I don't know yet exactly OK let's agree he was a good pilot too that he Willis yes. I guys today stupid things for love to go one hourlong bus ride to Roanoke to Virginia Tech to sell my blood plasma. So I could afford to buy my girlfriend flowers for Valentine's Day dame plus forty minutes in the snow to get the plasma place. The net Iran backed gets the last bus while feeling light headed because she told me she was going to go to dinner with another guy who like hurt if I didn't make it back in time. Bag guy by the way is her new boyfriend clearly a great investment. That from Brian bam ma'am why Powell. Wow. Boy that's like we want somebody told today do you still making the effort to get them I hope not. And then this one is this looks fairly entertaining. Ho ho ho cola vigilance I thought you might like to hear how the men's room ruined my daughter's Christmas concert absolutely can guy. My daughter plays the clarinet in her school band and they had three songs ever one play the first two I recognize my name of the third. I did not have the first was god rest you merry gentlemen no problem right now them. Second on was parked The Herald angels sing again and yeah no problem. The third song was called in Dole's. Jubilant Jew below June below. Which translates into with sweets rejoicing okay. As I said I didn't recognize the name but as soon as I heard the tuna I almost burst out laughing you see in Dole's drew below whatever. That happens to be disarmed as played by the dirty Germans on your show. Certainly this is the Christmas Carol in the middle. For the whole time the kids are playing news on the song like if they go through and dizzy and yeah. Violent perverted things. Thanks a lot NASA's. Merry Christmas Eve of the regular. Still losing every day your long misses her old one break rice's job merit. They German Christmas and a happy holidays. As soon. Reminds you Stockton. Just trying to put the company. You're welcome to the lover at. I can taste the kind of guy income. I'm nosedive on your death is as good as mine. Yeah that is the game to play we get a good test and online area every day from one of two categories and then from there it's a do you. To get as many right inside category 343 strikes and you're out say good target Desiree to play the game known as your guess is as good as my. Frankly miles I don't know some of the best buddies doesn't make of Tom hello Tom welcome to the bedroom. Taking time. Hello. Very I feel their job today. All right time now the game is played. If you can't categories that sure. Able to pick from today the ten most influential web sites of all time and the top states as far as hunting is concerned. Would you rather your web sites or would you rather go top ten hunting states on your guess is as good as mine. Oh go let's go I think they punting unit I am. Basically. Be fine folks who are in charge of hunting type things actually it was a rifle company. They did a basic assessment to find the top ten states in the United States with hunter density. In other words the most amount of hunters in each and every state based on density helps at stake so let. Per capita per capita. Exactly. The percentage. Hunters per square mile is how they desire they've they've divided this up and essentially what they came to resist. These states have more hunters than anyone else short in the United States. So overlooking or are the top ten states where hunting is the most popular in the United States. The way we do your guess is as good as mine gets his many right in the category before three strikes and you're out. Claire and I. Would start up live Wyoming. Wyoming seems like a great place to harm. Oh it's not the law mean enough people there to you need people you need density I thought I would start with Texas massive state. Lot of people Alabama Texas. It's great like why are you using that lake Montel probably not a very good call based on density. But actually I only lone big big Montana Alaska take all of those the equation of we will include rugby today. I feel radio and it stopped her purse in it per mile flight per square mile. Exactly the number of honors that are in the woods per square mile based on density and most they actually do have. More hunters in that state than any of that man look this is just my suggestion I do not know but I would say New York State in Pennsylvania. Densely populated. North I don't know where I wrote Merrill and in Virginia. I switch over at the other questions. The other I don't Mario one strike man you gotta do all. This. Particularly feel are you like that. I yours soon. Number three on Larry. New York has fifteen net. Point 21 that hunter per square mile feet. Players square mile. I thought safe Merrill it's a small state beat a lot of people. I grew up there I know what people that hunted. I welcome their own it. How old eliminate all the way to go out there following say Pennsylvania and Ohio numbers for the Electoral College drives and yeah. But. For sure a lot of people view for sure a lot of people in Ohio and their dens we think we brought him. Yeah well. I'll take your bicycle Ohio. Ohio. 500 and I aren't. A hundred per square mile in Ohio twelve point three and twelve point three a lot of they've gotten too out of the ten you have two strikes and you're in the right area of the country. He'll go last. Spoke Kentucky. Kentucky. Cool. Sorry that there are there aircraft and yes I'm well I'm Michigan and Michigan not on the list. Alabama. Alabama's number ten of them aren't comes in at ten point 400 per square mile. I mean are installment in the rough fla. Florida none unless. Yeah they've and each. He would make the desire of people don't get me. Yeah I mean I think we populated Massachusetts. Massachusetts not on the list. Terrible divorce and I also like sick about the Ohio it was only Indiana. Indiana that is number nine unless you're there and right part of a con dad says the fire related to move an awful coat. Cracked via more than just put in Massachusetts you basically have Boston and vision quest to get into more rural area than you're still in like North Hampton and areas that are. Some of populist. Hammers against. So all of them. Georgia. Georgia not on the list name is certainly on the West Coast. There is not one stayed on the West Coast on this on the street about the Carolina general north or south Carolina's thrilling and it has basically at northeastern. Now Tennessee not very I have you know up the tab ten and the State's credit number ten Alabama. Okay ten point foreigners per square mile followed by. Indiana. This day in a New Jersey home member of the pine barons from Virginia. Delaware. Ohio. With cancer and followed by New York in the top two Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has more honors per capita per square mile. Than any other state in the united stand the PA after the Rhode Island I would have never gets yet and that's based on hunting license distributed population and everything else yes but. Pennsylvania number one Rhode Island number two New York number three Wisconsin number four in the state of Ohio. Number five of the top states and not an event. Yeah we knew what we need get a day off from school to this the first day of deer season they call of the day they'd bright idea to the kids are you sure when they did the day off. Because you're not twenty governor today inning got those periods those who shot and they also other turn and ask the men's room is coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you see your. I another round round profile uncomfortable during Intel's with the shot of the day the first shot. She's been sick and that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us you know. No. I want to. Is my mom home earn your questions that need answers. We can help this. Is as good men's room then. Let's Nebraska men's rendition is an email the men's or amendments or my dark comic Pacific gas commander and whoever got all the guys. As you are well aware. There's been the obvious craze of IPA's from craft breweries over the last few years which was well dessert. Which Remo where I cannot tell help bring back other styles have a license English farmhouse down timber helps perhaps a most deliciously radicals. When that mine have a question for each member of the men's room what is your favorite style of beer fest from Vegas. I like Amber's reds in portage man that that seems to be my go to. I like the united he gave anomaly and have a war two I mainly fields the person I I have been drinking hell of a lot of men's or merger arrests. Yeah that's always and they basically that's on draft that's what I normally get I do like a bottle I let go of a Miller high life I like a good IPA. I like the seasonal lines PA's but I can only have one based on the flavor they do some crazy due to whatever. Like you know put not Megan and her whatever look at pumpkin beer and a one of those. But now I just can't case keep direct you know really going to be tough. All right here's another guise of calling upon the racial consultants to determine is it racist and I am bald and. Skin descent while my wife is white she asked me run to get groceries for dinner one item was avocados which he always picks up but I have I have no experience. So I asked her for advice she said your Mexican it's in your blood to pick ripe avocados. She later added a more general statement of picking fruit I was particularly disappointed when later I returned with two quote perfect avocados and in Alaska Blair remarked that's a racist BS. So I sit out what email and to get your opinion thanks would you guys do it's made life a lot easier that from a badger. Well yeah it's racist but it's funny man. I mean look we sit here and do the show and we say yeah. Awful things and more we kill mice we say even more awful things because among friends among loved ones it's understood. But you don't actually heavenly prejudiced toward them. But eagle for the low hanging fruit jokes because may have half the time notified if I get I I agree on a percentage yeah million views are so obviously I think she's not racist tell here is that she marriages so she's not regime being racist comment but she's your wife. Some farm on the council Christ man we can bring a fried chicken orange soda and hear about midday didn't daily. The economy are we. Our guys fried chicken I know but and I like it but I different as a big deal if you guys yesterday I aides say we'd Tokyo work at a restaurant took a if it can't do exact evidence are different it kicked in and I answered the phone and had a really difficult time comprehending what this guy was trying to order for food to go. Was the week cookie too strong or was I dealing with an idiot that from Emily how safe the we've got you man who. I think maybe she's doing what many may be but the week blocked. If you work in that industry 90% of the BBDO 32 and just with regard to win the did you do and what they know what they think they you know so. You deal many of all the time if you struggled and you'll be idiot it's the wheat cooking and I neighbors in the people you're working with are in fact on drugs to invest except there are assuming they're got to get around men and environment. Televised address amends terms issued his name out of the men's German men's or buy dot com and make the subject as amends or MRI around and it would beds entering into. Deserves to be ready. Were shot to the. Finish your Jolie had delivering death scans Stephen Drew hill to find out nortel's yes indeed and today we told some unidentified man from ash and Burnham Massachusetts now. He is out in his own yard in the tries to do the right thing. When he realizes that his neighbor's dog had gotten out of their yards and is now just roaming around. It's all getting a neighbor he approaches the ball trying to get it back over to the family's house the dog. Got very vicious spiral of them actually attacked and he had to fight the neighbor's dog off for sort of think Barlow took off into the woods. And first he was worried that the neighbor's dog might be rabbit until the neighbors came outside the seemed to commotion was and realized. The dog. Was within her daughter was not a dog at all there was a coyote oh I think he does not recognize there's a when he approached coyotes the coyote act like he coyote. And tried to mall and and it's a golf. Into the woods so because the list the authorities are now saying hey. There's coyotes an area don't approach stray dogs because they might not be done to have girl depth. Almost an entire documentary about the coyotes of Chicago and Lennon get when we get started in Chicago. Late night the coyotes face we just come out. And and run the whole town when this is I mean just yeah this is the middle of the metropolitan city they'd out of dumpsters that do the thing that the wild dogs come out night in Chicago in Paxson just roll. Then the thing I mean like do you think they're like well I live too far into the city to tick I have an. And another Chicago some pizza how to order a moment there. We've all those boos imagery does lose because we think it's yummy yeah banks over the tongue and down the throat the party in our Tommy's. Down now all I'm Arizona. Did Deco or not in line right now a 44999. A low profile this coming up. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.