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Monday, December 11th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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He would sure love to hear is real and. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This means. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Minnesota where 2730. Move and flow with Steve the thrill hill. Shoot it's man. I had in my car. I'm Emanuel. Okay random question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine category is web sites and hunting. As the men's room returns get right to play profile list plus headlines mentored shot of the day fun molester emails and everyone's favorite TV time to click. Why drag it did that I could get a good guard our landlord of the year sneaks into apartment in this bill yogurt on his tenants stuff. Knew all woman gets her to bed bugs with the fire in Cincinnati and now ten families housing situation is wrong. Mystery of missing pacifiers solve this 21 are found inside the family dog it. A YouTube climber with over one million followers career hits a nasty little clog in the literal North Korea ice 9000 foot mound dress shoes boy. Also coming on today's very special episode of men's or. Here's a question. All I've been clues good days the EU and it. Doors. I'll look alma Texan guy like taking the tag team but this will go globe logo are over and I get it. But I does that been detected goddesses now works out well for one thing I know when I'm gonna play. There's a dude in Toronto. He was charged by over four or five mile run. Or eight point 46 kilometers an avenue campus after all anyway you charged 141412. Dollars. Actually started 181000 dollars Canadian but again this is 45 mile ride even if our 40000. That's Hoover. Meanwhile and trying to a cab driver he's saying those suicidal man's life and they didn't charge of one reds at no instead. He got a broad now look I do not know led by Huey is. But they drank a few bottles of buys you apparently think just changed so let the world got better who knows. Now it's not very often that you consider getting drawn to make things better but that is one example most of the time let's face it getting drunk. It leads to things getting worse in Oregon Oregon he discussed and so for years. In prison books of prime well we got drunk. And he showed about a stranger parting. Make it. And then he showed you showed up as a as a quote. Visibly aroused I think we know what that means and rubbed himself. Against the homeowner black who said he was drunk but to be fair he was also sniffing glue will never know which one got him to get naked go to the park. But did the some of the stories that we saw the lead to many questions questions we'd like to ask you would reform of the random question question that's for example you call us. We'll ask your question the complete random and after you share your answer we'll share with you with the story that inspired said question though. Exonerated questioned why should call 844999. Only you can like the men's room on FaceBook follows onto Letterman survivor fans in those emails to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. Through. The show that a while ago on this November 2000 732. And a program we have for you. Exotic return amassed a men's room coming doubled during Intel's Alicia out of the day and today on your guess is as good as minor categories. Will be web sites and hunting soldier into the outdoor world or maybe like to sit there at the computer we have a category coming up for you with your guess is as good as mine and today is a day we do our random question question before our brand right nine Obama. Hello ashamed of welcome to the Mandarin. Oh all. I change. From a thing of a question and others I don't want to. What would it take momentarily. Anything out what would it take for you. To take your calls. Labour Party you know I mean how could people who are exchange that the whole article is an iron 5010. I'm I admit I like I'll bet they future majors and he's. Plans until I went would you do for a bit I mean at some months that came out get a good bit there yeah. Oh all on the day. And about you take all your clothes off and apart would you rather do it of twenty people you know or a hundred people you don't. People I don't know him by most through right out and get OK we'll do for no money adjustment. I'm trying to think how much or what it would await the circumstance how much would it take you to do it at a funeral. I have no no funeral whose funeral parlor lol I mean look you're mayor of so it meant something today. Are you running through it are you standing there just butt naked. Thereby making it. Even if it's part of your being practical joke that they're finally saying you're gonna have a meltdown we're gonna show up then rather what relative right well and now you've brother doesn't know it your sister doesn't know alone in his years crying yesterday. All I got it below the two separate oil decrease they're in good. How much and god Luciano. Or someone you know turn in your day and there have been invited to do some clothes you're closers you haven't I'll be close to somebody to go right if you know. Do well liked in Europe they are so yes. OK I don't know I. Outlook. Okay one barracks there that's fair to them and got all of our new for a thousand. That if you are just because there's going to be people there. And they're going to be pest. There is no question so how much money do you need to disregard the feelings that that's really what Rasner right. Now I know the scenario there going to be upset and it's going to be completely offensive because that is a funeral. How much money do you need to save. OK the ambulance. I mean right events and these are people you're definitely going to see if there was a funeral you don't know. I don't know problem I'm looks horrible bullet you be mad at me would know juggle the receipt to. Friends family people to make a lot of money. Oh yeah I was gonna take for you to move beyond billboard lying on your side just a fig leaf over your two William Barry's. But got a billboard on 405 and LA for a month. Obviously the west obviously it would look let a few OK I was no more people perceive a Deborah. Even if your body is insanely unattractive they assume that is that is for Max McNabb match dot com and W act like here I am good there at my. I hand them my dad that I'm. Before the funeral but definitely how it would take for you. To do it and that's appear. Who had a funeral and oh boy probably I'm I'm with shame brought about a grand okay. 1000 dollar down negative you have to campaign cash just 1000. That is. I'm. Susan that you like we're all going to be sixty okay I'm older well I mean like how mileage you thought about the physical violence to. I don't think it would be because nobody wants to fight and battle and again and that's scared and I can always say look look even if Osama ma you know I really got that you specially for your mom's a lie and are you naked and emulate look. Ted Diana's side that then if anything happened any of us whatever what happened we would all agree to show up for the funeral naked. Did you like all right guys tease that way is I don't think she would go to PayPal and react. Have you thought about the physical violence and thought they got a bunch of short and I believe died at a UST I don't know that I knew could I I don't Margaret I'm generally would never fighting naked guy. But if there was somebody I knew it it's their funeral big guys showed up these guys Steve Steve is Steve dies and where his funeral and making guy shows that you're going to be disaster. Don't hand because I'm telling ya know really don't know I just thought they item after an agreement that our man but my kids right here in fact. I think we did it what do Vogel filled voted no on naked guy in did you found out with a look at it and I don't want someone like everyone else until the ball bears cannot. All you GC CE if he is I won't let. Kiki you they'd get Mobile, Alabama will hit it it it is that other Israel. Voted take three to take your clothes off we all know Adriana Lima right the victorious zero model. She saw the where's the wings and she shows up on the fashion shows well this might every other returns to Ramon out she had apparently an epiphany. And unfortunately it will result in the rest of us seeing a lot less of her it's sort of would do things happen according to Adriana. She got a called you a photo shoots and a friend just happened to tell her that she was unhappy with her own body. So when an answer Graham post you said in that moment I realized the majority of women probably wake up every morning. Trying to fit into a stereotype that society's social media fashion etc. has imposed that she has been promoting for the list and here I thought that's not a way of living and beyond that that's not physically and mentally healthy. So I decided to make it change and I will not take off my clothes anymore. For a NT columns. Now that I've made overall hundred million dollars doing exactly what I'm saying that no one should do and how much I've made my RN. Hair out now and a bad hole I feel that already racked. I don't deserve a total secret model yeah I don't like you're an actor asleep you're a model. That's all you do yeah I don't know if our armed models to rebuke for good or bad about on the field it's on you but you you're you understood what your job is. And you understood. Why you got look if you're a hand model I'd be with the other hand show them things have all Legos or whatever it is. I really Emma you know you must have good looking hands right. If you're a two model and every time you see something about dentistry endure the smile that they show. Chances are you have good team to a you're Victoria's Secret model. Ali and come on why didn't you think you've got the job for the most part I would say that if you're anytime this despite a ten mile or whatever football I would guess that you are. Way above the the the the spectrum of being attractive. Or you would not be a model I mean like that just can't even be considered to be a model like. No one is ever randomly walked up to me on the street though I never thought of modeling and there's a big reason why you're ugly right just that now and I was attractive a man walked up to me and today I ever thought about doing Somalia the reason that has never have enemy is because. I don't meet the criteria. But seeing the vendors to foot setback after the commercial campaign now for crap I don't know who would four but basically is a go to these television commercials. I think you might be cable verses satellite or something but the like look beyond the lightness I debate to have them all the lake or I'll call you look Brit but. The one thing about every one remote commercials. Every single one of them. They're exceptionally well. There are ugly and they are borderline weird and I am I being mean but that's why they got banged it. This whole idea is promoting that. If you do the things that these are mean people do you one of them. Right Victoria's Secret if you Wear this laundry you good to look like that there's no secret that this isn't new you know he's gonna but they hear her say at all. There's a horrible thing to remember run. Well when you've been doing much like a decade and you get paid handsomely. And you cannot possibly tell me that you were so stupid that this is the first time in your life you equated what to do is to model for Victoria's Secret. Vs the average person you see walking in and out of tart no comma. Brenda Brenda I'm friends and induce sleep so Scott we knew what my hours friends and rental car brands brands. Hello Derek welcome to the member of all bitches or. I. I don't know Derek. Feel loyal football or some good good for you. I Derrick what would you say and what would you say is an impressive accomplishment. That you have done in your life doesn't necessarily have to be like from an educational standpoint there. Works to employ them might be just something you did that no one else is done but what do people find impressive when you tell. Oh yeah well Erica into your restaurant well that's outstanding. Never doubled to girls party one night. No no I have. And either. I'm lucky look up what one girl at night I'm Barry. And go and yeah that's the point that it could still go to daughter Carly harder before you America expect. That Amanda beavers traveled anywhere crazy. Our I thought they could block a guide you ruin any money either. I lost automatic how much have you lost. Oh man well well. That night at my wedding and I'm gonna customary law records. After we got here we are rendered filmmaker. Eric. My new life ended up going back to the hotel room by ourselves. Well I sat at a blackjack table or it's a half gallon Dicker Meister. And plots its I don't sell properties under 200 dollars. That's impressive even his very brand is probably like your wedding gift I've done the jury verdict. I am still married. To the stable girl like yet but just technically out of Europe what was your reaction and that makes him. Outs or o'clock in the area where I Arctic air back there the little hell hole. Q it's not impressed at all. None at all and emanates ice build your reminded of that to this day. So I guess you didn't have you didn't you didn't you didn't have sex on your wedding night. It. If you understand the blackjack tables near doubling down like we got to go upstairs I gonna get those done on where another. Freeze whereas what did you most impressive until they're traditionally come on and whether consummate this. It's very important me we're gonna do what North Korea Andy north central news agency. As in North Korea to very impressive headlines about Kim Jong Hoon. Apparently he climbed a mountain and did it in black leather dress shoes. Or should he was being covered by the press is being able to also and that's more importantly and crazy control the weather. He can control these are two of the unusual headlines to pop up after Kim reportedly recently scaled the 9000 foot mountain peak to. An active volcano which sits on the border with North Korea and China. In formal attire and shiny black leather boots. Or shoes he did the Hyde without quote any specialized equipment for hiking when you think if you can do that you'd also have about Erica yeah. According to. A handler of Kim he can also controlled the nature. The translation of and being able to manipulate the weather the apparent proof is the blizzard that Kim stepped into but was replaced by. Find out whether that was on president. Credited to Kim for interrupting would've should've been. One of the worst points in time during the year to be able to some of the PC also enjoy these rooms a seasonal thing what. About further report while of the peak he recalled the emotion charged days when he realized he great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force. And by the way if this is the fifth time. That he has climbed the mountain the younger Kim has scaled the mountain five times as a leader this was his first time ever trying it in December. Well you know now these were the outlawed the peak at the time. Degree was was minus four degrees and he went up there and basically a business suit. A long trench coat and dress shoes which is impressive I mean you have to admit like no matter what you think of the guy as far as being a whack job and all that stuff. Guys killed and 9000 foot not when I look look at low even where and how. He looks to be Johnston and Murphy issues and some slacks and a Longo. Apparently you don't need to see our guys from scampi. They've been scam you they knew about what Crable went all the credit you have about all doing our club we're going to be on the ground out of the men's warehouse luggage into a guarantee you need an overloaded him and about a thing is I mean he looks like he's stepping out of I don't know some of his that have a of a very doesn't really like he just stepped Alex and nobody's rights are an outlook and that is what miles got to Indians then you get jags need to blizzard like all as to whether I was all he did I was all kinds of this is an impressive manner. Unbelievable on bullet not a president that his dad it scaled the mountain fifteen times. So right now he's working on number eight so he's trying to best has fought remember is that also slammed The Who has the lead dog kinda dumb did an NBA game. Against the lakers win that's brutal yes I ran the friend. Hello glory welcome to the newsroom. It's. Gloria aria. And yet there are no good where would you say is the most blasphemous thing that you ever done. Eat. Bob Lee. It's most enjoyable and they Katie the Bible I'm. I had little I don't know anything that uses an exact favor though. Basically yeah Afghanistan. Very young had thought at the end I think what what really active and. Well does that show up like maybe in between it ten of cookies like we're out what else do you get that. That really the end paper like the only two places and initially the sort of the place I think of it. And why. It's the only other question I have of his estimate pages and Bible for a and he indeed in the book but he got a bit of a paper I mean this kind of rolling Beirut thin right distill the burden well well even newspapers they would go to smoke out of a racist all smoke so. The silver mob Bible paper in regular rolling papers that are it's a slow burn. And does that burst into flames they borrow the isn't it ironic that the people who make it favored to sell it to two different entities in people who make rolling papers are people who make but I mean at at the final stuff I think that might just be. It's just old schools they still print on that kind of paper. And how identity tried this or attempted. Personally yeah launch yeah I I never have a casino got a bunch time and he if you go to Catholic school we have a Bible remain as there's extra pages back. Back did you do anything blast from your school. Yet she you know my confirmation test to me. Tomorrow but does it matter. I don't I didn't think so they still confirming a guy with a didn't matter totally ask what what are you gonna break out all the prayers picked up on my there. How Mary. When three of them ten. I was like seminary big ones. Because there there's like the one you gotta say during math that is a massage terrible capping effort it well you won't get cheated on everybody they actually good analogy gee. Man this was technology we have ahead of its time okay but a hero I knew in grade school my first victory here. She had a computer and printer at her home which was unbelievable. And then she had printed out the prayers and many went to a store and shrunken down so I just wasted time in class until she was dungy gave it to me. And then they gave me like an extra ten minutes you know and their class to finish the throughout the she'd been. But those prayers down a yeah god was watching yet then make your family ground. They're in now I mean within the they're having the jury confirmed I'll just test and added element had I known and unknown according taunted the pearly gates who's who greet direct. Like who has the clipboard so am I mean probably never cheat RO met. With a couple of that he daft. I don't I go to the pearly gates and on durable total but murmured to hear the case he thought it was the bear he's over there I think most classless thing we used to do is break into a church and play basketball. Have spousal going on throughout the lights and we locked in orally left it would delete and MS or anything like that we just really wanted to go in their blood bath supplement. Did you have a key now. Are you broke it a couple of words. Chip could be confirm rightly. I don't lie and say I'm a good Catholic UN is an annual eventually got half court can you kind of carpet in here like this it wasn't real floor it was like a great room with a whooping there. Previously played really hear dribbling like you can go and there's exile basketball's it was great we used to play in a church on Friday night spent like. They are fine with that. Think although you can end here good blitzer with oops a little quiet woods having sex and the graveyard fall under the something to question from something so I don't think that church even county after I think what is it it's almost like as you would say being in the military being a veteran I think once you reach that point when you're underground man it just doesn't matter anymore. Liberalism would. Well I guess but it does seem like. Churches are really involved in the cemetery world it is totally blessed that your plug it served cared about blasphemy they were changed a lot of things basis so we know that is exclude drive but blasted me what you do eat it gives got himself. I don't know if there's a crawls on the worries stone Oka and I'm rail and some should come in or mean like. You gonna orbits like the little chair of the brain can't you have to feel little backed rely bridge tunnel is a northern. It's not heat but this time he didn't steal Christmas instead he swiped the baby Jesus formative from a nativity scene. Displayed been sitting undisturbed until Thursday night when someone stole the baby Jesus figuring from the Manger or. He was done on the family's security camera. Video shows cars doubled from a house. Do runs up and blues and advance grand baby Jesus takes off jumps back in the car car takes off they're looking including. The Jesus thing. Read a question questionnaire for par 999 all of Morey calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles or so and so WR Kansas goes like categories today will be web sites. And hunting your guess is get his mind coming up after emails in the men's room and then jamaat dot com in the meantime it is our random question question. 844999. Olson comments rolling it I yeah it was the most blasphemous thing you've ever darling it's the story was someone stole the baby Jesus from the Manger. And northern Kentucky yes Romania a yard caught on video as usual and then we are we're door to hear about what do what standard mantra rolled joint out of one of the back pages on the Bible book. Some of the comments came as has I had sex on the front lawn of a church a few times a few blasphemous. Yes yes look at yeah Lucy how about having sex in the church while I was supposed to be at mass yes definitely let's yes let's. Better than mess and I had. No he was and asked how all. I had sex and hall behind the sanctuary of my church and in the unoccupied room of the church. A few times as well as the dog out of the baseball field on the church proper. Mean I think when you're getting into the baseball theater and safer ground but still it seems somewhat blasphemous content. I'm fine the baseball field. The mummy and always done but it is about. Yeah that's fine poker dance class. But the whole way and the whole well how luxurious honeymoon and yeah that is a little Watson is sort of Bjorn the first or the last time we know. Friend hello Madison welcome to the mentor them. And on Iraq. Madison you all traveled around. Got caught up in cash flow what do we got the Cubans it. It's. Fun. Either of which one did you like the most. Where. A gun and all of during. The secondary is playing you experience the most right. What's the scariest thing that you experienced an ultra. But the scary cargo are well populated area it will give any. They keep out after suffer a big hit a lot of Kabul all BP graph that charts. Swayed so weight now that's Australia and have a dose go this one what it. What is the one town based on your experience traveling the you would never wanna live it. The one town that you've been in nearly all my god this of this will be tough. Our. Domestically it is quite a field covered it up. Public. That. You eat you up okay. And I'm. Got rid of the island. So our decision for a couple week. Anybody who are traveling with in the United States outside of the state. Our. It. In the theater outside well with within the United States but outside of your home state. He tripped up airliner kind of an air ball. And you've heard about Caroline wants him being heard and as the name Buford I don't assume it sucks what does it Buford South Carolina. There's an ever greater stationed there. Doubt it unit got away Turk island. Wherever corporate it OK. I didn't Goodell and Diego but. It's the kind of not awed over. Did you go to Maria where you are you in the Marine Corps. OK so I would guess that any Marine Corps boot camp would more than likely suck and think the location would my situation any better I. If you have a choice you wanna go to India. Or whether it's more bearable OK there are fewer is that to deal less. I looked out I would like September. Urban school all summer there but I. Anybody here up character are okay your ordinary. I'd guess they're like is there like flies or something in the same in the fight everybody. Everyone please stand please him. Now anytime we get bit by anything on a beach it sucks. I should weather from the Soviet air or water air in a manner it will it will grant W and it takes a chunk yeah. There that was what they will bolster it gives you are usually this last week miles and it's the idea what we said look internal struck it and you give them water I would just assume an MB Britain and act like something. Didn't. Or the woman walking on the beach she was not even in the African water she's on the safety of the sand where we Coca. The beach part of where you would walk normally right did you vulgar vulgar somebody and and a guy named saltwater croc and flammable water graduate anyway and yeah I think after madman now if that's exactly it. Other the story based on the question what is the one down based on experience that you would never wanna live it'll bring that vehicle and appears few seconds. Unit are on the ran a question question a far far 999 all of that is 8449990. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.