12-07-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Takes Issue With The Poll

Thursday, December 7th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Orlando Ohno pray for the foreign rocks enough for Wayne Indiana. To about ways and any other affiliates that are around the eyes of this very hour they want nothing but animal liners today so we've got to commend you request from our find folks there that I need to know until I hear real start with the Oklahoma City you're in Iraq. Ready to get a welcoming our listeners on rock 100 point five against Oklahoma City. Error. Overtake our Oklahoma beat him let them rock 100 point five the cap rock and Oklahoma City and I'm just move on project. 100 point 50 hush. They do 100 point five but it kind of damage one OK I've been in outrage and a little thing they want the god imitate. 105 point three the bear Blacksburg. And finally 96 point nine though fox and Hamilton was down there. That's I filed a crowd out of the crazy adrenaline anyway do they not really. Let's get more partake I don't know if I should do and make. I'm getting getting hit by caller or that I saw video to Fox's screener mentioned there was like that Taiwan more fox ninety point five K boxes out based classic rock station. I don't know I'm. Without all of our allos stations have been things there and why don't you think those in favor finds them audio of the sound of a fox I guess there's no screaming that we'll be you know screaming fire continues three I'm Jerry average sound of fox venture I don't know I yet that's the problem I don't know with state these animals are ads so upset that they can I hadn't written by. All. It's. A blue. Multi hundred dogs were good enough this. Yeah a lot of major show here in the dead to me. I would have never known numbing that it's out of that bear to. Judy brown root boxes. Hello Robin welcome to the men's room whenever soy boy. Soy super make them. All out. And Robin. 100 games over peanuts over. Barak around and welcome to the show. Robin I really thought you really think not so ironic that we have to give up one for life is going to be pizza burgers chicken wings and talk goes determines are pulled. And include the. Pete flow that's the first vote we've had today from pizza. You like pizza. I think that's not a it doesn't like me I don't do you Adam. Well and we all right Gary. Who you proved you prove a lot. Oh. What other reason the global economy usually it's analogy here people are gonna. They get by at noon. How it is time player is that like a permanent side of factors that might temporary and eventually we'll get to play a normal human vision. Thomas time you have Lakewood your window of opportunity there and we like every time is slowly afar or media waited hours on its way out what's going on. And get and I. On the day and I'm. In an open agreement it can't come up my out or helped me no way I. Learned how never. You put that on your dating profile. Okay. You should I would listen. I would tell you they. I'm a brand new bundle I'd put that off and it and I had got to bring you go back to 2050 present at the. You had a drug or. I can't wait out. Or should I. And quite like what do you Larry in and edit all call and told me that didn't have. Well I know I. And I know that day and I like any problem and how Harry. I had an. Error. An. Eight day. I'll always had a timeline here okay those are kind of well you remember that we're glad you made it here today so I'm one day we had to hit lets people wearing overalls on it and show me yours does that kind of demographic and what I like about it. Okay remind Onebox. Terrible walk. Down more Latin roots and why the double terrible. I don't. I played in app my wall all day and I got mad okay. And I read all of that only get out and got. So who would like them now for an up. You have a hip. I mean you look like one of those air people out of what they used car dealership clear how do you are you walk around or do you not. I do. Well I did I and I and I haven't Jill. And yes and I am. Probably an engine they have a lead in the bottom bull man's hero and I'm out I don't hedge my bet you and it got. At all and oh man I don't know maybe you wanna go back and rethink that Jamie. It all got a name. Yeah Allen's recent comic. Art and get an infection to go back it up all get Sandra. Aren't and by the way ladies and gentlemen definitively and that's because she slept with the staff of of this crime rate goes around and did you we'll have the collective infection did you put that in your dating profile. Okay. Well damn how good a lot about you today. You're in your hatred America. This and Eric Dubin and. Downey is huge more. While I don't know how it it pagan rather than being made that it. I there might buy hitless friend here's a question multiple choice in what year did Dana White stops spinning letters because they were computerized. 19972002. Or 2000 Sutton. All. All him. In ninety. Do you ever before we let you go we are one and done hey Halloween draws a bug hippie. That I have been granted the people who really enjoy the other hand I think. With the Davis may die may have 44999. Hello who's our next contestant red light or game. Hello Matt welcome to the men's room. I head back. Can't you guys are over most government. So memo from the show. I'm matter our midterm pulled him to give up one for life will be pizza burgers chicken wings are tacos. Chicken wings says you want me and people went on. And on some days. And why doesn't sons a bitches month. I'm Lew all right here's the question. Including Rudolph how many reindeer. And Santa Claus said that. So good at all including Rudolph. I you know right off the that was good too easy of a question for people who really like Christmas Teddy you know I want. Another job your head. Now I'm always impressed leave Americans to. You know it's funny I am my daughter saw some real reindeer yesterday right after school so. I you know for more NG I didn't I notice of that so I walked in the door and she comes screaming run into orbit right happy tonight. At that I'm right there. I'm glad I didn't know then you are already do. Like cute it's this it's blown Vermont again. So her brother Stan van as it did she Rudolph she's like no he turned room. Commission number is an army general as it I have to you know whoever I saw myself reindeer got blown away you're was down on the National Mall is very by the giant fire pit it's and he was a little guys who fired for it assists and you'll see him do you know we got out earlier nursing reindeer. A rendering beer and amnesty reindeer nothing ever that we don't they are there more indigenous to like Europe. Like. He's. He news well I think I'm definitely like the North Pole dudes always AJ at the very end here called good call limits in south great save. The Democrats dominate both are 999 all lose our next contestant rated litigate hello damned welcome to the Madrid. Then it's over not over. Over and look into the show yeah. Tell you feel about this men's room full you have to get up one thing for life quality pizza burgers chicken wings are tacos. Oh I don't definitely an additional ways to Ali what is happening. In this country do so are gotten wrong with whom do not think Cindy don't Twitter mayor Rudy people are given up chicken wings. And a lot of people are pissed at me why would you do have to get disrespect the taco. How yeah yeah I'm definitely on my side as well but I hate. Analysts say it is a trend but Jose's not too happy we're playing OK okay you know they had a good video that's out now on love the fact. Come off a student at epic that's a tough. Just a real time health dead and I hear the question. Who's the first made neared the set foot in what is now the US state of Florida. I mean you. I feel like I noticed you do. After the Mattel is going to be pissed and then I knew I Justin and map out. Miami. Can. Paul Daley don't pull that you won't remember him constantly down when you're going up the things Alastair back and we we all kind of silently learned together and we all agreed not to say about lab out of Paul many only have gone there. I'm still only arm and doctor Barnett constantly hours I think you out information they do it again. We're gonna bring him into Joseph the real hundreds constantly don't. No question that everybody in Florida real confident Mike Brey shards dots that happens the way our. We go on TV Al. Vista was shot out of a plastic cup. Prepared for the media all the problems they lean and arm. Are what Sydney and Australia has the highest. Population. Cook. Malvo in yeah. Allison DeVon fifth. We have remembered there. They didn't I don't enact. Flotilla. Videos illustrate bad the didn't. Avocados and three of those Bob Cooper originated and what countries. Yeah. Guest of Regina. So many good. Stanley you know hold the line here permanent. To get back to question number three their big damning portrait Delray coming up view like a bigot doesn't call 8449990. Look you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. Coming up ahead Jeff announced his may have details five and a Christmas candies from around the USA in the meantime the game is big dummy 844999. Mullah. Ted knows who it is today carrying. Yeah James is over now it's over. So that's over game flowed into the show. Jaime Lerner. Absolutely miserable today can't give up one for the rest of your life loving pizza burgers chicken wings are topics. It would be a ritual is played here's how I figured it. With murderers I have weed with pizza I had beer and we talk those I have six kilos so chick who's got a golf. When you only have an empty life. Any one of them but I don't have chickens all that often children. No he doesn't with a body. If there is his food and decide case yet his bat man and we were hopeful look look look what I hear is your question. What country is America's oldest ally and I live out of the Muslim country. So you need in our ally for a long time in this country is really old. Both but the good ally for a long time. I'm not sure of the they've helped us that are open so booted a particular way to do what I would die. Well they were only country in 1950. Saudi Arabia. Say Israel. A Muslim country hell Muslim. Housing at all man oh man. Very good movies. Morocco to Iraq so I only have to cope. Rocco up. I don't we are saying the name of the country when we are at that students and Barack. You met somebody from Morocco and Iraq and hey there aren't enough from Iraq do you know I think that move right didn't enrolled in the recent a place they seek would still mama rock's could I do Moroccan guy who's also Julio yet. We talked funny as he made me Euro. If it wasn't so Lugar could look at what a couple of local. Food but either way he got I was like man. Do you marvel I was really ready he was so nice and I'm like all Moroccans must feel also it is who could afford usually from Iraq and your credit to your country. Did your question multiple choice. John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson are removed Franklin whose only US president to serve in congress after being present. Well enjoy enjoy this John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson or Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin wasn't president is you you know that I'd and is now the and I did he says Benjamin Franklin an impromptu. So Lisa you talk after I might add songs sounded too nice. Okay salute you John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson. And yeah. This you know as Taiwan's tiny little. Far enough I didn't want to make sure you caught Benjamin Franklin I didn't care if you've got a right or wrong I'm like please tell me oh that's good for. I am not an adult yet okay we'll keyboard or not. And ninety million. In 1964. Old red nosed reindeer male or female first aired on what's television network. All year 196401. Of the big. You correlated AB CNBC suited their sound like an ABC and sell yes. It's. Your golfers read now I was writing this. W bush ordered an adult consumers report card and Navistar roll those out isn't it on the new earlier left. Starting over it's over they'll Jeanne firewall I'm Marty rush Rudolph. What else hey don't. Don't you go to the snowman. I think fraught travesty they all go ahead aren't entitled to grinch. Gathers there they write grant money do that and I wanted to present a special yes you Garfield Christmas special. Now step back James shore. I'm watching price point here. Get a pretty good though as a child I remember think it is pretty good don't blow it out about Rudolph still kinda stands at sixty lap I did forget how Saturn has also ignored the data back. Hole you have Washington while I have my solid two years ago because it is now he gets kicked out solid. They HA daddy laugh that you think god they didn't think the bully and whoever I'm MEU. Or the other news right it would then you think you can corny love. That I get away. But there is no yeah there. Dude I don't get the week you're Rudolph but they clearly set Rudolph a wave I had all day I remember back and I uranium absent from. We does that give their man thank you for taking my putter yet that moment my good route. All right here is your question what organization. Was hired to work security for the original Woodstock for us. Well. What organization. Was hired to work security from the original Woodstock for us. Okay what corners so as I got federal organization. You know what I'm seeing more and organization they did the Monterey pop consume yet all right. That's institute and yeah. Mortal Torre's from the moderator Bob possible but. Devlin a federal organization. The more famous for. In part as helping. Oh hey. Oh today. If you want to know and I behaved. I think about death row Roy and Brodeur broke the news you hear about big crowd by the way provided security port tells angels. I just get the feeling less fights right purified and what are viewing shortly drew the rebound. So when he's Woodstock in 94 or eight at the hell's angels there would have been totally cool. They even better on the television and I think I may have been granted I think the best thing to do is sit on Eurostar plan before noon. Only did that when he client. The 25 anniversary. Yeah but there's a difference one of them was a movement the other woman's cash grab. And they ended about an education and ended based on what what you were wrong and that question five games. Instead of milk kids and Ireland believe sense well what's. In place of I have an idea. Oh win. It came from Dennis Dennis. Now parents understand why. They don't want Santa through we've heard that the kids who sent umpire and definitely and I'm thinking to myself that this Europe might start a new tradition yet like Samsung might be lactose intolerant you sold. Once we leave from the bigger instead. Well now let me and let me educate your stance. There's a process alcohol assimilated it and we humans. And you can just that's what I can clean up theory out of love milk and cookies and he doesn't really gain much wage clearly they call. That's only vehicle that can beat during which the almighty and he totally cool. I'm guessing you have kids. I yelled out you'll save them out there and it's gonna remind her how from a political point of view I. I have to understand why you think like an oil did you do to delete them hold my. Usually in this news hire a model is yeah bolted. Shuttle was clearly they're able to act after a crack at gaps and I'll be right only a level both we'd. And a bottle with a few off a dozen chicken with the news. You think yes and no control of the TV. Thirty years and housing Lisa what do you declared are groping Colorado or stay watching today we always let's say our joint is right it if it is not people blood. All right here is your question. Multiple choice what's freezes the quickest how former cold water at room temperature water. A lot of. I wonder why that is I can tell you why that is okay. Molecules and hot water or more stretched out and that allows them to release energy quicker. And I noticed a more fit right that's all of and Jeff I had a huge argument with somebody about that. I'm not water made him believe me right in my mama's always one of those people it was like put in hot water it'll freeze quicker which you're anti ice. You know I am so it's amazing that you know that. Yeah but that's why he knows to be every time he's not designed to protest a ramming his own ideology Ted knows why he's angry you know it's even worse now I have an ice maker. Just piles Isetan I don't know would you do either one of them. Now they're losing I I a little icy threes in the one giant block. Tragedy. May downgrade four point 999 LO is our next contest and ready to play the game. Hello Jeremy welcome to the measure. Jeremy is over and over and over left over your mother don't even ask him you know he's getting rid of pizza. Did Gallup poll actually it cost goes up could have like what I felt that you do know management didn't. Yeah according to let it wasn't a good bit so always I walked off there so you got held up. And so you want to leave sprees they would need to. Jeremy king with pizza. Security desk and check. About Lloyd two things from the comet says the hell's angels were not a mom or pop they're an album that's about all my dad how to run Altamont and I didn't get it. The island of misfit toys it's that is that. Oh yeah referring badges and just know what do Charlie in the box. On jet engine and the jets so many. So all you're all probably only problem you won't change remained. China. Is on an icy island wants to lead in wanna be their dad. Quantitative name upon boys ago dominant I don't feel bad for him. All right the first question. In 1970 for the movie The Great Gatsby and what do you thirteen movie The Great Gatsby both won the Oscar for best what design. I. And terrorist. Cause it. Now devastated one and done there. And won both times are both and so I don't know there was some before motivate and 74 degree gets you came out again 2013 golds won an Oscar. From this custom zone trips yet as far as our men from Paula and house look in there on Twitter tidbits as far as our callers I'm shocked that I have to say the chicken wings is the food the people would give up first. And believe it or not coming in and number two that would be pizza. So right now does it burgers and tacos are surviving which is not the way apple and see there's a Twitter how's that look it over on Twitter and 52% give or get rid of the chicken and the man getting rid of the way paragon ornament and a little more Rudolph information coming in now to our I wanted to come out so I want to say is wrong or ridiculous I just want to be here doesn't your method. Says port Charles. AKA the elf that stuck in the Communist society. He wants to be Dennis but he can't just like communism they also touched on racism ideas it's a sneak away teaching kids about acceptance home. I think and a whole knows they get the F out here Rudolph above all they needed deeper than you thought right and in some trivia. Deep to then what I got as a kid I remember watching that and at the end gonna send out my parents of a wide. Since economy. He's rated asset to our batteries and gas X ever actually happen obviously Communist and this is. This is depiction of what happens there are people and got Abramoff. It's yeah there is no doubt maybe more parred 999 LO is our next contestant ready to play the games hello Spencer are welcome to the men's room. All. Kinds countries over Minnesota. Duluth for now okay. It's been sermons or employee of the above one for the rest of your life delivery pizza burgers chicken wings or tacos. Wolf. I can't have chicken wings and elementary original Edsall and given up golf coach doc goes. We need Kamal the men's rooms are basis. I know it's the same thing to set up I don't design bank. But of titles I need a beer ball to mesa right telling other people didn't we read in Puerto sandwich when you know the toward mean sandwich you have read about a famous island. Same thing I called to mesa next. Hi here is the question pepperoni as in the pizza topping. Originate and as the word in what country. I was going to be Italy. How about America how god. And photographed Italian pepperoni with dispelled with one seed and even as Rania. It's that it's for bell peppers if you go to Italy and as of pepperoni and they're committed to peppers record but Rooney must feel like like tender Roni something about Bob Graham Reynosa what else others what's the Roni and I think of a person there's. Before Marie Barone yeah growing anything with a rice a Roni rice the relevant finishing move and Russell. John Brody is no god dammit somebody had a sort of Roni. I guess you and fellow was now yes they're very special kind of girl out and around him that me. And I and I try to do the FDA allows a product with how many calories or less to be labeled calorie free. The and noted in my guess they thought hard. I'm gonna go zero calorie things ahead. Anyway it's just I don't know we just don't just would go to your cap and really should be called cotton. Didn't. I just got to work. But the Las Vegas Strip technically it's not the city of Las Vegas it's actually officially in three under incorporated areas of Clark County. Paradise. Winchester. And winter. Its name is also bad of a rental car company. I think I got this war. I wrote car company and they have famous spaceship. Well yeah maybe not all the way out. Into your. Results Alomar. Let them right now. Enterprise does not actually in Vegas he loves me Alamo cat and two well I mean. Old Vegas it seems like a very long camera. It does seem kind of man and then lake when you realize how close you are to the airport and how I far away you are from where everyone else lives like everybody from Las Vegas is the same thing which is. A we never got down there. My guess not even close to where they live you know it's just a separate area where it's just kind of often and that's causing you don't know that people weren't there but obviously if they don't have to work there. You're not go on this. Like most major cities. And you live in an area like united on Iran around where DC right I mean I. You tell you we went down to downtown DC like you can go White House and all that level commitment that didn't you thank you Obama was Booker T the spin room. It's been routed over the Rooney OK I knew or something thank you could not remember what the hell alone so antique books and he may donate more far 99911. With our next game has been ready to play the big day out there were urged our wrestler did a good Booker T fan I think it's Power One group. A junkyard dog but I'm nothing if all of your president I. New dead. You know if I would say welcome to the men's room. Oh and I. I take these moments over. Over plug into the showed good. I feel about the miserable today we gonna give up the rest here like pizza burgers chicken wings are tacos. Coming up look at Jesus. I'm gonna go. It's probably about I'm an ago you have your tacos and just do it down your IR Murrow and I know you don't like your you know I'm really happy about it now that you want to go Muslim murders. I got a multiple choice questions for him. In the famous painting the scream at my head BookMooch. What historical bull panic eruption is the person screaming about cracked into what was Sylvia is Paramount to balloon. Are dipping into the multiple sources I have no idea I'm gonna go this dubious. You know loses this sounds strong horse of all haven't even though hum same room right. And growers and I don't care who can write the new location just. I corrected total crack I felt so I just found that out this morning I thought I'd applauding the patients are those clubs the original home alone no one areas that look on his face is cracking don't yet. Did that disturb the 34 years afterward somebody. I'm a limited given the fact that we still know about it. All right another multiple George Washington. On the examine a foot fetish. I didn't look at I don't know about these. Just say yeah you still bodyguards. Your folks and now I'm not them Sanchez interviewed on the phone and called the flow warm colors and graphics no. And dole won't Mormon Saturday. All right space invaders don't call her pac man woods video game made two point seven. Billion dollars or ten billion dollars by today's standards making it the hot out most highest grossing arcade game of all time tack. Pretty popular. I'm going to act in our benefit state mandated how well. I'm never gonna guess that a million near the bigger bag rounds all the merchandising as popular as the game the merchandise but I guess space invaders whose personal and so that's. It makes you wonder how asteroid that this was big dummy four point 999 although I market dozens on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Tell me as the game is far far 999. Hello Steve who's our next contestant ready to play the game known as big dummy hello why it's welcome to the Madrid. Oh wow oh wow why are you sober not filled. Full of royal welcome to show and why it's our men Travolta they've got to give up one for life. We'll be pizza burgers chicken wings are taco. And had to deal with Sheehan winning this oil war. I am shocked by the turn of events we've taken Clinton more for mostly. Certainly important man I don't know. Just gotta have really good stimulus can you find really good you're doing movement there's a different. They find in really good feet short and like all good pizzas lost. And like that excitement you know like her they get excited eating pizza for the when you eat the pizza that you really prefer personally it's got everything you know I think they're all gonna governor good. Could easily jiggling transcendence. I've jotted in a lot of places just. Heart goes out so much now I'm going to call the film I mean I've read only look at San Diego we didn't look tacos and Colorado's most are where we're gonna. How are doled out. Yeah and you and I don't even remember now are set Narnia and that restaurant goes on like the main drag there and drink a beer and sun was out here you know aside we're San Diego yeah I guarantee we're sitting outside drinking beer right Reynolds. An old time guys. But her time we had to I don't remember yeah norm I got another great as America carnage could do like NHL hockey why. I know you're not excellent here's your question there's only one NHL team that's won every title it's made are made it won the title of the damage made it to the Stanley Cup. Into and who is that even. You. No we'll LA kings. Come ride reliable roads failure once twice. Three times and made it. At Hulu I need. The Hindenburg crashed in 1937. Numbers 62 survivors. I don't know how many passengers 8797. Or 107 Illinois phenomenal number. And I understood him. Yeah it's. That's amazing you watch the footage of their. Yeah estimated. I think a lot of potential bad subject. Yes I know worked. A bit once you're in the air and finger in the air and is arms fire ant problem and boarding angry going to be wide gap armed with guns on the bigger problem. Only five presidents in history. Have had beards. To remind Mike Pence is device for. But all five belonged to what political pork. There. Republicans and. Exactly. You don't see a lot of your jokes a lot of ball deep Mike Pence doesn't have a beard these tournaments. Abraham Lincoln you losing those grand Merom for me if he's he's still are filled and Harrison are pretty sure I am confident. If you like to make it doesn't play they don't make all aid for Fareed 999. All more vague D'Amico and appeared seconds. The show and many games continue on the men's room radio network.