12-06-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Takes A Dump

Wednesday, December 6th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus the Return of a Positive Drinking Story and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Closets very sorry on the way we have the most searched more Beers and each and every state also who sucks elicits a doozy coming up today right after emails moments or moments in my dock comer question. What is your pet story 8449990. Look. Hello miles welcome to the men's room. Thought oh wow stupid name I'm. Yeah I know. I don't guard Derrick ever hear you on the radius. Stupid individual and why does this person that to have my name the guy uses the dollar stuff on the show. But you payment though I'm not really. Anyway they yell out my pet story when I was about an old my mom remarried. And South America. Yes they. You anyway his best friend raised wildcats basically eat grew like everything from in my line Bengal tiger. If they go. And he got to be a good idea to get a cougar. So he went out and actually buy the baby cougar and we like. Bottle that attempt in your goal I'm bottle feeding you know that no match could be picked up until me. And yeah we kept it around when you look at bowel. Or weeks old it was just destroying our cap already was quite equate bigger arc that go in Quetta where park at and keeping them online at all. Wait so you right amount line home it ravages the cat in the decision is to keep the mountain line. Yeah yeah I know there's a black cat undergraduate at all you like and you look at discussed what was like that cats women and Harvey and her I just look it up like you people just suck. How long did you have the mound line three years. While and then what do you do it gonna mean. Well it well actually could we were. We're out this detectives really outside the speed limit sort that I served like we can actually happen but they re owned. I better get our district or whatever. And so we are put under organs where we couldn't keep it teamwork and they were that they don't get rid Beckett at this point it's EYE. You know all my 3040 pounds of meat at a night. You act is a wild. I had read our what do you think you look it there's no it's gonna tell you when your sleeping like like mountain lions do. Oh yeah I mean but the thing I mean Gillis I mean that automakers look look a little child. Like I had an older brother but he looked like you know fourteen told you have been hit global Emo or you know to the parent gonna let him go they would own thing and then I had a younger sister. Who would actually my step father's daughter you know on my back step sister yeah no course you know she's there automaker could so they look neat they care and cap all our model parents are away. So I thought out in the go to Iowa you know or ol' chicken and a quarter of a slam pocket earlier but they eat. And the weak economy we played we played like catch spoke on at a deep political ball. And the thing like I mean now remember how much it weighed an outdoors looked well out of the book all you like Brad and I yeah I don't wanna look like they're not quite you know let me jump on top let me. Is Larry you don't kill you yeah I know it did it because you boo because you bottle fed this thing because you raise it did did it did it look forward to seeing you mean to have. Yeah. Yeah I look that we I don't goal aren't in the back we actually. And so are would like your Heisman and the united like that around here and you know I did not grow weary it seep through and every time I come walking up the new. You know I've got to you it's not then come under the gate to come out of it little local fox want to hide then you know you're Mormon thing and I. Look at what I pray for you would say. I'm your body in school would you invite me over how was your technology Rihanna. You know you know I don't know if it's a guy no. But you would even like my brother would even really. Let my brother Hartley Adam. Ernie Banks to do that then hey dad yeah oh yeah we sit on your lap and still our. Yeah I actually would like you would laid down and I would you know Pannemon actually my head on the stomach and he put her. One of the few big cats and actually Burton like African lions didn't single players like. It'll terror hurt. Yeah well I guess I love you. Honey do with your father. How many do with your dad like did it have a theme of late the other like alpha male house. Yeah. That go back and kind of what the other and he looked super precedent to all the other mailed at army corps. Yeah like I stood ticket had ME look cool with that everything like that but it. Play super aggressive toward everybody else would never happens again these limb though and wild life. Not although we ended up we're in a solemn back to the guy who will greet him. And I guess they got sold out to lure so that I don't know why aren't ready keep track of it per month but wouldn't you like and how it goes is that. All of don't play one years ago and how long to cancel the wheels in Kansas gas and look to an hour. Now I am. My question is this like would just say you're you discuss some brand of jackass places drawn to the zoo and also in this Canada's loses its mind when he sees it is that an enemy like. Would you would you seriously like to see the cat again. Yeah I would I would look great I had I had fun with a multi almighty dollar credit school but I will not spoken. You know they would they would be driving by me on the weekend if you look like on the side of but a freeway that when I leave my way. And it would seem to have them out the you know get a big you know open your credit history right there really aren't they and their. How would like that do occur I like this guy is. Ari Glor yeah personally I lines I think that's a fairly doesn't mind who we're gonna mammals you have now the only pets now. A dark yeah okay tonight is because our dog and Lisa Kelly is the dog let down based on your Mountain Lion experience. Yeah I had it brilliant if I could have won again I don't know what you wanna. You would get another mammoth. Analysts but then you wouldn't be would be the alpha male where you would be a child and relatively light. The reversal and I. And let there let me I think look really pretty much because no one that looked. Doing all the care taking and I really cared I like. I think he got it more but the novelty. You know look at your got a outlying you know that kind of thing though you've got up people are got to remind how we do you know I think he got just that kind of thing is a militia law. You only reason I'm really good amount line I just Kim I would I would go pour feed the damn thing I mean like not only three take a week. Yeah yeah. It's taken a lot Iverson brawl. Rock yet just warming up in water we actually go to the market and buy a whole thing sickens. And you do your street some element of blues are both real or we just so up. But it was some warm water what are. Certain elements they were deep thought they get like at room temperature. And and we knew that sort it out there and freedom and anything Lothian loans and all what you Jack and I wouldn't it still to this day into the creek yes I'm. Her when experts are mobile six does crunch and down at all. Yeah America's maulana could be your head. And maybe you would give another mama. If I could mean the few good idea and number oh yeah oh yeah around lineup I walker noted that old and I'm Alia. Well today I I've seen a guy walking through I'd downtown moved to. The goat then go on a leash. As a result of these ago that he's got to go I'm sure he's proud of that and getting a full grown goat though it's not a baby notre small go to full grip go to one now think man that's crazy got to go to Indiana business invite that's his thing I'm gonna gallery had a physical object Iceland how god willing we talked about all these weird that's of evil what that we there is a list of the ten most popular pets in America. Goalies are obviously pretty easy one is number one dogs dogs number contract was number two. The way then what is the final lake Nona to every American music America America America America America America I'm proud to beauty of America didn't certainly go all the money tool for us all want it to you today and I. I area. Number three fish. Fisher number four. Cancers cancers number three the third most popular that in America and we know there through girl yes. Here's where things get tricky mode knob fire deaths of 100 dogs two cats three answers foreign official of the ten most violent events in America. Snake snake is number eight. Can't RA. Some kind of loser then there's the nation's got a bit I don't really want as long as number nine gas. Putting kids they're said there and said that duque gave me number six really yeah. There are three that's remaining outside and you've got dogs cats hamsters fish. Guinea pigs snakes iguanas otherwise correct have you ever met anyone and only Guinea pig or cancers in did not have tips. Now now you know be where that's very review over a single guys thousand gonna have a trail ran by hand NN rabbit. Rather it's not on the list really yeah that's my shot the waters were. Iguanas snakes. Tarantula it's not on the list. He's the top ten most popular pet in my six mice number firepower writes I don't know why you have them on our rats definite. It doesn't on this Donald low tech. You have my C defeat that's making bad that's my thought they about the Lendl that Soros is in there Fitch gonna save this very definition number four yeah. Those ancient story. Barrett Barrett number ten car I don't know resume its embezzlement comment and I'm 31 remaining turtles know. This right there and Democrats. Know. Got lizards. Move the deaths make right know turtles birds aren't very all right so all the top ten most popular events the United States of America. Dogs cats. Hamsters which I'm pretty shocked about. Being number three followed by fish and mice the Guinea pig birds snakes iguanas in Paris. I just feel like woods was hamsters only an undergrad hamsters were growing up I knew the kids that did. And I just feel like as an adult now and I have kids may not ask for hamsters what do they did I just feel like if you're honest and say look. Don't bother a minimum there not long for those were and a I am I quickly I don't know well. My memory says they do but again remember kids seem to be the primary caretakers of them Brett. Yeah also sometimes Mike if I don't know if they have a short life expectancy orbits just the reality of having young children be the caretaker for a living creature. I don't have the foundation on old place like a block away from me and the rapture they're not having a good time because they haven't figured out where Libya at all yeah but two days ago I saw a man this seagull was picketing clean like I eat chicken wings record nothing left on the media this this the carcass on this rat it was. You know starting from in the singles eating the wreck he had eight although the innards in enemy you know working its way through the ribs and to snare look paragon can. I am and you're gonna eat that whole thing that he was going after yet a huge circle I think I'll read any. You're going to be. Like wow like I did the French fry thing you know an obsession of French Fries but rats of them. There are brown thank you freshly dead rat I am not okay we you'll know I don't know we'll judge it. What does our lead story gets her emails coming up in the men's room lemons are my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. And chills and gentle men's room. Our question what is your pet story and here come those emails in the men's room mad men's in my doctor shop. Guys doing is made is we can't and there are Abu Ali I'll long time ago that a black lab well trained. I stop by to visit one summer day and he asked the wonder of course I answered so he whistled for his dog chances this chance go get a beer. Dog turns its tail heads to the fridge returned with a beer in his mouth and drops it my feet. I busted out laughing he rigged the beer dispensers of the dog to grab a beer and bring it to you from the violate cowboy. A whole long time first time that show on the radio guys my wife called me at work in tears saying we need a new bed when I asked why she said the dog ate it. We have food dawn of time and when I got on the futon look like a fluff to big potato covered by one feet of feathers is a dog also. Eight the down comforter dog was sitting in the middle the mass wagging her tail until the dog to me to the grocery store while I'm wife went to get into bed. I let the dog in the car for about ten minutes while I shopped got back in the car and realized something was off. It took me a second to realize the dog ate the passenger seat headrest all the was left with a two metal post one expensive day the dog did live until she was sixteen still messrs. Thanks Alaska as a from John. Did I was forget Nidal Tigger was a Scottish Terrier small dog ate a whole pumpkin pie. Lift and I would figure yeah it's a present he would eat the bones often chicken wing TV didn't put more weight and Aaron how we live so long. And as much I don't know an added I don't know now it's like bacon eaten whiskey drink and oldest person in the world are violent era that 240 points siamese named China. There's a real prince's hand would do the best in and one cat household and I moved into a larger aisles with eight other people. There's six other cats and a big dog almost two years ago. Well territorial disputes that are animals in common areas of resulted in my prince is having do. Basically put on a diaper if she wants to leave my bedroom which he doesn't wanna do much anymore when she sees it coming to order. I feel bad for but keep telling her luck we ought to neinsager prices since this is where we live. In the cities becoming unaffordable. The wonderful house mates have been quite patient with her until lately and at least had the decency to bring it up after researching a somewhat stylish designs and even paying for it. Our guys one day my friends last so apps old stopped eating it wouldn't even need human food after several days is stop drinking water and against well. While contemplating taking the dog to the vet my friend's mother discovered a pink piece of string hanging out of the dogs rectum. After a little giggling. She decided to man up and give the string itself at this point the dog pops like a party favor and they use stamp on came out like a mosque at ground. The projectiles followed by a fire holes approved and allowed deal after that. Habeas dog ever mom. Not some wow man why would you pull that string you have to you have to you and god knows why nobody's like improper you know let. I mean I would assume if I pull the string. And anybody's backside the pope's comments. But you don't know so late we'll have a dog great got a lot don't eat out part of a soccer something like Mario said the grandparents across the floor. It all backwards lift the tail and there that look on her face like. I don't wanna talk about this book please help right and typically we give yanked the string out it's just. The string. So lets you themed it's tampons it just wouldn't cross my mind what kind of dog it's very got a straight and and I hate to say this in my life up rod pulled the string out of twenty dog reckons. Let me rephrase that maybe two dogs but it totaled twenty times with Sarah didn't just to doll and a doctor after at all but I I never they never at a party favorite there was just mystery. And horribly different I mean if you're a grenade in your hand you know you'll pulled them. When you let your odds are tempting. Oh you know the dog had a vampire like dude if you if you gave this thing exclusionary as he's an eight holes of diarrhea you're still gonna do. I mean. It is my dog you have to well I'm sales assistant I would probably the game should I knew that Ellen put the dog in the bathtub first vaults of the mess wouldn't would be easier to cleanup and but yeah you have to maybe get a rubber glove I was doing outside either way he had his candor and how much about it but I am. We're going to the neighbor's yard and I'll log on for days about my crazy that. A double in the comes to mind is the following I'm a big yellow lab about four years old today he is eaten 100 dollars in twenty dollar bills mean if we leave money out he'll eat it. I once came home with a half Tony hanging out of his mouth that from albino map. Guys in 97 knows a thing in Bakersfield California on the main drag in north Chester avenue and a crappy little duplex my camp was a very Smart siamese rag doll. And apparently figured out a way to jump at the unlock a jump up and unlock the dead bolts and then claw the door open it. The tongue of the door never cots or she was able to do this that's all I woke up to crack heads stealing my super Nintendo at 3 AM thanks cats she's dead now so we're even. That from gay air. What up pickles mergers. I thought I was being a nice guy but getting my dog treats which was pepperoni. Usually Jolie gets a standard dog treats later on that night about three or 4 in the morning when me in my gopher or sitting in bed. I feel her head nudging my hand a little bit I don't pay too much attention to that fall back asleep. My girlfriend who has laying on the edge that closes the dog screams at the top of her lungs saying that something just interface. Don't know I jump out of bed turn on the light in my dog had project I'll diarrhea all over my girlfriend's face I guess. Our dog was nudging me to go outside. Also my husband and I got married this past August we walked on the out together with our Ferdinand. 122 pound brown shoe while law corgi mix right as we get to the art Ferdinand walked over to the post hiked his leg and peed all over the post. For most of the ceremony he just wandered around the lawn and we weren't paying too much attention to them so we didn't see what happened next but most of the guest told us about it. Sometime near the end of the ceremony was a good distance maybe twenty feet and directly to the side of the art conferred of these sided of the seated guests. And he just lunges back and takes a big old dump on the lawn unfortunately knowing got photos of it our dog took during a wedding ceremony. Yes snapped a picture of Batman and take a big dude there. Let's see what I don't now we got to get to some emails and I've got time for some extremists are the men's are meant to buy dot com. Our guys did my daughter. Oh boy callais knows birthday she turns six. The whole demo of the show we would love to hear now hitting the window and a little kid faced sandwich thanks guys appreciate it from Brian. Guys wanna get over they shot out to my good friend errand she turns 27 years old today continue to suck it up got gate and some of the dirty is Germans you've got. Thanks guys and rock on that from Joseph. Yard for the bulk them too long too young lady dogma my skin problems. God that you brought this from you good gifts right to your Google dog. I think as well Lou I'm Cassandra stormy night she's the mother my three kids and as I know blessing for this occasion. Did you get a birthday song and oh my god what the hell is that. Yeah. Crawl index is a very nice when guys in this box. Could you ever they saw an Al hitting the window for my wonderful fiance Michael soared fists not his real last name and a nickname from his crazy college days. We've percent of fourth grade and even grew up on the same street tonight a feeling back in that he would be the man that I would marry. Now here we are 33 years later engaged to be married in February and guess what he gets for his birthday. Three pounds of men's room original sausage being delivered today. A true story though love you guys thanks for making the commute home so fund and curbing my road rage with laughs cordially that from Jennifer. Oh yeah. All guys know that's a nice story she stopping him that's a great story obviously she's obsessive but somehow he's been beaten down in their findings and I knew we beat again. Our days. Good morning today's my amazing 127 Joe Brown the son his name is Derek Phillips and house hoping to get them some hot dirty German talk from Steve Melvin Ted and miles doing Tom Jane thanks guys we love you that from to me. Yeah I didn't language lesson today. Who knew what to do so I think the day. They add that if another good news for your birthday come on down under let's show you how we get after the week fix. Happy birthday Derek a flight to Philly or hurt referrals. Germany all send us a note to myself that I turned 33 have had one of the hardest years in my entire life of my wife leaving me. Multiple deaths from people who surround me but things are looking up and got a wonderful girlfriend we leave for Vegas for the first time in the morning. Could you please give me a shot up my 33 birthday and gonna get some of the dirty is German city got thanks guys that from Dustin. Does the additional I think I love my lunch between candidates and young miner and bring this make sure you play lots of Islam and. Gonzalez now wondering if I get hammered there across my twin sister Erin. She's a great sister great auntie turning 35 today throat and givers and dirty German intense and dirty Australian please. Thanks guys appreciate that from Kyle. And and that's similar to put your content. Dad says if the melons. Come on down and she had to put on equality on the. More time later. Unlike George my husband Jason and I had a fortieth birthday could you please give an original traffic jam Jimmy faced sandwich in and and broke Venus. You guys rock that from the lovely Denise. She will we say average. And broke two units until there's no ID green lives over say fortieth birthday. We're loves him dirty Germans and a Joey chestnut thanks guys that from burden. And our DC who have lived slept and usually. On yourselves. Yahoo! you have looks like an Angel making a perfect personal you know. Just my husband got his 41 is a loyal listener add to the boy to be it drives two of our kids nuts. Please give a ray Lewis and as I get up to update rock on that from Jamie it's 60. Skies Christina turns 44 today can you givers and very dirty dirty Germans. Thanks guys that from the lovely Christina. Job for you book them with some bounced into a dog in the mud chuck. Yeah an unidentified in the second to come. I've reported mortar rounds on today out love to hear a barber shop based sand wedge my name is Josh should be loyal listener free Beers Baghdad. Sears it sooner we borrow this and wins. She's a daughter on the side. Television and reason he's still early days in the morning and afternoon. At noon and enough. I say is my 52 revolution around the sun your show he's going every single day when I'm working on a garage a little birthday shout out with a sucking up gov OK thanks guys. That from brands. Oh. Hi guys you know. It's. Yeah yeah sorry. You've got to do everything I. I prayed and I hate to tell you. Big daddy doesn't ditching Jeremy Bronson by men's. Also available through he's world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Who I am sure I fly. Good return in a positive bringing story the most searched for beer in each and every state in the United States of America is on the way above first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John and blue. A time I think a bar food sacks last even throw you bring us restoring Dampier in the news and it's up to us to determine out of the three stories. Which of these stories suck police income now some weeks ago we got a heavy this week. It's disturbing but it's not head and the best way to break this down is just say we got three separate people competing while mostly Kentucky. One lives in New York one lives in Ohio and if you like the men's room on FaceBook the debate is underway on who sucks list so I started Kentucky's jelly. All right at Kentucky car wash owner he's asking for the public's help to identify a man that they do that they've dean. Who may have you heard me correctly. The owner of soaking wet car wash and Owens borrowed seven man has been using their facility to do his business on two separate occasions. According to surveillance video that's posted to the business' FaceBook page the man drove inside the car was there and walked a performance car. Pulled down his pants in the repeat himself over the drain. But the owners that was the second time the poor man's truck so who I caller wants both noted pleading with the public to identify the man thing. Does anyone know this guy now on the second video it appears it may completely took office grants to drop a load. Police have been informed but it doesn't appear that they have a news actually of this guy Kentucky who for whatever reasons to be in the drained a local court. Parents. We now. Go right outside of New York City India notes that California may end. Use of New York but he got a portable car and Bob Holland Tunnel just outside of New York City. And defecated in a tollbooth. Eminem's. Gavin names of all the major tied up traffic and also got to trust messenger or. But Port Authority police say they solve a 21 year old exit the car traveling and in the tunnel. Walked inside of the tollbooth able police went to see that Lee was going they cut him in the act of deputy. They'd been in the car with three other passengers and about 10 o'clock at night he told that we felt sick. Told the driver hey man you gotta let media even though there in one of the busiest tunnels and officials went. No incidents and forced the closure of the north plumber well up to about ten minutes as police conducted a standardized securities who they call. The Holland Tunnel Bob white Iran's under the Hudson River infamous island of Manhattan. With Jersey city's futures it's a fairly busy idle buried in this do yeah. Had the car stopped in the middle that went in New York is already gone to the fire happened to us. Tollbooth. He drops the black. Now let's go to Ohio worked for the past three years residents of a quiet Akron Ohio neighborhood say they've been terrorized by a man. Deprecating on cars and even on children's toys. It's you area. You leave your big wheel drive way he'll go through voters do bull poop on it but very diligent ever set up a time lapse camera did manage to catch suspected of paying down. Turned photographic evidence over to police now authorities they've released the image to be so cold bowel movement bandits. This latest move down to at least nineteen parked cars and driveways. Think about that nineteen dark now the residents of the camera and he told a local affiliate there that the suspect was struck his family's car at least eight times. His cars specifically. The BC that is not neighbors. They've been playing the blame game from up testing suspension on one another. With the photographing the suspect in the act. It's really blunt residents and open to break in the case for the go OK it's none of us and I'll think about it. This guy has proven and everybody as a parent and if it's outside. And it's in your yard this guy's in hoopla and now all of these neighbors for three years have been mad at each other assuming that yellow. I always do anyway approved by my son's big we haven't caught the person you ever go the first of the they would no photographic evidence do you recognize it's none of that okay are so again. We have the guys in Kentucky he's got the visit local car wash and get the car wash pretty. Gets out of garden approved children he's done a couple times we had a guy that stopped traffic. It's the in Holland Tunnel outside of New York City and proved. And they got him tollbooth and we have an anonymous guy in Ohio who spoofed on at least nineteen cars children's toys anything left out of Egypt. I think I think this is music. I think the guy who. Look he had to go he did in the Holland Tunnel tollbooth where. But the fact it has stopped traffic on the meant that major thoroughfare. That's that's bad that's been an act so eat your one duke. Is affecting a lot of people not just the person that's clean up. But everyone is affected by you grouping in the told. Now as far as the acrid silently each other or whatever finally. They never caught the serial Cooper who was running was Colorado or more was the woman who's just squatting Colorado and I'm the ever gone now she's never been identified. Is far as the Akron Ohio situation goes. You're moving on people's cars your putting on people's property. That's not cool chill ever so if we get Owensboro Kentucky the car wash owner now granted it's a car walk. Yeah hope. There's the holes you have to pay for the water it's on a drain it just like you're not affecting other people buy this and it's easier to clean I don't think yeah you're not destroying property what you you draft Boris that he did you proved over the during and a I don't know that you necessarily hosed down part of the reason they believe he's got Cleve is easy terrible about that hey man don't worry about it you got nothing but those. You're bored you Brett would you rather clean up the guy who who didn't tollbooth the guy who did Carl's car lost on the right yeah because it's almost like a pressure washer brand and in the the past the power on those things. I'll open it to do work you know I would agree that he thought the least old because the minimal amount of damage it's as far as how many other people get Beth see I think tollbooth guys sex from east really buys it for little wind he has no no proof. Think it started number Julie features a number on Pete says the good at bat and I hope I write it and then I did what I want you to think about this aren't. You're 100 recycler look if you stop a car in a tunnel improvement of tollbooth obviously you really had to go this is understood. Yet but I'm fifteen cars behind them amen god damn near city I'm stuck contract I don't know what's going. And you always say somebody better be dead and I finally hear the news later that night 11 o'clock flight. That's why my ass was stuck in traffic to lose to. I'm not okay would that man is that you're talking thousands of guards like all of you. New York City Trevor artists that he made it worse it did them total and I did mostly poked at a tollbooth. Everybody's wanted to do that. Yeah they know wanted to do well in that moment I would like Danielle have in dummy I would invent money paid adult I was like yeah hang my butt out the window and proven a change bucket recognize. I got to my welcome to the guards think that if you if you if you if you if you could you. On the fly like on the move. Got other turner a positive drinking. Story the most searched more Beers in each and every stable do their before we during a toast with a shot of the day that is all coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network it's. Yeah. Wow that's on the way we will bring it tells with a shout today as well the first first first at. Brokers adds another. Positive Jerry Stiller I asked travel almost anywhere in the United States annual by no shortage of pride in the local brew it doesn't matter where you are the story comes to us from the fine folks. At throw list they say the business broker network dug into the regional pride using basically Google Trends the fine. The breweries the locals are most interested him so it's a weird way to judge breweries but it's also little entertaining and little interesting so it's not that they are the most highly sold during that deals just. What people are searching for when they go to each and we'll stay as far as the bears. In unsurprisingly. Believe or not. Almost every state was looking for information on the local craft breweries. Missouri was the only state not looking for a craft brewery any idea what the residents there were searching for. But in Missouri yes it's got to Budweiser and Busch. Rely much weaker traditionally the Kelly put together data about the most searched types of the beer in every state and they did that with the Google Trends. Just one state does as a session beer is their preferred beer. And that from there we have a couple of states including North Dakota and Wisconsin where reporters and steps. Seemed to dominate that makes and other it's it's a pretty interesting lists up. Let's start here Ted with a fine state of Merlin you know Murrow pretty well. All right and got. When they search for Maryland. Crappy airplanes crash. Seven seas brewery. The evening guests clippers city flying dog brewery. All I am honored and dogma I for our friends up enough hell Alaska they're good morning what is the number one of the search brewery in the state of Alaska. Iditarod mail. 49 state brewing company never hurt we were in the we are in the room. All that was there a rule that's exactly hell of a bitter yes very good guy. Toderat never heard of millionaire barrel late I don't know that was the blaze map look at it we had a blast. That a California hi hey everyone I believe racquet that the fox in San Jose would put Beers being searched down there whether there. Blog you need this as out of Baghdad thought by Sierra Nevada and out of Baghdad Sierra Nevada gonna be my guest Edelstein that's that that's a great guys. None of them we have to get on the Sunday again. All right. Or still in the broke. I lost over the obviously the preacher somewhere in that area next one on the pier two or whether as we wanna go to like what they wanna do like nine breweries like nine hours and I will never make it. We'll die. Are they out of city and I think I don't know all right on our friends down at the buy you in in Louisiana. And you'll lose what's Louisiana's most searched and he got a beat up yet no doubt that is correct I was so beat up. What does it mean that yet you know and if you are normally is now all you Edna what they. I mean it's probably ET I could think of what three different B is off the top of my head like I'm all for ways but it's scuttle any real beer here it is. He would set you got a world market and learn materialize. All right. The Robin. He's been a little time in North Carolina is what is the most of search for. Beer in the state North Carolina doesn't have to be a craft beer failure does mister OK then and it doesn't have to leave there's only one that is. To die an idea I expect to continue in my mind when they drink in Iraq one O three and they have that that would be between. If if we are done craft. Fat tire. Or maybe Yang Ling ash still brewing company all Casey that's newer that's suck the north and silent and getting. Yeah that is three year old Italian dial here in Washington when we got. Men's release that there you go to drag their right. All right guys should be done and let me say it is damn glad I took it doesn't matter what I do know we're gonna say it's been the room read a little fun it really isn't just search for release are brewing company here at the that's prima. Damn I'm. So close so close we got to know Red Brigade that. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. It's not as good as your jaw we had that they Greg Afghan theater royal find out nortel's. Yes indeed and today we chose thirty year old Daniel proctor of Newcastle England. Now earlier this month Daniel saw a woman across the street and after making eye contact prefer heat according to the woman. Started waving his penis right. Anywhere from ten to fifteen seconds the whole time making eye contact. She immediately called the police and they've managed to track him down a short time later and mcdonalds Baffert. But he was arrested on suspicion of exposure but they do immediately made the accusation. Claiming that he had not exposed as pianist note he's played with a woman saw. Muscles also draw from Greg's currently Greg salsa group LeBron went they aren't all poser. Early officer report said quote. It clearly was not his penis. It was a great sought to draw. But he made it look like it was his penis so instead Daniel was arrested for disorderly conduct and so he just handed in his zipper like that offenders who have been whatever until officials also draw and looks delicious the only problem is as I'm looking at it think it was delicious I'm like but I'm also thinking of penis and I'm crisis tops your butt. All of that said he waved it around right Davis is being missile postal Reston and that's the latest trend with demons from original sausages to do that and post a picture on mr. Graham and all the money goes to chaired crack it ethnic. It's a pastry. In the Bundestag. I'm not sure she's got to crawl tells her artistry and I think in a girl right if it's a white dude that's flushed down right yeah I mean I don't know I think around mailing and it holding it in front you know always go to the way you would do it that I would like either go after him. Yeah I would want to miss my grade from my house trials blanket he threw her apology needed or doesn't look good. Yeah ethos drove in Malaysia. Now the turned out if you do that you can't get arrested. For disorderly conduct but that's so much of a lesser charge to basically be boosted to vote death by assuming you had a few beverages and just yeah man yeah. And it I don't know if I'd just don't know how. I was very we've all dispose imagery does lose because we think it's yummy got back so over the song and download the moral to party in art Tommy's. Down a hole I beds don't. You're Joseph and I don't like it does the red blood profile this Hillary nine LE 44999. All look. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.