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Tuesday, December 5th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. It's. A good solid standing by another round profile that's coming up before 4999. Although we'll play profile this coming up in minutes. Yeah headlines on the way one hour from now first which I guess my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not it's working on our I'd Starbucks is giving out one million dollars worth of free gift cards this month at stores and other locations already brought you like submarines. Com he's there for that much. Now gas queues for you tourists a year need often are McConnell let me. And I'd Starbucks earlier government big their injuries. Act like I'm scared to form put enough. I'm only eggnog latte man and it and it even gets in the afternoon it's as long that's cost as fantastic I love egg nog then to seem like a bad idea. That's like this throws lines in my rectum and go for a man. I don't care you generally not triggered just did not block you know I enjoy. A couple bad counts of eggnog throughout this throughout the December month. But the eggnog latte is me is my home and I'm like all right. Five years ago and icy worker in England accidentally threw away a hard drive that he was using while he mind big points. Now he wants to dig through Angela finally because the 7500. Bitcoin said he had a we'll be worth over eighty million dollars. So I'll yes I'd be digging and you are important what about face five years ago is still going to be there. I he says based on what he's gonna do is based on time and where they dumb things. Basically you could say okay within three years we have four feet of debris here. So he's gonna go back to the point in time and then dig deep to that level to be good fun and so are a lot of other people yes I think that's the strategy. Ice also still thinking and it's only until something must have leaked in it. I went dead but in general are broken right yeah eighty million dollar gold miners out of landfills GAAP and other. And Livan. Landfill for awhile trading milk how long a long after. A year ago assumed that eventually he used to when youth that's somebody you never want dragged you out of debt. He's afraid million dollars out of them delayed until months and they just hasn't come up first their leaders in the trash dump. Doesn't shower for a year then you become millionaire know what if you had to live off their land till ten. We're on the scraps you can find them right you live and all those empty pizza boxes. Thirty sauces. And he saw him I would assume so many people throwing have baffles us all the time for eighty mil I try ask for assuming that they're soft so all the blue lithium in the boom. If it's proven that they are so big enough to fit fitness is that is garbage Jews and we'll do that but for some of the containers about animals than it is just a full container thrown away if he isn't. Crushed by its own way. One year said what year are another new Oreo flavor could be hitting stores soon. John with peanut butter pylori as. Okay mom I'm eighth month. Somebody like Evan have to throw the pie in there and you wouldn't chocolate peanut butter just be the thing I agree I got all you needed to say adding power. He wants you at a private deal with immigration skeptical. Right because then there's going to be some sort of a bread trust in that he thanked. Last of five brings to us is a pretty fresh fruit that is very very true if if if the fifth and discolored it's a recent story a yeah and you know what I like the sound of that right I'm good to me than just a more open Greece's. I doubt disagrees with in recent form Greece's just overlook the size zero and out. There's a breeze does being toward a tortured artist really make you better. Researchers looked at the cell prizes and a bunch of famous artist screenings. And they found that stuff that the artist did the year after someone close to them died sells for 35% less on average less wrote I've got to be more of them to be the exact apparently nobody cares about their sadness emotion. He's wanted to see their creative side not there angst of death. And our mile side I think that he would peak period for arts administrator for a musical artists that doesn't say just seems like art in general powervu expressive with the you tend to write a lot more on your closing your eyes and a little people like to look through music and and feel through music they don't want us here crying clown on the off that's. Add to your ports could expect like the song last format is a guy named weeping wound Rivera like that it does there imagine the living room seven a bad day put at the Clinton. They're my god man at all. The other night I'm an afternoon my daughter goes downstairs basement and I just down there were Obama's nominee you also stared says that he. She said and won't know she sent back so she comes upstairs and I'm like why are you savage got tears and it up let's say it's all on video on. Don't do that. You can lay up ma'am only I'm says there and play myself that way is good god opens in those types that. They are still that though man I've done that same thing when I was younger I played O just fiddle and on the piano and then all of a sudden it got deep business. It got too real too fast Sayed told Dorsey that man. But I'm what I'm looking around like you're seven years old but darker. Horrible part of your brain did you accessible it is hard man who's the soft I don't she's she goes announced he'd just newly around herself. But she has these notes that she likes why I mentioned comply and avoid the last week she's getting a little better playing themselves. And I guess when she finally configured it to wish you want to configure it she determined that she had written. Herb urges absolutely depressing master became men let go of that balloon is a real thing OK maybe that's would have to rally virginal red blue game helmet went. They're house look like god damn stop playing that song about having a birthday party knowing combo all. Martin did you don't have further forward. We have a brand and it's Bryant could if it hadn't gone around its eyes averted it are pathetic dad said no I couldn't go see Santa today confirmed that going to be our. This group of ten year old to the rest when he tees for the most rise zero sprite zero. The important thing to do didn't in a dramatic. Only plain cheese pizza we have another veteran Africa at that that's correct I'm chicken nuggets. There's the guy got the puck looked in the freezer that was a madrassa saddest saddest thing happened to recognize trio won't be it's. Couple fights these parents. And I don't know if they're an add someone as a parent you lose all sympathy wants that slow things like let's just grab something else like that to respond conflict does end. Southern I'll be glad that is the only thing that you have to cry about right now I'll do museum who are allowed to get out of my deadline though but I don't I've got within that to a girl that was with chicken legs. Could she pick the restaurant obviously pleases restaurant OK with I. Really wanna chicken and sedate this place has metrics that you drive let's just finish and now. The one all. Legislation Miller on and find stood out here as far as wanting when all of them talk about chicken wings you know what happened. If there's a torn in two year old man from New York who's played over 300 games awards with friends with an 81 year old woman he randomly got matched up left. And over the weekend he actually flew down to Florida to meet her in person that's very cool right status. Because people are still playing that day. From complained dice. My dad played with those kind of funny enough a German woman you idea stuck by him or I might want to take you to Baltimore Sunday and had replacing guys there I think you know you could fit in with the locals. Couldn't write it rollerblade and out Burma all the Carmel finality and Kelly James deeply yachts and all the time on street corners they're all different. In the park or box what are rules but you know nice do you balance the map later. And it's probably was the what did you think of this guy plays very Disco shady group about a half the event but now he's learned. This stuff and sell it off of the ad. A new study looked at everything from crime rates to natural disasters and found these safest cities in America. And Jack miss what are an arrow down and our guns. They have so natural disasters and cry wouldn't. Middle America maybe I may be but they get tornado building a lot of earthquakes and now truth and finally a six year old boy wrote a scathing letter to Santa Claus from Janet what do I know what it said what are now. Thank you like knocked him I've gone away one hour from now the first third of the the through three cents. Yes the throw help to please everyone how profile this is playing I sure can milder than a simple game where we share do you real life news story something that happened right here. I'm planet earth. Or or or as you listen to story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make the last few what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello mixed welcome to the men's room. Old and are not I'd sleep make you understand how this hearing names play. I do a fantastic lasted here is his story at 24 year old woman said that a man tried to warmer over after my Democrats. And Charles county Maryland. And forced her to jump onto the notables car and hold on as he drove down the highway but on several man now faces felony assault and reckless endangerment charges. Police said that. Besides what woman's car shortly before 10:45 PM. When a woman got out of the car to take a picture of his vehicle decelerated to try to pin her between the two cars. Police at a woman jump under the under the man's courtroom boarding ramp and held on as the girl I don't know quarter mile down I went. Woman told police that he purposely tried to strike another vehicle to throw off the hood but she was able to jump ball before you backstroke deal you bid. He's now being held in the Charles county detention center pending a bond review Iran I'm on my mama while. Police say an Indian woman did not know each other and the attack brand. Do you believe that this goddamn lunatic beyond will is black white mixing your gene. Smooth. I had I think I might be inclined to do it all the flight especially in Maryland. Maryland. He had. This you ever been to Maryland. I have not but I have friends that have that we'll need some crazy stories about that area. It all depends what part of Maryland and yet you like and I'm flu like that. This central Maryland is a little bit that everybody is certainly in western Maryland is bottled wines against. Eastern Maryland predominately white made a little span I would say yeah I'm the guy I'm gonna I'm. I'm gonna say it's either going to be wide or are Mexican and a reason that is is because. Charles county. It's kind of off all by itself in the southern parts. Of the states in this down on the Chesapeake Bay and it's kind of across the river from Virginia. Yeah so just based on the farmland that no I'm gonna go makes little Amex bank. My only options you have black and white makes you do old school thanks and the thing. Man I see what those Charlestown it's changed a lot and wanted to live down there they commute up to the district of gangs fight. I like this woman jumped on the moon and stayed on the hook right. Until it seemed like he's gonna rent the hall and hit enough what you tomorrow and he tried to pin her between big movement to orange jump on a good. He drives on the road for us to ransom other vehicles humanities jump ball. Good time. I think of blacks and content. I want to thank. I think it will like final answer. Well I would define you as black white makes your Jewish next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's room radio networks. Did you know you don't have gentleman's room. I wanna say thanks to Marilyn and a guy who got into an accident with a lovely laying there on the roadway and he wasn't to have the about that because she got out and try to get some information. From he was being cooperative she took a picture of his license and welcoming cooperative outs and no he jumped in the car and try to basically pinned her between his car in her car and didn't chop them the legs whenever. She jumps up on the hood and then he takes off down the street so he digs are about a quarter mile eventually. He tries to hit another car to shake her off the car she jumped off some Al accounts involved. And this guy's arrest yet which is the good thing but the question we in for you do you believe the sky was black flight Maxi or do you wet wipes. He started with white if enough with the white. You can handle Friday raising then won this thing and I had forbidden Disney Seattle from Merrill Lynch. They were like there's a lot of white people in the state of Washington I would tell you this and I think that's a known pretty wiley you've been hearing room. Actually our as like our second day living in Seattle late fifteen years ago and ever was and that Hamas goes under the regular city bus goes. Miles stopped in his tracks loosen me and I don't think you realize you're kind of yelling just you're suddenly. That is why they won't let us know what god and let. See why people want the benefits if everything into the life you're not going to Seattle where white people ride the bus into. He added that there and a matter who's. It's that opened flat topped. And the phone out man did you open the laptop on a mosque in Baltimore. When you ring the bell we get all eight guys you polygraph. And take your life you know immediately notified only who's gonna get it out now the B defied now do you do you know we've all of them then. Now relativity is all the time it's time for TV time dale. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Obviously. With president trump being the president a lot was made last last year. Leading up to. Presidential election. Was a famous. Interview with Billy bush in an interview agreement Donald Trump on Access Hollywood bus with Billy bush and multiple other people. So they both have on microphones. They obviously don't realize the microphone through life. You've heard the tape there's the famous. Trump says you know and grab him by the PU so this is gone and harm how a lot by. Last night Billy bush was on steam coal Blair. And isolate. How would you does solicitude but part of it it almost feels like Billy bush is getting grilled for like would trump said. The not good but not the one that has the word first it. The other it. I moved on her like a sure but I couldn't get there. I don't understand that sentence. That means a lot of what he says I don't and it's a matter how I interpreted either on or what did you take it to mean in the moment I don't know I think he was calling himself a bug bit me. Right like she was I don't think he said I think you meant to him would say we is totally confused and backwards which yes. You know he gets going and I don't think you really know that I took her I took a furniture shopping guess that's you look at common for played you know I. How could you resist an armoire I mean yeah non. Let go of the advances and Donald. And he didn't just even I was watching last has only hold some Billy did say that stuff many still unemployed and millions hears about it he writes he was there since it seems a little crazy Levys did not grow forty brings up a good point he talked about everything I wanna say he wrote a piece in the New York Times or whatever yeah it kind of talking about a little bit and try to exploit is a first person way were he was like look at the time. I I I'm guilty I'm trying to move up the letter and Hollywood this is my job and at the time the apprentice was the number one show on NBC. And he did a good job cozying up to Donald being able to get interviews and do things in getting exclusive style for. You know how most are fighting Access Hollywood inside edition whenever the different shows are out there you know like he's in that world of of competitiveness. And because he had a pretty cordial relationship Donald Trump he. You know he was like we we try to accommodate them with with everything we could. You know unrelated if you want here's water here's this here's load you know he was a big star he was the biggest star on NBC so. He's I guess not that that conversations were uncomfortable but we didn't try. For those conversations happen right isn't that sort wasn't where we started you know many like us that's just kind of where they went and I'm not gonna tell Donald Trump that he shouldn't talk like that in retrospect. And I know what it would have done to my career and everything else yeah I should've said something but at the time. Like he's the biggest star on TV on NBC. And he wrote and away were I was like that's caused and reading the article Mike well I guess your perspective I understand where you're coming from them while they're there. Why are you sorely out and take your stamina or somebody says it hasn't been nothing more to you Rivera somebody said summoned the events that. I think I think that's what the situation where it's very easy for a lot of Julio well I would that. Like you went right let's let him be there to get a look we have been and you don't mind. He worked and Hollywood so and try to what what trumps Edwards was foul and all the rest of bad blood. This is the land of the Harvey Weinstein and they Kevin Spacey Billy bush is he's an idiot he knows and is so I mean at what point in Hollywood you know tell somewhat. Hey man don't say anything creepy in spite of the fact and it's run by creeps it is populated by creeps immensely well known fact and what we thought we knew before is proving to be thrown out right so it's like it's the only African book. Like trump would do got caught on tape man chart and he's yellow dog but I quorum this year and Billy bush talked to fifty other people in the months leading up to that the senate roughly the same with. God damn thing we a look OK I and similar situation and that's why kind of related to the article may. Man any man any man. And even men and many many. Years ago many years ago. Stephen I'll go to a dinner aren't and we're meeting with someone who is. Of very importance. In the world. What we're interested in that time which was probably blood diamonds I don't remember this forever ago now but but so so. You know we get their little bit late. They are RD there of the bachelor the bulls to meet the album we were just we're just a little bit late trying to get errands authority kind of situation. There at the bar we are eventually going to move on to the table we're gonna sit down we're gonna eat dinner and went to talk about block of buying the blood diamonds okay. In the meantime we get to the bar we see right away that the people who are involved in this conversation. As far as the things coming out of their mouth. It wasn't that they were inappropriate. They were just completely inappropriate stay warm. Borderline inappropriate it's like in inappropriate person. Trying not to be in a program but still insisting I'm trying to be funny and what's great result they're not funny so are there just mortal. But they talked about this loud whenever you conversation moves the biggest problem and old they are there any of the fact that everything you're saying Donna makes my skin growth. Everyone of this restaurant now things like we're friends with the duke should you got to remember. This is East Coast lab rat you know disease goes well this is a quiet place all right. Somehow immoral somehow or another Steve knows the bartender from you know he I don't I don't think you'd ever be even that in the bar before which is where did you new government employees but I recognize her from somewhere okay yeah and she has this look on her face like oh Jesus Chrysler all I know Alabama while boom went so who moved to the table to Steve suddenly set his goes up the base this is like look dude I'm sorry. These the we we just know we're just meeting these blood diamond dealers. And I am so sorry but would you give like yours Tony Bucs are now is like look man I don't I'm not enough. Good I mean it amounts to 56 times in different bars looks like work I don't what you saw the look on her face I want blood dharma guys talking that. Titles like look I just want you to understand we do not know these people. Which but we are. We don't need them to talk about blood dot were kind of start did you look in more kind of sorry I look look man I mean we're we're we're taken aback by and things that are being said. It's need Steve to. I mean you you've heard this stuff that's come out of our mouth for fifteen years you know. That we are not easily for the that this was truly it was unbelievable and it was in it was to the point where like in what are the article that that was the first thing we came to mind was that experience like. You don't mean like that because you just not an. Do you thing here is up all god right oh god but it ended. It really didn't we didn't really are bush X. Links that two EDS has eight. Like let Stanley down from 2005 like this part of my job yeah people there there but he said he doesn't I thought the guy with detailed a sexual assault a Republican chair right. Which again yeah it's a tough to do I I used. The end of the day just watching Cabrera but they don't just got to blow away. And I don't watch over all the time it seemed he was really Billy bush I just would fix the Fed might be another good as he didn't say those things that he was they hear it like if you want answers for what somebody says you should go to that person right and this is year all these years and years of tourism presidential candidate I mean and I'm doesn't excuse the sanctions than just saying negate. He really had nothing to do with the all this but got caught up and and he still the only one without a job. He's treated jobs. 2017. Entertainment entertainer of the year. Who's seventeen entertainer debate from that they've announced at her. Yeah. I'll say ET. Is Disney a group called the caucus for producers writers and director is just more music oriented or is this more acting. He's the entertainer of the year so he does many things and I'll say radioactive the rocket he hadn't danced I'm gonna say Steve Harvey. Wait he's active he's day to stay like Dancing With The Stars they when he fourteen get to the stars champion helpful I mean not at all. I don't mountain he dances. He snags the and a host. He hopes I hang out he's also host correct this is the entertainer of the year the 2017 entertainer of the year and host he dances and Nick Cannon. That's a good guess. No. What does Nick Cannon couldn't dance. Said he was famous for not been able bets. No matter I found little ribeiro would root that is what he activated and Syria. Okay gradual I should. OK in practice and fresh prince who's on silver spoons didn't put those show from a 175. Years ago. Well he's still hosted in Eads is hosting America's budget. I look to hope they did you just AF AFE right. You have to be a little corny and those fine but that is the least interesting part of the show which determine when that hosted at the video saw the show but. I don't know that he's the entertainer. Of the year man I mean every time they they go to a video I'm not quite. Get off on the back on stream their bad guys bad guys fantastic. I do find it kind of amazing no with with America's funniest videos that he got he's got like a younger crowd again. Short that you figured just DN. BofA being famous fresh prince would run out after a while. Eight kinda did Emily gets the gig do an AV and errors an interview with the recently tell you may turn some of those but he's may feel like you know. A break up Carlton every once in awhile and AMP but the crowd they're so young they do think it's funny dance they have no idea. That he he kind of rose to fame doing that stupid as bans on TV show. Detail what the show so good you cannot go wrong hosting. He's your friend and I didn't I mean what you guys Dancing With The Stars but I tell you are our version of opera I'll say it before them and he's that. That that's real original host was a Bob Saget was someone before the minus member sacked but either way Pete. Like it it's still if my daughter's in town and we get a chance to sit down on a Saturday night and it's on. We're watching it every time talks Sunday night whatever night. Did you do love this show dude it's on repeat so offensive it's a great show I like you cannot stop laughing and doesn't have the videos sometimes a videos or ten years old doesn't matter doesn't matter. Like you haven't seen before it's funny is tell people Boston RS is solar I love animals stuffed it. I don't know you're not bad guys like animal videos that fans may come on at like one of the wild animals not a risk Tibetan act of domestic pet video can come I exam went well you puppy like phone downstairs big fans are loud and her big fan. But it all round number that all the French Bulldog would rolled down the hill you have getting back up and rolled back down love that stuff should lots of all they log. Like old people falsely think if it I know it sounds more mobile and old people get a today and someone. There comes a new video you get that four year old kid Eastland and a big plastic bat you know its app and you know it's gonna have there's dad in the backyard I don't I don't guaranteed a million dollar cap jump shot. Yeah. Marathon is ready out early you've never seem to still report at least dragging and give you get bat back away lowdown. As backing away at my Brothers seven years older so we were kids even let me use some of the big giant red one you could use for a ball a big right. So there was a certain age really he would still cut me slack and when we use it. And I mean I absolutely tattooed want an island crash it into the maybe you guys are good natural he was he was like all right we'll read no more Oprah I yellow magic back hit it. The Congo. I Jimmy Kimmel this is good news his son had successful heart surgery. That's not your Roy here about child having that surgery I bring that out because Judy camels and having guests US get. And they had a guest host because his son was in surgery. One of those guests both very upset with Chris Pratt why you upset the library. We get it out well. What's up guys welcome Jimmy Kimmel Live under a guest host tonight Chris Pratt. I was. Actually I was kind of nervous to do this tonight you know I've I've never done anything like this. But I wouldn't it was so nice to say come on Chris just. There's going to be old college try. What's for me I mean it means. Don't do lipped. So make conversation today so the so what how long it took a graduate college like I'm almost done like ten years. So we just like don't slated takes awhile and don't let it and all I got zero credit nephew. If you're doing great work. If you want to come out but the thing I'm a unit did what John Belushi character did in animal house. No only one point 0100. Chris never went away you still have them coming you can go back and is out onto them. Yeah certainly children's record everywhere it's Chris Pratt probably credit to him. He hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live on a Monday night. After the sudden I think before peaking in any different. LA he had been up in Seattle for the seat upon Israel informed. And they showed up on the man that. That's a couple crazy days are there yet. Chris Pratt by the way I that it's it's almost if you forget that he was like kind of a funny chubby guy. We'll non-GAAP stuff all the Marley and router but what I suitable it's like you that was Chris Pratt. Oh you're so used to Indonesia Japan superhero her way you can just destroying things in this ripped up six that gap he. That bad. Dugard it's by until miles a man like a part of from one billionth of a second but the stink is though my problems possible influence she spring now some Linden a fresh. Going needed blatantly did pass. Honestly generally the little ones it's recount could sometimes be the birdie at this is unbelievable. This familiar highly constant it's bad man. Cat you say Whelan on the bathroom yeah always wash my hands all lock up had a okay I was tired of older man I was like dude I wish I'd gotten I proved every edit some better than I had covering this value group and when a 40 you did it and I don't know truly horrible it was not a horrible. More little ones to Almeida. Whatever that was all the laws man and just like oh my god almighty god it's like pouring. And Caroline were flu like Jews on the vote to lunch and I part of more than included their enemy and the students on nearly as bad and alana. We've heard a lot about beyoncé and Jay-Z kind election all the damn time you could even. Mike hoo I'm pretty sure doesn't really care for rapper Hollywood usually did too easy admitted that he cheated are we all knew that. Apparently right by the whole world knew that we also all lemonade eight dollar and write a new song called are heard it a hundred brought the last century that is. I'm launches sister in law when she beat his ass in an elevator we all pretty had a pretty well had to sit ideal and it's not that there's a sense of hires I'm curious talk about the beyoncé beer. A Brooklyn based brewery has released a beer named after beyoncé called beyoncé. And it's selling a lot better than their gymnasium up. I read that pirated music fulfills one hit it. Thank you Delaware bridge did very good TV time until we get you headlines on the way with my cock coming up in minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real well I don't go to Germany where a boar hunters shoot the bar so the more Kyrgyzstan disaster. Him on Arizona lawmakers push a bill so you can't Wear your math to dinner or to class. Six year old writing about a senate Intel ms. White Sox and it's indeed. Invisible box challenges the latest on line thing not to gently and rockets hit by car in Canada actually three times in one weekend it is stand your headlines. It's Sunday. So there's Mike Koch at our top story to this season and apparently it is six year old isn't buying it. As part of this school assignment the young man was told to write a letter to Santa Claus and a letter that he wrote heaves as follows it says quote dear Santa. So now I'm only doing this for the class I know you're not lewis' empty. In your nice is empty and your life is empty sheets funeral the trouble I've had my life. Goodbye love I'm not telling you my name wow that's from ASEAN group that is a six year old kid I'm wearing that stuff. Fabulous moment where was this this was in and doesn't matter is write a letter to the North Pole is a kid on this earth and that's first and ago that doesn't matter what country well placed his right duke. Is prison is going to be a little bit faster rate to 500 we're easy. It was dark dukes has had and our slate takes its sixth well. And you know what if you're gonna if you gonna call us and at least get your spelling right. It is not as though money is not as thought MG six I don't care if you guys are there if you get a grills and a when guys write it would let them hero letter. Last time I wrote a letter yet this is a card accounts. Sure yeah again that's an Laura Lederer got out of 23 weeks ago got. I'm deaf and Gloria throughout the world. There's the new craze. There's a new craze sweeping the nation on line the latest as people are trying to attended videos is called the invisible box challenge from. The trick in jails one attempting. The one attempting to pretend to walk on top and over an invisible box basically they pretend to set one foot on top of the box and use that foot step up and over and we are. Well I'll solve every TV news morning shows they wanted to bottom of those one members kind of cool I saw one video on a Ted showed consumer yet. Precious present you tell the gold going into an agent this. But you know high school I really that's really the moment but we'll save it if you're not. If you're not a gym or cheerleader or some deserted them in this. You're not going to pull of place you could lead to get. To get it done right. Generally all the without making it look like it you're starting leaving yeah there's always rural do it it looked cool and I'm told service and yet if you see someone dressed like that. During which she did I know for a fact I can't build. Mike did you see the video of the guy it was last week in the NFL who caught the ball was listed as the catch in the end zone and they kind of sprang back up. Oh yeah now I mean that was more impressive obviously he's professional athlete blah blah blah. Then there these are cheerleaders they're obviously great note I don't know but then I was a little blue Obama. Next. We gonna Calgary where rocket being removed from a parking lot because of people's inability to drive. The rock in question has been positioned at the end of the parking lot divider set about two to three feet high and more importantly never moved from the spot that it was an. I do not keep several people from messing their cars up on said rock. There's number of photos online of cars and damaged even managed to get the car stuck on the rocks some summer stuck lifted the air there's even a photo of a truck that flipped over after hitting it bad temper headlines that. My iron on her personal CNN Sadler turn blue Sox last profiled as and the shot of the day it has indeed it is all true that is tomorrow in the meantime we are out of here and so until tomorrow please. Do what you do best and for elite does say it's. Diane. Yeah.