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Monday, December 4th

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This is still. Newsroom good man gets. Listening to. He's thrilled. As did guard out of a ride now right now Richard Gonzales setting my profile this is coming up we will play profiled as in minutes. Yeah headlines on the way one hour from now first which again in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right according to a new report this year's flu vaccine isn't working very well. So flu season might be worse than usual usually. Flows. The thing of the flu vaccine as I understand it there's. There estimating which strain of the flu they think is going to be the ones most infectious. Estimates we hazard a guess it is a guess you give you a little earlier I guess so it's a different strain than the one they gave you essentially serve no purpose they guess wrong yet. And as they are nowhere really narrowing it down until a bunch of people get sick we know which had given it our. You get a flu shot I never get a flu shot Campbell of it as an American troops out of like I've done both. To have and I have got hasn't made the difference as far as I'm not sure. Israel say you know with kids that may get a flu shot yet kids well that's great and I wanna say they got a flu shot last year involve a mistake anyway. And they know me I've had years where I've gotten the flu shot and not gotten. And also had years random shot had gotten. Right toward them and they play good that's not it is typically I'm cynical Tom white of the racquet but they do it for for my ability up with the Obama. From the number number. I'm way. And just it everybody that I've ever talked to this guy that has said. I get sick I go the doctor they give you blew me is that I have once a year to get a physical unless some really really bad off but typically don't go back. Yeah that's that's just literally give it throws dreaded flu shot James Graham at the drugstore I mean there's definitely display may have phobia of Todd Taco Bell is testing three new could be a lot let's we've shots if you actually any of the doctors get all Hillary because they could and it. Doug LaBelle is testing three new burritos that come with French Fries inside. Taco Bell did David deep I guess over the prior. Yet as. One of the do there's a story. I had sit on my desk there's a story that some pain and had something to do with this. Really focus taco bells. In Mexico moved so her French Fries and like other American food to something. Then this guy Symbian in LA and you just think Alex talked moved. With the one California. Another taco place not Taco Bell they are French Fries. OK then they're O eighty AR Taco Bell in the bringing back French Fries. Let's move on and got Stucco who know what's gonna hate French Fries right the promise is that they're now bringing back French Fries they're putting French Fries in the stock up. I'm telling you can order a burrito and a large fry your ad here. Before during a breed open win Fries are nothing at all. Look man if McDonald's ever is gonna put our Fries directly and murder I'm still get bombarded. Sarah again I mean imagine Barbara doesn't think about a number of my mouth of the same time make inference. Yeah they're like each year late. Okay prize belongs inside the blue big. When you're there are doing morning early really your foudy map for example you suck you're at Taco Bell. Becoming good momentum and some flavors don't go together. Dumbed burritos from Fresno but the but they don't do it works so used to have a burrito they had little chunks of the Palin I'm aware and it was not a good didn't do well he's not for you know I'm for May now. Because the noble are there. If business starts I think already Allison nice season he's not I had a net net not a burner for us. Come about specific you are was there now writer Taco Bell order. You with everybody that's the Ruth Chris well be right here in the gotta wanna be without go to my daughter here and they are goes he's still waiting for. It's there's only one time. That dead tacos and the toggle culture and the murder culture have mixed. And that is with the keys deal burger that event which is fantastic it was weird it was edgy it was a risk but it worked cases DO burger Yemen and here had that. Now what always been satisfied drop them both a monthly I'm surety and the other two in a house. There's not some chef that worked eight now I gotta figure this out now I am going to try and he's good driver this Fred writes I know all that good math science. Bright and an elite at is I am more I say that is not good visual style things no got a threat. You put money back from pharma. I'm happy far a lot of real mobile retail food. Extra feet. A man and Indiana India was arrested for causing a public nuisance after he took it sucks and she's off on a public buzz has started a huge fight for some reason. There's stuff that it was his name that is well. How funky are your feedback are you just take you. It starts off flight miles yeah damage starts a fight but it's either or everything man like beat I don't know if you can farm animals who would get mad at you but. We've been on planes all of us I form on planes counseling. There's the story it's over to the third there socks and shoes on the throw more on the armrest of the person from the looks like. If someone about speed it's a different game it's a much different body part on an eighty look you either like feet or you hate would even if you love it there's no there's no there's no other body part really that kind of that other than important parts of and has a division like. All get to another hand person. They know and nor does that OK I agree with you pledged. At the same time I'm gonna turn of the guys they yell at your feet stake in mind but while I do a little bit miss yeah I'll catch it live Fred Fred's deaths and billions of the data took his shoes off is not only jerk for taking issues off in the public area but he's actually going to stand behind it and we will go to fisticuffs. To defended his right to have free for most of I think about the fact this dude took his shoes off they might even very quickly. And they were just so angry like you knew what was in there shouldn't he got an autographed bat and if and on a bus to. Brett but come on yeah were RD I'm Abbas don't make it weirder or worse than they go to a public bathroom and take my shoes on you've driven for Jim McLean and end. Not to Mandela. It's a specific moment Raymond payers such a low energy that I wetness there just such a shiver over there and like a speech are something duke rally before you realize that your bare foot by Aaron I went might do without. And then you feel a little bit of spreads over that's obviously. Before interest rates go try to make is that if you. Did you see man and I go to that as a rift is an annual Iron Man. Argument in the Lockett did Milwaukee recently showed up for a court date. Tried department the police chief parties by and got caught with drugs guys fail to floated on the drugs does not. Ones that make you really stupid and what does drive directly imprisoned Walken also artist group. It is the police chiefs parking spot this isn't just oops I accidentally. Landed and handicapped spot. This is obviously clearly marked this is the police yeah sly fox you give them a little slack. They were hide the F probably will coordinate these gentlemen high they should be sold drugs division yeah I. I don't know might get criminals man. There's no quick bong hit it early on in order until now there for drunk driving or for drugs and I'm gonna take the edge out tomorrow. Volleyball like I I hear you that you that you should go to make it to the court case of back right it does seem like that. As well when you're 100 think it does seem that way I really don't know if I can do and and the date of I'm not a lawyer or legal advice I'm disabled and I would do. I'm really nervous about driving over the pastor in the wintertime and just take a shot of tequila CF don't argument Arabs. There was a rainbow in Taiwan that lasted about nine hours. It might be the longest continuous Randall ever recorded. We don't do it teaches college did you did you. Major in jail for. If you if you check it out rainbow six and and and someone I sort of work. It's a lot arranged by the suns for me and means not an hour my brother Mazzola at nursing non Arizona. The Marlins so humans that I was a nine hour rain fell out there if you remember is not a burden to bring them here have rainbows are beautiful to about a third out. Now the defense the fifth birthday at the newest fervently find out you end up fit perfectly fine area that women are asking plastic surgeons to fix. Is the fold of skin in front of your armpit. For your arm and chest means how come on people they're color of their arm vagina. Don't listen though African throughout rejuvenated thanks Jennifer Lawrence that it joke about that. And now similar and yes it's a joke she's making a joke about wearing sleeveless dresses and how are gonna Omar Rivera from how thorough and have Norman Janet's new old you know what it's like when he dismissed the architects of the. And it's. I'm not gonna give them when they can't get beyond alarm anybody but ended up okay an old army knock yourself out there. All right here's I'll just give you army is there a little bit of you know men do it. Just off off off a little weird sound horrible I'm at all Spiller are uses soft gels but those are lubricant him. Am I just figured to. It's ready to. Blizzard of and finally awoke I was trying to smuggle a good product across the Mexican border but it wasn't what you think what's that film about a one hour from now thank you my god cannot. Or no one hour for now first began to move on the men's room. Precepts. The drug to watch everyone now profile clients is playing a short ten miles it's a simple game or wish there was do real like news story something that happened right here. On planet earth hour. Her birth and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Bless you and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello amber welcome to the men's room. Lot of our guy and amber you understand how this here game was played. Ideal fantastic because I just explained. And here users are now there's a guy believe Mike you cover the story last week but there's a guy. He just did something that every single person on the face of this plan that is fantasize about during slow boring track was 48 year old guy. He's been struggling before long commute like so many levels and it found one bomber much especially frustrating because quote. The straight line was always backed the car won't blend in terms laughed as almost makes so last week in the middle of the busy commute he went out onto the street. And spray painted a straight arrow. In the left way. Now fortunately for him the entire thing was caught on security camera begins again he didn't during the height of traffic. On the road will be repainted and the sky was only given 150 dollar fine. My question is do you believe in those guys that effort I'm change in the abstract rules right now is black white Asian or Jews. I am gonna have to do. Ask for your Internet King and I lean toward each Hindi has. And he liked anyone to really get a cure the mountain can hide out of their data Owens beat the road. Hey man I like those guys like I mean I know it's illegal. Brenda I my children cornerstone for a little bit drunk but I would not repay the streets but I'll Luo vote. To repaint the god industry as a spot for in my house another golf markets of the there's three spots some of you just put two car right I just three spots still got their pain okay. I don't know it's different is he physically went out there and repainting we could write in and get in the middle of the community. But he the point he was making what he had time to do it because that left turn lane there's never a traffic so. Traffic is whizzing by I am but no one's going to be in that plane because as he's pointing out no one who makes the left her amended into. There's I guess you also friends and Tamara Obama. And generally thing at us. No. I don't see any fire lines are with him for dinner or. Can cut. Final answer for York. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna find out if you as black white Asian or Jewish next. Fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. I don't profile us who got a guy who's having no fun on his commute so what is he doing goes on the changes the lines in the road he paints is no lines in the Miller rush hour now. Out of Vegas communal little bit easier. And I amber we asked me did you believe that this enterprising individual who's tired of long commute. Is black white Asian energy that you start of agent stuck in Beijing against an hour notice I just peel laser. Well from our point of view that make sure racists but there are also correct side. How proud TV news all the time it is time for TV time would say yeah. Countless hours in front of a talking. And presents. Now obviously everybody has their own favorite teams they watch whatever but there's some players shall see that you still are you still kind of like. It's between Rob Gronkowski was kind of one of those guys. Look I don't like rock right next to go out party is family's kind of whatever they go over the last couple years maybe he's his broached yet he's got a little tired. But for the most part like ground still seems a likable dude wouldn't. Yesterday de gras itself Kara and her heart grow up recently did something that nobody wanted to see. Which is a very cheap shot penalty. Against and another player right it was such a bad cheap shot penalty that good game and billet checks on coaches are shaken their coaches and the other coach kind of says hey I know Graf who has worked up or whatever and you can hear out Belichick's reaction to a I think the other coaches they pay. Gras just angry whatever evolve our ability to think that it is not it was BS he should've done it. And LeBron kind of apologized. Lately gas Iron Man shouldn't done that governor once as an opposition I think there were some sincere look. It's football things happen and all the against some of the cheap shot was so remarkably cheap but it is whole thing was like. It really hit miles ma'am I'm Melissa our memory or whatever brought you about an hour or so miles argued zero. They it's our man started zeroed in or from drop from forum. But man they wanna go already thing officials illegals on the big tirade about how he's treated them fence like David. You play for the patriots want to you're not treat it is unfair relax. Yes. I was playing in particular he's talking trash like. To his credit I do agree with prop it did it seemed odd you'd call a penalty on him. But that cheap shot he throws at the end is so egregious that like we got suspended he gets suspended for game by the way if you wanna see. The hit and other coaches reaction unit mentioned FaceBook page and it's a B votes are about today we've had seen it. I think even from Mike Brown like once you watch will grow to notice the difference in the. I think it's just the aftermath of the official talked them official. The players don't play the player played knew they would our reporter dug a question off guess what they do on every single player I've ever seen in the NFL in passing play for a man to man. They push off sometimes we call it sometimes they don't they're grab and are we Donald goes man and sometimes you get the calls sometimes it also big deal here is a big deal but the thing is you format of the player are you own estimate and god knows people gonna say anything these days but. By your estimation your read of the official but go talk to the official. You throughout the games that I comes because million ticket and off and then when you take your hat off to knock them out their land there it's cool all audio to clean hit supposedly that may make telefilm contact. Andy. The legal give you some leniency. But they don't they'll play don't you get a foul you'll do all that stuff you will you'll be suspended for the next game. I think the reason a grant was suspended is because the number one dollar to the play was done number two he has got. With a surgically repaired elbow he is basically wearing a weapon on his arm is a hard to cast the goes all the way around allows his elbow to band. But it's that it's this big gay. It's it's sunny and patted as far as pads go it's hard shell pat OK so think of like basically get a weapon on his arm. And with any sports we know that look man if you if you hit somebody and you can cuss them. If you knock them out and you hit them in the front of the head that is not good as Devlin are good for the long time livelihood of them as an individual. I but. On the flip side if you hit someone in the back of the head. The chances of them having some serious serious damage our tenfold. So there's a reason that rabbit punches aren't allowed sure was a reason why you if you get hit the back there's a reason why some jackass outside of a bar he punches someone in the face now he might knocked him out cold right. But when they follow the concrete and hit the back of their head it might just kill them not the blow from knocking them out. But the blow from the back of their head being in contact with some ground hit him in the back of the head. And the one thing that you can't do it any sport is hit someone in the back of the head. But you can knock him out of front me you think that while this is very good run a task you can just saying it's Harley's been dead eye and hand under I didn't so I don't know the right place day through an album actually tell you Kansas had wrecked and you throw it to such a degree that you knocked the guy out. Though like to me it's like there's not even a question. Well the funny thing is they showed some other players what they did and have not been suspended and a camera almost seems like Jacksonville and I wasn't from the season. I don't Jacksonville Mikey Jacksonville and someone else and that so anyway Deion Sanders talked about the isolation to be suspended these a lot. I think he should be suspended but you can't suspend them based on any shows and clips of all the people doing things and gets spent in this dude. It's getting to quarterback and receiver and I can be obtained by the other day that the player from the other team clearly. Has been federal for the cornerback from Jacksonville also the play is over he will also be heard you guys get some of the choke hold it. Tonight what AJ green yet they didn't know yet. Slings the moment at that I mean holds a beats the sky's us. In evil when all of the taxable players because instead of attacking AJ green deductible players kind of Formica. Shield around Jezebel player you still see AJ go commanders like eight taxable for the he is still the oldest is thirty laying sideways on the grounds of the undisclosed. The single mom mom mom mom mom video and Fandango look. If you didn't suspend this guy for a bad. He's like you cannot possibly suspend run for that blessed by joining get into as a team the Cincinnati Bengals I don't care if they're perfect or they're they have won a game all year do notify us into the vehicle with a I don't know what they do training camp but I feel like the movie scared straight right in the documentary they do to jail when I'm still in the jail they're taking vote in all the kids to control the flow of bad bad bad rap rap and into tame to an actual president. They don't die for roommate like bitch I won't eat you and these kids a lot of times are scared straight. I feel that the Bengals what they're training camp is held on Rikers Island I don't know what it is when that team. But that might its mission to go. That's also though at the famous story with back in the eighties and unity in Miami and yeah that in Miami while they recorded a lot of kids meaner city of Miami and stuff. Not all of them were from those neighborhoods. But all of them talk that trash that way you so they get an infamous fighting neutered gain the problem is the Notre Dame guys network and it's such a fury. They hit it out of Miami and the base of the story goes everything the nerdy guys got to beat the crap out of these guys. They were so used to talking mirror really ready for the fight sure and then right you play the game that they. But he's in another boy got a modern day and they haven't seen some cool confident. And hasn't seen a good looking woman in five years ago on new you know school you don't learn milk. Our children back are there. And oral opinion Iron Mountain are out of the accident happened deeply entrenched. Let me go to class that no woman is clamoring to go to Notre Dame I gotta get there. I don't know. Yeah it's a very specific school. All right you know it's a football a little bit sometimes when you're. When you're calling games pushing when your color commentator. You gotta talk a lot the sometimes who was picked up a phrase that maybe you heard from a coach or whatever so here's Chris Collins worth explaining a phrase he heard from coach. Al Michaels sounds like he might be into it he might not I think I understand we seen him on TV guys get. And for the man in front of you if you're going across the line of scrimmage. We win it you're going backwards away from the line of scrimmage they win. We originally are heard that he. Lisa Weaver. This is pretty simple right he's just so I'll move the line of scrimmage yeah if you get into the backfield you've taken that guys like Kent and all of a sudden you're doing well. You know they went on North America about taking people's lands from native American there Bret some partially the only analogy that comes up his volume and take your land played the last from the man. But I didn't go a lot of sports who rely generally especially if you if you watch boxing right that's going to be the same thing right you wanna cut off the ring. You only get there you got off the railways would be advancing and nerves are watching at remains at a why do we impose rewards if you're moving forward to chances are you're beating your opponent and loves the rules to your going entirely. If you're moving your opponent backwards in whatever sport that's typically mean something fortunate this happened for basically play the game on their toes not under god damn heels it's that easy well they were trying to give counter of a hard time announcing that balancing the demands for 2000 I don't know don't make everybody jump they key step to make the could call on your face native Americans. Well that's what about no I think it's why you just love Seattle. But if you get up about that. House of cards. Ironic name of that show now move all the stuff going on Kevin Spacey. Obviously we've heard earlier the production on the US six season. Basically they ended at the end of October following all the accusations against Kevin Spacey. But after the holidays they're gonna resume. How reporter notes that the basically they might be shorter season and then it sounds like they might just kill off his character. Frank. Two amen yeah. I like the guy violated the kind of explaining what happened. Aegis sale look were happy that we reach some deal that we can film some of these episodes this there's 370 people who work directly on the show. And they feel and in Baltimore Maryland where I guess they hire about 2000 people an extra stuff for radio. They did that was that was and one thing when that that initially have a nose or in the sun that was like look man this is just detrimental local economy. Oh yeah that's was detrimental Baltimore team they well that that's why you know the situation junior and more jobs law he's not held graduation I know what come on man. My parents. That's the problem also the. How reporter says drained us Macy's character out of house of cards isn't a stretch. Basically in dobbs is book that inspired Netflix series. Frank character died they're two. So he yeah I Leo be impossible to take off his character in the guys is not there anymore. Some of the film so much stuff. They do you know ray it's like you think whenever musician and artist passes away and it's always think some unreleased stuff like right if you make music. This probably for every song we hear is found in other. 101000 dollar prize gentleman right here and it's seeming to be shows for everything we see there's also going to be. Hours upon hours of footage that we haven't seen in commercial would be fired up Taft. Jim you're the Star Wars people something I can yeah man Julius setup man that's all right jocular talk it would mark Hammel journalists who you guys. Very few days. Please talk to a mark Hammel. Which some people know he's famous for Star Wars in nothing else. And don't think. Don yeah cobalt Kevin Smith movies I know that's not what he was really Kevin Smith movies because he's famous for being installed. And I know he's the voice actor that he's not famous for back. He doesn't need to be right exactly does need to be famous for anything else Saddam Hussein and for almost nobody knows it. He was the boys the dog no kidding when he's famous for being loose out of north of accused just go wow ground. Track consumer product and a better fit with. What Jimmy Kimmel style with some of the star for support people mark Hammel and basically Hamlet talked about keep that a secret may that they. I think at spot on Harrison Ford impression whose torturous because for years I. I mean I was really nervous that I slipped off her talking my sleeper something's. Everything will burden. I'm really proud is what by the time we saw the screening and it happened. Everybody even in the screening did it worked on the film and the cast was they're two worst done Harrison turned around you sit right in front of me said. They kid. You all. And okay. Shot I live. The F bomb for historical well. That that's what he says that there's like an imitation of him. And I I don't think so I got a phone call from one's armies that. And so on its enlargement and. If if if it's kind of funny is Harrison for what you would see about the characters he plays you know when you hear him talk in person not I didn't talk a person. Let's say you hear him in interviews they re not very like. Yeah Sony. You have the audio compression a plane that's what you need here William and Anna Nicole. Board let's. Like seventy to open up our four the par three Berlin this that he is an Oregon may eight notoriously goes on new interviews with just watch the movie I know he has no photo policy. But doesn't. Yeah as some for some fresh and that rain into America does take photos of the it doesn't shock me housing where we had news again. Is the very nice of you know perfect circle show it goes that high end hotel like having a cocktail hour Brett. I can imagine that they're like yeah but there hot chick came and he took a photo with her that well that you know our energy dissident. Threat here. Stop with the he did what you would do if it out but we all make some some exceptions and no cameras no on broadening. You guys heard about this documentary the problem with a plume. Negative all right so basically it's about the character on the Simpsons a 20 up Lou. I Crowley had blue look at follow now my that a budget I was in different places as well ma'am my parents that I was a bloody year whatever other problem through the trees and put the problem with a blue yeah I thought when you think a coup like I took a clue. The meals like something in your sample wasn't cool. I we'll do is care term since the youth. Basically that. The whole documentary CCT races. Perch. Portray all toy he runs a mini mart mean right so I think it's very provides the voice for flu and other characters on the Simpsons. So basically if you fast take about you again it was a little racist. They asked about it again he said I think the documentaries made some really good points. It. There's a lot but he hasn't been as prolific in they're talking about getting rid of the character Hank Azaria is kind of like. Nobody said at the the Simpsons might just drop it and edit the documentary is made by it Indian American do you both came up. But I can't his area to music are well I have defensively just won't do it in its defense of its offensive yet I don't know I think they've taken to area I don't think any of them originally that that was the point. Now and I like is not to vote for homer to be a drunken dumb dad can't make any decisions but that is the play no matter what type of white black you name it you daddy daycare during the nor roles like one of these days to dads are good revolt. We're not gonna be beer drinking and domestic gimmick decision without our significant others and I get it it's different culturally than it is in in this way but look our resort on every east Carol Petroleos done in the states not every country they fathers and husbands are idiots threat we can bring me do you break you break down any character in any way I wanted to make a difference yeah and the thing and I think it was and I get a plug it if it's offensive it is I don't know Amman Indian descent but what I would say coming from the East Coast in particular. My experience and indeed many mark I went into. 99%. Of them that's who I talk to. So the media tomorrow they're trying to do the explanation though like this is who you meet when you go to the comic book out now. I have the blue retailer and look ma'am I did it because there's a large percentage cats and act exactly like that. When he go to the car instead being offended or what and lets me the 7-Eleven by my house is not owned by a guy named Dave who. He's jug now. I do now is probably the second global demand do we get mad about it and I what is true and what. And then the I'm just I I have an OS category I Netflix they went ahead nine green make this season 332 things you don't lol why people around big deal that. Thank you Jim we appreciate ahead I don't know I know my cock coming of the minutes you're listening to amend your radio network. Timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I knew I go to new York stock trader goes to go three ghetto boy bears and bulls and gets eaten by a shark. We go to Canada where als are now attacking dogs taking out for eyeballs alone in one part. One boss in a border trying to smuggle 247. Pounds of baloney into the states. Bad fiction award for writing award is a need to be said it may be a monitor your upcoming dates and a man goes to Waffle House and notes himself up it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday. It's here's Mike caught. I and I got started authorities in Texas stop the woman attempting to cross the border with 227. Pound the contraband Fella to what you think it was. After claiming that she was not carrying illegal substance whether she was discovered to be transporting 227. Pounds of Mexican baloney Kennedy don't have okay. Max what do it and you had a good baloney so good more and more than beef. Aren't first of all. Have you ever had Mexican baloney now. I it will now go and try Mexican baloney the next time that I am in Mexico have the guts to even does that good where that was what she thought that she can bring back. On a price point basis to make money for just what people like it's got to be that good. To make it. 200 employment 200 territories and pass a budget to use like underneath their season limiting like that the money three rolls of the meat product hidden under floorboards. So it's going to be good. Does it out to be dead or does she just have to like it a lot. And why no legal and bring it did because you can't bring in meat from other countries based on processing based on bacteria based on the that's why legacy like. Foreman you're like Nomo vacation like why you can't imagine a country used after her petty sheep like in someplace familiar face we're that would I don't know. Sometimes make another science do and I just don't know. But you know. So they've they've found it at ten under floorboards she was fine a thousand dollars Border Patrol also took to Twitter with this but it genius pulling out there and are different career itself. Saying quote. This Bologna has a first name all of them in our hands he IOC NI DC and it's a minister like Taylor hand if you just grew up on an annual life is there's nothing new really haven't I certainly don't mean do we know batters there's thousands of people load and get a Mexican guy looks like a look at the pictures over now some much about a little looks like it's just got them Maloney. For Mexico and it can bring in drugs crime and baloney baloney as a man armories aren't there but I Loney. My Bologna has a first name is jail. Still not around the world is very hard to find anything you'd separates us Mexican baloney correctly to meet sadly the car behind there had a moment. Drugs and the to me as soundly as I threw a number again at a Muslim yeah and blown through 220 get out of Maloney on what is the Mexican baloney. If you don't want to know we got to go to Larry that I haven't headed on the way to Savannah yesterday. They got a grocery North American tour has met an unthinkable and the jurors without diving with a group of eighteen people exploring the coast when he was mentally tired I'm sorry she was met with a tiger charge no lectures with severe bite to relate the wounds and fourthly did prove fatal. GAAP tenor. Serving instructor was fit to yes I don't scuba diving as everybody else who would administer them and they they did say that it was an isolated incident and that it. Really rarely happens but. Why obviously if it happens all the time you've probably closure scoop Michelle oh you mean beyond the scuba diving schools and outside of us go streak in the surfing school it's an isolated incidents that I. And carry out there does seem really obvious headline in Canada there's been a recent uptick in the manner dogs being attacked play and usually aggressive owls. Multiple cases the people when you mean you know on some under attack from from the birds have run out making noise throwing project so many animals but they. That proved if you dial until they got physically involved. As the Canadians are being warned to be on the lookout for predators up above as they left another outsider take them out what's what are you out of the norm how these owls I mean. And are they losing their normal food source and besides like your little stupid to while woods an easy mark let's keep them that I have no idea but the fact that people are run out wave in their throwing rocks and snowballs at these owls and they're just error in my younger to keep eating your dog. And that tells me that yes they they've got a lower food in my is what do you know why als link 20 to tee boxes of client because they can't. I didn't get to. No more and redone New York going to. He was the only one they knew that relates to tell us. Everybody else for some reason there was some big mystery oil on the joke you know why ball dogs like their own you know not because they can and you would soon. Again again I didn't pick pick. And I'd like to I'd like to tiger on Steve the drill for this deadline and it says that is free use and I didn't know it in the army. Man I saw this headline and I almost felt like Keeneland ruling target through bad I might beat Houston as to need to give them. So this is from children's health in the headline raids. Boy born without arms or legs watch for first time in viral video I just look at that we don't get a lot of the quadriplegic stories so for Mike Mike this is who what is the funds on my. The problem is that his name Camden there's applause lines a little bit longer responds to Russell always believe in what would you give a name to for a man with no arms no legs have been now while the young and athletic and now largest Evian name for that. The very end did there was a girl and MB. Yeah you know it's instantiates. Where you can stand there are nothing to say bad things stand at this it's completely if you think. Shares closed some amazing indeed it. He's got wise yeah it's best. At my name's Diana and Centrino line momentum out of the thing you might go do I samurai dazzled rugged charge in the since been in return of the words. Yes indeed it is all true would be all about those birds more now but we shall return tomorrow so until then please. We do best and morally the sake it's. Okay. Do Google's.