11-30-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Takes Food For Granted

Thursday, November 30th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about American Foods the Rest of the World Has Not Tried! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Coming up we'll drag will close this out today is on the way and also another round of profile this in the meantime the game is big dummy we have Brandi playing for team summer working on question number three. Let's do it and this is could. Mike hawk I just saw your list of additional questions someone ask you and I have in front of me. What do you guys would you goalie guy out of warranty no legs are on two wheels. We call Garrett norm and no way to build yes. A control. Yeah part of it. It's our. It's hard you know them. All right what part of your body will you find the good old Venus has all right. No warrants in Madison excuse that surrounds the girl in the small part of her early years younger. And hurt everybody know it. Which solar what are. Oh. Your bullpen has been hands horrible line demand. Don't want this kind of bombed. We'll bring in Germany after these. The woman holds most fans back. And that's it. Guard two people. To appear on you as close and start the first two people to appear and who has postage stamps. We're Benjamin Franklin and houk. Jarrett drove. George Washington. As you can better Thomas Edison did not they're doing and vendors and Maria and Benjamin Franklin ads go George Washington right. So I think of him more visited an inventor. He closed but I feel like he enjoyed poured everything there always does can be paired up together. You wanna talk about him banners the they rarely even bring up under Benjamin Franklin seems like. Billick or another he was an inventor when you talk about 4 o'clock now where you guys are in the office arguably the Benjamin Franklin was announcement. Oh yeah I don't doubt about the old document located on the stand right and you know if we study Turkey's everything's given to the ambulance and gun could be chicken. There's big dummy for 4999 alone who's our next contestant red blade again it went away and I thought Benjamin Franklin one of the Turkey to be the national bird credit. He did so when we don't eat eagle so did he say like epic if you're not gonna make international bird lets you don't. Now he's just so pro Turkey. What is is due to Turkey's I don't know while he thought it was great apple and I notably years ago my mother and I decided to lose two of us we had a small chicken. That a Turkey Sarah since then we've been taken shots at Ben Franklin and everything outside it desperate right they cover the millions around the well ours if you didn't know I was angry Ben Franklin and you were Smart as Smart as you to argue like maybe you guys remember when Ben frank you remember what number of president Ben Franklin must compete that's right it never was police chiefs it's the it. Do is they do on a par par at 9990 lose our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello to him hello Brent welcome to the men's room. Yeah it goes on. I've read flavor beans over nuts over. I've read welcome to the show yeah. All right Brent for the rest of your life your partner has just under a list I hair looked for a strong side which what are you picking. Sutter that are it is not a relief. And until we got there. All right which African country. Was founded by Americans. I think capital of Monrovia. Schools are founded by America that is correct. Well. I have no idea Zimbabwe. Iberia Liberia under no yeah. I guess staged today there. Briefly there at all you can go back to Africa had just like everyone dreams for what they do Liberia and what you do get the gap while there's restarted fled burial I development think we will. So that is actually the dreamland of whites in terms of where you didn't know that but it. Always they you have dreamed of it is there a role was there for that reason you should celebrate. He didn't look. It just north. Just an oil well there's this considers India. US awhile Blake Hollywood scene in music scenes I cheered for her Batman and yet all the Nigerian actors and actresses are reporting yeah Hollywood like the last ten years. And come chops and so far none of them saw. The point. Weights and they are always upper house or something like that aren't here to question. Unilever the company that's the manufacturer. Of the sash but obsession is for more competent. It Unilever that's the manufacturer. Of obsession. But obsession. Is released by what company. Court where did you obsession I think they'll order a hero you're not a drag out that's ahead of them are. I. Yeah I want to show. You guys. All right I'm glad I was actually seeing guys man who needs. To be able to literally never go anywhere without the Easton. Who it seemed all you got more popular for genes in the perfume initially. Oh okay. Eli. Even flags. Hello Howard Kleinberg we've done finishing. She was for stroke right. Yeah for awhile for the magazine that open tentative smoothly. As for the men and the boys. I'm poor assassinate well I like yeah no wonder I didn't like the threat. All right old man my Mormon attorney Jack I'd get. The same company same right and that's what Mosul when you listen to. Eternity eternity when I was like fourteen you begin a little box set and a little volatile sessions little known attorney in Indian a third wanted. Hello names out bunker that is good because eternity ago system selling and it's kind of ironic. Chemical mind share. Malicious. In the class. He found. The water. Packed up. Our energy questioner he's she mold rose disease. If you go to disease is a malfunctioning of what to blame him. Hello. Our issue lows so Japanese. It would be in fact of being Japanese person answers your motto that. Promoted as being used is that it sorry to be doing it. The disease the malfunctioning or what boy and to do. That to examine your thyroid and Roy. You know they I don't know what I did some good. Fight there's one thing that happens or just felt like multiple of 800 different things here nor does the course of real life right to meet someone with. This thing bad thing this thing this thing or bad thing in all of them tell you pay well there's something wrong my climber and it's a solo Reuters Bayreuth like you have an idea of just Tony did a lousy in America as or to just so I don't think I mean I've seen like eight different things of people all attribute back to there their fight is very important there. I rancher on question number five. Spreading like a car right click the hearts the main engine chore but there's some other part you can't drive a car without any courage one of them act in anything goes down right to continue to do and he goes down take your phone charger union everything else is going to be intro right. Art here is your question. The sequel to what novel about a trio. Was called twenty years after. A little idiot or other legally this year. Think about Treo as the anti immigrant. Aid materials oil that's the hands hiking did you about a trio. I. There's a group of candy bars. Fool anybody cares who. Brand to finally got a very good. They only got him I was really south why I mean I had a good for ourselves off I gotta do for you to hire real well. These are from our very own Michael Kidd. Would you call a woman with no arms no legs on the tennis court and into sports. And think. Brickell. And that's how. Would you call a woman with no arms no legs stopped in offense. Ammonia and documents and soft in the clips. Peggy. Bar to bar car could you go guy with no arms no legs on the show. Part. No that's the man hanging on the wall oh this is on the shelf. He's shown on the show. Dusty dusty critical governor warranty no legs and Firefox spaces smoke it. It ash. I like that little burning burning burning involved eight alternative Ernie hit the go you go guy would norms and no legs and a mailbox these are questions in my district government who. He's an mailbox. Unanimously happy to see a magic cannot on the bill O the hour ride what you called two Brothers with no arms no legs in the ocean. Object what. Yeah Bob Bob Bob and played well. What do you push one of their heads underwater what is your name because. Duncan Duncan all I've done bit bush did go to guy would no arms no legs and a whole. They'll they'll reject and opened without would you pull lets say man out of the hole what is is made. Dusty Doug. Alone. No these Micah did you look I'm so if you actually get that Brad you know though it is negatives that a mystery intrigue him out of a zone view I think for silicon they had seven out of me potatoes coming up American food the rest of the world has yet to try and the return. No way Sherlock we'll take a break and be back right after these you're listening to the men's or radio networks. Fitch is you. Hey Jeff go to bed maybe tells American foods rest of the world has not tried to first time for a few emails here for the men's room have men's or my dot cob yeah. Got no idea my friends gather a birthday shout out to Vegas are gonna become gay get on the raw Beijing Games you guys rock thanks guys then from beneath well. I. I just don't buy his birthday today in the Yemen Trimble Joey chestnut that from moon construction. And. Birthday to my little sister urged west have a glorious day can you guys you are little dirty German talk Herbert day thanks guys that from Casey. And we'll broke they would do 178. Position. We knew the system. Yeah I haven't but they just. Just a strange name but hopefully I can run to implement congestion. Mozilla and and Robin it's my boy Dennis Brown's epic solos vert de Julius and dirty Germans and the European is is doing some. All. For our special guitar player in full we would be honored thanks dudes. That from sickness of the rift. OK okay. So. Don't put you both plan to do show up to my face when I'm the only. John you know we love pretzels and introduce you to some deep south tough. Dalton is my husband Travis is 27 birthday Joseph please do the dirty German a Melbourne did say an extra dirty stuff thanks Sam from hammered down. There different avenue in a down nearly like nicknames we also love so what do sausage on the body. Tonight you get to be Bobby is. Think it's it's it's. Guys boyfriend accused stranded you guys and it's his birthday I was wondering if you about face that woods is a dirty Germans knock his name is Alex. Thank you guys from Valentina. Fish sandwich. I know send to a celebrity on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but we do try to seek strong. Young Jimmy. You vaccines and I'd love to stuff he'll go to. Guys are beautiful girl friendly upper house Roxy rabble rousing birthday. I'm pretty sure she's 28 but you know zone keep track of those things she's redhead and always so sassy hopefully some dirty Germans can take care that you guys rock that from Josh. Normally take occupants of sleep through until the soundness and tumbled to. I'm not a critical Rouse up there you can riles up by Venus match. Oh Belmont and since then Michael workers are cool and let's not a regular basis I listen in my own birthday request. I was stationed in Germany for four years and all I learned to say was beaten in bids. To our request is Robin maybe this speaks in wonderful German remind me that I still do not know German. Stay cool guys and Robin Knapp from rooting out kept criminal they joyous play. How my fingers is not a moment. At least two and a and a. And I have the first knuckle very tense stand is due in one moment guys there's my hair on men's heads standards Germans. Hey. I had some bad guys is 51 years old today can you doing here comes the dope pusher. And have Robin say something about him in German thanks guys that from the lovely Amanda. Yeah. Yeah yum coming dining chain and the intended fitted dining trying to move. And argue I don't know that's at least for the full follow up I hope I have come to the right plays to your birthday shout out to my good friend Jason. This was one of his only request for completing another trip around the sun. I seem pretty lonely during the strip and I think some of those dirty Germans might get his spirits up among other things that from his good friends at the country store. Yahoo! would look good quickly above their lives so people who take lights and John much Jason Hammel making a mass. With that they went. My material. Have had a good I was I had yeah yeah it's OK have you had him. I thank hey Anthony good to you because. Young as a did you Germans brought. Also available through these world sings on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Need him trying to fly. Aluminum. Hold which is a model once they don't pop some it was this then not have spent a wild game feed which is where all members could bring in deer fish while Terje breasted Saturday cook. Well as I entered the school that morning our Ed teacher had the smoker out. A stop to ask and he said he had shot and applause from the night before on his back porch and decided to go get. And it tries some as not to be routed it days and about as good as an apostle looks and was greasy as hell. Rock on boys are from Jacob listening to us on the rock down their ninety point nine in Kansas City a girl to resume agrees apostle and we fear out of pocket them and how possum or different yet I think that the same thing hi there sure I just don't even know how to snowballs and as moral orgasms guys male and female reindeer grow over a lifetime middle falloff Rudolph has a girlfriend that's from south winds still working on that little argument that people are pissed about that they're really I did not know the people were out so emotionally attached Rudolph remembering that knowing you I mean these are adults men and then fired up as far as your have a sari ask people at number which are most people about you guys have portables two normally place fully functioning into directly underneath those please tell me your dog one looks like a small mole in the third maybe you take care of those lovely that. Yeah it's easily got to churn it and cinema every girl everybody's. Hello one loses is self love. Well looks like a small mall the third on the right appears to be a tiny double the gets goose bumps around when touched. Yeah. They are busy guy they are visible underwear bikini and my family close friends you know Obama extra like to joke around a pointed out by saying your nibbles around while we're in public. Having extra nibbles is fairly common have actually met another woman with the bulls very similar remind you everywhere to bikini tops that from the short grocery slave now how does that work currently can and I want you think about this if you go to the beach and it's just your average American beach. Even if you had paced he's not solve our governor and that's right it's about the levels is not about to brush here you are feeling much would you go to strip clubs invite them into a paste that so. You're Norwalk and alone and you still got two Nickels I'd just doesn't look like great so is it just a matter if you're in the polls don't look like normal new pools in girls can't be our castle market that's gonna come off the wrong thing I think paying public. But in my boys are still nipple that no one gets goose bumpy you go blue circular band aid on their trial might and three testicles he can just hang one out at the B note note don't overdo right select let me go to bridge overall for your double and if you miss the other so we analysts are Colombians and when he was an African doing relief work for his church he actually got a chance to try to draft yet. And that's an exotic. I think he does those for the win also thought of Europe Mozambique will be a pretty exotic even Wendy's bacon Nader David Stern will that he just the crazy thing or a little investigating an odd. Believe it or not the only fast food chain the UN recognized by name is KFC they have one and one only of Mozambique so we've deducted that would be pretty exotic right. The zone comes in and says all of it is born in Africa lived in the US for 28 years never had a bacon Nader. That content is Larry you know I expect so that the good. I. Coming up on the program. Just say hey there's other precipitating the company can now what blue bubbles they're not a single person and Mozambique said that they can I ever had to make him except that one guy that's important guy and he'll let story right is today still thousands of those things are done other sort of know as Sherlock but first head chef and towels I. Wu yeah. It's. And then around a month ago. Mike and I had had dinner at a restaurant and high and the guy had you know the server has pence lined up correctly. Ever since then how to make a point a nice elect you know tenth in the jet Giuliani picking. With all the waiter did hear about how little work ideas for her nose looked like I'd been being lazy is ahead Jeff I got to know pens on the right. But suddenly came in went in order came in late had to sign off phone nor. Ahead should you do any of that. No he's gonna hurt even a simple little. You going to yell at everyone and then a weakened to expedite and slow things down for the people who work there today that that's what you do with their customers love it when I check your customers love is everything okay and you notice because it's always that guy has the cleanest shots don't. Yeah there's a reasonable minds pretty good talented kicker as clean as football uniform like there's just there's a reason for these things. That seems to be awfully mean. The sidekick and he he he quit project that you do I compared you Don it's inevitable pressure or need to clean as you know exactly you know anymore should now. Where's the same uniform are your looks wipe us. So sometimes things happen and even though there is there international. Not everybody internationally notes in Aaron Sele today is International Bowl meat that is correct so you if you went down to always in the market you get percentage off if you borrow money you get a percentage off amends or virginal sausage correct. Well and I did you not one of the best south usual having your like anyone tonight so international but we day right now these are going. How many bogeys not my area. So there's a lot of things and we as Americans can take for granted that people in other countries and guns are my dot com and order to have a delivered right to your door it's from Iraq by the Packers and you go online and get it as well if he can't vitamins or live dot com check men's room live dot com can show one of those two guys are left available both spots it's it's like I was saying some huge pink everywhere so this is eight at. Top ten list of the basic foods we take for granted in America. It pretend on the list is gonna be deep fried everything and a state fans sure yeah man that's what we know I mean number whine if you're living in the country you probably like with hills state fair or go to get deep fried everything they know things are more like you know October fest it's more of a festival in an alleged well they don't do it but actually a different way but it's still Borchardt yeah I studied it your pretzels and all I kind of think like. I don't look on October 1 ago Omar god dude this year there is in this operation deep fried she did so would pretzel and a lot of our culture. He is kind of based off fair food. I go Somalia that's a cheeseburgers were they were fair food and we're like these are great we use all the time but the corn dogs started an affair yet. Whereas I feel like I'm a thorough you have October fest you put your own worst to Muster what's your favorite surface rentals. They were fair food. Man it's hard sinker sometimes relic that roasted corn right now. Does it is drew the Olympics to London where you don't do it I think generally it's the sweet treats like imam on the East Coast. It's gonna be a final on a tape of Obama on the West Coast and northwest of Friday's. Very good. Biscuits and gravy O yeah. But this it's a pretty American bank five yeah I think Chris you always generals pretty American but I just the biscuit and generally every culture had kind of hat everybody has this seemed kind of breadth. But everybody has like there oh did you read this I think the system's very American Dad! biscuit is a cracker and musically in England just a different term for a cookie I mean in the world like the biscuit that we have not at all exit when you go to England get them back brightly. Bad guys as stats yet gallery. Onions in the gravy. Stick your tax. Yeah and it makes perfect sense to me by an American company and they did all the little scraps from all the potatoes and they had it figured out a way to know waste those and stick them all together the Pringles can talk and to me there's like little balls hash browns aren't. When Clinton I have not and that makes Teter talked to the mornings their cash perhaps makes sense yeah same damn thing is the best one you can bring home and a bag and put in the evidence still things were I agree I agree while supplies are not a 100% disappointing when you make him an all their early and never does good Jeremy Abbott but I mean like kotsay that they somehow they shot. Healthier. Quote that was pretty simple enough was invented turn out prohibition of a threat or is I don't know that other countries are going to prohibition so they can I drink regular beer or whatever and given the need to invent. Where's her like man we need something to drink let's have a repeat of all these years and bring back the alcohol the Revere so many home from that point in time you think I got hundreds hundreds of years have passed before they won't back to remember this because I capitalizing on the original recipe whatever. This condition to believe that it doesn't have alcohol is exactly right when they presented it didn't know me girl for the just kids in the didn't so. The idea saying we're gonna end debate on the strip it if you have any kind of soft drink can say you know we're gonna do we're gonna head loose like to take my money event called say we have new. Jack and Coke remakes like Cole Don the man. This smack eroding and she east. Our chain that is American but it's I just feel like somewhere in France they're eaten a version of this. I think it's too much yeah but why don't we do have an easier solve this sort of easily and lake rank it be Legg who you know wash Immelt with us with a light pop hostile on the side like now man this thing given the data prohibition that bid still speak and have these ladies if you are eaten. Theory do we breed and Blake are night cracker like. Not that I don't think you're making a six degrees of separation away from America doesn't like seven vacant. Cooley Greer. Chocolate chip cookies they're only talking to Cody. Where I didn't realize that was okay Matt is relative and also chocolate chip cookies today Jeremy and I'd just assume their reverend simple missiles the freaking go he would tackle jolly little bit on the jolly greens are still matter all right. Diaz went through security journal there's gonna get ahead get it to have a broken here over here out to good things. Which are talking about fifty some he's unreal. Think my brother really go cougars. No little tiny crappy little Doug Jones and the distilled other there's also aren't about. I'm good. Earth the beef jerky. All yet you know what damage since I. I'm glad the all time. Authentic barbecue. Or I can attest to this I've a friend that every year spends three months in southern Italy right. Anyone over there in Adam barrel. Made like a smoker and sodomy can barbecue form in heat that they they love him then he's like the guy he shows up in the summer I really hard are you. You have an alternate. Seattle we're calling our effect if you call bar review its barbecue I think even really call Korean margin and I think you ought American barbecue right in our barbecue is low and slow. Otis like. Generally a lot of the other barbecues or whatever still kind of cooked on a great Barbara grilling technique the right if we're curious we're sitting around that low heat but more so right America come on barbecue. So I got dirt in my mouth now but what. What is the authentic American barbecue. Two young nor old style there is not occasion yeah essentially buffalo or Carolina south Texas south where I grew up on Texas follows my that was on and we from the sudden all our new nobility that and I severed an interval. Barbecue memorial like if they don't get any the end of the day is long leisure cook in a large amount of heat is slowly over like twelve hours can't go wrong it's Barbeque that's it. Actually it's more worse. Yeah aren't you can do a job would you go get figures more whales are in the Bill Maher hello. Yeah well for yourself our man Jason Scott. Back to the state fair corn dogs know all right yeah. I mean like that classic corn dogs a way to go but even like with cornmeal don't we on that as far as corn bread hush puppies and even with quite a willingness to build a more American than anything else when you have your debate. Then everything got that drew him or don't do that we're still Kevin bush who eat a lot of court. And Jeff and they we put corn fields of pizzas it's a whole cornucopia fixed per mile co Fiona. Thank you heads up we embrace generally drink it tells gun on the shot of the day is on the way and kill another attorney no as Sherlock you are listening to the men's or radio network. It's miles. I'm a very good tells a shot of the day is volatile and reverse our own Steve the throw hill Colmes a little bit sick looking for storage what had tied the score. And coach it Sharon I've. The study finds that love at first sight does not exist. You just think you're the person has topped. And and it sure. And cuts love that generally when a guy looks in an animal or lose from guys who look guns objects actors and the mourn the white. I'm in love I understand that he's probably not actually love what he's saying is. Hope we have sex with her among look. I download. Women are most attracted to rich guys in great shape. Monkeys go. Show ugly day again elusive according to a to calling a new study the storm comes out of England and it's like Whitman you took the time to study. And which you came up the conclusion of the end is that if you're rich ending good physical shape women are attractive. Charisma and his saint Denis and thank god they did that I would have never desk hopefully it. Former FaceBook employees says social media giant cares more about data collection and protecting user. He will Kurds are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. I mean just any company who the hero running right by your FaceBook so you know that's not true million barrels. A new study has found that 20% of cancer patients experienced PGA has been following diagnosis. He and. And be very very negative reaction to finding Barack. About itself death colonial bomber who would have thought. We continue. Again this is another new study this one came nine days ago motorcyclist. Morel likely to suffer serious injuries in crashes. Yeah. I had no shirt luck. They're part of the excitement to a bride. That's right it's all GeMS like bungee jumping skydiving riding a motorcycle agree that you understand the situation in Syria just absolute terror. There I am too late but you're very aware that could have minimal. Corporations make big climate promises only to retreat after a few years right well. And political comments on read it and dropped to the level of suture holes. Play well and showed a lot of you did our revenue and head unit that somebody out there deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Then as usual we had does it very nasty and Steve throw hill to find out nortel's yes indeed today we toast fifty year old Gary Howard of some bass the poll California. Ramel that is Gary he was not on trial for anything. Nor were any of Gary's friends. But he still felt the need to try to intimidate the local defense to. His method well. He set a pick up truck on fire. He said the front yard on fire. He set a dog of a bag of dog poop on fire and than looked a large dead wood pecker at the front door. And he took down in Britain pillar of the supported the from the house latitude truck. Drove with a pulled pulled out so again just to intimidate. The criminal defense attorney. Is that the pickup truck on fire. The front yard gunfire a bag of dog poop on fire look the barge then what tech woodpecker and the front door and went to convert pro the supportable from my house and again we don't know why this idiot was trying to intimidate those random attorney. But there's a main reason it didn't work and that's mostly because Gary targeted the wrong how tall man. I'll huh. He did. All of that in Duluth the neighbor's house and so again you're the neighbor does nothing to do with the date. Your pickup trucks and five different yards on fire. There's a bag of dog group that's on fire. There's a large dead woodpecker left on your front doorstep and the pillar supporting Leone part of your house has been torn down. Yet he went to the wrong house he's now in jail on suspicion of felony arson vandalism and animal cruelty do you think the sickest pars till now would that. That's why they got to move and I. Third is like hey man let. Like look arson is bad enough but if you kind of just took it to eleven when you put dead animals on some abortion pivotal wasn't even the guy's house that he was met all the foundation of the of the ports down to its credit growth is firmer the whole thing down and like he's not on trial for an open. And doing let's drinks a dairy report the supposedly drink this booze because we think it's. Yummy yeah match so over the long and down the world to party and our tummies. Now and I hope I bet John. Connecticut does not live her profile those we will take collared on right now a 44999. Old. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.