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Thursday, November 23rd


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This is the the men's room. I'm listening to. I had our Rochester lessons jump on now at WC MF also in that Kansas City Iraq's station 99 on board as well it's big Demi the game two as meat potatoes coming up today we've got nine of the most dangerous foods in the World Series and the game is big dummy and we got Casey on the line. Who is playing for team sober so far Casey working on question number three. I can see here is question number three what is the Spanish word. For money. Lou. If it. You tell you learn from our Lola it's the arrow left. It's fluid all right get that he had done it very close to Robert De Niro. Robert the money. That mood laugh alleged incompetence and we're doing in Cuba. Haywood is yeah they're really good at a dude don't look for improvement program. All right our rob so early and created what they know science fiction television show. Let's see here like bank section satellite television shows. Name doesn't ring of oh how oh stargate. We threatened twilight film. I thought it. I mean more laughter. At the time the world. Devlin real. Valid Garnett Judaism and yet. All right what is the largest country and North America. Bard let the lord is my role in the opener you have to guess. It is pitch. Young authoring largest and genuinely. Although trade the United States does not. We don't own North America word OK okay all right now we all are America we Arizona Canada the US that is. And you could you it would I would have to think it we're way become a close with a sizable last included on that. Probably not his office with thing is wouldn't you know northern Canada loses all that stuff basically going all the way up to the Arctic Circle that's really an account of just yet there's nothing there's so much nothing. Give his big dummy 844999. All the who's our next contestant ready play the game. Let's welcome to the minimum. Our own yeah. It doesn't records. And then freeze over not sober but I am over are you gonna cost goes what's going on behind you. Oh I'm sorry about. That Iran. Could. Yeah Internet this is the replete it that you can't you can't. Can we do a repeat. You can't be listening to the show is different show for the ride you know our regular lives so they were as of arming the repeat this is our holiday show from 2018 were playing back in 2017 so what you're listening to now is really real time which would be 2000 feet. I think it was crazy when you've been on the show yet but it's still repeat and it's amazing and people of Michigan Valerie. The gambling let all of those diluted miserable today usually got Gloria Chris we've got to Simpsons South Park sponge Bob Family Guy. What's a what's. I let that will fan I watch all you know. Too bad it took him off the air just at the end of 2017 there I never thought they do not only recite Laura Laura Laura is crazy. This is our tour eighteen Christmas special now they know the symptoms have been canceled Obama bad amid the ride I'm a little doubt about that episode yeah. Ground breaking stuff on the subs and a homer right to Huntington Beach dear god I mercy and a lot of awards winners. And now all the people and all four different Americas you know they they all agreed to come together to complain about the so it's called the Family Guy act and a pointed being held here and tell me. All right here is your question. Jimmy Carter was the first US president born and they want. He night or enough. Are gonna have been. Born and news. Losing their repeat show from 2017. Yeah also the element in light and I let it at all invited local gas well on. We do season hallelujah wanted to be easier to answer this question that it will be to stop the video that spot doesn't like. The they live long. And. Manger all of what I don't know why don't are reborn. I won't allow. I was born in a hospital was Q did you review board. Hey how vulnerable are Australia. I'd be good gas. Okay warlock or. That is the grandson Bo lived here all I thank them all you really this thing about he was the. First president born in eighty goddamn hospital it if it. Gave his big dummy 8449990. Look who is our next contestant and play the game no matter again welcome to the men's room. So. Time making news overnight sober. Right now look in the sober now left after a good. Played I've use drank or smoked it and I am. Good for you miserable there Megan Simpson's cell phone plugged Bob Megan orpheum again. Thank god sponge Bob all right nice golf sponge Bob for medium to medium. He like I mean again yet it need yet I don't know why you're name bothers me I'm sergeant Torre that group I think your day by day in this game. And yeah he and in the meaning he had. And if I'm gonna if if if if if you would have been the may get you don't know and I only hit it and I look at the. Who let me and media. Aren't music log into the hospital floors. That your daughter me give you. The very day we had no commitment to lose there are they students. Know. All right and under Jimmy showed chips. Brand of motor cycle that they arrived. Come on me he didn't. Aren't done sumo and Tony five Yamaha. Lulu. It. No I put my hand I assumed it was hard I zoomed in very good on the buildings. I was sort of felt comfortable but the good armed religious. If it. I need give what the number two in what US state will you find America's busiest highway. I. I would've been my guess. Virginia. New York, New York George Washington Bridge yeah tennis. The thing about 95 south between you know DC and Richmond. Yeah but it'd be going out if I mother alone go to New York City and yet it's even worse. I made him what screenwriter has received the most Oscar nominations. Funny side of the guys don't lie I've not found anything he's ever known to be remotely good orientation and but people that like those guys love those that. Going out exploding now. I'd just don't you know McCain. Yeah. In he also stars and a lot of movies some if you write it probably shows up and I think he always has character role right so you know or even of his briefly you know him as an actor more than likely but he's predominately director and screenwriter. Are. Equally as sexy Woody Allen. I just I don't know man became I became most importantly it'll morph. It's kept me in a morning. Can relies on my woody knee again and keep it. Out of there. Men with out chest here this is not a blood that many without Chester or most likely. To get psoriasis but what or. I went in certain. Sorry yeah. The levers. Don't really. I have no idea why amendment apparently memorable outfits of bulletin did riots for food Luke has been drink so much trying to put hair on their chance to. Her breath get their parents what are your check back I think that he's never we now know. All right media and what's in the teacher was once known as moth patches. Yeah yeah that is correct. Oh yeah it models patches. No well think of how many different skin teachers are good thing you know before sort of creepy. It beat. And I don't like late night warned cinema and welcomed its impact on Cinemax. Freckle it. Oh that's right and you wolf Rangel. Aren't threatening the ground halt I was in 115 feature and they won't let me teach in his district but if it difficult for different. Got any up rankles me. He got some more banks are you girl and wanna do it all logos but imagine what your freckles undertakes. What can I would like go directly but. Does anyone have a frankly but that he night. Yeah and got deliberately bots out there you would think it. I'm journalistic equivalent freckles like made it on Fay's got a few in my arms elect them but generally speaking of a freckle frees up into the a category for the look forward on who I'm born may guinier on six. The girl and a lot of freckles until like curly red hair who got to look like a lion. I frankly meet him. It the question the use of chopsticks originated in what country. I. Now America and getting data and have absolutely. Game is big dummy it. 449990. Look so far as or has our men's room poll is concerned. The four shows Simpsons South Park sponge Bob and Family Guy Simpson's in the lead followed by South Park and sponge Bob and Family Guy coming up tied for third you can also vote on Twitter admin surmised. Silicon dead meat to potatoes and got the head Jeb on the way and today Ted has for you the nine most dangerous foods in the world in the meantime the game is big dummy 44999. All of this repeat again for the 2018 Christmas show. You're losing to the metro radio network. What. Had happened out deadly details coming up the nine most dangerous. Food and all the world. That is on the way with the head chef right after emails in the men's or Edmonds or my back out and be damned game is big Demi who's our next contestant right to play the game before we get there are few comments that we must address your first of all. I want the questions we as I said the tough psoriasis of the liver that was my mistake as people point about the late that's the skin condition it's a roses and deliver all yeah yeah yeah I have Bradley like I delivered up at does make me juggle all the sort of wondered out new educate to dressed in a new liver man. And as far as freckles under but Goss says Lindsay you know hanger. And I have freckles on my junk. But I'll check my butt sued for thorough about Jordan thank you Jordan. What's the I was single wreck element but I was always told the particles in the kisses so I'm told of an Angel just minor at the mall about then. Looks the infidels they checked and disorganized no for article but category. I born oh thank you for looking. It is big dummy for 49990. Look let's talk to Charlie Brown's black friend how Franklin welcome to the men's room. Oh La I don't know. I frankly you've played for kings overcame not sober and not over. It's a joke. I'm not sure of the Franklin Franklin and drew Paul Simpson South Park sponge Bob Family Guy regardless of how park although mark okay. I'd hear the question. What do the letters the IP's stand for as far as your zip code. What does the zips them. Oh geez. The floor and that it. It's no less than a month. In that. Proximity. Little magnets. Postal Dario improvement plan. OK that was not a bad guess Fred. Every dead zone that's forbidden struggle with the easy when we got him viewers. Remove him from like the East Coast of the West Coast and went for McCain to do and I'm to a nine apps they don't like I. It's experience crazy if the wealthy and does it go let it that. I an 1867. Speaking of the end of zip code land the United States purchased Alaska from what country. All I know us and Russia. That's coated gum lagoon sewer and Seward folly. Yeah I believe that this Georgia game is big dummy a 44999. All of those are next contestant ready to play the game hello TJ welcome to the men's room. Whole. I TJ overnight over. It's not so nobody game played OK yeah. Heart and that new units you. It's thankful that I need to lead this is really get autographs and only one I haven't met yet I think you're in Germany and I even in the studio. Beyond. Those those you know god. Yeah fluid food and you thought yeah DJ Fenton south park's front a fund Glover family got a miserable which when he takes. So far without a doubt that if I. Family Guy and I think more love and I thought Family Guy would dominate America is a new sub par would do well on shocked about what Simpson's. I did you question what US city was once named pour Koppel lips. It's located in Ohio would support Koppel much. And now I know me and Monica leading Clinton. And on the Internet. More colorful. Page of the pork and then president now and they do that didn't. Well tell me. Why now after the appearance. How. Closer San Antonio was back. Hours and now he's right on it like there is like ten or go to Gloria we've there was that study like insanely. Bad apparently San Antonio was just we should move their army skinny. How would look great I got to vacation there and feel now. The thing about a mammoth that if you go to you and I part of the small in the air is Gundy Barbara cue group. I'll tell you tonight are exiles recruited his every want and are reviewed and sexist card over the flawed and weak against the. I would like to finish eating a lot that's left circle right there. Are what are you worried shall not what three words are written on the bottom of ouija board who. I'll. Oh crap arm that was not want him. And their English or what. It would be English. You speak English and this is all every VGA port that extra they made in China. Other than Matt price right now portray them as DJ. Host yeah horrid death yes. Hello goodbye and yet. And on time and it on the PG not overpriced and I don't Bratton is probably high schoolers from. I locally I've ever done one. Hello good byes target buyers were pretty. Similar thank you might offer that. Okay what word is shouted by Alaskan sled driver most. Last. Oh crap what the much. Marco most everybody wants very much fan but. You remember if I. What is must needs go yeah I guess most teams don't like this maybe climb I don't know I don't know I didn't. Man I'm metal sled dog Brad May and as ever been able sled dog gap how my money's gonna say anatomy my complaint grants you back home to look for people on sale. It's completely. Couldn't we would have heard about this there's got to be no way yes. I've got my right testicle that are never has been a winner about a dollar tablet and don't have the third and don't relax. He's Muslim man yeah no yeah I felt like content that went out there. Music I'm gonna get into this. I don't know man I don't think I don't know like Tiger Woods with a big you know you've been around forever right. Yeah I don't and don't laugh. I've never seen such a pretty good golf. Is god damn golf club in west indulge sleds does get a little brother looked like Talladega county could with a Grand Slam of golf because it wasn't luck played a master. There's got to be like hockey player and I I can finally get a lot of black folks that are either gonna do you gonna on nobody's. Nor are being used to sit and brother Brad records but there's lots and lots of white yeah. There are some black folks in fact going out it's a pretty original hockey is about black and short command within Nova Scotia. What was the most ocean yeah like people moved up there and they got in hot or storm and their anger emancipated allied air out of my own eyes and. To drag and I think it as far as as Alaskan sled go I think hike in mush mean the same things I only say hi yes some will say hi to get the dogs to go. The current I would find on good government a black competitive ball no gel did Gould didn't like Charles can you really good for the Google's confused and you can't just totally famous dog sled drivers itself is odd. Google runs of why. Why do to attract your next question what breakfast item literally millions. We its pace and and you look at it deliberately do it well yeah it's more what condiment good breakfast item and literally means weeks. And it yes that's. Huge breakfast but man you move. Qualities that spawned a bit on the feet and other people on the left. What is good morning we're gonna normally. And out of my MB. They normally don't dare marmalade world. Mohamed who thought he would love it. Always enjoyed it like Atlanta marmalade in Italy and he'll only the only differences like I wanna say marmalade specifically like Google poll or the grind of whatever food is round. I question never I never read it. I enough question what does the only credible Ortiz. Mike hawk adds that he is a huge fan of this. Some people even describe my hawk is being this actually put it in perspective. It's a late Google or common. Anthony wow that's correct. Ali you are very familiar this way. No one I know dislike its flavor but a lot of people pick of the way. I'm really confused look. I'm confused as well allele are they in their own. Bubble or are. Believe could be hours. Animal flowers. I mean. He's you know they're out of I don't know whether Jose and or did until I read this to. I. Ladder. But Manilla Vanilla OK go. Are you guys ready for this. Like because of what what what he had left the country of Jamaica. As a dog sled team they are you career I have a photo right here on out and it's you do a moment I need to see whose picture I can't wrap my head around. Of course they would. Just to get heard and I. I wouldn't eat well I'll tell you what it wouldn't like things on the back even Alaska Airlines jet. You can't apply the heartland oil and Abraham could again this is Rocco on the island I was the one explosion rocked the far in Alaska Air I don't know at all sorry we got the league that we now an angry. I love you. And that's got my brother. Oh yeah and on the email Dave reasonably good point there's a whole movie about a with Cuban go to our come on that can't be real that they showed off until the idea of the way there what was snowed all of the well it's Shaq you I do not think it's time to watch film incredible cinematic master and who's really funny the snow to cause an Oscar winner. As underdogs that I remember being in that the aircraft that DC. And that was when the previews and all you heard from the back with a maggots eat that and sold out you can pick. DJ how hire you and her. Western 70. A way to men hang on the comments that got me new and more sure. I mean look at what Newton Marshall and 46 competed in the Iditarod races. I will be goddamn hour black dog sled driver who's an a movie that Cuba Gooding junior aren't so. New Marshall I guess it was a black sled dog I got to. God and it wasn't Marshall. Who gives it less than Tiger Woods of sled dog he's all endeared him. Hey it's it's close all of these all the thousands of the Alaska Air she looked. Iditarod thirteen point. Advantage. Our miles by the way you'll take direct testicle is a dictator and now all of America whole flurry how do during the very. What body part of a woman is naturally. One and a half times bigger human remains. And yeah. One I have to yeah you can read a book. There. I'll go out of by. It's not the book at this isn't close to the boat. You know the area that most of the bus could very close to move to buck comes at them off. Well I'm alone. I'd. I okay. Yeah. Seven questions there so the only seven questions Lewis seventy Manaus Maliki was just there forever game is big dummy 844999. Hello. Hello Casey welcome to the men's room. It at all. Okay here's overnight for over. Not over had a chance to have a couple at your age. All right then prove fatal human Drupal Casey's Simpsons South Park sponge Bob her family again. Although large concrete day and and I both felt or you know I kid you big margin buying them. Well you know too gutless Villanova. That's our look if you like one thing about marred. Roosevelt they did what they could to make sure she was not sex. Well you know everybody does it say aren't you got to make in my thing going on out there who. Are your question. In 1964. There were only two whose sperm banks one in Tokyo one minute. In what US state. Let's go. Insane you know waigel Florida. So in 1950 for the returns sperm bank. Moments in Tokyo and god knows they need more people and one in what US to go to California. Not the bat I guess the look. In theory your one and fifty chance of getting right I'm saying it's not even that good about it I can't. I'll give them a large firm capital of the world. I think. If after that it Logan's run at Meredith. Sperm capital of air group. What was the name of bonds these dog I'm happy days it's also a description of the teenagers on wash cleanest. I uh huh oh you mean that it will work side please. So it's the name of Barnes is dog I'm happy days and I added it would also be a description of the teenagers on Wall Street. I. A little old me. Did you hear uses up line it is to I don't know the rule. Yeah I got I got up out on the. Let's go to balls out. Definitely the one candidate. The name of dog with them gifts spunky left also from Iowa there. Oden spoke by an alcoholic and those cookies do. There are delicious what this baseball activities bold photo also bunk mired in a mine Barack it's a secret ingredient Turkey it's. All right. Chocolate can be broken down to 42%. Harm's 5% protein in 53%. Want. It. By wolves. Yeah. Dear friend for. The rule of law for those people that can be on a US postage stamp duty during could be dead person. Or people from what profession. Not a lot of people. Yeah. Not a lot of people. I don't say most oldest profession don't even get to do the part of the profession that would make anyone want to actually pursue perfection. I mortuary guy. He has removed flew there and the third American resort development of the. The whole reason why the American not out of things to do wanna go straight and it's very unlikely that Drexel. They put famous people who work at mortuaries and stay why would you. You name any famous mortars and. Know Craig Becker man well who lawful. Bob Dole he just. Didn't look like I'm not dead I'm Bob though. I won't the first country to send an ambassador to the United States back in 1770. Today. Tentatively threw him. Benjamin Franklin fidelity out of ordinary people practice the next question of the five decades. Come on man. I. It's 80% of restaurant diners. Choose not to eat what course of the meal when visiting a restaurant. Got a sense 80% of people don't observe what you don't act like that's got to be like a weekend or special occasion like if newspaper dessert yeah yeah and humbling what what's your feeling on getting the dessert menu at the end of a long night when your article. I mean how. How depends on the meal my feeling has always liked no one's stuff yeah but there's one thing is Rupert and I hope he's a cheesecake well. It got she's getting a take it to go puke from Broadway a real probably can fit. With anything else and her stomach dude it's delicious and it it. It won't make you hurt anymore you do a C shorts and a ridiculous state cal and get minute Foster now and you don't think Obama had. Average and don't think about going to dinner and then they're like oh what's it dessert rarely read and it's. Gamers may damage still to come Najaf and how feds may have potatoes as the nine most dangerous food in the world. He'll have time for more contestants in the game known as big dump 844999. Hole if you are listening to the men's or radio network. Which is you. It's. As Jeff. Ted may and tells a nine most dangerous foods and all the world that is on the way. After yet another contest or do here on the line known as the game and a big Demi 8449990. Hello Stuart welcome to the men's room. You only half. I shouldn't blame for teams over peanuts over. Came over today welcomed the show Stewart are meant to employ all the way to since himself marks sponge Bob with him again we'll. First off happy holidays guys. And I never ever has declined to these groups. And happy but thank you goes dead girl all of them and follow us and the through thank you and that's are there more Judy feet beneath resident and Stewart where's Simpson tell us. Sentence now aren't. South or got a kid. Aren't into question. 63%. Of Americans spend five minutes today looking for what heights household item. Oh it's what do you start out with. I'm not a Baghdad and notre age remote control room. I appreciate the encouragement helped. Well let me and meet like my wallet my keys all the same place. Every day no matter what otherwise I know while losing in the remote combat helmet. You able. I don't man pulled my hat off and everything goes in my hadn't had since upside down as pretty dazed look I would edit able aren't able. I tell me about my weren't had a barbecue bowl in my head. Right. Our what was the name of the three headed dog. And Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone let me read read that. What was the name the three headed dog in Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone. I don't know. He appeared. Oh yeah unfortunately. I don't. So quiet. Thing and how dumb Stewart. Most do not know the lonely with a lame little three headed dog were not gonna book and New Year's. Party. We're going our final Amazon push here to get our Christmas gifts for the kids. You did we see a broccoli balls are crab ball go crab balls as there are a lot of people don't know or airing a show the previously aired right before the holidays in 2008. Well why. Not easy to do. All right don't over think this makes a lot of sense what product ranks number one in consumer brand loyalty. Call me and say don't older I can't over think things. Channel on bold statement I don't know the ability and over again. You know look simple and all need change and I didn't are. Older yeah absolutely it's gotta eat you don't know I'm going oh yeah milk. A fake apple. And a few. That are bigger oh no kids I think about that for a budget you can move there is laboring under the Europe yep that's been put up. Let's let's smoke it was what little itchy and everything don't like what are their own whatever. A bunch. Spew you collected but put your own cigarettes together. Don't tell anyone that I want it to be secret and they'll. And call it. What has the chemical formula H two O two. Golf a little normal about the Star Wars age too old to. The water. That is correct. All are totally. Syria is Iraq who are you sure you're sober today. I found another planet do you have to move towards what it had been brought to. We'll make your scams bubbled up. Julie infection. Don't listen to questions so okay. All right we are OK I didn't shoot yourself spirit your cup. And what letter do most worldwide capital city star. We'll watch it. Ask. And you. TV. After dad Barcelona left that's where I began and ended. That defeat the entirety of all the bees and golly that's a country. Yet. There there are being that this is our holidays special. But the holidays of when he team approach what's that led to last year's Super Bowl who won the Super Bowl indeed when he seventeen seasons or. All manner best game ever too I mean Brady. Patriots. No worse are that's super bowl of the 216 season this is our holiday edition 2018 we Obama how are your best go to I mean that is. Earlier and it's. So I'm all out tough came out of nowhere I don't live shot I am subliminal season and I. They just got on a roll out there. That absolutely. Oh yeah although minimal political bully their own ideology that will do. They don't have water came back in week fifteen we're still getting emails asking if this is a repeat true. Obviously yeah Italy keep everybody should know I know we keep telling. Is this fruit of who's an act. I ask I'll phrase it that I usually won't or can't go. Are they root salad I was awful that not only do you all still. The full. I think it stolen to teach for Georgia. And we think about a form and is not. Eating strawberry or to reorganize and question number so. There is big down 844999. All of that take more toward 999 alone. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.