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Tuesday, November 21st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled by. It's almost day by profile this is coming up our nanny for Ford 999 only you'll play profile this coming up in mixed. And your headlines on the way one hour from now first my jacket my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right the web site delicious dot com posted a list of stories and what time they open on Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year. OK. I mean. Then a few major famine that bad it's got to run around the house 6 o'clock in the morning a shot. Yeah just. He's not wealth for some people like the only reason I defended its my answer is when most loving people you'll meet but her and her sister snuff with Smith's side. They have gone the Black Friday every morning as long as I've known them it's their event that's what they do. Even my brother actually turned into a Black Friday do you wrote it yeah puck. Black Friday do a resume the duties of the deals that good I mean my god I. I think they should just all of a bit and a funeral industry come this thing where people. I don't know only wanna be apart from living the iPhone reserving about my phone. You boy learned from Ford made the normally you know it's only be so one day to follow and I kind of regret the fact that like a lot of the big stores attuned to back him like all right. Fries like the Good Friday morning's fine. That was established high right not many American people enjoy their thanks yeah without question Thanksgiving should be put your underpaid employees should do very pleased with no I think it was my apartment so nice maybe she's just so sick of us that. Black Friday morning if she wanted out and I'll here. Here's a certificate in my mind all right and everybody needs its businesses there should be one grocery store and that is open from 7 o'clock in the morning. Until 10 o'clock in the morning and god forbid you forgot many things you know they've done everything you've got a three hour window where you can go in there and grab something last minute. Anything after that you're so well. You know you don't know grab milk at a 7-Eleven that's about the best you're gonna do those people have to work unfortunately that's my yeah I mean. For the most part and I want them to make an extra 999 at 330 there miles per gallon you're working holiday hours are probably get time and a half man. A new study looked over at 100000 traffic jam hotspots across America. I like guys that are crossed the tape that sorry across America televised. Across America America. Flat tells them the list of five cities with the worst traffic in America and they are something that you're not working on. X and LA New York DC Alain handouts and we're Oslo guys. It's sneaky closing in LA LA New York DC Atlanta and Dallas CC's animus for years. So that I am a man had that's southwest I 95 corridor going on the Richmond man I was pleased all of the bottleneck he could not get through for hours. Is DC just a mess because of all the politicians at a drive around closed the roads no it's not all the. Oh yeah well that's a great variables are you yeah but you know how does that leave that one of the best things they demand of the close the roads. Yes you really easy way to just so much in that area has so many people that miles is right for years in today's date. You try to go from the Maryland side in Northern Virginia you're looking at traffic anything at any time a day any day of the week up. Fans in the mind to go like say thirty miles. Aren't average things about an hour and a half right. Yeah we'll be sitting oh yeah I mean it might be and your team has won every time we don't have his wife left you have to. A manager Canada recently aren't amending Canada recently got pulled over one yet and I'll well he had a phone and and I've had tied his steering wheel to make it easier to use the ball driving. I saw a picture of I guess and it's unbelievable. We need your iPad floor I was economize when the phone maybe falcons some audio. Well OK but he outside the iPad like examine what you do I Jody did he showed up to work with regard illustrated and sniff test. Everything was how else could learn more parity chewed the ear of one of my relatives that was put on Netflix Susie got the car. In the car in the car company to hook it up to their to their stereo are just I I need to back and I nonviolent now. If we don't control radio married you all right. Now they wanna hear what an act. Hey tell your family members thank you. The for their own device to listen stuff the car actually before I start on every. There's really good stuff on the radio listener yeah sometimes shoot someone in Tallahassee posted a video the other day after they went to a Waffle House and found a dead frog in their water glass. We. And warmer glow in the water glass I don't you just knew that Earl or last that I do you overlooked fact. And I dated within your food you know I think it's it mandate morality it's really laugh like frogs showed that above. My daughter's dad wanted to glad unlock the warrant nobody has ever seen a picture of the that the frog that was found in the lettuce. And he just got out of jail and opt out like an all. Senator Graham field WV frog you wanna. I'm a great deal at all this. Could get better for all the game live Marines any opt out of the water I'd I'd be better with that things did get one in there somehow I did yeah like that's. Give that Ryan Mack the last feel better and are they living creature guys here are my real food brought in a while it's like an. Any business doing the Waffle House I think this is an indictment on the sound Tallahassee his parents said the CC to trudge about your flesh and I'm wondering if you from the dead drug and glad to see the frog jump that you're glad you soon rebel article sure that's good luck. And I know semite and a white top. I would apply jobs in your beer and got a site said he didn't turn back to us. Thank you map would your finger to ship but yeah who could it. I don't wanna tag them. And you know it's at the end. Phillips let I think you are quite it's it's one of the ovals we'll look like there's a fly never liked Adrian Arrington that. And now like you. A woman at Texas went viral last week after someone snapped a picture of her bumper sticker that said quote step trough and our local sheriff threatened to arrest her for it. Now she's in the news again because she added a second staggered it says the same thing but what the shares name is that a trough no matter or Jim Cramer gaffe that's the real greats. I mean anytime you have eight F word plastered on your car likes what got your monologue is okay right. A woman and England recently claimed the man's dog ran up an attack here. But the dog was cleared of any wrongdoing he has no I know that the coral that it was too fat and you'll run. And medal threat to all you do another month I think the court it's like there's no way that Don and the US battle bed a Baz and down the thank you men drag thing though drew we dug it belies that you don't like it's gonna take anyone yeah. If he stuffed his dog just before they had the cards all problems you Hologic Campbell book that I just an unbelievable defense faith through friend old. Twenty year old woman and arkansas' facing charges after she got into an argument with her mom and threw a pot of hot she's did better. I learned. Jays did this delicious. The fetus fond Gutierrez writes. Damn band got Casey old and she's holds its forbidden. Do I mean you buy annoyed at feet apart and or just a slice of pizza that you didn't let cool off enough. Good faith don't longtime familiar face and she now wondering well arguing about that you thought your mother would cheese. I hear these. In case you're wondering was almost over a crock pot I'm not organized into nine if this is the pot so I'm guessing it was on the stove I. As evil. This is a 38 year old man let's go Jeff. Think yeah does it sit in the pot boil enough that no Yellowstone. Melted cheese is gonna go to dead yeah it's. A 38 year old man in Michigan was drinking and working on his car than he took took it for a test drive ended up with a deal lie after crashing into his own home are damn man. That's a catalyst hair color he also drove basically do is through the front of a brick house. Like he fixed his truck and he went out and gunned it and basically just drove right back into a south stands. And finally a man in Germany finally after forty years has been reunited with his Lusk car that have also AL about a one hour from now. Thank you might not headlines are coming up one hour from now bird for their girls off. Is really precepts. Yeah see the drug to police general and how profile this is playing. Sure Dan miles of the symbol game where we serve a dual real life new story something that happened right here on planet earth. And they do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And of course the decisions that people make less you wouldn't do you think makes the story a story. Hello and welcome to the men's room. At oh god our vendetta stay and others are games played. Mr. Fantastic here's his story in this case there's a nineteen year old forward. He's in Hartford Connecticut in earlier this week. He broke into his tire store using nothing but a softens it. I don't want to rim reveals all the compliments obviously could stores do you Dropbox. He's somehow twisted to get the dorm luck. Any idea of giving away without being caught what becomes grad waited that night. And resolve out on a bicycle that you must have stolen. Facing several burglary and larceny charges my question is. Not a lot of news to go. Is this guy to break into a door of the so distant. Black white makes you or Asian. Well kinetic kill him so he'd stick corporate demand to come yeah I mean you cannot have a kind of points to wonder if that dress and NASA needs help you sit in Connecticut I'm gonna go probably wife and out of that. Who. Hope so at least obese when things so we stick I do within each. I do too. Stereotype is that Asian tourist stuff we'll take pictures that mental reason and consistent yes I'm more I don't have more so than that is just the idea of carrying and using the selfish. I'm proud of the matter is I believe he bashed the window which I thought who's gonna do. He literally somehow Jimmy the lock lose with a guidance office Denise singer and if he took a picture inside. Our disposal is it just uses so did you stay the stick itself as a little somehow the mechanics on your phone and that little unit does not go through key will be able to pick a line. So now on the instantly to people in line with the salt used to. Aren't I never had not come up positive now blocked again sounds really white to me largely based on the times and I've had problems and had to have somebody come over and open up the house or may go to the deals. And only seem like white satin Mets. You know what for whatever reason manipulation of its. Now with you I think we gotta go just big time stereotype I was the only that is not in Canada on vacation the last I was up there without a cell to stick. Yeah you don't. And he's he is so good with his self he stick not to the take pictures he can use it for evil crime and he knows hundred bigger lot with the Celtics have. Most of the visitors the state park I was going to. In Canada were from China and Japan short so and everybody had a so so temperament. And l.s that really nice like I don't know like tried they had ever helmet mounted there's an idea they had tons a year. So I think it violence. I'm I'm still out there but why is just an all white. I'm him. We'll find out if he was black white makes Eurasian next fat when fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. Obama has got to Connecticut and a guy who is successful or robbing a tire store he picked a lot with a self respect confused they called it. Unfortunately was busted after back to the question today was he black white mixed the war agent. And been you're part of our school do the guy was what you started with white you in the movement. Yes there sure are all our. Glad no. I thought the same thing might lose his mug shot which has so he's stake. If you rob that tiger so why tires I do it's great I don't know. The same man who once did I want to say you races due for a couple. There is a month I was finally home. I'll probably do it all the time it is time for TV time we're teeing. Now. They realized. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. All right I'm gonna lead you down a little different from what's might seem like a bad path also lets follow me is that ends well Bogut. Now if you watch CN National Football League right now what's besides the actual football which probably one of the biggest things people keep talking about. Other National Anthem the nationally but thank you us. So the National Anthem right some people are viewing. I would see some people are not there's been a lot of discussion in obviously. You know in the beginning we can't have predicted eighty cities the reasons for it. But over the last year and a half. It's turned into visitor respect for military. Or not yet now we get it here all day and talk about what the reasons were not a. We could reach FaceBook who are you talking about who all did I lose muted out then Joseph got there got a not a lone know about it. So I'll earlier this. Then Stefan curry someone is on the Tonight Show which Jimmy Fallon I'm Jimmy Fallon asked them about a post he wrote the basically. I don't care who you are if you can't get down with this one and you just not American any Seth Curry puts that it's a very well there. I care about our veterans deeply so that's why I'm writing this that's roughly the offer this veterans today. Let's please not get lost another one of these endless debates about who means what when they're doing werder. Who is this suspecting whom. Instead. Let's respect let's celebrate our veterans. But having a conversation about the actual ways that we as civilians. As their fellow Americans they fought to protect. Can hold up our end of the bargain. Let's talk about the broken VA medical system and should matter brain injuries and PT SV. Let's also talk about homelessness and unemployment. And mental health and yes of course racial inequality. Let's talk about how we can do better to make their lives easier. Let's use our platforms. And take this today. To talk about how we can be louder than on the silence and quieter than on his nose. And it's a great interview and you're the man who faced a patriot he had written that for the players Tribune it was called the noise and just don't know yet I just I thought you sort of south write anything like that because it didn't the day I think that's what all of us what I. They ideally anybody that serves him well with Gary. Should have a good chance when we come back. You would like to think we would you bet you we're human rights you would hope they prefer eat some my job and so where did you bag can at least they drink while there serving even as an eighteen point one right. Now we should be able to I that you're not gonna hook them up on the flip side of me not that words. Please let the guys were if you gonna join the military really dead you can drink. I agree with just like look if you don't conserve over your life perot's you can have a beer. Yeah and dwelled there are certain places around the world right now are you could be illegal agent you cannot do that now. Tournament. Japan they won't allow John Wright you know. Ali he entered a basic yet now or period yeah. Went a little so I'll guess that this. But they certainly did. That this is Pacific. Talk about all day you can come on not only do you lose. You know I'm offered little. You guys he got what some more good news here. All right this time if as that was same agency as they did. This all the good news all the time. Another smile good news in the news lately rights than this one I'll smile through this one to okay. Della Reese from touched by an Angel has died while sees women today yet there Robinson river should touch that's more news email at all. Camera hello but I can't dole was in or eighties right. Attractions 86 OK she's 86 years old and as far as the so it was a tough and I don't tell us that out longer I didn't know she was a large Meredith and Amanda that he passed away no one cared about that tall girl fans are okay season sorry whatever know or care about that either. In the bar brawl in the bar bell and a guy from reading rainbow record of bodyguards. Well Herbert Gloria and he didn't always agree to reflect and I mean I'm so we are your kids are only now when I think good because Charles Manson so much out of my legs gone as far as my thoughts and I wasn't part of my generation journalism I hear that a burden. What's funny Mike and I got this conversation yesterday. He was like why does anybody care about Charles Charles and I'm gonna Charlie Manson Charles Manson and I said I don't know but I do think people still care about that guy. He was involved in culture you don't mean those are those aligned there was cross in a lot of ways he was who was at the Beach Boys what they're making music and you know here ego you're The Beatles recorded one of not it in helter skelter yeah media. Oh that was actually when his son is now one of his someone goes out out of him right now via. You guys ever seen Dewey Cox the walk heart soared. I have is a word want to it is also compared to get better every time I write you've seen it right well I've seen it the first time and has again. And that was again like this gets better every time it dust can only stepbrother. Right so one point their pay and it's kind of like there hanging out different people it's that air right it's a show like the late sixties. So there hang out Charles Manson just the one guy goes and he's really nice and stuff is music so we years. I have been the galleries are touched by an Angel Heidi there's a few things I didn't realize about her by the way. I should know he was alive and well she hosts her own talk show Della. In the sixties and 1970 she was the first black woman did just host the Tonight Show Johnny Carson that's very relevant if it. I was pretty pumped about that. You also really had a handful of people that didn't Joan Rivers David Brenner so it's really like. And I'm I'm so happy Kimmel those that now you have no idea makes everything better like look. You're allowed to take a vacation this business of you go away for a week whether it's based on your family situation your kids may be wanting tickets on vacation. It's okay but you can still be topical you can still be currents if you want and you've got somebody who's willing to command and do your job. Makes it entertaining for the enemy of. And the weight Kimmel does it too right great he had in much keel O'Neil we have like like Dave Grohl and just like when you have some of those people and it likely. I don't the way Carson did because your real comedians coming that were good at writing with Kimmel. But they don't have to be awesome talk show host and good for me. And Shaq did a great job. He really did like you do you think like OK for these people in front of me who's the guy this can be the most entertaining here is a person's gonna go out there and kill it. And I would say that a million times over shacks and just absolutely blow to us and in the bottom line was he did a great job. It was a different have a show but he did a great job and yeah. For being up there by itself doing stand up making bread funny it's tough doing interviews. He just always entertaining to a point to sit I think he's great for a day or two after exactly one day trial and tired of the big diesel right exact. He's got a lot of nicknames things are easily moved to England it. But you know funny enough speaking of Jimmy Kimmel and him taking into vacations or whatever he had his birthday. So early I played some people really need tweets about Jimmy Kimmel so this is just the outtakes of Larry David just trying to keep together reading more mean tweets. Can we talk about Jimmy can. It's important to help me. Can we talk about Jimmy Kimmel isn't funny ever. What he's confident we're in the self loathing. Looking like he really upset that. Jimmy Kimmel Stewart can I can. Jimmy Kimmel all is looking like he really upset pity on TV. I'm not take a big coat. Really Howard Jimmy Kimmel have the same can do that thirteen. I'm really proud of you cannot see can June the thirteenth. Oh my god it's so it's the only colleges make similar decisions until the thirteenth up rolls under the Putin appeared on this things. It's amazing when you listen of that how very David does his job because most of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Is. Right but yeah large portion break think they have you know like an outline of what they're gonna do and how the scene sets up but you're. Well normally it goes like this if you're an actor that's coming on the play a part. Then a guy who was in restaurants and he was basically be in the concierge of the restaurants in anything that you said to him he deflected and as the second and at other third right he's just like. Well we're gonna make it okay everything's wonderful don't worry about it you know like like well what's going on the kitchen once the incident is like will have everything taken care of we'll do all these prior right now his stuff is scripted. What the banter is what is what it's the two other guys say it's it's pretty well off the cuff if Richard Lewis is there it's off the cuff. If Marty. Some Calvert fund cows are yes I went into super Dave Osborne comes on. Most of the time a lot of his stuff is scripted it any goes off script as well did you start screaming drive. And he just turn like 75 you and somehow California the fund named sensitive or sure it's still and it found that they seek out. X. Look did I do notice one thing at an if you go back in Newark. So. If you watch curb episode two there's a scene. We're. What's his face Larry David now it was a guy lives there Katie smooth JB smooth he's calling is going in the Larry's refrigerator Leon. Leon and he goes he calls and Gary. And they didn't catch it Indy images letter role. And I was like wow now right around it and Mike you know here's the thing his name is Larry relegate character he's playing but JB calls and Gary. I thought wow that's predicted. What reason did his back to what you're saying it is it's improbably it's. Off the cuff and Leon such. Massimo person it would be shocked if he messed up players now it's I think Gary Rudy gotten. I told you the best thing I've seen GB so you've been interviewed and asked about plainly on it connect guy exists to realize he's like no. I'm a grown man to walk around the and another man towels just eaten bags a chips. Funny about 80. Let's get to character on the show. Yeah. Earlier this month there's the talk over that Amazon was developing a live action Lord of the Rings. What did JR RR token mistake and I read there in turn are. Yaris compact. Right. There's been on the books against. Well actually no here's the crazy thing it's gonna take place before the books also bay wolf. Yeah I mean a bigger I mean I'm I'm not not the same author I'm just going back grass fire out or grab before. I'd say they're exploring new story lines proceeding The Fellowship of the Ring. That's the first book in the trilogy. So basically if you go back that up also they wanna avoid kind of crossover with the movies. Obviously Peter Jackson Philly thirteen years making millions so far I'm gonna only gonna do it. They're it's unknown how much earlier the show will be on but it's possible that it could take place before they pop it. And got greatly the hot it was the one I felt like almost read great school. You having just one mechanic did kids first rank would build a bag and doing his thing and there's a real Modi do it is good. Yeah but you know what I judge Paula that's on Monday. You should just listen to zeppelin. What do there's a whole song and it's like the you know at the half but couldn't follow ball I don't know that I don't remember the thought I just remembered being hilarious when I was child that's because it was an cartoon movie. And it's happening Bilbao. If but I think there's an adult to songs still kind of cheesy it's again a little cartoon version of bill though like going along doing this thing a general Richard called dual node taggants. You can use it very confident the eclectic. But anyhow looks like they have the deals almost an Amazon they're gonna get that on Saturday cool so like if you. If you like Lord of the Rings or a game rooms and play you'll probably like this show because it would be a lot. From other doing it be a lot like that rank the live action lord of the rigs from. I might slip back his chair a quick is like oh my god that I missed pronounced him firm now. Oh. Plus bring agree Augustine when you lose. But if you. Let's see we've heard a little bit sadly at the sad news going around about Charlie Rose and yes he got fired from CBS now he's been bases at fire frost. Yet. Ironically if you watch last week in ninth with. Last week tonight John Oliver thank you with John Oliver. He's kinda make it photo Charlie Rose and how he makes these jokes on the CBS morning news all the time he went on CBS morning news and made these jokes to them while he was on the air like I get wireless crap. So here here's the Ater remembers CBS their morning show very much prides itself on being news and as opposed to just a bunch of fluff pieces and so it. Last week tonight they put this together awhile ago what here's Charlie Rose going to be in sexual there's coast. Coworkers out. More than. Charlie don't you. Attracting women make the first. I do this yeah no reason they command not gonna like you because you come over the island looking Charleston area. Guys Hansen but I think. You don't tickle me from behind me called. Where you have a cold front. Yeah dude he wasn't the one with the innuendoes. I'm I think he's not guilty of his crimes but in each one of those instances he was set up by someone else they are on the sexual. I think you have the right response but it doesn't it doesn't take away from what Charlie has done off the camera but when you bring up those instances like. Is doing this stuff up right here on tour like MMR data that has completely even hear all of that right but I was telling my teachers. It you'll acknowledge John Oliver what he's been doing this for months and it seems out of place if your so hard on like where the new show. I'd like all right well then. We're like that's that's a dollar sign about like why is this happening. Right here and hard news right leg it just doesn't make a ton of sense here funerals and he's still the market is still have them a morning show tied banter. So when he does the news yet he's gunnery the news straight but when he goes cross talk and they gonna bring back honest like. How did that cold Charlie log out of from her he might have actually got the call from her if it for this a look at our good thing about altar of the date now he's not he's. He's not only did the exact have enough Brodie said right there. Obviously the guys look man I'm well market goes. An end just to finish it out I was enjoy actually found when he gives us thank you notes. Thank you. The news for making me feel like come and trusting to catch a predator. Buying and playing to get home for Thanksgiving. For forcing me to answer the question is my Stanley worth 800 dollars. Donald trauma. For drinking water at the same way every child Christmas because. Trips with friends. These ten hour back and forth and hey listen as some lonely island. I'm single just like OK that's really rare. Red Bulls. For being above ground pools from Aysu. Yeah he makes a lot of starting point there in but I Wonder Bread bowl is just ridiculous but eat. He has to be a lot of places super spinach dips whenever of course but he's like whenever you go on a road tripper you're a trip that long and Carlos tomatoes have got by the sound of the great you've heard this one man yeah. I always I think is the rule always whoever's driving gets to decide it should be death which is tough because I don't own a vehicle. Which means I never get to decide now but I else I feel like this is part of growth right. Wanna touch me was 800 are playing to divert Turkey Roche and no kid just to see you people. But it's earlier version to come and elegant headlines on the way oh my god you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Yeah see what's happening in the real fine during a German man forgets where you parked his car so police tracked it down some twenty years later. Meanwhile more states are making it illegally your pet outside India occult like you don't know and he's a tree. Six check Torres go to exact Afghans Iraqis for an men TV. North Korean defector wakes up happy to be away from that little weenie and take the closet in charge of groping women with cancer and it's time your head last. It's time day. Here's might call. It's. Okay it's. Okay yeah they had every. I'd die die you know pay you know pay you this that is supposed to but it. Thank you gentlemen I club dog starring Tim would. Okay. Okay. It's okay. Every track as they're OK okay you're okay it's. Please go to Germany or is there anything zero Mandela discard twenty years ago has finally been reunited when it. The car is. The bound resident basically useless. Inside the garage of an old industrial building that was about to be demolished you but to put some things here in your garage we almost there he had lost him back in 1996 after he simply forgot where he impart what kind of Collison. Now we could do denied assistance at this. CST yeah it was a toss some guys who say pocketing your back around he said there was rusty yeah. Even if I don't know rusted car in the garage from the bunker and then Mike who drove to the movement in my race. And even like yeah. Says you can look don't around here gotten the IR snow's on the cover of the chief. You're really gonna have the current into the chilly today I am good it's nothing to yeah hit it actually I guide. ID. And I got I got and tech I'd comment about like nothing he does fly out to us the much of that today. Follow just I don't do tomorrow don't you get it Jimmy John the united he goes laden may be elbow molding a mold their miles number though that I wanted to vote button. Around the world the grove thing like format skipper Mike what is the Colorado Chile what does that entail please tell me he says it's tonight it's your birthday territories are angered look look man hears that they like the one thing I know about my birthday is if I'm going out my birthday I get to pick the place we're gonna go and I'm gonna get exactly what I want. So this is your case tonight you're gonna Mexican restaurant you're getting what is known as the Colorado children in the chilly Colorado usually Colorado sorry what is the chilly Colorado they can either be in a brutal form or a little played that you can make your armory of the basically it is it's either pork or steak and has he red sauce on it in as well seasoned. It's got some white cheese on it. It's gad. It's got to end it comes with they would three Fred beans in the rice you mix it altogether and thrown into maturity and it is okay and both are content is that it's a and they accidentally poop under drugs like it's likely he does but just in a different ports. Doesn't sizzling a big delicious right ultimate match yet and a book yeah yeah yeah. The rib fest continues we got to Wisconsin where a man dressed as a clown was staged outside of the haunted barn at a campground and groped a woman's breasts as they were waiting to enter the barn. Police were called on the track the man Downey told authorities that women frequently requested him to grab their breast during photos and that he does not touch women unless requested. However this was not a good enough defense and he was charged with sexual assault all look I know plenty of people who've got punched in the face for jumping out grabbing people scaring people draft that I trust me that that that's that's not news Sayyaf has been going on forever on the ground I'm gonna do it and be happy and there is very scary in the trophy from. The run well and who's the one that sees the scary for imclone a knife. And says they grab my moves I can take a picture or maybe he thought he was sorry not movie it but he added another team they're gonna. Compared to get it. Think he had a little hornet as bargain that you can N'sync the two of patents aren't. They call me double wise off all. I get the loudest gritty flatter and an idol and I'm an though there's already had shakes the clown. Just isn't bobcats deal that don't don't don't crap on that. Shakes the content including 36 to cloud my mother heard the name but a well known as cold classic kind of knocks documentary documentary there with the with shakes a clown and his you know he's I think he's of one or two of them but. It's still here is. Thank you can't feel like I'm seeing in the club Bozo the clown like no I'm Ronald McDonald like Michelle's I know you're not Ronald McDonald I'm Donald would want to exact. Stop the Sacramento regional transit system had an interesting hacking situation. Somebody hacked the website and displayed a message saying quote with really bad grammar. I'm sorry to modify the home page I'm good hacker I just want to help you fix these vulnerability. Not wanting to let this go to technicians investigated that act which led you into a trap. That ended up deleting multiple files and data on the servers its track. Oh backers and dinner ransom for one big corn and the assault but the technicians decide screw it and unplug the computer and what is the going rate for a bit going got to know about 8100 dollars spoken to him from going here. According to crypt of currency. We thank them if I mean divorce rate has just. Other than really those those cam girl website what do you use big point four that's it. Right the future might refuses. No it's just digital money that it. He shouldn't have to buy digital money it's just the air we already have digital money there have been no place there is we don't accept cash yes. All right so fixes digital money might be useful in the future of the world doesn't have. He and. The chilly Colorado are right up. When I digital money what's our plan to do what money to buy a different kind of digital money when I have my free is the money iPod it good you can do things about being traced my desire. Getting the chilly Colorado through the I never know I had a blonde does play a lemon as our armed indicated it expected. And it but didn't check terrorists got themselves into a little trouble after they ran around the capital of Pakistan and what does he say that death swearing in Keeney is the garment that was one Medicare to Bora they were wearing the format of the Laurent. Neon greens when you're in thing that just kind of straps over the top covers in the bulls covers the bottom and barely barely got about a marathon of the back. The men were arrested and forced to pay a fine for their crime of born actor Sacha Baron Cohen has reached out unfazed but the boys that were a garment. And offered to pay over the fine no he did he got them out there to get them all trouble the F I literally death because they know he's sent them so much tourism over the years normally never even know that country it was a very empathy column like guys. 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