11-21-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Has A Dirty Mind

Tuesday, November 21st

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Songs that are Surprisingly NOT about Sex! Plus Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Itself. Got up this data today is on the way also we review some men's room rules and our question today. I'm talking about technology Ray Allen got catfish by age do do up posed as a number of women. Of course this guys is a drop and all kinds of information based on the text to raise YA phrase family. It away there the both suing each other however that works out he Ernie pay dispute. I wanna say he birdied deed in a hundred some to a financial settlement. The guy jumped an up and that's when rim like Alan there's a deal's been violated the Coleman is continue to arrest him and his family. Through several social media accounts including showing up at his wife's restaurant in Orlando than tagging them in the photos and everything else. There we have the story of the guy who but dialed the party and the police to show up and were underage people at the parties are 45 year old person who on the home got cited. And those charged allowing minors to consume alcohol. At some point time later on the evening so long got pissed off of the Q accidentally but dial didn't mean to so they pulled a gun so that's what to do Loma hold guess what the cops show up again this time of swat team fashion and makes arrests or question. What happened when technology did someone 3844999. Cola hello Carlos welcome to the men's room. It's is our. The loan. Yeah. Pretty. Slow the colors. Look but thousands story. It into. A dirty guard but with the most current. And I was were part about it all manner reluctant girls got big blow at the outlaw. And my own put down my girlfriend and allegedly Dave about two years. And slow and oh I thought the guy who hey you're not really want you sure couldn't. I mean they are a bit old. And she's you know go do whatever you're. And in a big daddy so I they were dating or or but I disfigured bought or sold Internet. The dual hole and you and I like eighteen to lower on Nvidia allows you look exactly until they did you vote on Miami's isolated. Concede there's a learning. We're able to bloom a day later that that I. And you called me and told me directly ticket agency who couldn't move to write a mark why are hawk you know next to let. But I mean she knew everything she heard the whole conversation o'clock or what I've been hit. I guess I didn't know at all so she's like totally like oratorical what I. You're. I've beaten believe that they don't so in order. Couple weeks after that let. How long I no longer good debater. And also to other world leaders or about ten years did announce ten years now all right Carl how is he turning Asian. There's a little rice noodles it's on whatever Jamaican bogeyed. But this would give you might get dirty looks different Asian broad Walsh. I don't see that sort of be those who all look business agent until it goes with the thousands you know commercial goes as you're never gonna forget that. Really here's the thing. You don't wanna know Carlos what she's looking for either exactly and obviously you didn't want her to hear what you were looking out for a what do you find to be attractive and I'm telling you what. If anything new to the shoe was on the other foot menu there's nothing about you that leads to the description that she is telling her friends. Yes I'm I'm I'm back on the black. But as you is that whenever someone has they want the exact opposite of this you won't you have as a result of the DL and I do addiction looks like you look certain thing. Every black movie stars are almost got you so are you already know. Well you're halfway home. Exactly what I need you have to think America should not happen agencies and seller actually. Bracket you're no more permits use for you man that's exactly we all know you don't look like more stress not there. I've never actually. You don't look like your windows but I really glad that reads what happened was that technology did someone 3844999. Hole. Hello Chris Paul welcome to the men's room. Are back tomorrow. I. Don't know and it's 88. And act. I. Do anyway inherent does is on technology is your own is breaking. Don't ray drive again. I can't I eat. Maggette and the cell service and now Saturday you gotta start from the very beginning. Easy key break. Yeah man. I and that and that might start to hear me now. Our and it. And I'm very happened about a year and a half now and I am taken at satire. I get out of our and I think you know I. My husband would appreciate a little bit here. Yet yeah drain so I can't get rid dean well. A little picture in my back that I grabbed my son ended up. I relay is very quickly and head and hit did you my brother. At. Yeah. Really is today younger older brother. I'd geared to older Nokia I. As and I had been quietly and do it again because I was so freaked out and nerve every. Night then beaten him twice. I can not to like that image will forever be burned into my brain and look I I. Can you would usher runner reviews I don't know pro life yeah did you talk to other. Yet we as sweet hot and I say we don't speak a bit of course. Any more ever again. How long can take you guys communicate their presentation. Would you like hey man. Yells. Yeah I think limit pegged it right away and then I called him and I would get more I don't mean luckily workload but not that club. Another blow tomorrow nobody is it you're doing mellow out there like you had an L on each cheek. He went the most awkward tanks and phone call I have ever had a better immediately. Are you doing anything or is it just a matter what you are like you know finger insertion Arizona right. Now it would designate kid. Way back diet. And make it wet with blood jury did did your husband ever see the picture. Oh yeah I can't write actor and my brother was second birthday and give us maybe they talked about the dinner. This. That. I can only imagine bag yak I am I eight I don't I don't do that. And anymore that to. All seeing your husband loses out. And your brother. Well house don't know my eyes don't get that locate it and were weren't any senior day and you don't get that. But not to my brother. Dizzy dizzy reciprocate. I don't in other words apparently you're like I'm a month and yeah January likes getting pictures have you do you want her husband. And eat it irritating things. He shot a picture of his web but now the salary at a Terry Hadley Billy hey Betty as well let catchy. My back is that actually has more. Well two ways villagers saying it I love your own war is the apple wherever he is in more than physical qualities that he possesses is that what I'm understanding you know. No keyboard. He would guard jet back heat he might last spring that they pizza. More to me I'm a personal level I know what he. Doubts about hadn't got the line. Men's send them without really giving them. Announcing the majority the women yeah I want them I will. Yeah I know. I did I've got an rather have a didn't hurt and that's how I. I'm Welsh door I mean how did you wonder what about the idea that he did I. I don't wanna know how you feel about it. Won't give you compliment like nice and citizens. And she needed joke that was really uncomfortable. And we moved dot who's uncomfortable so can you say it on the air. And well I started tried and each Spring Lake I can't really remember that the exact words but it was something along those little I. And but I don't like how hot very exciting election by. Easy. Months. Consent so Leos are deepening allahu. That is awful Carl do mean numbers were from your parents are. Yeah meant to emulate her husband's name is Brandon in the next day his brother I mean I don't know accidentally be that close. Would tell when have a when technology is among 38449990. La hello royal welcome to the men's room. The LeRoy I thought Iraq. So. So this is an old story we we 25 years ago bookstores cell phones were popular so that don't how this all happened. Work and admire it other launched into this office manager type saint Pete get a phone call. And there's nobody dared to start listening here my brother and my voice in the background. McCain exposed to be are working he's worked to change waged. It's almost yachts showing whatever lights that we sold to time and I can't do potentially can do just being mean. So I listened for about twenty minutes it's easy to line. French geese doo and all that stuff and then and so many times over and keep doing it drug deal at all. So then it's back to work whatever time is supposed to get back in the meantime I had talked to. The father my father in law explore other law. Today's show in grades artwork. He's doing mashed. Course when the brother might expect he's not I was who I was working I was there and try to argue that each held about what he had certain wa. And what he was doing later that day I stepped out pointer that they can do about it. Did you Dario the drug dealer did you discover and also we. Yeah which I didn't bring it out package you expose it and only at that point that he was sought for awhile and gangs in the other drugs it was burned and we just we Idaho had a point in his life. That's on the worst thing in the world at that point at that boy tells us a lot and then exactly. Fish I've still got a shocker this girl cinema brother nude picture emerging is due man yeah. Clinton Newman rope what you not 11 from your sister or were you be more shocked if you accidentally sent one to her. Oh Doherty a nurse. Well I think it's worse for the Brock. I think it's reserved worst receiving it no no thank you you actually listen to you get a picture of your of your sister's book that that is works venues and in a deep picked her career in my mind yes. Brooke really just the blood. I mean if I would rather see me I'm Ron Jamar to really be ready that is not yet I have to give that as a player and say would you rather your parents see you naked or use your parents make. I'd rather not very dramatic turn stimulate the Q&A half. My entire life societies not a big deal in enemy well not read my mom why my butt and I'm sure it's pretty close to the same but I had. Yeah I don't know until new years ago she was doing okay alleging that everybody I'm far from like the proud is due to what I'm working with but overall in life. But I'd rather people see me naked in yet to see they're making. So got to ride down the gonna drug charge to get ten songs that are surprisingly not about sex and our question what happened when technology. I did somebody dirty would get your emails on the way from the men's room at mints are my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is miles. Our question what happened when that technology did somebody journey here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or my back cop. How much does not sure if you heard. Of the meets been website but one of my good friends is a laptop per user that just leaves his laptop Oben. And unlocked all the time some college I used to brag all the time by leaving that side open when he went home for weekends or whenever he was just leaving it open. Getting hundreds of thousands of spin sometimes I close alleged to the when he opened it up and turn it back on the song you spin me right round baby right round. When Blair out of the speakers I decided it'd do this again till last April fools he was in law school and had some professors behind a good sense that from B dub. Our guys around now fifteen a couple of my friends I called our money to see if you wanted to come over to smoke a bowl. Well my friend had this pink Fuzzy. Land line phone that didn't always hang up turns out. We looked a five minute message on his house answering machine and we were smoking from a bong and you can hear everything. By some twist of fate he got on ten minutes before his parents it was able to delete it but we weren't allowed the column from that phone anymore. Very good how could careless down America emails and got here are guys. Today is our daughter Carly second birthday she would love to get a little kid they sandwich and some German talk we love you guys that from Chris and Cassie. So yes again she is two years old. And and since December near as I'd much it's a happy birthday wish for you. Yeah I have to buy a failure to one. That's a few on the bus who like who. Please which are Sarmiento. They had me thirteenth birthday could get its too small the penis is too small. Had a birthday buddy love mom and dad. MS did not look you've. Don't let out W your birthday shout to my house and how awesome husband Brian. He told me he didn't want anyone to sing the happy birthday song dog today so I thought. Visibly barbaric says he personally doesn't know you could give a LeRoy Jenkins and an original faced sandwich thanks guys from the wife who might be in trouble later for having you sing happy birthday Alyssa. Yeah. Sandwich on the design is always my beautiful girlfriend Marianne happy eighteenth birthday and the dirty Germans to teller would all legally now due to her tonight. Drink under its is that from Chris. Yeah are you eighteen are legally use all ten fingers and no statements. Not generally easy sermons are supposed to be creepy picture because they are thought. BP. And the. General and I've made it is my 21 birthday I've been waiting for this all year Kemp please get some dirty Kermit the Frog from thrill. And some times Jane for miles and oh yeah a big Mike Hough screech at the end for his birthday as well I'll thanks guys that from Tyler. Two days and what we entered it was sure to Wear green penis and I'm gonna give you a pearl necklace. I am arson Tony for a time around the sun for me since my friends over dad's I'm doing the emailing myself. Guided the birthday song and some sweet sweet dirty German talk thanks guys at from Tony HK eight skippy. You aren't stupid I'm not much food outdoors but don't want to wait athletes Steve god. God it's over here. That's going to do pay attention to. Guy though I do it's a very happy twentieth birthday to my wonderful boyfriend Andy to read this this past summer Kelly. We have one and a half year old daughter named Lucy and appreciate how hard he works to support us he would love to hear some dirty German doc thanks guys that from the lovely Amanda. Yard tell me about previous. Don and you can check. Stay with my child Max it's lots of nuts to her career. Are the campaign. Think he got almost like a. Gonna give her brother Richard happy birthday gonna get her here argue that Turkey is on fire thanks miles love pop Iran Iraq not gala get a tie gave up by ER. And sick. This Tuesday is not beautiful fiancee Christina 31 birthday she could give the dirty Germans wishing her happy birthday he would. Well enjoyed by Paul thank you and you are Kristen Powell good seafood we among. We do and don't lose my wrong please you will be covered in hopes for. Samantha Mathis. Nice job done OK ma'am. It'll take my wife large 33 birthday. She tends to get annoyed me playing the podcast around the house Tony for seven I know deep down. She would love nothing more than a birthday shout out from the crew as well as an original face and voice thanks guys that from neck fish sandwich Paula then I might get a shot onto my beautiful wife char lot. And we like to dirty is the Germans to let her know. What could be planned tonight don't hold back in miles or purposely left the putt on the punctuation now just to see if you read this in one breath. There are 30 OK we deduce that has been so long on the stand and cobwebs and event here. Johnson and trying to fix a ton of movies today. We're going to find out. 150 birthday till my hubby Joseph Jordan please give an original faced sandwich and Joey chestnut thank you guys from chalet fish sandwich. Mentally unknown and I want to get as set out to my husband Joseph for his fiftieth isn't the same Joseph I think initially thirtieth preparing area. I was very happy birthday to roll my clock or when I like to gull them my Hough. A very special birthday I'm so grateful you came into my life. All of you guys think the sound bites happy birthday baby I'll see it tonight for ms. absolutely amazing girlfriend McKenzie can we get out the your penis is to call is this there are all right now. OK okay. Yeah. Why do Nadal. Have you added I'm okay happy have you been I we have every time they. Kate aren't as good thank you know. Matt says it doesn't did you German front. Are available through music world sings on men's and I've done come another sign retailers. Know him shy fly Lulu. Young went off the birthday and I got to be done I blame many dumb I'm gonna go to Mexican restaurant get trashed you off. What's hot what's on the menu for what do you normally when he goes bush dish called Chile Colorado. Chile all on a yet you plan on having sex and I'm like I am not gonna disclose how do they like it you're eating chili Colorado look. Your girlfriend send them a wonderful email on those virtually as do us this seems to me like this should be good night for it and you're gonna go ahead and eat something called. Silly Colorado I mean I'm just saying I'm very glad I got a former emails really good things in store. I'm very slow acting style like so I don't our planet to be a factor until at least tomorrow afternoon I just don't see it ruined me for the third. You're right and only Colorado sells double move for someone planning on any candidate is ready to head into Manilow maybe he's just plain funny this chilly Colorado getting drunk damn right my guess here's my advice to have sex before eating to Chile. Colorado now directly sounds get it and hope it ought to go microphone works right but he got a jump on me oh. The piano and broken tackle. Don's brother and they're all alone turn on the other one though the both broken than he I don't get this now alleged use the other one yesterday you try to get that now broken. San that was brought him. That was broken you know would fix that what's that chilly Colorado Julie hello. Yeah exactly Indiana Jones who's got a real problem subject of future farmers of America. How old rituals and Robin the reason the guy from the other show the other night didn't have an INF that they jackets. Or at least was my experience is he was in some sort of tagged class and since the agriculture teachers are also at that they advisors. They would recruit from their classes I was the vice president in my chapter. And we had many people they judged at contests in more active members. But did pay dues so they could be judges rock convoys that from Jacob listening on ninety point nine in Kansas City. And a couple more to the Iraq down there in the Casey. Our guys just heard from my friends and NAS whidbey and this is about this guy pilots in this guy because I don't Caribbean storm has anybody else thought about that some women sky news sky penis in flight now tonight the attack. While the public has been great to the artful F eighteen pilot. Sounds like a brass is planning on listening to be puritan fuel and are planning to not only put the hammer down on the pilot but on the skipper to. This is a bit of an overreaction out of the millionaire and his wife your support for the penis in the sky was awesome and any additional support we can generate for this artful pilots is crucial. Can you guys help on air we talked about all day the the Miller win. Look we're not we're not gonna convince the navy to do some do and when I don't but here's the thing. The government is in great deeds if you're a guy. The moment you learn to draw penis that is your go to drawing in any situation and it's doing stuff that they have to understand that they have to know that you put Ghana jet. Realizes that he can draw sky idealism towards gonna do like we said. The engineers at NASA drew a penis on the surface of another planet just to think this. I just in a supporting Wii two would be myself and if nothing else air penis made for some great radio thrill your quips were riots just imagine being twenty something more than FA team between your legs. I'm drawn some thing else female anatomy and rock on German. That from Jeff and double more. On the incidence rather than just one time we named a guy that works for us quotes the incidence. Why he was terrified of snakes not just terrified but a whole new level of fear. Mind you this was a greenhouse company. His first Baylor job he was carrying some plant material into the greenhouse that somebody was watering holes well it's all those being pulled and thought it was a snake any passed out right there at least fast forward to mom's on the summer. We are working under old crab apple tree and all I wanna was a break except for him he didn't want one. Suddenly we hear this blood curdling scream that wasn't stopping. All brush back over any is standing there screaming about six inches from his face was a rather large black snake that came out of the tree to stare me in the face. And then the following spring we are heading south to work at the Ronald McDonald house in Washington DC around them and were passing through Pennsylvania and stop and hardee's. One of the guys bought a rubber snake at a store beside him. And showed its own he bolt out of the truck and made a beeline to the restaurant someone opened the door just as he got to it. He hit the door hard enough to shatter both panes of safety glass today at the hardee's that's. Was the incidents and that from date I'm scared of snakes that's real scare. Yes you have and get. I don't really drink adult with a shot of the day the first run a charge in the house this time of the game do sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again Paul Hume six and spend them. Gather around the old radio and listen to some sweat a. Got quiet on the segment if you would have matured to about 1013 years old. The hour where your brain is in the gutter. Any song could be about sex. They should cry and hey could you could find some innuendo and everything will only when brunt of the fact the what are your favorite things to do and if you follow right castle the drug charge and so Ryan DIC thank you gone on Twitter there you have a a tendency especially announce a much this year because you've fallen out of favor from the NFL for whatever reason but you you said you used to tweet nonstop. Right about sexual terms I've football terms or some sexual in any was inlets right this way if it's unbelievable it none of these terms of sexual. Now they're just all basic thing as always it's always saw something that Al Michaels or Joseph barker Troy Aikman would say lake you know into the heart of a whole litany of all nobody's it's awful under the right right it don't mean like he just funny any celebrating early that's not a bad. If you do you think they are unity all days are and I got on content and I think I'm about the whole toe so we started thinking about song titles like these songs of up with that in mind and the fact that unknown in this room has matured past thirteen in the these songs would have to be about sex when they put. No lo and behold may serve they're not only that are not it's very hard to find these songs because it you know there's no real way to search for them. You can't put does songs that sound dirty that aren't too because most of them or is it goes back to a bunch of dirty song store that you may be did not know were about sex. A big worry about so it's so that's the first of that there's there's there's a CDC's given the dog about it doesn't say this is about sex but we all know that there's no dog and I saw Jim I Don you know I think you got into stormy May Day here's my Pete right and then you've got Vasily from Stone Temple Pilots which is not about sex you don't papal route you're Deborah that's that's that's all you're doing you're right there I like that summer in the back I don't you know it's. Yeah man it's. Act as they beehive I think thirteenth Zumiez of the songs about a five outs on the completely deaf these are ten songs that the children in this room were shocked to find out or not in fact about sex. Under ten. Now that's something else completely only about war. You think I'm gonna say that I mean I'm I'm I'm given flax based on Jerry Cantrell right rooster about his dad and don't have the mileage that is various shots. Above my dark now it's about a fifth season this I think it's probably the same tip when you get. More likely when I went to bring you this that's kind of understood effects tolerant and write down and hold much better this money. But he did we know one thing about Hussein's sons are funny. Hilarious but there's a number of their time like we were even thinking look good good although blues WW LV automatically turn out we'll. It's. It's a good man embarked. These are on ten songs that are surprisingly not about sex. Out of bounds what is it about it doesn't matter if it's a good about not about what we wanted to be enough. But the whole collective. Is our ten songs that are surprisingly not an ounce bags odds that day. Under pay. Real dirty dirty when it's overtime I'm like he's lying on the ground buddies and they get my news there are multiple car owner. On this on I don't think is about anything I think it's all gibberish isn't a business like Korea and is very well it's airliners great. Mom. Don't sex at all. And no matter. Spoke I don't McGregor yeah. She's got beat down below is neat would that. He's got as she sounds like sex and I have not felt like Gary's got a busy guy found instead. Yeah ten songs that are surprisingly not about sex Sunset Strip. Especially love. Sauce shop for me there's always been called bush were similar to solve this machine head. We put asinine. I was sick I knew not to. A crowd back to their college days right there's something completely unrelated I humble why did they name their main book. I hit me until I like come on man and I was than those in the early nineties there was something with the George H. W. Bush. I could known as a ten song that too deep for the segment that are not surprisingly nod to bounce that. I'm very sick. Well these. Seven the definition of back door man sure has changed in the last fifty years if you're happy because this is both be a boyfriend that you didn't know I was stop right guys got stuck grounded after I don't know I've been out of Oregon around sex yeah and then when they found another way we're thinking in my collection not a dirty relay exactly ten songs that are surprisingly not about sex until. Bosh definitely about stuff you know how you know who's going to mount about Phillips. Good that they were about sex you would not just home song man on the marks the if it particularly blatant and you would not because these don't think he that'd be a little more subtle record something. Would you would not let you met him in. Athens spent ten songs that are surprisingly. Not to bounce back. They're well. Sell them on that. In the end it's got to be about flat didn't look into it like your back door. It's all very well there you have to do so in the end the back door only to only to go and I couldn't and twenty just like that in check if the did songs that are surprisingly not a now. I don't know. Thank you Three Dog Night for the songs have come to we've. Let's just move on that is just move on to number two. 102. Okay 530 seconds from home. Is that job that Peter Frampton. Then the tumble by. They're. Available probably got things so. For thirty days is a very good event producer of the thirty day it's. Now. The moment that camera in the thirty days you know thirty okay thirty days and 3030 people go to W I don't know solitary for the very old days and humbled by this bird. I'm Leslie Jones. I can always find that the number one piece. We America's number one of the ten songs that are surprisingly shockingly not about sex. I don't know who always new always crazy. This is not for matters like come on Eileen let this go. That's like let's go home. Now okay that's apparently what it is not bother me like a good you've got to hurry you know I was told that I thought the Abu globally I don't know who finally told me and I thought it was more about. That's what it is okay thank you round here version now heartbreak champ. Two caliber again does its job today also coming up we were review some men's room rules you are listening to the men's or radio network. Out today as well as my room drinking and we'll tell smugglers and. Preserve memories. The reasonably low. The roles of BJ at the website there men's or live dot com all the rules that you have made throughout the years everyone's about single time to put some new laws in two two or some new suggestions that also get a few more here today. And we'll start up here with one from Zach who proposes an edit to a rule that already exists and and it's article for you are man god dammit act like one. Section nine under no circumstances is email and allow the sand and emote to come. To another man who could aren't so raises list I've repulse. The only acceptable emote condescending to another man is the Pope among the common thought. I shocked we had a role in there about no motifs we did this was early nominee Mo G game. Promised so prevalent now yeah they'll use them a lot from Jack we are proud women avoid proved good and timing of its group smiley group is always a good thing it's an eye on it a lot to my kids you can't help. Yeah I guess I like to use a moot G sometimes to people get the tone of the tax what is your average remotely. Either smiling face or winking Ted. Yea you're exactly right you never said new home but I know that's always that's going to be and I go to let your in jest right yeah okay you're number one you guys shortly after alleging that react now that I thought I kind of figured I read between lines are so let's see here. We don't ever let her go. Absolutely. Yeah I I I you lava you look up Obama got. Yeah you're yes sir you actually Colorado tonight can we had an amendment to disallow bogeys general some of the hotel group with just just start to move ahead to this man whose stock got fired up. Guys another amendment as an accomplished up fishermen. I can test the use of prohibited words the word is. Perry winkle now in particular Perry winkle the common term for a catty fish larva is a popular fishing bait. So fishing being a commonly manly sport. There are no other instances that I can use the word I can't excuse the use of the list in its entirety. But I do think there needs to be an exception for the times of duress. So as far as article four section nineteen. Another list of words should we allow in Perry winkle I think if you're referring to something that's called a Perry went a that's the name of your big words are very legal I don't know what she even colored his yet did you use that promo wanna punch in the face and kept once stayed is. Perry when it's not like a purple or blue yet hurdle right sing bad to say hurdled. I wanted to have a guys do what comes out late this one enough this one this is pretty solid. Guys walking home from class college days past due men on the bench shooting yes man once they set a cigarette lights it. Passes the pack and minor demand to minor malfunctions. Both men immediately lean into each other with C exit lips touch Sig tips and puff away. While desperate times call for desperate measures ever blows. No man shell ignite any paraphernalia within ignition source that is attached to another man's lips unless there is no other viable option. I thought she just hated the cigarette and inevitably you do you don't live with what that is what I will do we don't we don't let that be weird yeah I would do it I mean I don't know what you're doing. Yes I did what he's really I dormant you don't you don't mind you ought to pass a law all those affairs out. I I like talking and allow us. Hi hi we are and while I was a pretty amazing end to Los fastest Finnegan a complete list of the rules he honoring them for your own enjoyment and men's or live dot com all right Robin who admitted to bring it to. Bloody out there into Sears to be ready. Men's room knows just. It's not as good as usual we had a great Afghans see that the royal find out nortel's yes indeed today we toast an unidentified man in his eighties. From telescope planes Tennessee now. You don't want to last week at his church along with his wife and for whatever reason. He decided. The tell everyone about his gun committee carries a quote every. Drew was more and he pulls out his gun. It's a 380 caliber Ruger hand radio loads of these passes around Iran takes a look well. And handed back to a new reload and reload that apparently. Each chamber to bullet and when he attempted to put the gun back in the holes are well. He shot himself. And his wife a rule oh yeah shop both of them don't know people injured there are expected. To make a full recovery Boehner in her eighties armor mortal full recovery is now. We don't want you have a bad point yet he goes about his gun back down. Jews themselves what the whole thing was he was winning gun safety which always seems to be the way that Jesus. You know his wife was put us. Well we know we are a safety course Poland in the chamber. Taylor around and then try to put in his holster and shot that is correct when he went to Suri he he unloaded a pass and run or won't look look there are things fun. And America already in the reload you gun goes what is also shoots himself candlelight. And that's when things go south nice nice work. As charter wire scenario whether government. Know and you can't blame Mikey did you see me. I mean write whatever he does the rest of the life like that I hope now at that time Shaq and now Osama settlers and good news as Russell's life now this. We implore upon you would drink this booze because we think it's yummy. I drag over the tone down the road to glory in hard Tommy's down the whole hour days out now. Getting a death of water in play profile as we will take our time right now before Ford 9990. Look. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.