11-21-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Gets Sold Out

Tuesday, November 21st

Mens Room Question: What happened when technology did someone dirty?


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He would sure love to hear is real. I'm trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. They say. Radio more than three times. I go out and Arizona our 2720. Want to know. Maybe what was Dave McGraw-Hill. You Terrence. Auburn ball. I did my gosh. Yeah I'm an image of a. Okay right gasoline rounded charges inducing did cannot today ten songs that are surprisingly. Nuns about cents. We were abused a men's room rules get ready to play profile list plus headlines events and shot of the day fumbled through emails and everyone's favorite. TV time with the click clack drinking age aren't I doing a German man forget Torrey ports of call police drag it down some twenty years later. More states are now making it illegal to leave your pet outside in the cold. Like someone you don't know after. Six Jacque Torres go to is that a stand to rocky bore at and TV. North Korean defector wakes up happy to be away from that little weenie. And should the cloud has been charged when groping women in this can't sit good sit at Izod coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All that bid is good day to you and yours. Aren't a teenager in Maine accidentally bought dial 911 during a party you were kids were drinking. The god showed up they broke of the party but then the comeback and hourly wide. Well one of the Ian Gold Georgia lived in the house pulled a gun on the kid who bugged up. Don't buy dot butt dialing his back again and Tennessee. Is a resident bought dialing nine Mon one in uniform drug dealers out. While talking about getting high don't bug on a different guy. The government to Maine he bugged out mammal one ball talking about trading stolen goods. For cocaine but these are examples of people who accidentally community. Let's think we retired NBA star ray act right. Some people like himself he communicated suburbs of this case just know. Ray is all about the booty he was talking to several different women online expressed interest in. Well as a Jones are all those women were actually the same person and that person was a guy. And I guy was just catfish. And now Ray Allen. Visible all the lawsuits. But this guy who give money guys go to Walter Ray Allen. Kids once Ray Allen stop stalking I don't know what was said but things got pretty. Technology makes a lot of things easy. Google bread you can show pictures but a lot of times things won't govern reply all. Could I rent but you didn't mean to really would like he ever takes a moment to realize you take the wrong name down. No the matter with the message do what technology gets us into some trouble. Third and questioned for a simple what happened with technology did someone their Big Brother Joseph caught a four point 999 only you can like the men's or month FaceBook follows on what remains are live. As in your email to the men's room and men's remind dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Don't tell Leo welcome this no number 2721. It's only how Koreans today have only drug it's hard drive gasoline to suspend and today we have. Ten songs. There are surprisingly not about sex now this is going to be one of the name of the song in spite of the lyrics of the song the name of the song of the songs are not about sex but if you listen to the lyrics very closely. They could very well and in unintentionally. Be thought of the songs and have sexual connotation I think similar songs even if you don't listen to the mirrors are very closely they have strong strong. Sexual jumped HTTP how Obama. I would agree with that could result we have ten songs that are surprisingly not about sex coming up also we review some interim rules of you have a potential rule issued us an email to the men's room had been jamaat dot com and make the subject men's room rules as all the rules that you made throughout the years aren't the website means room and today we're gonna talk about technology. And when technology did someone dirty when it happened could have been you could have been your friend either way. You know when you just don't quite know everything about the world of technology and you make some critical mistakes now there is a running joke here at the office. That every once in awhile we get some bigger reads a bigger emails from the higher ups in the company. And you know like and my you know like I should. Secretly in the back of my mind you know it's it's say it's an all emails so it's for everybody who might be about. Your benefit so are notes from the president of the CEO amounted to only across the country now I mean there's like everywhere they know where we're talking fast are stationed area that's it's just armory it's where everybody we will move all the people who work all the different aspects of the company they all do a lot of different things either way company we all need to know these very important things ride sure and I'm always just want to reply I'll hit FDA. But I've never met your mother effort I give you a thousand bucks man out there what Joseph Perry county is one reply all and you know there are there always will be. Someone who who makes the mistake of the reply all else not you know. In my case I I. I was gonna make something a little bit you know a bit more ridiculous you look at ping goes your courage and your mother effort that's what you wanted to get fat that's half the half hour. If you just trying to be a little bit fight yet but you know I mean look and that's how technology mass of people look at whether you put someone's name and OK look. I've got I'm just trying to be a little 5% got a couple buddies and you Mary John and I wanna really go ahead of their left and that's very Amanda and I did he sakic up and it doesn't what I told him I would Obama has a look. You didn't throw Libby did it as a let me do it and fired. How do say has sagged black lives matter to good use. I was so scared the most of and you think alike don't you do memories through the roof death so idea and then no economic black and it in. In manners can tell you put names in your phone though of different people you know sometimes use a book the last name in and you have a double live from friends of the same name. I've gotten text before from. Who I thought we're certain friends of mine and it turns out it was another name that I had same name in the phone. None then look to see what the last name was there any of that so I takes about something else like dude what are you talking now for a member. Never really got me in trouble and out of a tall dude my battle by your Somalia. You know now I've I've I've screwed I don't wanna dog you bats and that means screwed up in many other ways but not in that way from a technology standpoint I think man is I am the king of the pocket dot. As I sent her shirtless photo just Meehan a fur coat Denmark in the middle summer to the wrong cute but. Off the wall is a response. He was like jacket looks great serial I thought if I thought I attack but he does not go to the same festivals usually look at this crazy fur jacket there from our sheriff. I'll start with a story some teenage kids in New York Maine were having a party and drinking on Saturday nice and one of them accidentally but dialed 91 months of the cops came and of course they broke up the party. And it was going down believe it or not and a 45 year old woman's house. We assume one of her kids was involved god cerner and she was charged with allowing minors to consume our calls or Jerry about or for that but that was not the end of the night. Less than an hour later the cops get a real 911 call from the house after a 36 year old guy. Named Joseph pulled a gun on the kid who'd done the butt dialing. Sure how that adult was connected to the homeowner or the party but clearly. I'm really upset about getting busted anyway the jobs evacuated a house eventually the swat team bus in mid east's and they find the guy hiding in the attic. And he was arrested for criminally threatening. People and having a dangerous weapons so they think they weren't gonna check the have a back to go to the lessons that we come on man and a swat team comes in minutes is what they're going to finally Hillary is they're under each. Right you pulled a gun on them like they're gonna tell where you are. Diana oh absolutely but you don't have men and now visible at a strange when here but I just know how technology works OK not always as it does it involve. Some of the person. Look man we all know one thing for sure what we saw that crazy video Mark Zuckerberg and he had his laptop now. And the first thing that he had done was he had covered up the camera he had covered up the microphone in this is the CEO OK so now a new Tellme for one minute. They have one day all your greatest hits of masturbation on your phone. On your laptop on your desktop of that as a Cameron are gonna be readily available or are out there. You're wrong because face recognition and everything else I mean look that's the one thing we've got on this and we all know one thing. You don't know when you are being the on your phone Mozilla would be going would you like this have to keep track of you no matter what you do even when you're not used car would not and you say no I don't want that because you know and I'd rather just not drink my battery for one and then Italy actually have a choice now you don't play if you install under Tony keep she's the whole topic is exactly. So now this is a strange one here but a few things they say give distrust faster. Then speculation that apps in the Internet they connected devices are surveilling their own users in secret but we know that we know the FaceBook got to mind your browsing have court wanted to serve up ads. But what are the ways your sex toy that was taping you. And ambulatory angry in my hand miles that's what creditors on the community are claiming they discovered when he users said they noticed a six minute long clip titled it. Tim sound play three GP. In the laments app folder. And the love Vince app folder of the elevenths remote control vibrator app. Used to control remote control sex toys made by love ins such as this one. Seems to be recording while the vibrator is on the file was a full audio recording six minutes long of the last time and how was your. Enjoy it there Yale new there other vessels vibrator and Eric Gordon thing holds out. Her. And on. Or crew off the original poll suggests that the recording took place while using the app in the video chat feature. Yeah. But another you. Zurich who thought it was basically okay. Well said that evidence that really EU appeared on their devices as a result of testing the sound do. Which vibrates in response to a sound so luckily there's periods they do a little less revealing. Absolutely no sensitive data pictures video chat logs pastors are hellfire servers as we promised. Nobody sends their use this vibrator a response in the thread from a looks like the official account claims the issue is a bug only affecting a few android you oh yeah. And that the audio is not sent to the companies are bad it's not even possibly. We ice Diller recorded you have an orgasm on. I mean to be all right if people knew what kind of porn you're looking at. Yet I'm amazed that I mean there are gonna get a few days do I know what needs to nervous you're gonna go deep. Yeah overall white parent and sorely I don't care. I'm not gonna deny and yeah I don't look how quick yeah. And it'll look here's a difference. I guess finds not embarrass not to shoot pretty does not illegal now of course to me you know what it's fine I don't care what to think of it. It is not illegal don't. Now let's move onto other world of what they called cat fishing retired NBA star Ray Allen said he is the victim of cat fishing and has asked the court to throw out a case where he is accused of stalking someone he metal mine. I wonder if his wife agrees. Allen filed an emergency motion in Florida one day after Bryant's Coleman. Told the court he is being stocked by the ten time all star and two time NBA champion. Allen said the Coleman. Is the one who was stockings are both say that each one the stocking the other there's a risk yeah Coleman pretended to be a number of attractive women interested in Ray Allen and the motion filed on Allen's to have said re believed he was. Speaking these women and communicating with them. Cat fishing by the way if you don't know refers to a person who creates a fake profile and social media to trick someone and the term came into common usage in the 2010 documentary catfish. And I'm reading the straight from espn.com so don't act like I know any of us. I think MTV had a holds the series of letter had an MTV show the same name that explored online dating is exactly what they so I think men take the same anti you know I'd take he had to do you Hulu girlfriend. Up on attorney released a statement saying that Allen took legal action in an effort to put an end to threats against he and his family. And that Allen was a victim of an online scheme to extract money and embarrass him by someone who appears to be trouble. In the filing Allen said Coleman threatened to reveal details of their conversation and the sides eventually struck a deal to keep everything private. Balance of the deal has been violated and the Coleman has continued to arrest him and his family through several social media accounts. He posted about ray's wife raise children raised dog race homes rates why I raise why its restaurants. And numerous other personal items Coleman not only posted about these things he would actually post while physically located inside raise wife's restaurants in Orlando. And he would make sure they know what tagging ray and his wife on the pulse. Alan S accord for Coleman to stop cyber stalking it was not clear if Coleman has an attorney. Andy working phone number for him cannot be found. Are re regrets ever engaging who this person on line and his ankle that he never met in person blah blah blah blah blah obviously you give all's going on map. Where's ram analyses don't South Florida sun yes summer says Orange County Florida some assuming that that is in the Orlando where I think you lose the Miami with his family is what's restaurants and focused rhetoric he finished his career under site. I have sometimes that stuff like to Ray Allen. I curiously almost famous definitely can just go like a VIP room it's our club anywhere to meet women. Anywhere. What happened on technology did someone 3844999. hello agenda welcome to the Mandarin and. Oh I'm that does. A and I. I had the technology does me wrong not all the time and they like we have a lovely relationship again. Learned to tolerate each I can and then realized that I did not send them you might exit some random stranger. It was that he was that the tuxedo can was it a tabby. The Himalayan not intending to do it my way grant not a whole. Ideals. And. The first time that she said this. And then he wasn't sure as I do it it's just all they do at all. He's a girl and what back to Hillary again by using her phone technology has done murdered did her third it's amazing believe I'm sure she's an icon Mario I had planned out there and how. Volatile items correct yes this as a constant here evidence some stranger out there red Tuesday made what has us gonna show and I am I have got a pair moves and I've no idea who has been living you have to wonder. This guy like this. Now now I could've made his life worse you know we I think it's just new phone who's these suggest this. These B I lost your number once now what happened when technology did someone 344999. Cola hello wall on welcomes in the men's room. Well Larry Joseph are going to die. I guess though we're one hour user. I'm all right and James. Hot oil. Went they're valued so I was. My shrink called his girl. And he hung up I mindful. And he hung up put his blood might slow in the pocket. And we appreciate you start talking about all we're gonna do. And hope and glory and I'll do a redo on one. We've got to go pick up so we that is called the exact 500 pound. Well news right sophomore eat. Does not so subtle movie though alcohol humbled even my game a bit bored though. As bad from there are gonna go dropout from Phoenix. What did wrong guy saying look I remembered exactly I remember that doing so well organized so you would believe. So much further finishes counting the money. If so what just finished on the money as well grant where you'll programmed to me we turn in the lead and this goes listen to everything. Think it's (%expletive) though he did at the time. Let's enjoy this he knew he drove a nice car and had a plan money it is anger they asked. If it is a good sincere he's about to make twelve grand. Debt largely. Honestly we didn't hear somebody screaming leg. We're very lonely bat. Because nobody else is stopped in the radial Abbas will relate what is going. And he actually he looked at the ball is two years he turns pale white schools. Here's a pillow. There was a hundred whose don't know I get when you know on the wider he turns and Arizona the better off is yes. It. Says hey hey I got another world where you are. I'd like you guys against. Okay tomorrow and and I'll be unified lately. None none love up our Brazil's. And September I went slow wedding bash lender and ask let my used cocaine. So it was a New Year's. I didn't hear John did you want to remind you I went zero. Why isn't my idea that duty to remember that one under our own. No my wife reminded me again she's got she's a grandma I am man this is the second I got laid there and it's our deal as one. I do I like Qantas that you're gonna hear that statement from him. I lied to you again dad actually the worst thing I technology to be dirty and I'll Mamo wife reminded me just yesterday that but if I got a he's gonna say that that's more than none of FaceBook page is just growing among Wanda Wanda was as good story. Nice I mean don't doom it's been up didn't address his one has corrected the of the details. What a what happened when technology did someone 38449990. By the way what's the most amount of wheat you know Vermont wants. I'll deal via a hundred pounds man I mean I think I'm on a pound once and I thought I was balling and I'm on a about an ounce and emails is excited afforded the time who knows you live for many years ago I was somewhere night. Got to hold a couple pounds yeah and that was the same thing it was just unbelievable just hold it. Yeah but it's one of those things really you can't take a picture of it. Low so it's just like here's like. Aaron had to pick well things here and there are able usually real excited I I was in an indoor grow facility that was bigger than a football field you know and mean and use look in his just rose and I mean it's like it was a legal those are really OK okay doesn't matter of enemy it would be like swimming in the pool of Beers yeah and I am just like go so cool to be there look at at all it. It was a lot more it was a lot more. It was more like a more like a lab than I realize oh they're finally you're and so as far as washing your hands yet that those little booties on like you're going to someone's house and had a for sale in those things that you read feet short and you had to put like a a laugh a lab coat on buddies at soldier was solstice gave me in my data tour right. And my dad I mean you should see my dad's eyes are like slits most the time and I mean I his eyes were wide as an ever seen those like all my doc. He's well like they never seen anything like it because in his UK it's done that's right I mean like they do do those who bring you do you south unbelievable just thought I would say that statement about what took plenty of pictures let like you've made it is like in my dad and I came out to visit once years ago. And I took them out for very nice stake in the middle merely think disagrees stay current as my son has made it it's like that. Okay this is being age isn't this inevitably they don't ever ever done not only about radio is definitely I think we're device in this state. I've made it while we need more guys as they held a litmus test for everything about what you took him to a different place that had a better state. I mean that he probably prime blows most notably erosion control ever explode a physical a fifty and I don't know your dad I like some sort of imagines they're like this the moment. Yeah our our duty had to be Jones follows it was it was physical experience to see how was done you know like an honest to god homeowners dork well. I wheels probably about a half an hour but we learned a lot about process and how everything happens and in your. And announced a guy amend their we went into and you forget just just you know you're in early due right I mean. There's this whole huge room and this entire room does nothing. But so I create CBD oil OPEC which is put into pills for children specifically that had a couple ups so is to a certain dosage and you look and I mean there's. All these plans and I mean it's it's this huge ass room and you realize that everything that they extract out of that one room. Is basically the size of a Mason jar. It looks like make maple syrup percent of whatever. And and that is the ingredient that goes into those pills for the kids and it's specifically in this instance it was all for children. Because the dosage outlawed. Was that was that was lower end there were geared toward blue and he Alec it's it's based on weight to a certain degree sort of like emotional things when it was just crazy to see like no this is not all about dinner. You know as much as it was for me boy did we usually I write the truth of the matter is that's not that's that's just a small. Part it's wonderful of what's going on there you know and and and it's there's another part of the it's it's bigger than you could ever match so let go. Our question what happened on technology did someone 38449990. Look we got Mario golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle man he's grown. I'm driving charge frank Cassell and house Wilson's ten songs that are surprisingly not about sex in this as a lot to do the title of the song some of the lyrics in the song and you might think like you do most of the time when you listened to a song let's face it when I hear a song a listen to a under the lyrics and then every once a while. I it takes me awhile to get with the song is about. Yeah I do normally hit early and intent enough from the artist's perspective over or whatever the deal was in on them quick to jump on a plane here in for the for the holiday and castles walking through his leg or you're playing for a Leah Holliman now gone up. YA NR gonna some clients. Let's plane PL AE. Idea so plain meaning a plane like a geographical plain not in fact the plane and why you're in Iran and I think well a plane and an hour. Our long Tom being but it's the most but I mean we know they'll songs about anyway Bret actually my over the weekend my sons and the car songs on the radio. You're just only likes I don't know who it is I don't care and operate but whoever is a pops up on them split. Daddy used this a one panorama are Rihanna is there what's the name of the song. As cement. Hassan but here's the thing that he's not short on things we keep saying like as soon them like. And send them as them win as sin and man says as Alabama. Adam's screaming as to them much thought out your logs that attack I was very happy don't did not ask what that meant these these. These ten songs. They have lyrics that they could lead you to believe that they are in fact about sex but they are not there and they have nothing to do that so coming up to and songs that are surprisingly. Not about sex her question what happened what technology did someone 3844999. Cola. No no well welcome to the men's room. Oh I'll only or not. So. Yet till about ten billion U Garrity yeah about that. Rate still unlike fourteen year old okay. I might get dead eyed flat on his very spent the video music back and I happen to have a video. I go to print. Get on the neck on the net I don't know it got a expletive and it and. Anyway women doing time on your fourteen years old your genitalia the U self contained yourself on Kessel cussing and in music. China yeah all right well I love that's admirable I'm I'm I'm impressed. Here's I hardly desert could come apparent a decade your agent trust me when I tell you that. The that was not the norm it would be a president if I believed they would like we played yet either version clo instead of crazy out like I did those do that that ball ball ball. And if. Only get a prize alone. Still I had this video Andre and I go to print get on the iPod and boot static electricity turned up the iPod the duck. And my hand would not take you hours and they broke. A couple of Africa cup Wimbledon. Obama broke two yet. Did your father believed you when you tried to explain that you just wanted to skip and all this happened. Look into his nine year old daughter at that time and there he believed me. Let's not play well leeway why did you try to pass at all farmer. I told them I didn't know what Tom was coming up nag. I'm fourteen she's nine I'm liking her I didn't want her hearing at where to those responsible. I was pretty good it's fair that. It's an irresponsible or you don't want your dad get mad that you you know one. We're also going to quarterback not a bad thing good to yeah that's my thing about technology. Did just dirty their but it wasn't intention. Please that's a good part about that. What happened what technology did someone 3844999. All the still look I'm gonna or refused demands are roles like poetry tells his job the day. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.