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Monday, November 20th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Hipsters and Football! Plus ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Our guest is gonna find out PG Phillies who have the most testers and the best football places in the United States so. Raise a mass generate a question questioned always or one big accomplishment going up there really is something known as the Triple Crown of hiking. And which you basically need to do is the Appalachian trail from Maine to Georgia. The Pacific crest trail from California to Washington State heavily that go go down to Arizona to from a mistaken. And the continental divide trail that runs from Montana all the way to New Mexico. So basically if you break the United States down into three different sections east west and middle there's one trail that goes north and south anyway these three quadrant so to speak. It's just under 8000 miles total only 350. People have ever done all three and now there's another. He has a nine year old from Colorado his name is Christian Thomas any goes by. But he bat back factor honest Ingraham I just wanna say this much damage to the other people that didn't warm president gives me added jobs gap was dead dad took him on a two week trip to be able Appalachian trail when his five beloved so they spent the next nine months he hiking the entire thing. After that they figured they might as well do some others though they finished the last leg of the continental divide trail back in September. Washington Post just did a huge story on him because it's officially record it now that the youngest person ever has completed the hiking Triple Crown. We we're. The Washington Post to read about a but I party use my three articles for the month so that we have a round as you won't answer any grand. As they record and Alex are usually. And I never know the great guy John and Linda thank you don't mean to the harder than probably anything yet hooked on like stupid story Soviet soldier the life you can't read this serious still great occasion what did you know about. I'd just thought that still have gotten burned on that in a major politics these days I'm like oh my gosh that headline go to click on food you peer reviewed. The headlines is important what is not so important gross that you can read this site I use one of my stories on the history of and ferocious Alec. Are you kidding me man I'm confused about it already failed to go back aboard it has the best till I do I waste my read about terrible college football Washington DC here is that would you do man you don't use the post I know three little some of you describe the post get story. Hello olds welcome to the men's room. All top hotel aria. Vertigo dead and Jack we'll see heroes are gonna go this way in the world would. What would you say is the worst dates that you've ever been on and why was it a bad. Who. And each I'm Olga don't get a lot of big you know who's accused over and cook on. Not a girl I got hooked on. We're a blind date on balance California yet and it wasn't a bad day after the initial part of it but I. He would extremely black what you're gonna follow what I get what you're expecting it so apparently don't look. What does it is certainly among black way. She's got her he's from Somalia. She's dead and then you at least three months. And I Kenya she came over wicker law which you would twelfth. Grand. Canyon. Yet it didn't build the that the Darknet they're actually we got. Eating a low point. I've bought doubt in my bathroom in my bedroom to turn the light up and protect our current spotter and it's smiled and literally I fired at by a wife like that repeat. Oz weeks did you tell that I put vanguard. You know I did not eyes and I didn't know it's like the norms are. It just gave what's so funny I'm not so good on the edge typical asinine white man rode on the never date a black girl before the zoo and. Her career I did not know I can go kind of odd couple of the battle over the alleged that the pride out there they'll. I like cute she's really hot I just wasn't expecting act figured. My buddy would have given me an ad that just imagine you know the girl I can tell it she Glaxo did. Yeah I don't have more body you say your buddies out but the bodies due to drive. Akamai I have a good chance you do Clinton camp. She was black black man realized. I'm with you I think you'll like devil eyes we thought he meant like some including general Jay was right now she's from Kenya. Did he mean by god Jesus they literally you've beaten okay. Other reason metal the worst state laws Argus most unusual she was lucky. A 35 year old guy. Named George Morris from Cedar Rapids, Iowa went on the first day with a woman last month and a one point in the middle the date he ducked out the bar. To break into the woman's car she got suspicious when even gone for awhile to she went outside and saw that he had broken a window with a rock and the stealing her cell phone and toy box number well come on him shielded them. He took off front. A constant tracking down and arrested him he was charged with third degree burglary which could get him two years in jail and they probably won't go out on the second day but yes that's that that's I get it done it why do you think she lifts her wallet in the car. Maybe based on the fact that he said I'll go and buy you drink justly didn't hear anybody probably plan that whole thing out the move. Hannity who always take the third person of the ball everybody if what I noticed that told write whatever Basil hold your money you want to take you with few your community do than I won't put like their wallet on the seat in the walk in some places is no reason you put your bags and your trunks is not visible some assuming that if he broke into a window and grabbed her wallet than it was in a location where you tell me this guy his whole plan was I'm gonna rob her and I'm gonna tell a woman get to this bar hates on me and the plant density GAAP smashed windows still torn about some off I go out there. It seems crazy. It took it just seems it doesn't seem worthwhile. I guess that goes renowned brands Brian France and hello Greg welcome to the bedroom and friend Ryan both are not only I Greg. Hoya make very I dads these government that says here's your eight cryogenic. McCants. Did you like freezing bodies mayor Mike what do you do. Look I'm from Jeff Canada so I thought off the we're still doubtful. After what. Still put the ball pressure vessels okay what is the pressure vessel to the average human you'll find out tonight he is the oh. Oh yeah. Who met when you're out of fuel and it. If we're William W can't even explain what you do to boost Bloomberg punching above our intellectual week here would let ago. You still there. Coca or not smoking how was your Thanksgiving by the way you've had yours before everyone. Out we. It. It was a lovely Thanksgiving. Almost all desert traditional meaning you guys need the same crap we are here to match content owners turn deal all the crap that you don't eat all year here at all is a one timer is there 88 different food for the Canadian Thanksgiving. Also provide ground ridge Ukrainian. So. Jobless rolls better blah blah blah. OK and I went to the house smells inquiry and what is the Canadians celebrate and I hate to sound ignorant but I am visit Lisa Erickson landing on and Canada I mean like what what is the significance. I'm much. I'm very well no I think I might like does the that that the you know like the mayflower Allison does that represented the entire continent North American assuming it does we are not a wizard ownership OK I got ghost. You double ownership about our guys don't. Do it but yet if you go it's important we saw eight. The death of Pakistan hey look any good excuse for that on Dallas as well. I was Gil does when what happened to you or someone you know is penis. I. Hello hello hello hello. Do we lose them and are you there are now knowing he's there drag you there. I don't know how to make. You never take an audio and ads or anything like that mean you're Canadian bloated or burn with the cigarette and did the double moves never been it would be anything other leads to stick it on and run across the twenty yard and done exactly. Deeper. A lot all. You have beaver come up why you're assuming it'll take. You know walking on large all right apparently. Send them a euphemism right fury I need to beat her I challenged it at Bieber chose your penis specifically. And he's got. I don't know what's happening. You as. And so it was clearly a Canadian parole life you got a Canadian arrow I think I gonna want less than a beaver came up which I think I feel USA online I think he says quote a pretty good pick it up. It challenged it looked like the Bieber looked every mobs bigger I think and oh yeah I gotta agree with. Total remove Muslim samarra where we had to be a stories today we had one about the air penis I abused and happiness and then we have this a story here a bullfighter forced to leave the ring in pain with his hands over his bleeding scrub them. Thirty was gored in the groin. We'll challenge it footage of the incident and a festival in Mexico shows Louis David and am getting tossed in the air like a rag doll before limping away rag known. They are about to be an all elements a throng of workers carry him out of the ring as a stream of blood flowed down his pants. As he was holding a red cape in one hand he was caught off guard when the ball quickly changed direction and struck him. A Doctor Who looked to the injury after the event Saturday said it he suffered a large goring in the screwed on the terrorists and that. Ten centimeters. CS Sony posted on like underwater and I do is currently in stable condition. According to several media reports probably hopefully putting some type of cream or gel to keep that let's send us an meters Gartman packet like. I know the bull fighting vendors and obviously the it is because it's a bull right and I know the guys need gore to win guy gag order to cheat. Castigate gore in the chest somehow. The idea of getting gored in my junk is one of the most terrified look. I've said this about animal rights but finally stereo blind tiger sharks of course you don't wanna muscle and I maintain that in my dependent chimpanzees. Are the most terrifying god increase drummer in part of the reason aside from the fact in the chimpanzees is that. Ever decides it's gonna score upon you one of the things of those is rip off your Jimmy. His idea Europe thrive on that you can't reproduce right that that's the line of thinking like. Any animal that's gonna go after my jump first is the last Panama wanna do so but so look you have to give me capable Mario. I don't gonna die but he's gonna eat in the chimpanzees are good in me he's just going to rip off my penis. Do you think if you're a bull fighter in Spain Mexico you get later you look at celebrity you how do yeah. Are you do what you're saying these guys would dress like that in the may antagonize. This big ass halftime animal if they did not to get asked as to play. Only reason I can even imagine you would think about bowl filings discuss some girl told do it third grade. Man oh man I think bull part of how otherwise but that's the only thing in my opinion. That makes that profession make sense and distill Susan and they just they know athletes. Right in her dodging a bowl oh. Anyway I mean the way I want a guy wasn't so I think I think if you're dodging the wild animal you know like your a lot of things including an encyclopedia you might be navigated you better be if you get away from a but he he's dead math that's there's no doubt rich there's thousands of people they're watching do that. He didn't late so Dahmer turnabout the men's or your guess is as good as mine on the way categories they will be hamsters and football and we get your emails coming up for the men's room Edmonds or buy dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio networks yeah. Coming up and around throw flowers on the way as well. Our first time for a few emails over men's room have men's room. I dot com yeah. Tell from today guys my husband is 64 and he has replaced the toilets that are not only tall. But the bulls are now elongated and be Big Five foot far. I hate them we had a bye steps souls like to use the bathroom normally and depending on Housley PI am I could fall linked. That's from the lovely Melissa guys for our senior prying my friend and I took fertilizer and drug penis in the grassy spot in the middle of the school you could see it for years. They knew who did it and we didn't get in trouble clearly text where the dam there. Well no because most people's Favre princes go to like get out your anger here hagee. Now we of one person said well and there are no question we do what we're talking about the champions write some guys in the navy F eighteen jets. Draws a giant penis in the sky and Barcelona as well. Would you be OK if your little daughter kept talking about penises and also if my daughter looks open skies he's done. We would get it. It's my kid a marking a wide Stewart yes maybe at the Darby innocents guy I'm giggling because I think it's funny and Andrew both. She does still any other thing is just the admiral in kids that age group and I discovered. But hoop and penis the three funniest words that the human race is over come out or if I. I think one the most uncomfortable things in my life I go to summer school one year net and the lady driving me has this I'm always like fourteenth. For fifty Jesus on that flight three year for non and I get in the car and he goes to you have a say yes and it's. I just thought my god there's like a year learning the differences was like all right so yeah of the youngsters here guys I'd like to wish my baby girl our princess Katy rose happy birthday miss Katie. Turns the Big Five today and she loves to hear you guys in the birthday song did you get an Allen think it and Howell hitting the window. Enjoy your day baby girl love mom dad RJ and Samuel. Look gone. Oh that's lovely event guys can get a shot up my twin daughters Gabrielle and sir turning thirteen today Gabby enjoys attending to answer questions on big dummy. And it's actually helped her in a vast what are quiz bowl and I believe our Sara just likes of Florida fish sandwich earlier to drive through window when NASA order they're twins they you know what that is that an original they say oh division over the side get up cupcake thanks guys ever keep in lovely Monroe Michigan. It might go on with the admiral fish sandwich oh. Guys there's a little brother Joey story first birthday wish I could be there to celebrate what anybody can get it too early for a pay sand wedge a Joey chestnut and the dirty Germans thanks guys from Dillon. You're arrogant there's damage and it's. Not the most they've ever been around so and are under way out because every time you take them off the yeah June. Yeah if you've been listening to have one thing for each of Syria to stop keep. Diva. If you have a brother rent for okay Liz and I imagine I had something about and he's the reason guys embarked on your show he tried as an amber they showed up for me in my big day but it was a rerun I figure it's a thought the council return would you please give my Joey chestnut followed by some wedding puke and a little dirty German atop an all off thanks guys in rock on that from the lovely Emily. It's. Arguable they recruits in the states now want to bury my one dog you know she. John can reach him on making a special senate to come when you Trickle Creek center. There's always my best friend Tommy G Abby Tony senator brown the son he's been listening to you guys and I can remember. So media mogul Joseph we chestnuts. Thanks you guys rock from just an AK AV checks mixer. Birthday and yeah. BC news may chief petty officer Josh only wants for his birthday is a dirty German Australian combo talking about where. To put your fish sandwich. Thanks guys that from Karl. And how does not so much for you put defense I was sent disease too far and that's where you put the talk to songs on his side. Fifth Amendment happy birthday and the way you put that fish sandwich for a new way to ends up in the ridge. Heard there was this to my longtime friend Jamal never meant influences. All our guys is nobody loves me I do this myself gonna get you appreciate as did do some. All. From here a long time listener Adam the Harry trucker. I just let our brother and he's very third Jerry Brown the study I mean losing your show you guys now keep me laughing while on study I know he'd love nothing Marty and hear some dirty German talk about playing guitar. Thanks guys that from Jenny. Yeah they debase myself on the street Gemma common was the G string and played him. John it's funny look kinda T string of Clinton showed him the. And then the new coach bowl and beat basically thinking. Guys know I've sadly doesn't listen your show so it's all on medium LA and say about 33 trip around the burning ball this guy. Gonna get turtle wax for the ladies' man fish sandwich thanks guys appreciate that from Tom. You have by you please bear with us. Holden. What annoys my husband and a new data are baby boy surprise Edinburgh dish out that was again as a show Paul loves it and every down on the car than he's got the biggest grin on his face thanks to you guys so thanks for that. Paula loved near a barber shop they establish is gonna make his birthday so special best regards guys that from gay again. Beers it do movie Laura vsan wins. G.'s daughter on this. Melodies and reason he's still really gays in the morning and afternoon and news and and not. I sympathy today I'm losing you guys forever get up please get a European as is too small and and Andrew Peters thanks guys that from Elvis. Guys always wonderful girlfriend Kim happy birthday with a dirty Germans competing in a model run thanks from her boyfriend known as Jerry. You are not too much of a mother run the WBU the German money she has a hint it's an instrument penis. Yeah you say another round like to find out what this thing stops the. Yeah we know words. Who stops and finally guys did you originated having 37 gotta give them a penis is too small. Thanks guys in the green Gardner. Oh my god do I go I mean yeah okay I did that in America headed do you have any. I pray God's name could you. Mid day oh did you Germans brought. Also available through news and world sings on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. In him shall I fly. Loom. As what they call an Irish man on the deck when no arms no legs job man I went an Irish guy on the deck no arms no legs on the deck. I don't know patio furniture. Well gentlemen I have a member of my family he passed long before I was born this is regarding names. Whose name was lawn and of course is last name was more one more have a great day that I Kelly the redheaded man yes a lot more. That's crazy at long ball a lot more guys my girlfriend's name is volatile session these tough switches the blackest white girl name I've ever heard cheers rich is that from Taylor she's white and also the name of the university tufts Australian women American men subject. Over the course of twenty years in the navy I have visited Australia several times. Speaking from personal experience Australia women do love American men I asked the same question you guys did why. Response I got from the lovely women down under was that we American men treated them better than Australian men do. I guess a little bit a courtesy went along way what my favorite places to visit. Rock on that from Erica oh by the way we need to get a contested online for your guess is good as mine a collar 98449990. I thought they still dislike disc doesn't help him out more port to. I'm sure that's why women like American guest yeah quite available warlords do discs doesn't like Jewish hear a story of stupidity from deployment in Kuwait Iraq. It was the night prior to coming home and I decided I need to clean up the downstairs from a lady of the time. So my Sylvan several other guys in my platoon decided to use an air to get rid of the hair and so I start about smother myself from the fiery concoction thinking I found the fastest way shape this thing. A pass among among money in NHL moreover he perceives to be the same. It was at that time I begin feeling the burning sensation that it now engulfed the lower portion of my body the more the water touch my junk. The more it burned. Needless to say they air came off almost instantly and at a chemical sunburn of my boys the now look like a sack tomatoes and he bought rocket that from money alma third. Guys my aunt was it by as far as your numbers of being in president. My aunt was hit by lightning three different times once in a baseball game one's holding an umbrella and I can't remember the last one. Needless to say she is at heart issues since that point in time. Double more all as far as numbers at three numbers for a 512 and thirteen. Five the organs I've had removed and gallbladder thyroid apparent thyroid stomach uterus in one overeat. Twelve major surgeries too much to get into and three. Three axes. Who have died in. Accidents. My first love my first husband and baby daddy and my second husband and seconds baby daddy. All died by accident. Have a great night. That from the lovely jail until you're in doubt they insurgent attacks and ads his arm thrown out there man I don't buyback and you all Ari serial killer. Now more than ever why am I black tell us about it I don't know. It's only weird if she's telling the truth guys as far as number of people impressed by the number of joints in my body the dislocating twins is all of them. I have a genetic condition that causes extreme flexibility I'm so flexible to buy joins constantly dislocated. They literally fallout while sleeping because I relax. It's called Ehlers demos syndrome and while it's fun to be able to display ads of alleged crime ahead another free stuff on conduct torsion stuff. It also really really blows because dislocating your joint anything hurts my fifteen dislocations on a normal day. Have a good one guys that from Kelly. Kelly that sounds absolutely awful hard time pro life your guess is as good as mine is these game play negated a categories she's Providence America. It is up to you to get as many Indies at category correct before three strikes and you're out high speed whose argument doesn't red clay your guess is as good as gone. And Baltimore you be known as I believe but here hello William welcome to the men's room. Not a song I play and I you buddy. Clinton Reagan yeah we've done good from day. The game is your guess is. Good as mine is an easy game to play we have two categories Korea you'll pick one of the two categories and it's a do you get as many write in said category. Before three strikes and you are outs away and understand how the game is played. Idea and Jeff they're two categories today became the best cities in the UIUS today to be a football fan. Now analysts looked at a bunch of different factors like how good each team has been over the past three seasons on the the college teams are in the city how much tickets call. And they've come up with jam the other category as the ten most hipster cities in the United States of America. And basically they came a book twenty of them if you get any right in the morning. I'll give it to. Just because some of these are little bit smaller not bigger or they're all back tips for city itself. When you wanna go the ten most answers to any cities or the ten best cities to be a football thing. On you and I earlier today and I do have to go to the ball to go global incapable this. So just remember as far is this a particular poll is concerned they did both college and pro and then they rated how much the ticket calls and everything else needs city's self. There are ten cities and they say are the best cities in the United States to be a football fan. There's your job to get as many right of the ten you can before three strikes and you're out. So you think you're on your first guest. I'm. And choppy play political looks awful thing I would say ran it back I would say Green Day just because I love their football but it's all soon. Cheaper cost of living so imagine the tickets are a little cheaper manager sees me and older basically import owner Brent. And there's nothing and also don't blame that pretty good number one and I had a feeling right now and they they factor in Madison. Sure over college football other as well as University of Wisconsin which has a pretty solid football programs that looks so Green Bay is the number one city in the United States to be a football fan there are nine other cities what is your next guest. Com what my eighth off guess on the popping up all my head I was thinking. Don't don't let him another look all there. Yep but no one thing is ma'am they've never won a Super Bowl correct you know I don't know the bigger prize anyway like Gillick colleges there like temple. Yeah I think maybe Pittsburgh this Pittsburgh there. They have a demotion to the team the players travel well and the team itself has been successful for so long and sometimes are better than coach in central. As has been gas without without effect. Now on my neck adaptable to note that those kids is number town if you are correct. Based on all of those things and also the fact that the University of Pittsburgh plays there as well. And Soledad if you get a ticket in Pittsburgh it is still relatively cheap trip comparatively speaking to the other one used in those little punishment for liking now he's a they have an incredible tailgating scene out there a parking lot they throw down Pittsburgh and have a good time NL that Pittsburgh fans. Probably travel better than any others in the Saturday and am I don't know how I got about like and you're using my colleges wells only Tuscaloosa Baton Rouge what. Like is there is any just college towns. He definitely Alabama where there are enough. Yeah I mean maybe you could put New Orleans America's the same thing in baton route you'll like what an hour the road zoom to any movement to. Number thanks I I would say Colombia money. Am I can account Cleveland as the football. Throughout Detroit. I come based on college football and my next guest is okay beat Florida. Cities. Oh Orlando Miami Jacksonville ten pounds in Miami Brian and I would be my guess I'd. Yeah I am and out there about bush all okay you know listen. Anymore I am sorry. So far you've got one to Green Bay and Pittsburgh are aids on the best cities in the United States to be a football fan their main job on strike with two strikes remaining. Anything in there on the next guest. But Dallas did their due Dallas drive say what about Seattle University Washington's good. Seattle been good in the last. Yes. And at Dallas I know. Actually it down I don't hornets absolutely correct and don't forget how many college teams play in that gray area that normally at least one of them have a good years here there. Syria Dallas is number four. People who. I don't know I guess small. Do you know temperatures college and NFL. He New York. New York normally I. I had to write New York is number three they have to NFL teams the ticket prices are pretty affordable considering its New York City sure you can catch a game. Every single week of NFL football if you're a fan in New York City because of the alternative schedule between the jets and the giants and you are not necessarily demanding that need to do as good now you know. Hi you've gotten four out of the gym of one strike which are next guest on your guess is as good as my. Bob Paulson got the patriots got Boston College right amend yeah false species always competitive right Burroughs who credited the patriots beat themselves I have to think. That is a fine football time. Yeah yeah get plus net and JBoss enterprise that is correct JF five Super Bowls of the bacteria that. Right there are five remaining B five most best cities to be a football fan in the US what do you think your next guest is going to be. Did ligaments and avoid what about Atlanta radio well you could. Yet Georgia Tech in Atlanta. You would do you think anything in California and you might. I look. Alignment now quite not as good in all markets the football there is to my teams and I get UCLA embellish or phrase SC SC currently need guest. I like what you brought up earlier with New Orleans into the stands and Alex you know. Sure I I don't know Orleans two nights damaged five cities remain you have one strike remaining. You have five of the top ten and you have the top five Green Bay Pittsburgh New York Dallas Boston. There are five remaining what is your next guest. And not do. Booth. Guess I mean. There's a self. I rooted answer he. And it could think of anything else thwarted an Internet there. I mean yeah it's at IDs deal I don't think that Washington these days. And now all yeah me there a time there when we're out or. Pretty good weather three Super Bowls but unfortunately the college football team that never does very well no never help Sophia Padilla. I mean you're top ten best cities to be a football fans. The five he got correct number one Green Bay number two Pittsburgh number three new Yorker before Dallas number five Boston followed by a number six. Seattle believe it or not do based on price Philadelphia and number side. Based on price Indianapolis and number eight based on price Glendale with the Arizona Cardinals play. And the tenth best spot to be an NFL football fan would be Minneapolis who got a golden gophers as an hour. Very on your guess is as good as by America another turn that's amends or ma'am we'll drink it tells you shot of the day you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you is your list. True for a lot of non alignment thing no doubt they got another minute but first he's been sick and that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us you know. I. It's TD. You rallied. Is my mom her whole hour. Questions that need answers. This is as for the men's room the other. Plus brass amends understood as an email to the men's room and enter my duck comic deserved Odessa area man terminal ever go has the same thing you want subject beans are no beings. Pulled a Joseph lost planet arguing with several friends for years now about Chile. Do you guys but beams of the dam pots are not I for one state Chile should not have beans no I think beans. They say otherwise because there morons anyway I thought this might be a good question for Assam in the review bitches decided thanks guys that from the Idaho kiwi. I think it depends. It just depends on the person I'm not a big beam Gary. So I'm making chili I will not put the map but I've I've wanted to live as being that I still like. So but instantly saw a vehicle appears this is being big vehement and some members of my family that are very good cooks on that if they they shouldn't I don't know the. And flip technically right like. Texas chili would not have been through a network might like this side of the very right when you have daily contest we don't throw you out routines and that's technically with that said. I would put beans in my Chile many gotta stretch out a little bit right fed it to me it's like this it's chilly so if there are means you can't be shocked. I was safe from these are pretty specific I like kidney beans and actually. And now Hud dollar Julie should not have to be into the present are doing that and always somewhere below are not why not because people are can be used to be able lead chili dogs what I'll be out on the Philippine I'm I'm I'm not well and I think technically the chilly doesn't have the beans but a lot of places you can get the beans with. And you're right that makes you ordinarily they have. A little thrown in their knowledge suddenly helpless in court in there to me leg of a rose to gore in the chili in my come around every check irregularities ahead. A bit different mind turns toward Watson and she was my dad designated driver for my 21 and is now planning her elaborate when he first birthday. She wants the usual stuff bar hopping blind tasting etc. but he wants the in the night clubbing now I am all for the other stuff but as a big dude I'm not sure that I can get drunk enough to go clubbing. Really could use some advice here especially from Ted for asked the men's room thanks you guys rock party on that from there as well given my band I was at a club. It last week and you don't. I wasn't dancing. Go to nightclubs not dance. If you're the designated driver to someone who's turning 21 years old and you're not drinking anyway I think it's pretty well understood the reason that you're gonna be in any of these places. It's just to make sure the people get around safely. So even if you go to the bar and say look I'm the designated driver can get a Coker what of the dealers that they treat you really well no matter where you go. Hope yeah that's always going to be the most good in the old guy that stands in the corner who looks creepy who's not talking to anyone or whatever the deal is an enemy like. That would be a different scenario but based on the job you have in front of you. People understand what it is alright to he just turned 21 himself. And check although was weird week we did as major event last week in an Anderson everyone matters drinking and discuss stands up in that area are you drug Greece over he says I'm sober and I automatically your designated driver he's like no. And it's weird because that person confused me in that mode like have a hard time believing that people would just decent for no particular ease up and Aaron tied there just maybe I'll have we made it to during a time. Used to be ready. Men's room knows Jessica. Jolie had visited a gas cans Stephen thrown out to find out nortel's yes indeed and today we chose an unidentified man from Olympia Washington bureau with us earlier you may have heard us talk about this guy. But this guy deserves to be rewarded with a shot of the day just know the west Thursday. Our honoree he had to poop no big deal. There's even a book called everybody groups right well what makes this situation though or but he doesn't yet know where to go so from a collection strip malls near ravine. He perch above the Urbina began to deputy. What makes this situation newsworthy. Is that he's flip flop whooping and fell down a twenty foot rock wall I want you to keep this in mind he fell. Twenty feet while whooping and while his hands were wrapped around his ankles now. We're not sure who called for help but about half a dozen firefighters did jolt. To rescue the guys that declined on a ladder and I believe they put on my bracelet that Bernie and had to lift his ass out of there by a rope. And just and he did suffer an injury to his hip but he is expected to recover ha but do they say how messed up he was a team that was approved product. There had to be man there had to be well scout hard to differentiate between those that you know I mean the woods that he fell into an approval over all eyes now it's not. It is not that hard to differentiate like you said the smell alone might look at this group that's not much. Yeah he inserts safely that you could tell the difference between mud and diarrhea or pro whatever was on everything is said to be bad is approved outside there's room. What have you had to go look at everything is so unfortunate. But you fall backwards down a ravine twenty feet man pants run I wonder about your trip them up any artist you heard as have two days. They probably could he get a stance on president of the F firemen do that. Lucky firemen. Before I lose lose imagery does lose because we think it's Yemeni yeah okay so over the tone down the world to Barney in our Tommy's. Doubt in my whole lab Arizona. Scared to death and live a profile that's Keller and I'm right now 8449990. Look. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.