11-20-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Goes For The Boys

Monday, November 20th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to the men's grill. Itself. That's why you matter of fact on seven New Orleans gap would come back act Ascap. Health and I think why don't you feel dry Desert Classic Iraq schedule anyway got listeners that jumping on board from there as well so we've got your guess is as good as mine got up as the men's room and we are doing the ran around us. I'm proud of hello Matthew welcome back to the men's program. I remember. Do you remember this is a tape programmer and ask for gambling and honorable record Otis Smith this. And Kathy April Fool's Day 29 law teenagers are enough I'm Matthew let's go this one's. What did you or someone draw and what do they draw and what do they draw off. Could be anything to be graffiti it could be a marker to someone's face mother passed out. Yeah it was a rental payments on a forum. This whole big did that to me one time UN they have news on youth. So they've made my whole face south west I'll like major then send news source breakfast. You have no idea. No I did very well so pretty drunk from the night before actually. And you have a point to an old supermarket laid up close and I just vehicle this. Sudden I mean dark blue are aged just clear up task browsing. You can even feel like your things. We are not a business data view on this. I was a kid him looked in America you don't know our number guy at this late three years ago of the guys roll out the street plays huge demand and he looked rough Friday's. Shouldn't surge you do you have the time telephone among whatever good 102 right assay mail me ask you so. Do you know that you have cat whiskers garment to face. He's like I'll damage not so I don't think you dead. Enjoy them about bad like I shouldn't have told them that if you don't like if you don't know your flies down it doesn't budget and it's after the fact but I think he's for the rest of his walk. Thing is humiliated us should believe T news. Yeah I mean what does that better than I'd rather somebody tell me on the forty indoor I just when we're Michelle played workers I don't think you vetted work are you usually don't I am going home but. Think you know you'll get what you don't under phase he looks so Paris might narrow side B of data tonight. Raise grass would you or someone draw and on wants this to me is so one of the greatest stories I think of the year I really do Imus fired either out of feel good stories are concerned this one to me is that. I don't know I don't think guys everywhere will agree that this. I'm some level just as a dad this makes you proud to warm your heart navy officials acknowledged that one of its air crews was responsible. For sky riding a penis over the pocono Odland valley on Thursday that the crew has been grounded. All come on media began receiving reports of the phallic symbol above the skies in the afternoon hours. After a may the circles at the bottom. I knew it was. And started laughing according for Ramon Durant if it was speaking to the Spokane spokesman review it was pretty funny to see that you expect to look obviously something like that. Officials that naval air station Whidbey Island later confirmed that one of its aircraft was in fact responsible saying. An FA eighteen roller flu and a pattern to the left they convinced air trailed resembling an obscene image to observers on the ground below I haven't seen members of the paint us the officers and sailors of the United States are provisions. Held to the highest standards while serving our nation with pride around the world. According to lieutenant commander Leisle Hubble. The bases media officer he said in the statement. The actions of this aircrew were wholly unacceptable and un ethical to navy core values Smart funny we have grounded the aircrew and are conducting a thorough investigation. And we will hold these responsible accountable for their actions. The navy apologizes for this irresponsible and inhumane act. The navy apologizes to anyone who's offended by it is unacceptable action continues to continue any human being an investigation the flight will be conducted any lien the aviator responsible will be held accountable now. Then made a big bird penis. It's not inhumane. It's funny you're offended you know we've bitten anymore to do it goes away in there 45 thank you there's exercises going on right now it has the Sea of Japan around Korea north correct yeah I think just draw big penis things got out of gonna say enemies are now I mean I don't know like if you want to antagonize Kim Jung who do you really want it. If you want us in the biggest little thing you can't. Draw a monster penis over someone's country I mean that's your words say and suck this right and I get the navy not being super pumped about it other oil so can make that. That apology and this is. They are right with a all the stuff going on in the world. Sky Venus is not the issue to truly happy is that I love man can these guys you're right we might be on the brink of war because once the sky right repeated several well. Not. Exactly affairs if he did a big heart on Valentine's it'd be that. That the media thinking that I guess you guys made their big hard. Have you and your hearts and I'll bring in any better than this guy appears he's got and Mosul one witness that you don't do class my they write it down I was finally look like now will meet me castle I worked were four and maybe we were all he knows the most Aaron and injuries that we heard a weird training for a run Heidi I was into a half marathon music into the full marathon you and we run. Together anytime that we were we'd run we we'd we'd tweets and each other little message let us know how far we went you know like China like hey man you jackass golf gods just rent it miles there. So one day it took me about a forty minister plot out. And this was before a woman or a guy in in either San Francisco or New York it doesn't think San for an maybe yours but I decided I was going to run in a giant penis in and send him the map that I had that I subpoenas because. To me this is great this is funny I've got a map I've got to GPS it leaves a trail. I'm drawn penis so I'm map this thing out neighborhood in it was three miles on the nose so wasn't too bad they are my peeps but I tell you what I mean it was anatomically correct it no I no bottom in just the just check our sought. And I did give you credit because you even have to re direct route and did plays and you would normally do that because of your dedication to making sure. And I'm going to outlive and Hillary and there's a mature but the dedication. To making sure that you filed court 2483. My opium is just so you listen to your body. To me he was worth a tour verb I guess that our Walt and I laugh for fifteen minutes before I was even able to send it to because that was just to me. It was so cool and I was able to do that because. Look it's like an Etch A Sketch if I made one wrong turn and as the campaign you don't want or somewhere like you nailed it yeah I met Tony that dedication I mean absolutely flawless through speaking up as far as this obscene thing we do have now a couple stories that are coming in after the fact. Where there's argues Aaliyah Aaliyah. Last week's incidents in which a crew from naval air station Whidbey Island sky wrote a giant penis over central Washington. Is apparently not the first time the United States navy has needed to investigate such behavior we go to the blue angels and their precision flight team. They were cited in a 2014. Investigation. For pinning a giant blue and gold penis on the roof of a trailer in California where they train during the winner. The idea was the pilots could see it from above. But it turns out it was a big you know penis that also can be seen on satellite images that appeared in Google Maps. The poster boards the blue angels commanding officer was reprimanded for failing to stop sexual harassment or places was just one additional thing. They would be crew involved has been grounded as the navy announced. Those involved in the incident could face punishment ranging from formal counseling. To being separated from the service. Officials went on the say they apologize to you must have a license case hanging guys went up in the sky and. I don't maybe don't managed it's funny does what he did what impedance now. He drew appealing okay does not and they went ahead animal marker he drove penis doesn't need they would be told to sign the card for your sake body. He drew a penis that's what we do we draw penises I'm sorry did you. Have to know that this is the case my butt and I don't know out of bounds because governments on drugs now. The draw penis you know why I got different drug dealers and he would pray penis every day for the rest of his god damn life in Philly that. It did JCU that Peterson the other night Ted. The demons that he was just things like it was like a Gifford Jeff whatever oh yeah that's what I showed places Sicily just sends it to be randomly on a Saturday night it's what guys do it on a human anyway. So are you offended Robin by a cartoon penis the funny and it's of a cartoon penis hole exactly. These cartoons aren't quietly leave it till the dirty car and I and I how how. Iran Jordan invited dirty cartoon penis in that dirty work harder than that that's funny. It's funny and everybody I'm goes would you say you like to sort of European I'd outrun just. Always funny convict. I'm really just funny it's meant to be goofy and funny it did. England went to the top of the school and no one knew as major a huge penis and the reason they drew huge penis on the roof of the school it's because they need to Google Earth. Was going all the bad days so now when you go to this place and England and this is you can look at whatever you want to become a move around when you find this school. When you when you zoom in there's a giant penis in Gaza war. You might not know who did it but I guarantee it was guys chart we drop penis has just don't let a budget farmers drop penises just because they know the planes fly above the farming and means they can look down it's just just one day ten days happens you know I mean you got a champion was about a wise summaries of the comment and yes I paid SS Jerusalem. All. I would have done anything to be able to see that they. It was a perfectly blue sky did you see the picture all immediately amazing he declared that any thing he did the berries and do anything it's that I made it very easy configuration you have to go all manner it was general. Just say you know our guys and and and some also looked. All in all it is conduct unbecoming to an act and gets rough treatment but he also adds. It is funny how everyone else comments of the pilot his skills to be able to draw a penis that large and start the guy's an amazing part I I do believe that should not be overlooked. My words that were not like they're gonna get some trouble chore I think they probably news happening I just a little late when you like court martial for something like again. The guy and a jet. To look at look at Iowa and maybe you can say that may be insane because you're right to these guys aren't so stupid that they don't know the gonna get in trouble. Because you can't draw Scott pianist of them are one noticing and it's going to be real easy to figure out who didn't so they all pretty new. They're gonna get in trouble. But they had to bands like the trouble will be worth it that's not so bad but of those waves were drawing a draw this out here that due to of his buddies welcome that boring like comments are doing it today offered to go fishing down by the river. All hours ago we really don't RNC now we're going to be out Lou all twelve all right we'll fly by euphoria sausage guys now won seven teams from. Heck are you want to know what I think this would talking about it for weeks a man right but just column Billy Bailey's like screw it man. I'm drawn today I think somebody had to do OK look there has to be something I'm sure there Saudi attitude. That's a good look at an F I believe and so it's probable be probably been done before somewhere we just didn't know. And if it hasn't been and then this guy no matter what no matter what goes so a lot of those alleged he no matter what they bring it up begin anyway. Which draws going to be blues don't want to seventy they've got really good kid he wouldn't there are under renewed stab me in his old smoke and why does is not the first time this has been done there's no way this is not the first and Elizabeth you know the first time I was done. The first on some of flu flight the Wright brother bright Brothers that we're trying to draw Venus and play. They describe as your role is revenue you're telling kids. Somebody out of the game with a giant hurts him. Right that that's what you kick somebody out to get them to draw to be agreed flagrant fouls be trying to hurt somebody to the point dummy go hey about it. We just heard some money you're rejected from a football game whatever this game. Nobody nobody was trying to herd of about nobody needs to be rejected that and it does it's it's got these. Credit question questioning four point 9990. Mar your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Got a lot of categories hit shares and flow mold your gas. As good as my killer right after emails in men's room amendments or live that down we got a couple comments or slurs mentioning these are for over yeah and I rejected downturn operations that are so we're talking about the sky pianist the navy pilot one at eighteen resolve. Drew I huge maintenance guy penis over rural Washington State had so we're not about the fact that look dude it. It starts when you're young and for whatever reason for calling card of men everywhere it's dropping it's just elect to not walk back so some say you know the Mars rover. They they drew penis. On the surface of Mars on Mike. Come no they did well they did they did it affect a epidemic on the crystal clear no that's and you get it you could like go live like animals. On mar marina Maher famous right so you'll look at the picture but to notice the masses says they did it accidentally. Most of you know this I'll let you know I'm a secret and my brother is he rocket scientist. These things that Lian and all the planets the calculations. Of there every single movement is something that takes months and years to address and you want things change they don't make decisions like in two minutes. It's still a couple of days. If the NASA rover drew a penis on the surface of Mars. I don't care what Massa says may intended to draw a penis on the surface of Mars they don't do it neat thing would that lightly. And it's a crystal. Clear penis and we will land there future generations and they can maybe appeal as a giant penis that's real land your vehicle no good. I'll never look there are days but this is my boat do you understand the magnitude of drawing the peeps aren't even our our upper Echelon scientists wouldn't given the chance. I'm a different player and the first time ever landing on a different plan they've decided. Look stroke income fund you know why because we can't just because we can't I'm telling you I don't know what it is we can't not do it. Okay I've been massive and tomorrow's program. Ran down his face and ran down. Brenda Brenda Brenda. I'm no Angel broke into the men's around. It's. Imagine another. And it goes into this what how old. Are you Angel the other first time at. Did you had to deal with a police. Calgary the first time that you had to deal with the police and miles an hour time do we assume there's more than ten yeah. Why I am actually gentle and even an early age. It's the magic your way around you at the so how old were I was thirteen year old okay and what was the shenanigans all the I was raised me is Los Angeles and of course you're a little dead and there are a little. Kind of I'll repair shop we jump up and then try to ordeal. I don't feel old quickie cards. And re successful. I didn't want their actual owner track it down they all they did the public out of early double that he didn't call the cops then it's. My mom couldn't and I could play cops and you take you to jail. Because of the guys whose cars they were no because his mom showed up now. Yeah my mom actually able to blow it took issue really hard. So you sort of got here as beaten by the dudes that try to steal the Orioles from then all the time as a new mom beat your ass again with a shoe. Oh OK I am not seeing what each additional line real shoots Billy Graham and I would not that the project now now. Okay and it's a disaster a new out of that. It was just the beginning. I would see my dad would be worrying so. After that I went to belittle him and I chemistry and a really quick estimate. Yeah they make sense how how how look how drastic was the living difference. I'd let CI. Normally on Sunday and I can wake up my mom's out whenever I want you to let it of that Mihm playing video games. Am I data was fired 38 ops and cops played out rebel. Jack yeah how long how long did you live with. I live until I graduated high school graduate had Golan yeah I mean I thank you for everything he's crazy Al get. Does it do you think you would have graduated high school be stable mom. I'm not I hope I don't know if you did you get since your dad's initially as a punishment or just a better opportunity don't you learn how regularly like why did you know there. I don't judge my dad because. I started really bad into the drug battle very young age so it will either go to ju me or might get picked me up. Eject and I mean how how much how much difference already and just everything. Allele is just the world I mean did you know I mean. Steady mills was amazing. Okay those those those good it goes a structure around it involved. Yeah absolutely and you know what I have breached in this day and I billion I'd give them hard I mean you're a category 100 McConnell pledged. Sadly no I haven't. Yeah man they're better I don't feel like I'm not I tell you I was doctors back who came up with that said I don't well you know what your dad was in the name a dude do you ever if you ever had somebody man my my stepfather we're gonna wake me up with a rubbery and so would Mya my grandfather. And ridiculous hours of the morning pots and pans to like I'm never mortgage is being desert. But that's not gonna put them at the Pentagon about the about the bad. Like Jesus Christ why my dad wants a while the city. That guy that would do with the trash cans like the stick. Any bank on the list and then you like bang inside the trash. And it's like super loud but he wasn't that strip casino like getting up early OK I think that's a difference like. If that happens it's one thing if they do it because restrict that really really sucks it's one thing they do it because it's funny to them that's just more annoying. Ask you what are among the most and an double save this and if your kids have them guard your parents now know this to be Jerusalem. Everything with you and picking on you making life miserable for no reason every once in awhile as a parent it really does bring us great joys of our beta TransCanada room. I know your mad produced a thing as a parent I never care format it makes no difference to me if it's funny to me I just can't stand the fact. There's there's two people don't in the world there's people who need a minimal amount of sleep and are people who like to sleep in sleep a little bit longer right. Yeah however the people who don't sleep very long and get up really early and we don't need to be a part of your world. We don't need to be included in that if you wanna get up and do whatever you wanna do that was just leave me alone let me sleep like I guess I don't wake you up at 11 PM what how much anti right exactly it whenever you need to sleeve I'm quiet I'm courteous you don't leave a bit like a quest for a start falsely beat it. Is it are you Bali is played yes I am on the couch. You have been so what is in nano is that OK your barrels. Look man made me like I admire your abruptly and you go to a different out there room Arnold I. Now that's what are my rules. Got it to fall asleep you go to the veteran. All right sarcastic you're literally lusty new policy now while window in his living see like even without of them yeah I mean that's what I'm trying to think how the court date no I'm probably I'll probably be annoying or the relationship I'd like Connie. You thought that's you don't pitch to I think honey honey honey you've fallen asleep go to bet okay it says you don't ever doubt she can never just sleep. In Pete's. But I don't try to watch some of them billions are portable and watch this tournament all ICC it right I. I don't know that it I don't know happy seriously blots on already so I don't know whether jobs are just dust okay. The reason I thought to myself why are you here I started dozing off public go to sleep you know like the left a good clay but the you know the music only all it does go to bed. If I can't sleep and I get up of 5 o'clock and three other people in my house with a family event what are. I don't go round waking everyone up. Time to get out. Brackets you did I go and you know I mean I loved it's 536 let's go to make all the global mobile like if you want to get WB got them up why do you want a company right right yeah radio immobilize it. Our hope you don't wake up for now like I'm tiptoeing around and socks and stuff you know I mean nobody not bang instead of just you need as much sleep as humanly possible I'm going yet I don't care you. I'm doing because I don't want you to join me I'm enjoying my alone time so I wanted to you can get just yet and I will not. Right yeah well I mean that's only about morning people to write they wanna chat right away and got somebody like me greatly that I spent a lot of time alone. So it's like X had explained you look I'm not being rude but you have to give me a little bit time on its own man I'm not used to anybody beam their much less talking person you lose the battle with kids can I mean you explain this to when a bolt and they get it in a rented kit is just. Like a week ago and him daddy. All right that's not why I am in a dead sleep Stoudemire was open I'm I'm real confused I don't give us one on I have been a deep sleep. Hey I'm over here and turn overs so when my son Stan. And his question was is it time to get this is what he actually and I look at the clock it is 3:30. In the morning. Luckily it's dark street cannot see the face I'm giving him like are you Anthony Kim so Mike. No man it's not time to go besides wall literally awake and we see now this is becoming my approval. I don't want this to be my prom so I end up being awake until about 5 o'clock in the morning of course his last fall's back to sleep my 335 but he checked in my ear off for five. Minutes. About everything and nothing all the little laid down Damon well you won't meet up to Steve assembly get up only dude MI out. I'm not up to why would you think if somebody if nobody's up it's dad did pitch black. This is not Tom what is wrong with you. How much light do you need to go on Google would no doubt stamina may or may not be time it. Did you get out of bed good to me it after you have that is the. Back now the thing if you can't say that to them but that is the thought of my head the I have the reversed with the holidays coming up. Like I'll have to like inevitably have this comes in you know I'm a mom as well mama but there will be 1 morning while a Disco mom. Just like major coffee give me now but I'm just not used to human being here and you're talking to say you know us you'll join me on the toilet. I'm hollering doing your first day had a deal of the police a reason we ask to Dallas school district is being accused of using extreme force to restrain the seven year old seven year old special needs student last week. Whole deal Lopez handcuffed teased him bruised by Dallas independent school district police. After the boy started banging his head against the wall in class. He is a special needs student who Summers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and another mood disorder he has Albertson. That's the school has trained people to help them and help them come down. But down last Tuesday the aid wasn't there so he did not have his safe place in a statement about the incident the school districts and impart. We're committed original Donald who aluminum look he has of the school and they said they were sorry about that either way you have a they detain this kid he was seven years old caps on that it would stop playing a set up against ball they knew it was a special needs kids that can have to upgrade. Random random random friend delays and hello say you know welcome to the men's room and ran all or I. I'd change is going to be the the hardest maybe a random question question we've ever rest anyway. Oh great. Explanation saying let's go here what is your favorite thing your favorite thing overall the on Thanksgiving. Well Thanksgiving balloons. None more and used to make this. Like dead yellows salad sorry. I don't know Belichick. And it is business Obama if the call life rude remark well well I grabbed. Is that in brochure is that that is government's call may be if you put like I don't know slivers of coleslaw on top it was her bank holding Ambrose. Yes that was not the call liberals in Bruges up the name of that thing. I hope I have no idea just in the world. Is it green it could be any kind to new rainbows did layers saint. They can be paying and they closed everything I would have to think man you could recreate. Jello marshmallows and fruit. It's also canned fruit it's like if dole can fruit like you get a fruit cup been on me when your leg and it was the worst part of your lunch then that's what they like lion thing left. And then they throw marshmallows and a and it's a jello mold the should be used rightfully as a pound cake or Angel food cake ideally they wasted however was jello mold American conference and that's your favorite thing on Thanksgiving. You know that they were saying not my mom passed away last year Mike I can't recreate it and and I'd got a Netflix. CFOs dishes and glasses and leave behind where. And jello and a real emotional there what was your least favorite thing you don't pay as you. Now reminiscent hero world who'd been. Sunoco a negotiable something. I am right there with command the other Jewish about the family ordeals and I go to are always jello mold every I mean it is the only difference in the mold can you how. I don't know and everybody's got their own little difference an outsized banana as you go a million different ways. Either way it's just general thing I like you think you have late. Think they jell O mold it's got like the pretzels underneath it kind of Saltalamacchia. It's okay and another one like I wanna give a pastor like I got when I liked but yeah that's that is not the answer I expected at all what are you got some good ideas. Stuff. Probably the stuff and went to Turkey. If it's deep fried Turkey that's that's an entirely different thing but assuming that your government Turkey and I would say it might if the meal we're bag that we even more than once a year and it's just. It's OK I think mine's mashed potatoes and gravy. Yeah I mean again and I think that's not fair park just it's Rainier potatoes and now let me just read that you eat mashed potatoes like that you do like I ain't helping up I'll bake it sweet potato but attended a mash unit basically is you don't mean it is but it still sweatshirts and at the time of death god damn jacket you don't know. I can give a lot of treatment I'll man I guess what I'm having for a Thanksgiving that's right they're black death in the last week the ticket gets and I haven't had that kind of a big as inch and half steak rib by. No Turkey on my Thanksgiving nice and mashed potatoes gravy stuffing and everything also just so out nobody don't burn it all of the burn to bring into deep baby I don't know about that time fire aren't words that matter now the Dow the grieving can be beef gravy all I've done intern I've done a chicken on Thanksgiving down there which is delicious the better bird. But I feel like he's still gonna have a bird well thank you does that chicken which is a murder Indy even said it's better. So they got a letter Broderbund says it is about a Bartlett about the burden up the Turkey right just got to be deeper look at last year I want nobody's house man and he like. He Brian did overnight look like. Kosher salt stuff. His Turkey was phenomenal apparently you actively wanted to eat the turn of miles you make one of the best turkeys of ever in my life give us the most as a state that I feel like no matter. The market is afraid I mean that you went to a restaurant they had the best dirt you ever hatter this big guess they've really given a big aspect that that is about as Turkey and again I'm taking deep fried out but it's a great command. Like the best Turkey Ebbers still. Okay but you're right I. I will take beef over okay so here we go new survey asked people for the preferences between different Thanksgiving foods here the results are missing Ohio compare. They make it there the choice here ten on meet its Turkey or ham. So who goes Hamm who goes Turkey the U guys all the good Turkey over him and so. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah my family we never pulled out a hand till Christmas or to old Easter pretty traditional Easter is always have a Christmas she got votes 77% of people prefer Turkey. And 71 say dried Turkey is worse and under season Turkey. Mashed potatoes and stuffing. Thousand most people take stopping. I think most people take rushed it 61% prefer mashed potatoes whole Pigram very saw some of the camp stuff that has the lines tandem doesn't 68 prefer home any drill. I did not realizing crewmembers saw I girl with the became soft and the first on my cranberry salsa made with actual primaries I had no idea what books you the best extra side dish 45% say Mac and cheese. I very rarely in my home by American she's on the table for any holidays but I mean what arrested on some oil is just like all right Mac and cheese. Tony numbers that we green bean casserole where you put a handle the creamy love true I don't know in the humanity French onion toppers yeah from people love that stuff do because they like the French ended Toppert that's only part of they ever talk about lately just eat votes that Tony loved resembles we've do there for the by apple most popular followed by palm again. Pecan pie which is god damn I like our company get a good idea shoulder import car and is cherries donated seven got more tidbits here. Google just released a list of the most unique popular Thanksgiving side dishes and every state we're not gonna go over all of them obviously. But based on the searches in other words what side do people in the state Google more than people in other states that are unique specifically Merkel locally of that area attempt. So there's a surprising number of states that are and a vegetable sides at their dinner including green beans in Alaska and Washington. Sweet potatoes in Hawaii and North Dakota note and squash in Maine Massachusetts new York and Vermont we can squash is real heavy up in the northeast. The top side in South Dakota and Oregon is. Ambrose just salad. Which is fruit salad made with a marshmallow. Syria want you to enjoy some of Graeme brochure that we may just I'll just fruit salad marshmallows and what cool whip. Basically yeah. Colorado Nevada New Mexico they're favored side dish is pecan pie. And then I'll I'll ride dish. So that's it that's a very well as solid as I count as a sudden I don't know if something's third offender with a good news or not a resident Turkey number Compaq. Tennessee's top side dish mag she's solid call in Ohio might have the most obscure pick. Seven layer salad. Apparently the seven layers are lettuce celery green pepper onion. P.s and cheese. Covered in bacon bits. Why the piece sounds like about why on earth would you do seven layers that I'd be so pissed social put on a month and a rod no matter. Is standing ladies and Adam marrow that's PC canyons and pat is in the and I also threw in some salaries listed yet either old lady or a child may accept it and then you look definitely at the end of the candidate they don't have throats of cheese and bacon the government stop that's when you really get disappointed knocked out. Then overtime payments credit question questioning for Ford 999 although it got where your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Big chill you don't have to turn the men's room. You only during the phils got a day is that yellow balls on the return that's a men's room if you have a question for the manager many of us energy issues an email to the men's room amends in my dugout as if anything. And make the subject as the men's room in the meantime it is our random question questionable or not I'm not I'm not an old. Hello I'm Justin welcome to remember him. All there's no look all Iraq. Ten Dinara doesn't. Document itself forced to check. I just so many do think back here and here a young years. Sure you did some. Some feed some accomplishments may be got a the metal food science fair maybe you've I don't know did real well in school. But always juror one big accomplishment. That he was a growing. All. Thought boy. I don't like second place in Orlando doing there. Eject and did you judge the land while would you say this land is a wonderful piece of property like how do you sell. Dilutes their requirements that we had go by and criteria that ahead there's always been. What why don't why did you not come at first was one of the person came in first place do differently than new. Unless you question that I knew that out badly outburst let you know that's a strong point if you still have your at that they jacket the I admit I never got a Jack is never gonna jag went all the warm up what did you do to give the jacket well I mean you know what I remember that I get a lot of money out of now. Lemon is like Boy Scouts are to be an Eagles tell you to do certain number of accomplishments is like that can mean you know I play goal films did really gentle boy scout uniform I just thought if you're in the FF AU got it's it used to be okay standard issue for a full quarter Roy jacket Ehrlich a blue jackal with with yellow letter. An employer identification on yeah might shock you and I'll one of those medals later Crown Royal bag with sleet exactly that's exactly the right things that doesn't exactly right you guys have brought my black ass with I've never know what it was but right the rose a certain percentage of people that rockets yet as a general Gupta. Aren't you deserve to be apart of I've never knew what they were told the poll indictment. You know what that's good and everything and have faith that. Under similar jacket in my life and in Napoleon Dynamite educated a lot of people do a lot of things did you were you're you're the the president of looked my senior class president your senior class correct your homecoming king unless those are all things he did sailor looking back on November of those are big deals right they are. Sadly though the yeah. On the radio DJ. The 1998 senior class president my high schools now Leah lieutenant governor of Virginia. Okay that's our look more than half of the guy asked for you before you before me it would have been the guy after you with Hedo. Well see here's what I like this centers are a lot of insecurity could you give me a list please of like the last 2530 years. Of all of the people in the Mathis who held that same title and when what do they do what are they doing now that's the sad thing it looks terrible for me I'm I know that that's what Florida has righted the B know that if we thought look good for you we never arrested biggest information. Yeah I'll get right now that operate I had hacker known. It's gonna feel like good view radio DJ yourself grabbed my by the lieutenant governor let us Kabila owner of this working for the men Zorn era yeah exactly specialist CIA agent I found the whole bin Laden rants far nicer really and hiking you probably don't know this but done hiking it has a thing called the Triple Crown. Yeah I would not know I didn't know that either I'm I think alike I got another call my heels a terrible ground either way there's a reason we ask what was your one big accomplishment. Growing up we'll bring you this story coming up here it's double sex tape far far 9990. You'd like to get in our random question question. 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