11-20-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Draws Something in the Sky

Monday, November 20th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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You what sort of thing here is real. So this radio program are so yeah. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Doctors are. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. They say. See your radio more than three times. And your. Put Hillary all good news though number 2720. Now. Along with Steve the throw he'll. See Ted Smith and Limbaugh. The my cock. It's our enemies a. Campaign random question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine categories registers and football Q the return though that's the been true. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events are shot of the day fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time with the click clack. During an ignorant arterial Oregon where a man is busted stealing women's coats from a college. So we can take them home and have sex with it means. New York cabbie he's making pinup calendar if you're really all alone and your only move his left. Ironically. Meant plug into ignition logic and crashed taking guys off the road. They won't car crashes into addiction of all people as Harrison Ford the chilled at. And Julie then he puts dude cheese steaks from pats and as golf and instead of elusive Super Bowl. Kind of saw coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Oh not bad news good day to you and yours are an authority by federal land in Iowa. You went on a first date who can't well is they it was a little different because at some point he ducked out of the ball so that he can break you do they talk. Good news this is they called him an act he was arrested people mind he's 35 years old he's old enough to know better. Meanwhile in Dallas police arrested someone who's not old enough no better in this case it was a seven year old kid who may grind. With a bang your head against the wall long story short he ended up in handcuffs and look I wasn't the best seven year old kid. But I never read in Iraq to the police O'Sullivan a very good nine year old kid and that's why not annual Christen Thomas from Colorado instead got the knowledge and frankly. This kid became the youngest person ever. To complete by hiking Triple Crown what does that. That would be the Appalachian trail the Pacific coast for oil and of course in continental divide that's like 8000 miles as do David by the age of nine. And I know that's great golf but really why he may just be a normal nine to all the way to draw penises or places like you shouldn't. I don't say that vitally. An air improved from United States navy recently got in trouble or should I writing a giant penis. Overruled that the some of the stories we saw that led to many questions questions we'd like to ask you in the form of the random question question this is how it works. You call us we'll ask your question a complete random after who answers that question and we will share with you the story that inspired. Your brother. Lauren question question call 844999. Only you can like the men's or month FaceBook files on Twitter and answer my aunts and those emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's room radio network. They show up for an today. Are you as I'm gonna minor categories are going to be hit stirs and. Football we're gonna talk about some of the the biggest football cities. In the United States I now keep in mind that's just not NFL that also incorporates college sold a lot of these towns depending on. How heavy they are one where the other waited. College or pro in the showing up the top ten at football cities in the United States the other a category would be hamsters. As we look to the towns in the United States and have more hipster is in India other towns there are ten we'll bring them to you coming up with your guests. It is as good as mine and also the return of has some injury before we drink a toast. With a shot of the day as today is David Doran a question questioning for four. Are 999. Ravalomanana. Okay zoom welcome to the men's tour. All our friends I don't today crazy. And there's been no. Virtually no debt. OK Jason. Let's say we got an airport. Well would you say. Is the remote the most ridiculous. Food items. That you have ever orders. Most ridiculous you guys I've ever. Ordered as can be based on a lot of different things. You could cater a party and you could away Ambon I don't know like 500 pieces from a pizza and I was on the like that. You could've ordered something that's just crazy like Ted was down at the the Texas a state fair this year yeah they all kinds of crazy foods there may be just got a deep fried fill in the blank man you wait vegetables. Maybe UA US cargo also cheeseburger on a funnel it right damn I can you get that idea how good was the loss also this. Supposedly did so deep for high need hamburger. Was taken into Aso in the bond was thought okay. I'll talk and that's awesome we split between periods I have a collar sugar on the think if you thought I know exactly what if it is moved if and I. Georgia says most ridiculous food item you've ever order very least drive yeah. Yeah. Right buttered. Hey we don't know all I am not there well I might look trial day it was the most disgusting thing I've ever really wasn't it wasn't a whole stick of butter. No you can't get used to it kind of guys and and they you know they did been blown out any need a new development. And I really didn't like minimal. Deep fried butter and I know there's always something I would drive the get a shot and went. Other reason resemblance the most ridiculous food I'd never ordered I got its border right Emily butter and using the deep fried in dvd bright evening of the better I would think that would have been home romance I don't think I don't think getting of this title myself I'm gonna give it to my step dad who we are going out McDonald's would run these promotions and for awhile it was like either a quarter hamburger. It might have been working under note just a regular hamburger I was 25 cent was 25000. That's so so my step exactly with both I thought your dogs presented a micro quarter hammer drill holes let you know he knew like anything else that we went through a lot of food but he did we had a freezer in the garage even so he would go to McDonald's on these days and he would call ahead is like look man I'm coming in and I've got a hundred I've got to hunt of 100 chambers. Chiefs it's all right well OK a hundred hamburgers do the math. That's Embarq for about four boats toy five bucks or 25 bright orange box right its over Tony five bucks he'd come home he had these huge gas bags of hamburgers. If we take them all put an individual sandwich bags and we freeze them in any time we wanted to hamburger we've Bob and Mike away from Karl. Mean how better of me at that point they're not great but it's still a McDonald's hamburger it's not nearly as good as the wood because the bonds also argued back in the day like. The microwave a bike. Make one part of the bun real hard at all laureate and our real reality and you know I mean it was but it was that it was similarly with McDonald's based on the Fries you can find in regard you could buy it into Woodstock kind of the same lake. I don't is far off and I think you need to freeze might just put him in the pantry would probably be fine in the refrigerator pressure mainly so much foul I think they would survive there was a McDonald's 1000 bartenders McDonald's or a bar worked back. It's same thing was like 39 cent hamburgers after midnight. I mean I'll go over there and it's gonna for whom this is a well so cheap right. A horse probably CD four or five innings to get exactly what the I remember many you have to go ahead and look what he's doing with all these embers and diagonal do you think he's almost Hamburg Chrysler the second thing every hamburger bet that the executive. Random random friends over grids and welcome to the Madrid. I. Only. Brian. Polo grill huh. Look horrible on holes off just hello Brandon welcome to the men's room all vigilance or not okay. Oh boy do we have one here for you and OJ. Okay. What happens. What happened while you're taking it does. That's your random question question what happened while you were taking has done. I do word one word play and I was in the hotel in the fire alarm went all. Okay and. How much longer did you need after the fire alarm started to complete your mission. You know you you can debate whether it's actually go and offered I've heard you guys talk about it before like you're playing well as kind of a long way down on amend the middle of something here is an actual buyer. And then pretty much when people started like running down the hallway it like you're paying all the sources or another all members like yeah the other way up and get adhered. My kid that sucks I'll kind of open up the door. I I don't do the right thing Nyack Tennessee targets known to smoke. A look you know means anyone else peeping out the door should I give this a few more minutes or I would absolutely residence for my life. Even if the bill Elizabeth is a story the firefighters told Ted nine years and years and years and as far as I'm not saying it's safe to poop in a burning building but of these two firefighters they said this is a very bad fire when you go it's not to smoke men are flames everywhere. I believe they went out to the second floor and the floor burning out from beneath them and chose collapsing bound. To the first floor may have a buddy system and he should Gaza Berber closed just a few things. Along got screwed for the flames who can't find from the north cannot find is from anywhere he thinks the worst has happened. He searching runny nose has to be somewhat closed and planes can taken. So I finally get to the Truman realized there's about a couple swab. I'm afraid console with a common had improved so much ahead there's a lot of it a little bit of a massive firefight man isn't really. He's sitting on the floor it's collapsing beneath them but he still had presence of mind to sit on toilet. Google I don't know if you flush from afar bet is amazing story should do before we get a par alarm goes off base and a story Laura same antenna and finish a mission I got up. Its production I've ever handed around grouping is probably playing football. And my dad who played at the beginning of practice did you have to take off like pants that girl Josh I have. And it's I think I think the I think the worst experience of their have been the me. Haven't abouts two to three weeks or four weeks after my hemorrhoids surgery. Naw yeah this was a game to make his own wells did well it was already bad to play with leading new player here and what happened though I was playing an away game OK and I don't know it look I paid way too much attention this but. In the world of toilets. There is a shorter toilet seat there's one that's a little bit longer yeah yeah if you go to get a new toilet seat to an error this there's two different sizes and and and the what would you prefer. I like the longer on myself over the little shorter longer ones tend to have an open fronts so the more of like an actual horseshoe where the shorter ones are full rent. But I don't put our OK maybe it's hard decisions and outlook files are really open net. The other thing I gotta talk a little Fella right up and around while error okay abuse of our parents are you men are Mandelson here's what happens got a big bucks because under it because I'm lay out the way I'm positioned to care more about my business the way that a prediction and my but my boy my friend has pretty well pushed up against underneath the seat yeah okay because it's a shorter toilet. Now I'm I'm I'm playing an away game and I realize the kind of the way the toilet paper roll this position it is behind me into my left. I'm already struggling I'm already on one side for the most part human tears because I'm having a very difficult time. What happens is when I go to turn to reach for the toilet paper. The entire seat which is not really Bolton that well law on ships. Even in his slides off. And basically smash as my Jimmie and boys in between the bowl in the seat because he just goes looks like Brad Lincoln holdings offered Manama. All of it in like a screen in the bathroom doesn't someone else's house. So god and it loses I mean he was that blood curdling scream like I don't get it like it was the second time I oust him twice but it couldn't get anything right to the first screen like dismantle sound came out and I've never heard before that from my mouth you know only as they get. Finding out a good ruler in the high pitch it was it was a move in the singles is. Protect your name and logos are all my guy and that's the last time that I mean I cannot think enables full kid good poodles all of those little package so you. You can't find one of the longer toilets in a normal home. He know either way he can have some of my place of college actually fairly cheap. I would say they're looking into it and it replace my god in toilets but that's said most of the ones I see now. Seen Beatles longer ones and I don't know ordered maybe you live long legs man I'd just like the shorter. In a short one man yell at the date speaking a firefighter I need to drive and our question what happened why you're taking a dump this all comes full circle early Thursday morning. And Olympia Washington parking lot a man perched above the ravine began to death case you. Unfortunately. He slipped to midway through and he found himself in an un controlled the sense what his pants around his ankles. Olivea fire department firefighters ultimately hoisted the injured man out on the back board. The individual or is leaving it was relieving himself and slipped and fell down a twenty foot rock walls. Images released by the fire department show a half dozen firefighters tending to the fallen man. Then he climb down my latter than the firefighters strap the man into one of those things the cold litter. A letter struggles and used to lift the man back to the parking lot all because this man was taken de hoop outside your side of the cliff. He sustained an injury to his hit the injury was not believe real life threatening. It's unclear what the man was. It why he was there it was near you it's the you read the stories they're both good balls and some apartment buildings he muses John daycare business that I did very very Garza who he had who he had no place to go why did they say. Where I don't know why he was rare at the dude cool awful the cliff outdoors in public which tells me. He really really really really really really really really really well. Re. And me had to go because you don't do today. Religion really really really. Really really really have to go will be how to strip mall at 00 look I'm dawn roughly the same thing but. It's because I really really really really really undergo a course the last thing I wanna do. This poop outside we have a stream content you'll ever let's use your persona was falling that far through the air when he worked movement toward you have your hands on your good you know I think we as saying now we have taken a blueprint may find you know to me like you got like. Police firemen coming down. This latter instead of there you're laying down like on the rocks below is crap all over your button and I'm fired up and those like hey what are you supposed to do people who are in and out and how do you yell for help. How is anyway so much called. But that's the one The Beatles they dizzy just sit there and scream for help for hours on just got to you know I don't. Red and blue and friend a tremendous job requirement thank you never looked him in the face of your friends and oh yeah there's children Brett look great welcome to deliver. Past. Our interest. Back and watch him now you go down. There are no big somebody's of it but it is residential or commercial. Burt Goldman and that's. It's good it really tricky game. Thank you good luck oracle really great speed and good. I was goes question here here's your random questions loom. Lot of my leg didn't hop because I didn't even in his leg and are going to give Luke Meredith in the black red hair they eternal following review where. Then red flag does think he is dates but you'll never have and yeah. How many are being asked simply tell YouTube last June. And I figured out he married her parents smoke tomorrow but if it eat it. Let's go this one what did you when you lose or leave someplace and never give back. He's always done our guys. Are pioneers why why. I was from about what it is is the you know why you would add that lets just that they think I'm ready Tuesday. I admit yeah. Brian and friends don't let this factor in the Purdue who lived there millionaire. Episode I. I just say it's a place you could get chicken wings that you want to have a good day for about eight below are. It's. Sort of device and how. To pillow then he's welcome to the men's room. Oh god did so oh. Do the things are even allowed wearing them but it's doing here apparently wearing. I was fusion this question for you. Bengie what did you lose. Our leads someplace and never get back. I actually just look very easy. I got an expensive little quarter hurt at the graduation present my parents last year just graduated from high school. My old would I mean all of my girlfriend couple months ago and she has. Assert and she lost it should be having an abortion losses slaughtered. Shut my pleasure my deep on the did you go slugger. MM and semen stains from Rhode board does she have by the Jimmer and I thought sir I did so well. So. I'm not look man I remember graduating high school and my parents give to me was not murdering me but beyond that this sweater what do. What does that sweater look like you seem awfully sad about this when I just can't I can't fathom why this the sweaters in sauce. All this letter that my Letterman object. Oh all right all right they're a little bit. That's that's the thing you know this illusion Letterman slept there. Well so we were hanging out one night it was oh yeah all cheap forgot her sweater home this camera over around or. Man. You have to borrow that such an already borrowed displayed when your back and none of that should certain licked it shouldn't ocean put it. Look at how a given date her. Only been about him so all right I'm a little worried about it listen man. What where could you possibly losses if you have your house in the went home. Either you also on the way home information oh man says or she it's in her freaked him how somewhere right. Exactly I've been over there and I have no idea where that Jimmy remains. Not shown an alleged disposal point and ME ST you gotta Letterman us letter what what did you letter. I lettered in football or you're. Track and Brooklyn are not lazy some of the dam and you are 31 guy how bad were your grades because of that. Actually my great group of ladies and I got a little about a plea to look that's really good for all that active. That annoys me yeah I mean I know that's great man congratulations and all that but. It pisses me off what were you I would like freeways were bad imagining how many skews toward yeah. When delusion best part. About sport will vote goes so well for sure okay well this is yet I was a quarterback. Jack. Webb went well attracted a little bit out of the big brute strength guy I was the guy who was on the point about. You can. I play cornerback commemorative if he's at all actually taught and I makes elegant glamorous position. How would you know what are you lose and never give back the reason we ask couple houses were broken into and the Phoenix area late last month as accounts are investigating and found the burglar had left. His resume behind it one of the homes with a name on IP address info telephone number. Good news is when they when they try to call had net foment this phone number yeah unrest may yet that rang at the other house that he had rob look this phone behind there a guy. That made it very easy for the cops dragged down 39 year old Erin Sullivan who was truly looking for a job he did deny breaking into the homes but. When the cops search displays they found pretty much all the stuff that have been stolen including a bunch of watches that it did that he had hidden inside of cereal boxes. He was charged with burglary and after the SE try to break into duhalde's that he did successfully he let does resonate behind and won he look this fall behind in the other. You know what I would have done I'm clear farmed out first I would it's called references. Right I call you big dilemma and you know Andre Eddie and say hey Armando where I got his resume hearing is set. Look he's a wonderful guy I would Tom to stop until a lot more about the rest is as he left the president. Don't be a reference for him I'm doing your favorite. I call from Morton Downey junior bush. That's the great friend and it gets back after. Ran a buzz or buzz today four point 9990 LaMarr your pals on the way you are listening to amend the radio network. Which is you. Hi Jack are raised his affairs and football's New York guess as good as mine after the emails they're commence her momentum live dark hour we have a few comments rolling and he had this in regards to the question of the guys who. He proved outside of Pena is as over twenty foot drop into a falling down had to be rescued yes are like look man. These are little boy he was there while we do because he really had to go so comment comes and says. One time and I was really sick and I had approved by both bathrooms in the apartment that I live for occupy. I do go outside on the side of the building I'm almost got a call Obama neighbors. There was project timing loud and very smelly and real as my neighbor started coughing from the smell. Because I was doing this right next to the window he started coming towards the window I'd run. Around the building without. Without being able to complete my mission. Oh in a pimple toilet paper under run inside my apartment as it was coming outside to see who was passing on the side of the buildings. Yeah I had day all man I had an experience. With & Associates. And we were walking home and needless to say. And this guy does not get around much so this. Who boy this half hour no well it ended up being a half an hour because we keep stock has stopping yes but this because he. He literally half mile walk all right we had to stop because he he really thought that he was. He needed to console down 2000 boobs I've got what it really wasn't that far but he kept complaining. That it was the walking that was doing him up inside you've seen so that it but here is the bottom line the bottom line was we were so close to being at home. If you have pissed off any cab driver any Hoover driver like sure yeah you've taken us four blocks you know so like basically that this is right and a good now. So we start walking and that we have to stop console in a much dude you can make it man you can make you can make it so there's this big beautiful home on the one of those homes were eagle on side and I'm sure they have a divided in an apartment on the bottom and are released they could and one in the top whatever but I mean. God it must have seven bedrooms and it's dutrow big old Victorian looking homes and just looks massive right. So he brought his or can't do they were literally we are literally fifty yards away from my house this is my neighbor. He plans as the back up against that he plans is not given minus dark he plants as back up against the a bag of against the house. And I just here I mean an explosion. From his acts. I generally see but the best of my colleagues here. Basically just stood up pulled up his fans and just get them while you can write it all right okay now. The next day I gotta lock the so curiosity got the best me I've got to see 1000. So I walked on their human again Victorian. I pastels on this house right so basically like with the bottom of the house was like a real light pink or something like that you know I mean and had like a purple but I you hour where he was backed up was the real lightning gerrymandered it if it hit and it looked like somebody just took a handful wet mud man the and just threw it in that like a clump of it in that one spot. And this splattered like you know like if you're to drop paint and make like splatter art brackets look what it looked. I'll just get it and I look at a man and north flies buzzing all around it if it and then you can just smell let you do it's I mean like that's about the about human ways that that water does amazing things just yards as far as does just. Disseminating smell a little bit down what our early exit as anybody in the house noticed this is like 9 o'clock in the morning. But I'm but I still do not one of your neighbor listens to the show because are having an epiphany right now like. I don't know pink Pretoria on and someone asked lettered on my house give it little by Little League and humor flies buzzing around the pilot asked on the side of my house you know we knowing what I know right. Some occupy and I'm getting nervous a he knows someone and no problems out. Just trying to conceive Garcia in enemy because flu like I've still guilty walking by to do anything I don't matter you want the guy I don't you walk the proper there I'm why he why don't want to menace for he chose to do his thing. You Walken what do you want it look that Sasser I and then you keep you still won by the scene of the crime like that the number one thing like man. Just don't go back because she couldn't help it you're expected seeing the kind is that people that are guilty yet the LT people do criminal OK look like if part of drop my permanent part of drop my back on the ground holding wall rang and I am pretty sure it still would have gone down. This came out like at a 45 degree angle like he had been over man and it was just like it was a it was a it was a it was a horizontal black footed homes on the ground pretty much to me like he was like this thing you know this has over the air as opposed to eat in one unit down people Jupiter tore into a much earlier was you. What is the pole and the other Grand Rapids there's just sit back I don't know all I think your home. Yeah I mean I understand they get a thrill than the IR points they have moved out of Lebanon and so much. That was another thing I think I guess you might move lever like dues you've bad news who like it was sort of bears. My god we had to get out a way to tell me wow how long did approve stand maximum penalties. Well it was a thing. Just. It took me about four or five days to tell my wife is this guy my body was stayed in my house. So I didn't wanna like let her in on that indicated that they wanted to be thoroughly disgusted yes he was already enjoying the living hell out of us. So that point I was just I hope all of these are pretty of the annoying are these in and look throughput on how many children one of the guys like that you know like you've US and by take it like currency and like. Yeah you know well I'm not I've got Friday offense we didn't he come out for the weekend we used their Friday Saturday and now Sunday together and he's got a guy like you know I just got it to you for that does the previous Monday man I'll just do whatever I want stitcher or else Monday would do you get off on Friday you're always say. I keep keep myself busy I do stone tablet condone it in my heralds what you do man knowledge Cinderella Steve fielded good scramblers rather than your who regret doing if you do you're still doing very didn't show our freedoms hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. All bonuses are not die if you are you look at the random question quest is very alarmed foreign area puts a whole firma for a little station identification that's called anything with you that's that's still John miner does as good as my categories hipster and football and the return of estimates are that's all coming up. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network categories.