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Friday, November 17th


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Is done men's room. Yeah I read over got a dead vs the FCC on the way our mr. blank question looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 844999. Cola. You look miffed yeah I think they hung up on dialogues that will call the now I know don't finally saw as an underdog I was wondering how much of India had in that way am I being called you know indicative Newman legal in the man. After Andy used to be. On a left hand and a huge to me. Debbie sock puppets and and warm hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. Audio yes. Oh yeah. So what you're so dumb things from the past. So. Orson short and Audrey are getting married yeah. Not a good idea wait wait wait wait wait you you're you're in Georgia. And how long were you married originally. Six years six years and you go to the process of getting a divorce and you have a fish officially ended the divorce. And five days later you're married again. Anyway all out of nowhere no wait a minute was this leading up to the separation and the divorce are you I don't know that there was a clean break. You'd never met this person in five days later from the moment you take a clean break you're in Vegas getting married. You know Chicago down to order a quick look at that. OK so you you wow you'd started dating this woman before you would officially divorced from one. Okay and what we get to drive down to Georgia were to drive to Georgia forum. Here in Austin OK okay so you know what we separated the point you're just giving the divorce official. Oil we are separate all I still call so. I'm okay so so that this was not a close relationship although you are together for six years. Get to that it was okay and it's eagle who she won one of the divorce or was that you. And let me ask you don't have doubts pocono burn up I heard of them Korea as the unfortunately the standard military's story later in south periods and I gave each of them look like I did I know this is gone and how he has to drive back to Jordan and Iraq really were you eighteen when he got married nineteen when he got married old Gloria. Most point oh yeah. And then tiller obviously have a decent it was a mistake to get married in Vegas how long that marriage last. Year at all. Okay what was the problem there. You went crazy. She went crazy. Oh. Yeah. Now you just hate my kids want them to go away there and look at all. When you have caused the of the troops for the first marriage yes I second seat on African American children do you have. Recap. One with a new ones you just on their. So that's what happens if the divorce goes through Ben. This would be kids to be split up from each of our war. Well I'd almost. I know that apartments and as far as the when you have with your current wife. All Russia just a get away when you say she went crazy what will give give me an example of what you mean from the regular season for the book loot what's going on. Sushi. And she ought to be that monitors. Ego is the quality of their life. All the sudden which event that's ever onto it and Allen came along she also and it's like it's star treatment badly. That is where you told me that I'm not all the gossip all the people who really sent back. Oh wow OK it's either as pretty indicative of maybe some instability would you. I had so do you worry about the welfare of your youngest child. Yeah. Also well. Okay. Yeah. And I'm not going to be the one the I can't really get your relationship advice not bring enormous they've got heads that produce second wife because that's the implication now Don Mattingly do me like that the home mailed. It. Little bit you certain that the god that you is talking about there's a lot of guys in this Webster was at Augusta. Could have been Buddha could not get as the number of God's of their could have been present in our debt and gotten under. I'm miserable likewise in looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea that's just creepy yet. You're not upon doubts bodily year but we were to have a custody they are DNA test again feeling I'm on the hook for the girls Georgian energy uses yet that's a tough one to take this guy gonna break Giles Bork for the millions of known and have no been no discussion about it. Yeah I already you can't you can have a conversation. There's no right and I could I could have an inferior feel like I'm really religious person and you would probably would offer god the lake in theory I get that you've got a patent battles and fight. But to be like dotted the followed this but he didn't follow it don't mean it literally. Thank you bigger debate you know I know you really only fathered one. Pardon oh geez yeah well you'd ever buy deeds has brought to falls upon them and screw ball drop out of school like stuff. That little known fact yet read the Bible the book he wasn't a carpenter that was exactly it shows interpublic business. Followed I'd build the world you can build things only get to anybody you don't realize this Joseph Ellis trying to teach you make good lord. Now occupy wouldn't say hello Dave welcome to the men's room. Some guys on top. And I got to Stewart you aren't good. So I graduated in that Iraq Nike sport and ask 1980 pretty. I was eight sophomore or junior who. And a friend of mine who sophomore invited me to promote and house. This is gonna build himself apart. I showed this in advance. Yet who do use on account or are you. Know. Galvanize steel and Kent. Abu bad news. At this gonna blow out one side or the other I think building up pipe bomb that's a bad news for residents general. I know a little bit about this though the problem with galvanized steel is is gonna blow out one side or the other so it's gonna basically split her like a hot dog and microwave work them you know. Yeah. So in UAE Assam what he's gonna do it that he should go take it out early on the end by a mile canyon. You look it's only June oh. Some are typical so those are cool I'm down like that through underground or whatever and I thought about them all levels the yeah it's do. So. I was told a couple friends of mine who are a little bit older meaning they came over. So anyway and sit in on the lord the sort of is waterbed really informative articles of the Playboy. And if I'm wrong guys about it by rom omelet and and and and barely got that settled. But. Anyway he's behind me and stood there. I started it today here and I looked back right as it explode almighty god. Yeah what what was the damage. It. They're Katz was ceasing to me that he was starting down any air was huge compared. Ten inch channel locks. And it created a spark in what's and also for a gunpowder. Yeah. Here so honestly how much how much injury did you sustain. Well they're cap miss my head but it blew up basically in my face all the powder and slowing them. All that and in my face. Gut shrapnel miers not to admire pretty much office for her suit. That speed channel are you were used and misused in that handles. Stuck in my shoulder. All man. Here through my shoulder blade. It was spinning when it flew out. So it actually. King out of my children got mired. Eighties. And it broke my shoulder bloated and it. It's in their damaged muscle I was the kid who was making the bomb. It did discusses bloom and those who were being here you know it is the guy behind Stubbs barbecue sauce. Attitude and her. He's the guy who created the hang loose sign accidentally every time you wave your legacy Hawaiian. Yeah it what about now is there any lasting damage to you from a. No. Actually. The my eyes are fine. And my shoulder and it took a wild or he'll look. I'm 51 now so it doesn't you are you have yet he shrapnel terrorist. No. The idea of it's scarred their looks like at 22 bullet went in my shoulder and they got Arab. At Cuba grim reaper this simple goes around my shoulder and he sold his fingers like mr. by that much. Yeah I'll invite them back. And so I'm really gonna Pat Toomey and I tried to pay you visits ST ban right there on her shoulder then technically. If. The bomb squad they care the bomb squad guys were saying you know. You see where they had been through this much tax it and you know as their fingers hoping there is this much time it would. Blown apart. And killed. All and what lesson in out and I don't rebounds for its well known to be true of any story were someone almost bat. It is inevitable within fifteen seconds of you finishing the story. Some was gonna tell you if it were this many inches more than swaying this really wrenches that are that way if you're standing there is that a everyone's gonna tell you. Why you should have. Doesn't it doesn't matter which now on how regards Maryland that strict I know we used to do the same things as kids he could have easily happened any of us have allowing men Negroponte a little like when I lived in the city people labeled gondola down toward the right gunpowder and everyone made things the blue. Well the thing was it was necessarily that but a lot of dads would just make their own ammunition for on and so they would make it in shotgun shells and make all that stuff on their own in the recycle the stuff and yeah exactly and others could still do that was something that they are interested in and all that stuff is just sitting at a table. A miserable likewise in looking back on May be blank was not such a great idea. Hello lieutenant Paris welcome to the men's room. All it okay. Well and got one or. My biggest mistake was telling my ex wives that I was coming home a day earlier than what I did. From any deployment. So you came home a day early. You told her you're going to. Yellow are very dated April while Eric Gordon I got pregnant and we had a we had a kid and I decided well I would be a deployed. We're about fifteen years ago thought you'd be employed by a nine month but bigger all the right thing to do it. Barriers so I got married. Two months later I get deployed all I'd already out to be home on. They're very well I was actually home. Did you court wheelchair helped double the daily or as. I learning on ain't all kind of check the whole nine yards I'm OK very good to have them through as you examine all kinds zags. We Lola I'd. But no 1 o'clock in the morning and I hope that the dark has not end at Bagram them. Yeah I've got to figure out now and Atlantic bad why didn't that mayor eight years I got out generalize god. Yes you know it's little bed that. Do oh. I don't recognize he was going out big before you got home and examine and look the he had a little on my goodness wow devil's triangle TV so way more than that. At the little Brothers doubles doubles ranks it third guy that is so good but the bills the the inability they'd been if if if if if if I hope through the tobacco be funded. Those are my question looking back maybe black was not that degrade ideally get your emails on the way for the men's room mad men survived back out you are listening to the metro radio network. Pages you. True Strasburg Disney athletes today on the way get those bad jokes coming to us on the email there at the men's armaments or live dot com you can also follow us on Twitter men's or violence in the the other bad jokes there. As well. Are miserable I question looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea here come those emails in the men's room at men's in my dock now. Guys can you wish our son cash pronounce Pete till our fat little baby a very happy eighth birthday while he is no longer fat or even little he is our baby and we wanna have an extra special day he's a huge men's room vanity years old and hearing his name on the air would be a huge win. Give us not get up cupcake along with a birthday on that'll make his day thanks guys for mom and dad. Guys can you please Gilbert they showed to my daughter a lease up or fifteenth we absolutely love your show and listen you guys every day in Rochester New York on WC a math well I want. A little dirty German. And Australian talk thank you guys from the awesome show that from the lovely Julie keep in mind she is fifteen years old. And I think that Cuba there but but if you're familiar look Leo yeah 1800 since now. And then it may have been. Yeah much like the Germans in the weeded out on this month after birth they did it. You can math may be thinking element that. I had took my head with it could hit it and because as go to get my go Brady via birthdays Jana was a very dirty German dog and a big old LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys she is an every day listeners. Lose and they did it all men now. You thanks in character alertness. Job. Put a book that Pavel mile deep you can designate to. And breaking out what to do you could play with a passion. Guys that are there and I'd love to get my amazing boyfriend of almost four years Anthony Ebert they shout out he's a wonderful father. Runner in the previous month but none of them are gone now. Things that I love you've got to look him up. It was a good Stanley LeRoy Jenkins isn't dirty it's perfect model thanks guys and bad from Erin Fitzpatrick. I'll put the book they released indelible who shall be your panties and stop I'll show you about 190 need. John you could lead from the rest. The sixth ball of the dream hope. Zetterberg they shout out to my beautiful girlfriend low res mr. Stearns oldest film to be 22. In getting her first dad you today. I'm gonna get a second I've got kicked into some sexy dirty Durbin talked for a much appreciated Miller thank you guys lakers Lawrence. I. Haven't been too but I through the first available to the basket with baby yeah. Not even a pretty give up and on the bottom so. It would be very excited. Guys good about my third birthday they're losing you guys for awhile now Paulson tells me not gonna get an original pink sandwich snack for Richards finished average. But he does get a bird they set out to my husband Kevin huge fans and with these guys since the bug. Getting Illinois second to Joey chestnut into thirty German thanks for the laugh that number away. God and I don't want to go to a gas tank with except it's not too. On after the music acted like I will be the stuff into her. I had my brother John who was birthday today in his life are currently in Germany against teaching over at some school review isn't. Maybe Don and dirty Germans would begin. Thanks guys mad from Nicholas. I'll put the Wilmington then and then but the to reroute enjoy it chunks and I threw my. Posted to the. Now the self consistent so could also with the. What happened once west. Today is model as and as. Big news today is my well endowed boyfriend twelve years birthday he's 28 to Nextel lover. Always producing extravagant mouth watering he buckling documents that. They get a little dirty German citizen birthday started off bright and happy birthday mr. towers love Olivia and eight K good karaoke played. And speaking of mouth watering your mouth would be very wet but it wouldn't we want to. I can't thank you very much enjoys that Fossett. Tells all the time. He didn't mention the bonds though guy though your birthday shout out to buy evil step monster Vicki she's turning 21 of the thirtieth zero. If you please give her birthday song and how about you know looking out all of my wedding here. Thanks guys rock on that from brand in the truck driver well look it did I do it myself I had B 33 since my wife probably forgot to email you guys again this year. Islands here and I got a little dirty German stock from the dead and thrill thanks guys love to still keep on rocket that for a man that he. God that's not the two way against the we have tradition with your wife and you'll both the Potomac. Now appears to be yogurt sour cream and who are. Video flavors by boyfriend Brody happy thirty pin. Maybe like playing him a dirty German and although only one person per day in the big booty home that is girlfriends and now. Thanks guys then from the lovely Melissa. Fusion fund have been good to hold because to do the 35 position you would need the instruments. And the cookies for the it's more cushion for the question. But informed the three pathetic how many footage from the time. Well it is there's my wife Christie 39 that he would love nothing more and some dirty dirty talk about homicides and she is a massaged there. Thanks for the great Joseph keep going to head from Jason in the iron worker. Job with on the side in my head and split the vote hood. John how Roger Donaldson lots of oil and have been rubbed the back. Into immediate I'll be moved up to Indy. They ever they set out to my oldest brother Mike who turns Jesus Christ 39 today was given some dirty dirty German document. That from your youngest most handsome brother John shift. Big Brother is quite handsome I ask him about the bid by us how good. New ruler remained up in Germany yeah. The western could. Also. Go to bring in my French friends how to take concrete. I do you wish to be no god god god not had a good future Brando's son have a internal exit dirty German type thing Afghanistan from Gary. And I'd like your name is simply put that would dude she's going to play together again. Yeah unbelievable finish for some circling pork. All of that gambling has been a full year today is the anniversary in my 51 trip around the sun gonna get some. Turtles snakes in a LeRoy Jenkins. Thanks guys loved the show that from Bruce. Hi guys do you know at any added. You have had a he had every I. I pray you are paying irritate you made that identical extremists are out again. Guys big fan of the show I was the oracle time miles wondering what the song you play the background is the one of the chicks going. Now London and Milan London now. Even afford dude it's catchy as hell and exchange here's a link to the unicorn on its headlights that from day and then here's a taste that right here where. This is for grown as a man. This thing you know. Try to verify kept the and this leads are at the end if I didn't come on you have. Now that I. Aaron. Are subject why Ireland's color is blue all the shelves after listening to another superb round of big dummy. It came up why the color of Ireland is blue we have to question the regional color associated with the Patrick today was blue not allow me to educate this is because the color of saint Patrick's order and Anglo Irish order. Due to saint Patrick being the patron saint of Ireland and having a separation for the United Kingdom or was changed to a more darker blue. But a more recent times it was changed unofficially to green as misrepresents the Catholic influence and Ireland. This is why the flag is green white and orange green for the Catholic Church orange for the Protestant church and white for the peace between them. All the cell sent from Ron who is listening and now god. Care Fergus NORTHERN IRELAND would moment kerik Ferguson northern Iowa NC AAR I CK FE RG US NORTHERN IRELAND. I care perks. And house. Our subject is German I guys here's an example of the sheer beauty of the German language the word is brought us toward. Mean brusque ports Robyn any idea what brushed wart says. We'll have to believe that we at least two notables yet. Breast rewards is a German word for nibble but which literally translates means breast wart on its abreast wards I mean they do have a toy on the it's a breast toward that from Simon the key week we're very literal people who married to a German will not that nipple is the greatest word in the world. But breast rewards. And were well he he right and. Well he is offended that Germans had something that didn't sound sexy look like he's somehow I think in a funny about it. I guys listening to the July 4 2018 repeat on this Thanksgiving extended weekend. I'll let Mike talk on news at a point he talked about mortars Cuba episodes ago. That they are the most dangerous fireworks. I agree five years ago this mortar blew up my face knocked me out will be able to a hospital with a concussion and forty person hearing loss and first degree burns on both legs. Unclear exactly what happened. But maybe this pick and explained yet epic explains a lot. All the guys love the eclipse April 2024. Show your voices have an age since 2017. What's your secret that from sergeant 603 you know sarge I don't know if you remember but when he eighteen we have the big intervention we stop smoking methamphetamine and it turned up the doctors and old people angry at those were right and us now we drink tea and honey look that's how long we've been beaten them. It's been probably since one B 21 Tampa tomorrow and you know who have forgotten here. What do your parents still a little guy awhile ago Euro us asking about embarrassing parents and I feel so this question was made for my dad. Like Ted I could probably write a book about all the embarrassing things he does besides talking on speakerphone in public. Telling awful bad jokes and yelling at the screen at the movie theater scary movies of the worst but no movie is exempt. He is essentially doing hilarious and embarrassing things one example. One time me and my dad go to Costco and my dad always buys this old wallet naked juice yeah yeah I'm Odwalla Odwalla. As we're walking by the aisle where they keep that my dad out to me hey I want to get naked. I was a total face palm moment there and he truly had no idea what he said sad part is this is basically a typical week for me. Thanks guys that from the lovely Katie. Something weird does happen as a father doorknob realizes like under normal circumstances of a walk through restore I don't make it a point to just yelled something that would normally humiliate me. But when my kids are with me it's like all the sudden I don't terror and I also anything that makes them so what's more culpable that makes me that it's worth it 100% of the time in doses up moron enough from the medication. Shall we head to because I heard you talking about fentanyl. The other day in it's a huge deal here in Canada at the moment. It is being cut into India may so it's devastating the rains rave scene appear. They've been told me as I crossed in the border last time that's killing people don't touch it. Not even ingesting it's pretty scary stuff. That is all I've heard about that from a pile. Yeah I mean he's crazy like I knew they did with heroin to now what you just cut and other drugs everything. Right that it's me my name is Stacy and I have epilepsy and I'd take ten different kinds of medication for my epilepsy just that's. I would share that probably way be on more medications for my mood swings because epilepsy changes your brain a little bit more than normal. And a makes things happen. To pop in your head and my my. Where that email web and probably isn't a bad idea. Okay carelessly I think way to go back in time the last time all we have a couple of got a couple comments it's less than are so I don't have a again I'll prepare I hit the wrong god embodied in the San. He did an idea of how unaware I am that I had that I didn't know who make a go route and hit by the numbers aren't though. Are you get the same message isn't getting on Twitter. I think the first thing I've learned I don't know the through but most people know more than we do and apparently the theme I got a few things in the city. Goal I would have no idea I had no idea how other people have now but everyone has agreed they want to be the best thing. The film you're getting there isn't all about getting on now I really thought it was like salsa music like this over and make somebody. And then Mike on Twitter with placate you know I'm pretty sure that's next and did. They're about it yeah about eight people say that I like the arena that you developments in the work we're having a real party I still liked it and the people love it and Janelle don't don't get too attached to we will going to be those guys I don't care taken from a lot of and a second. What are we got used to it and let's look at me they would need to go back in time to last time we played to verses the FCC so we're good let's go back into. More bitter Nate Newton takes its flag flying truck to the city shell station for fuel. Bigger name. Flag flying truck is that gas whole time for another lady she know bill. Did you expect bigger and it takes its flag flying struck the city shell station for fuel bigger knicks flag flying truck of the gas whole time for another city shell bill. Aren't bigger nitpick this flag flying truck to the city soon. The pundit I'm not I. So basically you're not out of the next flag flying truck at the castle Barbour another city shelled that'll fool and an ex page is flagged by truck to city shell station for fuel. Triggered a flag like that truck is adapt well. Our eyes. It was a close let's look ahead. Eight time. Whose 320. By. Yeah and out ball and won't go where he would not say this I record ahead but this is the these. What began forward David vs we have these days. Juvenile. Late last night yeah. Oh all these rhymes and riddles for diversity FCC loan although account and once again we get a listeners submitted diversions we're gonna go this one. And what comes from our buddy Bobby he's as rock out with your clock Al gentlemen. Rock out with your clock out is always greater played a flame came up exactly and body's got one that oh by the way just a little side note here Heidi. You might not realize it at home and every time we play to vs the FCC. Poor Robin has this look on her face it like you and a complete panic mode when we. Have a future for our a charge of the dubbed by the way we do. Devers at the FCC is an eatery this one time through three times staff here is bodies dead vs the FCC. Coming colonel cut hunts Ralph decent golfers but never snakes boxers guns because skunks flunks the cunning colonel cuts gobble gobble one of us. When we do that is I guess they want them through in three times faster this Ted vs the FCC. Yes of water her mouth. Olympic gold often. I'm chemical ergo I drink everything pretty fast. Colleen. Colonel. Cut on. Growled geese and gophers but never snakes. Bucs are skunks because skunk. Flunks. That Connie and colonel cut gobble gobble one of us does back. Cutting her a cut on these Ralph Inco worth but never made both of our stunk because. Don't want that cutting colonel cut gobble gobble one up on flawed cutting colonel cut. Put ground he could go Oprah ever snakes but we've found because don't want. The cutting colonel cut gobble gobble one up putting colonel cotton hunt throughout these Oprah ever snakes boxers down because stump month. The cunning colonel cuts coupled got a lot of. They asked me today headed down another one in the win column. I've been to get those bad jokes radio paid for a hard 999. Hole up. We'll pick up the bad joke Kevin out you're listening to the bedroom radio network. Aren't a good bad joke that I made more for a 999. All you can that's an as a bad jokes on the emailed the men's or amendments or live dot com also in the bad jokes to us on Twitter admin surmise but first make sure that the bad jokes last for generations to come. We first let's bring you these rules. This is the official men's room that jokes rule is bad joke is a bad Joseph. Necessarily how dirty joke for instance a guy walked into a block. We know how that went in and yes we all know about the man from Nantucket. So bad joke it's a bad joke and not necessarily an offensive one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics. Just keep these simple rules in mind before you go. Mike Cox came to kick all the bad jokes are right above my friend and elephants for their room. They said thank you I said don't mention. Yeah. Elephant in the room in the room. Don't mention. I don't. The bad jokes 844999. All you are listening to the men's world. Smiles yeah. At no time made for foreign 9990. Way to go at the bad jokes these from the men's room Edmonds or linebacker I'm await ago. What do you call to Mexicans playing basketball. One on Juan Juan Juan Juan. What did the perverted frogs day. The road to rub it. And it. A man is walking in the desert with a horse in his dog with a dog says I can't do this I need water man's as I did know dogs can talk or says mean either. Two girls face turn a dangle a look at the other and says you know how to drive this thing at from. How does the moon cut his hair half he could sit out. Rock on that does that one from coated. I would got a privilege comment line at most are those one what did the grapes today when he got stepped up when the grapes they would get stepped on my opened the flood level warrant. Why can never trust peppers to leave you alone. Why did you not trust peppers to leave you'll look at the guy they like to get Olympian gold business. The guy admits that joke usually gets a chilly reception. Even ahead and just trying to spice things up. And that he says just what more pepper drove Anaheim I think you. Wonder how you have to stick. And honored to have a code. Now. All right let's they the. Called gun hello in the Kohl welcomed the bedroom. Hello oh wow. Buddy cop and figure out and I'm sort. We called the security guards outside of the same songs we look. Guardian of the galaxy. And hello I have 2380. Job. The news. God I don't know I never imagined during the attack. Bloody outfit. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just who it is. Shots. They started and as usual they had to bring gas cans even throw little find out who we're toast before we get there while my fuel just came in and emotion there did order French justice what is a French kiss you know what it is due to an Australian justice. Not now then the French kiss broke down on them. All right today we took four PQ year old. Joseph bond Virginia stay out of Brooklyn New York I would brought the Khyber Liu might know Jo Vonn better as the rapper and actor one Joey bad. He's the founding member of the hip hop collective pearl era is appeared in USA network's highly regarded mister robot hand he's the Lilly. Brad for the eclipse Joey dot side Joey Jesus Christ Joey bad ass he treated quote. My crazy for watching Nicklaus today would no glasses out Sundays before I didn't die though the continued with another three. This ain't the First Solar eclipse and comfort to shore and this and I have no fancy our way are also pretty sure they didn't all go blind. I get to camp the rest of current tour after suffering blood sun blindness based good habits games. Come on man come on man. Did anyone grope for the parents not telling them at some point Haiti don't stare at sun. Yes yeah time don't sit too close to the television although it's only about your under the sun Iraq even care. That the Clinton filtered sun I vigilance street enjoyed them. Report news booze and we drink this booze because we think it yelling out bags over the tongue and throat to party in our tummies. Down unquote garbage on Iraq. Her to death an online form profiled as we'll take collar and I'm right now a 44999. All of that three or 49 and I don't signing these continue on the men's room. Radio network.