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In case you were still get your drink on during the last. Asked mid term performance. Here is what you. Since the most vicious hit to the head and everything even at the inside and I played a lot of baseballs and kidney integrates with right things heard he. Music she so we had a turban. On top of the set right so he had. And I predict if it's a sad thing aren't age thing but it legislate paranoid very tight in the little ball right now. So when he would Wear helmets for batting it wouldn't always covers ears right at every game we went through this and umpires feel like me I just I don't feel safe with him hitting right. The deadly faithful with it for seven or here. I never saw him get hit by a pitch right now we're like in eighth grade. He gets he wasn't the best hitter he gets about double or something so bad inning in the dugout he gets fired up right and I know his mind if I don't have them. Or whatever. When it's our turn take the fields. We got warming up on the mound marking the big do throw and he men are deep frame right front hand pitch count up on him at all. Ma. That Howard however one thing that I didn't convert I think that's how he got it right in. The idea I don't know he's just late getting out there but he just he crossed right in between dean and who. What the Spanish word for eighteen did tortilla. Filled with shoes. And we're hurting it or hear what a wanna build with cheese and a few of the tortilla filled action. Teddy surrounds. A flower portfolio warmed up stuff which he got off the back and they didn't really Mexican restaurant and mostly midnight every measure I don't know if you're new Mexicans have got this thing man. All being well. And you sure you're not messed up today. You'd think they too tortillas with cheese in the middle could somehow be a basket hit it that. Women are just as likely to get him down at the gym and sweatpants as they are in yoga pants perpetual. Right well. And I am afraid that the different way as long as men Texas women in any conditions side saint when. Will be hit and aquarium owners. Kind of glad this stuff across the bust gone. Oh I juicy you. Just I mean like I know I'm looking at but that sometimes you really be focusing that wouldn't say what school was granted the CI. I'm real Internet I call it good because at least at the turn around like what I was reading your book. But you don't put words in places you go there to put billboards backwards on the highway known family thing I want to talk to the I returned have a conversation ribbon to return to Iraq you give me a phone number for your by the Politico. I wanna but dot. Analysis of wonder and excitement that it adds. The electrical that they use and it doesn't have a number. There's a couple things at it like pizza and don't. Their taste with up to their smell O available to note that man and bagels. I guess yeah there's no to bail fresh stay healthy yeah and unveil another feel like with a Dawkins. I like pizza and donuts ma'am we're we're probably playing the members he didn't get a break and get a plain bagel than what it. It's it's a I think you need please base your vote butter on a bail. Well sure that's really again lord get a plain little bagel how did you like a plain bagel and have played a complete series on it and Obama has grows did though it's not as good as the foul don't ever go to New York like Bengals player ha ha ha I may god damn man. They don't play bagel and made a point. And then that makes those inside a spiced it up a put butter on it. Crazy I think about it crazy lights if that if you look at the path up. Look if the perceived. We're seeing increasing air temperature and then all of a book because of the flow of community these moments ago boy it feels awfully cold. It's up it's factored in to how you feel. If you Google. Important. The wind chill. Wait until fact we shift. I was eleven every winter hey it's going to be 200 degree group Goldblum lead penguins couldn't seeing. Wind chill in the summertime heat index meaning. Dew points in the field extreme if you read the heat index finger from Jim. I don't change your life row hot. Yeah my goal what I open like opening your sixteen ounce soda I don't plan on drink and play a plan on breaking loose right now. Just things. Take that Matt Ryan how I got all my life complete and you can go to the Super Bowl we stuck with either hand ice cream sandwich from the other halfback who doesn't. That would be weird kid would be weird. They don't get that thing and have back I like this added I can't presently and I'm going to grow once you give it to me if you take your bike he had to have it right. And I don't mind giving them my contempt of that I know the deal. I'm rare occasions they will complete the whole thing but in the end. You know kids get bored it's never adds exciting at the halfway they want you thought of this didn't sorted to that he's been. Yes some girls like that too. I did a girl that always thought she was much hungrier than she provides. I would encourage her to put herself pile up if if I knew I couldn't put it into duplicate it here or there with the facts and stuff. Name given to what type of animal captured in China and brought to the united states of the first time in nineteen you've got this tiger. The to a doctor and these giant and the panda express and run over on the pen that stuff it is expressed. Quick thought yeah I'm here for that handout you have orange cram down. Three sour patent says paying that they growth and lose lose you would have looked through the news of an amended for a group. It it it all right you're crushed and try to eat local the good good my local food if it if it. Notice some things didn't have a description available than handy recipe underneath they should have a barbecue every year. Good ones get Knowles gonna go and certainly you tonight that I don't need Charlie I mean yeah. You know that they shot her Robert Wright would have this and our outlook man. Help with the habitat and everything you could do much by in Cuba Iran they rose Lou. Norman Oklahoma you have to drive down waste not don't not yet to come and didn't think if I just question number six or at least we now. First pitch man he takes me just ask like a shot I've never seen from a coma. Then a couple guys get blocked on. On our team and then up looking guy on there too I. So now we're all urging him on the box item on the show. Now we're also little higher Montgomery book usually have a little bit of both the Pentagon but no no that's an hour also now that the dust right there's a dust. And other stuff for a dust up that area and all benches in a couple of guys are always. No this doesn't get it all right. And nobody could camera there but that's not one of those things with the umpire comes and talk to the field he was all white I didn't the turning and I thought the team managers can talk to you like everybody agrees. Not to hit anybody anymore so that inning and a half go by who comes up to the plate his guilt catcher who hit home run and well I plot I applaud them on the top of it. All and is this could unintentionally I'm mattered not that means it doesn't matter but I didn't mean I hit the ball you series. First I'm sure you'll play with. It is to let this is this is two innings later did so we hit the first guy hi why you didn't know I intentionally hit the first guy but it doesn't matter because ultimately they I don't know. Only until I hit the guy in the head man that's done youth like only starter run BMI. It was an accident tonight's series. Well the united in the plucked him and ahead you can BC just came up made it just real be the next big kick me out if he didn't plan. Now it doesn't mince room legacy can TA news. You what we're about here is real and. So this radio program are simply. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. Yes it's. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say shake your radio more than. Times. Wow. Do they go look at this November 2667. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Do Ted Smith. Your balloon ball. My car. It's our enemy and throw a. There today here on the bed jokes bridges the return of did vs the FCC. Get right to play profile yes. What's headlines events or shot of the day for Melissa emails and everyone's favorite TV time with a spectacular give you don't I would go a Georgia school bus driver and mother of two arrested for driving drunk. With 31 kids gobble. LeRoy homer is involved in a high speed chase what they call but strapped to the top with a cord. To Louisiana where a woman busted after stealing Booth says quote I helpful that's what I do. Food truck in Denver serves up cocaine for their customers do. And principal tells high school students of leggings make them look fact that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All have good kids good day to you and yours all right I'm sure you remember this but. Monday August 21 when he seventy. America was treated to its first total solar eclipse and almost a century cool stuff. But precautions need to be taken namely Wear protective eyewear if you're gonna watch the eclipse because you know. You're staring at the sun and it's just a bad idea always it is always has been but not everyone is Smart enough to understand that. Take rapper Joseph we bad act. We're annoyed and call him Joey dumb as you actually tweeted. That he did not need to Wear protective eyewear to stay here. At the eclipse and it turns out he did not he did however need to cancel the rest of his current tour due to temporary son why oh. Now do you think that don't I don't know that's the home or this is done. Imagine. You're protective eyewear. So that you could watch the eclipse and protect your eyes from the sun was to apply sunscreen to your eye ball. This actually had emergency rooms apparently had to deal with people who puts on screen and eyeballs. As a cliff protection. As for. Now sometimes we do dumb things that we just know we shouldn't Abdullah's Sanchez of California you'll probably remember her story she's eighteen year old woman. Who lives in the crash that killed her sisters even commented on the video that you know it's kid sister Gigi those together. People live stream all the time the thing is she would have avoided the crash as if she hadn't been wiped. And I know that's pretty street but big government and making dumb decisions that can also well just be based on some development house party in Pennsylvania. And like many house parties the cops were called because are making too much noise. They got off with just a morning of my pen them that that the cubs though but at the cubs got their cars are prepared to drive away they started blasting the theme the caps. Turn the volume up. They got site. We all do dumb things we will continue to do dumping him I'd be doing something dumb right now I was listening to the show. But today here's our question if they've been through fill in the blank question looking back. Maybe blank. Wasn't such a great idea Big Brother show call 844999. Although I commend her on FaceBook followers on Twitter and her live and send your emails to the men's room Edmonds or livestock out. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles since it's now okay no I know it's still an opportunity now than they. It is a police haven't. On your gum the good times get ready for the bad jokes the return of dead vs the FCC we've got profile on this story coming up. As well on the big joke and today once again we're gonna whip out today at men's room blank question looking back you may be blinded was not such a great idea at. We just didn't get it to have that discussion off the air ironically enough. Think. They sure do I let's start for this one let's go to ship inspired Pennsylvania. And 21 year old damn well sure pack through a big house party. And while the neighbors called police to complain about the noise sort of college. Shipments burn wood as I UP what is there now it's probably not leakage of Pittsburgh university OK I've never made sense. There's a lot of small columns visit come a couple but I'm pretty sure what how Japanese better. Because that's the you know what they have done the ships there you bring amendments are they do all there of them and I think inspired now shipments berg. She had been spurred PA so one of the neighbors calls police to complain about the noise my guess is her out thrown back Yingli. Houston. I'm sick and rolling rock and roll an hour and a house spotter 21 years old. I'm actually keystone light yet you're all ever bitter beer. Yeah that at at at thirty rackets at thirty racquets don't so an officer shows up and tells it the kid to turn the music. Analyzed 21 and aside and let them off we'll just abort no big deal I'm. Below the Cobb is driving off Daniel turned on the theme song for the TV show cops and started to blast that now apparently obviously Daniel trying to be funny. But the guy obstacles not to hear it so I turned around went back to the house in this time did cite him for noise violation. No word on how much the finest but and I think probably very funny. It's worth it no matter what over the fact that the united rested its that the into the world and that's funny kid I mean she's fifteen to cops. What happened at a party before they just put on. At the police will pay NW and the other thing no way that I get that's the bad boys would not a bridge to lead these two cops. It wasn't what it its own song first in blue and what he usually it is this aren't correct so I'll let your argument could be hey man. I just like the doom it's not my fault but he had no way no way to enable that on how he got. Thanks Joseph McDonald doesn't work that way but in theory you could say dude I've always loved that song live you dissent if it will have on shuffle. Okay so it's this is a horrible story. The central California teenager who live stream to crash that killed her younger sister says now. All of her friends film while driving we do it all the time all the time trust me it's like a reflex. That from a Dooley is Sanchez. Who told CBS Fresno on a phone call from jail everybody does it why not. And now all of reference parents are asking is important is it true Sanchez. Said the she's sorry about the crash the killer's sister who was fourteen years old and badly injured another team. Sanchez admitted live streaming the ride on mr. Graham and footage that include the moment the crash in her much vilified declaration. I I think killed my sister I'm not going to jail for life I don't mapping care at all. Sanchez and told CBS I didn't even know I look like a freaking horrible monster that was not my intention lemon will read recording you know. I didn't even know I look like a freaking horrible act on lower what did she say when when she crash. Because I am at being killed my sister I know I'm going to jail for life I don't having care at all. You really be in vilified if we need the general public hearing this quote thank. Yeah kind of and acts and Sanchez said she was driving on road and we were perfectly freaking fine. When her car veered left and flipped I look in the backseat and there's nobody in the back seat she says. Jacqueline a friend also fourteen were thrown from the car neither was wearing a seatbelt Sanchez has pleaded not guilty to vehicular Amanda slaughter. Drunk driving drunk live streaming. Even filming her sister's body she sang not guilty yes Jim get out of work best is drunk live streaming a charge. I guess maybe if you're operating a vehicle. The draft even if you're in a vehicle so you don't like open champ car I can't be in baton if you drink going to be or even if you're sober it's a maybe it's the same thing this is I don't know how to do that it was a horrible. Feel like open carries a gun thing. It's about a retainer open container to pick up OPEC I am at that tournament good call good call on the Chad about a breath of my open area like a drink it appears she says everything was free confined and in car Beers laugh okay what everything was an African fine that's one to Europe. Saying that guilty plea dude just it. Not only the people get to see you live stream but after the fact in that phone call that you've just read to us she admitted to live stream. There was live streaming overcharge him that not guilty. But you just sad how stupid zanger. They were gonna DMZ the exciting world of DMZ let's talk about rapper known as Joey bad ass just so you know the s's or dollar signs that's correct enjoys world disease he's doing pretty well. As a joy bad ass might have gotten a taste of his own waves electromagnetic waves from the sun. That is causing him to now rock knew eyewear after pulling quotes a trop. During these solar eclipse. New York rapper posted a pic of himself with a pair of doctor prescribes sunglasses and he says he's got to Wear during the day from now on from four at least for now. He seems to like him enough always of their pretty fire. On its. There are pretty fine man omen that you may get some cool that's he would he's added a batted in sounded stupid book well we use that it otherwise he's gone wild is the guy they describe things the fire. That's pretty fire actually I like the these are somewhat called empire pretty fire if he. It is ally to you here it is the boo boy on its basic. Your good family the pretty fire. Hello I'm confident the new decade seemed to confirm possible I damaged Jolie suffered at the hands of Monday's collapse which he said he stared at without protective glasses this right before he canceled a few shows that many pegged to his again DMZ says trumps stunt. Europe called they say trump to the same from the balcony of the White House during the solar eclipse naked guy at least twice. However Joey shades could just be a style choice as opposed to survival tactic they are fire for calling as I damage rumors. To beak could complete via post trump late swing at stuff that. Yeah like he was on Twitter like I'm looking attitude every news hopefully it's under the effect do I really need to where I would protect about where. To look at vehicle drive that's the first street and an iPhone comes back says this isn't the first glimpse poverty story and that's in Houston or this or not have protect our. That was that was his reason well enough well all. That's probably how we found out Digital's there in the summer ancestor of passing down my kids finally we do with it. Guys don't stir the sauce but the reason they say down. Did the trump thing was a little bit weird his wife was wearing the glasses yeah. She had protective eyewear and she did not look up with the sun during the eclipse on a save their Sunday he had protective eyewear on is well. Yeah trump and put them on you know putting a mommy when he wanted yes there are let's say he glanced up I glance now. But I didn't I'm glad that I didn't watch you can watch what I think you'll bat bat throwing bad boy bad at all and at worst of the tweeted about. How ridiculous it is to worry amendment rights and value to cancel your tour there's more. As far as the eclipse goes. The intelligence is. About the way it is what it is and I and and listen before you go to the store at but Joey and yet. I've been gone Georgia Dome as the last few days and keep forgetting that's not his name so Joseph we bad that I thought he might be the dumbest guy as far as eclipse stuff goes. And then I read this story and I'm leaning saying that these people are dumber than me. I'm sorry I'm just saying it's I eagle ideally this is dumber. Enjoyed back and assess them. Apparently after the eclipse emergency rooms have to treat people who put sunscreen on their eyeballs C I think that's dumber the odds are they will not wind double permanent damage from the sun screen but if you've ever had any kind of suntan lotion and your eyeballs it it hurts like hell. But if they felt like it made it okay look directly to eclipse they could be in trouble anyway so that'll vote counts in this news I just think that's dumber. So our job men's or blank question today looking bag may be blank was not such a great idea that it goes luck Joseph bad as just that I don't believe it's Chinese hoped I'd someone. I don't believe it I'm gonna do it he did it in that's when that these people decided to improvise excellent. We don't need to get the glasses I came up with a great plan in more than one person thought this was an okay idea in a bra. For some straight and eyeballs right donated by glances lived from story about amber and yet you report put something where you shouldn't. Let me. I read all that I have. But it was intentional I mean like the sun screen on your eyes right a country obviously for the elderly yes that heavy am opposed to forty years ago right I'm a short fat kid. So I gotta get like. Captured larger picture extra large jock straps but they come at these massive cops. But I need a cup that they write about the size the team we Vietnam for the bigger than men the bigger than address the that they fit yet it. Though how all I am whatever I Wear this cup to one practice straight. I mean the inside of my guys are wrong right right so Manila the first aid spray you put on everything. Thought they know how to spray some of that on the that'll be fine. Now I mean it was the most intense Bernie sorry I had in my life and it's really. So I get the sense swing people it's something to for our use only and I unit degraded I would like ten or what. Doubt the little kid and I swear words he said something about like our wing of hydrogen peroxide or something. Oh god well I discovered that this is not the thing to do because assumed that hitch route and get all the kids oil and screw the thing to find that ugly brown bottle. A through the top. Electoral bunch of my mouth and the foam that shoots out instantly. It's like drop an Alka-Seltzer and watered and it is just it's it's that you feel like you're gonna show I didn't obviously but it was a that it takes forever to spit it all helped them. They don't matter if there's any left in about still bubbles up not a problem now I. The one I remember those. I'm a buddy Jeff comes run down and we lived probably. Quarter mile from each other so we could be on the phone beach and into it I got there in a minute we could be so. Jeff comes on and on straight. In knocks on the door. Probably thirteen to fourteen years old at this point in time and he visitors a Kahane maggot talk you gonna talk to right now can't talk on the phone like OK listen. He's I have you ever master it before. And I might well my. IA I don't think I have you don't mean like I'm not sure that that's happened. So he's is okay look. This is my blowing two great Momo and alive you gotta try it like. Well I'm not gonna do right now in any like it's the middle of days like. Look man I would go home. You go there and you try and you'll meet back up again why didn't explain how did were you aware of what it was giddy if there was explain a little rules go on and was subsequently. I don't know. But either way so. He did explain to me out of his likened the thing is that he did say get some petroleum jelly. The lean naturally that's a bit better than ever man that was like the eighties still like gasoline I think it was like me. Everybody had a double gasoline and house yeah but it was the goatee thing yes he solicitor general against them that night so. So we didn't have Vasily we had Vick Vicks vapor. So I go up it is my first time ever attending mass first time first time it's somewhat well we don't have any. That fall on the strike this. So I mean things are going okay for like a little girl like thirty seconds if it and then all of a sudden like this this burning will not go away. So life and I and here's the other thing I'd rather I never really used petroleum jelly Vermont right so I didn't realize how difficult to wash off. So even like I tried to jump in the shower and all that crap man it was just like one of those things growth like this is not coming off I cannot get the burning to stop anomaly that he put both my hands are on fire read read read my downstairs there is on fire and this is stripped down to the bottom end of everything and that is also on fire as well listen the first time human. So Jeff comes back and I'm in the shower. And like I'm just having a and I can't get rid of the bird I mean just like Ted said but but it wasn't as Denver and it was a deep. Penetrating it's all icy hot tub burned man I mean the bright side is Vicks vapor rub works. What does work. You're just not supposed to apply it there that was the prop exactly. And thought that. That was my first sexual experience I want to take to wash this'll how long before it just the bonding by only one way is never cleaned off from you know it's it's it's in their for a good hour. Few minutes I mean if you apply it to your I mean you notebook. If someone comes in and they put icy hot or Ben gay on themselves eat you can smell it for an hour absolutely meaning of there like you know ten feet away from these you have to remember to put this on your junk. And I'll be able to get law and how much I watched like a front for some Everly will voluntarily got to wash cloth and used it you know I mean discussed my parents wonder if you are stopping. Matheny can smell of page April rap about nobody is really an okay no because in those days like being gay and icy hot we're kind of prevalent as far as everything's about what you know and when even when I was done my pitching in Little League but I feel. Okay I'll make sure I'm on an. So I did we had all that stuff I think is probably while also had six naval rob so but it was supposed to petroleum jelly so I just wanted to use that sort on. Mean it's sort of closed but let us China petroleum jelly is just got menthol. A lot of mental yeah it's was and men also pissed off and then from that point in time it took me a long time. Two attempted again. How long did you wait I think I waited I get a dog back into it took me about a month would do it blog. For me the per and I discovered by accident known but I discovered by accident and I didn't begin as soon as I can do it again. I wanted to make sure light. Did something weird happened that was off riot act and I know that's gonna happen this is great so play. Well good into these tires again once I discovered that I can I can feel this way every time I do this. Oh yeah I'm down to what is public I adamantly iron over a thirteen or something but as Borough but right I'm pretty sure. The day act found out the next act takes it site stay home. The medal dipped in after they found it again huge amount and it's that moment it is that moment for every young man were you finally realized. The magical purpose of your game development film and it was something they've gotten away when you woke up in the morning made it harder to. And it peed in that was it and as my whole life I think Xavier is different I have daughters and so I don't think they they fit into this equation but I definitely her but that is the question probably not but they still fit in the category of our eyes when's the last time you showered him when's the last time you brush your teeth like I have to constantly remind them on that basis but if you have a son. You know the moment they start masturbating didn't you never have to ask him that he's now Erik days. And where it was like dragon egg capital pool before like it was near god damn impossible to go to his guide me covered in dirt your son. He like he'd go to bed like that he wouldn't change his underwear there's hoops still in his underwear easy street stop and everything like that then all of a sudden boom. He's mr. clean yeah I know exactly what happened. He discovered his penis when you discover your penis. The showers a longer the warmer they take longer a magical world and it's like your own amusement park. Which are always first line of wrong approach. I mean that moment you have them it's like I have a lifetime membership to happy as police on the right and and members of there's much is I want to end it worked. Every time. Every time I try to make this happen it happens this is a 100% ratio which are erupted reader someone about to open a door but otherwise nothing nothing I. I remember that she's the paralyzing fear might be in the basement like. There's a picture male enrollment go forward. But who you're talking one flight of state bigger effect or open that it's like. It'll have been out of the kind of things man if you're masturbating in the household full of people in your not into prided bedroom or some bullet that. I believe too bad that the average man's hearing is better than middle. And that our reflexes were faster than cat because the moment through the floor create your penis has been put away you have flipped channels you have a book open to the different page and you look like you've been sweet and in this is taken of one. Half of 12. To look this way it just means we heard UConn we can hear. Everything I can hear my neighbors three blocks away pollute into the driveway here I am doing my thing I wanted to Boston's way. Effusive in Mountain View okay towards Memphis ladies and you are aware of her of everything. Remember exactly where to put the F fast times Richmond hi Phoebe Kate's coming out of all that tape then and then. Just inject that every time. Keep it on the shelves when I needed and only hander line like two minutes back in and I mean that was them from probable that was what that scene was was very disturbing to me is as if you're in the lead up to it right. You had Judge Reinhold master netting in a bathroom that it start with the had to start the judgment. All the it's going to town himself and then when Phoebe got out of the water. Now who are you had to clarity where you could finish John the problem is made just one hole had much more screen time than Bibi is also wearing a pirate right. I mean Lleyton Hewitt had it's also have gone fishing ships or whatever and the thing. Decades as I know he hates and you get very upset about that and it was made mention that she said she never do another nude scene of TB bacteria and all of that it's fair but understand. One thing to understand one. And I hope you at least appreciate this beaten for anyone who used that scene as there master but Torre go too which is roughly every due to grow up. We separate drug right hold. Waiting to see so you can take about content would understand the power that you had we had to sit. Through Judge Reinhold mastered it I still think she felt a little less bodies that you've ever seen in a mainstream film naked. Escobar Angel well I don't know if you don't swordfish at the same age I. I think it might Kelly Barry now I know I always thought Kathy Bates nude and whatever movie that was an out the first time we have been much. Again Kathy Bates as the body of legislative. Our bedroom my question looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 844999. Hole. It goes bad don't try to go bad jokes are coming up email the bad jokes to the men's room and men's or live dot com we'll pick up the bad jokes right before. These shots today quick break we'll be right back you're listening to the men's or radio network. Okay just fretting over this president goes on a male the men's room mad men's or live dot com bad jokes are on the way our question today mantra blank questions style looking back. Maybe blank was not such a great idea. In my head just go back to something you're saying with the fast times rich want to write us and so many guys roughly our aid. The scene repeated Kate's thoughts on the pulled over the top and it was a big master inventory masterpiece once VHS came out there looks but that you pointed out of truth that frankly I'd not thought all but now I feel very jaded which was the truth is in that seem were so many of handled our business. Judge Nelson bills in the judge Ryan bill dry and home. Was masturbating watching her at the same time but he was the majority of the streets late we've fought through bad so. Thanks for that disturbing visual because now you've really ruin messy form but as far as I goes someone commented that this is solid blue lagoon. Was or go to sell the movie you remember this I do our Brooke Shields and whoever start at. Did matters star rip it could have been a guy named chimpanzee that movie was all about Brooke Shields being connected yet and apparently never let me see you man devastation to this day men's or my question looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea. Hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. Oil and big so yeah. All right so early out. The look really good idea to get. I guess time. I went out to. I don't know together over and landing I don't know we drive a truck through these holes yeah. Okay. That's right now okay you can stay outside yeah. Right okay so there. Please keep them work. He can they gave birth between those positive okay for children. Then bow as Bob. And you just hang on hold fig about what you've done in the meantime we're gonna talk to Josh hello Josh welcome to the bedroom. God and oh yeah. Jobs. I don't know I just back and work act you know a guy like one. They've won that the younger brother that we got blurred and yet you. Are like Whitney Bennett and like YouTube split delighted you've split. I bit my lip balm like that her heart out a bit there at the pilot completely open. And I. It didn't go my brother start freaking out at new economic weight and I record low rent my butt. She's the worst you've ever injured yourself. Up what's the worst you've ever injured yourself. The word probably average adult. An immediate end. I did a Great Britain Australia MIT popped out why didn't. And the doctor they picked up. And it happened to you and walking and he popped out. But yet. You. Way to hold on got Broadway noon on dancing. So by Johnson powerline I don't request and everybody has this this okay so you Corley I didn't do it makes sense if they happen to me because I can't dates do good day. Yeah I rushed kneecap on this. Major oil likewise you're looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 844999. All hang on the return of Ted vs the FCC on the way. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.