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The privilege of looking at on this date rape here is that we have at least to do with all of this than anybody I'd ruin him that would please you. Probably people behind the scenes not of these suckers apparently over there outs people don't know it you have no idea. How much effort goes into making this they have. And a reason. Until they know. Lot of people. Austin grant they re very very hard for one purpose and want to keep this in mind these people been stressing about this. More months and I are old black. A moving parts that make this thing come together Google ads that you have to back you know we'll look all those in the N inevitably. Make it all the little linkages to the bitter that you could come here during a news coverage are very critical. OK we prepare like we don't open. Eight got something to do with any they let me the work of love showing up it is going to show so horrors. I just want to give Jonathan all of those people now put in a lot of work brought stability and this man. Yeah. Call bosses homicidal. Lot. I his things well I'd say at this through a few of them yesterday and I mean it is very sincerely and Tomlinson is usually understand what's happening. These people busted arrested here we armor don't you never want to get drunk get instantly in all of this thing but to make all the or effort worthwhile. We don't want we're gonna try to do the best we cannot afford to lose we tip off and everything you do it was for them and frankly I don't want the pressure or the dirty looks an awful. But ultimately the thing successful man you guys and you'll be here and do it got there here. God yeah I've been here. Read all of the nerve to poll the panic at all to rewrite all of the horrible emailed him. All this insanity around this one they've affected through here and have a good time about three of us. You just made there got him job were more so there'd have meant so I'm having apple wanted to know you guys are helping out our guys. Just collapses and it's gonna go live there now like then you want some alcohol we go. We have not had a god then sat on him while Aaron. We've probably had come near or social story but I'm saying since we started to go. We drive the parts I mean does a partner. Don't we get the boot up here I would very much like. They got them stopped at that alcohol we're not gonna get who now. Donald looking around against them somehow managed ovitz has built it does is now about it. I don't think it's a bottle like minority drink all of them completely and every one to drink Florida Unionists and the things that that we'll drink with the nuclear ahead. Current. And the favorite. It goes and goes public this. Reportedly moved imagery the boos because we think it's yamana. Over the and down the group party in part on the news now. The says rookie by our good friend of snowboard do Irish whiskey which is readily available at total lie did more to get out. And total line. Not to aren't you get a contested over there in the general area who's ready to play out that a lot profiled as we have profiled as. Coming up in minutes have a good headlines on the way one hour from now first rejected by cockpits of the stories and headlines it is not working are not a. In a recipe for us Maggette Phil garrido is trending online. If they ate spaghetti Salisbury. Was that is the combination of Italy and Mexico miles. I'm doing and so I get on the they. My two favorite had to vote. And like out of results marked his conversion. There are there's the regular spaghetti for veto and then there's like Jimmy Jones what you eat for life. You know I do a lot of minutes. Any codeine when I was getting that we must write what you don't need this. There's a lot of things through the through but if you have to go and I still don't know how that works. They don't know how to get the equipment within that's. Molly. It's just that Somalia should they don't. I didn't know what it. And at Thanksgiving summoned both at their recipe bravely and hot seat those Turkey. So it was more I'm not working and I have no idea international. News I mean that would at. She doesn't mean I think if it might like to know run run. He got a beloved brother Dennis Tito does that would be the first thing I wrote into the Booth just like any kind of seasoning and and there. And I want to send them. About thirty. Watching the development. Of allegiance to work damn good there. And it is strongly for him that it. Oh my god. If that's never a 43 year old and a Florida Bob said he hurt his wife getting it on with another man broke down the door and she found out rather accept benefits he was in the middle of a self love says it. Then she got arrested after beating him up but now prosecutors say they're not going to filed charges. Do think he's nearing his wife have them right kicks down door. Yes she could get them he beats that wanna build them the equipment probably gets arrested but that in the end. They're not different from now on I wondered what the hell happened there. Because I don't give up an army to call them if I remember distract covered this month ago if I remember the story they are right. Borderline separated. There might be living in the same house but did not sleep menacing and yet it's still in realize if I get beat up the person involved and involved give me that maybe I'd be in my room. Inevitably the situation so we're wrong we're already beat up TV. And at a maternity got a just like the wife yeah. Like it because. Let me do. My sister. I. Not I kid you not outlets there is being done. About halfway I was sitting in my says if not I mean there would no doubt about it I was sitting in my chair pants around my ankles the theater opened. But it. You don't wanna go and see turned around I see her back against the doors exit and is ready and I want to. We haven't had to drop so. What I had for dinner that night at the about the later. The Mets like bill Cadbury eggs reports. A joystick drove over to Florida recently got arrested for beating another woman over the head with a Christmas trees I've received by an Angel and that's fine. Nice to. Remember needs. Oh yeah that's right good news for you today they're now public how to react if you live to California new York and Livan and New Zealand and work. Odd man out. It's now for a moment out of their back my guess is. At a time or he just leaves it in the trash where it belongs to me is the red zone I these I think Iraq War and guacamole and pull out. A man and I was goes ahead had a vanity license plate revoked back in January because his last in the game grammar. Smelled like grabbed her GR AV CL. But yeah that's why he's doing and I'll get it back. Was there separation in the new wrapper of homework and what the word yes a bit of that against Baghdad. A woman in North Carolina won ten. Thousand dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket last Sunday that stopped at another store about forty miles away bought a second ticket and miles. She won a million dollars. This. How much if you want them. Miles quietly it everything I have. And I didn't know I agree and every day that it is my lucky day and it's like it was dude it's not you're not if you look. About the manner and finally traded Tokyo's forced it isn't the issue is sincere apology after a bad screw up and all of that detail about what our. I give my god headlines are coming up one hour from now of course the. Role model. As Steven pro helping to please everyone now profile clients is playing as short ten miles that the simple game is there with you real story. Something did happen right here on planet or. Or birth. Or her and to the story based on stereotypes you believe these group of people and the decision that people make. Well as you look at this new thing makes story a story. Something like that. That's the wrong. That might cause he was just their second ago and to the world that magic he's now behind him OT these maps app on duty at Camden eighty. It's possible smacked out. I'm. Who lives are good that the of their ready. You know you love him ladies and gentlemen get a big and broad. Our guys are about. You're good miles thank you coming out you bet. Played in I've seen in awhile man it's good save up to you look like us. Well yeah it is you put it probably losing there I'm gonna ask all of the opposite question that was all your love. Your health your accident doing better that's a shame that way you're going to look for good to have that left over here girl. Which when you burn the glazed carrot again which one reader program. Are you understand how the games played I do all right here is the story on the more the feel good story for today it's great. Earlier this year thirty thirty year old former Philadelphia he went viral after we started giving homeless people. Three haircuts out on the street the basic idea. And just it's a lot easier to get back on your feet if you look the part so several local lose bases of Philly they all did stories anonymous one person heard about it. But the particular gentleman name's John Dobson most on in terms like brown after going to jail and now he owns itself barber shop in Philly called papers. And started thinking of expanding to another location so we completely renovated the new location. When he was ready to open what he did was find the guy that the news coverage we've been cutting the homeless people that are. He drove them to this place also and the teams. It's yours to basically he's let me to do them doing good Smyrna work basically brought little barber shop. With you there decent days of the week that all the people comments we'll get that are appropriate center of the question as. Do you believe that this guy who has got his own new barber shop franchises black white Mexican or eight. That's correct he needs to help their weight well yeah I did some advice they're okay. Number one the shop we'll take. Most people probably don't need to move it at that dinner maybe doing it and later didn't find out is that turn mostly in. Barbara. I would also say we're talking about Philadelphia. The city of brotherly love road after the event trivia. Rightly Tankersley. Well I'm sure that was done by an agent but. Really did you file. Should have a this. Absolutely. And I would go. With the black violence. Black vinyl it's. I would. We're gonna find out of the barber was black lied to ninety or Asian next. We. You are as they go live ever ever okay. Saying OK okay. I yeah. Hopefully gummery we'll. We'll have more. I got a temper my weight on Saturday thanks to all the kind soul and thanks to snowboard do drivers listening and of course total non. Won't put a little differently and of course I'm talking about Thanksgiving which is coming from below the perfect very important it is today ticket wins. And they get here because that's night. Do little islands of my beer and looked good the it's a severe millions and reverence around the room aren't a lot. They have got hit and total blind anymore. Thank you know more about it next epic final votes total one point these guys ride I think you know that you I don't think about beer still a lot of war has 1500. There. I'm not getting 2500. Here and stands on one more we know exactly goes into one so. Now accounts about the wings look Thanksgiving coming up and in my house there's a ton of it refused to do you think it's going to be basically why credit you're done wrong. The wind had peaked for now to the lines of the largest selection Washington. What do you do to throw a dart while Culligan I don't know but talk to the experts a total lying and bought. And I almost forgot Reed Elsevier. Good god look at the gulf war and they're gonna find it at total lie anymore he even shop online or for pick up again and we'll watch and observe. Just please drink responsibly take out everything total wine dot com. Through and there are days. Your these. It's like. Oh and I played it back on the left love. Yeah family. It's can help families and making little town. Hey Lance. Well yeah. Well liked it and how. Families and don't get. You know the analysts. Yeah. The government here today from more than 21 wrong. It is it's after five all alive today thanks very careless but you gotta be thinking about Thanksgiving and all that boot. So let's talk the best part of Thanksgiving dessert he can't they'll know what to serve a big gap by new candidates are talking alcohol. Let's go wrong apple pie with leftover Turkey himself and then what does that mean here sitting at a table by trying to probably eight you know who. All us miles I don't think you're due out here that's for sure and tequila and with the well primarily I know that is good. If you I don't know if there was your Turkey and your stuffing and your gravy and your sweet potatoes. And your green bean casserole do not ask me if I believe they fear you need to talk to the experts at total one animal. These guys rock will be laid out for. 2500 Beers 3000 years 8000 lines that includes the biggest selection of Washington winds around and oh yeah they'll always have the right. We're talking men's room original red bedroom black men's room gold. Folks it's a lot of mobile hook you up with a couple of excel files line if you're one of the family or friends they know your stuff and you'll find exactly what you're looking for from the experts. And it's all one more that's exactly. Total. I think it. It's a good thing. Thanksgiving season total lineup or rush hour you can order online it's a lot knocked down and it'll be ready with new one hours Resnick. Just please drink responsibly take at everything and total line that now. Big continues on the Iraq. About the profile more profile this. We're live from member of queen casino. Today everything you do being performed live music to sound effects are. All of it completely I've been powered by total wine and boy. Now back to the men's room on that nine point nine KI guess double. You are now we will let it go away don't you learn how do you harbor was a black flags on magazine awards you. Coming up here the executive authority they know it was a while those silicon TV time when dad. Yes ma'am I'm naked. We're live from emerald queen casino. To have. Today they showed us that you are hearing is being troubled lives. The music the sound effects commercials and all of Barbara jet barbershop quartet everything public. I've empowered by people who live in more. Now back to the bedroom on 99.9. KI SW all right thank you gaga Merrill legacy no harm in doing I want them waterway here probably. I. Violence and. Pennsylvania for an ice storm. And a guy who actually opened up his old barber shop that no one. You back so part of the deal was that you were almost wanna commend it to America even to the American absolutely for yes that's correct way you look at these guys in black white makes your aid that you influence them. If they're building the city of problem. And and placed it right yeah you. Yeah all right all right Erica. Make way. Now while the TV news all the time and it's time for TV time but did. Then you can until I moved to. Oh man. Once upon a little bit here and now. The water. All right every you know so today miles everybody here we're gonna play theme song for him. Both need to recognize them you might it's we got a couple different versions of it everybody back there right in Iraq. All right. Theme songs of all time. Barbara Shia if you will it. I. All right maybe I'd jump to another little. I I feel people call us friends. It's not gonna. Throw and honestly. It's lies some things happen. Trying to get. However you know what a quick point Loma Vista and it's now the Clinton needs to donate would you love this is now. I think you chance you. All the and that's helping us. The question now look. He's up. Assailants is now. While the deficit. About perception that the people are important it was because Sam my. The problem is part of the bandits also part of this thing right is there adjusted pro you can look behind me is now right. I was ready thousand Betty Lennox area all right and we're starting at number ten top ten things on the ball. I can almost guarantee. First time that we don't change as let me. Rather it I also appeared to. All right everybody recognize that line this lends he when you were did. You'll recognize this and number nine votes. Number I'm dying number nine number nine. Looming. At. And maybe we. It's kind of put on makeup. Why do we always come here breaking news. It's. Like that kind of partner. Want to show. It. They know celebration on his race and all the hot yeah. The Atlanta police com. I. Much like the puppet show a lot of people here since early in the morning. Maintaining yeah. All right miles an excellent up I think you're gonna enjoy a number eight. Okay. He's done very well now if he had. What's can go to the top tens in songs of all time on TV. We have made up their numbers suffering numbers than ever that. So. Seven. And. These people out there. But watch happy days. Everybody have any idea of certify implement the carnage surely the whole thing. Because if there still. I mean like later in life like every week but it's kind of what it views of the nerdy guy he looks so cool. Pulled through. I don't get outta the school. And I should be back at him in the name of a boom pumps up. All right made up to number five boys. And play. It's. You. No man. News eight now. And again and you know when. You know they ran out. Well apparently yeah. Okay. He'll examine how much do. Yeah yeah. Mike Yugoslavia and now I knew it existed but I could. Matt Williams family was bigger house morn cartoon that was not looking towards him and everything that real people available at my campaign. Other sponsors all of months now it looks like Hitler. Pattinson. You know completely hairy dog in Boston that was that was cousin and I come and it doesn't it yeah. It's like Star Trek style in a number of us don't even watch the show I noticed that all right Micah and that's right. Right now before. And I. And. I've always kind of wondered if not like with that part of that friendly with everybody there is the regular so much everybody in any there's like six people aboard. Right at the finger like everybody knows and like you guys try to put spot. On business. Yeah there was never winning. The thing you do tentatively abstaining general I don't know that the first part of drinking. Where are your friends are there. Think differently if they're always there wouldn't be doing all right I know avoid making dog to be fired up in this one. We've got radio this. I'm. All right. All right number three boys. Yeah. Hillary. Beat the and it is happy. I. I never realized it was really obviously a couple that went boom boom boom. Yeah that was tell site. Well be one of the things you got. Tough bug TV themes of all. Time today correct there were up one number two on this one. Let's make sure the quartet has done before we start playing or is it I got to cover boys. Number two. It's. Show and then number line that you saw. So here none. Saying it's. That's the Barcelona. OK okay and Bob okay. No rain wind and Atlanta hey okay. Equation my panelists I'm nice. I love what they've done this. OK okay. Right OK got to I'm down here in the drama. I. Coming of that fire broke your volatility. Seat was rather. All right now number one on the list of the greatest team songs I can guarantee you girlfriend likes to show them that you probably like to shoot two. The digital voice data and number one. Yeah you wow. Law. Okay. Thanks for being my friend. Memorial bridge that it's time. That was. Like maybe we didn't learn the whole version of the golden girls. Rent time. Are right now Eric has been with us all day is a one man band is one song. Active over the years. Bigger rock crowd will be into it. Little Johnny Cash. Fulton County lose. I hear that train coming it's cool and how they. I mean I think that it's. I don't know what nothing pulls a little. It's rank it. That's when he's on the road. On vantage. Yeah. And I have to maybe we'll Bob Bob I'm hoping. Oh win. Atlanta anyway. Headline news. I'm. Rob it's. Okay. God. Then. Why don't let me. And then we'll. Will not lose them. Thank you it wouldn't let me. I'm out of a view is that right now with a look frankly folks is gonna make you happier and all when you find out some leads me. I'd them. That's important. All right now so don't let it read in a report that the top and that's the world's highest T yeah. I hope. We will not leave. That. Up right numbered at. Finally I mean obviously number ten on the list I didn't notion that if you. Heidi plume. Yet if you don't know what she goes on. Yeah I don't know it Project Runway. No no no clue might I grew up with three women now can it was on a lot. Sounds like a great show like there's still looks good he dead. Yet she's always been that. I think that our number nine with. Michael sure and it. Well when he's ever not believe what you post eight different things that he Michael how much money today. 11 point five million dollars a year from my broker at Michael's foreigners. If you look at the gap that. The ship it mind again. I'm around what's gotten them keep it drew breeze that really his thing and well we still got that thing but it doesn't yet take this into that yet he's now in native boy. There. Yes string and right when he one point five million street next on the list at number eight we talked about earlier Sean Kane. We did Sean Hannity screening every year when he. 36 million all I had got the other 36 millionaires. Out there. Now the real phone numbers and it's not your taxes now must avoid moving. That it would Fox News after. The birth of on the list pillow right. He had it. 37 million. Gas make more article or on fox. I I don't know this guy doesn't work on Fox News he works on every other TV station there is. Steve park they got these people are how much you make 42 point five million dollars a year. That you know into like different donning nobody has one job Steve Harvey has 78. So when you have though. That you can get Steve are we apparently at a discount you keep working to make a lot of money. There's a good chance wherever you are in the world right now if you turn it on Steve Harvey's on it is. After that a number five we have Simon Cowell Paula down 43. And a half million dollars a year believe now what does he make it more than everybody else on the. He produces the show is that what it is yeah it produces those the reason that I just I can't believe he makes them want to go. I don't know that it never mattered of these that are due to vote eighty cigarettes today. Buick. A fourth on the list stuff that's years. Judge Judy object 47 million dollar from the Judge Judy people get into a reluctant to use. After Judge Judy we having other not a brilliant that I don't Judge Judy. We have another round ballistic constantly is working and he goes on any of Ryan Seacrest. You and I know he makes a year. It fifty high. Six all right 58 I. Eight billion dollars that we Hewitt happy new year number two on the list Ellen DeGeneres. Sure. Allen fans out there. I think he'll. Pallet of bodily Allen pulls down 77 million dollars a year for her. That's right yeah thank. Right and then number one on the list when a mile of the favorite people in the world. But they'll knock. Well blackout segments. Tactical way Sydney nine million again. I don't know to have a president of we've got your headlines on the language like knock you are listening to live dates. Live from locally casino on the rockets Seattle 99.9. K I have. We have commercial guns here miles Montgomery golfer to outline them. A guy you led very gonna go see family for Thanksgiving you're not bring them back three dollar and 99 that bottle line. Dude and his Thanksgiving. Yet. All the smiles but for me it's simple he did allegedly numerous threads on the poppy. Here's the thing I'm sure you could find these involved want to start. Don't know what you're looking for you have no idea. Yet though that's the guy whose stock. Wind supplies both the folks in Carolina more than the average weight over all the wines and spirits tastings and they know exactly what they're looking for. Look at 2500 Beers complete self. 8000 lives including the largest one once again the wrong besides a dozen great aunt had. Special monologue Thanksgiving ever known in my career laps if you're lucky hit again and we got. I'm not what it's gonna tell why don't mark this is all they do with the total mindful of one or more Fred happy hour here in the don't want the morning stock up you can even order. Life on the line not count for pick up with their new ones hours ago just please drink response. And pose a men's room you know does it. Usually bad loans. I'm pretty good news bad chef for the men's room to talk about make your original profits put my thousand Bessie only problem. They've all gone now. Wonder what he'll say the best thing that life or even better with off. Never did that and that comment this season so busy this time that he would like crap isn't Christmas present of course you only. How we all know football is great but it even better what's optics. Delegated all of them but it's more all summer if you've got beaten and even like days better for the major original stuff. Can't argue with that sent some days Hurley can give us. I have to say you'll hurt thank god I don't know and it seems like being held this is a lot of ex. It is indeed mark my words believe one day football sausage will become one. We'll go outside and tossed around a softball. Tennis and as I can do is beyond sausage consultants. Didn't I. Even did a picture of my son has done well a couple of all. Obama put everything on the. As the men's room and written about it. Maybe it's been rumored and over. Again we think you tell me you would've wanted to total wind up on occasions. When appointing audacity Fisher houses. Of implementing these payments of a pipe today when senate about it doesn't comment at different locations like the budget and they. I've got booked me. Is that there is W. Demo. Of them out of the afternoon 99.9 KI SW oh. All of files and other attorneys led that they were like our hair and liquor around the bedroom and judging by our weapons. You guys feel bad though you and we know you drink is out of every. On the bag out of sorts of talk about legible original red gold and black and if you're looking to stock up and I do need to stock up for Thanksgiving or for your lights out football party. It'd still want more. And since this is that the little wider and more happy hour you can order everything online at total one dot com and have it ready for the go with the little one more new one hour extras pick up. That is cute look. I'm not saying you'll find something good in regard to restore but if you wanna lose yourself in the land of beer wine and spirits it is the total wind aboard the places like him. 2500. Beers including mr. rich red they have read thousands here 8000 lives and that includes the largest selection Washington. Rough outline around. Well I love that what he's open up for Thanksgiving Turkey stuffing and rolls by wanna get more adventurous and white or red gated until one more. That was like yeah I'll look at Rabat for a little get together around a couple months ago they put the New Coke didn't wanna see the family skip the flowers that there are the roles. Bring a couple great bottles of why. That's exactly what you'll find a total line and more this to me a favor please drink responsibly take out total why not now. I'd say. It continues. On the Iraq. Live from the emerald queen casino. Today everything you're married and we'll live. The music the sound effects commercials all of it completely live empowered by total wine and Mo. Now back to the men's room on 99.9. KI SW all of its own. We are thought rekenthaler see out there. Almighty god and they do have here and I headlines coming up with the one and only my mom and all the way in but it. You'll be just that. I want to threaten to have McCain and I'm prepared amid notebook that's the longer sure. Didn't want me tell you that you don't hear about if you look complicated it is there right now for the drug charge nurse an outlet and I. What is your date later in the delegate of the broadcasting. I'm thankful just. So before I tell you my days been like let me tell you how my day yesterday and did OK I was would these two. Playing penny slots. At the EQC. Five at the hotel and it was like 1130. Wasted. And it were. You. You throw up no of course not OK like what the trainer professor come on man what. I mean yeah so. The real and I pull cash out and I have. I have thirty cents a thrill has 34 cents who's that I got UN go witness if. Haven't realized it was penny slots mantle like at the beginning beginning in my mind like. Yeah mullah slip when reasonable hour got him. The look look 300 credits up on fire that you you have three dollars. Except north edge about Gettysburg. Nutty. Itself. I can't hear you yeah. There are so we got up we got up before this morning we got to avoid this morning. After sleeping for drunken hours and knowing that Harold thing ever since the start drinking. You have not been drinking but if I did it start at 1130. You guys both started at six. That is not right. On its Dillon headline still an outline deal but it put my cock hitting nine point nine. KI SW AK IS WAT one Seattle. Welcome back in the mid Truman miles and thrilled. Powered by total one in four runs 99.9 KI DSW. Head down. It's an edge. Yeah night. Talk. I know. I when it raspberry it was definitely an. 44 and forty seconds. But had to issue a very sincere apology after they left at 940 floor and do anything. Trains are joking around when they leave and he like you can still run of the gentlemen you know there. If you get there time code and the thing I like about victory like this on a plane. Unruly passenger and depending your does not deal with all the terrain they stopped that it's worth every. Teacher at Salt Lake he rolled it. How do we know that girl. Yeah. Or I may or may have been told my doctor. That I continue to run my mouth with the volume running. You would stop the drain isn't like your father myrtle rippled normally don't I don't know they're gonna stop and kick my ass off. They did great but then I'll look it. Speaking well me and we continue to honor I'm going. But that's how I know your story. Our router on the well we got to San Antonio Texas for a couple decided to get a little hot and heavy in the movie theater. But you're arrested after they were not having sex in the theater during and having to supply was doing his rounds in the carries a lot of the woman was there and it is growing areas you know man. After you went against the manager they came back to find that he had completely rattled in and they were having sex. For Odyssey. Which is why I love the headline of the story it says quote exposed why did Peter Clarke is always thinking what's somewhat. Yeah I know what realistically. Like I don't know man I'm the morals of people like a broken through boot him. And them yesterday in William Payne. I don't him. I really went yeah right next to me don't act if I feel I'm sitting on the other. Three. But I don't know anybody that you've been changed all of them it. Is worth. All right our next currently all the way down that you cannot. Or a mother has posted a photo of herself on FaceBook saying quote. I think has been suspended for three days of school and discipline he will do your lawn service you'll break your garden Moeller both of Mo if you supply them are negative trash or watch your car or play maximum three hours if anybody has regularly Dunning that would be awesome and he will do it all for a while that's a bomb. Discipline it right. It'll work. Would leave me but I would never. Yes yes yes hello actually knows it's almost nothing did you ever have attention. Now you were in trouble for any yeah. That movie I am lacking class my teacher was this stuff on that. Like I have been charged vehicles. And he would not happening and the senate office. He's like nine people we answer it you're like one of the time now is good about it and I perhaps the worst thing them school I probably if you. We got. Ali considered roughly 2000 molecules that have concluded that about 70% of a bit of pain as. They are or have gone through a quarter life crisis some of the factors that made them believe that they went to Detroit for not being able to find a job with a passionate about. Buying property finding love and their next career move every twelve months of life at that the headline and that. I talked him out thank you by. He very may call here at the wrong.