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Friday, November 17th

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The announcement might have a fight like the other half did you go to a musical go to. Plans but plant felt for a what was the music of your mouth disease it was called new. Look at it get a chance because it's it's not free but that I can't. Rate. Went. Here's a question. And make the check out that went through. There's only one black majority owner of any Major League Baseball. Football league or indicate it. Woods the as the only majority black hockey as a Johnson. It's. A little bit from the Baghdad's combat. What is it easy Michael Michael Jordan. Ambulances and calendars. Yet Charlotte right Bob now after it went to five run. It's good column magic and it pretty well with or its own and yet let all the Brooklyn nets rumba. Gave me silly too easy just kind of things and it. And Joe Camel. I just feel we're on minority owner but you it. But to me about. You'd think everything he's done what does Michael Jordan and probably to order the button order and. I hear it requested whom with the author of Charles. What night. So. You've got hit the Mike's encouragement like. Little cheer squad on him. It's good to get those. Roland Don. Total. Gold you've got. Yes. I'm. Vehicles around but nothing you would get it to us apparently gave Mike who is our next content we have the project manager at all let me. Part. Can. And David is over knots over. Did he call you the bush. Yeah. Do we want to watch. It. Would probably got their own pocket. Bearded month alone though like most of these from the seventies. In medical school pronouncement is back. Aren't you in particular attention to on this whose leaves less. People who work and offices with windows or people who work in offices without when. With windows. Says people with when. The group all I would help that Angela validated. That adequately to. Run amok. My question to. There have been more than 200 academic papers published on either while the vampire slayer. The movie in which makes it the most studied TV or movies available to. As the alien. Goodwill. Yeah well. Well all the equipment at all this day cinematic moment in time. That. I'll I'll never forget. Got what you see here just move and he wants me. And nothing about it. Not only Buffy feels good because Arnold he's got cramp I had no idea you have it great. Check now. Are here to question. Actor's case that goal and actress Jennifer Jason Lee they both lost their fathers. And tragic what kind of accidents on movies it's. They were opened the time you both of them were wrong. Airplane. Into a helicopter went and it. I don't have a I want to duplicate. That little bit more open. He wasn't in the helicopter crash in Obama's then there's been in the account for him. When you play a helicopter actually d.s through your in the helicopter it was the laws decapitate. You know they called Chester. I can prove it that's yeah. Stephen organized questionable pool that thing. Let's go to the world of Star Wars of Edmonton Edmonton you know I love it. What's the name of the green do. That you solo shots in the first there. See he was a bounty hunter everybody here definitely. It. Greeted everybody. Well it was only there for like I don't think charger games. Donald no. Not only was back they were though he did work for job. Can you name it if they are looking for you always tickling. The back and play you'll be back and I and our series die right then we'll get him. We're gonna go. Political. Black people white people based on the back down the slot and let them look me. They really got their hands out into the noted thing but what would think the flag both public and so now. Syllable. Gift questioned why aren't dumb. Mr. biblical soft drink created by the Coca-Cola company to compete with what others offered. Doctor pepper and was it from. There's a bit by the like preparers and tax. Authority has things. Mr. may I don't know appointment. From Norman with doctor pepper to divert him out of the deal and it's supposed to be like. I think it's socialism and the answer an appointment after which is the mix with them. Fireball images business. Absolutely spot. Him I'm not Cochran got a good Deseret at my game knows McDonough we let them after that on hard the electorate in that case. Collins. Upwards yeah hey yeah. And are there. The worst thing that counts me. Jerry are you up my favorite teams over at odds over all I am completely nuts over yet it was both of these wild snakes. Bouncing. Eight he would not human aspect of this remote and on February. A box well watch every minute ago. And they go. The lowest actual temperature ever directly record the ground level. Was manager what. Antarctic. You want it done. Oakland townspeople look at us like Ezekiel. Keep owners here. Mike you start I could definitely gain a salesman that takes it means that are given out for Brian. Scenario. Rise over don't work. I'm a little dog bitches yeah. Get on February on your member. I think there boxer briefs I don't really remember it either way they're gonna do today that it. Well. Here is growth. A shovel. It's viewed and what sport badminton and I. Scott thanks guys good job paper and I appreciate Mike we got time for another contestant Roca due out when you line them. We have a man makes tracks that are fire it up for job. And John it's over not over all over the I don't think governor ultimately you know alive today had to live day by the way. Underwear. I'm I'm David two miles at those missiles thanks so Visio. I don't know. A fundamentally he's as to where your underwear and you can view golf you can play in the night under the Luther. Well outside the front and back. We all know about. I don't know if it's in the got a lovely book. You do know part of lost. You you're the white one of them. I think they give personal comment. I here is your question. What does the academic. And hey Stan. We. Bill Clinton calls visual evidence that sort of go on to. I Eisen noticed but I have known and T in aid and that old Ice-T. In a when I. I'm on how well you know moved the last week. I don't know when it. Actual rival to play answered all right did you know how I would fully dot micron and act like you. I don't put anything apart my and look what all right here question Google backed the world or war and because always in systems though. One of the view that the dudes that's it marks the positive news in the third Star Wars movie. You are it is that you are not. I do that. You know what apple would want that you won't now. It does understand the kind of cute but that's what you hear disable them what amounts bit. Local. I think he walks yeah. Yeah I don't think it's. An excellent. Including its yet it's. Coming up. And it who to ask you guys yeah birthday homelessness the dirty Germans Obama. No sir are we are our last night drinking and definitely with the south of the day it's all coming up you're listening to live differently and hopefully. On the rock you know 99.9 eight iron and stone. Calling it. And no I love the holidays. Right tends. Miss now that's next neat town. I think I'm your client. I think that's called the FedEx. So. We Christmas tree. Now I got you know we got. Poked hard yeah doubling. Its theme. I seven Santa's lap ones meet you but something came up. Like the question. Now it was harder and back how hard they meal deal heart. Like mass car. We ran our. Jeep just read her. Furious. Creek where. Car. Yeah these hand now. I now right right now. Underwhelming. Busy KI SW dot com and together rock girls today. From the rock of Seattle. We. Still you. Right sentencing him makes you. Through all right here for MetroPCS. And I don't have. Let's talk about limited quantity and bit me and it probably has put it that way for me. My of that store advertising and limited in and I do not live to work. Nor question mark up won't arguably can't help but when I'm. Thanks I line demand and Allegra but it definitely that you know everyone will want. Then made more. Limited supply so great about my plans at met through the end you know all that Iraq. No commitment from if we'll take that. With the appropriate given to him I'm mindful here when you get a warning them yeah. And unlimited LTE one loved Illinois about the movie. Beautifully Thanksgiving and out more about her. Wireless figured out and racked up for anything more than 35 is well. They may notice for him. All right. In mobile network. Wonderment. I'm here I inherited. Stealing my clock. We are there things. Island that'll that'll do it again coming up next we got a Tony Puerto advent calendar for the holidays from Paris distilling company. Inside you'll find the money more award winning spirits including but none CNN. That's number 12 PM to me that's Brown's effort Irvin all tailored to make your holiday spirit. What would you do differently about it and nothing but good times and I certainly obvious that when he ballads I gotta get I don't if I don't it I don't know Tony black hat. I thought about it a thirty gotta gotta get up at about how to act. You do realize that you're the only one that ignite. I don't know how easy is it. I got 35 of iPods and an abortive idolizing and aborted when I. How they're getting it up eighty dollars to get admitted I can be gotten out of it happening out there ain't there it. Area that that's two months. That that's that's the kind of want to. Yet forcing port 46 I got forty to 104747. Dollars and it plays. And yet yet I finally. And I hit now not. It is about spot at all right how about fifteen. Now I'm known. Well it's a bump in the 49 and have a they'll ask a doctor Nadler I'd salads and solver a forty dollars. The funny part holiday spirit that they don't ever inherited just like dominate and don't forget about their shows you recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas parted just like nobody Gig Harbor Washington please drink responsibly. And news. Heading the end between us. How would you were a kid really settling disputes between your friends on the playground did you look for compromises when he came to play with a lawyer when your house fight over. Did you make sure the ice cream store gave you the same size group with the other kids making sure everything is fair you're watching Perry Mason LA law. And I was just great in. Bright thanks friends. I don't be so modest. I bet you wore a suit to school every day probably had a briefcase and everything no doses of briefcase. Well why did you become a lawyer now to help regular people fight in the insurance companies and corporations that own power. Now we need to put at equal justice and open it there is room door dealt a 50 they can't talk to your client without the president. That would be also I think on TV that's Arab powers that knowledge should. But if you've been injured for you need a great group of lawyers talk to the attitude they have your back your consultation is always very dedicated to take good care especially not. Give a call to 065123555. Or visit at a health advocates will mean average its wallet dot com. There. Continuing. On the from the emerald queen casino. Today everything you hear is being performed live music the sound effects commercial dollar they completely died from power by Eric. The guess be that the browns should suburban. Now. Back to the men's room on 99.9. KI SW. Federal quickness and our authority tells the dragon Soledad coming up again right now on. And of course another ship coming up to beef and potatoes we have a little lion who plays this course the the run well and return no as Sherlock that is all coming up but first played it down but please give alarm around a lot. Our dad our man. Window pane and. A window playing OK maybe we live today. Iraq. I've been able queen casino. Today everything you used vehicle won't live the music this sound effects could merge goes all the way. Completely knives empowered by the advocates. Now back to the men's room on 99.9. Chaos. Noble you knock out haven't gotten out of TV time attack on. Standard television theme of all times and coming up right after the break so throughout the day is on the way as well. At the heart stops we have time brave few emails in the men's road adventure of livestock. Do we maybe haven't either. I got here. Yeah oh yeah this week. I. Okay. You violate. Good company crowd roars of men rumor reds and red because we think it's yummy. Studio audience. You are the first to say he's been through black 2000. I'm Erica up and down and we do have a birthday requests. It has all the gentlemen today is Mike gases daughter TSE's well. It big line today would it be possible to get alive part from the rail a smell from miles and need to remember paper Bravo. Because it's such a sexy like which could you fart on you. We'll get back to them. All right let's act out of the broke my ports around move myself and monitor or that it's not we're gonna go for broke any of those may. Our guys it's our daughter Dakota sporty Smart they would listen all the time up here in lovely Victoria British Columbia. She loves big dummy put her favorite is no way Sherlock. Did you get and how hitting the window followed by a barber shop. May sandwich. Thanks guys and rock god ad from Mike. Could you let your agent known him for president would you want me is it's not. Take its fancy pants on doesn't happen telephone hello. It's a lone gunman was and let them it was a closing down but it does on this. So yeah if you don't hit my password you look. Even in his salads and. That's the highlight everything we do live there. It is today as much as our laws eighteenth birthday did you get sincerity Germans from thrill and Ted and also a birthday wish from Robin in German zoo. Thanks guys that former brother in law mark. Now profitable they'll openly with bill. Boxing you can play with my eye. Yeah god late teens haven't. Game when you find it. Yeah lovely you look sad. No well you please welcome him. But. I got the blizzard for years today marks my son even eighteen trips around the side panel that can I get up barber shop based satellite network. Okay. You lose people other Sam Lance. I don't know it's always maybe some you know rally in Milan and I. I did. Out of a kid he's 23 birthday celebrating a lot of. Could be dirty terror which are very happy birthday. Good to us it would it would we shall we go yeah. And after America but to him at the end of the opinion based on the too much. And I. Problem. Maybe fifth or tenth on hands or 24 birthday today and all he wants is a boob job. But I wanted to know it yet perfectly for beat them. German rail until at least for now there just fine the way they are. I am so but it broke the quite fine but the pilots and ask it of you the truth comes. Oftentimes you. Close until these things they also need repeat. I was always happy to be. All the guys my daughter date night or in the audience getting publicity. You can't worry about it. Eyes. OK I know that my daughter to date at Berkeley via its reported birthday she's so excited to be outlawed day. Could you please. Give her the best barber shop they sandwich ever thanks guys have not yet. And he would do anything known him do you wanna eat a sandwich and take a chance he advanced on another happy dance Allah oh. Simone and it was in that much of it was as innocent men upon the proud phones. So do you want me to only if I ask you when you look it is sandwich and. Hello. Both learned not to listen you guys were a quarter of those years. We compensate for the loss of every man for not playing your penis is too small and rob and rob looking at the votes that. Again. I. Call. I. You know loves everything you Melissa. As a running because my fiance Ryan 35 trip around the sun. Paulie wants for his birthday with tickets alive day about tickets for both of us we can't be there. Because I'm working and Nordstrom could you please give to charity tournament for a birthday love me tender yet. Now looking statements to them that the of this article talking a little funny but that. And equipment to look at what's. Happy birthday. Yeah I'm a victim of that package that you went inside and moving in Tacoma. Paula guys I'm not hoping it's not too late for a birthday wish my 36 trip around the sun. Gonna guys that you're talking all over each other about dinosaurs. Thanks bill. And yeah program. All. But it never. And the moment and I think he apparently doesn't wouldn't be difficult for the. Do you. I did my hope in my heart that I love to overlook things that the beginning of 36 years young today it would be pretty epic were they surprised to give them. A barber shop beef sandwich thanks guys for at. Ellington he's gonna hit us you want your money either of these analysts and you can't take your chance he'd Samsung doesn't happen does not go below are. So you know looking on the I was in the Amazon wasn't losing them up on the prize on the side. So good that you put into building it hasn't would you want it is Allison. And I can't wait to figure out how to do this I have an idea earlier but it was next. My god it's. My husband leave Barry's fortieth birthday he loves the show all he wants is a big old bomb hit thank you guys camera. Good work guys. Guys today starting 41 birthday let monitored and know that her birthday she is to sleep with any member of the men's room. Could you givers of dirty Germans play. They don't want to be so broadly what I have done look good but. You do it man and stand an opportunity crap kicked. You know victims like comfortable with the owners yeah. And the guys who play guitar period it's a love I love Glenn but I the weakness of. God but that's hard days though is that things you guys could become a big old bomb ripped but the dirty Germans his name is Matt that he 42 things that remain Andrea. You can if you do not want to smoke from the bong purportedly from school. Now than a violated and that might munition etc. instead of to solve world. But dog not a huge fan yourself thanks for all you do I wanna waste my wonderful husband Jeff happy 47 birthday would love from his adoring wife Kelly could you please get a big old. LeRoy king here. Yeah. And a student. Yes I thought our enemy belly got so they're going to be that's another show the groom to be here is bachelor party at his name is Casey Richardson. And he's in the audience were alive today I know we'd be happy with the. Shout out you're their brother get married. You and all the parts that people ladies and gentlemen you guys go to the part that. Let's do it. View. Wow. They had that in. We will close. So much bad day on the job today. Iraq the birds the head Jeff is in the house this time once again. Or did meat and potatoes. Time to open one day then send the it's meat and potatoes. Now use your host Ted ship of the men's room and slid the I'm. Expect all you important tournament except for a I the first thing we got to do today is having an abuse doable and you. I'm insane. So look this dad. I know normally you it was that now I mean what that you would now. The blindfold now that we have the blindfold thrill. Before I put the blindfold on you should know I have worn myth that tackles are in the desert at burning man many festivals and it has never walk. I know. No I'm not there is they're threatening the life out on them that. Among other things yeah head true essence of he shipment. That absence of duty you know wanted to over the as far as car. I do not know what those. While we don't know. Art mindful about. Now you've been now working on the press visa believed to be the last we can have them. I have miles and then back here we'll open earlier today added backstage for the things over whole summer off. You know growth rate for. Your gonna a third of Stephen CPP yes the food items you prepare correct. Like this it's justified for. Him. That's pretty well OK there is no one I think you'll actually like. People you would never get on account definitely they would never let you want to look at the. Risk of dying every day jail nice coming back. Yeah and you know party would be you can travel. You know hard it is if if the. It's completely NASCAR why it was that the problem I think like he's gonna look like it's gonna look at it if we that the group. All right Mike or Robin what do you if Avery just kind of put the food and is now the third time. The it's now been expressly thrill moment really creepy little it'll only be food bigotry of food out here and you can see them with them so I can't freeze right. While most Americans there were no I don't right. Everybody don't forget today manager Cecil can be 50% off its live. Do when you have. It you can vote in the restaurant I'll take 50% of Elway told. All right well know what number one. It over the line and it's colorful. It's going to and is now. You know I'm like that's what you look like through that you wanna eat you in the fight through with the effort that are yet you know. All right that's you're little. You're going to be. Do we have a sit down we don't know guarantee you can lose the desire to the beginning and I know all right. And at the plate. I haven't given him a deal with them. Now man that was something much more funky. Baby beats. Maybe beats navy beats not just the producer also flexible when it look like will apply. I. Oh you know what you're right that was not the baby eats up maybe pizza first on the list I'm I think they beat us. Apple does purple cauliflower but now I know that got beat up. Okay. For babies. All right really you're in luck OK we'll get our product felt like south cauliflower and I want to. That it was legitimately like I know there was some. It. Now growing at a special treat me you're how old pool pulled attacks are pretty who. Opened up. Right now. Yet it get a kick back. That would be enough of the you know. You know this product very well thought. Please don't you have to understand that Steve the thrill hill eats vegetables that much tonight and we're gonna serve on the little sausage between China. We hit Alex in the back to normal that. Food item number two. All rights oh all right. Becomes the funky stuff. And opening of the Bjorkman and an anchor. Hope hope hope Google I don't know this is definitely don't look at it that yet. Well actually that's. Well all and its. That was the aforementioned baby beat that Karzai apparently that. I'm. He. Limited. Did you know what I wanted to serve that well when we need to knock him out. There and drain like these Kamal. Picked it back. After a billion not those campaign beyond. I think so far we've got purple cauliflower with curry. And you know that was early on that it and ADB's. Acuity care. All right this and you should lightly and I don't think he's going I just know this would be the best. Now I'm excited to be with them. All right he's Juli if you keep hitting it pretty easy to swallow it no no I hope it is fueling. It's gonna get it no babies back I'll try and well it's against the wall. Believe it relates well. He still joint. He doesn't like it totally and like you preparation gotten it. It. At the frying. The bride Brussels for a now all. Wow I never. Better than we didn't. I. In the south. There's not a good about the way. That you got to look that up of the dark win the eclipse. Of our would have gotten it thrown in there. Oh yeah got a pair that's when a little bit actor. Who love brought sprinkle in a little edge yet personal season. Read it. Well what event. Oh OK okay this one's a little fancier it. It's gonna probably show up at the appetizer. You know you see really any kind of relive. It also accompanying me accompanies when your favorite things. Well my fear and yeah. And it's the one element of it. Maybe. The only thing he. And he now. Based on the strings that are in that. It is now known blue cheese. It. Yeah well I generally I think you know salary we achieved it about typically. Get guys like chicken wings. Coming moving Alomar. Got one more name. All of my hat's off its planned South Ossetian rinse sausage links. A. Watching this thing. Tied to our. Certainly. Ottawa going through right its course now. I'm here as well wrote laws like the stuff. Oh all right all right. Who like this like. All right the final the final food I really heated really cute little smaller rooms and. Crunch down. Okay. No I admire your that it's that time you're you're you're getting there. There it is apparent our guys it's just super blaze there. Please Eric Snow. All right so I think what we've learned here is that you want realty defensible let's go ahead and be right thank you heads up by coming off mobile. It's up straighter back here on mountain. And it's all the way also returned broke out in his ability to rent will be booklet out. Of course returner not know as far as coming up next who doesn't live from general we think you know on the rockets yeah. I have W. It sausage time. Tend. They found themselves off from all wheel so you suffer a little more sausages and partner you know. Oh great German police the police think was found. We can't you do except for the venture. Here to talk about Andrew Roberts original profits with my sausage ST Louis from publicity with the only are you familiar with the old saying the best thing in life or even better with the office. Never I don't know. And did he come best. And it's fun. Of course you do going. And we're asking you. We don't know football is great but it's even better with a totally stocks. Till game is awesome but it's even more awesome work you've gotten me even live they'd better put that number rituals. And argues that tent and what about risk. Then you risk. I don't know that. It seems that he missed his field is that look this is an. Awful it is we'll mark my words easily. Won't be any football stoppage will become one will go outside and tossed around fast ball. I can't do that we have doesn't comply. Human mind is that your picture of myself and placed them at him and whatever you fatally. Men's room originals sausage. Made with the men's room original. This week we'll see how the NBA. Anything. Today right. And it's available at all at totaled one or more locations and supporting all three Fisher houses. Available at least famous sausage at my place police say his sausage dot com and this is locations. Like Washington State varies hash tag both leagues. This thing KIS double you dot com for more. From the rock of Seattle 99.9 KI ESW. We'll. That's just walk by that was yeah. We're going. At a bare feet heavy fog air video only. So happy to know most people live in TV every six or seven years. Really that long out of my kids about not old but still working just fine I can see you on TV it's not a fine. But you know I do look better on those new court case TVs those are much better playing the top Samsung LG Sony models. But I think yeah. What might get 200 dollars 500 dollars worth a thousand dollars horrible scene. You can traded at one of those top rated models. Right here in town video lonely and helped finance the balance and no injuries a thousand dollars per hole. He can no interest financing on the best TVs available via video only this. At video only you won't find new doors with refrigerators dishwashers. But you'll find the best deals and HDTVs blu rays cameras camcorders and home theaters. Shuffle rounds makes me visit annually if you don't know okay. Excel Centre Bellevue Lynnwood federal land to cope. A part Telemar who hears the man Eric Payne. Okay. Donovan a rockaholics. Success comes not at all as you desire most of those as. Cared deeply about what they do it feel compelled to clean the daily celebrated tailor care to Mardy EW. Is the original purpose they'll travel lane please be known the world over court's ruling general complex. Alimony w.s named after John you'll eat William. We decided to drop it only come from two pattern there and insisted that his whiskey was made it hard. And are offering a post. Rob how are you on up supporting you on the drops but initials of mr. Doug Williams. An area of Atlanta tires with. May work like you don't need the money love like you've never been hired guns like no one is watching and drink like a true irishman. Namely because the Irish do raising them through an on site telemarketers. Man. The original red pepper all of true character would instead of better. Quite unleashes a sweet and salty flavor some of them are you Irish whiskey wis sit side by side. Best enjoyed amongst the frenzy conversation. It's a combination of media and teleport you gives you a new flavors this thing. Three times to steal early speed things like this I would argue it's like to editors this. Grab yourself a do and a true today. Glasses off to response about drinking. And. Hard as they're restoration. Needs to 30. Yeah. Now and get up in the morning here all over the I've just got lucky last night that you ever wonder where it came from the due to laugh about it that. If your hair to look man I've actually been there done that pays him threads. That would like to replay attack I hit it died on top of the analysts say that without the ball. But now normally the eight ball game shiny smooth black. But I think you don't have to think I can't think that women that are suffering from Birmingham receding hairline. Paralyzed starved for real world suddenly the old iron to written naturally. It's revolutionary if it was that you can describe it and that they arrest rate below. Both about the pretty confident about these things anomalies I don't know growth but. No one wants to go Olson ring him right there and you don't have you back to the advance that we. Ended may stick with the important to remember. It's not think that. We threw you that natural rapidly growing him. Process takes one day at work we've made great event there provides the lowest ever written off the oh yeah. You wanna go to a way to get treatment on court one watching movies absolutely. Are your three private companies are looking events there dot com. Let the fans there dot com. Live today continues. On the Iraq. Live from the emerald queen casino. Today everything you hear is being performed lies the music the sound effects of the studio audience. That Iraq herald. All of it completely been powered by gullible are you Irish whiskey. Now back to the men's room on 99.9. Has doubled you you've got drivers now today. No I thought looked at a little profile than that it got point nine KI SW in the KIS WAT one Seattle. Live day continued from Iraq. Well I've been in the emerald queen casino. Today everything you hear is being performed live the music the sound effect that the mayor feels. All of this completely live empowered by total wine and more. We're now back to the men's room on 99.9. It doubled you. Price tag alive today we are minutes away from breaking an adult at this time of the day is coming up but parts. Our oldest and the Roseville Combs the green. Look at personally would have lied to grow do. And it Knoll. Sherlock. Had brought it does well over the holidays in mind Portland because some of some of you feel guilty of this text me your ice packs over Thanksgiving is never a good idea. Sure. Unfortunately some people after I don't know like Thanksgiving or Christmas but it's. It is a bad bad bad you get fired up like we're thank you have a look if you do reach out that your. Your X during Thanksgiving patent makes them on. The odds of you dying from heart attack during sex or super alone but are you. I'll. Sherlock. I was let new. IPod and having sex with that people would have a lot last night or we would all die around six. Yeah vote them out the door. I don't I just so you know doctors no way. They studied over 4000 cases of sudden cardiac arrest. Or thirteen year period and it found that only 34 out of 4057. Cases. Happened during sex with an hour that the only zero point 7% so you know it's upon. An architect but if you do have a heart attack just drove right to be do I your lesson Jefferson chances by. So basically it won't happen but if it does it so if it does he died doing what the or who was written. That there is no question I answer your question here if it that I. The richest 1%. Own after the world's wealth to study finds. Well I cannot believe what I'm hearing all. Your luck. Jackie. The best thing about those next headline. They're not talking about politicians are this is they've mutual. But the headlines will read Washington DC it's home to America's largest collection the parasites. We're. Yeah you're. And it ain't like axle where I thought for a couple of movies on my own game play well. In the lovely putts on the river the locally paddy and act on. Stanford University study says that more children read more reps children did that register. I'm I'm I'm a lot. No. Sure. Our. We're at Stanford did everything now with dad wanted at that right at the line hook it. But Stanford did not want to get those are printed Gil de they did some research let us know this and I'm not able to figure out. Yale researchers say that low calorie diet can help with I didn't. I'm saying. There. And anybody else they're not god they know that Iran. That dumps a little bit right eating them. We continue. Louie CK says the allegations against her true. We'll vocal on knows. Our. I think there's a lot of people being used as I do want to see. But he would rate probably the bottom of the list of people. Or multiple choice why are. You know I think that it is the monkey thing about the track. Got a bite of an earlier with the police here. Which now principles are. And lays. Don't listen if you live in northwest you know this features of this might not be know as America but certainly here it is. Drivers in the northwest maybe more passive when it comes to home game. Call phone call he won't know. Sherlock. I don't behave the president and have wave and it's not great yet. Do I. Somebody out there there's there's. We redneck guy games. And the men's room knows he doesn't related. Three now. So are you doing today. Okay. The victory dance dance and we'll find out who lord knows he has to do it and that we knew a it's kind of a few Smartphones are. Today headlines at this is what you understand about my day.