11-15-17 Seg 4 Mens Room Calls for Change!

Wednesday, November 15th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is done men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Hi Derrick Morgan told a standing by profiled as is coming up in medicine take our guys or boy the all I ever did your headlines on the way one hour from now. First why Jack and Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right there are 35 there are still 35 countries were less than 20% of people have Internet access. The front country. They're pretty amazing statistic right act Indian and actually reaches that maybe people and including Guatemala Honduras and Algeria. Just not Puerto Rico. No weren't not suffer contract all the important. Deeply Guatemala has no Internet access none none are saying 1% of people have. Diamonds. Or lower the power rather less than 1% of the people and Honduras who wrote a study that believe it or not that. While people are fleeing living in very rural areas simply because they can get them and reality the recessions are bad. First it was jobs. In Namibia now for Internet access. What they do during the obviously not work. She's right the other not are Q my muzzled you know through. A new study ranked the most welcoming cities in the world and there are two American cities in the top ten I'll say New Orleans and Vegas and Vegas here. I don't know how we're gonna. Well I love what I'm getting severance as Phyllis for that Orlando is tenth San Francisco San Fran influence fan friendly and welcoming city. And yeah that's why name let's see it says that for almost main downstream my Obama's gotten a fight with a man and sober look like yeah. I don't know how I live that is with Orlando I think he's welcoming you here tourist there in Wall Street think relative fair. And Universal Studios are. I don't know like is the average rank and file or lay Indian a friendly person. I knew one Goebel from Orlando and actually they were boyfriend and borrows all right I'll have to go there are very much so very hot there. Did. The FDA approved the first digital film. It has sensors inside that led doctors know exactly when you took it and just doctors. Yeah that's ahead. Come exist do we need to go there tomorrow just hate to gather input if you have the wherewithal to take it. The new doctors needs to make sure that you took you don't and on the feedback it's sending back I'm curious to find out what that is like what what is the mechanism wise and being used and then what is the benefit. So little Wi-Fi chip and this. I can't thank you just seems like some Big Brother thing did. I have tracked something. Right no nothing. So did the wrong end of the day if you don't take your pills you're hurting no one but yourself exactly like what I was thinking as I did doctor so and notice how fast that Daschle's thanks so if you're taking your grills an article you need to know. We've been doing what the doctor asked you to do pitchers today go all of your random except maybe as soon as you're going to go right. Well if you're off your medication they would know. Right and then they get more money because you go back through them because the pills didn't work because you didn't take them all now a lot of people who have above problems. Feel like. They can exist without those medications right so basically what they do is they convince themselves they don't need them anymore when in fact they really do. And really you really do when they get off of them they do you really bad thing sometimes that they don't mean to do because they're not on the medication to. Because they just assume that they're fun and that's not sometimes the case. Just said that threshold miles until another mental illness like that's what. I look I'm not disagreeing with the and the same event to meet at some point like now the pills we'll have a tracker inside of you right here I don't move. Where you go under the don't need to know Ted well that's exactly it might. And you read react hill last night we need to talk. Not get in that Trabant car that they could three ambulatory like there's more to convince the driving cars are taken directly to jail correctly to allow and Hillary is because you've got the villain yeah him. Like right like here's your flu like I think all over like that get the theology and in my opinion he has as an owner Jack predicted that if if if if now did you percent of Americans about something in person without using cash. Needing only debit card credit card on their phones which means it's 8% of people. Have they have not used something as I have not used another forma other than cash. But he's not right finally grew a few other who don't trust anything. I've referred to use cash for me is just the quickest easiest way to do it but we sometimes you just hand because we can mine a new TV. It's a hot like I don't have 800000 Patrick Norton put some credit card on the back too late I think used cash that I feel like when I see at least in my hands. It affects me different mentally than your sign my name not mocha and are they telling us might get then you have until across the threshold yet but. I'll just I'll tell you when you're good Brad Hoover Gerald available sicker here if you're ever in a what they call a joint bank account. With someone maybe who you live look right isn't he got. Right now as she sees her and they see that I have gone to all Buffalo Wild Wings 45 dollars. And then I went to another place and somehow spent 27 dollars. And then I went to a third establishment apparently and had 35 dollars but put an IE three times the new old. Actually what I did was I took a hundred dollars out paid in cash now the none of those locations picker found no idea what you're talking about catch. Ads when you don't wanna give based out for drink good beer eat chicken. I think that's that's that's just what a pain in the Aston at eighteen yeah you have a little somebody else you know motivate me as thin. The red occasion did you get from say your relationship drove my trust me with my during the day dim morning around 500 dollar bonus time monies anonymous. That's just wanna go to bar does what to do what I wanted to do without getting and he didn't play my game and it. Please give you their guy cash on us. Almighty god is right there and it's it is a pentagon hundred dollar ATM withdrawal and they charged me three bucks to get out my own money. The entire transaction with a 103 dollars. Known as they keep them from companies say why dig Anaheim and Ottawa to Walgreen all no no no my gun when Arthur I had to go and buy groceries. What aggression about your flower that's there to Snyder you go to down his rental cars you wanna know mono did you look at again and every night as it has nothing dealers biography. If if if if if there's eleven deep now. She would know whether there's always something me and I'm calling them just went grocery shopping and nobody knows why did you Biden's food when you buy food that you like you. Solve this problem. Fans we have cottage cheese and yogurt. They flew him when that a prison want to go boldly plan to have a banana. Above and I missed the president of the American Heart Association has done well today. I after having a heart attack with our moss using their coming. Where does he draws the more seriously I don't know what that is at. And damaged I partisan. Laughed. Yeah I mean. Also Maine you can do all the right things and I sent a body that happened in. He was super fit everything else in his right Israeli had a heart that. There are other things you can do to bring an arm but it seems like sometimes and it's gonna happen it just happened. And even brand new computers to short circuit some time to just hanging on things seize up a little left him in those guys like Juan. And doing all the cocaine and the other hand I may lose weight easy why didn't you Rangel climb Everest next week but I love my friend and employee three years ago. The people that always live into the triple digits ally drank at least a shot of whiskey a day it's always like whiskey cigars coffee and that like saved. Mean they work or something chewing tobacco throughout my 40s50s and sixties. I just ate glass. And mommy daughter had an interesting reaction when amana factor. Well was that a sale about a lot now tell you my god we got your headlines Killen a one hour from now the first game is little. Drew Brees this. Supernova to please everyone help profile this is playing as our Dan miles into a simple game where we share with you a real life news story something good happened right here. I'm blended her. Earth orbit and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true at pebble. And the decisions people make the last you wouldn't did you think it makes the story a story. Hello Jessie welcome to the men's room. Back a day and you're done it all you name it. And groom and his lone honest now in his eyes. I just we understand how this here game is played. I hear is your story a 38 year old guy U store it's 117 Dodge Challenger from rental car parking lot. At the Nashville international airport. Well he and his girlfriend of 38 year old woman they jumped in the car and they took off and because his challengers class is actually able to get away from the cops who were chasing after. But that's right around the time when his girlfriend. Called 911 from inside the car to try to turn her boyfriend and you probably wonder why would you drive through more for them if she's actively in the car that he stole. Was she wanted to get some reward money. Wheldon dismantled rumor wasn't AB reward money but she wouldn't give him but the door open says he's not gonna give him up. If they don't have an idea reward money together so late into the giving away. What accounts investigated. And ended up finding the sky and arrested a month so room charges back in August in the last week they also arrested girlfriend for attempting to harbor a fugitive and hindering arrest. Now there's no word of the two of them are still together but you have to think maybe you're not my question is do you believe that this Bonnie and Clyde couple is black white mixed or Asian. Cool and that's and move up until like I can easily knocked out twice and he's. Do you knock out wide into the sea. And I'm not. Paula. You don't do like Edmonton you call I'm gonna hold them and I'm sorry and in a car just seems that screens white. Public and even black eye off the bat. In the calendar plug in a lot of wind at the mountain. He's on the unit data known in the nose and original legacy and is it only has been Arnold Jimmie NASA's car to take two ago. We'll see when he got in my world Tennessee is going to be either wider black. Yeah. So I think you can eliminate 50%. And doesn't have a Mexican population wants. You know here I am and an unreal I am in their twenty years I've known you my news is Nashville and so certainly in the national Eric can't speak to the Russians. She cites is still the car from a poor drive out the top here and pursue but. And they are great doesn't really dominant car also got the empire as they get I don't know I don't know I don't think why do you get a reward might be nice him. Yeah I don't honestly I almost she's in the indulging yeah. From down under it well enough. I'd do if I'm with you I know nothing to back it up I guess I just thought it was black. Donald Clark here at the answer and he said yeah. Mean I'd let him be president candidate you know what you're on the back you up and send a typical black black is finally answer all black and jet black. Don't go back horrified out of this dynamic duo of black white makes the or Asian next. Back with his teeth you're listening to the men's or radio network. Other things Nashville Tennessee killed a stolen car from mayor rental car company is still good onto his total sleep up there Dodge Charger we are able to outrun police. Unfortunately a lot I'd still like dodge and almost made them when do that actually is great advertising for give them an abort your repo one from a drug dealer or whatever in only make an undercover cop. Really didn't end up either way. So on the way the girlfriend call the cops monitor men and for the reward money is. There's smoke there's no reward money decisions although we mormonism during a man and those young up and they still got away with the overcome later on because she made this the threats the police or ask her award and did not provide any of that she was arrested duke. And question was the couple black white Maxi or Asian. And Jesse I see him tomorrow but eventually you Wear black correct. Oh yeah all sure it's correct my friend. When asked why and he. Really. Miles you have used the man of the Dodge Charger in the challenger the sound light to the united gains in. We me and and it's dried yeah you. Good now. Relativity is good time it is time for TV time retain. Yeah. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. And I'm okay. Well. When Abbott not a guy elementary got a little little yeah and connect bottles more movies fired up you clearly. Thank you. You back. Hopefully that is a Segway into something terrible I'm not obviously though this one is this when Asia's people they don't know certain terms are. Jimmy killed us this off their right Michael Eyewitness News or whatever are sometimes it was asked people questioned that makes no cents. So to be impeached or to have an impeachable to offense you would have to be the president as that is correct. So this is just a staffer for Jimmy Kimmel actually people of Hillary Clinton should be impeached. Hillary Clinton should be impeached yes definitely what direction you know something on occasion they should be out. Hillary Clinton should be impeached yet for my crimes Hurley asking Obama what Hillary Clinton's impeachable offenses probably all the emails. Sometimes would you include in the articles. There's a Benedict and a lot of meters Syria basically. It take for congress to act now and remove Hillary from office whether I have any maniacs. I think they should get together badly and say hey this. We the people. Stacey what she's done is your own. We should feature you tell you what is the bigger threat to America back on climate change are no like I. Hillary Clinton my sister Hillary plan. And there about eighteen. I'm calling on congress to impeach Hillary Clinton TV leads Hillary in case. You think Hillary Clinton Jimmy and peace. She broke the law and I found out that she got away in peace now. I finally. Found somebody or I don't like to lead the video is a man to face of great watch the video I'm much editing a shot that guy at the end. But honestly late. He might be the most is shoveled one out of the whole video what is outside. It's just like regular grade or remain homeless guy knows. Well are you about that part of it too is like again if you put a camera front of people say say it's not talked to a power player like. If he's the only one that you did you see it kind of wash over him like impeached wait a minute. You gotta be the president of the United States that smoke Marlborough remotely recognizing and yes right in and get knocked. Last week or two weeks ago I sat here. It annoyed people all you did not sit there because you never sit well we do the show that's true toast and literally stance that this entire program she did not sit there and do anything you look I think. Piece of track and did their did something. So we are here in annoy people. Because I got them singing a song from childhood why do you do news. I don't worry what was the song how to go (%expletive) I'm not gonna go down that path song whenever there is no alcohol alcohol off and I remember how ago I was I don't solidarity is as well some of their brands there's only yeah that the red too yeah I'm gonna hate mail for that and I did it did person as well okay. Straight into it did you look ruin my dinner yet but that annoyed a lot of people. So then there's another phenomenon that annoys you most of the country I never bring it up in the statement. Because frankly the voice can be like nails on chalkboard to a lot of people. But in the spirit of just annoying people there's a fine interview on entertainment tonight with Kim Kardashian and her New England. House care. My health care situation and shot. Over a year ago all my friends have come over and brings healing crystals and I thought wow this is like I love having him in my home I love. What they need and I actually feel really calm and so this guardian also making me feel com that's my favorite flower it's may favorite percent. Yeah I thought my favorite things the things that are the most precious to me right now. And what's important in life is just Chile beat totally common C fan but I feel like I'm going to just healing process. This thing but god damn song this comment number I I concern over Obama and you look at it might legitimately in an honest question disclosed. I think why why is she faced with again the plea. Suggest sex again amerasian immediately met and a mound and looked at her I was always the British that's what the public outrage today. Cannot herbal I don't order meant seriously her boys are mostly at. Mountain. Eat and eat. I'm just glad that the kidnapping inspired this this new sent it sounds like the trunk of a car. I mean Writely can. I can't catch. It smells like duck tape. Country can. If it's ceased she's Paris let's the first weird being too like. It seems like such dramatic event seems odd to be like yeah they kidnapping inspired a new fragrance is you don't hear that much so credit tour for that Beriault original book. Decline was never on that commitment French Bradley healing crystals. They gave you some rocks man I mean sorry I just a smoke them if you. It actually dealing Griswold crystal methamphetamine alluded at the last two pipe. Yeah well that's something great you hear so you wanna smell like you can take it smells like adrenaline and got. You hear so much a bad moments of you guys ever ever actually watch the show. Are there no I mean you see bits and pieces because you can receives are seen maybe thirty seconds at a time I'm Zyuganov's and other places of show and I just can't I get from what I can tell most of the show a system like eating salads and drinking tea. Yeah and then talking about it but I still you know I always will say a so how they did it. Are you love in love couldn't believe then do they lol at all I don't know how much time back in the day when yet it was a horrible thing but though there were many children out there were taken for ransom and they were kidnapped but. Isn't there a time in your life where. You get to the age where you're not a kid anymore and so if you're an adult and you get kidnapped what's the term. Are you hostage. If you're not a kid averaged still kidnapped he still kidnapped is still happens a lot of parts of the world right do we kidnapped so the kid part has nothing to do it. None of them are just a term for getting stolen guys kid you call yourself a stolen human. Are there any wonder like yes there have been stolen TV's only human trafficking personally would be kidnapped. Did you not a kid but human trafficking means you've got to move these people from one place to or not you have your grandma like you're gonna all brought you have a guy kidnappers shore right and you can turn into an uncle that a fortune you can turn into one of tomorrow we're never gonna build a lead a life of crime we talk about can get this as straight men I'm sorry man look forward to kill Ebbers not human traffickers. So conniving channel that someone I didn't not traffic them afterwards. Okay. Yeah I'll lock and lenders terrified. Yeah the damn bright. Well and you traffic you know pepperoni as well. Yes I traffic some pepper to go through early days as a funny snow. If you're right it's got plenty of chances to be well and suddenly hit me is that glands and slats. And we'll cut. Yes let's say like the GOP's preference for her sock no hit fifth no moral. I've never been as I collision that occurred just like I've never take a French Friday to them about about in the needed to add up really you should write what the questioner for potential job and abuse in government. Elliott just to see how they react with your return brown has been on side. Mean we'll. In this Newshour it's always on strangest place your fingers bent it. That's a loaded question there did times alliance. While speaking a strange places you finger has been. This can a conservative think he sits at people slid 77 minutes of every day watching you two are televisions while they're at work. Well what else can do work. Aren't. Eases I can't believe you know they just shows that the power of shows man when your bench watching them you're just you're watching them. It doesn't matter where yard issued the goal was to get through right but I think some of it too. We green I don't know right there's all kinds of different jobs friendly part of this is kind of we were talking yesterday about like maybe watching a quick video or something might take it up who. But I think over the course like your daily demo to. Movies you sesame street's on who you say what I and I am glad they cannot move I'm really capital and I don't per do you move a stimulate. I think people watch a lot clips. I have a hard time should somebody sit at a myth that. It just watching a half hour show like hmm seems it well but monster movie man give me a second again make the leading almost Dunst twenty minutes though. Yeah exactly but now you're now. Either way out they also save heavily based on the average salary which I'm not positive with that is. That means you're getting paid 8800 dollars a year to watch TV today will dawn. Sit on the couch and hasn't food watching TV and I'm really just well you know that's a very good because my kids both watch all their shows on the phone there will go up and I'll knock on the door my two lead and why and the like a much in a show. So let's let's what they do you I don't watch what I watch and they they watch all others everything they do was on the phone. Which is amazed. Again Intel had a problem until the right there isn't one of springtime killer army looked Randall to the computer it's everything short I mean this thing microphone it's not like phone for a used to simply need you picked him up talk to some Obama your phone it's everything my daughter was acquiring voice calling me. If you're a parent I got some old school won't hear your voice so. That's weird to you leave messages down. You know it. Dude do not leave messages why I have had to tell my mother countless times like I know you call I will call you back. Like it is just I and I just feel like it is teenagers no reason at. Once and awhile but I would lose a ton of reason leave messages blew the rules. But at some point look like like Michael because I'm thinking I would never leave the most of some on the north called in the picture my key is that the older. There and a message and I can't explain it but I play tough so I look at this morning Genoa the television unless I was great authority retirement at right right they're the the local news. And they say. College girl attacked at campus after leaving a library. News in tandem like Jesus Christ Manx they named the college for my kid was many in the dorm my kid was and in a name all that same exact place so I called and I left a message and it's a day. This all down there in the continent is in this is them what it was leaving a library and that would let you go but backed by. The owner hey daddy it was me move on her back. Right okay so that might be an example of the time I'm his guy they don't leave messages Greg thank I. I think he worried are you Lieberman is all the time and some women are refugees aren't this is not helping the relationship okay. But frankly I I was going there hey just like right when I just have got what you can't leave messages and when I missed that some missed memo well. I mean you wanna get into it probably fifteen years ago people had phones at home right yep so people called. You didn't know who's calling all the time they leave a message saying hey I called ball popular now you see would it. Right on top truck but these won't need to leave the day and messages. Always a lot talk about NFL football what's going on with it. The bottom line is listed as every week. People are still watching NFL football yeah it's always an are one rated show of the week and in and I was assay and whatnot pay. What exactly does what I mean I understand reference from people saying what Malcolm went from what's not yet. It's also what. What might well it. I think it depends what not not what what Mara I think I went to which you're talking about and I. I understand Obama didn't I didn't miles an island to a bar had chicken wings and whatnot I get what you do that you're hanging around but I think the word like what now are Matt Light button right what else are what map would. Not what would it. Now like what Matt. Why it. He's I didn't it is in the words themselves are they gonna we started flame and that doesn't does that mean someone. Aaron out munitions and yet that's what it means like it will go unspoken token and what not mean like other things what not what now what. Now what. To still be leaving messages about what they don't deliver messages or whatnot don't you get that issue is a segment there are a fifteen voice messages from your friends and your phone. They were not and I think that's. Com mouth as. I. Think he can't message. The conservative or Ted I don't know if you look at this hurricane and I'd called them leave the hotel Oregon does let you know roles in like dead I don't know but they've missed call. But even then it's me. The local banks being beaten the exploration of the greenback has the voice that you. Those are both legitimate target let him go over there I think when you both there. We're always dominates and CIS is always in there as well but I mean basically the top to some of the top shows are weaker going to be the nationally televised football games that everybody sees the Thursday night football Sunday Night Football. Even just watching football night in America that part it's starts right before Sunday Night Football yet. Are we point oh the flex schedule bull will start kind of an effect so are so you don't like them there's been some games have been the best match on good games but we went what is the business say it around the Thanksgiving damage there all right let's let's start playing better Thursday's steep put that I would say it's Sunday Sunday contracts Thursday night football Laura Miller the points of voters in metal balls out all 32 teams give primetime news that used to be like walk. If you had a crappy season you were not going to be front and I can be a Sunday night and I can get Monday and casino Saturday night games when. When the playoffs started I wanna say certainly Senegal I had just finished yeah. They give your face but still Thursday night football was actually developed flu old 32 teams. Cleveland Browns can finally make it the prime time hours channel one and a yeah. Yeah we're getting there. To be found got a good call here you know it it's fun to make fun of both political parties and I hear is talking about former vice president Joseph Biden a little it. Yeah Joseph Biden said he's open to running for president has no other Democrats step up. You know your heart is in trouble when someone signs up for president the way he's an effort karaoke. I think he's right and I think most reassuring thing ever for. And I'm gonna run out and Elena. Yes the autism whose little filly and now I know I know at the office looks like. That's the whole bit and I didn't grant. Dram or dynamic trans am two wideout for Joseph Biden too it's like you probably just say something like me myself I just passed away it was a very tough time. I wasn't until I got a little I don't know exactly what I think I remember ever break into our our motives because I'm all of tour. A low brow wanted my my god damn book. That's why you're here and from me is not another great why do you keep putt man but I had my dad damn book I'm not here rumble why do you keep your live. Was this Sunday Night Football mail they did an interview with Joseph Biden of Matt Lauer like halftime. It has that it was weird. Just weird like what what would you don't like they're in a bar someplace like this. Well tomorrow we're gonna ask them all those book and I knew there was a tease for the for The Today Show memorial if they did it at a bar Biden suddenly you mums going to be Armenians bubble that's basically what was is like I've read many of Beers and it keeps like this is a great place to be honest recipes I thought he was done drink it. He was at a beer loud and Obama I don't know why did it come drop but this I mean listen man you're gonna say that I just thought my Erica is listening right he got I don't like those guys just I wait too many back in the day a man listen Obama said he quit smog and be your president your token bound cigarettes could thrust into. Don't know question. He said he quit drinking America's listening it sounds good you should hear the BS I lay on my kids. And in my own military about they've borne the homework. Here's the truth that they don't borrow and never did homework now want to mount lemon afraid that if I did homework and it didn't homegrown or did it in that class. Right before the key to collect my kids don't know that it's all. My kids as why don't I have vegetables are might play into means a very acts and easy explanation hey guys. Daddy it is vegetables lunch so yeah come on man airlines a guy you world do the beach man and he's like got a Chrysler receiving bring convertible. Top down men like whoever's in the past received three and one of those big plastic tube out of your resolve passengers need to phase in our new and Latin America Africa that's. I think it's better on TV tower delegate drab lives on the way would my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real well finally a Utah where a woman joggers attacked by a man so she stabbed him with a night. These poor game cards against humanity of buys a border property to bring border wall a little strike. New sumo pulled over while playing the air bag pipes a Wal-Mart job Lutheran form upon this woman to earn his dues bags drives. And French archaeologist digging in the dirt and they can retire now it is time your headlines. It's timed it. Here's my car all right I gotta go in Salt Lake City a woman was out for a jog when a man came out of nowhere and drove her from behind. This is disgusting. For some reason so why am I think seeger and I was wondering about that thank you I'm with you. It's a ball may resist the regular diet it management. Pace she looks like she would like you groping why don't you think that's going to work and meet regularly about the argue about. When I'm gonna feel how I grab her buttocks and she will not be able to resist me she obviously knew her surroundings I guess. For some reason Jim small the governor and which I'm guessing for just such thinking I guess for I know exactly the reason now because it's not the first time that she's been approached by crazy people aren't likely game and handy because you've been stabbed the math. Good feature and ran away like the coward that he isn't she followed him but ultimately substance that she'd filed with the far. Please or can commending her on her prepared isn't recommending others take similar steps to protect themselves those conferences. Mother and that's right into the I next time it. Thing is is a bad thing about it they aim for the I. Suffice it to this but I would amend this week if business. When you say things like hey that's not okay normal people say that's right that's not okay foot. All the people that would ever think that's okay this isn't just to conspiracy theory this isn't something that we're all just kind of ganging up on you for. Don't do it it's not okay. And it's. And if you think it's okay going hospital get yourself some medication or something like that my I don't know why you don't do public service and I had the more you know. Can you don't grow well when I started doing a podium I only change I hope she's seven you know Mike for joining wanting. That's our beat him relentlessly in the eye because yeah I. Will make it legal that any woman at a ground in the bud has. Legal ability to stem amend the act out of people how they would be one night. The F. There is a moment here right now be a lot more pirate movies I could tell you that evening that's all we would sit around the world go to Florida where a man attempting to still nearly 300 dollars worth of merchandise from Wal-Mart was deported as he was leaving the start. An employee asked has seen a receipt for all the merchandise and he responded by punching a police in the days. Abandoning me get the digging up he was apprehended and he confessed the crime cannot see your receipt. I never thought the web. That still is the limit sector receipt of the dark. Actually yeah. Stop that from happening well he'd been there earlier shoplifting if they do it so that I had an entire basket price stability can make an early moment rolling out any stops they see stuff does is say I just need to see your receipt. And he just absolutely cold concert race. It takes up and barely showed no remorse Farley Joseph punter Michael Eggleton is like a punch in the face are as a good. And he saw that god you can punch woman in the face take off and you still can't get away. In my case reviewed these deadly gas priced at that any guy you want to press charges joints that Armenia. I am and after a motive pebble and it was a day to go to jail you can either press charges or stabbed me in the Allen of the tips he can't do both. However if you if you run you would stem the a Family Guy you get to the community seven to narrow my video I don't wanna go to jail I don't wanna go record for holidays but that is get him back. The stem and half. We'll legalize legal. Legalized logical cold talk to attract much tougher time and hyper and I'd like that's right religion as as that in. Surging burn all the infirmary a group of French archaeologist double the one true very treasure. Well digging to find the foundation the group found 4200 silver coins to won one gold coins a gold Signet as Signet ring gold foil and circular object also made of gold and the health care Poland France. This is every metal detector owner's wet dream Rahal manned element. So little beaches go to France it's no good olden historical sites like Jimmy forget the maker Motorola gold you know our I have. And a or graveyard about who's got a very good work. As a graveyard you know watches are going to be tech stuff. Yeah formula review all the love they've already done what I know it's only mom and I had taken whatever you do a good man once I get older. I'm on the Obama supplemental detect them in a 5 in the morning is my hand and mount a PowerPoint and then let cord that. Because we got it doesn't in my neighborhood. Doesn't the L really yet but it just like the look and grab this little piece of crap and I was another story ends any little thing you know like I don't know what you do and and he's gonna finally Eagles. Some of the graveyard metal detector bandits. And now he's struck again. That's an air deadlines that by yah I. I have Brazil's minutes after the return of dead Brad no Disney potatoes as leader takes big dummy no ideologue as John profile that says solemnly yes indeed it is all drew we'd be all about is beautiful now but we shall return tomorrow so until then. Would you do best in the world and the sake. Okay and beautiful.