11-15-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Can't Believe It

Wednesday, November 15th

Mens Room Blank Question: You, friends, or family, the number of _______shocks most people


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This is dumb men's tour. Well three critical Iraq's in Fort Wayne, Indiana listeners big of program there along with a rock one under point five the cats in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And of course our friends of an Anchorage at that 9470 ZENDR. A question. You friend or family the number of blank shots most people late for 49990. We'll tell you I've again now just. Aaron. Following years to catch I don't know if they need extra sound effects I could do that. Now Caroline now nun and a little GeMS of lines. I. Rock 100 point five the cats. At. Bats and some point. I guess that means getting your your earlier over the years and that no matter who you ask the million homeland yet you're older people do believe that man 20th Century Fox the lie and war was given and that fat. Why he's the guy that's emerging O'Hare ma'am did you really popular and rock 100 blowing five the dam. And shoot that let you know you are welcome. Went for another campaign. You say stuff like that does happen and it at that at no time and energy that goes into these kinds of things. I don't about the way without a couple comments here specifically about four inches of feces now it was a reference to beds. That's how much how many inches of feces they found this woman's house the woman was harboring 52 adults right top to wanted to and we said the sounds like a death metal band. So of course is to move forward to the feces is named Ahmad rent. Cop were makes a Pomeranian black metal door does about how worried about how brilliant and then it says thank you for the man my friends and I've been stuck confining and make. Four branches of before that you actually may undermanned oranges or feces I want free entry into your personal album rolled a five finger death punch it is unfortunate that he's he's he it is yeah. Previous three bend over the whole show. I think it's organized the sit circle of doctor a's inferno presents for ages obesity or you mess and until like three doors down from Andrews. You Brenner family number of blank shots most people a 44999. Cola. Hello Bernie welcome to the men's room. Owners and their children. Okay yeah. So old that number there. It strikes people is that I have eight kids end and grandkids. Good guys how many of them like you. What they'll. But you and I always all the same to them what Carter's big grand kids situation but they still did pretty well we wouldn't get your first job. 124. OK and then know how quickly did they come after that. Well this is how I lay it out I have to bio or step and to Foster name them all now. Name them all now in order seed beat dolby grow older you just aren't there entertainment and breezy breezy. Brilliant thing he's playing very well. Immediately for her Rihanna okay Rihanna is a yeah of course all right Jordan for Rihanna. Really. Alexandra. An embryonic and number two million unique. And then we Brooks. Wesley. Keaton. And they've done. I'm. Ladies and ever driver did you need your ten great kids. Now. If I do that ten grandkids and they'll I didn't name them in order tiger battery try your best. All right so again at the JC. Alexander. We have jostle land we. Lurie and I Dick and now and now a couple of from the Foster kid that I don't know. Okay yeah I think they've never met him. Eat seats now OK on a book what are what are the holidays like at your house. That every step bode. Through step by using your here you go there in the together. Yeah pretty much time Bernie it's legendary American right there we know which are obvious. You. Enjoy to do and clearly the apple has now fallen far from the not a lot damn your friend or family the number of black. Shocks most people that's a Bernie thing my buddy Bernie comes or a family of eight iron and then he ends. Four kids on his own. Right one from a previous marriage three kids when his wife and that's not including a 132 or three you know miscarriages something she was pregnant. All the time I don't talk for five years so essentially the names Bernie you do laid down I think so many people I mean limit his wife is said to me. Penny if she if he looks at me I get threats to. How many kids Bernie Madoff that. And at least one and a quarter resign I got one of them but I socially Bernie's a lot of baby food with Bernie babies specialists called. Michael welcome to the bedroom and allow the. So. I'm the most people I know you may be or not hit anything I maybe one Q my mom is actually aired by the year with a vehicle. This year driving on the road or does she does drive straight to the woods I'm thinking thank god man five year. She's did five Deere where she lived roughly that I mean is it because she lives and heavy deer population or or what. Do you yet to be fair we did live on the side of the mountain out of town all our own called out the organ. Gonna. Right. He realized that after they get done with the deadliest animals out there as far as human fatalities going and a star like the mosquito of course they only get down to a real animal not when do you think you'd kill you and asks them to this as like an idiot and didn't have been a dear yes you know just based on you lose control car you hit the deer sometimes and deer will be thrown up into the windshield area and income in the car permanently. So how. Did you I'm assuming all these cars were totaled. I surprisingly enough one cart took three year old Dana man. Yet so continue to air it let you full bodied Chevy Silverado. But. Let them another one went upon AIG's fixed. A man. Which she gangster enough to think of the deer in throat in the back of the truck and bring it back to dress. Unfortunately not to let it be shared iPod Shanley has hunter's it. Not a lot of this you need I guess I guess if you hit it deer would technically be considered hot too to probably take it right. Our alumni at the very a little good do you think that the deer in your town. Told rumors about your mother like to make the kids act right. I'm I'm pretty shredded at any data. Like the goddamn book you manned and deer when you say you hunted does that mean you just walk on your back porch and shoot something in your yard or does that mean you actually go out and try. What we have we have actually shot because we have an apple tree in the back out. And my dad has gone out onto the porch it is nothing but it underwear list is that they I NG shots. Sonic air right under the apple tree but again. Trying to not be dear trying to eat apple and your dad in its life. In the fifth oh yeah yeah Seattle they are nother from the Bob hey we get an Italian apple gave you got them yeah. How did does look up there to loses to get a front. Christen the Mac name apple really does your family like enjoy eating deer or do you just hate that you enjoy eating apples. Another food. Here's here's absolutely delicious ideas and and it's you know he would be get a ticket it what it was like black I went down I'm gonna back at it here's a lot dominant topic said he got a straight day. But you get in all a load of meet then and all that and try to make pepperoni that we make you know obviously Bennett. There there may have wanted keeps undermined the last thing the bad dear solved for a drug bad it was something needs to do is on the value storage is away from the village is apple is looking up I was I really doesn't look that noise. Why as a man in his underwear and that's the last Claudia. And I didn't shop region for chicken wing didn't have had in her underwear and a president that way. Yeah you. When you know act passed. Can you imagine where you bitch so close. If you friend or family the number of blank shots most people nobody took my album. I'm like my doubles is a little Tyler welcome to the men's room. Auto shop. During my short I'm in the military. I don't Barack or me and back out. There. You drank 101000 energy drinks. Do you glow in the dark. Do you have your teeth. Okay were you paying for these energy drink so they supplied to you. OK short but it's part of that I would get it. What about the wind energy drink wired monster. Well I like those two how many what I felt when you were out late late commissioner something where you get the energy drinks. I let it. I'm coming you have a day. She died today. Good job man. How much money do you think that you spent on energy drinks. I. Probably about. Or tiger era I'd Andy's still drink them. Yeah how many teetering now. Quite sure it time and you probably assume you don't go to the doctor or if you do you don't tell the truth. I actually. Very much I don't era in eight. Call upon. You know damn well why isn't always like that but in our experience and what's your doctor or in nurse if you don't. I don't know when you've got engaged recruit patient is seems like everyone else that works in the healthcare field in any capacity looks like the unhealthy is godly person you've ever seen. I don't know why that is but I swear that's everything went our mayor good during all the got him energy drinks if you call like that are to settle your medical builds. The person on the other end of the line they look like they're three steps from that thrived. Yeah but if you drink them any energy drinks can you be easily die. And another bad for you but I somehow bad for you they aren't. Well I mean I'm not sure there's anything natural and their immigrants not drinking and Coca-Cola I'm not sure that there's anything natural or man either one or the energy drink thing like. Overall I can amass great like everybody having thinks they're bad for a bit. Some people just get away with it with you I gigabyte to think that many and you know I never be brought here and I will be will be a better solution is getting on Ritalin. Hundred black coffee demos are crap that's German and think about all the old school guys to suck in a black coffee all day plus eight. In his defense and he means well he was in the service to use some imagined short Poland some crazy hours but I wanna be alert them yeah for a lot of reason to think a lot of construction guys and and they suck those things down all the time. Can you friend are all family the number of blank shocks most people hang on area or your calls on the way for 4999. Only you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you and gentle men's room. Try to shallow oil goes up you almost killed himself last month when he fell backward. Down a flight of steps in the middle of night fortunately did not die it was a somewhat of a wake up call. He's on a health kick I guess it includes more exercise less drinking and a lot less smoking he was in healing. Eighty cigarettes a day. And now he's got back to just two that is four packs of cigarettes which is actually. Unbelievable what others say it takes six minutes to actively smoke a cigarette in eighty would take 480 minutes or eight straight hours of smoking. It's especially impressive when you consider how many places you're not allowed smokes so he pulled out off. Yeah but he Simon cow. Am well I'm pretty sure his office and his production facility like it just really additional rare to see a picture of him in his private life for he didn't have a pack anything then I'm forty fell Simon said he woken up wasn't feeling well possibly because his body was an ashtrays who walked downstairs its milk hot melt by the way. So British on his way back up the steps he fainted and fell backward. He did say a big motivate her for the new health kick his three year old son I've got to take really care myself to sort that out after all I'm a dad and I have more responsibility now than ever. Yeah certain attitude more responsibility than that. I listed comments came about these same guys that he would never change dirty die that is correct. There was a what you friends or family of a number of point by Cox will be able blistered united rugby den with your allergies. Play ball and policy comment comes into side six half Brothers and four have sisters no hold siblings three of my Brothers are old enough to be my father. Some here other states in another country. I'm assuming is filers can discuss. Policy I don't closed at 3000 movies beta Max VHS mostly dvds blows over 200 seasons of TV shows. And I'm prepared to die alone OK you know they did not say that I had that last are they did not say they're prepared to dialogue but they're gonna vote. I played three sports in my entire life plus college football never broken bow concussion why else broken bones no April has over 600 sunglasses. And the guy says I slept with seven different Jennifer's. That's pretty good as amazing map 77%. Of first that it would do you get the name tattooed on yours all my guy. I look buddy I'm Jennifer is real easy how many names of European and more than one. I actually Jennifer. Jennifer but a 42 birthday are at an all right so I'm just saying it does something about it. And jet down every PD 81 name. Now two names a couple of times Jeff's engine a friend you know my Randy acted funny Jeff text me earlier had a funny joke about no arms no legs because it. We call a minute treat nobody called man with no arms and legs and tree leaf who might you have got more and you're out. What you're doing Iowa communities that you had more in your applause Diana west again as there is a woody dugout and arms no legs shoved in a mailbox issue of the mailbox what they'll. Yeah but he got on the girl norms and no legs and a bad girl kind of an about what Jerry. The go to guy when no arms no legs no head. Chester. A the cut and I all day thank you by isn't it time you. Read our family and number above blank shocks most people 44999. Cola apple might can answer the number of jokes about we would normally do no legs it's a deep well I would assume that we don't know only losers with no arms and running and senators felt. She's easily. Yeah Pakistan negative comments are gonna put you got one they're disarm for your protection. Hello Michelle welcome to the men's room. Sexualized. No thought no. I'm not I have had no arm and a leg just Q3 guy okay how I know on a links under one arm. Turkey. That don't talk to suggest thanks. For the purpose of a bump. Okay doesn't include those who overnight had fluent now it's a numbers. The show and my grandmother and how great earned her how it should. Eighteen Q Omar god man. The CI that was that was one guy. One really marry a white guy with each of still. Wow Steve do you think that then husband number two was like whoa he had not and I can do to tell how many are still alive. I'm a. It was my grandfather's mother and my grandpa or knocked back right in only one NL SU and Gerri good job at your own grandparents. My grandparent and Eric are out how to do you have this is the day have a lot of kids. You know my I am grandfather had I changed my mother on a chick she and then my mom has just got to learn. Still like his doesn't have as my I want to say in my a great grandmother on my mother's side had ten kids the my grandmother ahead. Six I think 66 and there's this final one classics and element I think six Jeff. And it seemed like a lot that's a ton because you ridiculous from your friend or family that number a blank shots most people. Hello Nathan welcome to the men's room. Both. Yeah. So might data guo Bay Area as more puns and ridiculous joke saying I remember my life including this ought. What do you call male would no arms no legs and the old wallet. In a while bill of a full wallet full the full blown what. Brought. I had the tactic. Florida actually in and there are surely with all I gotta tell him I cannot believe how many of these jokes and so what was the number for you. My dad jokes not only about 1000007 Saturday for about a little and ever and why is it possible to overcomes these ultimate. You know and Erin yeah I mean we're all really get into it Dublin monitored over. God knows how long distances and Verizon now you see just desensitized to it yeah I'll bet we all are now I start doing so gaga and I'm you know become invisible disease seem uneasy seek out jokes jokes like disease seek out jokes to tell a new jokes or is it the standard routine. You know you see had a it and then merchant Marines for a long time and somebody long winded from the book called punishment and then there's this sort of delicate period chapter book. A real book all these ridiculous on the jokes when he's. Remembered in his Daria yeah I think he's just absorb all they're in Korea watching. Ridiculous produced. And he smoked are easy they're. So what are you like yeah you would bring you apparent. Now non musician and so yeah. Hello delirious it can't be any after the apparent if your lawyers do you write your leg pun filled lyrics. A lot and it goes goes far beyond that is ridiculous follow that they even made the shot in the trailer load amended Norwegians. And look for a look. Or not damn god where they're no dull look there at school and they like 32 languages being suckered in a pretty deep. Just not my panel my life you friend are a family that number a blank shots most people wait for 49990. Hello gentlemen welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. So what's your shocking number. Might shocking number is 73. Christmas tie a. Oh my god I wanna be view and I don't even know you. Do able by these for you are do you collect them personally. We find them late doodle will believe it or not not I believe that oil and we believe it or not yeah I. I want if you set a founder did Nordstrom then you say believe it or not. Lot of Nordstrom's and so yeah that's and we know OK so I got to ask you Jim would tilt with you know. Under the store's Christmas music gave that depending on where you ours is going to be our radio station it's already started this crap or any we haven't even made it to the Turkey yet. So windy you start this is a December 1 do you have a date restart wearing the ties and YouTube even dress up enough to be able to Wear them or what what's the deal. I they've been doing Christmas but tiger being Seattle. We needed OK all of mesa Rondo is the day after Thanksgiving always do Christmas do you. So it is aggressors photography are you are stuck in the mall will be kids and on Santa's lap or what. Under the law live turning it did it and I like our little you what is the most outrageous thing you've seen in that scenario from the kid back here and I'm a guy like what have you c.s and the Scranton balls imagery and did some kids Helena senator if you are real or what what is happening just blew your amateur. Sarah causes. Sleep being. No. This is. I did this in a closet and have you been out there saw. Are you don't Nedney oh yeah all the time. Has he been proved done. Yes it. How many how long what does that add as typical Santa shift when I go out there it is like thirty minutes is a down the tubes. Very easily build five hours at a time aren't as. How many times you did you seek their car. I want it done do you think there Fargas and promises and a wry approach did a lot of money wanna talk to him good he's as big scary dude read god damn suit it's understood about how many parts you think this guy doesn't like ten an hour. It. Yeah and I did maybe five aren't and it doesn't seem like a glamorous life. I'm also into now is that what you needed to hear do you think maybe it. Maybe a single radio America and on the mall I had I don't know that he made me feel any less creepy and I'm also here. Now the normal operation or photographers actually bow first summit took my kids go sit on Santa's lap it. Cornerback started as there I would not say the name of this particular fast food franchise but there was a guy who we nickname. The sandwich Nazi who worked because no matter what you order for years this guy would tell you. Okay I'm like that's how you do yours no matter what you set no matter what combination once again they look. All right I was very judging that I ought to ever and ever think like everyone kind of heat that this guy yeah actually my sandwich that's how I want to pry and that's that's the whole vibe here man my that's the whole deal and this could all those guys and it's whatever the case. So these are poor command permanently three months later I go to the mall of got the kids. They go sit on Santa's lap and in a little was like a little helper blew not one person that. Very one you know you always see him do it and that they won't stand mine instead of the sky like. The other point here nonstop for Mike I know I know the sky from somewhere konduz racking my brain that work with them. He had drunk who. Now do we even sent him I don't feel like electing them I hear his voice and I'm like. God people almost have not allowed so and so Nazi that's who it is a man and as it just felt weird because he's gonna help my kids and oh yeah also it's so not to it'll. I I drug that if you could could get the follow him that that's not a good luck though that does little. Good good good thanks no you're not offending any Jewish people waiting in line answer. You friend or family of the number of blank shots most people a 449990. A synagogue the hustler he's out there elf in Michigan these tell them for the money. Hello Shane welcome to the men's room. All that all chain. Hello miles per hour you. Dad just got better food bank act decently and I'm gonna if you look fabulous sparkling pearl necklace. You associate. You can get around with a tissue is it imperative to. The new white wave pearl necklace available from holy season. I'll come over its. Our primary housing residents of the cities would you like me to bring our piece of the the late dale chain what's the number. I. Have to go with no overtime is out of my uncle has been in and out of county jail per. Drug charges how gain mainly crank who came home. In my in my lifetime it's probably been about thirty or forty times he's been in and out of there. Good job so easy on stopping the crack cocaine no matter how long he's in jail. Yes and you don't feel serve you know. My son and then when the holiday it would roll around he can maybe reading scripture to everybody and you can basically you know. Freeport road backed by and then you've been there for her and I were brutal six months ended nine months at a time. What do you think you read the Bible. Amid scorching comes quoting scripture is an. Illegal DL expose this man who went OK was he doing okay now. I don't really know he's in California somewhere that. I'm sure he's gonna teetering still light and if you're not hearing from anybody at odds are they're just no good so yeah. That's that's a normal way towards a great family thing Edgar and everyone knows how does he doesn't know that's they're screwed up bad it if only and there hide in a hotel that is dale. Remember their problem we know is in jail pretty much you profoundly number blank box most people a 449990. Depends on the person. But for that guy. And I have family members become I'll talk to you for wildly doubt probably got pregnant she hit it you know they're probably busy Mario to no regrets them. Hello my. Shell welcome to the Madrid. Mom Paula that we don't adjust far doesn't force. Did you hear that Michelle and I want I want you are thus far too did you fared. No highly do you delegate my analogy. Okay hundreds of Americans fly over the amount of all why are you so far is that from our oldest Romero I part ways we you can Burton does you know happening anyhow environments are very different. So Michelle it's a number. Water for what. Out former show what I want you and I. I'm Elena didn't play out but you don't move almost no way you dated for other Michelle's what's wrong with you well I wouldn't call it dated. You're an arsenal are par save our own Jay gave her mouth but it's. Definitely see one of the most is that is it weird saying your name. I'm yeah you don't and I mean how does the guy couldn't. It's almost like you just haven't been if you're gonna say is that the number Michelle and there are single Michelle isn't that because you're a great job or they think they're also right exact gone bad isn't. Well Michelle and I knew me. Crush of news I know you like your mouth our moment is done I did this seven total seven on the road. No it didn't it's a there was it was there's other people in between how crazy did any other of people the same that. Eight. Unite and that's the thinking I don't know what's the most says hi I'm Michelle these golf gods have sat here we go get the ball and I know. One ally killed each and you my name had one such an unusual I'm not do that that's that's how you're gonna aren't jaded. Well no. And done in the you still have actually shown channel what I think is a grind with a dire why did you down debt and had come off. The gainers this one could still consider this matter is it just that their name Michelle and they all gonna look like you. No knowledge of the matter well also. People with the middle name lead that I had as well. My ex husband had a middle name my great and now. And linked to Eritrea does it have anything would you say Michelle you've data your liked him. Oh hell don't ask me how to. There's only three names go around that I got that is when hundreds of people would you guess have you run into somebody that you forgot he had sex with. OK now I denies the authority on him. Did you meet someone named Michelle and back to your head do you think oh my god I'm an obsession dispersion. No anger well you should it in all seriousness even you included who has the best Michelle you've been with. Mean yeah. Even though I know it is there room. I don't know I did mouth farm and. And a buddy that dated and I even married one girl that all the same name there was three of them will just say Sarah not getting so we dated three Sarah is doing right. And there was one minute that they this has been like the last like three girlfriends he had so again that lists all mainly Ferrero right so. Mean another friend whenever he brings ups there we go we it was a which want. Don't like number one of every co he's holed up and. Number that is displayed if I get a good number about like the party started out there they're there they're due to do to you come third pick for the if you've held the third pick to get it it it it it it it. Go you friend or a family the number of blank shots most people 844999. Alone hold glad we got more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. And Israel wins my. I'd like to donate you know they got drunk and relative additions there question dealing with the members games in numbers it would shock someone like this one. Western Minnesota man arrested for 28 DEU high. I'm way over he said take me to jail so far or year old man living god for the twentieth time driving while intoxicated according to prosecutors. This guy. Was jail in lieu of 100000 dollars bail. I mean how many different time Jim this guy how many different things but yes he says I drink to get drunk. As Tony the rest came soon after he left the VFW. Where he'd been drinking all he's also the guy driving drunk and Nebraska North Dakota hello in the entire arena wearing these securities pretty well hammered. Our continue friend or family the number of blind shocks most people 8449990. Looked we got a couple of comments that came menaces in my past. I've been with five Tim's including being engaged to one and and actually marrying another bulls got moral the ones including names might David Jason and Steve. And then she adds I'm not even the slug one of my friends all right. Please introduce is difference yeah no kidding this 11 lovely scenery is Tim bits yeah. At a boot time as the Canadian. OC 176. That's number of Pearl Jam concerts and I've attended since 1992 while that is a that is impressed I assume that's just from any better. Mean everybody lied about every one of those on the demand is minimal and that says man that mouth for lady made me laugh we'll I was hitting my bong mega ball water all over my left. But he shouldn't blow up there were problems yet you friend Nora family the number blank shop most people can't dammit what happened while luck. I don't know idea let's take you online and just finally there's good and tell you they're bad idea no there isn't very AJ but it's a bad idea okay I'm there. No person welcome to the men's room. Hello. The blue Mac what's your name. You're really getting you know again then loser yeah exactly let me drive Afghan dead Missouri. Yeah don't we just a cool this renewed okay all right. Really pretty funny goddamn reason as have a story have a employee. Let's not again as it is now just imagine going on the arts and guys like comic zest cholera death. We'll call you cut off the answer is no matter how do you leave it to the quick now to Bret well. Path. Oh wow welcome dilemma there Mary Mary Mary all love our married all. I don't even I announced. That Arnold. That's until. On you know it's a good good good. My numbers doesn't seem that impressive than but I guess that might be impressed that are my age are Lou I have. Take it three virginity you and I'm only one he. Now I take it three virginity did you use little smoky rooms okay don't. So I mean is that something you specialize and urges happen work out that way. I mean that any kind of happened to work out and then once it started I would Blake OK I've got to make it to three meat and now I just Kama. How I wanna get more energy. What is it about it is it that you pretty much can do whatever you want. Because they don't know and I'm sure there are more than happy to oblige senator do you need done I mean is that part of it. I mean yeah how little I I. Definitely like. How my. The deal where it away but I'm a ball so good at teaching strategy I don't look I want my name to live on in other men's memories. Oh definitely Wellemeyer that I use some of virginity that I you don't stick furlongs is I can't say what I have for their last not a good time in the chick while lost my virginity trend is anybody going virgin Mary yet. It's virgin America and when Americans are on a bigger one of these crazy young millennial still look so I and I got to ask. It seems like as time goes it. The farther you go back in time the earlier the people lose their virginity get married etc. it just seems to be you know culturally the way it was so. You know you might luster virginity at the age of sixteen. But your great grandmother got married when she was thirteen or whatever the dealers and it's always weird like that but isn't the trend now that. Most people are awaiting a little bit longer to get into you know sexual relationship. Just I don't think so because when we why do you think that it seems like a full all around to I think people were open about a back and they guzzle wasn't the tab boot to get but. Look man I think people are actively looking to get laid once you hit puberty and recognizes some don't want to do. And it's alright to me like I think it's more frequent of the social media like we know we have a good man you wouldn't call the house arranged the school a lot of study thing it's the opposite really oh I don't believe and I know for a fact in my teenage daughters don't do so I'm sure they're browns absolutely positive straight. There's. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.