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Monday, November 13th

A man showed up to the funeral of his ex wife's father...but it's who he brought with him that's the problem!


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Interactions with an ex wife can be uncomfortable. Don't tell any significant ex girlfriend can be sure but sometimes there are instances where you have to bite the bull and be in the same room together and grow up and most people can be classy about. This was not class I think he did the right thing. Rule one necessary ensure your new wife. It was situation we ex wife is it because I've obviously moved on you have you don't have to be there. Shall maybe I wanted to show my respect to the food that you do in the should of that in him and I shortage of the dead person match I knew why today and out of there. Rough justice classic. At six did you seek them that's getting out gentlemen US not to disclose his name let's call him. Where would girl groups all. Is buried in her father passed away it looks like two weeks ago and Earl. Is this his first marriage is waits sector at the funeral. Old wife's ex husband with him. He shows up to pay his wrist now he says girls it's easy this guy got along great his former father in law debt. He has not spoken to my wife in years no kids young married still a lot of animosity he screw things up on the way out buried and girls are this high you know to his ex wife's role shows up. With his new wife now. It's wild guy rolls eyes of wife. Says to get it had not politicize tell them what a jerk he was being it was pulling it Paul moved yet he's. Ex wife's father's funeral home's power moved be moved to show that he moved on from my current white hat is. X.s and rode my wife was by the might as well ocean when you talk about it until days afterwards now I likely Natalie greeted her father but dealing with it to move by her ex husband she's done over that exit mansion and moved down and yeah. Because ice it was pretty obvious that the woman that her ex husband brought was uncomfortable to. She came to meet introduced herself and said something along those lines and she was dragged along Tuesday's funeral this is not so that she wanted to do. So let's take you to believe wasn't yet once America. This right now. Maybe his new wife. Go to his ex wife's father's funeral from your smoke shoot two at your fight with YE. First of all man you should be the everybody should be an adult general but who cares straight in their for the dead by the silly game are so yeah is this somebody wants to bring somebody else what it. But I gotta have Blake. Unofficial line of people like gonna see this person. Users so special. They who cares I mean. What can you walked out you say sorry for your loss you move on Nike I get that but her as somebody brought it. The new person in her life no matter what the circumstances are who cares. But it's not of that yeah you would if you can avoid it wide out of enemy like pat said in that you mallet but sentiment along along the lines of she didn't wanna go so why would you force year. Current weight to god he or she feel that congress are. Like to do it but yeah we're in a bit of let's say. Someone so and so dies and I I get into the funeral and if we're out I don't gonna do so did afterwards yeah we're gonna go together I'll pay my respects you can say hello. By Iran were out of the rough and a change in my day in my schedule. Because. A easier passes her scheduled to. I'm saying is like a port going out anyway and doing things on that stuff drives like when my home. Drive him back. See his dead as a year Greek finance. It's only does that kind of situation like OK I guess it is even if it is essentially mean you according to include. But I missed it right now and yes I wanna pay my respects but this is how we're gonna do aren't going to be dictated. And I want my ex wife. Tell me how I'd heard. Heard over the other I think she has a right to say whatever she wants and her own. And I. Her funeral it's her bothered you in the final lower that -- kissed my abdomen and it's not your family members yes I would say she has say in what. Happened there you shouldn't never break your new wife to New York. Exe is sadly funerals to two to 6000 uppity like these all right. Let's have a good relationship with peppers and it doesn't sound like that was the key here and even mighty. I have kids and right and my wife gets along with my ex wife next to that light it really because this I would get emotion. Women be shop and my right now you know yes they do get emotional outlook so I don't know what emotions are coming up with her father passing away that he might not put it. Tammy go to these events you stand in line there's 2300. People. You're gonna watch can literally walk by that person for a minute and say hi res so sorry. Hey good man and you move on to the next person so it's like you're gonna hang in any time of British pass and threw what do you care series you'll look. You look shallow and you looks. I mean. If if you have like you can't go to my date view Rubin I don't like Q. I tickets and spoke it just to recap real quick to be stroll this suit to debt and violating united spoke this would probably still be married like a bicycle and confuse the at a spoke expo crew here so you don't. And outspoken for me could you tell us. Of god he is. His late father passed away unfortunately two weeks ago X shows. Is you wipes and you can't garlic and does that also chapter as public. Which are. XX funerals. Man excellent you view which you personally go actually cheat at. Persona might stick up for oil in all seriousness he going to pay your respect our wrestler shovel. You know hold Taylor calls start to roll back her up. But look at the hole is sitting across the minute you start up that study this 23 years ago. Your guess I would go to my X rays funeral okay. Would you bring your wife with two her. It looked. Right Donald can you handle that you'll think it's great groove rules into a funeral. NA you don't care of people that even your way to show were off to your ex wife Millie. So you do typically. Maybe budgets are the breaker let's see about our ally yet. Nobody yet. What. A lot. Like object. To bite. And a lot of it is what. It is the. I can't you know at bat a guys out loud I'm not to put it is convinced want wanna you can't come tokens to leave sheep he said that a release add about my ex by the pats we have to wait that comfort you would call him. A little pitch. Seat at the. You know. I. Can't handle the New Britain are at and liked being. Kind of not permit and seeking and I. The woman give it up de gras vagina man who could. Well I appreciated. Pat and also Matt I think it played let's say you Noual ladies on people want to. Re connect she probably Dalai it's sad to see it coming because they give maybe. You look better than she does that you don't mind that that on the plump deacon and in their that you got a body shape a little bit I don't. Don't think it matters what that woman locals like these are acts I know it's the fact that you brought her on purpose would that Jesus I don't hunt. It really matters should go man she's Smart said the fact that your given Reagan's standing. Apparently your irons the 82. Worried advice I can boaters who smokes but Powell got a lot out of but other what are these life events that you would want you're not want it be cool with you actually popped right because you guessed. It's gonna party like a Lexus they didn't go whirls through the -- that's got a FaceBook as committee could always get us at the BC MF or the break from FaceBook page talking about. My eight new kids baptists as they've been married before we got a divorced with two kids together remarried had another child of my ex wife brought my children to my child's baptism I was happy that they were there. It's always a little tough but we get along great I could understand though she brought her husband how that would have been we it's it's excellent the husband home for the baptism out. Let's say you're significant you get you've got the next step to cancer. Gonna do some benefit some bar or some pavilion. You know I they raise some money get a band and a picnic and all that and so your X has got cancer you see it on FaceBook. And are you allowed to go and and your lunch and dinner and donate to her cancer with your excite which do you why he's gonna turn down my money. For you tumor. It's unless somebody reaches out you invite you and Alex they opened they say whatever end that they want all the money they can get a these things yet no turning down money for charity you're gonna try to save unless somebody reaches out tune tells you about it now I don't felt like I don't have to it's on FaceBook open event I think it's okay because it's yet again like you're their wish them well you try to point them. If you. So you'd take my money when it saving you're gonna ask you bureau and has set the ground but if I wanna pay my respects to eat dead body it. I don't know that we're just no way lied would. His new wife who's never met your father want to pay expenses to support me also I'm moment. My moment I also had feelings of my father mom my mother Lanka can rent. North Korea may take decades of money down onto it lets just finish this makes sense it's completely different so but I showed that my wife and connect to your cancer my new wife to your cancer event and I am make a generous donation re gonna go you virtual way that a which are money. It's again you are trying to save someone's life as opposed to dropping it affected your wife is now hotter that your what I'm evident her father's dinner. Well before it move on to get to 6000 guy writes this email his wife's father passed away two weeks ago when Morton. She is an ex husband no kids together a lot of animosity haven't seen each other years the ex husband shows up to her father's funeral. With us smoke she is new Weis doesn't say how hot it's hot the white would've sat with this why even show up if you're gonna bring wiped out he says I'm gonna bring a new hot. By the way everybody thinks they're UEFA is hot you could just be embarrassing yourself just a less developed that's our main. Russell he got the last word brother house ago and. Yeah. And Russell love muzzle it mean yeah actually say yes. I am at the girl I think I'd be concerned. About the fact that I don't what was so upset over my friend of mine action was remarried and she had moved on the Russell senate. I. Hiding while I would she's so upset over the fact that our action would bring an excellent point Russell. Light is Tommy gets so excited at his ex wife is gonna die you got over your ex like Tommy. Now I try to move completely okay so it's like they don't know it's moving on me so one. We're all ex wives got whether it's X what is this is listening whether it's excellent whether it's sex. Or. Okay all right Russell banks of the commonly appreciated don't look at it like that because. I think it's just a very emotional time is I don't know and you spent a significant amount of time of your life with these person. Going to invoke emotions. I mean the lead to buy and use it turns out which are currently being very excited to be you know over. Are you kidding me silently talk if that's the pot kettle black time just bring in a shuttle DC you know to get that'll wrap. Not cure eggs matched up. Certain income and.