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Thursday, November 9th

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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Cruel father is coming up racial consultants standing by collar 9844999. Holes gonna play profile this coming up being met us. The other headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a photo of a college student from New Hampshire went viral a few weeks ago and she just got a modeling contract. Our I saw a picture. President does he all right let him if she does look like a model you know not every models necessarily. Gorgeous weather as they look about them that's weird or strange. Or it looks like you have no interest in anything on planet earth Linda Calvin Klein models still fled the number my demise and don't care about anything with a dress well. Gotta like that this is the girl from the Howard homecoming. Yes ten well I'm going to guess that she was. Connecticut that the faster you file minutes I've if I got into the I she's pretty choose somebody says he has that look on her face like I know I do it's going Iman don't care to. Americans earning an average of three point 9% more this year than last year. Hey. Hey good things man and it also having gone overboard drovers okay. So I got to do is do the ball well. You're earning more probable cause of college tuition wail about the cost of living gone way up all of present were gone way up to factor nowhere near keeping up. But you did get a raise me. I was like that you can buy stuff like homes food did you need. Pretty expensive to bust I go on some of the other reporters get a huge TV muted doubled thousand bucks for Christmas and you'll forget all about it. Las Vegas started a new self driving shuttle service yesterday would dug about this just a moment ago and within the first hour another driver already crashed into it. Then he had a delivery truck or something. I was a world away they had a Prius over the pretty substantial things in the bus hits now it does say that another driver already crashed into kids with Jackson makes me feel a little bit better. Yeah and as you know just careened into somebody. I know what they're still just the idea of self driving an effect on the got hit and I we've all been hit by another car and nobody out. Dan kind of a few years prior hop on that bus. It could get on with a decent drive around you for a little while make fun of I'm nearly there so try me night train yourself that are on the track right it's on a track we have had a fine with that the self driving cars and I'm getting them. Still kind of skin self driving cars work if all the other cars on the road are also self drive. Yeah if that was the case I'd feel much say death but there now that's the model where it works right the same idiots who drives and it is right. And I don't worry with the self driving cars to make you have unpaid parking ticket you don't go into the game I'm telling you right now while we lock the doors yeah. You know mileage test that thing had to drive an end around and I'm trying to like a maniac just to see you know what happens what makes this thing tick. That's a good idea my it and not just this much in front of the disease here offered as it had no reaction whatsoever. And there's hardly want to give cargo over a guardrail about a fifty foot cliff and we do meter. The way they see this happening in the future might as let's just say that your merging on below the belt way in Dallas right. You plug in your coordinates and from the time did you get on the beltway your car takes over and self driving mode that way everybody goes same speed and everything is. Now when you get to your destination when you get the neighborhood or whatever maybe you can take it out of self drive knew why you're on certain roads don't circumstances in the height of traffic whatever delist. All cars just take over and self driving you just put your destination and in a way you go from there hello brings me comfort as I always want my car to solve drive and I'm going as fast as a member wanna go home every all the cars going the same speed and only enough memory theory would work that would that that would cut down on traffic at least a little bit there what. You know the guys until you get that guy who's sitting there with these. 1980 Honda Civic there doesn't have the outcry led Germany's took a little entourage they're gonna get the Jack globe in the fast lane is driving fifty miles an hour right yes. And then we need to have flying cars or go without it at Geneva worsen. Starbucks is doing a buy one get one free promotion just sort of one of their holiday drinks and you'll get another one for Burris doesn't you want to drinks and strengthen. It's just don't know how I was like up they have another outrage I would say coffees one of the few things are when I went to a right. Yeah it's not I'm like well one what do you get the size you want based on what you needed a point in time and exactly you ordered to scale of one thing is the only time that have ever had another double copy was just a black comedy. I don't finish a sugary candy company. And the same man I really want another one I using a glass of water after I don't let Mike never has two cups of coffee. Fun. If you're too young my. Guess he drinks Folgers right yes that was sank the bingo site was thinking the Orszag. Why is not an attractive name for so thank those who consume my I mean. Recent signs that something induced many prominent scientists think that the crystals. It is a labor closely to say thank you. Since the time of such. Experts say the cutting back on out I'll confirm that it can help prevent cancer Nokia I'm sure all right go back up our alcohol can help. Everything in your life and help prevent fund wreckage. The depicted at FF but she'll be safe you'll be miserable but you'll die nearly as quick that your hands in the air feel that rock. We announced. A 31 year old and Massachusetts named it miracle crimes that recently got arrested for assaulting an employee at a gas station and kicking a police officer in the grinds them. Miracle for the last thing his crimes crimes miracle crimes. Miracle at all times smarmy the last names crimes no matter what you named gives us. Sheriffs aren't there lessons crimes but to go through and having a baby is not a americorps. I just don't know how yeah miracles acts miracles of toughening miracles of bigger things of that but pleasant witness. Yes yeah I mean I would go on with. Minority. Majority. And when I'm Smith oh yeah like look at guys like I did from. The two sides are a lot of names are meant all the Jenkins. Three teenagers who were part of the LA PDs cadet training program stole three police cars and crashed a little RF consent to. They're training. I mean obviously than training they crashed the car it's practically I mean that's what trains for right how old these guys. Cadet training so my guess is 1819 not. For a police officer LE PD probably over Tony want to go out and undies and and I think also part of that is not just driving the cruiser you're probably learn and like fast defensive driving. Marciano now if you're in LA should you do that anyway and he's not only if you're born of that. A group of decent deep sea explorers recently found something called a peanut warmup on the coast of Australia Keenan worm and the Internet is going nuts because it looks just like a sex life. Oh what comes with a toy doesn't look them up and I'm now working on it's like the sea cucumber. This kid my guess is just it's alive and worst looking. It was called again my fingers please call one egg plant the seed peanuts peanut worm path as well you know where the July 5. A 32 year old man in Phoenix recently got arrested after he texted pictures to his ex girlfriend that showed him relieving himself and her car. An awful. Day and I don't doubt number one relief role and be my guess. Are noisy old duke man could be difficult to take a video of that. While proving. Again you can dig a video yourself of a job to get video they produce children damage that you're dealing with a piece in the new Noah. Miles is right and armaments and that's my Mike I'm Wilson viewed video. Furcal sounds like an answer of storage and I think ha ha ha ha ha ticket as we've moved there in the I have to act I will stay like I get being upset when the next may have seen in a car crash that Cisco away this rough this goes through your life. The police in Florida went to a woman's home all they were investigating her for child neglect. And while they were there at three year old son reached into his toy box and pulled out a loaded guns Jesus Christ. Florida. I've heard that story for you here to give him if it's everywhere man. Everywhere right I mean he carried a lock those things offered coming around don't know grab put it. Yeah the last Chang continues but it in the Starbucks fan I'm. Police weapon and finally in a country of Sweden has denied a beer loving father's name for his stepdaughter close that out get out about a one hour now. Thank you like knock headlines are coming up one hour from now first the roof blown. Through precepts. Seasonal help to please everyone now profile best is playing that's our ten miles it's as simple game where we share do you real life news story. Something that happened right here. Our planet her. Her early. Her and as you listen to the store. Based on the stereo type you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make bless you wouldn't is you think makes the story a story. Hello Max welcome to the newsroom. Oh on this show are. Oh wow I've met him stand on this here game play. Yes I do I ever got there is a woman and San Diego California she went into labor just before 3 o'clock in morning this past month. So seeing her husband got to a car and he started speeding durable hospital. But apparently used panicky just how we'd get two months because he crashed into concrete barrier who's pregnant wife in the car. We'll go now won't want to be in trouble explaining where they were and it was too late anyway the baby was not waiting. So she gave birth northern front seat her husband ran into the street to flag down help and it just so happened that the car is stopped. It wasn't fact and mirrors inside it was driving home from the shaft so she pulled over. And help this woman and her new daughter and she made sure the baby was okay Indian local corps was not around America etc. And if you told mama one dispatchers. Where they were actually located now fortunately the mother and her baby are both doing well. The question is do you believe that the couple racing to the hospital is quite quite messy or Asian. Can. Learn a lot of clues you know inflation they're reducing Austral. And take an annual aggression. And you know crashing the car kind of seemed like awards do doing it won't lose it consultant since. Man I can't help me on this and I know the answer. I don't know if he misses his first hit. The race. Hospital prison house crashed the car right you lose control car and it's one of those concrete barriers. I'm not delete mom's OK but obviously this is not helped keep the baby inside of Jim was born. Thank you it's coming out. And it's somebody comes over and helps Yankee flag down another car if it happens to be a nursery got lucky on that she ran over and help deliver the kid gets finally immensely Mahan to the hospital. Have such short crashing cars leans. Anyway. Think everybody can crash your car and move Asian man. Yeah parents. I mean look I'm my sister works in the parking lot of local law lesions that go to a computer Asian market and can. The spirit both I think I'm gonna go agents to send a lot of Asians go to a major market other guy's name yeah I think what they doing there and her partner and through an Asian. Yeah Asian currency drive and a fine on the couple's black liked meg C or Asian next. Back to tease you are listening to the men's or radio networks. About this thanks to San Diego and a couple who was in labor so of course other pretty nervous they gonna get the hospital's mental meltdown that's wreckage and I'd let the father father. Fathers who labor here. Eli gathers speed to the hospital and obviously with the nerve to go and everything like this guy is obviously or maybe just not paying attention to the rodeo the way he slammed into a Jersey wall and from the baby was born in the car fortunately one of the drivers this thing got flagged down to get help. Well she was infected nurse so she was able to deliver the baby and eventually I guess and in the hospital plus a match which you black blood makes series. Dan and if you went Asia and then he said look man there's not a lot of clues. But you guys crashed the car and you run that age old stereotype that Asians can't drive which makes its own horrible person. You're also. Now multimedia Soledad it is time for TV time a day. Countless hours in front of the talking. Presents. I think for most people you're probably are and good behavior when your with. But your significant other whatever and it it he comes up your relationship bright and so generally. You're gonna say nice things not going to be actually. Mean this woman an argument like it's on it's not a good time whatever not a million dollar in under a share your personal and right. So basically here's the deal. Ozzy Osborne has been married to Sharon Osborne for many years straight and then you remembers about three. Right so was IV was last year the story came out and out the was booze and a gain and sleep in with some other women. So. They had a ceremony to renew their vowels. Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Ozzy is on the view that sharing is one of the host of and the subject comes up but keep in mind when you hear him answering she is sitting right next to him. I now he sounds to me sounds a little bit like a prisoner its like yeah everything's great. After everything you've been through an after devouring know how has your marriage changed its flat lose and. It's it's not an eerie I've known you roll up your go to guy human mistakes you've. To consume no Moyer is. On another issue. Yeah I don't know I feel like she wrote that down Foreman thank you see this turn on him you can watch it in every if you want you can make your own decisions on a Mike and I thought he seemed a little. All in all though I did that amend your FaceBook page is probably made that statement seven times in the course of the marriage. There may go as you read this and look I get shown respect I understand this but the flip side is in the years and they've been married this is Ozzie I do my guys. It's like someone getting upset because Mick Jagger don't OK let me ask you questions that aren't shoot it if I if I can do anything. How do anything I want to do what it was my job and on and Ozzie situation I. So I. I I say this is the best time we're closer now than we ever have been before. Global will blow. Would you think I'm going to do next professionally. Do a show Sharon now. Release a love sop now. I know now you're going on tour so this is all I need to know. Ozzy Osborne every Mac-Gray in with the original guitarist sack while. Now that is original guitarist not risen railroad yeah there Giuliani era how long have you all here I'm good long time all the time you're absolutely right without question. And we know a little bit about that those guys. We don't little more than a lot of people yup so here's my speculation okay at tackle I think stop drinking now. And that is what we have heard as yet we understand as during the suited up some remote that's that's what we've heard until we and is an awesome and I understand not been something I've heard yet but and then both of them are very nice people for for. Without question they're they're very gracious that they're unbelievably nice and unbelievably kind and sweaty. In the so that's at the they decide to go on a tour now black seven just kind of finished there are good bye good night you were out in a more than we're not doing this anymore. People are getting old Tony army's got some go to cancer issues around his trying to battle. Obviously that's probably last summer going out. Aussies an old man however they decide to go on tour so anyway Ozzie is gonna go out and it did not play a handful of dates. And not play here in the country close to share in the way this tour goes is is they go into like Mexico and and then they go and like South America. Then they get like Australia. And then over to Japan and Asia that they can wind their way through Europe they still haven't announced dates for the United States as far as I know maybe they have. But it's after they see. Embry speck of dirt on this planet mean so for the next nine months but I didn't. I'm not a nine month vacation around the world of my friends that's the next and of course I'm that happy as a man on the planet. Are you freaking kidding me finally and a Mike like I sometimes I wonder with them without a real merit Jersey just a good business deal was always in a business deal because her dad used to manage him and then she took over managing them in the early seventies as a business deal and I dig a little cinema business and robbed by adding Blake I. It's not for day and that might just feel like hey it's good for both our business I think it is good for both of business but be armed and I think to both aware of that but I also believe it didn't truly love each other. How's like I gotta go on the run who'd like Laurie. I don't think that Sharon is always the victim of the situation I found in this marriage I think they both probably tolerate. Quite a bit and I don't I very opposite of many new way of a miles right like. At this moment he probably is beaming like Heyman would pass up whatever's gonna and I'm a go get laid for the maximum amount I'm gonna be gone and drink and do drugs and everything but I do Obama go onto the ceremony listened to harm I didn't see calls creating a new interviews you've hit it eat you. It all bids and an act. The I slept and that amount mop. Yeah but she's got to know a little bit about you think when everyone about your house girls like six I don't think they see stupid. Information and now whatever else might they are not the woman's my immediate blood you don't you know who's tired old change its stripes you don't want our world. This doesn't used to go to Perkins. That's what I mean he doesn't change his stride we know. I get it man the same person you married the same person you know that this same goddamn person they've been their entire life. Also you're not gonna go Wales on like well I'm I'm not gonna be adulterous anymore I've changed my evil ways practice. So are durable Valerie and I hope Mike W does this and be out of town because that's always been my playground and playing really. Yes I mean right that's not I think they. I'd be bigger stick together because they've been down that long and it's good and I'm sure they love each other and have children they care about them a lot last year that she's still making money off of him. She she still makes money off Ozzie if it were up to Ozzie you know he would be doing all this may be he would navy wouldn't but ultimately. She's still the manager and telling him what to do more to go would there were to be. So she knows them well he's leaving for nine to three months four months yeah. Yeah I mean I now it's it's it's a weird one but I will say when you see that video clip. It's just weird disease just said mayor. She's got a stare at this giant picture behind on the thank you did that you've got to sit everything dude yet and you remember the story he said he told us about he was talking to us about. It is actually Ozzie was very coherent when you were you gonna do everything in it was it was because we've just talking way you know just for Tanya stories like in a house just caught on fire. So his house it just caught on fire and and if we had a one run after that in the smoke alarms and off medevac or whatever by and the fire department had to put up serious fire disaster on our right. So it basically would share and done that she'd taken like these they have like twenty foot ceilings and Olivia are. These huge. Ass like eighteen foot. Flowing curtains in the windows are open and then she has these pedestal. Candles that are like. Where the candlestick is like 45 feet I using a real big one so it actually looks like. Well and Ozzy album for I don't think they're big church asked candles right they. And I told that if you keep plodding his candles of advocates the umpire goddamn 3 o'clock in the morning whether an. Hat and a sack IU got I thought that if but they like runs outside naked he's drab and buckets of water he tells you trying to put the curtains out he's Staal put on the curtain by your picturing Ozzy Osborne told really they're water trying to put on a fighter like you know there's no check reveals a Torre told her no less than fifty times not to do that don't because the house is going to catch on fire as the wind blows the curtains and all over these candles that you have lit. I don't know I knew it I was a fireman. And he always gave his wife a hard time about the lead in large entry next the driver. I'm usually hits a fire hazard. Phone when they either sit in the firehouse the call comes across and it's like. That's my address. And basically what he feared has happened yet this US property finally got divorced after that if it's. He's probably right but we've all done it but it's like look if you are married to her date someone who is a fighter person they're gonna say everything's fire hazard if you date. And Dennis are gonna blame and everything you eat too bad for your teeth it's just so happens though that if you're with the firefighter. You're house is gonna catch on fire Mason with the told and everyone else could do it this long into now the firefighter if you're with the firefighter that's an how's he gonna catch on fire and then that's also a generation that did that that on that not understands what has been through. Distractions before. Where you don't talk about how your grandfather could you go underground and a hundred times you would never know from that generation they just gonna do what they do you notice the man who went to church seven days we can reuse that religious message no but I know my Graham. And basically. He and out so I do know is gonna tell you don't go to church and I don't know that he went to church. But the working theory was that he went to church seven days week I want can understand some business the second the pie is done he Roland. I don't know about the church seven days a week only because of miles fifteen and spend a couple weeks for them my parents did would ever. He's one of bombing album CU and held from grim reaper at yeah how much Lou are you on. There's a new room it's. We always hear about Tom Brady. The crazy stuff he does on the field some people think he's Benjamin button but he's getting younger. Until we hear about his strict strict diet so here's Tom Brady doing an interview when he is human being. Ever shall serve it's only if you could either that you scored on M. Ice cream or cheese burgers regularly tells a story like yeah yeah well while. The main party votes no portion I just I heard that today I think that's also Tom Brady likes cheeseburger and a milk shake it like a god then cheese burger chef or they tell you as far as a secretive sticking to anything Yemen. You eat healthy diet that's great but the great thing about eating healthy diet is when you want to eat we eat would you want you to hand you can't. And so it's not like. Where you do a dire where you have to take everything revenue just went through those things really could need a bunch of things and they have this whole list of things you know very happy about that all there but the difference was it it's a lifestyle it's what would you do all the time nor. The bit that you got to remember man this is a guy who probably works out in the gym for two hours a day three hours a day I mean. Those calories are all come in all a matter what I did matter of fact I am surprised that he does need to stack more proteins that Marcello got a border just to get you know where he needs to be but obviously he does that disease already there. I think do you think Tom Brady eats fancy cheese burgers or like cheap once he's like let's go white castle tonight. Thirty I can't picture me the chief stuffed me I can't because it truly is. I hamburger is different. Than any other kind of food I feel good it's him like most of the and almost any snooty it's not like that I just get the feel naughty siamese snooty whatever he's a California boy man Tony's gonna get an in and out burger. A Roman may be. He's a California guy until that topic he wouldn't it would (%expletive) military that you're my earlier widely avocado peace Tom Brady he's married to a supermodel. Don't ever forget he also impregnated another supermodel right he's Tom Brady he scores touchdowns right top plate lifestyle you know saying everything. He's not the breadwinner Earnest Graham so much land rigs I was miles may you and what's that she's very is like I. And a fast would you rather exact that's that I think if these at a fancy restaurant is in defense of food but he's not eat a hamburger. For dinner with his wife at a top notch high in restaurant although I'm sure they have a fantastic burger well either that or it is time really we think he is and his lies and maul shove ready flies and due from Japan with wag her new beef. I do why do why do you call it Kobe be over yet again Kobe beef burger like. Top would you need a goalie Brian Berger. Sure. Whenever a little Afro on what would it have fun. New tell guilt for I don't know out a couple of them at a myth that he's just think if it if chocolate hamburger picnic and drive that army base. Let's see Conan has been all week at the Apollo Theater in New York City and Harlem. Here's Conan talk a little bit about performing at the Apollo. Is great to be back at the Apollo Theater we just water. That's coming legends of grace the Apollo stage Ella Fitzgerald's. Jimi Hendrix James Brown. That's what I can almost hear there goes saying who let that white woman on stage. Can't tell you how much I miss this city since I moved to Los Angeles I have to beyond. Okay. I. Never. I never again. In Los Angeles I had to hire someone to tell me to go. And self. He couldn't get yeah. Also a lot of people you know he's making his jokes there we have said earlier this week the Apollo Theater obviously massive win mark and everything for black entertainment. And and singers comedians whatever did you guys ever watch showtime at the Apollo data or some do not our act. We have to play the whole thing became a little showtime at the Apollo around the zeal theme song. Night oh village parliament. White guy. Okay Google. Yeah man. It's. So I used to watch showtime at the Apollo. Policy Saturday night he came on imam like you came on late may and we would stay out after man. Yeah the Steve Harvey was always hosted it I was an anti quiche he shepherd. The really hot she wasn't in the Byron Allen joke about it after. He had Byron Allen interviewing everybody you can imagine a without actually being very bright idea well really too late if you ever watch your old show showtime at the Apollo that they can't explain to people how involved the audience was. Oh yes and it was always inside. Black audience is black audience gets bitter re heavily involved and whenever the performances. Yeah movie played the Apollo Theater yet. Yeah it sometimes late for amateur night they could do would come out there right I would think when I saw a white guy come out there. And not a kind of blew them a little bit. But then he wins them over and by the candidate it is the most rockets out apology never hurt you don't mind you bring it on stays there man in your yard return but if you don't then you Walt. I guess that's the bottom line if the audience decide medium size whatever bright star billing you than the sandman comes out this huge off the stage yet. Yeah I mean Conan lucky all his jokes don't have to be good because on the descent in there and I saw Conan though alive while he was when it was going to the transition trying to figure out what is what his new career was what is new job was gonna be here there's gonna keep doing late night talk after got fired from NBC. And it's it's eight incredibly. Entertaining live show we did a couple of hours and it was fantastic took a break and about one hour. Came back and guested monologue that music and many guys pretty tough he basically is what I want torn kind of data shows that he wasn't working correct yes. Frank is woody what was it was like a year like. Yeah I radar screen NBC in India TBS show. He's won a keyboard and keep doing a thing I tell you what I was impressed because it was if he was a Conan you can't see on TV right so his gun dropped an F bombers and do whatever is gonna do that was fells all played didn't really go over the top on that but he could when he wanted to. Yet I'd be fun to see Conan O'Brien curse of church he fired up. Will Ferrell obviously an A list star. You know they don't know shows that he would be the first person out but he got bumped on Seth Meyers by Hillary Clinton in. I Will Ferrell so happy about it. And I well I don't do extra things we have a new book first. And then oh we actually had to ask you would you be willing to be a second guest today it says Hillary Rodham Clinton you said yeah. I'm not the first guest. Now Hillary Hillary Rodham Clinton was just on hand Hilary a different person you know how we had a real the real Hillary down while Hillary. We're sitting here why were you what are you watching your dressing room I was clean Sega Genesis. Harry old Miriam can. One DUIMO pocket ceballos got. A whole affair off days there and eat you make it and it. Always does great interviews to. The rains obviously the World Series down and lastly it shut up yeah everybody was fired up by game seven was and most of huge show of the week which. It should have that game six was in there. Yeah amazes me and send an I football those going to be in there too. But I always go to waste of the so many people watch sixty minutes. I'm glad they didn't I mean this is through that night I felt like I was forced to watch it as a kid because all of us learned that is the most terrifying sound Matta well Gloria ago. If cart PR guy got out and other other gaga but now I'm I'm I'm watching all the time yet I'm with a seven adult as much. Yet but I do kind of missing Andy Rooney. The other is a lot of the dude those guys around and he wrote those guys were on just that cusp of death when we watched as children it's amazing they hung out all these old to be in the rural Blake is puzzles they like why did you send this guide and Arctic. He's already dead they were shocked when he came back. Yet he gets maybe that's why they did those aside and yes I do know Larry I'm a lawyer. We'll get rid of them he'll never come back without disease from Annapolis. If you are right that we know is proclivities they didn't seem old when I was in did do I'm always been no old I'm on a beach in Thailand. I'm here to the beaches. Just the beautiful beaches are beautiful but it. This city has a dirty underlying case and I'm investigating the. You don't know when you're gonna live mega very version or get their lives going oh my god you are losing to Spitzer read a network. Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real world arterial man dies the most violent endeavor after bin now. Function buries him in court. They were always please double gets a baby dame tonight as a young children are enough people. New study says Americans check your phone eighty times a day three new toys to enter the toy hall of fame. If you wanna go old school when your life and more Iowa news as the FBI gets involved in a high tech cheating scandal it is time for your headline. It's time date. It's it's OK this might come. God's story a couple in Sweden is taking on the tax agency for the right to named their daughter what they want. The man not only loves his daughter but he also loves beer and he wanted to apparently combine a tale ending his daughter pills left. Vizio are feels that the name is an appropriate and has rejected an inappropriate. And propels an upcoming c'mon man it's appear atop the greatest moment is not the worsening and let people name their kids and they want you hear about traveler on a memoir good Udall. I'm an American Taylor I think it's a stupid idea but it sure prerogative to name your kid what you want but I can see where they're going with that because well you're being cutesy with the name the kids the one that has to deal with that for the rest of their life ever becomes a problem Mike. If you do if flood related blog man how to in the sweet news and yes I think they they'd react to the black community in America. I don't know I imagine D'Brickashaw. Well yes and to be fair marriage I guess it's getting very yes once you start regulating names the list only gets longer you never get short of the B laryngitis didn't myrtle. Myrtle Arianna and I mean I don't know Iraq I mean like my god I can come over like ten old school names and either way maniac you know do your myrtle let's alive to day sir. Way writes you a little thing that Thad Allen hired and so my great grandmother in myrtle cycle right around her grandma every child no way myrtle Josh. How old Johnson on Jermaine Jones colonel John's I'm sorry yeah cold like Johnston. That's your Johnson it's bigger it's injunction. Things are all if I don't know Johnson. I'm at Johnston tomorrow I that he and I ran around the world and what have to be the most Iowa does it ever a man near the Missouri valley met a tragic end when a grain bin that was leaking corn burst open burying him in court you don't have a meant a supervisor went so with this got to check it out they did see where the door. Was leaking core right. So think about like a pretty good thing about a silo but instead of the big tall silo you're used to think more like if you can't. OK and so thicker and wider and you know I mean charter means but right when they were there the whole thing blew open. Hope so the one guy got blown all the way back out by the corner and he got thrown out the way the other guy got buried in that they couldn't get enough for an hour yet he does he was pulled out well over an hour afterward and pronounced dead at the hospital. That is that is an ideal way to go. Got quite cold. Nestor damn man just cross from the left and eternal god no no you wouldn't even go it would had been crushed to death and. I guess that I literally your long ways of well let's asylum and I don't imagine that that's just at a low they should give it I imagine he should have I heard it coming fifth. Man not years. A rail laying flowers Canada endless and often like she was in the army and a colonel the terrible as well with whom I know I'm bigger colonel Joseph it. Everyone gets fried chicken and it's all sheer stupidity but I got KFC cater the funeral. For the journal are arrived at so I hope famous for new entrants however finalists that didn't quite make the cut where the game risk the magic eight ball. Match five stars from my little pony Pez dispensers. Played food and never heard Fallon Fallon it's just. Aspirants and food as I did you say what are your last thing though these did not make it literally nothing they were finalist and make it clear move. Clue paper airplane Mozilla may as well the ball a little ball and taken whenever I'm actually pretty solid and hold all the cards aren't getting their mild manner and enough. Look men out there right now the plastic food that is a mother after being hit. I am recently got rid of a bunch of it but it won't want the kids how hard was it figure. You do you cut it here's the thing that he'd like some prize earlier. You keep a little bit soul of all the food they have may he get word of about 20% at a time each anecdotally there an imaginary catch it that yes they didn't. And they put consulate come upstairs and asked me if I'd like a bite over whenever they come up well no I don't I didn't don't but I would fake it and act like competing. He's horrible meals. But eventually and and finally there is none of that vessel that third is not easy but man it is an FT hit with kids my do you make ease him. The type of guy that could make a really good paper airplanes. I can actually I committed I commit a really good paper airplanes I bet you can't I could do it just seems like I have skills that in bills moving on but that's not what's. I've always feels the fifth so big a paper airplane maker it is yeah look. I'm the lives of luxury lifestyle tsunami hit the fair fits all my airplanes. Mike are you an eagle wolf a ball. You know its final stretch yeah oh yeah man on the champ I did I did frozen nasty junk yeah. Me do I knew I that I am an anonymous junkie know what to do that I hit it out the park. Spam manned moon on fire off an unusual ball that play that yeah sir I'm if I'm into and then we go to New York where a jury has ruled in favor of graffiti art. Is that sued over there working destroyed. They received the okay from a building wanted to go ahead mark of the walls of the building but did caution none of the building was condemned to be destroyed within the next few years. The graffiti artist sued along the lines of the visual artist rights act of 1990 to protect the artists' rights even if the peace is owned by another entity so basically. Even though the guy on the building he sold it to somebody that was gonna destroy it the fact that there art was on its. It's protected by this act and so jury actually ruled in favor and not just trying to trying to determine really the monetary eat. Hello I'm a district. I don't for an artisan piece of Jamison do a painting meant and he but I know him at the time. When you're done in about a year on the latest mission on top. Yes and he says you know I'm gonna pay time and anyway. And then a year passes and I like that based on fire and now he's consumed me in spite of the fact this was explained clearly to this person that's a team of is that I mean like what land and property are to do whatever the hell they wallet. But he was also told the holiday yeah Mosul to hold like hey the only. Just look at the buildings condemned nothing positive is you can also move entire brick wall relocated somewhere you've been paved wherever they are the ads it ran under them my dog is now thank you highway aversion we'll see an exam for the return of Ted vs the FCC bad jokes in another round the profile that he has indeed it is all true we're out of here for Babel Sharon Sharon. So until then please go to new Macs and poorly let's say yes. Day. Beautiful.