11-07-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Needs a Do-Over

Tuesday, November 7th

Mens Room Question: In your lifetime, what would you describe as "The Incident"?​


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Juggernaut. 965 WC MM broadcasters classic rock also the rocking Kansas City 98 that joining us and the Portland classic arcade GON of course angered even weather's. All morning there but they Khazei Indy so yeah for a drug charge rank castle coming in since then they've got ten highest earning dead celebrities. What you don't need to know has things that we don't talk about normally at least out loud to do in the privacy. Of our own homes. And our question today in your lifetime what would you describe as quote the incidence 844999. Cola and again the question is. In your lifetime what you describe the incident somehow this has been mistaken as tells about improved yes we are that pretty well I think so we've had to prove story so far one woman was constipated and chipped away at it until finally she could release. Story region referrals woman who's eating lunch in a car through some important business call. And dash boost yourself. Think he at the far right so proved as dominant topic here's a common becomes them. My grandson proved so big blow bottle hospital's surgery he's had through to have surgery on. I'll do that to have his butt hole reinstall moved in on the way it's supposed to be well if he knew why he did god he's got to be before it moved then you have probably has to be learned what happens when you give birth. And hang out oftentimes it shares a little bit because of the size of babies at whatever they basically do the same thing on the other side. I just assumed the door would get bigger and just let it out he does the sometimes that door you just crash you crash through the door. Yet if the socialist who made the move it out. That is that is as far as wounded was called GO decision to cut the cheese Wednesday she poured the natural salsa that was her description improving yourself. So I think rule not your chief for me after you Mandarin not and I. That was pretty grouchy. Well I think she needed to really establish how bad it was your lifetime what would you describe his quotes of the incidents there we go to the phones hello said welcome to the men's room. Yeah okay. I get a guy solving it now. Both Leo and strained right hopefully you can bring your hands around dreams on the different. Our rights of this this incident happened at work in this just played a week ago I'm a truck driver and an arrogant downtown Seattle. It's a blocked. Awake from like you've got power. And I'm trying to deliver some material good job site. And I pull up on the side street there's the guy is standing. Those street. China wanted to kill us start our new guys got advice clothes she's trying to just do what I call that don't seem leading you know a claim that it needed to go under I'm right. It's like stop government or wait aren't I pick up my old college options I'm art of the deal with this guy I don't know what. And I got pulled out an alleyway right front of me and odds still are in the 800 died late down and nose streets so that aren't backed down brought up in. Values and taken out. This is in the middle of the street. In the middle of the street. And I got pulled out in SM outlets only got all of the front of me from evaluate parking lot. And so they aren't that army pay any attention tonight. Lessen my airport Adam is still no go. And he proceeded to run over that guy in drag him down the street. Oh full city block. And each IndyCar right out and opting out. And ended by the time he stopped his legs are sticking out of the back into the heart attack but I like it chock a block helping your rear tire it's heads are. To let me proceed I jumped out of the out of I try to read up in the car and there's a lady that just gone ballistic I feel so bad error. 1001 Dryden. I know she was just a bystander I doubt there's 2030 people lucky you know I've got you know there are my truck that I hit image. Do you think oh I gonna ask you I mean what are what are the driver think that their rules trying to stop them for me was he just completely oblivious. I think you know I have no idea appreciate it let it got its own people doubt them when I got my airport like hurry up in front of the the truck you know only got used and that I think your budget that when he went over the guy he kind of panicked and slammed on the gas I don't know. They're Kennedy's family dance. But the days then I don't have it on lap wow so I was the guy. Almost. I ran out and I think every other things are off. And it just didn't play Ian everybody touched antibiotics I start solid on the public got them over and it picked up the orange well this guy. No it is like on the side of it and it is plagued golf twisted and mangled the outlook coming out of his ears and now than. It was bad. And I'll look after we got the guy outlook are you looked out in street initially struck terror and you know littered throughout. Where that guy got hit all the late artistry and others needle than main draw opens up. You should take immigration Madson into the bear program Y hey kids here's some of the Matthews you don't know ultimately does get made and are not right. I have no idea did you have to stay there to file police report. I shall also alleged I don't truck driver I. As you know all sides somebody that would have been blocking all the emergency service society kind of weasel my way out of there at my job the jobs that don't straighter on the lottery WW power. Cracked primarily Asia did something. And amazing email people even after you had just scream at someone to help you that Democrats are always go again this would stay in Iraq really Jesus Christ man in and I look. I understand people become apathetic and wanna actually cares about each other blab Bubba I didn't but in the moments that you witnessed something go down generally. At least my belief up until the last couple of years for the people do spring and action and not to do the right thing anyway. But they don't. They just how hot it is. We almost got almost without the phones start video ought to count percent that's rather neutered the commentary right so like here's the video taken from one of our viewers initial the video and the whole time the dispersants papers on the I can't believe nobody's doing anything about this I mean look at our listening to us so why do you go to some of the best whenever you use. If you guys have neighborhood blogs have a neighborhood block everybody non capital web sites that post you know what ever so those that there was an establishment the burn down my neighborhood okay. And have been there for number of years in the first the the eyewitness okay select the first person on the scene of the first one of the first people there. They they're taking video of this house basically it was a place restaurants house in it's I mean it's in gold you can read British troops are not only did the flames are shooting 1012 feet fifteen feet out of like a hole the route that it opened yet. So you see this and then it there's there's video footage of the guy who's filming. And another guy walks up beside him because it's like it to 3 o'clock in the morning or some of the flight. And he says to the guy almighty god he said has anyone called. You know 911 of the cops and a guy filming it you can hear them audibly goes no also this often do that now. Unity can so I mean come on it has had to tell the video ends the video wins with a guy who assuming you like all of all children often call now you have a phone in your hand we need and include all I heard you you're the only one out there you didn't video a lot of that you never thought Scott a lot of online call. Then let them enjoy learning thing that you would do apparently it's not the natural instinct that was the problem we think it okay that's an I RA but here's the problem in here's the problem that. So all it. As usual. Most of these blogs containing comments section of course and comments come in like all those apparent from throughout her both those blow lol well there are all but no one minute no one even noticed that a guy like I'm like. Like that would be my number one comment 300 mile wide there's a new low I may well Lou or watching enough is is clicking it like it's it's like oh my god doesn't explain so much. The depth as we read delusional it will crumble people and when you when you got to witness and on this level Buick records. That's it it's just apathy. No one actually cares a few people care about a few things and a vocal you know whatever might be beyond collectively. We don't care rep because of these are strange and that is how also how a number of buildings to have it wasn't like it could have said that the neighboring house on fire good meals clothes he's ouster close IKEA. I don't think it's not necessarily not the people don't care even though with phones and apps you gorgeous so used everything being done for them. But it almost doesn't click in their heads I went home I'm home I don't want to just that on the film this I don't for the literal life easier to somebody else's call only this but this this particular Heidi I don't wanna believe this particular house having an area and I'm sure this guy newsmen at a very small sign. And it was an establishment but it's still house yeah so in my mind it's still looks like house estimate the apartment upstairs bubbled up. The the first thing you do is pounded on the door screen to see if anybody's and the next thing you do is you wake the neighbors up next door to the right beside this do they have holes today when you know you're like. Any thing like call mine won't want to do something you videotape of my video. In your lifetime would you describe as the incidents 844999. Ole abstract thinking it was only two years ago as walking to work and solve building like a giant fireball go out of it. And it was like you did you see it from the old deck yes. But like I was walking up the street and just I assume other people would call browse like a better still call 910 are any better buildings on fire threatened. It it just don't know it's amazing. Hello I'm Jeremy welcome to the men's room. Exit date on all cock. Tired my Internet Len said getting divorced about fifteen years ago. And I had a couple buddies that wanted to. You mean like a you know longer divorce party and get a stripper. So we went up my one body count them back. Right now the bat I had my buddy that we went through town that is their raging alcoholic and churn out when we walked into the drinking pitch. Didn't go away don't thicker around. So we are attacking government he had. Orange County weekly out bad. You know back in the day look at the back page of that comprises sisters or whatever growth. So he ordered one over the phone while we're sitting there. And when he does watch live and he pulled his. Not the look on his big gun out you put it up the vintage championship themselves they can that was MP. Then blood pouring down let's face it massively though he doesn't about him put the big bandage on a and then all the and the lady showed that. And she's got that Janet Samoan guy with their that he had the ducks begin in the Howell tees and I think. And he's got a good though in the place. And though. The girl come then and he stayed outside in my buddy that the against each day he got a couple Beers and stricken with them and jump back in and he reminded by your leg got rid of it under on the way you'd like why. And it's a long story but you don't wanna do wondered if you could lose they aren't quote media Wii game in the 200 whatever wasn't. And sell our drug but he is now you're not going anywhere and he has the cordless telephone thought on that and and so he keep simple what do you get you to I'll call the cops. EQ lap in the states and he's got his front door shut and lock of the dead victim on thanking them and and she left out of it so he picked up. 01 in his hand and register in the face with this is. How are Korea and that she screamed he hit me and that kicked on my friend Leonard Patrick Buchanan Michael. And I just started running down his hallway which I realized then I would back in the bedroom they've never been back there before. And he had those old aluminum now windows that can now well then they'll shut over time. And I couldn't get it don't fan and that would have gotten out in the front of the house. My other friend had ran out the back that we were separated. And he had the car key. And all that and so I start court kicked in the window trying to kick the window out. As I'm doing that I hear what sounds like a truck hitting that the house. But it was the Samoan guy kicking the door and I might bring you couldn't register what it was but it just found it terrifying. I went back down the hallway they couldn't get out the way I went and I could see my buddy in the back yard waving at me with. How you can look I have my faith did you get the hell out of there. Well so an event when in fact the door for I don't think I. Hey man hey I am I gotta we've diluted. That the that would occur I was yeah I the music means ramped up. Your lifetime low would you describe as the isn't an 8449990. LaMarr your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and why can't come in since may top ten highest earning dead celebrities yes most of them. Are in fact musicians that's gunman coming up with the I was sitting spent a question in your lifetime what would you describe as quote to the incident 844999. Old. And we're journal online adjourn. Re if we can recall your story so far. I'd dimensional party you guys higher and don't divorce party. The horse artwork by you hire a each numbers show all poured out of cases now when she shows love cheese with as you say a giant Samoan dude who's also backing each. She does not want to perform whatever it is we want ads whatever it is does one hurt reform that's just that's above her pay grades and street. You're one very drunk friend who shot himself previously with the BB gun in his own gender and he's a moron. As some kind of debate with a swollen punches her in the face. Samoa dude is now entering the home and you're trying to stay right. Yeah and so I intersect with the whole east coming in the house. And hitting my friend. Brit at the same Democrat running down the hallway to see it and I did seem like so little jab at him and it can act in. Prophet had back and then this upper cut. The next guy that this friend with about five foot six that little bit maybe under imported counts. So it was like a cartoon. He was flying through the years. From that upper cut like you wouldn't believe it or not I ran to the backyard. And then. Met up with my friend in the backyard and contemplated jump in the sense. That people behind that huge huge does so we ended up running up the crowd. But we see them Greece and out of their car and John Larson left. But the most actually the most irritating part of it certainly. Was the next morning. My so called friend in this state can't go list called me. We just can't had to go to the emergency room last night ahead DV lodged in my life children's. You know how that happened you know recollect all you. Know oracle well. Who knows that he said he had not reckless I didn't believe it at that time maybe you really didn't yeah I think he also. Didn't remember. In the team a coming over don't remember any of that stuff and so I just hung up on them and never spoke to union and. And say a man omelet. How would I mean. I don't know that there's plenty of stories and I don't remember your blackout drunk generally when people fill in the blanks it's entertaining. I knew anything too bad but do you wanna remember a giant Simone do beating her yesterday and probably not I just rather go the fact that I shot myself in the face of the BB gun yet. All stories terrible it is frankly punched it like it sounds like. Whereas on the grass right okay cookies I was open to any punches and check usual do whatever it is they asked her to do in the men's and did drop by the spurs huge body guard and has no recollection of any of this. In your lifetime America's drive as the incident a 44999. Alone. It's rather it's welcome to the men's room. Hey you're a lot yeah. Hersh first time caller long term look I guess it's program. Al thank you appreciate an Astro. Yeah I have a weird story out in Bellevue. I lived worked there and I cute and I. Persons. We're gonna computers that cash. Well like I would do that came out for like three years straight from the Russian guys didn't live there are. You know it is for years now security model and cash sometime again and making all kinds nearly midnight knock this thing launched. So I could lose. You know basically I either complain because I talked to a guy and looked much. He kept it to you as being cool about it and they're cops came and one day and they were like yeah I got a little guy rich and my god and in my room all day like no you sure you mean inched. There were like all right so they leave act and again our layer they come back like dad he was planning on. Tired some of the driveway about that I did. There's cops certain you know quite if you lament etched etched. There're. It's like oh you know just you lot talk pure English they're like cute guys has done aggressor virtually no mention that I'm Mike. I hadn't opened guy all day and you know he's been quite as you can can can get any part in the unmarked cars need to know denies he can not walk on the only. I'm just trying to. About his situation room you know it's a matter of I guess based on my record. There. There's opportunity there. It looked like quite a few cops if there was some kind of you know superior opportunity there and she didn't like my attitude since she looked like let's look draft a guy and Q I want to go back to my house and cops didn't throw my door now educational quality. Couldn't predict election Iran and her car. Achieved to monitor me and one lead nurse. I'm Mike. Eleanor what a joke is helmet contact. Arctic national standards about you know her conduct in that you know additional. You know cops could not possibly care less astronomy they didn't shoot you I'm trial against Al and you know they're not worried about where I'm an American continental and go ahead. Yeah I know I'm not sure thing you're like I got all up on not subject and she's got on the radio and shoot like this guy threatened me just else. And I look like you've got to be kidding me and she she gets talked with the next exit and she turned around regardless juniors you know what you can Kalish was German actor. You know they'll you can headquarters where did you throw things. Yeah it's it's well yeah okay and that's how I can't you stay out Allan stay in there I'll. All he had no show there is replying parties may accuse me of felony corruption in the police officer. Because of that. And I looked like I was like what the deal ends and like I got to court eventually Katrina they keep you in jail for years earlier and of course she. I'm I'm like shouldn't charge. And she doesn't like I I grabbed the gun in her car which like they have shut down usually between their future wherever and like the barrows. You know we've we asked did you grandma got. Now OK and he's got through it out. Such a thing or it should she each at bat and like I would like will encourage you know like I might cure for an economic John like being on camera in jail. Like whatever. And there were no. Nothing I did and Hearst saying that and and they had me in jail for like seven months and and like IA I would like. Let us Obama wants averaging yak and and mine wrongly say old's first seven months later that it. We're going to have. No I mean might eventually what you guide your reduce huge. I think some kind of challenges that are working here live and Algeria and to let that lightly. You can even Arafat may have like look survive off that let me know my record like. Lucked out when you're in jail but it would drop reload felony its overnight it is what it is right but if I had eight then Libya America. Much like you can what do you handler are I can tell you exactly what it is and usually it's seven months in jail or they can they teach you when you had to go like prison. No David Cook they they held meanwhile they were doing court session inception not to not even the worst part I'm not human interest story you know I know I got I got. I got released downtown and and and in Seattle I I was like holy crap than and so there were like. Like you're the charges are pending and Jim really enjoy I was just switched around when they're such give my stepfather approach I've been living in because my Lamar obviously did accusing rushers on the Muslim. Holy and relentlessly exciting market. Well okay so like I root on my way back to your livestock and selection committee I started. Another huge following one or apply it these giant suvs like I guess she's reached. I'm Michael stich and John like I turn around five tornado that Jesus. Currency or anybody gets the ball I want abnormality. Has become about twenty taunting cops came out of nowhere like to light right around that bend like where you Kirk and I've twenties like you like other motorcycles. There was yet you believe there was you know who was out of their control and I don't care the American army came and got bad why that back they had me on. Bad beyond my case and and you know we're like hey you know you guys. It did this charging McNabb and the end you know all ended up here I guess the guy. I no no yeah. The last time college's dean by the monster. I think I know why she put him in jail. I think I know why people and injured I'd just like he's at what is the Texas. And it's a hot I 'cause I don't even know. Why Arnold from angry and an awful and I am really hearing you you I think what those are new. Hey you know only liked it just it's a story in the whole thing about a story or in the eighth. They about a story tell me. There's a point yes right yeah and so. I don't know like we knew when you if you read the newspapers if you go online and read the news what they do see is they had learned. The first thing you see in all bold letters sometimes underlined or even a different color or font for her to separate that from everybody else's. Here's the meat of what I'm going to tighten had this is that's actually important thing headline the first paragraph you read. Sums up everything real might not a lot of these details but in some essentially see another final two and then if you get to be second paragraph he gives you a few more details and by the time you to the end of the story you just really nonsense 910 times into. Somehow the skies headlines and was like you last paragraph of a news story if it blows. It was like for more information call so we don't know which are talking muscle some of the comments the comment almighty god worst radio ever. We don't know that's about hammer out new products and I would guess that those guys I meg I was lying followed by yarn on. Poll asks. NC I mean people commit all earned another armed. Thank you mom stern. This guy's an idiot totally guilty someone calls for the gong hole on the sort of monster please Jesus Christ to shoot me in the face again wrong with it they're fat that is an actual comment just shoot me in the face and get over it. Lucy's almost as you guys have amazing patience no. We don't did you can't see house believe me caught him. And my. The most cut this bitch off next caller cut him off gong him go wrong two guys and as. Please make him go away the guys sounds full of us. Gong of c'mon street this guy I mean it just goes. Zones like the fall showed the institution Kamal miles give removing density of those guys up. Why I think SpinRite why isn't flowing like boring because the Marlins got into the morning. Where is the bong for this story get some points needed to get through my screening process and unfortunately. United and just letting people on through here I do actually asked me tell me a little bit other stories I think that was where. I I cannot benefited from hearing a story because. Course is tone was relatively similar but when I told them do you know given the short version he got to the ending rather quickly so I kind of thought that he would. Bring that to do the on air personality out there guy he'd get to okay like for a couple of details in the first of all ages so you understand the format exit things though we can move things along. We play music Louis we have to go take a break. Now the sometimes that is the top of the hour ID break where we have letter stations identify themselves and we'll be right back and literally ten seconds assistants I guess for station identification. You know your listeners of radio network and we'll plug in what with the radio station is other than that when the music comes on and you're on there even when you hear that means you got to wrap it up got a quick. Because we're going to a break in the league it'll break it's gonna take welcome back from break petered continue your story in your recent distort everything else but he via the music. Just know you got to now work toward rapid and up a little bit if you can't. That would be a great help to us. Holy as do so long he should be in your payroll. Isn't it comes then I mean they're deporting him I'd rather drag my boys and two miles a broken glass to listen to bat again. I think he needs to go back to prison a felony was wasting our time almighty god among a construction site walking on still three feet mayor Rumsfeld sweet. Sympathetic and yeah yeah. Yeah that was not act that was the second men reroute wherever also suffered but it just doesn't make sense has insanely people commit a horrible crimes still get bail. The only criterion their percentages are much gas and then they give you a bail hearing in the they follow you home for takedown. Okay there's more good story back to come up. What do you say at the MI would evidently got taken down and they secretly to release them only to beat his ass with thirty people are chasing down Iowa then he didn't get off for any thing and yeah. Boca that was so it it really just to kind of dissipated let's see what happens now in your lifetime or would you describe this glow to the incidents 844999. All. I never thought I'd say it is but I miss nacho cheese group lady I don't know what I would she was back I would rather hear I would on her unexpected bowel I would help and hurt our help get some of that out there for the net so that. My address my hand up and their love the third. Hello Shane welcome to the men's room. 00. Mac alone saying. It was a terrible immediately light it up just a little bit. It already. Knows. It's. So I got. Pro wrestling story free I didn't know you guys blow like debt strapped. So that was the thing that my dad and I did when I was younger and one particular time I had. I don't seat until. They come down that I got spend not to taco include all the way back to the dressing room and I'll know. Good well. No I think into eclectic. Another big Samoan. You know I. I hate to hear like thirteen or fourteen he hauled up and he he just wanted to target right now they Jesus. I don't. Too darn good. I come back because of the keys where we're still and then I absolutely rightly to stay home. And go to the beginning. That even sit within the main event what bam bam Bigelow. And he's coming network you can dial and don't drive guy like. Don't do beer rollovers didn't good luck sort of ushered kick your mouth off to speak in Canada thrown him into the guardrail thing that we Europe begin to knock the back. Until we were and then not back a couple deep south. Little lively one but I never seen this the wrestlers do hitters didn't release speak after that the ballots are pretty entertaining. I don't want to get to money's worth yeah I. Know that way your father did but shore. That's the real part of it. I am here on time would you describe as the incident a 44999. Nolan wrestling to be fun to mean back in the day that. The first pair of boobs ever solve word at a wrestling event real life. Because there was an hey you big deal Robin does everything guy that was a tenth. After Disney music the godfathers something so basically every night every town he went to. Due to a local strip clubs and get like his women that would come out to the remove them and stuff so we were parked in that parking garage you know at the Baltimore arena. And it's like meet three of my buddies are buddies data were like yelling down adamant and I know somebody said something about the girls or whatever music yeah. Liz Boyd since you polled about a lot owner it's very clear like this is all sobs my comrades like right exactly what are what your sleep forever. Still comments are now on the way. I feel bad rubber shared a cell by guy for seven months. That guy sucks the sweat off all the dead man's you filled balloon. The last call all that's terrible I vacuum my road rather listen bag and eat. And the missile in the these huge insult as we've established here on the on the men's room. What do dinosaur follow up call on deck on a diet that either and I Lebanon near lifetime what would you describe as quote these incidents. Hello mental welcome to the men's room. All oh. Back backpack. My story is. I'm about and I was a bit. Church event that would help the school has that rule there's no running in the hallways. I won't do playing tag and I would it. And I wasn't paying attention to the rules and I was very focused on my. Target chasing down the hallway. And I never saw the dole opposed that I sprinted directly into it and put my head open all the way to the dull. Who did you get a lion running up your face. Is. I would I that a small star it's been an appears that it's not do very noticeable but yeah I never lost consciousness that was just. Screaming in a pool of blood in the hallway. Would you rather just lost consciousness. I mean I don't and so look a like a parlor in any more I mean I think I would blackout but some barrel. Like I'm Jews under my full blame Brussels does hurt couldn't quite ever have my stub my toe on like I would rather just be unconscious and they wrote this the other side's two gentlemen. You soil at church. You'd be here informality. Our time low against drive as the incident made far far 999 all hold the line Margaret calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Would you describe as the incidence. According to ABC news they housekeeper in Asheville, North Carolina was stunned to find. 85 foot long boa constrictor under the covers inside an empty hotel room police responded to the situation at the roadway CNN suites. And had to say transported to an animal shelter until it's owner could be located six owner Neil Miller somehow they found them. He said he was terrified when he realized he had left his three year old Colombian red tail ball behind while visiting a friend if he didn't call the hotel say hate two things one. I was Eric my snake and a British or look listening there to. You wanna let your staff know Valencia snake gets mine I sit him down for two minutes of forgot about a and then I walked out said Miller who revealed the stakes name has. Barney chuck chuck Miller arrived to the shelter recover shock. Reunion was captured on video snake didn't seem to care one way or the other resume and on the ground no charges were filed and no one was injured in the mishap. They knew my time Mo would be the what would you describe as being quote. The incidents 844999. Cola hello damn welcome to the men's room. What's going on that's all time. So. Miers or who have worn out inviting thank you your twentieth. We're waiting in the parking lot for my body is sort of the party like a little kids do. And we came out Putnam Putnam since I've got a strategy don't. So already being a little record up a jump in the back of the instruct other Walsh what you'll find is just. Always gonna ever gonna neighborhood about 2 o'clock in the morning and I saw like five or six guys under each street life. So I have so Miley immediately try to jump anybody. They circled out and then all of a sudden the gun pointed to my nose. And then from there what happened as a weird place for applause did you did you die right then or what happened. Yet I need not yet I can't compliment just simply here this is big mama is correct it's configured your gun now it. Again though so this guy did. He's playing guys he says you'll own home his house like that. I like to look like they don't your parents a number actually rest Charlie down the street you're not Accenture dumped on China's. And now one another guy like pot to go low pay acknowledged there and I don't would shop what did you know about this. Theft. That's hard core that every that I know I got him and John Glassman he's already did he run advance all I know Muslim shooting system president Barack Obama would so W I I would open. You never know you now this guy I would imagine with a broader. I know I dynamo would you describe as the incident a 44999. Alone hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. Garbage your aren't our stock. Q what was your incidence. Earl IA will and it is around thirteen or fourteen Ali and I had. Twelve ninths okay. I was going India might lead Jon and a certain chair. Of what really donors had trouble finding aid being. So I just sat there and did my best impression of cork board. About. Fifteen minutes later there's finally released I had about world Pete. And just enough to get into the waiting room where my mom was waiting. And that's where everything went black. When you pass out. All kind of put your gonna select soul music genre that everything went black hair welcome to the soul train. No blood now that's all I wanna lose the black them. So yeah apparently that's so thankfully there's a gentleman sitting at right by the door. Who's got up and cut me as a death. And carrots so and 29 years of life this would be the incidents. Painted after blood drop them. It's always were and I can't find remain in the keep digging around in and her sort of mother like oh god my car my god did he give you the full story did you get the full story. At the beginning and the end Alan and Fiat. That yet say that this. That is amazing that at the like what would he be on the wrong dance started when he did a we did it. Can I dammit I'm in what was gonna do let me tell you when you won't care made their lifetime what would you describe as votes the incidents. These are. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.