11-03-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Walks Out

Friday, November 3rd

Mens Room Question: What's the biggest grand exit that you've ever seen or been a part of?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. I was at the rock in Kansas City listeners figure he has uptrend ninety Iraq and now Sacramento thanks for that. That you didn't hear that thing caddie came and just in the nick of time to do. Mammals on me OK. Okay fine. Jan. Because the amount of another I've just through joining us as well we got bad jokes coming up for in Denver the FCC and our question today what is the best grand exit did you ever seen or been a part of real quick. And. A man pays a thief distillers girlfriends close laptop and jewelry to make the break up easier. Australian. Michael Bolton hall. Was convicted. In my hand. Hey you still Loma. Masterminding a crime because he won his partner quote out of his life. Last month Bolton and his partner went on holiday to visit family when they arrived home they realized that house have been around. Bizarrely the robber had not touched any thing belonging to Michael Bolton. Still goes girlfriend stuff. Her clothes her passport her certificate of citizenship paint a laptop. It's charger and jewelry when cops arrived to the home to investigate Bolden believe that game going. Police said he had always planned to break double the girlfriend. How well do you do Greg. Including boom and. When he got back he's gonna want if reminders. Of her lying around the house. The databank omitted to it's officers he just won her quotes out of his life. And he left for the I'll love toward Cuba is that not correct that is correct yeah exactly and that is why did you say probably you could throw out they. Stuff they leave there you go throughout the pictures that we get a chance to leave the I want him as somebody or rather than yours does go on and on breaking up with we've got another story out of Australia than any and in the men's grand exit that you've ever seen or been part 8449990. Love the profound impact events like the products are talking about. It. The fact that did them in the act. He didn't call me Terrell Dan Dolan walked out true because this insult if I think that's not a arms look like a T Rex. Yeah like I say you know and. And so. Are you welcome to the Beijing it's the I'll complete that they might add 30 absolutely and I think hearing about these grand and exit and in my whole life but. Effort and experience land as ground now and again. We were going to the movies so we're seeing it in movies and hurt unit and saints and we are on the line for concession. There the mind behind us. And the guy. That clerk or whatever. Keep an open the cash register. To catch it ensure we are scanning. And that the person behind that other key and then the wind just chipped it over. And I can't play all that we record them right and he would like that they need it the back line. And I've always liked seriously. You're not gonna help a player and person not hit like you know you're gonna need to get the act itself. I'm like yeah we're really couldn't you just go my apple you know we're gonna get the back line. So muted in the back in line related online and we got the front. I had start ordering everything you alert he liked popcorn he orders cute hot dog. He ordered like one of every candy in the guy's just couldn't on the counter act it into Indy. I mean it's so then he ordered a large so bad. And he like he won't want go to Q I would yes. So looking like another large sudden that got turned around to get a secular. I opened the top of the earth like and just put it everything. I thought I go over every Aggie. A thousand dollar skyrocketed. And then you guys welcome to the movie are you walk out. On Halloween didn't you like actually look at and that he kept me weren't. Gonna cancel your lord and in the east as. I don't know if it. And Jack I want I want I don't think you're ahead like you more impressed the dads like if you or you more like to have day Amanda photos about to get hooked up. I would I was mortified. I think. Crushed an out and getting like candy they now have an adult and I might add. And equipment. It sets a bad movement that. What is the what's the best grand exit did you ever seen or been a part of a 449990. Le hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. Kahoolawe AG is on top. It. So. Did you say I'm got a speech. ASU I take just speaker OK okay but you sit neutral law. So I know guys. The ninety quit Elaine didn't it took her out on the bosses didn't see any armed on the bar and had a yeah I need sit there even being this kid will produce there the bus they've given so much crap that he was nearly blew a little back. And yeah well led did you ever hear anything about the incidents. Or the Boston it was a big used to having immaturity as these. It's important that the you can use an even number golden eyes. But I don't know even that tall guy in this picture or associates are real tall lanky fellow told guys give they have bigger groups. God that it and they've ball farther so you're saying would hailed yeah they don't have more time a former chief him. The next few dozen drivers out more searches are or they did the does more impact on that you get more splatter patty patty get your bosses bit. Desk full OK now I can't play situation also Rios really label you know about how sad situation. Are any quit right after it took a crap I'm guessing they try to airplane unborn and yeah this is the extent you thought he did being got on the plane. So for change he actually left a crack. There you have so it was a lot of Democrats yeah there have. Does the boss find it entertaining boarded the you know like in some way Rosie decided on narrow down again at those human poop and then my car. I'm impressed so let you know they didn't Chico and he was a little dressing big guys you know ingenuity. Suddenly everyone's allowed think about it or eating we'll ask you know ladies dad deal it is. Think they're lucky error. Did the Boston see it coming like if you could for season but he goofy on your bad. You probably try to stop that I was held her own life if you add real. Him and look items that are home to not a British or some debris can improve on my bed want to know what is the best grand exit did you ever seen or been a part of a 44999. Cola into the look. You improved and you are some of the fun. No knowledge nobody knows where to group he pooped on our fourth grade teacher steps. We'll look at what the. On Tuesday a great book with this and what was done this woman was just terrible Sudanese lean mean and I hope so and our name is misses to Vincent. And she was an old blonde and she was just mean I mean whatever was she just. She just. My TV channel arresting bitch face but she just wasn't nice Oka says she already had the look like Jews and kill you at all times but she just wasn't a nice person so. At that point time Alia idea we're in a trailer okay so our schools and a trailer you. Trailer fairly easy to break into as a matter of fact we crawled underneath the trailer basically just popped the floral. Pulled back the have a pretty full back carpet in the corner just kind of popped up through the middle of floor in only like that that's how we got into the trailer. And soon as we did it packets of on the desk and I'm like it dude eat you're gonna take a crap on the desk if any guess now I'm gonna take a crap on a great book. So the only other trademarks are right and it just drop one on their bit in the craziness was like three of us in there three or four of us in there. And I never seen someone be able to prove on commanding win they wanted to where they wanna to a place that wasn't a toiled for. He just jumped up there and did it like it was no problem. You know so like I might have to do a guy guys turn around Varnado I'd do this like you know Dave knew about miles rather bribe listed on down and not just jumped up there and dropped it right on the great. I want proved in this and I feel bad because this was not my intent when I was in fifth grade was gym class. Macro the toilets worlds like the card table and urban is baseball cap sitting on the card table from like a week right. No one claimed that no it is never movement it never moved so I got a group after Jim and I thought to be funny because again I'm in fifth grade improved Matt. Right of a deal Lipitor I got to show my friends we get a good giggle about it and they need me give it another thought man. We're in the next period and mister Stryker was is we by the way it went down about a feeling Al thawra I don't feel bad. He comes storming in tort class manner and as for results. Hey boys are exact quote is this class and trouble in heat is read his name in that moment I realized. Oh no that was his hat all I had I had no idea I wouldn't have done have I known it was does that but I did you in his head and I don't know is is testimony said the thing at first. By the nudge period someone a dime me out and I got a suspension and he. Is a man. Let's get ahead of the next two years and it's like it was uncomfortable every single day after that. Yeah does he didn't believe that I did noses had I honestly didn't and I know I didn't believe me the stealth like manna. I didn't always have Michael. Why are you taken us some of that anyway. That's a fair question but I think it was funny and I don't know is yours and it was a it was a bad. Read Leo brash American green white hat is safe to browns that I saw a grown man who put a cup. Well why why. Easy to its gross everybody else out OK be primarily due to gonna come yeah it was a couple group. Yeah how is it like cup noodles but group like every dosing schedules and make IA's weekend was spilling over the cup Berlin that was perfect and adjust the red Solo Cup. It is standing up yeah he's got. And in no way and he was sober is doing well and attract. One longer Kodak did Reich has he had a living conditions we couldn't drink anymore and the rest of mystery and wasted and then somehow turned in net. But from like beer pong to quarters to zooming in a cup. Yeah an enemy and groups because she EEE if it is this your potential designated driver that's his move correct and he's the only silver. Would it fill the cup up. Now what is once heard in the media are yet fair enough it's just itching for a so low cup c'mon man. The US president tailgate. Now this is that out hunting cabin like way far in the woods it was we are worried are more likely to do something like that yet. Correct European Gatorade bottle another oh yeah sure how many times. If you got a but instead like wait in line for Porta potty described beer bottle pop and I can't believe Gatorade does need an advertising like it would you don't drink can generate one model in your car wide mouth for a reason yeah exactly Gatorade. Seriously guys and what more do I try to be and Jack Daniel's bottle and it's tough dude man probably spray everywhere right an all over the quality star if you need to be in a bottle and car if you haven't Gatorade bottle that is your best bet basically they wrote in the back to Karl my other buddies and I approved on the desk. For at least six hours of that trip on the way to New Orleans we were just soaked in urine. Backseat I'm sure is loving you and is branded cards you can put a box seats because. What is the best granddad did did you ever seen or been a part of a four point 9990. LaMarr your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph you know have a gentle man he's grown up Bayside return. Dead birds of the FCC Ted they oh win streak here as of labels see if it continues coming up right before we drink it tells with a shot of the day. A jilted woman has taken revenge on her cheating boyfriend by selling his belongings following a break up to 26 year old woman goes to the garage sale. In her home dead. SE the Melvin between 10 AM to 2 PM on Sunday and assets bright yellow signs seen tape to a tree near the yard sale read it. Ex boyfriend got cheating. Everything must go out like a bad Sheila. The young Melbourne woman goes to the garage sale alongside her house maid who helped the university student decide to sell all of her unfaithful boyfriends friends possessions. After she discovered his infidelity. No wasn't very good break up there was pretty bad so we thought we just make something fun out. Among the items up for sale his clothes and shoes is video games is movies is exercise equipment books and speakers. And by the way she also decided to shed some of her own stuff including high heels and handbags. The woman said she planned on putting money toward a trip overseas. So she hopes to to make enough money there. The unknown woman. Basically ended up making up over a couple 1000 dollars I am all that yard sale which is pretty good at all. Our question what is the best friend exit did you ever seen or been a part of 844999. Alive we have a comment here following up on the movie as a form of a grand exit from them. So as I had a former roommate. Hoop and complete bread it in throw in the Fries are under relaxed they've worked luckily a follow employed smiled to be funny emanating from the friars. I'm defines how would it was. And that it was duke no public consumption cool. Breaded though he branded deter you would be better breaded and deep fry daddy want generated by the defrag read it that way soft in the middle. The currency on the outside and able to get the text of the two and for the snap the pop I'm as worried about rural all that oil. Oahu oh yeah trust me all that had to be drained did a little more excited to clean the you kidding me I put it other than anything frying poop connects delegate now that's. It deep fried and served. Hello Craig welcome to the men's room. Good or bright outlook. Oh and time. I tried a couple quick ones or have I have virtually no support no contract. And train ultra right and customer service. At a giant shell shocked sorry. I'd coworkers and become the biggest problem after I'd taken a couple ration gangs and actual shingles all day Charlie do anything. It doesn't go why did people physically assault you. I'm just how I dressed I was dugout long hair at a time edit cringe even changed. No it would carry it out all your protection act college am engines and it's. I guess like a couple times and have been serious like. Groping and are on you worse one way or die chick who guys loved. Libby didn't trucks and it was clearly one of those Dallas Cowboys are the trucks are mission next in my car parked there. I'm blaring do look regulating what they tried to our crowd but. It's the so our after the wasn't dealt with the addition cited that answer the next parliament called I'm gonna get cash and cash do you get out but I told her. So Agassi and keep that job very long. You know acknowledging that they blow me up until the the matter is that realistic enough. I didn't ask and blocked out. Well debate term and I will say this by the call customer service and that's about heard. I would feel like at least this the first time someone was being honest with duty you got in cat calls and other guys like walking no Streeter anything. Odd I haven't a little bit loose changing now find I don't like going out of Baird. Google's whose program. I don't know Russia were analogy airport near horizon come down. You know I know it's lower clone of their own. I know we're got to the airport. And our contracts for another government contractors and our own. But I would unloading and loading like churn airlines I don't know bring a lot because they had nothing to do it with a Dutch. I'd finally got tired of my shift manager Chile's biggest bitch I never had legally. They didn't have more than one relations is terrible Alitalia tired and I started and in my Jewish actually came in on overtime to do that special the best part. I left a slight little bit on our heavy flights going out you I got touched and block didn't. Kill my bad lyrics yet have a badge assured the airport and screamed. I acting UH UU fat and I don't you know. And I would have gone there it doesn't slow and I land mammoon backpack and. I. Just. Damn you're fat bitch and I hate working the okay. Yeah gunmen leaves on the table but you have been there when someone pulled the move like that you're an employee in remains a late the balls. As I heard something from former coworker viewers in store Matt at one time it's just a weird now you know you can't really probably you're kind of smiling like my my my mind that they're not wrong line that I watched what somebody down something like we catch you come after you learn the the basic you just mail stupidity of 22 people arguing in its. You see it a lot trust me you see it on the government level but it was. I quit. You can equate. I'm firing you and I know I just quit you know like know your fired I quit before you said you were fired and it's all like. Who's their first to think bull crap that's in our local news here we like we told this story first first first first public I don't care if you told me at third but I think they realize that I don't care. Muehlegg I don't need to know at first ever remembered and I'll find out there and I don't you know it. The same thing I think the city know why there first no I started fur starts how long did they bicker about the bottom line was the guy's gonna quit anyway an end to what it is more than a year ago firemen are gonna work there's a so it was just I said no I did it I'm the one like you know you can't deliver what do you fired because I quit in on an like and it that was basically all I heard back and forth. For five minutes till it finally measured and it was just two guys that look back and forth over whether one I was fired with a one guy quit we're odds look at each other like. Why is this matter what you pay legacy is two guys that pumping there chest you know like like no remember rubber copper. It cannot money people. What is the what is best grand exit you've ever seen or been a part of a 449990. There it is awkward. And mean make it through there to witness all this yeah. Yeah because it's lake that whatever. Happen between now person in the balls were just late. You just you don't get to talk to the ball slick that's a you're kind of like ours is kind of fun to go to. That's also awkward usually you wanna crack a smile as you're still working for the balls but maybe he he he he can compete and I didn't play. I got a lot of laughs but I shouldn't. Continued good your office will be mad about it as we can probably smiling gossip about them and we all get to yell like this now pars and just came season before noon at. As I governor how the sad to lose them this video went a little confusing we go and go I'm fired no you quit. Brett. The hot water below you quit. Do the most money as a map is locked down and get our mind like you know what I like arcade there. This doesn't add up ever so just last you don't even look like a dinosaur. Yeah Cheney and hello and Jimmy welcome to the men's room. Oh not it is a hard time. I picked Friday gentlemen down. So my story in my grand exit. 85 year relationship. Go out with this girl who long time will discolored Sally. As a means belliard together and she's. Got a got a drinking problem on. A stack of do you why is that she is you know she got to be lied violated her proud of probation by getting another view lot. And I don't drink problem of them. Yeah only kind of tricky problem and so like we're together and she's. You know gotten to a point where drinking earlier problem and she's you know emotionally physically verbally abusive. And one day were tried. And yes. Children there. You don't work tonight. Play that so often do you think he would just remember. Mean badgering you try that again as bombs. Sorry Gelman yeah but so anyway I pick her up and she's it she's going off on the east Burke. Started slowly like out of my control I only remember why but I get sped up and I'm like you know what. We're done and you like we you can elite media blah blah blah and I go watch this and so I drove my car. Down to the police station and like Arctic on the curb in front of the door. And just turn the car off and felt like my finger on the electronic locks as she can't. Like every time to go to unlock it over three blocks and the next thing we know they're like or popped out there and long guns like what are you guys you're parked like. I'd beat around the door at the police station and the cops like what's going on Al like why don't you ask her. And so we get pulled out of the car handcuffs are asking this question I deeds that are up an angle all. Eight Sally got like four warns her it's been. It got out on core and skipping bail all. And B why. And all of this and and sell off to slight. I believe you. Pollution. Yeah like you know like I. I got Zagat the Friday yeah AM. And they arrest turn you just went home got yourself. Oh yeah what we didn't live together so. She she Internet get arrested and she's it's about the year ago I'm pretty sure she still an hour. Or a lot. And he's still in jail. Yet these he had like the rear or do these and likely she'd gotten her first one. Then no light broke her probation on that by getting a second one like she would just keep going back like she didn't have a light in which you still. Get it could you let go out by 500 dollar car and then drive around until she got popped again and they get towed she wouldn't care. Should go by another 500 dollar car and this cycle just kept repeating yourself. Until I was on like you know what this news this is a monster crap I'm not doing this and. The alcohol is that bad the whole time your weathered irrigate progressively at that point rose just. Our big salute that point so it will lose it was like after being together for three years when she got her first one. She worked at a hospital and so of course you know you automatically lose your job you get a DUI hospital you look at hospital so. And and she's blight couldn't get work and other place so yeah it just got. Arnold radically downhill yeah. Yep. What what is the best grand exit that you've ever seen or been a part of 8449990. I like that move like you know I'm dumb with you. I'm Jim Stein from the police station and I think government and make sure you don't hurt anybody I am hello Cecil welcome to the men's room. Oh oh wow. I guess he noted expert a good sizzle. Yeah. So what was your grand exit. And Eric Jens premier. Are there aren't some grand act or the volume I. And I who work there were eight back up to the Apollo out and it that I we've all been good aged eight people about their ears so big knew what they're built. And a lot of their break on vacation in the day before I go up the vacation spot for it but I. And you like you know. They supported me you're about the bought a body odd. I would like to you feel like the guys are aware gate about but he Elmo goat deputy legal. While we're there a pop was schaeuble these media guide wire rocket garden picked up shelf or. It doesn't get caught it scrambled up the part of what I want you to. Elect Barack whatever else they yell and I'll bait page. And oh what about 88 in a week later my body albeit the pork eating Blackberry. We bought just gave you the big Walsh still about how you know I'm not that they have been. Did the body you want anybody like the guy got quite a big companies that. All white dog is that it gave me that there and they act still by the far left it based. Well I get back at him and I'd die it's like their. Well what other well at all what you did all the equipment are part job. Up upbeat he's fought off our company folds. And have a slow luck got the old age I'll light one I'm honored their. That bodes sitting there on the table walked out. Gary how much was that a minute all of quite well at bat that's a light up 99 senators like. I got. All of that don't always go up like by the third minute ride the first company limited and so and so did you stay longer. Good thing you may hit. Yeah I am so battery life like I doubt that doubt that age well. I skull that's kind of event as this goes out and I don't buy that that was those of you held overnight and hang out. What tell what is the best grand exit did you ever seen or been a part. Hello Jordan welcome to the men's room. All in Iraq. They are good men. Everybody out there we're all doing fine where we love to play a great day Regina we've all these we're taking care I. Yeah. We love you all and don't worry not the we're all thought. This land so he got to have everybody airbags okay. About a decade ago I had the best actor ever. By quitting my very first job. And checked woman your first job. The dishwasher and its. Did I eat food item in the back what. There are happy to have the job doing this and everything I never talked. Let the little that I know I'm not I discovered my god was leading. Expert in the future his apartment. Always look now. You hate to be around. Alta. Oh happy eventually getting more and more doctors hate that I went that I had to go down there and then still big industrial. Ice maker. Things like fifteen people are I have to sell out jam bucket the last hit all day. And Alan Paul and I. I mean that they dropped I hit all at the same time sort talking maybe 200 pound right. Drops. And then there when they dropped. And it didn't care. Again on the back my aunt. Mom. Released yet and I might yeah. If it did yeah it. Well I hate me. I've been linked to eight per attempt because I absolutely don't need money but I out. I went upstairs at I'd just like I know they are here H you know aren't obsessed. Casually OK I need dude and all that they're human excrement you're a dinosaur. Hello hello last night pat them on the shoulder and my my hand on his spirit and walked out. Snag whatever food at a month out on the table. And I left I didn't make Dick milk your third run. And my middle finger. All the bloody little guy your job the job the job during not easy to replace and it's under per share of some journalism you know he's an official candidate it's the worst guy named job and restaurants it's absolutely the worst governor restaurants. You've paid the least as knowledge of the most responsibilities won't put it this way. And I've always said this and this from experience and everything else if if the manager. Calls out bad day. Maybe it was an organizational stuff but to have a staff that's competent though figured out it's that you find you actually don't need to be there are no orphans managers but Dana. Every one person on the wait staff assuming you have enough staff that they call it's not the end of the world may be who finds them otherwise you're just going to be busy. Same thing in the kitchen of your man down you figure the F out because you're an adult a message to. If the dishwasher doesn't show up. Every F Ing thing collapses like it is the worst night did you ever work. And that industry if the dishwasher the guy that makes zero dollars and zero cents to go in there and he'll do sloppy as man ever map there. It is an acting nightmare that's the only person you can you who's irreplaceable so like if you have a dishwasher you like me and three that moral Falwell funeral of the silverware if there's no cleaner and I'm sorry I don't ever want to run itself under doping look at play disabled fall behind the importance right Blake. You'll really miss the kicker when he's got to take a site that he's actually my friend I think you can go duty thing you're gonna win without them. Right exactly like the long snapper. When you need him when you need that that you'll know when it did read bad jokes on the way email your bad joke to the men's room at men's or live dot com our question what is the best grand exit did you ever seen. Or been a part of Margaret calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Our question what is the best grand exit did you ever seen or been a part of a 44 or 999. Old love. Gagged in his second hand down damaged some of pitchers all right let's say how those who Bjorn welcome to the men's room. Or. And it. And I. So what was your big moment Bjorn. So are you sort for a chart you are a moderately hard satellite company in Seattle at Dartmouth semi. And back every day. And Hewitt Hewitt. Truck broke down candle one time I looked a Greyhound bus in middle and night it all season. And then the kicker was without coming across the borders now down one side. And they're. The border crossing I'd like hey you come to Miley and again I'm gonna put you in jail for thirty days and buying a 101000 dollars and why is that. Op really any company today outlook report didn't pay a proper tax or terrorists or something on time. All we're able to use these apps actually ended in a bypass all the shops that line. I go back to regular lines of what I don't look that sort Friday afternoon or night. Actually at Barcelona. The apple launching an abortion allies that hey you bridge Bjorn view I don't work your company anymore. Look at you in the truck and locked in the truck and now they started. Going. The other on the back thick on the on Mondays and they're worried that has said why did you check voicemail or tour anymore. They certainly believe it they don't fight in the morning to go to Canada on Monday that it brings up back to them to the next night. They need daily from Canada. I sticking out are caving Sloan bite out of pocket neighbors or walkway isn't that big block and bird and Walsh. Yep so Canada as the place to get cement paving stones. I have no idea it's part of the deal he had worked out you found that Margaret on the cheapest thing to do you are. They come here are out Costco Trader Joe's we go there for paving stones they got the best babies no stones and Dennis. What is best rednecks or did you ever seen or been a part of a 44999. Alone Izod has efforts guns. Uncertain as to be able MMD economist pat Ebert goes those Canadian behaviors shall not oh while the nevermind that cheap. Hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. How to draw on all our all yeah. Salt I was forty years old. And it Jeter RadioShack. And I take vacation for the first time in six months. To come back and find out that I'm under investigation. Bat. What did they think you stole. It yeah well like their radio and RadioShack were steel and we know what he's still on the radio show today became an engine a dead deer. It. Some. Lump it comfortably got an indication he clears. You're gone and manager. You there yeah we got the lab and now the clear he said. Regional manager quicker locker prevention queries make regional manager called me and tells me that they're probably gonna have to suspend me. Right then I told him. At feel catering to register you got five minute from walking out the door walked out the door locked and unlocked nobody there. You're the only employee. I'll ever comic tried to hire anybody they'd sent to another store a guy. Our board did you need to employs a RadioShack you know that's the part that I really questioned like if I don't want you steal it if I didn't need batteries during an evil when I was a kid in RadioShack was everywhere like if we didn't need batteries. Or was it Christmas we were gonna down in just being realistic. I haven't had that ask her and her dad dad dad says any market our guys date and well it's our lives like battery asked that a walkie talkies for kids and now I thought came and it does not kids. Yeah I mean they do RadioShack so CDs and phone now they know nothing they sold on the Circuit City souls are whole pennies hi I'm Lisa there although not. Off brand stuff that was in general as it is handy within the do candy candy you know as of the realistic everything you're so realistic move radio show yeah yeah that's violence in realistic anything since thank god. Come on what is the best grand exit that you've ever seen or been a part of 844999. All I totally have confused as to source of the years Ono look Circuit City is goddamn Nordstrom's reverberated back. The Circuit City we used to go to write grew up. Now as they have like a brew house. Current art I'm a place to be strokes delicious RadioShack a good time place and instead of like. Carrying the video games that were popular at the time be it Atari system oracle ecosystem television system. They come up with like models go the attendee game system in Iraq in Lego these games that were like close to the games that you wanted to play images directorate Bob like. You know whatever the hell would be like they really shouldn't just called light itself on a realistic. Because they're saying like realistically it's kinda like to think you actually wanted I think that's why they called Fitzsimmons for gold did program. Yeah knock off Jim called almost yeah almost instead harmonies invaders do like space raiders that was a good running game that I know what they're doing here. What is the best grand exit that you ever seen a middle part of a 44999. Hole hello Chris welcome to the men's room. All within eight years it's time. They saw got a couple story goes can be armed. I think he's the best one arm saw it and six grade. And a new school. And here's this kid who was a band class and he gun school bus after I did on my routes and which I mean whereby it eluded instrument ahead. And didn't get knocked about your blog backfired. It began dead and you do seventh grader a district. Or no egg you know technology so much generate. Doug got tired of it and he walked by me did not budge keeping an ad management. I don't where people go by and and is now. And I changed it down. And there is not on big huge. Metal plate pole and their friends school which I thought I would address changing until. So I ran up behind him I grabbed him by its backing to go to the back it's horrendous ten to fly ball. Sticky talk trash can knock stuck at first and trash cans and to put dressed them back on somebody is Turner's a bunch of people go around. And a locked office at the bit about in my way and I walked to the crowd. The fifth epithet as they get undermanned. Of the Amal it's not good at. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.