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Thursday, November 2nd

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This is the men's room. Listening to. And I ate more foreign 9990. Little flavor profile that's coming up in. You have your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on RI an airport terminal in Phoenix was forced to remove it seats because they bed bug infestations. We'll know receipt modes. But you're always good look. And incensed that how does that happen right my only guess is yeah. You stay the night hotel there's bed bugs you will that luggage and there are everywhere and I sit down and then all of a sudden you got bed bugs. If you got furniture with cloth seats Brothers and headphones don't think I lost. Of course they don't want to get final and we don't quite something apparently that population and exploded no direct yeah. Yeah they're Medved both it's that nobody actually seen a bed bug might. To put their respective I honest to god did not know the bed bugs were real things. And so I'm on my ten years ago when there's an outbreak in New York City tonight and that but like I thought it was just something that my parents said in a good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs life. I don't know I know that there is any truth whether stay in and had I known I would metal slept well I mean it's gotta have some sort of a cloud you know it's it's technically a fleas or calling it a bed bug because of words. Breeding a living at right yes more or less yeah. Mean comment just you just don't want them. I get my mother and you'd rather have crabs in the bed bugs and I think that sells a lot to sit there and each lively sleep it's nasty itching girls. Clean wash your sheet. Thank you have an act. Steer on your TV or unity and knocked out of numerous fighter. Nearly two thirds of Americans say the future of the nation as this is a significant source of stress for them. At 59% say this the lowest point in US history. Some America death. Yes I mean including the demeanor of roughly anybody watch the news wasn't all student news show them all the Talking Heads like yeah I get a flood I was talking to somebody earlier today could it possibly be the abundance of news that we have you mean yeah I mean you open up your face clutch. And there's nothing but these depressing headlines I think that's a lot of it in islanders were the news is gone virtually no matter what side of the girl so partisan but. Inevitably will would news is put on quite true Talking Heads the baker. Actually everything you see this conflict. Again the matter with out of control frankly don't care what people of animal videos right it's one lose no currently just it would seem we know this is not true but the revenues is right now and you would think it's impossible. For two adults who sit down and have a rational conversation about. The neat thing on the slant absolutely I think part of it is social media pushing those are the cardinal rules that bar you don't talk our religion or politics right now. They'll play everybody meets is not like the Florida pub it's. FaceBook right and everybody is more than happy to talk religion to politics and not to say that there are plenty of things talked about on the news it's a little bit topsy turvy all absolute right now. But McCain you know about anyway and doomsday thing that we got going on there. Scientists have now concluded that aliens would probably look a lot like us and one other thing that right. That and oddly enough I put on a picture and is there well I don't know how we're not losing strength. And organized because that does village a stupid statement to make. I mean if aliens are that much smarter if they look cool earth. Shipping address back on the continue to Obama they're older and announce that they have. Their own better. 56101000. Years or more probably have evolved some records we ever actually see aliens I want them to look like something we can't possibly imagine because everything every portrayal of aliens. Has that have been humanoid or can be religious and I really don't have here outlawed them to look like a big been jacked right gonna look like an octave I don't know it is like something that makes you really have had aliens well human or octopus I'm gonna be right about this octopus that Monday you're gonna go you know if I was right. What degree do. Good little green men there would like I don't know what you call that shape of ahead the football and yet. I thank criminal historic highs and teacher Ted in those it was all these aliens and they had lawn mowers and they're just pushed around in circles and it's. A audible at the new feature that will let you skip did he quote unquote good parts of romance novels. Reporters for a big man runs. So as to what I want and Hamas boycotted this it's 5050. We drag dramatic hits and the rest or if you're gonna make it. Smut novels get to the good stuff fast so any degree in the mail from my utter junior tomorrow I'm. Heritage and it's leg quiver if it. Yeah it didn't matter that and they go I can be a north Koreans chicken wing the blood rushing no such thing as a romance novel should be a romance short story. He's an alt sex story should be short stories yes. She ignored the goatee and they USX on your personal stirred Samuel left her and said nobody and nobody wants is that just. Go go have some time themselves put on an ice. Sound prevent violence has some alone time for two and a half hours while you listen to them finally get to when he met in the southeast we should be more real you never met a man who had sideburns on his penis. He turned her dad and I'm really really Hornish could go have sex. But then puts franks the man shafts and golf. A man spent four hours carving quote will you marry me into fourteen pumpkins to propose to his girlfriend on Halloween tell me he's had no days. I have no idea an hour. If if if if if you'd probably say that Larry you get a job. I just hope the entirety so that's that he let them look at as. Let's let her look at a blessed to serve garage you know you can really carve pumpkins well like do do do everybody a favor like to make some good Ekene noodles was annoyed that might have been that good like. The good other practical man. Never seen it yet. A Japanese company is giving nonsmokers six extra paid days off every year to make up for the smoke breaks they are not taking. Florida yesterday to earn up to maybe like an R&R my forget please leave. Yeah and what do you think we've got to smoke breaks get a waiver. Know somebody buys every corner not a smoker may cigarette break for our he's getting hooked up and answer there it is weird like people outside for fresh air in my. They just famine. Yet they don't smoke in my exclusive word Brodeur. It's an outside group of vapors outside mean have a San as I can understand the smoking group we know you guys can I have. Then there's the need is a good as there is Buchanan. You know it's take care of these these days there. It was a debate. Same process yeah brilliant is the same process you're just going to say that you probably used to smoke do you like the progress of taking a break going outside stepping outside once kids who have a lot of ways you can't be ignored in favor us. And we just don't leave it off. I don't mind the vapors thing it's nice to walk to allow you lose my cool what is apple what is took their chairs raga. And brings back to the old pipe days type guys confess that my good night. A 48 year old man in Nashville try to stem another man with a fork. But it turned out that the other man had a permit to carry a gun and shot him in the arm. Hello. And none of Clarke who got on track gun before. It senator Reid met rock paper scissors and so obvious. According to a recent survey a record 17% of Americans now think polygamy is morally acceptable. Jesus Obama white god dammit polygamy goes to handle multiple wide access I'm annoyed about it care what your brokerage wanna do I'm a big of a stupid idea but if you want to knock yourself out by the way have some more woman's mouth. Says hate to disappoint you guys are read the story about Republican proposal. She said yes on. Tulsa and one moment them. What do gore now is not a good story. And finally acknowledgment of the university of Harvard has been expelled for doing disgusting things to were roommates stuff. And Zhang fell about a one hour from now they are not headlines are all the way one hour from now the first today Adams loves. True precepts. He's thrown out to please everyone help profile this is played at Georgia and miles of the civil gave more of server if you will live news story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth or. Our earth and I do listen to a story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make bless you what it is you think makes a story a story. Hello Conrad welcome to the men's room. All you mean yeah. Our comrade you understand how this here game is played. New fantastic. There's a guy from police or build California that's a northern California he's got an argument to eye with his wife very reason. She was mad that he was spending so much money on scratch off lottery tickets miles. But like any good gambling addicts. He jammed down my and the tickets kept on this and his wife in fact he hide them in the bathroom to scratch tomorrow and cruel because you knew that she freaked out but then. Last month. All of these things that we won one million dollars all right he won one million dollars so he says he. Hello my citizens they got courage to walk out of the bathroom Mandela's wife. Because obviously today skirts tell someone that knew the no effort of their own they've just become a millionaire. I anyway there's no word on how she reacted. We're assuming it's pretty good but they did say they're planning to put the money toward their retirement at least that's achievements. My question is do you think that this force that begin brow beaten three years. And his made his bitchy as wife of millionaire. There's black white Mexican or did you. That's sounds no lights at night night in. Possibility Erica White area of you very slight mechanical what I remember is I don't know what the original consultant bank. While I think scratch outs of the wider black. Down. And I think gambling. I mean based on those choices. White and black is trying to gambling went to these Trent Johnson gambling much of the slot machines. Yeah it's a very little money potentially lucrative pay for it is only your Mac Powell sometime god. Now lies in ruin them. A preference you know I think I'm gonna go black. Where's that I don't I think I'll because he was so worried about his wife neither does give honest gays are being his ass I think that yeah I think that the I think the gas front line to say I feel like there's different things and it's all stereotype in this when I believe to be cured right. If you're black or Mexican. You're actually scared of thunder one let's only take yes. If you're white it's more like I'm scared to have to listen to my life that seems and I like you know your white guy went home soon. What went through marijuana Google your black guys and slayer mournful kill me man like its impending threat they know series and I think you should always have my passing off in the bathroom seems to be to be extreme but also you wanna do is get away from the match yet is he's hiding in the bathroom facility. Blacker light. Yeah I'm an honest but I think. How many broke out there listen again. They all know. The reason why I think things Phoenix satellite museum mostly white or black and I said why Thailand on tunnel while no brown okay. Pentagon won't find out did he was black white meg C or Jewish next. Fat was fatigued you're listening to the men's room radio networks. This is your. True well but those days California. And they like those men do have the about her husband's scratch up haven't. So much of ivory was afraid actually scratch tickets off in front of her but jello mold found safe haven that would be the bathroom is in their scratch announcing tickets and he had the million dollars no decides it's time then don't walk out and tell us why he's a winner and she seemed perfectly fine without but either way there when that money and retire. It's a few things but we as you Conrad. Do you think that this guy. As blacks whites. Makes you do it you're right you're familiar with police are real Californians Samantha. Much as I remember there are a lot of white there's a lot of makes the not a whole lot of anything else and and into what white. And oh man now I'm Maxi. When you write their man now and yeah I got a million bucks and can. Now both TV news all the time it is time for TV time within. Countless hours in front of the talking and the men's room prison. Obviously. We have seen the last few months the city of Houston has gone through some tough times. And I'm not just talking about texts. Her back. Sorry had to. I don't vote addict. If I thought it. Released eight Iranians that it. You know obviously the hurricane came through there was horrible hole city flooded. You know you saw the news stories I have to tell you it is tough times and he said. So I do find it kind of amazing that sometimes you have these. Horrible natural disasters. That sports and kind of bring you back to get it if you'll remember was it two years after Katrina. In New Orleans they were inseparable. And it was a huge don't say anything just needed a pick me up and similar to the Astros and help the saints have never been to so one is you comparable if you want to win a national championship if you wanna win a title. Hope that your place gets hit by a tornado or looking Cleveland Cleveland just Cleveland. They still matters. Yeah well. Its previously for the rest I think not gonna happen there it's disbelief goes I should Steve a picture today. Of a man and a woman they were inside their home. All the drywall had been ripped out so basically you're just saying the framework and then the exterior of the home through the inside of the home all right framing between they kitchen in the living room although there have been ripped out. All the cardinals gone they were sitting on two lawn chairs and they do have the big screen TV. They were sits and I'm like a car Taylor and jumping up and down as yesterday was comments like this is the reality of what what this game means yet it was a massive deal I heard even and your lineup card every day they kept photos up and everything. Some George Brennan who won the MVP. When he got the award he talks about a little bit here. Yeah my teammates look there. I wouldn't be here without any you guys I. Every single one you from the coaching staff to the trade is staffed. Even million dollars I love yeah. I don't know protests it truly does need a lot to us and and I'm so happy for all of our fans who have who have endured a long ago and we're coming home champions. So that's a good part sure. Now to be an old man decent in my thoughts that I didn't like boy do we have thoughts music. Our thoughts and Ali old man for a three also not far I don't know if I have thought music only have all threes yet and it will use appealing there should be some news of the goes along with. I know to be like I really nice I don't know that is really positive resuming. All of the negative I but I live in a positive thought music short. Like I won the MVP he was very nice yeah me through there apple here. Here's my issue. It's not on a neutral site and it's baseball down usually give that award in the locker room. Spraying champagne. Right lake into the Astros in LA on the Dodgers turf. What do you do and detonated their American right it's like bully what are truck. I was he can't bring the truck back there but like Gillick the Super Bowl cup finals with these things are played on neutral sites. Thus you do it on the field initiative ya you know I'm young again myself and all but it just seemed odd to me for the World Series to end and then they're get a trophy on the field. But I also think about it the same thing and NBA right. Depending Willie Waylon on the home team court though right. I wanna say it didn't summary it's it's just the way it doesn't rain confetti and style the right you don't give details are likely to still on the on the form quite believed to still get your rewards NBA and saying. On the form core but I always feel. I don't feel bad for him by any stretch and always think man. How much better would you feel based on afraid you won't whatever sport you're in right you have climbed the mountain and that year you were best part of the team that's best. How much better you feel on your home tour. You know how they want new and used an Anderson and all the stuff than the crowd by army and you're gonna get so and but instead people despray politely yeah hey good for you. I think. It's with a Super Bowl although it bleed not and it's really move well there's a a third of the audiences in neutral audiences aren't they got a Gibson and incinerate the Super Bowl is that a site right again egg salad out right like it does it matter what they're gonna sell it. Are your target Blake Young was sailing we talk soccer you talk cup finals or whatever like it's it's did it three. Pre disdained. The staying I don't know predetermined site yeah yeah they're just like that. Now the other problem is you got all the cameras out there right and you what are people gonna do there and get fired up and start doing crazy stuff. This brings need to Carlos caught area. Well you'll hear what he did on the field. Is everything and more minutes everything and more. It's one of the biggest that someone I want Libby as a club isn't in my life and right now mother thing I'm a big step in my life. Not an idol is. You may be to have if my. You marry me. And no only. You're on the floor move. You can watch that video the man who faced a page and then now Jim Thomas found meaning in old here. Whenever one. Your team just won a World Series why are you taking any shying away from your teammates that is what I agreement for a man we just went through all of this. We want to we will pool game that got him seven billion over the World Series and our house cool site man annual welcome back right. More about but rather a new gonna feel a fund over this as. Yes and I couldn't after tomorrow she's a fellow friend that's her game. And Carlos you've won the World Series my man in your house now this is just the day you've gotten gain brides closure today. I can't believe you did that do so often as he can write a moment I'm like really limit. I don't know why it really eight upset other voters of inflammation in my proposed use duke it favors I'll think about the tone for our animal we have tonight anytime that you do one of those things is just better than anyone else does it's like it's not fair for the rest of us or to mom and you know really how did you ask your wife to marry you learned our reason you're correct on a bullet or curly brown her finger. Now what about just that night right you go out you're in LA. You go to some cool club let's say you're a towel. You haven't thought and everything we're overall the team where there with our girlfriends who are here is that guy it would legal classes in the club that night. And I can't get a ring Titanic Carlos had a candidate we and he you know the World Series losing. I look like you for the Astros. I'll. Give them a story that was a guy who quit baseball for three years all right Andy became a janitor. And someone I was candidate until but he had to go home here's the thing so he was one of those kid he was one of those kids that was so good. That he was recruited early I think he was playing out of high school or whatever like at 1617 years old circle and Minor League Baseball. He was supposed to be all that. So camera maggot can't she is to 1718 and I think he fulfills his prophecy of being this guy that's going to be a really good baseball player eventually for whatever reason he loses interest and unsure why. You way he quits. And he decides he just wants to work so for three years he doesn't do anything he basically is just a gender working doing the job and somehow his family talked him back in the playing baseball now under the circumstances. Because he was taken out so early he is college requirement is time never take them because you never sort of playing college. So he could go as a 21 year old freshman yes start playing in a ju co baseball team. That led did basically getting drafted etc. etc. two years later this guy who was Jenner. Is now World Series champion so in the midst of all this negative news the here we talked about it earlier news and everything else that that was one of those stories are else like off thank god nearly there and overshadow and have a Carlos Carlos I is engaged yet even now it integrates. In the locker room where the celebration is sure to bid that I think baseball hall and once I got canned goods. Even if that's part of who pour champagne on cost deaths if he heard this guy told Matt. We hit Jo bunker on the bottle because he's there for her and I think it. And everybody kind of wants you to a number one I think it is every time I have eight deep Finnessey. A spraying champagne on our on myself I'd ever had in your eyes. Yes this last year there is just last year yeah since PT most cheered for what did you think chip we poured champagne ourselves be out. Like the wind has given the message of change clothes. We changed your beads and Tucker good to go out there that's for dividend on its yeah empty shipping. They had their words also like old you can use it to baby sit them go divorced and then you ran into an Alley could with a bottle of champagne. Four miles in the US operated. All over her. Already correctly in the Alley now available in your business. I am really pleased will be done it's. My point is that if I was ever on a team which I know how I never would will be. You don't like them all now saying if I was it's just like I think they always have those shots with the locker room people spraying champagne never three guys negative analysis but I would be the guy in the corner like is that. One guy to think our children isn't easy if you could address if I was at the miles you laugh but spraying champagne on each other was awfully fun about what's the video that. Mention. People loved there's video of it there is that yeah. And I can I Googlers can I do the YouTube thing where I can find anything to edit by the U dub dancing in an Alley debating each phrase those champagnes probably have a heart of concern did hit it at that don't look now Palmer our body makes us look like all right guys thanks for your journalists as well it six we yes. I get way off track here are sticking around and knows very inspirational tennis it is well you guys Claire might have fun and remember celebrations are celebrations. Keep your engagement to yourself Carlos. A probably I agree jumpstart that is a lot and I really do I mean I'm happy for the guy and all have a like a man it isn't thinking spore the hell's that. That hell is that man are you one funny that you can do is what every she shows the ring he'd be like. All dumb are claimed her three straight if we've all enjoyed the marijuana overtime no hair no Alex your back do you think easy weed smoker I would guess yes. I'm out of well I mean I don't know if anyone that would be willing to try it and understand it it would be him so I'm assuming that he has been doesn't seem to be like Mal wheeled while we doesn't seem to me to be a it's spoke in general like he's a very healthy guy he works out all the time doesn't Woody's stuff. What is the day when we were looking for that day the sticky icky. Ouster back. I guess lake guy you know he moved to California from Canada about forty years ago and Jerry brought them tidbits. He was in his thirties at the time he went to a party in Malibu Oprah idea. And the party at Malibu waves beautiful women this tray of brownies. Alex you was over he can't help himself he's a chocolate theme self confessed. I've also been sleeping at this is the brownie. He knows quote I loved brownies and they realize their hash brownies and it wasn't equipped it threw me back there we throw loop I took down about a half dozen. Wow I am now. All dude you're not kidding about that. These you know what man he deserves it does no one an individual party should take Emily Browning who now man out loves me back to even if there even if they're not with anything and then you don't eat everyone's brownie got a budget like you're entitled the one now we don't know what there's we'd get him could have does that man like you you've got to let people have the brown is exactly session began at one time that you had a party in cookies are a lot of a wash clearly apple designed golf I don't hopeless case. It's as an assortment no honesty give. There's a good thing you just I think the and the world starts our interests are back after her crowds up a bit this. Very rude recruiter back I don't know birthday and these are good coaches professors are incredibly Rupp. It's just couldn't I don't sorry that I hate those who gave Richard a dozen other great quote here. Remember he ate half a dozen at six of these hash brownies which is not so cool. Played back then I think hash brownies and then he knew now would do out there are a banana actually I market. He goes quote the dinner party was on a Friday. I was not able to leave the house until Sunday afternoon mould no way that I said the next day and a half embed it was not a good trip and I have not done any of that stuff cents. Well no wonder like it's a thing like I drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniels and I'll never drink again good no kidding. No kidding. When I got I did I I decided to run 400 miles and one wrong at all number on the go into the was miserable while no kidding. Yeah and that's fair. Mean that's the way I used to be a marijuana I don't would only trying to I was already really really drug that would dispute their brains out that spells it out so that Kraft make you puke. That there was she happy that this doesn't fireball comes back. The fireball related to alcohol are all these were neutral and other days like an atomic fireball so as not as bad the sort of meditation amenity it's hot it's better. I think you kind of coach her throat from personal experience the worst thing is if you spent an entire day. Drinking and siders and Guinness. But the Irish whiskey Seton school has a rough morning. Too much vinegar. I just too excited today to clear as in the morning you want cider and pat you don't wanna be Q can a site yet no non. Do you as a with the number one court Chile's. Judge Judy. You know how long she's been minimum courtship. Twenty probably after the People's Court so yet 2030 years. More than 41 years. 1100. Weeks. Okay. Yeah what she's a nice paid people in television yes she's okay the reason for the and she's been around for a long time she's obviously successful so as much as you laugh a Judge Judy she's taken out to the back. Laughter do. Yes you're right there isn't ridiculous Obama millionaire. And then and does that catch phrase no doesn't have anything like that you know like arguing a call our users is gonna train your that would make my husband I don't know what. Probably like your guilty. Guilty that's my cancer spreading like you Helen only spokeswoman Jo finally been a judge and he's gonna interest she's been over forty cool dude dude if I was a TV judge like yes. You know not brought him he's a contest whatever. Hi my catch raised just beat you guilty jackass. That that is that the pats if you're guilty jacket with. From the moment you walked into your diet OJ at the teachers for a little bit and how would do to take this could be a fun thing like you can beat any sport images like you're guilty jackass and padding out. It is six six court shows that she competes with. The People's Court is still aren't you know partners about a man judge Mathis then again. I've for some reason judge Mathis I don't know what it is I just feel like if he showed up actually yes sir what is that judge yes there. And he sees that he's innocent or even more than this OK let's just let's assume that Stephen I have a a gripe over I don't know some were neighbors and we got some dumb Greg brightened. So we've proven we you're we get into an Alitalia plane bounced through bring your dog he's proven my like dude steps it will he's been ample and I'm like dude you gotta stop. Until we go throw this back and forth may were getting close to fisticuffs whatever I'm like you know what. Well let's settle this with Judge Judy you know like. Add a road I would put that comes the point where both parties go like this dog Judge Judy that if you think you're all that. Take this to the real job like they guard trivial garbage and that's what you mean you're exactly like. How the two parties decide that this is a good idea that's the question. I always assume I hate you must go on Judge Judy together hello settle the score I knows it seemed in somebody that works for Judge Judy you to show that just sits in my small claims court and it says they pick and let me on TV. Designated February oh and completely BS it's I don't illegal cord needed to stay goes rally and other museum and rational and unreasonable if you leave I want the kids know I love again let's go to Judge Judy. I batted up to here man this exact but take you doubted Judy and I can't be looking at down are gonna say that actually well everybody knows you gotta go see. It it's is if it's a big Maury Povich you have more coda. That's great man slot like still some of the best stuff I saw on TV I still like to name this judge show how bets hot hot fans thank you did. We're gonna do this here we do somehow that if if you didn't get on in on the hot that's how. Hormone found no problems. Yet either battered youth and a bunch. It's unique class that includes new would you do absolutely ripped a six fast. We'll continue to have the hand I notice you have small claims court would you like to be on how best. But they would nobody claims it's all may say so does nibble hot bench. Thank you know every day we got there headlines coming out in minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real well I knew I go to Ohio our police on the lookout for two men who bulls got a McDonald's in the case of Mike Montgomery. Meanwhile an anchorwoman scanners naked pictures throughout high school and surprised she is sixty years of age. University student Reza reporting it remains to brush where the sun doesn't shine if you're flying in the Phoenix just know that terminal four has bed bugs why you stand in line and telling people you honor your girlfriend to lose went on FaceBook not a good idea it is time for your headlines. It's time they did. Since its peers might call. And god only got to the university of. Hartford where a student faces expulsion and criminal mischief charges after she did disgusting things were roommates belongings to try to get rid of her. Floyd what kinds of things well supposedly under mr. Graham and quotes after one and a half months of spitting in her coconut oil. And putting moldy clam dip in her lotions. Rubbing used tampons on her backpack are. And putting her toothbrush where the sun don't shine that's the problem because that that's where she got sick. Right now that any of those are not a problem already but. Cheap and I like you know someone's psychological warfare it's exactly. And so much more I can finally say goodbye to quotes Jamaican Barbie. I am a judge Bender from campus from seeing her former real and from seeing her former remain pending the conclusion of the investigation end. Because she was white and remain as blacks is also facing hate crimes. Well yeah. Well a big and he's been fired off a Jamaican barred exactly right I mean how is there anyway if that doesn't self. Good move it was only a mile and a half is only alleged she started and she started from the moment they became roommates. He needs Saudia. A chance to finality to be friends everything's common if you know you're cool together dissolve based on the fact that this girl was obviously better looking than she was ranked. I yeah. I mean this really little love but really your teeth the growing better looking but yet again we see the stupidity of somebody who can't help but brag about it. That that is the inherent difference because that is the inherent beauty applause thank god right thank god the people get called out on being themselves thanks. Yeah I gotta fight you know I was a FaceBook. A man to deface a desperate buys and how to properly break one of the two rules when it comes to talking points for women what are the two rules that you just don't do what we talked web has to look for pregnant moment. Tell us about the way anyone is. About her. 88 Ariel age so he did to FaceBook basket by somehow who has his girlfriend to quote lose weight foreign. For him yeah saying that it's the way we had an excellent we had excellent dates everything else about it was exactly what I wanted to. I didn't want to ruin something good for that one little reason. And the Internet responded about as well as you effect. Yeah I think what did he think was gonna happen exactly and he was called a jerk on many different accounts and different colors of language since that fits a hero. How are you and are you pregnant I didn't pregnant Sarah I know I Levy and could you lose some weight for me if you give up hope. As rules and why would you. Because you're an idiot and I mean I think no other reason I really love her personality and we have a ton of fun but. Dang if she spent one I have a half ton of fun and I'm sure you guys I don't try those guys are real catch on South America. If we showed a picture of him we could probably bring him down and like you know blood that they one of the comments is this dudes wearing cargo pants and thinks is part of the problem right exactly like c'mon man. We are are they all have stuff to have people. In Ohio and angry drive through customer at a McDonald's pulled a John Hahn an employee after being told that the star was not selling my muffins over time OK look I. Not wild did not look like I do I do okay. These two men they go to the drive through it is foray out right yes foray up. Yes McDonald's serves breakfast all day night. Yes 4 AM is still part of all day the next month and still exist on the breakfast menus to now what does save that if it was this restaurant. I'm gonna feel that that is that is that is a look a whole thing and this was how the location Jose and participating restaurants does Seattle man no but here's the thing we're participate or 24 hour McDonald's at 4 AM even if they didn't imply. Did the all day breakfast existed. My money says that at 3 o'clock you switch the dinner menu to be breakfast menu on our way right. Stumbling an Internet diners in the night going to be the the farther you get toward the AM hour far as waking up at that should be the breakfast menu if you go either way. My own foray among money says you should be serving hash browns. The muffins biscuits whether that's what you want or not heavily this conversation was at Redd poured chemicals. Well no because if if it's flotilla neckties you what you don't know whether they make my point is. But still in a Chinese millionaire stuff and hotel bar and ordered himself a shot of Scotch but not to say he shot they shot a Macau once got from 1878. And 149 year old shot that ran about 101050. Dollars for the shot why would you wanna 200. Year old. He posted a photo of an online themselves the hotel owner in the bottle of Scots in the shot and everything was all well and good until someone noticed something wrong with the bottle. After some criticism of the condition now the bottle and the look of the whiskey they sent it to scientists that carbon dated this. And prove that the whiskey was actually distilled around 1970 or seventy Curtis. Were all your whole home live. Yeah and to realize that my guy and I can really bridge it was in December bad jokes are returner Ted vs the FCC and profile that he doesn't need it is all true we'd be all more about blues bands but we shall return so until then we would ask that you would do what you do best. And poor leave policy. It's day beautiful.