11-02-17 Seg 2 Mens Room May Have A New Champ

Thursday, November 2nd

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. Rock 100 point five cat and Oklahoma City listeners John and onboard there also a Rockwell three in Fayetteville, North Carolina and WA AF among Boston joining us game is big dummy today they had Jeff coming up dead meat and potatoes. As the good and the bad of restaurant food no way Sherlock is coming up but right now we've got to Grayson on the line is playing for team sober and working on question number three question number three Grayson the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union is commonly known as rock. I. I honestly don't know I. It's racist. Didn't know that Ralph. No direction it's funny to me here Braxton all about Bangkok. All right good question that you think these are cool and it's a synthesized material all the news and place of what precious stone. About an hour. Correct that cubic czar zirconium. You how many people out there wearing a cubic zirconium and believe I don't know a diamond yes. Aren't sure millions and there's some really allows there are wearing Cubans are coding and have had a three years and have no idea those Cubans are cut. Pundits and the militants are quite. And I don't have and can't tell the difference and save money went to the bars. Here's my domain for 49990. Lose our next contestant ready to play the game hello Colton welcome to the men's room. Right Phil needs overnight so. Her rivals in the show called. An interim goal resides offense in baseball today are you real Fannie Mac overalls affliction shirt Crocs. Yeah I was thinking about now I have to go with a steady at fifteen I like it just moments. Gotta figure overall and tomahawk. It if this front pocket and slide my interest back I mean really does have one extra target again group after it. Moseley flew up there in order to get off and hit. Yeah okay. All right. So called money do you money the wall. Skating panel OK I knew and had some you do it you've straight and so I think that's a euphemism wiping his fans and not a five minutes ago. And where we denied did you sooner all right you know what who wrote the romance novel twilight. Who is the author. I hope our. It. Bloody walls are. Trying to complete blank right now the did you read twilight books I did. But I did in all of the company weren't I ate out all of culture or if you remember the author's book you read all. Four of these folks in new cannot remember the name of a young woman who wrote these books. Not within his. I do medical they'll pop what are it. I wanted to thank you want them all for you as format and you add the lack of more than you let my kids you would do all four books what did you think. I thought they'd like (%expletive) they do otherwise the data they want the wars to learn the good way to kill time in high school. I was the one time until I don't want to say yeah. Oh god damn it I've got to burn after reading for the engine producing movies. This wasn't. This. Citi is the capital of India. And all. I don't know job at the white. In this city. In news. It's not worth an estimated don't know film. New Delhi yeah. All do great damage is bad for old guys submarines unanimous corned beef steak guy and all you like a pastrami. I. Trust in jail all the way. We're gonna argue we're gonna have played bad man in the 1989. Tim Burton version of the Michael Keaton. If I read where there at all and Michael Keaton is real name was Michael Douglas for Michael Douglas the actor was already doing stuff so he change his name to Michael Keaton because he liked the way that Diane Keaton sound and this guy he must really thank you learning he was Diane hall yet Diana was any. Are wishing I was Diana hall would almost say Woody Allen put out any hall didn't want any association to change and keep very complicated that it still has really done a 44999. All of those are next contestant ready to play the game. Say hello all we should he you know welcome to the men's room. And I. So we're not. Homer Shane. Change would you like a Fannie panic overalls. And affliction sure her Kron. Either one or make you look fashionably wonderful. Coordinator. Affliction shirt for that special day to pick if he thought. Cool. I'd say here's your question. Multiple choice what is the only see on earth with no coastline. The sort of guy so the Mediterranean where the Dead Sea it's a shine you'll see when you get for a new diamond. Yeah me. Whenever without Mediterranean or dead include thirty. Has arisen amid multiple stores like I've heard the Mediterranean just that in 2001. Heard about it was this morning. Does and New Zealand I don't know and I don't know if it's one old. Deals that were with in an ocean Arnold somewhat territory and so this is arsenic who the hell knows I don't ask questions bad. Our next question what they must resist the musician was shot by Mark David Chapman in 1980. What should go I think Caroline will. That is the meanwhile they yell. Hello hello Attila the good news you're right there imagine man. I imagine you giving her a brand new sparkling and there and thank you shame. He's one of The Beatles man. Those two were still alive and take them all the time. His name because lady bugs. Hello. You know there. I don't you guys. And yet it's. You need to know log into the bearer of bad news is committed to get ready for its peak basket. Yeah. Tall. I am running into. Your question all of this seven fast and furious movies Khamenei was Michelle Rodriguez. Yeah. Boot. Some she said. I change that question. Curiosity as a car sized rover that was launched by NASA in 2111 to explore what plan. Nice work again. David big dummy four point 999 old with down for another contestant here for the break hello Chris welcome to the men's room. I. Tiger is number and I felt. So Chris welcome found that about miserable today Fanny pack overall affliction shirt craft's re going. I don't know we'll put you don't recommend it over almost no votes on Crocs yet. Dude you need to use our web what I find hard to believe because I see more people in croc so with any of the other things that I listen up and I am minors. I hear the question which artist created the sculpture of the thinker. I had no idea out of me can you multiple. Miles Benson with the proposed as you know things about I've seen the thing everything available tee time I think it really is an up look at. To me like that precede them and that's. On notice an impressionist. Bullied and so although it is I don't know now one of the live turtles. A ghost wrote them all Rodin was something like him. Wrote and wrote and wrote Dan Rhoda. Rhoda and memorable one got a little bag Zagreb and the new artist gods who enemy. Unbelievable stuff. Your question sleeping beauty is princess who. I. I'll princess sleeping beauty had no idea I notice. My only my old movie should be due to say that they have. Think the first half allocations. From Seattle proposed Aurora Aurora all left or scooby do you say overall. I think that you think the Scooby Doo and that was a real name Arora eyes to look at numbers more I'm like I have no idea what her name as but I know she hasn't actually she was a roar sleeping. Which is really. All. Your question. In the United States one ton is equal to 2000 patents. Everywhere else on earth one zone is it equal to 2100. Pounds. 2240. Pounds or 2300 problems. It. Probably today that the American done. Somebody's messed if you looked. A lot. I think as time depends on which you had quite relative to how much is okay if you write stunner. I ya gotta one and 26 chance here the last letter added to the alphabet was what. And if they want. Question my drift. I got to number five has multiple choice. This is gonna gross but scientists can use one not circumcised forced it. That's about the size of a stamp. To grow how many acres of skin how many acres of scare that can be translated on to burn victims. Is that 123. Or four. Suppliers. Incurred so again scientists can lose one not circumcised or skip. Outside the stamp to grow how many acres of scared I didn't transplanted onto burned 123 or four I'm happy to say my son has contributed to do it these skin acreage. Racing a million in Asia earlier post yeah I do. The name of the farms giving some skew the our law until. Our for an hour down from one posted since sized pieces and I married after and his amazing actors. War concussion finally get back here take a quick break more big dummy 44999. Hole if you would like to be a contestant you're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. I've got ahead Jeff dance made general says again in the band of the restaurant or eating experience in the meantime the game is big down reduced look Chris on the line play and her team not sober onerous. Our career look at Chris you're working on question number five. Our Chris there's your question. And 2001 a space Odyssey to computer's name was what. These final I don't know. I'm saying to his music you make an historical. Long faster. Heidi questioned more than 50% of the world has brown eyes. And to 100% normal brownouts. But could fit to rescind the world as three brown eyes you don't have Zagreb notice I don't let things aren't that you can maybe you. But only one night the one presented to excellent people. You have what color I. Who dream. Clean belief really green where. I try to push their Crist. To them doesn't maybe you've seen in one of these rules. Bought four of the five movies that were nominated for best adapted screenplay and the Tony eleven Oscars. Had a character but lost what body part. The movie's good Toy Story 3 true grit winter's bone and a and 127. Hours. All it. I mean. Harmony it's nice got a weird man for over a top five movies for best adapted so boy story. I loses someone is a miscarriage I lost an arm and toys to your toys that make sense but you still does not OK imagine you'll learn to like you know along the way it is and is the one that the guy who's the climber any gets his and our audio Monday 'cause Obama are different dads James Franco played him okay. A true grit I believe the western slope makes sense I'm yet and winter's bone I've no idea of how that was about but that somebody lost an arm game is big dummy for Ford 99911. Was our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello Chris part two welcome to the men's room. Aluminum. True. Coach the American cars prisoners over knots over at the it's still there unfortunately the ground. I Chris Clemons revolt and is a fashion wolf what do you know where Fanny pack overalls affliction sugar Crocs. Did it still broke the filler they hit man I gotta go to the old girls couldn't get the belt hurts the fifth arm you have and you do born without a left this stuff you know real stuff that doesn't doesn't turn it so what wait what about now did they. Billion later replacement have an artificial hip. Wheldon there was a bone that grew up must find net connected to my stickam don't judge you have no joint there's no and though. When I've put a lot of pressure on there through overalls and fill up you walk with a very stiff legs get to my country no. Kind of water like penguins tied you're 100 crap rap do you have do you have any overalls. I do okay have a bunch how many parents. I'd daily shorthaired. I am toward mainly I got to ask you know when you go in the genes do boggling to you by the ways and so how do you know the right size of the overalls for you. Each track money and lower area who's there my grandma made it funny instead that would shorten short wide. When I get him she would be left. That's awfully low Linda thanks Graham are you do have to remember that Humpty Dumpty did birdies. He did you are overall this year yeah but that's always a huge shortage of things. They've been starting a lot of brown a lot of eggs and have them by a grown overalls and company. All right here's a question. I win that AEA and launched back in 1984 they came after which children's network signed all for the night. So there's that they shared the same channel Columbus children's network went off as an any network signed off. Like the look at G network or anything yet basically. I'm. Are not at this Nickelodeon. I had had to be that the Cartoon Network camping at Baylor incident that I only Disney first. Yeah does he might Nickelodeon was at the forefront of that and knows the PBS together children's programming in the martyrdom could. What's at previous doesn't come yet known. Did you watch PBS and more food to chimps. I am not not really know because they are remote like HBO picked up Sesame Street in match that's always the main one and amendments. That's the grooves that are now they cuss on Sesame Street. Game is rigged I made far far 999 hello who's our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello John welcome to the men drew. I thought. Don't look so good news this doesn't happen lately ethanol. Demand out for the Grand Slam ball where the president and discovered things about him didn't open gifts. Johnny is over now it's over. Over. I general and it didn't turn under radio forest millions. Okay now since John Germans are polar eagle on Fanny pack overalls inflation sugar cracks. Crocs delayed Chrysler's both of Crocs. You'll probably need to grow a little comfortable you know one thing you're wearing someone else's shoes I've got to be comfortable. Don't across their dog to the digital. You can't. Here's your question that Tony Awards other name for a man a woman or a dog. Mean. Tony Awards. You I'd like to place. A a good job this is ridiculous woman. Q the famous actress and director and co-founder of the American people are just. The world record. For most breast milk is donated is 414. Down. My best Singapore. As from a woman in Texas she donated her milk over a period of three years. And set the record back in 20142015. Or 2060. Funny. Or you. You know I'm John toner you do no no no he didn't even need multiple choice for our. I don't know how important can. They both are 999 all who is our next contest and ready to play big dummy. O'Brien welcome to the men's room. Well now. I dryness over the silver. Brian go to the show. And are miserable really of Fanny pack of rolls affliction sugar crops. Good if they begged him and hate and I don't drive the overall all right. Overall in the lead by the way if you want an eye on critical global and up from. Card is a question we'll solve. Norse mythology. So Oregon lose them offering good is that north goddess of what emotions. Three guys. He's been endorsed got a Norse goddess knows correct. Triggered what I would stay at Venus. Magnet. I don't know man hole. Blues live 350. Million. Candy great yeah. I would just talking about Sesame Street I'm Sesame Street more of the names of the two headed friendly monster. Think in classic pork. Cool. Yeah. It's only Muster the streets. I had no idea. Oh. I don't know and dingle and buried. Rusty and starfish good at it. Which brass instrument was originally called the goose season. Wedge and when the French horn. Paula Korn had ever heard at home dad when you have. You ever get the Cornet. And a parent I know all there just permitted for play every now ready for play every day to game on to the next level it is like if you really wanna have a nice. All the wanna have their own rather than ever in any different sections you know you can I don't want to who hijacked account and really have. It goes a long way you tell me guys that realm that they've formidable inside them up claimants had these numbers so as Summers off man and he's strong play Anita ridge do but does it right right. Black flag inform the one who tells a car to do what it. A good racetrack. And run over an answer. It's. Clinton frankly you're disqualified to exit the racetrack. Otherwise you know one of those and its yes you did as I was like are you know I like before when they're Barilla you know wanted to know if they're in his place Rollins examiners. Is the game made 44999. Nolan who's our next contestant ready to play the game hello Spencer welcome to the men. We are going up. Oh doing a lot aliens are there you go through the Internet over sauber. Total offensive and Benjamin Drupal fashion today Fanny pack overall inflation your crotch when he arrived at. There it that's for sure there have been victims back. Sammy. Some listeners who have life. Including a one dual imprisoned him but no movement. I hear is your question. If you're a Spanish restaurant and you ask for a McClintock. What they did. Proven in the hotel but I didn't drive the name and room no. Leaders men's restroom you know within the Clinton. Portable I don't know tournaments and Jack Jeff. Check. In an object please. Are now you know. All right. Who played the female lead role in the 1986 scifi movie aliens. Where. The judgment certain death Barack yeah hotel about a way. Relinquish our worst question you might want does that he's ran so our worst rushing for as throw and out of him. Nara that's Ted as we're counting down to be news story so gentleman just this morning less than 45 days or they are real site yet they're gonna make ten more. Have over the next ten years let's face it I'd assume or some wanna hear. Here's to hoping it says it appears don't know how I've seen these and we try to jam it okay and not. So it's gonna wanna go back. What is the name of the evil fighter pilots don't look like Gaby flying small wars and Star Wars flanks Morse. The names of the bad guys' ships. The small ones the little fighters. Tomorrow miles fight a little fighter ships right then the big star destroyers learned that new aircraft carrier. And then when listeners we've fighters were simply better fighter jets come but they signal their fighter planes that you thought. So what are the main tunnel why when fighter are next that's the good guys who for the bad guys in my housing empire digs tries. I have no idea. Tomorrow miles the bad guys I don't remember you don't remember all Herman. Ties ties ties I might not that's right yeah the only Tyson should give me a hint like noodles. Now let's move on of Omar who starred in and out of annoyed him. There's big done maybe 44999. All lose our next contestant ready to play the game hello JD welcome to the men's room. I JD is so we're not sober. Super super JD. JB it's a fashionable today in our men's room full Fanny pack overalls affliction shirt or Crocs which when he ticket. Well up 10 war on Boeing have debilitated the the impact all right been begging his Fanny pack now tied with overall in the leaf on our miserable. Flu jab in your Fanny pack. Well that was at Concord the eleventh that it felt like if they gave. And maybe things being done many. Some other stuff I I was alumni and I don't know I don't know I don't barrows I got would you leading years. That is the question. Cross country riding swimming. Fencing and shooting for the five sports and one event. I apple won't. Tied the score. What about five from the field. Hello you know I didn't single thought. I think Darren. Is. Yeah. The pentathlon. Intense battle that's down the fanciest thing I've ever heard Martin has gone now like moto frenzy and then writing. Yeah they're not allowed more people involved in this I don't even boxers who railroad model swim Vanessa and and being. Two electoral votes couldn't I don't know there are what sort of creepy thinking it couldn't what was the name of Adam and Yves youngest shot. Tony. Marmol and shops close at an needs last name. McGill got. I have not read the Bible ominous go live gone. John meg yes. Paul Filo. Smokey. Sets except sets it gets no way Seth or shacks. SH ET. Allows oracle does. Or shift and they are always working so much they knew they can name whatever they wanted to do no other kids as to make fun and no make whether it can they do mode and only if the kids never like Mon hope that Apple's good home that was delicious things have been wonderful and for some voters who. Where you name anything against Brent. Arnold stock monks could Trappist monks are famous for doing watched. I think people into multi monitor is very important isn't abbey this is very important JD what got a month so don't Trappist Trappist mark in this is very important to God's work I think everyone thinks that all monks do this narrowed the hell do a better you guys looked like. You could. Move on assignment. The bear. There's so fluid. Have they not do that. They might be the ones who make the beard didn't they do not the rapist Moscoso book oh yeah don't invest here in the both the original recipes of the year they may be world's first beer. The most expensive. Not necessarily always. The beer geek highest vote as far as a pointer but Travis monks yet if you can get a hold of their beer that that's leave. As the darling get all made it almost doesn't think military on the phone relay how. Do you have my order. Click GAAP net not passing this month Beardsley you think they start against I don't listen guys immigrate fearless or shut up and Randy she may grow on the resume blew a little bit hopefully Tony dollars and nine cents and tomorrow. Amanda before. You may or evolved. Nice as soon they drink a lot of lean. The trap markets at. This disc. You're nice question grab. One draw was introduced to the United States as a cult surprised mr. orally and in illegal drug. What drug was introduced in the US doesn't call some present as a hands now we need not tokinio. Low all blood. Continues mode Coke off. Well I don't know Odierno grade heroin. Yeah yeah. You're here come here rely on her left. Jason Greg and brother called authorities tell I think red. This gives. What could possibly go wrong. What body he lacks the Coke. Blood do little to do it all in all we know Catholics probably have a strong hold on droning of the Pope is right what is the name of the group of men get together to determine who the next Pope is going to be kind of like a ranked. It is certainly right Lawrence our old what's that. Like. Our old good Big Apple people until it. That they do this something how the cardinals now. You're you're right there. The colleagues of the judges again how am I. Cardinals wolf yeah. Weather and only certain number of the metal ball the best guy regardless how would you manned. The college of cardinals. At federally hit. I think all the cardinals could come back that. But just you think the police say that the college when they get all the cardinals. It's well maybe I'm wrong I don't know man I don't you are gonna get beat up I'm sure common TrueCrypt. Your hairdo the idiot I can't believe you don't know the only surprise when I don't know if it could it go please rise and I don't know I'm definitely. Gonna continue what is the name of the decorative born at Thanksgiving. Decorative horn daughter didn't stop what can gray area I don't they ever receive one and I've seen pictures of them Brett. The clintons and threw him for a sudden I don't look at cornucopia. It's also got a quote I think cornucopia of the cornucopia even decorative things give you more miles never known that. I'll let you decide okay what would you think he'll like this a month says you have a cornucopia of knowledge of them and that is it just mean you have a lot of knowledge Hezbollah base and hits it out of the remains focused on a lot of stuff fits in there I don't know why that became a thing and I'm never actually see it but there. So far all of our contestants have played four teams over and only got two contestants guiana Chris. We're one and done and as far as our men's room poll in fashion right now is a tie between the Fanny pack and overall swallowed by the affliction shirt. And cracks more big dummy coming up 8449990. You are listening to the major radio network. My. Father turn and no I Sherlock right before we drink and tells with a shout they in the meantime the game is big dummy for Ford 999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play the game CNN has sold did Jesse hello Jessie welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I don't know. Packed with such as lift. Did you sober now for over. October Barack and I just humans through the hole today it's a fashion and it act overall collection churn or Crocs were you gone. It'll go on both face the old they often are I got a point Fanny pack now in the lead. But let people know for the presidential they did it you know get the bitter stuff there. Well after it. Thank you Jesse I think you've been proven new you have to come to know I don't know what it. Good to go after it. Usually seen around Thanksgiving what is the staple food of the may forty people of Uzi. What. This staple food. Or. I want. Them I guess. We'll be. We did yeah. You feel left. I wanted to so complex. Making you drive and three were dead brother my colleague Mike talk about the militia. Known for famous Q. Cuba. Which woman's name means all gifts angry mythology. Yeah. Oh. I. I don't know but they don't. Okay. As everybody knows the names. Pandora's box. Somebody important. Once biblical hero got his strength from his. Here. All. It often. You. Haven't. Already done it Kanye won not read all night. He's the only guy who's ever been known for giving the strength from his home. Yes always. To. Help. The incident since there. Courtesy phone call. At the what is the name open Tokyo's father. Follow. Its menu and I. It. Guys work okay the pedal David Gregory Ford Ford 999 all of who is our next contestant ready to play the game they were also hit man. As Japan often doesn't Tokyo had no deals father Japan at all. How low Shane welcome to the men's room. Our all and I. The day off on him. We'll announced hours. And our political lines a miserable and sandbag overall inflation sugar Crocs. 1 o'clock we'll talk proxies Sox. Clark whose luck Y and I held my fluid you're right so you can. You can't go wrong for game on you are very few brands and our god in Denham Jack and backward little matter several well known as the crux. Are your question or what facial feature we do have issues with if you suffer from pogo no phobia. And no. They think coming up. Says you would hear yourself. If I had won his new raft mustache here appear as soon. Why don't they just call it beautiful you don't consider yourself having a moustache he is considered a part of the beard like regret the most that rents on one thing. Why do they do that I don't know it's like it's for the homophobia like what is that both appear beard awards all the beautiful. I would call somebody other than a little a little off phobias have messed up me mentally than we might have been requirement that the title like Iraq like a fault it's a regular time that makes sense that windows but most you'll still say spiders. And I don't rank the top ranking it dragnet who ran guess maybe not all the phobia have weird names. Like. Well miss. Scared of homosexuals your homophobic content well I don't know any other state slower slurs and outright errors one Smart and call yourself what you Barnes. Find go homophobia chain hold on all of our common question to. You're bigot doesn't play big dummy call 844999. All we have time for a few more contestants coming up still look on the head Jeff on the way. Kids we've details as the good and bad of restaurant groups. They should many games continue on the men's room radio network.