11-02-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Their Attire On

Thursday, November 2nd

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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You what you're about to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. I don't know why they go to the result of our 2700. And aids. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Do Ted Smith and bonds. In my car. And imagine. They want to game we've played big down day. Did meat and potatoes has the good and the bad of restaurants. Boots no way Sherlock is back get right to play profile list plus headlines images shot of the day fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite. TV time which in fact laughter against the draft IU and Ohio where police on the look out for two men who pulled a gun at McDonald's and case on the muffin rage. Angry woman scanners naked pictures throughout high school and surprise she is sixty years of a team. University student arrested for putting a roommates toothbrush where the sun doesn't shine. If you're flying into Phoenix just the terminal four has bed bugs while you stand in line until it people you want to girlfriend lose weight on FaceBook that a good idea. And it's all going on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All have good kids good day to you in York are right today is the day that we play big dummy. The game told that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here's how it works you call us. We will spending category real. That hangs. In the category will as well as for the question from a category. But here's where big dummy separates himself from your average more reputable game show. We will continue to ask you questions until you get one right because as always we want you to leave here smarter than you showed up. Today our biggest W ever at two way tie between the lovely Kimberly and equally lovely Eric both of whom dug deep. And answered nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course weekends ago with a goal and all we go on big dummy. Bigot doesn't play big dummy call 84 point 9990 you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and survive and send your emails for the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network yeah. How shall I go to Michelle number 2007 Saturday what do you we have more now today my head Jeff announced dead meat and potatoes as the good and bad of restaurant foods and new items out there which are old items you've seen before and some of them are a brand new and then. Some of the worst foods that you could possibly eat when you guardian and restaurant in there and delicious they are fantastic those little ones they put on the commercials to get through there and runners boys is no one ever show the healthiest choices on the minority on the commercial side salad might now Helm though and I don't know what your cheesecake that's that's jacked. So let's go to with a hedge Jeff no I Sherlock is a bag of course will do another round of a profile this and. Today is the data would play the game non. As big dummy you'll be playing for team sober or team that not sober and every week we'll play big dummy we do a little men's room poll now last week the poll was pain. And beyond me. Four choices you have between a toothache a sunburn. I'll be staying or hang over if you're gonna have to deal with any of those pains which would you prefer. As far as the Twitter poll of men's or my dot com overwhelmingly most people's today Baltic to be staying you'll get it over with same happened. With the contestants are hang over was the third choice somber number two. And be staying was the preferred a way to deal with pay and if you had to OK so now this week on the of the men's room pulled an ideal fashion and basically. We're going to offer you. Four choices that you would have to winners you have to pick between one of these four. And we thought of all kinds of things but we we we we knew we narrowed it down and these are your politics. You're either gonna have to Wear. A Fanny pack. Okay and overalls. Overalls means straps aria genes. Overall we're talking in Beverly hillbilly overalls are you some other kind of he law overalls do you you know the overalls and you like your kid when they're due. He that works that's fine you that really is true whiz kids you look kinda stupid going your 42 Wheeler creepy as hell and people are questioning why you're wearing these in the first place I own a pair. Of overall correct course Judith why you have them. 'cause they're comfortable. They're warn them to work. Well no I don't. I don't sweat pants still don't Wear no word but we're not asking you to do that c'mon tell overall today are an example and red long sleeve shirt you know going uncomfortably then you'll be farmer Ted for that you've seen me jump. When does CU and overalls. Eight years ago after big concert. We were all staying in the same house news side of the. Hello all I swear like festival that time Belo also wearing wigs that should be noted yet. OK so I took them a little more and spirit of the way execute my intent is comfortable people will see you in this so whatever you particularly like you got Iraq that you don't. So it's going to be a Fanny pack overalls. And affliction shirt in or Crocs. Those are your choices that our poll of fashion. I'm gonna go overalls during the all running and it's like wow I have one of alma black dudes who somehow it'll just right it just an entirely New Orleans thought pat you don't need no unarmed overalls and I don't know one amendment to the overall what it was. Both straps have 30 yes oh yet talk I know you're trying to think the cool how Brad I know. You kind of roaming on the I look at it and our all and everything could figure you're lucky I don't shirt underneath it. Cole then that stated it to a different level I did yes there is where that goes here's why and and I honestly believe that you see someone or know liberals are at and where are you sure. Did you get drunk I feel like I've modern cities and begun a funny. Make it easy on Joseph what do rat. If you're not wearing a shirt on blue I just assumed or crazy or Dora Mets or the gonna bite near the lake. I feel like the response to be severe and something among prepared of one of either where like overalls and a dinner jacket you know enemies if you if it button up shirt bring a whole thing together. So yeah affliction shirt Crocs overalls Fanny pack when he Iraq and affliction shirt affliction shirt all I say don't get out. Okay I'm not a real deal Robin you got a you got a horse in this race front and back. Although Fanny pack all day it Fanny pack up what and when hunts that senate you and I talk you can give drugs then it. Next you're not hiding anything of failing bank got a fairly packed so far gonna shake you don't have that little I've grown and I know you're not you're okay your Fanny pack shore do I know your your wallet than ever what UMOYX syndrome you want wallet you don't want to and it doesn't think that's the bundle all of benefiting pac ten title and banned dragon the dude. You're check anything that is important use your cell polled knew what everything you're Fannie but you're not wearing a Fanny I can not knowing I could humiliate your result in less the stuff in there is a vital importance to your I cannot visualize someone reaching a good junior trinity Pratt yeah he did and then running in strapping it on in the continuing running like he just I can't see only a very good on your family. Are you saying they would take your Fanny pack and they just stuff out of Iraq and a thrower on the ground were blown right OK if you were to chase after me you find your Fanny pack. My cock and I got the strap I'll take the Pacman Drupal today fashion Fanny pack overalls affliction sugar crops well I I have affliction shirts on though. Like Jim Crocker is it. Now wow old. Saw. The strictest definition I am Crocs are they rock their product brand but they are not that the typical goober issue voter oh I would you're Chrysler like that they're kind of like a key in this. Lol for if you will we cowboys sounds much you blood you'll overalls now. OK and at a Faneca now I do when I was really young kid but not down I won it owns overalls. The answer is this blow your mind isn't West Virginia there's a part of the coach doesn't like the marijuana I think a state flag wherever I go I'm Charlotte Virginia ejected take over as young lures what I had I thought I coveralls a's have coveralls backward wayward coveralls I just wouldn't caving in and it's like a one piece cotton fell all right right right right guy writing and editing like that it's normally navy blue not red or merits enjoyable working coveralls her overalls Goodell called we assume we have a job right that's the difference coveralls if it makes it makes it look like you're working. Overalls makes it look like you've never work. If I mean giving up I mean they're not the like farmers don't Wear overalls they orbit if icu and I'm not on a farm and you're wearing me Gloria I'm gonna just assume. Making math that yeah if you don't have a job I don't know why. I did advise you to fed cuts and since if you walked into the bank and got kinda can onerous and overalls go to what's gone and it's not Halloween was gone yeah yeah seriously Miller went whoa wait a minute what do these are in coveralls. Overall a bank now coveralls means he's Robin plays he's back there there are acting like I don't know why everyone's lane on the floor to the point you don't mean. Power to debate anyone who shows up in coveralls no offense did the work of girls I would assume Peter Rodman yet the pleasure to payday loans that are. It in other and it's just par for the good and the person Robbie knew the person behind the count tireless get this done here game is big Demi 844999. All of who's our first contestant ready to play the game hello Ross then welcome to the men's room. And I don't finish sober enough sober. And filters so for us to welcome to the show. Are open through hole today is a fashion month Fanny pack overalls. Affliction sugar crops which won a ticket. Yeah any fact of life kayak and when you put your Fanny pack picture Dwayne the rock Johnson. Where defending Larry we've thought about all I have to shoot just to show people that it's it's legitimate your wallet your own man. I did dawn stealing your Fanny pack you don't see all of a Fanny pack doesn't really in my life my we my cigarettes and lighter fuel but there are some things. Here's the thing if you follow me for 100 people and I'm running away I promise you you'll get your actual impact back. OK I won't Woodson. Look this clearly impacted me the banana peel. You don't want the people you want what's inside that through the good stuff but so you'll get your Fanny pack back and be taken of the. Again and all right often. We about the poll question for a threat you gonna go the Fanny pack which is ridiculous there is a big dummy question Barry Bonds currently holds the Major League record. Four home runs how many home runs does Barry Bonds and yeah. Think originally hired career yes and his entire that's an added. All men. Because you're playing and you're out there. I don't know what all the. Whole album OK the 763. Closed. I'm 62. Blew a new low water older vets all things surprises right now one home run good and they wanted to hone my daddy married early and found it if it. Our next question in what month it's planet Earth's closest to lose them. All. But I'm glad. You lot. Did you. December. Close to the somebody here in the Northern Hemisphere so the fact criminal defendants felt down in Australia they get careless talk at all bill ultimate several former closest to sort of leading totals do things that kill us. Your question what is the catch phrase for wrestler John Sina com. Our own because I thought circling of pounds of bronze soldier gets for you. Bring it. And likely are you also wearing your current head. A point with. Bringing kids and that might get. John scene is not through his head and. It's a weird thing to say whenever I look at. Your question. Gumbo is us do that originated in what state. Louisiana. Who got their. Delicious gumbo hanging from there isn't a domain for porn 999 alone was our next contestant ready to play the game. Say how load food day mode that Paul welcome to the man drew. All I. Man. They must. Move. Yeah. Moved in and respect. Everybody thought oh yeah. First time Damon demo demo area overnight summer. Wool pulled over demo parent. And a name our men's room full fashion will be taken Fanny pack overalls affliction shirt or Crocs. You know I'm with hello I'm gonna go let's hope all. Aren't you know removed in the ninety's. I thought this. While the war I there was a duke guy to have everybody like I know what they did play in the seventies we all did walk around welcome boo key face may go about. But his bid. Think in the country. I got all those. Some parents is ray crisscross back elegant. I hear your question one of the four houses. And whole ward school of witchcraft and wizardry. All that bad. Change or there. All know and no matter who may ma'am any guesses. Robin you know don't don't you move. Yeah your right hands and don't worry visit and I'm on CEO she's a no no no no no. Great. Do you like she really. Knows not Iraq not what we get a grip and or. And helpful puffs leather and yeah amber and I would have got one more. Some 34. Mom grim nor hopeful ball slid the room and the moon and nerds going crazy right another dime a hole and I want everyone understand what I'm doing here. I'm only dragging this out because a woman knows this lean mean at the radio and no address on now I want to be very meaningful job. I mean every Griffin go so far off slip through and it. Mike not I. Fly end yes all right no no no you're down it's flying creature of raven call re sorry. I cannot help pass. It's hard when you get into death I guess. Our question three demos I was comes for a critical. Ireland suffered the great stamina beginning in 1845. Dudes the collapse of what crock. Fool me. Early they glut. Odeo tin man and stretch the potato fan and daddy and grandpa thought that it. You start to go to restore it data theft and compete with the vehicle that's not luck the record. Is all right. Car stalling human figures with large chain known as the my power I saw Democrat could be found on what Polynesian island. Celebrate the the what is it when Jesus comes back the resurrection that is directly stroke every year. A comes back from the dead Donald Leo and came from the bathroom to you guys are okay and when he came back. What else do you think he went talking about Jesus come on Mac man to me I'd just assume like none and no matter what he got back from them. Is it must belong out you do any kind of like the holy spirit to the third part of eternity that came back now how does that work so it's a the father Brad got right right the son Jesus right and then like who's the holy ghost. And I just I've never understood where the samples. Ms. Clinton whose. We know Lindsay is that in all of ghost yeah but is never mentioned in the bye we hear about oh yeah they got big day. A kind of forget who the strain is but he's out doing something and needs like you need to sign in the news like I want to silica flame above his head or something I'll I think we had a like hey we are right I only who's the holy diver he. Yeah that at that the well we don't know we've stayed down tomorrow and get him a nice Vietnam and he should renew tiger and becoming the gets his strives to do is clean paid four point 999 ala who's our next contest incredibly big dummy. Hello mill Li whoops hello mealy welcome to the men's room. Well I. I got a little we hear they're really truly sober enough over. So we're really looking for the show. It's. Miserable old fashioned today when he in Iraq Fanny pack overalls affliction sugar crops. I didn't go all wolf overall comfortable don't know where they'll do you have any. Do you own any overall. I did not focused. Forty go to fund over. I don't know I mean now my as the army navy surplus store and make sense aren't it's like I don't think Dan McCarthy I don't know maybe maybe there might be the placing upon. Don't they send you one last. Therefore we don't they go over all of a healthy fit IF FF FX and all in my prayers for you got real serious question for you. Here's a question the first movie of the fast and furious franchise was released in what year. Our own use you don't do. So yeah. Ted if you could just guess I guess you're one of you. You well I guess 2001. Do you over did back when. I was gonna go. Economy. Where did the sport of curling originate what country. Is. Is Jewish should be all no cholera are getting hit a part of the UK to other states Canada out of that porch part of the UK. I don't know who else. I had no idea I got a candidate I was gonna say can all the way. Poisoned the groom originally from Scotland. Jennifer Peebles we've about themselves and personally I could not handle masked man I do not like prongs and let them merry maids who. What is the chemical symbol for helium. EE. Yeah. I'd say yes indeed he he he he yeah one of the units when a person that they're an amateur for a number two number two hydrogen. Helio moved. Oxygen. We know so glad we got that much down you know what I honestly only nobody really knows and my cardinals and my packet knows all the elements that's why you always give a similar things got bad news is helium noble. What was a noble noble and an Internet one is nice and one as a piece of crap. One is just PR one is a stand up individual the other one is just not like a remember learning about it but I never knew to help the difference was between being a mobile gas and not I just stick with them noble gases noble first. Noticed an advanced mobile because you know bullets for me you mice Chernobyl pars in men's room Paul that we've got going on here how Fanny pack and overall are tied to put your choice would be over an affliction teacher cry on my dad arrived. You can also vote on a Twitter if you follow demands are mad men's room live peoples up there as well. More big dummy on the way for 49990. What you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is your. True Jeff coming on Jose was tells us the good and the bad of the restaurant food sure looks delicious but is it really that good forever we'll find out coming up with a hedge Jeff. Tied the game is big dummy for for a 99911. Was our next contestant ready to play the gay and I'll we have some comments this guy oh okay just to cover some of the territory that we've been in as far as what is a noble gas zones question we had. A normal gas does not bond with any other elements does not come from Steve it does not come for me yes we said early crisscross really wore their clothes backwards in the ninety's. Dozens meal while tomorrow for an foreclosed backwards in the ninety's and groping Kenya. OK as far as today's faster balls I was an up on Kenyan fashion. Basra we assumed you were talking about sorry kiddies wanna be a little more specific next. As far as today's fashion pull those guys and overalls man you don't need to bell and a pencil fullback and nothing else is accused of Sany packed. Drinking my pistol and as far as how you have. The the Irish famine the potato famine I did that did you know that the potato was brought over from South America had not made of Ireland courier. We did not know that did not know then he and I bigamy is a game those are next contestant red blood. How low key on our welcome to the men's room. A piano into the show you blame the team sober enough so. OK so were the other welcomed. And that's today on her from Interpol to fashion golf Fanny pack overalls affliction shirt or Crocs. I'm gonna do it or they fall off Bill Clinton backers like you're gonna be old family. You could probably pull off the affliction shirt without getting too much force. Older when it yeah I think women you know I got out of a guy effort under guidance we do me. I got new Cologne Duchscherer by Amanda Borden. Are here is your question. A guy by the name of Tom Kennedy he provides the voice to once cartoon character. Sponge Bob square pants altered or space ghost. I thought. And yeah I'm very elegant tea and ago. We I don't know who does space goes anymore but he used to be a guy named George Lowe right right right and George Lowe did voice over so he did all kinds of stuff so. At one point time. He was doing voice overs for us cinema whole sheet of stuffing it in between. The stuff that he was supposed to read. You've never heard someone golf on intangible for the was so over the top ridiculous just about everything the guy was either African genius man he's hilarious. Is filthy is all the above. There's very delegate four point 999 all lose our next contestant right to play the game. Say how all that to Jeff hello Jeff welcome to the meant. Food never. Good idea. Hello grace and welcome to the men's room I don't know off auto jobs craziness over knots over. Over it's over Grayson voted for the show. And there are miserable today fashion wise Fanny pack overalls affliction shirt Crocs we Iraq and answer questions before I answer aren't. First what an affliction shirt. An affliction shirt is the Shura produced by inflation I did go to Vegas during MMA fights you'll see a lot of them. About ten years old. They're both very fancy design on them. Kind of an afloat league come away with them to very cool looking shirt you all have Louis rhymes don't come thing. OK questions here. Saying he aced out any act. What do they still say an impeccably Nicolas contraband is definitely belong here they can hold their credit card your idea and compassion that it's not a fan it and now that is not a impacts are you so much the one you Wear underneath when you're traveling. I want that in Dallas and I were talking about a real Fanny pack one you really don't wanna Wear. All right I'll do it overall only a tiger where a complete with a you you get to it when you go restaurant man how much do you just chop of the menu that they'll bring when you go way committee's side dish is exchange is a mean how big a pain in the ass are you when you go to a restaurant. Atlanta and spoke out you say man you are. You're really high demand where you're honest Soledad I want inform you now that you have ingested the Thomas. And that the all would be difficult after you lead evaporated in the exact cannot I cannot explain that to people enough coal be difficult to do after you beat. Because of that if you've been difficult menu foods with a smile. You're really be an. Art it is your question. NASCAR is an acronym. Otis or watch our man. Oh okay clip there and yet here are so national association known. She's. On our car. They don't. Illinois the second day now. National association for sophomore all religions. I don't think North America. Anything close. I don't know why then did a great debt. Target is that still part of North America Central America nor all right. There's a Mexican NASCAR driver I Pocatello Idaho I'm like I'm a track. All right so Volkswagen Beetle. Who's saying the National Anthem. At Super Bowl fifty. I mean the more simple world say they won't know who did were you doing guys. I was at work okay. I don't know. There. I'm not have done film. Yeah and honestly and other than it's. Seahawks and the Steelers. Now natsios of good to see altering it would have been Seahawks. Panels those Panthers bronco offense and no idea I had I maybe got then the lady got dominating your guide doesn't tell you soon when north Thompson. Our country has the longest land border. With one notion of another front along the land border that's got to be in Asia. Distracting. But the country country are all right it chilies and South America. Yes it's. He got the Asian tour right at the windshield and left. Maybe like killing. Feel like maybe a dozen amp play big dummy for four 9990. Look at some slots that open up their more of academic and Nevada this identification them. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.