10-17-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Can Take No More

Tuesday, October 17th

Mens Room Question: What happened to someone else that made you say "DAMN!"


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This is done men's room. Listening to. Don't know I guess my target since then. Brian brings us inside the boob tube. Our question what haven't someone else makes a damn what's gonna start right here out of Australia when we say about Australia boil boil things have been there it's not messing around or is there any Julia. Everything authorities in northern Australia were searching for a crocodile suspected of killing eight dementia patients who wondered from a nursing home. Human remains along with and Cameron's clothes and walking stick were found near a creek bank. Two days after the 79 year old Wonder Woman wandered from nursing home in port Douglas which is in the queens and state. Police suspect she wandered into a tropical forest. Then became disoriented. That triggered an extensive search the remains were found about a mile from the nursing home pathologists confirm that the remains were human inside of the crocodile. We strongly suspect now that there has been involvement of a crocodile attack given the location of the items. And the human remains there were close to the water. In our revenue and remains you found inside of the crocodile while police were waiting for the results or further forensic tests they said it was highly unlikely or highly likely the remains were Cameron since no one had been reported missing in the area. Stayed Rangers said crocodile traps and surge surrounding waterways by helicopter remote. The woman's granddaughter Isabella Haggans posted on social media that the family quotes. How the firm belief that my Nan and Cameron has passed away under tragic circumstances. Crocodiles are territorial and killer Crocs are usually caught near the scene of attacks. Government wildfire wildlife director Michael Joyce said he was confident of catching the crocodile and urge the public to report any abnormal crocodile behavior. What's abnormal crock another point poker Demille. They say he's every goddamn thing making ground where they since this story was published today in fact and by the way the family. They they offered a plea. To. The animal control has a look it's more than likely a crocodile based on the circumstances her clothes were ripped everything was on the floor her walking stick and all that stuff. It just do us a favor don't kill the crocodile the crocodile didn't do anything wrong the crocodile was being a crocodile essentially and we have a pretty good idea. Based on the math here yeah what is happened doer and she had to mention she wondered out there and it's nobody's fault but not blaming the nursing home and I'm blaming anybody. But the Saddam please don't kill the gaga. So the first thing they do is they see the biggest fattest crocodile in this area that they can find and I and they went in and they killed it. And they sliced it open and sure enough there's and Cameron inside so they are right but you know they killed crocodile in order to identify the remains. Its. I would crocodiles do we did you want to Wear the crocodiles are yes I've ever crocodile walking down the middle of downtown street you go okay. This is a problem we need to do something about it but Israel was in the water doing whatever is crocodiles do in the water to like eat everything. They're regarded highly you can walk across Australia. Have you seen the picture that jacked kangaroo. Oh yeah yeah I like it could you walk from one how did that happens I don't know how did that happen he's in a movie with Hugh Jackman Bloomberg god do this thing. They only liberal but now. Mile and miles and I have a theory what's that the guy kangaroo or gathered looks like he's owns area it's probably trials that come on the kangaroos would you dollars and one avenue someone else may say damage 44999. Ol Le hello Michael welcome to the men's room. Job it is all. I. Did not all are. Horrors. I don't remember where you guys sure on a much different stations. Thankfully of their country and you guys still exist so. Yeah before that where on a must do our nation and before that much different station to keeps the cycle keeps on roll gets there doesn't appear as long as you guys still around I'll keep listening even mean that I'm a satellite Doug. All right now I appreciate it. Well I don't play here at about eleven years old while playing in a backyard with a bunch of my friends and having no one of our friends slide into home plate. The problem being is home to play was held to the ground that we at a railroad spike was sticking out about. Have to record you mentioned the. So all of it's. All's. It did all the moment everything. Is right or not became finding that their right. And it literally fueled it backlight that's imminent. Orange hue and cry man don't you think that you go in feet first at home just in case or not you're gonna just bit your shoulder down and go into the catcher. I don't hold. Agree on a regular my brother was on the play baseball. And when he slid into home plate in just I mean there was just a mass somewhat immediately. Have this kneecap I assumed he was going in feet first I think he well maybe so maybe get a new not a lot of evidence lies lie on his jazz or did he sided with the street for. You thought he slid in on his job basically on his right leg that are not happy now down on it base. And it popped out right kneecap right there right place and I just I you'll. All law you know those that there's like those big. Same thing with the with the things that the tide on the basis. And oftentimes in Little League level or high school level. Because they don't have posed the reason that they don't have posted that levels because the fields typically aren't that nice at least when I played but he. Know all about the kids couldn't slide as well in the younger leagues so they can put a strap under there. And so you can kick slide the base away so that it wouldn't you wouldn't snap your ankle and had to do that stuff. But still underneath that was a metal pollution rights pay day yeah that you threaded. You know the strap through and I've I've seen people crash in Nevada completely ruin their leg and her feet and everything else and I've never honored does that he kept coming off. Cops did you ever give the only light and a little railroads by Colin are exempt. Down again in your backyard embodied unavailable. Didn't get that image out of your head. Now network I think sometimes to savor being a backyard like trees second in on me like that fence posts and third is really good old days are just play with a bomb do this. What happens someone else may say Dan may 449990. And we never got in trouble for playing like well football however it's until we got too old and peaked yet. We kept late breaking windows blew the ball was willful ball and let's did that Texas is sent to stop you break a window with a workable. Yeah it was like Easter Sunday and my cousin ripped a seat that asks a little room to grow. Right through what the main event that of course with better and if that ended with the ball are gone Gerald and so are pretty remarkable. Hello why Lee welcome to the men drew. Are yeah. OK so put it in nutshell. They embrace as an alternate. Scenes I think they're all there violates. The good but didn't. They didn't on during the break on the brink her load up twenty years ago when I was stationed up in Fairbanks and an end to guys that didn't get along with each other decided to get by in front of everybody. And one of the guys in what is. Recovering from surgery he had his steered the back of his ears sliced open. Into repairs eardrums so he got it all stitched up he's been ditched. And the ability to them biting. I reached up grabbed the bandage and everything you read it here. No I mean there are paying low and why are you. There's quite good on it all. Stern rule. Each morning. Here are may have. Try the new yeah through diet does look into the issue earlier lose ten pounds this week. This idea. You know rather bandits and everything in the car and Colby and engineer and just goodness it's never been elected hanging by just to keep the end. What dole and all of line would you drop after that. I he I'll always do you really know I do hear me now is if it did when you hear big wet. He's. A I think if we oh there is process rather I just. You want to give me an earful from ethnic. If if if I'm really if you can grip the ball. A body Barcelona yeah it'll automatically gavel I'm ready to go right turns out his years where detachable British over the they must've put to resorted. I'm gonna finish the Japanese have started. We'll. You can't pick and. Low. Low van Gogh and you're an older is now could it be awful awful awful but it's all right. Good spin manually back oh all right everything's ready ma'am I'm likely G my ass in this entire showcase more or. Nine and I don't you think this war tonight assault charge you reproduce zero. Yeah I mean you ripped the guys here all of those at a better a lot of fights man. I don't build can you ever think you'll like it would ever tried to dismember me they didn't the two orders the lawyers together and have a hearing which is that the. I'm I'm I'm I'm. And yeah everything is gonna wax poetic on David oh. Jenna working can now. That and go over well welcome to Midler who. Still a night Canada hello we're here. A little Greg Greg and legend. Stay so anyway Alex station over in Afghanistan in 2009 to 2002 and and data. We came under while I had my unit came under fire calls you are on holiday. I wasn't on our voter education college lead or knock a guy anyway we kept honest I never get on the radio just can never understand it when he gets on the radio so. We close you are operating was like boom our. Yeah Garrick bloom our our peace because he's he. He told Jim Wilson urged barely understanding that there's accent so little. Let's give us a taste of me can you can you remember anything what about a satellite like this they were you're on the radio right now so motives semblance. And hey could you are you doing today ahead a key guy again you know we are today. The comments like that. Yahoo! out of my hand I. I'm gonna relate to the radio this is sitting at Hilton import involved Alley so catch me idea recollection act and that was pretty bad area and Allen and a nice places and I'm in an assembly to hearing about where the bizarre. Well it it it's bad spot but anyway deployed the end of the guy we became an acquired Egypt on the radio we can't understand you know until we can hear him. And he can't try to call it what we call on any nine Y medevac because people came under par may need to be raschke. And Jim Talent early on get off the radio and understand get somebody else honorary. Well one and I'm nineteen Baghdad you know he was part of the recovery. When he got back he had a lower job blown copy here we army component and couldn't commanders. Hello are you all learn to. I'm glad. Wow. Ari at out report Carson. I didn't nobody ever tell you guys like these mr. part of his Charles Lee came here. Well we hear immediate way to when he always starts and owns a radio well when making my heart he is he on one Nikki you know on the radio and. Oh up on all. OK I pull out of habit OK if what does that bad. Why don't we ask this question didn't change what it would that the delays convince people here's will be different than what we like my god they. Okay. Really got the go while we have exactly what he. To the common saying hey man I kid I am trying to move but I can't thank you plenty of Oregon the top ten songs to prove to governor of a syndicate my little business. Our question what and it's someone else that makes say damn 844999. Alone mobilize more your calls on the way you are listening to amend or radio network. Smiles. Coming up right calf the Droid charge incidents have been today Ryan brings intense songs to move to blu. Oh Wheeler requires Arianna your comments still rolling in some time of for a couple extra songs there if you have mark wasn't. What evidence someone else that may June say damn 844999. Cola. I really news we're gonna do Aaron. I'm. Do you hello Adam welcome to the men's room. Bought it oh yeah. I sold out played bloody bad. Tell me this story. I don't we had a bit and I swallowed hard that you when he was in high school in the late sixties early seventies Serbian police work. In the shower curtains. Locker room area of hanging out an entire aura birdies you know decided to serve where each other listen towels. Don't pleasant and yeah pray and doubt one of the guidance after the catch another one brightness act recital. And that shuttle exploded dye. Not let it go. I proud are all mine there is the right. That you did not nervous. I did anything to lose the ball in this particular horror if you guys open in this little woman's hands getting ripped off by a train argue. That her car on the greens are so many central star are really the wanted to have our it was a warm up my drill will limit dude got a senator ripped off by any there was a woman they look. Gloria the but he let it avoid Jorge and thereby by cops. See there was a woman who grabbed her husband's junk in the shower in Pennsylvania last week and we could've brought that story up for this question again we did not based on the fact that he grandmothers. And read the wide open that's already on blog about it. I guess what we're talking about Tug on what happened to someone else and makes it to him. And thank you got hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. Oh did the anything to do testicles. No I did not aren't you. I I Beverly and that's have nothing I'm outta here. No call list that I watch my buddy when the latter was dark day I walked into my buddy having sex with eighteen women from the Swedish. Cheerleading G day it's like none are toast I was going to tore up my barometer is gonna start where a couple of times now I know I actually I like fear for my testicles seasons. That's what makes it damn. I would back twelve years old told my dad refurbish my grandparents' days and made young company so we had there and play there and we kept unknown got bored on your leg don't have to board delayed game. I mean now he went to Florida blatant catch it that's right cute its size. Grips called the. And don't always done. Thank god normally go I get a little upset. When a phone battle Obama. Man I'm not know and are retiring. Burger time don't know all everything just talk well known that well anyway here are right yeah we just lost a Jesus Christ what a loser and that's okay I've ever run got to ask you are more than just his vote I don't adrenaline and and and and and everything that. I hate these well that's that I'm I'm kind of glad to reduce equipment for we knew we'd. I mean uses this is short sweet and to the winds have finally miles is you've you've done work like. Who why would anybody think you could salt and more on your way you especially if you refer to them as an employee because to me that indicates they have some idea what they're doing mom yes. A blowtorch used to burn spider webs could be the cause of a fire at a mobile home in Tucson Arizona. Fire crews were sent to the scene on Sunday they stop the fire from spreading to other. Mobile homes and elderly woman was carried out of Wellemeyer senate neighbors but suffered only minor injuries. The cause of the fire is being investigators. Investigated the firefighters say that they suspect. A propane torch was used to burn spiders from under the trailer. Does ignoring igniting the entire thing I've I've used a huge fired dry until sold until his insights. He's best. I didn't do Rubin a witness someone do it they did that successfully and yeah the guy hat but people seem. I guess it's just the storage are gonna read it seems LA hey. I'm gonna burn of these things. To this person's threatens my buddy's father rumor kids he did it to something that was out of doors and there was a ground beef is not in the tree that's also flammable. These people seem like oh in my attic I found blank you're dry as and it would become well. And they try to toward some looks like of course your house burned down blowtorch that's a doozy if I the blowtorch really oh yeah organized here. Definitely blowtorch swords that's one album sort of a crucial. My we're out from what happen to someone else and make you say damage 449990. Look I don't know if I want to do this. Hello John welcome to the men's room. What Doug did not. Pay. They backed Taliban maybe eight to ten years old are at a lectern period and that ilk are real real small book are so small that I could write it. I'm but it was bill about Bartlett street doubt go look really bad in one day earlier riding you end up. Individual trailer we would go through the outback you know look at the basket and whatnot and we are out there haven't funny. It can't come out there any debt that sticks it don't dad can barely fit anybody it's Pollard in the act. Snowman at that role are Israel there in British AT and that became around the corner so loyal true. I hit it rolled over on all three of fortuyn who bombed yet I don't think people holiday in the at each kind year old over doom and gloom doom. Yeah so luckily land although we don't know don't roll note you don't wanna know their spectrum would look by the courts. I'll run up to ten and exchange media till we take off absolutely why not let this. You're kind of thank you for a positive story yes it normally I'm Jared. Everyone has their testicles would know he used can cause good odds Roland and I went out of the highway okay. I'm an out but again you would Darden didn't it now. We didn't understand you know exactly how indicative Inco you know we've got to look all cool you know are also linked right elbow. And it doesn't happen now all court speed now. I'd a neighbor down the road man and he had like Honda eighty dirt bike or whatever he also had a a scooter yet and I go Kart. And man as a kid I was just like this kid's got an all everything you know everything are married oh that he's everything you'd ever want any you don't want to the street garnered by making an Allstate is go guard out it did it look like a little dew mug you and let the roll cage in the top. I'm one of those kids man wrecking Colorado and the student. He was difficult to light lemon to say we didn't really like him but. His father vote tomorrow with all the stuff so we had in all the only trampoline in the neighborhood he had. The first remote control. IR zero bottle and a group called. Total bore the commercial is ruled by a backwards. He had one of those which at that time I was like cutting edge technology had to go Kart. And at the time looking back I understand we're following God's money problems follows one of those guys or is that slicked back hair in it in her kids. You wake up and some of the morning apparently did out of my house it's the weekend but some fifteen. You knock on the door this farmer on a Saturday or Sunday morning is in the full suit. Right in Arizona and I want sister's name but garrido Bruce can go play it like he was a mile gap. Like OK okay. Okay you know there may be doing that definitively mile but the sky I was any suit. All over. The time and disarming them is bad really sure what evidence someone else that made you say damn made 44999. Cola hello I amend our welcome to the men's room. Wow all. So might not quite girlish I don't know like third period that got it dead. Aired at the top story around my right ear lobes thought she could not well that's what you mean yeah. Plus you have. They deregulate it so you know about it until I am and I'm. Did you even imagine how when you go to bed you got to elect Bob bike silicone plug. They should go to sleep with is big no I don't then it'll let you withdraw how old they actually create twisted out and she got a quote that and it literally I lost. Almighty hand. Why he loses a little light narrow win if I look better when I'd be able to style pairing I ever had. Good. Looked okay symbolic they'll actually come and so that the bigger they don't know what's true and I don't actually and what do you shake the introduction I don't know if you look like. How can I ask you this once you get gauges and your hair your your pretty well you're pretty well done with the carriers at that point it's a gauges for life for nothing. No actually get there you sure got got a lot out the issue and outright you have to regulate carrier locked and the shocked and untrue about the eighth inch in diameter which is. Quite a bit smaller it. Oh yeah how should adopt a clear English we should not have to experience I think she could get something like. I don't try to draw and take a look at all of which are. Cognex so it's an all expense as you have no I don't appreciate your ability to. They're like regular little silicone plug in should collapse that you saw a lot of other street Lou apple education not to go to bed you got to elect laden hanging out Laramie. Are they still a normal color they all like green or black or something. Now the total almost no black and actually elation and I'll spend it they don't like try to fix you know it's. It looked pretty normal that there I don't. We're what do you do with the ear lobe part of the funny geeky good and a jar. Rob I popping into my health. And she did with the talk flushed the toilet or something and. Look at another Tea Party jam ball longer or shorter. Yeah blonde hair no no probably the one thing that I would do give a long given over the years or weird thing man owls they poll Staley wants that. Part of the reason he grew his hair along as I do do do do wrong ruled Lulu is a deformed it. Well and so he's got ridiculed Condoleezza that I grew by her along I haven't played guitar mental rest is history but right as in years when you got messed up is. And look at domestic Beers you know you do because you know that everyone who sits down across from your you see the prize constantly looking entry. I can't hear very well this was Kyle's dad had a laugh out. Ears are still kind of like just what ever like era but I have to say like that great unless there. Really weird you would never notice that you need some people that's the thing right and that's to make some people have huge ears of people of the ears. Like dumbo ears in a suburb like farther away from the side there have been through Alicia never. You know Tom socket and hold the oil like Jesus Christ being vacuum now if you don't mean like it's it's on it's it's the ear people they love that they love the years. But in that moment in my head coach got the job and I thought well make yeah exactly it's a different kind okay yeah. That you need to go a robot and grab I didn't just since you can eat dog man you find that nobody is he he didn't moves through our own rule. Didn't Boone who are married single political avenues than anyone else if we can let them easy city to kickoff but that could occur at. OK good whatever it doesn't need the art and Gloria. They are here in the country. Hello would go on welcomed the men's room. But where are all. Down among his beer eat after the show that let it get to all burn. Yeah. I could have imagined that maybe by the way how would be a rough world if you had to Wear athletics aren't accomplished to get. I'm totally due ninety days after that you go out and teases. And so Labor Day about 1987. Then we'll solutions brings over usual Washington. I Obama their motorcycle and immune wipers turn me they're. Usually always wears you always learn leathers years of your resume without him well did you go to a five miles down the road to a picture of Jim shooter used their throughout. His wife was on the Bakalar. Israel fifties curb curb to the left and others front tire blew up. Usually kind of pay you just little little bright side she kind of slow today do you actually about forty eat that you should add shake your head. They look better and sure I had motor vehicles gone. OK. Live. Mom and I don't know I think you can. I heard. You know the very volatile you know maybe that's as thin as an accident cruelty hadn't been big today Erica acute. The vote or replay you will kill Arctic. An addiction to remove all. Okay. Pretty cool. Liberals yeah and Alicia frame tunes that you you know there you Rhode. Mob she erode middle litigant can answer Zahn nabbed him both lumber roads. There isn't opinion anymore a huge aerial to that as good. I'll do. The I that's now worth. And and. There's no said we've been stolen. Aren't we heard Aaron and shakes her head and didn't you've gone Roy Blunt. And these. Well OK okay at Salem what a day road nibbles and and what happened to someone else may just say Dan may 449990. We are getting the answers the question react and so far everyone's got an answer right. Hello Max welcome to the men's room. Although not all cops. So after the last Eric motorcycle we'll play it straight rated third he's. Don't like you guys I'm a transplant need Jared that is due West Virginia know what we're working the firefighter in Ireland and gents moved towards the West Virginia. You Marlon Byrd working at least embarrass. No mom. There's talent god that's already you're all right god that is like a pimple on someone's butt hole yeah. The detonator laurel okay in the. All of these years. You is there a firefighter we get it bats for a called motorcycle wreck guys pulled out of this subdivision. And not trying to beat a tractor trailer on the divided highway and long story short does. This wiggled his daddy get hit by the did you betrayal and try to get knocked off the bike in the trailer park rolled over him. Okay. Gas no and we knew there. So we get there you guys laying face down. I got a half helmet and at his side and he would still somewhat conscious actually moved. But I do it caught a rapid trauma assessment or you just kind of go head to Tokyo and throw all the bone to see what there and first of all he had no pelvis. It held its shattered. And then that's why this is a link it to grab a bag of styrofoam peoples resulting. It it still like you grabbed your gut but you're actually gravel gets to say he's mad he's he was a motorcycle. Yeah and are there would you ever would you ever ride a bike after seeing someone of that kind of condition after wrecked. Yeah act actually done right by do really a president that in deter you even though you know could have happened now. I'll be other worst part of the story comes slowly rolled over onto his back and give him on the backboard. I only noticed. And we noted that his cancer has been ripped off our. All of the red dog tired. Did you look forward on the road you've got this all. You go around noted there who could be desired. Live cattle bloody. OK. And I. Yeah it is noted we got lit. That well no not oh did not only doing a good or how did he really that funny but did he really I got and then you wanted Kyrgyz ribs and chicken on dual highway and it's delicious meat and what do you. Forty I mean. These are the guys semi conscious. Yeah yeah I mean he lives either. Kind of mumble and a little bit. If you were not my area this I mean I was you guys are not telling him like hey man not a new event that took years on the how long how how long do you live in Hagerstown. I don't hear about CNET years ago. They still have the station I worked at 967 QC it was a Stiller. Yeah a while many except when they play now these Xerox this really country now I it's like a pop idol Rockville. Oh really live like humidity Edgar Allan better than the Loverboy tablet. In Hagerstown hobeika. It's a few big lover boy can sell out in haters all they don't even when he did that there I mean I think you need to be 2000 people with the every 101000 neighborhood papers and a Maryland kids in case would open up. You know and in this feel like trickster kicks. And I mean it would be the biggest deal would ever had there have been in my kitchen. Dozens of injuries to Greg might you got 967 you see him when the Q means variety. Just a mess for the people. One avenue on someone else the major thing that made four point 9990. More your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. I guess we'll go to the drug charge has since been today out by a rogue. Us from you Ryan brings us ten songs the Pope to that is on the way after emails on our question. What happen to someone else that made you say damn it 449990. Look are gonna go do some of these comments Kremlin's agreements with us this is our fault and passionate. I should not damage his story is a drug approved an acute talker. That's it I'm out screw this showed today all caps separate one no more. Another one want to go these genital injuries kid your guy is a local caller who was happier story. Another one you got the killing me today I can't handle the sex stores this man this is not our fault we asked the question what happened to someone else. That made you say damn. And my guess that if you saw your buddy when the lottery you don't take it any day of your body I don't know he goes home of the California tend as they say is hey I am day if that's not our ball we can't say hey what happened your testicles remembers that we have and ask hey who's the bulls disappeared grilled over and John who's got there we don't know that but here's some stories that at sorry do not involve. Testicles or nutrient. My mom found a condom and a thing of ranch dressing up adapter that only is that a pick me up poll we continued into cafeteria in the Jeff why is it had to be delicious ranch. Well you know one goes about 100% ranch. And here's a quick look blue cheese people that didn't need they was real buttermilk and that the Castilla the reds dudes get lead on a guy named butter for. About seventeen years ago me and my friends we're going tackle football on the side of the friend's house. While playing the sideline this street and they'll decide his defense was younger brother tackle them against the fence at one of the link was broken and stepping sticking up. Due to that the offense effectively ripped. This right I out of his head all. Do feel better all nodes or Hulu and now we have hurricanes lose all your food you want. Thanks everywhere I mean. Moved its catchy story. What's. Hello Craig welcome to the men's room. They're able. I got kind of a wider but a lot of the things I don't bald old. So how short it is still fabrication at the time grind it out well out in the yard and up. They think about it you'll pretty you know they don't like that uprooted. And it says that around her but they're doubling in just got done via. Can go to Google without a country. Got good a couple of the guys that they've done a lot of that can be done it without an open and let let let you know it's. Think guys do a friend and I really like got a dog and really warm. I think what Bennett fired got a bit like that out of the sparks from the from the griner. I would if it limited data in the door and Jeanne I just put little like hole and and it turned in Q regular. Like a smoldering and elderly and amber have burned right through slowly. Not exactly it's kind of like I what do dodger game they'll do it different type scan your knee a little bit just not enough to get through the pants but I cannot wait don't. Like a duck quick. Oh I got to look yeah yeah yeah yeah actually in my a very good for my Leon he we're living together and plays he walks out of the bathroom and he just has. You don't look like he's in pain he looks kind of annoy me to do so it took the weight of the world on the shoulder replace something let him down essentially alone. That does happen man is like ma'am don't take an ass and smoking a cigarette because I go to flip the cigarette out. Ricocheted off the edge of the ball lands directly on his satchel. Among our man other how long was there is a broad doesn't take long for real tournament is like you felt it assumes that landed he just looks so defeat them if it was. He's like Hughes is done with the world in that moment late after this and the whole day if I just like how. Yeah I mean back to David you'll still smoke inside flipping a cigarette into the toy that was not a child who had turned out there was throw Leon what don't have and as someone else may say damn he spoke a while he was taken approved. Our man in politics there's nothing was nothing quicker than that. I business and everybody had one then went Cooper I don't know I'm unless it's it would move people used to smoke indoors ran like I don't know anyone who does now but back when he did. Yeah I mean if so was that hey man I'll take a dump if they were smoker you would assume that the also smoking the cigarette you'll. You're not really doing anything else like your who've been. And as Dennis that Nancy smoke a cigarette dumped her for dash straight into the morning you bring in your cup of coffee just go for the whole thing again Nadal won. Classic artillery blast I have scenario and our near Tel smell like cigarettes to move. What happen to someone else that made you say Dan made 44999. Although still look up right council drug charges since then we'll bring you ten songs to prove to come on up. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.